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Top 15 best offline games 2023

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Fishing and Life

Experience the peace and beauty of fishing on a shabby boat with simple controls, soothing ASMR sounds, and stunning sunset views.

Fishing and LifeNexelon inc.
Are you feeling exhausted and tired from your daily routine? Want some peace and relaxation? Look no further! Enter the world of Fishing Life, the most serene and stunning game ever created. Become the main character in this game, experience fishing off the sea while enjoying the calming ASMR waves sound. Fishing Life has all the best parts of fishing, but with none of the hassle or stress, presented in stunning visuals. Explore the sea while relaxing in your shabby boat and using a simple fishing rod. Catch various fish such as beautiful and colourful fish, or even scary sharks and huge whales in various boats that will take you further into the sea. Dress up in different clothes while enjoying the beautiful sunset and the moonlight that fades into the sea. After fishing, put your fish in an aquarium and simply enjoy looking at them. Treat yourself, relax and let the sound of waves and ASMR do its work. The natural ASMR wave sound will soothe your soul and take you into this carefree world where you are the master of your own destiny. Finally, do not be afraid of making some purchases in this app, as it will come in handy on your fishing journey. Fishing Life is available in multiple languages such as English, Korean, French, German, Dutch, Indonesian, Turkish, and many more. Explore the sea and relax with Fishing Life- where you can fish to your heart's content, non-stop, and without even leaving your home. Download this game now and experience the beauty of what Fishing Life has to offer.
Project Offroad 2

An off-road game with realistic physics, diverse maps and missions, multiple vehicles and mechanical options with graphics customization. (22 words)

Project Offroad 2Bycodec Games
Get ready for an unmatched off-road adventure with our game, featuring ultra-realistic physics that offer an exhilarating gameplay like no other. Our game boasts an array of intricately crafted maps that are guaranteed to take your off-road experience to the next level. To make things even more exciting, we've incorporated a range of tasks within the maps that will keep you on your toes and provide non-stop fun and entertainment. You'll have access to an extensive collection of vehicles, all with unique specializations, making it easy for you to choose one that best fits your style. Participate in map tasks to earn money, which you can then use to purchase even more vehicles and augment your gaming experience. Our game is designed with detailed graphic options that you can customize to your liking, ensuring that it runs seamlessly on your mobile device. We've included all mechanical settings to make your journey even more immersive. Whether you prefer to modify your vehicle or keep things as is, our game offers an exquisite range of features for you to play around with. Keep in mind that every adjustment you make to your vehicle will have a direct impact on its physics, making it crucial to strike a perfect balance. So what are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel and hit the trails with confidence in our riveting off-road game!
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Pro Car Driving Simulator

Valet Simulator: a realistic parking game with a variety of vehicles to master the art of valet and earn epic cars. Skillfully park in green spaces, avoid accidents and upgrade your skills.

Pro Car Driving SimulatorMad Hook
Get ready for the ride of a lifetime! Experience the thrill of parking a vast array of vehicles and work your way towards earning exclusive access to a new range of epic cars. Valet Simulator: car parking, driving game is your chance to become a true master of the art of valet while vying for the highest number of stars. Indulge in the experience of luxury vehicles as you take to the road. With its incredibly realistic graphics and extensive variety of vehicles, Valet Simulator provides an immersive and authentic parking simulation that is unmatched. This is the best parking school you will find, complete with the latest and most stylish cars on the market! Looking for a fun way to kill time? Enjoy the thrilling rush of mastering the art of parking with Valet Simulator. To play, simply park the cars skilfully in the designated green space and speed through levels without burning your wheels. Be alert and avoid getting hit by other vehicles as you navigate the lively road traffic. Become the master of drive park valet! Download and play Valet Simulator NOW! 🎮
CrashMetal 3D Car Racing Games

Experience fast-paced and thrilling car races in Cyberpunk 2077-style environment with stunning graphics and customizable cars in this highly recommended game.

CrashMetal 3D Car Racing GamesCRAZY.DEVS
Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate cyberpunk 2077 inspired car racing experience, bringing back the classic Need for Speed (NFS) vibes of the old days and taking them to a whole new level. Choose from a variety of sports cars and join the top street racing teams for some real heart-stopping action. Positioned in a stadium, this famous car driving game is filled with excitement and thrill that will keep you on edge throughout the entire ride. This popular racing game boasts of realistic physics and offers a plethora of new cars with breathtaking quality that you don't find in a typical drag racing game. Get ready to race through various modes of street scenes, relishing the 3D car games and by performing stunts that will leave you wanting more. The fun-packed endless racing and traffic rush will leave you hooked for hours. Take your career and PVP events to the next level with high-stake racing that will keep your adrenaline rushing. Get addicted to this car racing game and enhance your driving techniques like never before. If you're an offline racing game lover and consider yourself the best driver, showcase your skills in this drag racing 3D game. Enjoy the modern formula one cars that feature in this new car game on the play store along with the car race game. Learn the art of racing and parking to become a seasoned professional. Racing Games City Traffic Car Challenge, inspired by Cyberpunk 2077, is a perfect blend of thrill and action. Expand your collection with the best cars of 2022 and participate in online multiplayer events and races that are sure to keep you captivated. Car Driving Racing 2022 comes loaded with features that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Enjoy breathtaking next-gen graphics, deep customization, engine, and suspension tuning options, along with HD real cars and beautiful 3D graphics that leave you spellbound. Get your hands on this offline game and enjoy playing even without an internet or WiFi connection. If you're a fan of new car games or car games with 3D graphics, this incredibly interesting car game is highly recommended for you. Start racing now and feel the adrenaline rush that will keep you coming back for more.
Big Hit Football 23

Become a legendary football running-back in Big Hit Football 23. Charge up the BIG HIT MODE and smash through defenders with physics-driven animation. Compete for the best scores!

Big Hit Football 23Full Fat
Experience the thrill of American Football at your fingertips with Big Hit Football 23 - the most advanced mobile game yet. With realistic graphics, dive headfirst into the new football season and begin a journey to become the hero of the game! Prove your worth as a true football running-back superstar by overcoming obstacles and hazards meticulously designed to push you to the limit. Work your way through a labyrinth of defenders to earn the title of the next legendary player. Switch to Big Hit mode and reap the benefits earned from weaving through bonus zones. Charge up to gain enough power and determination to make it to the end zone! Take on the defense with unmatched strength and watch as their attempts to stop you leads to their crashing down with physics-driven animation. Blast through walls in real-time by leaving all obstacles behind in the spirit of claiming victory. New collectibles are waiting to be discovered in each level. Unlock them to personalize your football superstar, adding a fresh layer of customization to your gameplay. Gain experience on the field and earn Big Hit Points to reach the next level and unlock new features. Take on the best in the world and compete on scores in the ultra-competitive leaderboards. Download the game for free with support for multiple devices and join the Full Fat community. ConnectionState: Open
The Chase: Hit and Run

The Chase Open World: Amer's Adventure is a thrilling open-world game with realistic visuals, challenging missions, and multiple characters to choose from. Explore the vast city, chase cars, and make good deals.

The Chase: Hit and RunMad Hook
Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Amer in this thrilling experience set in a vast open-world city boasting stunningly realistic environments and immersive gameplay mechanics! Are you ready to immerse yourself in the thrill of car chases and making profitable deals? Enter an unrestricted city filled with drifting race cars and become the master of your own destiny by pushing the boundaries of freedom of choice. Blending enjoyable driving with drifting cars, The Chase open world promises to provide endless exhilaration. Enveloped in an eastern style and culture, this game offers the most incredible thrill of chasing free-roaming cars whilst navigating through various environments. Take your pick from a variety of fun character options, complete a range of missions, collect cash and gems, and unlock new areas and adventures. Explore the open-world city, battle your way through different missions and maps, and compete for the ultimate prize by driving and drifting through various adventure areas. Indulge in the realistic experience of chasing cars by jumping into the driving seat and trying to escape from the police, or escape on foot if the car is too damaged. You can even make extra money by offering people a lift in a taxi-like manner, all while dealing in the car industry. Discover an unparalleled gaming experience with The Chase open world's unique and exciting gameplay mechanics. The Chase open-world gameplay features a range of exciting options, including thrill traffic riders, many fun character variations, lucrative deals on car and house purchases, challenging missions, and endless gameplay modes. Stunning visual effects and improved touchscreen controllers with significant flexibility complete this incredible gaming package. Please note that The Chase open world is a casual game that primarily focuses on entertainment and does not carry any racist perspectives of any race or religion. We are an Arabian game development studio, and all we are trying to do is represent these entertaining-to-play gameplay mechanics in an Arabian style and theme. Download the most exciting chasing game of 2022 and immerse yourself in the excitement of The Chase open world!
Heroes Impact: Battle Arena

Heroes Impact: Battle Arena - an action-packed RPG 3v3 multiplayer battle arena game with RPG and battle royale elements. Join the valiant heroes and conquer all battle arenas in the huge magic world.

Heroes Impact: Battle ArenaPlaydarium
Enter the world of Heroes Impact: Battle Arena, an immersive and exciting action RPG 3V3 Battle Arena game filled with magic and adventure. If you're a MOBA enthusiast, then this new game is one of the best Action PVP games you can indulge in. As a brave hero in a stunning fairytale fantasy world, you will engage in battles with perilous enemies, hone your fighting skills, and unlock new opportunities in this mobile action-packed game that also has RPG and battle royale elements. Prepare for an amazing journey through the enchanting world of heroes and quests, where you will compete in 3 vs 3 PVP ranked battles with your friends against real opponents from around the globe in real-time. Teamwork is the key to mastering the dynamic MOBA Heroes Impact: Battle Arena. Impress your online friends with your PvP strategies and unlock every hero in the collection to become the ultimate legend! Experience different battle modes such as Arena and Capture the Flag. In the 5vs5 Arena mode, you will confront powerful knight enemies while in the Capture the Flag mode, your team will have to seize the flag faster than your opponents and transport it to their base to secure victory in a 3D action-packed game. With beautifully detailed 3D graphics, Heroes Impact: Battle Arena takes you on an endless and thrilling adventure in a fantastic open world. You'll also have a wide array of great anime 3D heroes to choose from, including the brave Warrior who can triumph over any foe in the battle royale, the fast and skillful Monk who defeats his opponents effortlessly, the heavily-armored Paladin who, if it were a paladin world, would have an enthralling paladin story, and the quick and agile Rogue who captures the flag and incinerates enemies with a range of weapons. The high-speed Archer makes for an excellent sniper, and a single shot from his weapon is enough to get rid of his enemies and secure victory. Heroes Impact: Battle Arena offers the thrill of a battle royale online and the fun of MOBA games in 3 vs 3 mode. As Heroes of the storm mobile, we fight for the ultimate survival and strive to be victorious in the online arena world. Enter a vast magical world, where you can choose your hero in an arcade RPG and start your epic adventure in a fantasy world of fun free games. Play with your online friends, be a part of a heroes team game, and combine your skills to beat your opponents in this mobile 3vs3 heroes MOBA battle royale game. Each victory in Heroes Impact: Battle Arena increases your ranking on the leaderboard, guiding you towards the ultimate goal of becoming a legend in this remarkable real-time strategy (RTS) game. Uncover a host of amazing gaming features in future updates for this free role-playing game. Don't hesitate, join Heroes Impact's quest today and start your thrilling adventure in this captivating world!
American Marksman

Experience the ultimate outdoor adventure in American Marksman; hunt gamers, explore landscapes, and buy land for a unique gameplay. Intense and realistic graphics.

American MarksmanBattle Creek Games
Get ready to embark on a thrilling outdoor adventure game with American Marksman - a game that promises to take you on a journey of a lifetime! With vast and open landscapes at your disposal, you can now modify the terrain and personalize your hunting experience according to your preferences. Join hands with other players and hunt together in the multiplayer mode or take a break and engage in roleplay with your friends. Venture out into the wilderness, set up camp and go off-roading to explore the destination. The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor adventures! With American Marksman, you can purchase your own land in different regions across the nation and invite your friends to join you on your escapades. The graphics are alluring, realistic and the gameplay is truly intense, making you feel like you are actually experiencing the outdoor life in front of you. So, what are you waiting for? Get exploring with American Marksman to experience a gaming adventure like no other!
Epic Conquest 2

Epic Conquest 2 is a classic RPG with intuitive combat and storyline, featuring an open world filled with treasures, crafting and characters customization.

Epic Conquest 2Gaco Games
Embark on an epic adventure with Epic Conquest 2, an Action/Adventure RPG game that will leave you craving for more! Immerse yourself in a captivating story as you fight your way through enemies using unique combat techniques. Experience the hard-to-find action adventure genre through this perfectly crafted game by a dedicated team of 4 creators that bring a refreshing touch to the game atmosphere. [Game Features] ☆ Explore! Unleash your curiosity in an expansive open world filled with hidden treasures and valuable resources that will undoubtedly strengthen your character. ☆ More skills to choose! With eight skills and eight masteries at your service, customizing your character has never been easier. Choose the skills and masteries that best suit your build and adapt to any challenge that comes your way. ☆ Wide options of character build Create your ideal character build with the classic attribute distribution system STR/INT/AGI/DEX/VIT. Play your way in a manner that best suits your gameplay approach. ☆ Classic Blacksmith and Equipment System Get the upper hand with a seamless blacksmith and equipment system that allows you to craft, enhance and upgrade the equipment that is crucial in defeating your enemies. ☆ Variety of Costumes to Collect Personalize your character and boost your power with a vast collection of costumes available for purchase. ☆ Cloud Save No need to worry about losing your precious progress! With the cloud save feature, you can save and load your game across all your devices without fail. ☆ Other Great Features Feast your eyes on the beautifully crafted old-school graphics that are both simple and captivating. Play the game offline anywhere and anytime, and show your support for the dedicated team by choosing to pay and avoid unnecessary ad interruptions.
Punch Kick Duck

Imprisoned by Baron Tigrisso, fight through his hench-critters by timing your moves right. Remember, punch beats kick, kick beats duck and duck beats punch while avoiding the bear.

Punch Kick DuckShaun Coleman
Fighting relies heavily on timing, which even a duck can confirm. Success is achieved with the correct action executed at the right moment, resulting in a prompt victory. It's as easy as striking with your fist, kicking, and evading. However, Baron Tigrisso, the merciless ruler, has confined you inside his tower, the only way to overcome which is by battling swarms of creatures created and trained by him as you make your way up to face him. Punch Kick Duck has a straightforward interface that ensures swift action and exhilaration as you send opponents flying and seek vengeance on your captor. Remember, ducks have lived by three critical principles throughout ages that you must never forget: Punch overpowers Kick, Kick overcomes Duck, and Duck is superior to Punch. Besides, it is recommended that you keep moving, or else you might run into a BEAR. Do you believe you have what it demands to emerge victorious? Of course, you do! You are a resilient duck! Three difficulty tiers are accessible in the game, providing you with a way to test your expertise. A vibrant cast of characters awaits to accompany you on your mission. You may play the game in either portrait or landscape orientation, with responsive touch controls. Controller support is also available. Created by the maker of Shoot the Moon, Punch Kick Duck is a charming, compact game that will challenge your abilities without costing a lot. Begin playing immediately!
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Two brothers embark on an emotional journey to find the Water of Life while relying on each other's strengths. A unique story-driven adventure game.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons505 Games
Experience the highly-acclaimed narrative-driven adventure game which received critical acclaim from gaming publications, such as Joystiq, Polygon, and Eurogamer. Initially developed by Starbreeze Studios and directed by award-winning Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares, Brothers is a must-play game that has won over fifty accolades, including Game of the Year, BAFTA, and DICE awards. The game begins with a gripping story of a man gravely ill, and his sons, Naia and Naiee, determined to find a cure for their father's ailment. They embark on a perilous journey to find the "Water of Life," where they rely solely on each other to survive. As they progress through the game, the brothers must use their unique varied strengths, sizes, and speed to overcome puzzles, explore magnificent locations, and fight significant boss battles. The gameplay allows you to control both brothers simultaneously, using dual virtual joysticks, creating a cooperative play in single-player mode. Each character's strength is remarkable, with one strong where the other is weak, one brave where the other is afraid, and their bond grows as they progress through their journey. Notable for its emotional power, Brothers is an extraordinary tale narrated without words, immersing you wholly into its imagination. As you progress, an unforgettable story unravels, and with stunning graphics, it promises to be a journey you will cherish forever.

NEOVERSE is a thrilling multiverse game, combining deck building, roguelite & strategy gameplay. Save Neoverse with unique heroes, 300+ cards, and 100+ skills.

NeoverseTino Games
NEOVERSE is an engaging multiverse game that will take you on thrilling adventures and pose exciting challenges, all while testing your gaming skills. With its unique combination of roguelite, deck building, and strategy gameplay, it's an experience you won't forget. As you set off on your adventure, you'll get to choose from three charismatic characters, each with their own unique abilities and specialties. With over 300 cards and 100 skills at your disposal, you can create your own strategy and master challenging levels for a more sophisticated gaming experience. But be warned, there are over 70 types of monsters that need to be defeated in order to save the world, each with their own patterns and strategies. You'll have to utilize multiple skill combinations for each hero to come out victorious. What's great about NEOVERSE is that it offers endless gaming experiences. You can experience different combinations by using new cards each time you play, and your future destinations will depend on every decision you make. Dodging plots and enemies across time and space makes for legendary tales you'll be excited to tell. Customization is key in NEOVERSE, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to do just that. Weave your talent tree and create your own skill combination and switch between various gear options to master your game. You can even unlock DLC for even more fun throughout the Neoverse. You have the freedom to become who you want to be, to merge into your unique role as a hero. Finally, as you immerse yourself in your journey through Neoverse, you'll find your problems and joys all becoming one, and that you've transcended to the future. With NEOVERSE, you too can become a time traveling hero.
Urban Trial Pocket

Perform spectacular tricks, flips, and wheelies on your bike. Ride, race, and rule the leaderboards with Urban Trials Tricky's smooth gameplay and customization.

Urban Trial PocketPID Games
Get ready to experience the thrill of performing spectacular stunts and combos on your motorbike with Urban Trials Tricky. This fast-paced and fun game allows you to ride freely, spin in the air, and move seamlessly with its smooth controls and colorful visuals. With an option to choose from a range of bikes that best suits your style and ability, you can either opt for the easy-to-handle bike to perform incredible stunts or choose a more powerful machine to beat the clock. With user-friendly controls adapted to touch screens, you can perform flips, wheelies, and other freestyle, breakdance, and FMX moves with ease. Urban Trials Tricky offers you exciting challenges without any complex gameplay, so you can enjoy the game to the fullest. Complete numerous challenges and master countless outstanding maneuvers and tricks to top the leaderboards. This game offers you the flexibility to play short sessions offline, anywhere and anytime you want. You can now enjoy a smooth gaming experience on your phone as the game is optimized for smartphones. Plus, Urban Trials Tricky is compatible with various controllers like DualSense, Xbox Series X controller, and all MFI controllers. Featuring a crazy mix of tricks, platforming, and racing, this game lets you combine killer tricks in countless combos to earn your way to the top. With over 30 levels, side challenges, savage customization options, and endless gameplay, there's never a dull moment with Urban Trials Tricky. There's no need to worry about the game experience as the in-app purchase gives you access to the full game. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bike and take on the most challenging stunts and combos in Urban Trials Tricky.
Hungry Shark Evolution

Evolve your shark and become the greatest predator of the ocean in the action-packed mobile game, Hungry Shark Evolution, with offline play and unique fish to eat.

Hungry Shark EvolutionUbisoft
Get ready to experience an ocean of action in the ultimate shark evolution survival game, Hungry Shark Evolution, the official game for the famous Shark Week. Take control of a mighty and voracious shark that’s always hungry and unleash its predatory instincts to survive as long as possible in this free, offline mobile game. Explore the depths of the underwater world and evolve your shark. Feed your shark and keep it growing to become the greatest predator of the ocean. Devour all sorts of fish, whales, birds and anything that gets in the way of your shark. Benefiting from the miracle of evolution, you can merge different types of sharks together and make yours even more powerful. Don’t swim alone, take help of your baby sharks that will evolve to unleash their powers and boost your predatory strengths. And don’t forget to equip yourself with amazing accessories like Lasers, Jetpacks and Top Hats to give you an enjoyable playing experience. There are many in-game rewards and bonuses available for you in the open world. Explore the beautiful underwater creatures while surviving the dangers and challenges of the ocean. Attack and eat with intuitive touch or tilt controls. Play offline and enjoy the game whenever and wherever you are without needing a Wi-Fi connection. Hungry Shark Evolution offers an exceptional opportunity to experience the underwater world and become an angry man-eater. With survival as the main goal, you are sure to face tons of challenges in your oceanic journeys. Join the evolution legends and experience the thrilling adventures such as survival in the ocean, exploring the underwater world, and much more. And, the good news is you can enjoy this amazing game without needing to be connected to the Internet!
Guns and Spurs 2

Guns and Spurs 2 offers a vast open world set in the Old West, allowing players to become bounty hunters, capture outlaws, and participate in various activities and customization options.

Guns and Spurs 2Sakis25
Experience the excitement of the Wild West in Guns and Spurs 2, an open-world shooter game set in the Old West. Take on the role of Jack Lane, a skilled bounty hunter with a thirst for adventure and a reputation to match. He's come to town to make a name for himself by capturing the West's most notorious outlaws and bringing them to justice. Immerse yourself in a vast, open world that boasts stunning natural landscapes like rolling plains, dense forests, majestic mountains, and bustling towns ripe with opportunity. Embark on a journey of epic proportions as you venture out to capture all 33 of the most-wanted criminals in the West. Choose between using your weapons to defend yourself in engaging, tactical firefights, or try your hand with a lasso to capture your enemies. You have the power to decide the fate of your targets – dead or alive. Apart from taking on bounties, the Wild West is rife with other opportunities and activities to explore. Participate in horse races as you gallop across the plains, deliver goods through the rugged terrain, herd cattle through the wilderness, and more. To make things more interesting, you'll come across strangers along your journey. Help them out or brush them off as you see fit, but know that your actions will have consequences. Assuming your role as a bounty hunter comes with other perks, too. Hunt down wildlife and claim their pelts for extra cash. Delve into the cursed skulls scattered throughout the lands and release the ancient curse lingering within. As you go, take the time to customize your character and horse to match your style, with a wide selection of clothes, hats, and horse skins available to use. Whether you're armed with a keyboard or gamepad, the game has got your back. Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the heart of the Wild West, where the excitement never ends. With a minimum of 2GB RAM requirement, get ready to experience the Old West like never before.

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