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Treasure Hunter: Dungeon Siege

Protect your fearless hero and collect treasures while fighting off waves of attacking monsters in the action-packed arcade game Treasure Hunter: Dungeon Siege.

Treasure Hunter: Dungeon SiegeDaniel Szulc

Treasure Hunter: Dungeon Siege is an exciting game that lets you play the role of a bold adventurer in search of hidden treasures across various exotic locations. Your main objective is to protect the hero from the relentless attacks of hordes of monsters and collect valuable treasures while upgrading your character's abilities. The game promises an action-packed experience, filled with thrilling adventures, exciting dungeon secrets and valuable loot. Defeat a wide range of formidable foes, including mummies, zombies, skeletons, vampires, ogres, and many others.


PinOut: a stunning, award-winning pinball game with pulsating lights and retro wave beats. Continuously race through a mysterious canyon. Optional premium upgrade available.


Pinball has been reimagined by the talented developers of award-winning games such as Smash Hit and Does not Commute. Enter an enigmatic canyon where pulsating lights and retro wave beats create a hypnotic atmosphere as you race against the clock in a thrilling and continual journey. Get ready for an arcade experience like no other with the pinball mechanic transformed into an impressive game.

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Down in Bermuda

Crack codes and solve puzzles to escape the Bermuda's time bubble in Down in Bermuda, an adventure game full of mysteries and magic orbs.

Down in BermudaYak & co

In Down in Bermuda, prepare to dive into an extraordinary adventure where you'll have to assist the brave pilot, Milton, who was stranded for decades due to an inexplicable storm in the notorious Bermuda Triangle. Your task is to unravel the secrets behind the islands, overcome the mysterious creatures that dwell beneath the ocean and aid Milton in his quest to escape. With an eccentric storyline and captivating puzzles, Down in Bermuda provides a stimulating experience that will keep players captivated throughout. Crack codes, solve puzzles, gather magic orbs, and explore each of the six islands, all of which are interconnected and will bring Milton closer to his ultimate goal. Down in Bermuda is developed by the same talented studio behind the successful and suave secret agent adventure, Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise, and promises a new level of adventure that will challenge your wit and problem-solving skills. Get ready to embark on a journey like no other, filled with mystical creatures, enigmatic puzzles, and an atmosphere that will captivate you until the end.

Smash and Slash

Upgrade skills & weapons for intense battles against fierce opponents. Immersive combat system & stunning visuals make Smash & Slash a game like no other.

Smash and SlashFew Bytes Games

Get ready to explore an epic world of power-packed brawls and razor-sharp blades in Smash & Slash! Select your champion and jump into the arena to face off against a variety of ferocious adversaries.

Puzzle Light: Physics Escape

Maze Light is a physics-based puzzle game with challenging mazes, minimalist design, and light & shadow mechanics. Test your reflexes and problem-solving skills in this monumental adventure.

Puzzle Light: Physics EscapeViva Games Studios

Maze Light is a stunning puzzle game that defies the mind, showcasing stunning isometric graphics and a subtle design. Immerse yourself in an array of bright levels overflowing with intricate mazes, gratifying puzzles, and dynamic obstacles. Challenge your dexterity, reflexes, and analytical skills in this masterpiece game. Key Features: Demanding Puzzles: Experience an array of puzzles that will put your brainpower and speed to the test. Ensure that you plan your movements meticulously and adapt to different situations, to reach your end goal. Physics-Based Mechanics: Manipulate gravity, friction, bouncing effects and more to overcome the hurdles, navigate through the labyrinth, and guide your ball through the exit. Use various strategies and approaches to search for the perfect way out. Colorful & Simple Design: Bask in the beauty of an appealing visual experience, featuring a simplistic art style. Each level is packed with vibrant shades that come to life before your very eyes. Light & Shade: Use the play between light and shade to exploit secret paths, manipulate obstacles, and solve complex puzzles. Multiple Levels: Level up through a multitude of levels - each with its own peculiar difficulties, challenges, and riddles. None of them has the same obstacles, providing a fresh and enjoyable experience platform with each new step. Precise & Swift: Assimilate the skill of precision as you take aim, shoot, or toss your ball with perfect precision to dodge obstacles and escape each labyrinth. Monumental Experience: Light & Shadow Labyrinth adds a memorable gaming experience to your playlist, providing a fusion between physics, puzzles, and maze challenges for an immersive thrill. Start your adventure through the Light & Shadow Labyrinths. Prepare to test the limits of your intelligence and speed. Can you uncover the maze's secrets and conquer the puzzling monument waiting?

Tetragon - Puzzle Game

Manipulate planes and towers in a touching adventure alongside Lucios, as he sets out to find his son, encountering challenging puzzles and a beautiful world.

Tetragon - Puzzle GameCafundo E Criativo

Step into a mesmerizing adventure filled with intricate planes and towering structures, where your ability to manipulate reality is your greatest asset. Join forces with Lucios as he traverses through an array of demanding enigmas in search of his beloved child, while uncovering the secrets that lie within this captivating universe. If you possess the courage to embark on this expedition, you’ll be in for an awe-inspiring spectacle of stunning graphics, immersive gameplay and a poignant narrative that reflects the unwavering power of a father's affection.

Sword Hero: Adventure Time

Endless hero adventure with arena battles, demonic bosses, and outfit selection. Explore dungeons as danger lurks in every corner, fight monsters with the help of gargoyle, dragon, or grim soul.

Sword Hero: Adventure Timematchappgame

Action adventure games offer a thrilling hero adventure that's packed with never-ending quests, arena battles, and battles against menacing bosses.

Cult Summoner: RPG Summoning

Cult Summoner: a chilling roguelike autobattler. Unleash an unstoppable army of eerie creatures, amass experience points, and dominate the harrowing summoners war.

Cult Summoner: RPG SummoningTapps Games

Enter the spine-tingling world of Cult Summoner, a haunting roguelike autobattler game that will give you goosebumps. Lead an army of eerie creatures and test your tactical skills to dominate the summoners war. Experience an unprecedented adventure as you unite with other players, unleashing a powerful army of grotesque beings to conquer the nightmarish summoners war. Summoning is the key to success in Cult Summoner. In this realm of forbidden rituals, you will witness your creatures transform into even more abominable entities as you merge them into more sinister and resilient beings. Prepare for bone-chilling battles as you carefully select and merge your army. Combat in Cult Summoner is a haunting spectacle, driven by your strategic prowess and selection of the most menacing creatures. Reach higher levels by amassing experience points to unlock the unholy powers of your summoning hero. Ascend to new levels and gain access to even more diabolical creatures, making you practically invincible. Cult Summoner offers a rich variety of summonable creatures, from cute to creepy, that cater to every player's play style and preferences. These creatures are categorized into different elements, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, adding depth and complexity to this epic summoners war. With an ever-expanding roster of characters for the summoners war, Cult Summoner provides a unique and evolving experience for players. Try out various party compositions, experiment with new strategies, and summon your mightiest creatures to forge an epic army. Through challenging summoning mechanics, innovative merging system, and striking creepy-cute design, Cult Summoner delivers a thrilling and immersive experience for all enthusiasts of roguelike strategy games with a summoning twist. Will you become the revered champion of the summoners war? Join Cult Summoner now and find out!

Broken Universe: Tower Defense

Build barricades or lure monsters into a maze, each tower defense game starts differently; explore multiple paths and strategies.

Broken Universe: Tower DefenseJinthree Studio

Prepare yourself to reconsider all of your defense tactics! Establish obstructions to prevent creatures, or tempt them into a maze and then attack them. Diverse stages that alter every time based on the way you play them. ■ Smart Tower Defense Develop your very own unique and innovative tactics in this tower defense game that involves a twist. Play however you prefer and however you can imagine it. You also have the power to choose where to land and determine how each game begins! ■ Uncommon Gameplay Experiment with a plethora of diverse tactics, from preventing every route and hiding securely behind your walls, to guiding monsters down a great line of fire. Utilize the rare towers and obstructions to develop your very own one-of-a-kind game style. Attempt to blast monsters so hard they are unable to approach, confuse and mix the monsters until they can no longer function properly, or concentrate on safeguarding and recuperating to construct an impenetrable fortress. You can even try getting a bunch of monsters to back into a corner and wiping them all out at once, or arranging them in a line and taking them out one by one. ■ An Array of Contents *Vibrant Planets *Upgrades and Technology *Various modules and fusion towers *Powerful skills and useful items □ User Permissions Guidance [Required] 1. Allow access to device pictures, media, and files - Necessary to store additional files and gameplay data required to run the game. - Necessary for storing game files and data on external SD cards. [Optional] - This application does not require optional access. ※ In the instance of the option, you can still play the game even if you don't accept it. ※ Following the approval of these permissions, you can reset and withdraw the money by the following method. [How to Set Access Rights] * Android version 6.0 or higher: Settings > Application > Privilege > Privilege List > Retract Access Settings * Android version less than 6.0: Due to the nature of the operating system, the access authority can only be revoked if the application is deleted. We suggest upgrading the Android version to use it more efficiently. ※ For additional information, make reference to the application's terms and conditions. ---- Jinthree Studio Assistance: Terms: Privacy Policy:

Civ Royale

Civ Royale is a popular turn-based strategy game with multiplayer capabilities, unique civilizations, and an emphasis on exploration, leveling up units, and conquering kingdoms.

Civ RoyaleRoamer Games

Are you a strategy enthusiast? If yes, Civ Royale got you covered. This game is a turn-based civilization strategy game designed to give you full control of the game map. The game enables you to control your tribe, develop your civilization, fight rival tribes, and discover new territories. As the ruler of your tribe, your responsibility is to transform your lone clan into a force to reckon with using the game's vast resources, and special advantages to your advantage. Civ Royale has a user-friendly interface and depth in strategic gameplay, making it a go-to choice for millions of mobile gamers worldwide. The game is packed with loads of features that will keep you hooked. Civ Royale has unique civilizations that give you access to a variety of historical units that will help you grow your empire. You have the liberty to choose your preferred civilization, guide your empire and dominate others in the multiplayer matchmaking. Explore and investigate the unknown world by dispatching scouts to uncover hidden treasures and locate your enemies. Civ Royale also features single and multiplayer game modes that allow you to have a solo experience or fight alongside others to conquer a vast kingdom. The game also offers the opportunity to upgrade your units and make them more powerful after every battle by investing exclusive resource rewards. Conquer your kingdom and become a part of the storyline by mastering the art of war and domination using the 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) formula! Civ Royale is available for offline gameplay, making it a perfect option for when you are on the move. Contact support via email at if you need assistance. Download Civ Royale now and let your strategic prowess do the talking!

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