GamelistsTop 10 New Android Games of 2023 You Need to Play!

Top 10 New Android Games of 2023 You Need to Play!

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Gangster Crime: Theft City

Experience the life of a gang leader in an open-world game filled with violence, gang wars, police chases, and outrageous action. Download Gangster Crime: Theft City now!

Gangster Crime: Theft CityHIGAME Jsc
Get ready to enter into an infinite war of gangs in the ultimate open-world game called Gangster Crime: Theft City. This role-playing game takes you on a journey to become the supreme leader of a notorious gang in El Faro while operating alongside infamous mafias and cartels in a free and open game world. Explore the city with absolute freedom and complete access to hundreds of vehicles, a wide and impressive selection of weapons, and engage in explosive action. To climb the ladder of success, you must become the true and ultimate boss of the city. Experience the lifestyle of a gangster and immerse yourself in the world of violence and criminal activities that dwell on the streets and locals. Fierce gang wars and gun battles are regular occurrences that require your attention, and you can do all that in style with your perfect suit and the most exceptional cars. However, the battle is not limited to rival gangs but also keeping yourself away from the watchful eyes of the law enforcement agencies. Prepare to fight for your life through various dangerous missions as the cops chase you in auto racing challenges that allow you to push beyond the city's legal limits. Surviving is the ultimate goal, and it can only be achieved by outmanoeuvring and killing the cops or simply running away from them. Are you feeling thrilled yet? Then, don't wait any longer; download the game now to explore more exciting adventures and missions that are waiting for you. Gangster Crime: Theft City - where crime is the party!

Survive and thrive on a stranded island with friends. Explore, fish, farm, mine, build, trade and level up abilities in a cross-platform game with a global community.

CastawaysBranch Technologies, Inc.
Castaways is the perfect game for those who love adventure and exploration! In this game, you find yourself stranded on a deserted island with nothing but your wits and some basic supplies. However, you are not entirely alone - there are millions of other players on other islands waiting to befriend you, trade with you, and help you start a new life. This survival game offers an exciting and diverse gameplay experience. You will have the opportunity to dive into the world of fishing, farming, and mining, as well as to build your own house, craft tools, and discover advanced technology to go from just surviving to thriving! With Castaways, your creativity knows no bounds - from building a cozy beach house to a towering castle, the possibilities are endless! To level up your abilities, you will need to visit altars and sacrifice the resources you have collected. Doing so will earn you XP and unlock unique abilities that will give you an edge over your fellow islanders. You can also purchase Silos, Processors, and Containers with dabloons to build factories that automate the production and transport of resources on your islands. Castaways offers a global marketplace where you can buy and sell items, earn valuable dabloons, and become the richest castaway on all the islands! You can also explore a variety of immersive games created by other players, go on epic adventures, compete against rivals, or simply enjoy the company of your friends online. Join millions of players across different devices and become a part of the thriving Castaways community. A network connection is required to join, and the game works best over Wi-Fi. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and start your island adventure today!
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Box Head: Zombies Must Die!

Survive the undead apocalypse with a customizable arsenal in a beautifully crafted, ever-changing world of Boxhead: The Zombie Wars.

Box Head: Zombies Must Die!PANTHERA GLOBAL
Get ready for a thrilling and heart-pumping post-apocalyptic battle like no other in our one-of-a-kind 3D action-packed roguelike game! Immerse yourself in a world that's overrun by relentless mobs of zombies and annihilate them with your vast arsenal of different and destructive weapons. 🔥Unleash Your Arsenal: Pick your weapon of choice from a wide selection of options, each with its unique style and abilities. Slice, smash, and shoot through the zombie apocalypse with sledgehammers, katanas, flamethrowers, and laser rifles. Devise different strategies for defeating the undead by choosing each weapon judiciously. 🛡️Forge Your Defenses: It's not only your offense that can save the day. Upgrade your armor and gear to withstand the hordes of zombies carefully. Custom make and personalize your equipment offering tailor-made defenses to become a super force. 🧟‍♂️A Roguelike Challenge: Each playtime offers a new experience in this never-ending adventure filled with fresh challenges each time you step onto the battleground. Can you adapt to and overcome the ever-changing zombie-infested chaos landscape? 🆙Endless Progression: Your journey doesn't stop with each playthrough. Keep collecting and earning valuable resources, unlock strong abilities, and uncover hidden ancient secrets. Consequently, you will keep growing stronger the more you play. 💀Relentless Foes: Encounter different types of zombies, each with their distinct strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors. From the flesh-hungry horde to mutated monstrosities, you need to use your resourcefulness and skills to survive each feat. 🌍Explore a Haunting World: Immerse yourself in a beautifully designed, post-apocalyptic environment saturated with eerie landscapes and hidden risks. Solve mysteries to figure out the dark secrets that led to the zombie apocalypse during your quest forward. 🤜Action-Packed Combat: Get ready for a thrilling experience with every pulse-tingling battle featuring responsively sharp controls and dynamic graphics. Each strike will feel powerful, and every slam, shot, or slash will be satisfying as you defeat the endless waves of foes. Are you set to face the ultimate challenge in a world overcome with the undead? Curate an ideal arsenal of weapons, upgrade your defensive gear and join the fight for survival in our 3D roguelike game filled with heart-pounding action and entertainment. The apocalypse awaits and needs the strongest to emerge victoriously. Will you rise above the horde to become an ultimate zombie-slayer hero? Join our Facebook page or our Facebook group to know more.
Dude Wars: Pixel FPS Shooter

Engage in mafia wars, steal cars, play mini-games, and complete story missions in the vast open world of Dude Wars: Pixel FPS Shooter.

Dude Wars: Pixel FPS ShooterActopolus
Dude Wars: Pixel FPS Shooter is a thrilling action game with an open world environment, featuring sandbox elements. Step into the world of mafia wars, complete missions, steal cars, and earn rewards in this amazing offline game. You can also take part in mini-games such as police chases and evade them or play exciting simulator games like the pizza simulator, ambulance simulator, and even the police simulator, all with realistic ragdoll physics! In this game, you are free to explore Pixel City's vast open world, with plenty of exciting tasks and missions awaiting you. Dude Mafia Wars:Pseudo FPS Shooter offers you complete freedom of action in a sprawling open-world sandbox experience. Steal cars, engage in gangster wars, buy houses, and embark on exciting story missions, the options are endless in this offline shooter game. The game also features simulator games in which you can drive taxis, be a pizza delivery person or play the role of a police officer, making it a perfect amalgamation of different genres. Mafia Wars are a significant part of the game, and you need to confront criminal gangs and finish their dominance in Pixel City as the protagonist. You can choose and carry out various operations in this exciting open-world game, ranging from following the storyline to escaping from police chases or engaging in mafia wars and buying weapons, everything to eliminate all the criminal elements within the city! In Dude Wars - Pixel FPS Shooter, you can participate in exciting police chases and open-world games, making it the perfect combination of both genres in a first-person shooter format! If you are caught on camera committing a crime, you'll have to steal a car and escape the police to evade getting arrested, as they'll be on your tail constantly. You can continue exploring the huge open-world game map once you manage to break free from them, but if they do manage to catch you, you'll have to pay them a fine! The game includes simulator mini-games like the Police Simulator, where you have to drive police cars and apprehend criminals and gangsters, with the rewards enabling you to buy weapons in offline shooters. You can also enjoy other thrilling simulator games like the Pizza simulator, where you can prepare tasty pizzas or act as an ambulance driver and rescue victims caught in gang wars and mafia wars. Be cautious as you navigate past dangerous gangsters and criminals lurking in the city, and use weapons to get rid of them in this exciting first-person offline shooter game!
Car Saler Simulator 2023

In Car for Sale Simulator, become a skilled trader in the used car market, negotiate prices with sellers, purchase character upgrades, and sell cars for maximum profits.

Car Saler Simulator 2023Westeight Studio
Get ready for the ultimate thrill of becoming a car flipper with Car for Sale Simulator. In this exhilarating game, you will be immersed in the exciting world of the used car market, where you can purchase a variety of vehicles and negotiate with sellers for the best deals. Your skills as a trader and persuasiveness will determine your success in the game. The higher your expertise, the more chances you get to significantly lower the prices. Increase your abilities by spending experience points earned through buying and selling cars on character upgrades. Apart from the car markets, people will come to your office, offering their cars for sale. Engage in negotiations with these clients to secure the most advantageous deal while setting prices. Not only that, you can also sell your cars by listing them for sale in your office area. Unleash your negotiation skills during the selling process to maximize profits on every transaction. Sell as many cars as you can and amass wealth, ultimately becoming the most successful car flipper in this game. The realistic car sounds and behaviour will create an immersive atmosphere, making you feel like a part of the car flipping world. Are you up for the challenge to become the ultimate car flipper?
Project Offroad 3

Experience unparalleled 4x4 and 6x6 off-road thrills on challenging tracks in Project Offroad 3 with over 40 customizable vehicles.

Project Offroad 3Bycodec Games
Project Offroad 3 is an immensely popular off-road driving simulator game that boasts splendid graphics, featuring realistic terrains and challenging tracks that will captivate any off-road enthusiast. The game features more than forty meticulously modeled trucks, pickups, jeeps, SUVs, and military vehicles, offering a wide range of off-road driving experiences. These vehicles come in various configurations, including 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 vehicles, each featuring advanced control systems and realistic off-road physics and engine sounds. You'll need to put your driving skills to the test on various tracks and terrains, each offering a unique set of challenges. The game boasts a wide range of vehicle upgrades, which allows you to customize your vehicles to your preferred specifications. These upgrades include adjusting tire sizes, suspension systems, vehicle colors, as well as installing bumper kits, roof lights, and changing front and rear light colors. The game features a wide variety of challenging levels and advanced Off-road maps, which offers a broader and immersive gameplay experience. Completing each level will reward you with exclusive rewards that you can use to buy new off-road vehicles in the game. All in all, Project Offroad 3 is the perfect off-road driving experience that every off-road enthusiast needs to indulge in!
Stella Fantasy

Explore Abyss Rifts to collect Mana essence and materials in Stella Fantasy. Craft NFTs and collaborate with others in this cosmic odyssey.

Stella FantasyRing Games
Enter the captivating world of Stella Fantasy, where the essence of existence, known as Mana, is concealed within a celestial ocean of mysterious asteroids. Within this vast cosmic arena, Abyss Rifts constantly emerge, acting as gateways to other dimensions. Set out on a collaborative adventure with your teammates to explore the enigmatic gates and create your unique multiverse in the infinite expanse of STELLA FANTASY! Embark on a journey through the Abyss Rifts, where you can explore, track down and farm mysterious resources that will aid you in your quest. Focused on Private Land, you can gather materials that will come in handy when you explore the Abyss Rifts. Moreover, you can gain various NFTs, and invest them in crafting, allowing you to earn and build up your resources. With every acquired NFT, you can develop and strengthen your character. With the option to reinvest, you can multiply your resources and achieve limitless prosperity. Visit for more information and updates on the game's progress. For regular news and updates, follow Stella Fantasy on Twitter at Join the Stella Fantasy community on Discord at
Metal Slug: Awakening

Metal Slug: Awakening is a retro-style side-scrolling action shooting mobile game with diverse gameplay, advanced vehicles, and epic Boss battles.

Metal Slug: AwakeningVNGGames InternationalRelease date: TBA
Metal Slug: Awakening, a new side-scrolling action shooting game licensed by SNK, has just been released for mobile gaming enthusiasts. The upgraded visuals of the game pay homage to its retro roots while introducing captivating and fresh art-style. The game offers a visually pleasing gameplay experience and copious content that includes a vast array of weapons, various super-vehicles, and diverse battlefields. The game has exciting new features such as world exploration, teaming up with friends in 3-player mode, Roguelike-style gameplay, all while preserving the classical elements of the original Metal Slug game. The game also restores multiple iconic maps of the IP, including the nostalgic pyramid, desert, mine, and many more. Metal Slug: Awakening has plenty of features that will certainly fulfill the anticipation of gamers across generations. The game is the ultimate transformation of the original Metal Slug game, which includes heart-pounding gameplay levels, iconic characters, formidable bosses, and super vehicles. Moreover, the game brings back many nostalgic elements, such as the Fat Marco and Mummies, while its true essence is still meticulously preserved. The game offers unique gameplay and challenges that provide an exhilarating side-scrolling adventure from the start of each mission to completion. Players can explore various locations, including the Desert Mine, Secretive Lab, Southend Rainforest, and many others. The game features new and advanced super vehicles, ranging from massive sky-rides to ground-breaking tanks and SV-camels. Players can personalize their combat abilities through these super vehicles and defeat powerful bosses. Players can unleash character-exclusive ultimate skills, wield unique advanced weapons, and upgrade their arsenal for epic Boss battles. The game features classical weapons such as the H, L, I gun series, flame-shot, blizzard, smashing boxing gun, and many more. Players can personalize their weapons and sweep through the battlefield with unstoppable firepower. The game offers surprises and Easter eggs that players can discover by rescuing the iconic Hyakutaro, who generously gives mysterious gifts and coins from time to time. Players can also find the very active Fat Marco, and there will always be surprises hidden in each Easter egg. Players can relive the joys and excitement of the arcade machine era as they rediscover all the iconic features that made Metal Slug a legendary classic. In summary, Metal Slug: Awakening is an action-packed game with diverse gameplay, fast-paced challenges, and fiery battlegrounds. The game allows players to team up with their friends, personalize their weapons and super vehicles, and defeat powerful bosses. The game's nostalgic elements and Easter eggs make it an engaging and exciting gameplay experience not to be missed.
Sky Dancer 2

Sky Dancer 2: Jump, dodge obstacles and fight monsters in epic boss battles. Auction-packed gameplay, with a combination of rogue-like and RPG elements. Free to play.

Sky Dancer 2Topebox
Greetings, Sky Dancers – The Challengers! Prepare yourself to venture forth on a voyage of discovery, seeking out new beginnings. You'll face a multitude of challenges as you traverse perilous terrain, plagued by formidable monsters. But with your strength and dexterity, we have faith that you will be the first to reach the promised land, bathed in tranquility under the watchful gaze of the Almighty. Sky Dancer 2 offers straightforward gameplay whilst still requiring a range of tactics and skills. It's up to you to manoeuvre your character around obstacles, perform jumps, and battle demons in your quest for success. However, with a little help from passive abilities and an equipment system that dovetails perfectly with your skills, you'll have all the support you need to excel. Our key features are: - Action & More Action: Familiarise yourself with the game's basics before diving into epic boss battles. Sky Dancer 2 delivers an extra layer of challenge with convoluted terrains and an abundance of new hurdles and worlds to unlock. - A satisfying clicker mechanic during battles to ease your stress, accompanied by stunning visuals that are guaranteed to please. - The game introduces rogue-like elements, enabling you to implement various tactics and choose your skills with greater precision, consequently leading to victory. Sky Dancer 2 requires strategy, skill, and a wise selection of skill combinations. - The game delves into RPG elements, providing you with lots of equipment and weapons to use. Customise your character to suit your individual preferences, resulting in highly unique looks, skills, and abilities that set you apart from the crowd. PLEASE NOTE: - Sky Dancer is a free download, and you can play it without paying. However, certain items in the game can only be acquired by using real money. If you'd rather not use this feature, you can disable it in your device's settings. - Privacy Policy:
Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Relive FFVII's most memorable moments, experience new stories and play co-op battle mode with iconic heroes. High-quality graphics optimized for mobile.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever CrisisSQUARE ENIX
Embark on an unforgettable journey with Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis and witness the rise of the young hero, Sephiroth. This game offers both classic and fresh stories, all presented in a vintage-style format that features modern, breathtaking graphics. It's easily accessible and can be played anywhere, anytime. Form your ultimate party, clad them with iconic gear and weapons, and team up to defeat powerful opponents in solo or co-op battle mode. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis brings fans and newcomers alike into the expansive world of Final Fantasy VII. Experience new and original stories, such as the never-before-told story of Sephiroth. Meet new characters, play as iconic heroes like Cloud and Zack, and relive the epic storylines of both the original game and Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - in easy-to-digest episodic installments. As Zack Fair, a promising soldier in the Shinra military's elite unit, SOLDIER, follow his dream and honor in Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII. Or play as Cloud Strife in the first game, an elite SOLDIER operative turned mercenary, as he unwittingly becomes involved with Avalanche, an anti-Shinra organization. The fate of the entire world hangs in the balance as you journey through an action-packed world rendered in modern stylized polygons, inspired by the original Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis comes with an evolved game system designed specifically for mobile, optimized with high-quality graphics and fast-paced, command-based battles. Relive classic Final Fantasy RPG elements such as Abilities, Materia, Summons, and Limit Breaks, all revamped to play smoothly on mobile devices. Additional mobile features such as Auto Mode and Battle Speed make the game even more enjoyable. Build and customize your dream party with your favorite characters from the Final Fantasy VII series, including Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and Zack with unique gear only available in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. Take advantage of the Co-op Battle and join forces with up to three friends from anywhere in the world to tackle powerful bosses together. Get ready for an incredible adventure with Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, a game that's a masterpiece in its own right. For more updates and information, make sure to follow Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis's official website and Twitter account. One last quick note: the game requires a device with Android 8.0 or later, with a minimum storage space of 8GB, and at least 4GB of RAM. Don't miss out on the chance to play one of the greatest RPGs of all time!

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