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Experience the cinematic platformer, Stela, where a young woman faces daunting challenges and explores a decaying ancient world to solve elaborate puzzles.

StelaSkyBox Labs
Stela is an extraordinary platformer game that allows you to immerse yourself in an apocalyptic world and unveils a mysterious ancient world. The gameplay is cinematic, and the storyline is emotionally charged. The game takes you on a thrilling adventure with a young girl who is a spectator to the remaining days of the ancient civilization. With its fascinating and engrossing gameplay, Stela offers one of the most incredible gaming experiences that will stay with you for a long time. Stela is a game that packs daunting challenges, tricky terrain, and massive beasts to overcome. The world is decaying around you, and time is running out. However, you will navigate through the landscape using your wits and skills to solve intricate puzzles and outmaneuver dangerous creatures. The game is set to an original soundtrack that will keep you engaged throughout the entire journey. In Stela, surviving is everything, and you will have to adapt to the surroundings to stay alive. The game features haunting environments, including mysterious towns, eerie forests, and massive subterranean ruins. The game's graphic design is top-notch, with landscapes that look beautifully bleak. These features bring the game to life, adding to the thrilling and atmospheric experience. Stela is a game that you will fall in love with, and it is not just us saying it! It is a favorite among gaming sensations, as Jesse Cox puts it, "I love this game, man." Stela offers an immersive and unforgettable journey with a plethora of challenging puzzles that will excite and challenge your skills. With Touch Arcade rating it at 4.5/5 Stars, it's time to dive into this game and discover the wonders hidden within.
Negamons: Monster Trainer

Catch cute monsters, become a trainer, and collect rewards in Negamon World. Easy to play and control. Free and fun gaming on Pocket Islands.

Negamons: Monster TrainerUpMoonSoft
When you suddenly wake up on a mysterious Pocket Island, you encounter a pleasant monster who gladly takes you under its wing, guiding you on your journey to becoming a skilled monster trainer. The exciting discovery of Negamon World, a vibrant land composed of a group of Pocket Islands that are home to unique and adorable monsters of plant, fire and water elements, beckons you to explore and catch monsters, all in hopes of becoming a legendary trainer. Some monsters may even lend you a helping hand in your mission to gain rewarding experiences, whilst others might put up a stubborn fight, but are ultimately stronger. By catching them all and keeping them in your pocket, you'll journey closer to your master status in Negamon World. The game offers a vast array of cute monsters in different shapes and sizes, providing players with a relaxing experience as they explore each pocket island. Catching new monsters involves finding them and coaxing them into your ball. You can also encounter other players and battle their monsters to collect more rewards and earn recognition as the top trainer. Negamon: Monster Trainer is easy to play; simply touch and drag to move your character, select the monsters you want to fight, and capture the new elements required for your collection. The game also features food to feed and upgrade monsters while you run, jump, and chase other creatures to add them to your collection. Create the ideal team to challenge other players and win rewards. Negamon: Monster Trainer is inclusive of 3D graphic designs, captivating missions, and an easy-to-play interface. The game features a fun and addictive gameplay which is free to play. Journey through Negamon World and complete your cute collection of monsters right now!
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Cowboy Valley

Take over your family's ranch, herd cattle, upgrade your land, and protect it in a multiplayer Old West universe.

Cowboy ValleyPantelis Ioannou
In this multiplayer game, you find yourself in a difficult situation as your respected father passes away unexpectedly, leaving you and your family in charge of the ranch. Your task is to rebuild and expand your family business by focusing on DECISION-MAKING and INVESTMENT in your ranch. You need to take on several CHALLENGES such as herding and safeguarding the cattle in an unforgiving western environment. To succeed, you need to IMPROVE and ENHANCE your ranch facilities. Develop your operations, build new infrastructure, and handle financial obstacles to achieve success. As a rancher, you need to excel in your LASSO and MARKSMANSHIP skills. You rely on your proficiency in these two areas to protect your cattle from predators and other threats. Furthermore, you must work closely with local sheriffs to MAINTAIN LAW and ORDER in the town, and track down and CAPTURE BANDITS that are causing havoc. The sheriff will need your help several times to get their hands on notorious criminals in the area. However, you need to understand the significant trade-offs when taking on such responsibilities. Be sure to INSTALL the game now for an unforgettable western-themed gaming experience, where you will improve your decision-making, investment, and survival skills while facing realistic challenges. So, put your LASSO to the test by catching bandits and protect your business, and remember to keep your SHOOTING skills sharp at all times!
The Silent Mystery

Survive undead in a zombie-ridden forest, solve dark secrets, manage resources, compete in Single Player mode. Full gamepad support, ad-free option, language inclusivity.

The Silent MysteryCodemonster Games
Get ready to immerse yourself in the spine-chilling world of 'The Silent Mystery', where you are stranded in a terrifying forest infested with zombies after a devastating plane crash. Your mission is not only to survive the relentless undead, but also to uncover the sinister secrets of the corporation responsible for the apocalypse. Encounter unpredictable and unique undead characters in this survival game that guarantee a high-stakes tactical battle in every opportunity. Your survival not only depends on your reflexes but also on your quick-thinking strategies. In this harrowing environment, ammunition and medical supplies are critical resources that you need to manage wisely. Keep yourself alive and in fighting shape, but be extremely cautious as every noise you make can draw unwanted attention. Apart from the undead, you will meet other survivors who have their own stories and agenda in this nightmarish world. The choices you make and the allies you find will determine your fate. Are you ready to put your survival skills to the test? Compete against players worldwide in Single Player mode and climb the leaderboard to prove that you can survive against all odds. Enjoy a more immersive experience with full GAMEPAD support available on 'The Silent Mystery' for smoother navigation and more precise combat movements. Language inclusivity is also a priority in this game as it supports multiple languages. Dive deeper into the narrative and challenges with ease in your native tongue. For an uninterrupted gaming experience, opt for the ad-free version of 'The Silent Mystery', available through in-app purchases. Note that the game may not perform optimally on all devices due to its high-quality graphics and complex mechanics. Our team is continuously working on optimization to enhance your gaming experience. And if you encounter issues with camera movement, consider adjusting the rotation sensitivity in the settings for a better experience. Are you brave enough to unravel the mysteries of 'The Silent Mystery'? Indulge in this adrenaline-pumping ride and test your survival skills today!

Embark on an epic multiplayer fantasy adventure in an open world of ancient relics, captivating puzzles, and dangerous foes. Survive, build, and explore as you shape your destiny in Dawnlands.

Dawnlands is a captivating MMORPG adventure where you can explore a vast open world that will leave you spellbound. Prepare to embark on a valiant journey to awaken a long-forgotten domain, where the destiny of this universe is in your hands. The game invites you to traverse through breathtaking landscapes, uncover ancient relics, and unravel intriguing puzzles that will enhance your gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the art of exploration, as there are countless diverse biomes, enigmatic relics, and captivating puzzles awaiting your attention in this ancient land. This realm was dormant for centuries, waiting to be awoken to new tales of legend and lore. You have the power to inscribe your own epic saga upon its storied canvas. Survival is crucial, as this unforgiving environment demands resourcefulness to withstand it. Though the past may be long forgotten, the vast richness of nature's bounty is yours for the taking. But beware, lurking in the darkness are dangers that pose a threat to the land. To survive, you will need to illuminate the shadows that threaten to consume the land and quell the encroaching darkness. Unleash your creative architectural skills as you explore over a hundred diverse crafting materials that empower you to construct your dream abode. Sculpt the very foundations of your home, shape the land, and let your imagination soar free. Engage in fierce battles to unlock invaluable recipes, enabling you to forge formidable weapons, fashionable attire, and indispensable tools. You have the power to build and craft with impunity, so let your creativity flow. Forge lasting bonds in the multiplayer realm of Dawnlands. Up to four valiant warriors can join forces within a shared game-world. You have the option to embark on solo odysseys or join your comrades on epic quests. You will experience the joy of visiting your friends' realms or welcoming them into your own domain through the friend system or world invitation codes. Alternatively, venture into uncharted territories and forge new alliances and meet other adventurers. Unite with your comrades and embark on unforgettable journeys together! Destiny has chosen you as the altar of this realm. Dawnlands is an awe-inspiring adventure set in a sprawling open world that will leave you enthralled. Get ready to unleash your inner warrior and begin your journey today. Visit our Facebook fanpage: or join our Discord server: to meet our lively community. For more information, visit our official website at
Raji: An Ancient Epic

Save humanity & rescue your brother in Raji, an action-adventure game set in ancient India, developed by Nodding Heads Games, available exclusively on Netflix.

Raji: An Ancient EpicNetflix, Inc.
Exclusive to Netflix subscribers, embark on a visually stunning action-adventure inspired by Indian culture in which you are selected by divine beings to fight demons, scale ancient ruins, and fulfill your destiny to save humanity. In this award-winning gaming odyssey set in the ancient world of India, Raji, a young woman, must face off against an invading demonic force to rescue her younger brother and confront Mahabalasura, the demon overlord. After a thousand years of tranquility, humans, having forgotten the ancient ways of alchemy, are caught off guard by the demon's sudden invasion and massive assault. Cities crumble, fortresses are obliterated, and innocent children are taken from their homes. Amidst the chaos, only Raji emerges as the last hope to defend human civilization. The game was developed by Nodding Heads Games.
The Pathless

Become the Hunter, a master of archery, and dispel a curse of darkness with your eagle companion in the vast forest of The Pathless.

The PathlessAnnapurna Interactive
Are you ready to embark on a mesmerizing journey through lush meadows, misty forests, and snowy tundras? Then The Pathless, the legendary quest of a fierce archer and his eagle companion in a colossal forest, created by the makers of ABZΓ› is perfect for you. As the Hunter, you will showcase your exceptional archery skills while embarking on a mystic island to eradicate the darkness that has ensnared the world. Fly high in the sky with your eagle and perform smooth acrobatic moves with unique archery abilities that allow you to shoot with ease while moving at lightning speeds. Delve into a profusion of secrets as you explore the captivating open world that will leave you in awe. Solve puzzles in ancient ruins while unearthing the history of the island, leaping across treetops, and embracing the beauty surrounding you. But beware, the giant corrupted spirits lurking in the woods will require all your strength and skill to take them down. Epic battles against these cursed beasts will decide the fate of the world and bring light back to the land, while the bond with your eagle companion remains indispensable. Compatible with a plethora of Apple devices, such as iPhone 7th generation or higher, iPad 6th generation or higher, and AppleTV 4K amongst others, The Pathless is the perfect game to indulge in a mystical world of archery and falconry. On Mac devices, the game requires an Intel Core i5-7260U/ AMD Athlon 200GE/equivalent CPU, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640/AMD Radeon Pro 450/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/or equivalent GPU, and 4 GB of RAM.
Unknown Fate

Wake up in an unknown world with no memories, solve puzzles and beat enemies to uncover the truth in Unknown Fate.

Unknown FateLotus Games Studios
You awaken, isolated, in an unfamiliar and exotic world, entirely alien to you. Your past is a blank slate, and the means by which you arrived here are shrouded in obscurity. All that remains is for you to forge ahead and learn the truth. Unknown Fate is a solo, first-person puzzle-adventure, with a cryptic narrative, riddles to solve, and opponents to vanquish. Roam through fantastical realms, piecing together Richard's lost recollections to uncover the true nature of his odyssey. A CAPTIVATING PLOT SET IN A STUNNING LANDSCAPE Experience five dreamlike and enigmatic worlds, rendered completely in 3D. FASCINATING CHALLENGES Overcome conundrums to help Richard attain his destination. A DEEP ENIGMA Unravel the game's hidden truths as you progress through the adventure. FOR A TOP-QUALITY CONSOLE EXPERIENCE A fully offline game, with no advertisements or surprises. COMPLETE SUPPORT OF WIDESCREEN DISPLAYS The game natively adapts to both the 16:9 and the new, broader aspect ratios of 18:9 and 19:9. ----------------- You can play Unknown Fate using on-screen controls or a Bluetooth/USB controller*. The game has been optimized for Android TV devices (e.g. Nvidia Shield TV). At least 2GB of free storage is required. The game has several customizable quality presets, allowing users with low-end devices to play the game**. *Tested with XboxOne, Xbox360 controller, and Nvidia Shield Controller. Please contact us if you want us to support other third-party controllers. **Tested on the following devices and systems: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Huawei P20 Lite Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Samsung Galaxy S9 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Honor 6X Honor 10 Samsung Chromebook Plus (Chrome OS) Nvidia Shield TV (Android TV)
Suicide Guy: Sleepin' Deeply

Help the big guy escape his dreams in Suicide Guy: Sleepin' Deeply, a first-person action-puzzle game with physics-based levels and unexpected plot twists.

Suicide Guy: Sleepin' DeeplyChubby Pixel
Suicide Guy: Sleepin' Deeply, a new addition to the acclaimed Suicide Guy game franchise, is a mesmerizing first-person action puzzle game set in a surreal dream world. You will assume the role of a friendly oversized character who is struggling to wake up from his dreams. Your mission is to assist him in breaking free from this dream state. Gamers will be delighted to engage in approximately 3-4 hours of uninterrupted gameplay within Suicide Guy's subconscious, laced with physics-based levels, and an unexpected plot twist. Additionally, players will get to employ the protagonist's ultimate moves, which includes picking up and throwing objects, activating mechanisms, and even burping. The game encompasses a range of funny characters that will likely annoy gamers, with different vehicles to drive and collectible items scattered throughout the levels that players must find. Each scenario requires various items, and innovative brain teasers to solve, ensuring the game boasts great replay value. It is essential to note that, despite the title, the game's premise does not deal with issues surrounding suicide or depression. Players will instead find themselves captivated by an immersive and uniquely designed game world, full of exciting challenges and puzzles perfect for players who enjoy action and strategy.

Fly across ruins and sands to unravel secrets in the stunning Grammy-nominated game, 'Journey', alone or online.

JourneyAnnapurna Interactive
Experience a thrilling adventure in a mystical world with Journey, where you will discover the secrets of ancient ruins and glide through the sand. Solo exploration is available, but sharing the journey with a fellow traveler can make your experience even more exhilarating. Take in the awe-inspiring visuals and the emotional music that earned a Grammy nomination in this unique game that is nothing like any other. If you want to play with others online, Game Center is required for matchmaking. Immerse yourself in this breathtaking game that is only supported on selected iPhone and iPad models.

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