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muntasirmuntasirfrom Skich app

Experience ultimate mobile action game; test your skills with simple mobile controls. Explore position and timing to succeed on the battlefield. By an indie developer.

To immerse yourself in an action-packed game on your mobile, countless efforts have been put in, and the current result is quite impressive. This game also challenges players' abilities and dexterity, but fret not, as the controls are user-friendly and designed specifically for mobile devices. In this game, concepts such as positioning and timing are fundamental and require exploration. By mastering these concepts, players can utilize them to their advantage, moving about the battlefield with ease. Designed by an independent game developer with a passion for action games, this title promises to deliver a thrilling experience. Give it a try and delight in the adventure!
Strangers Awaken

Strangers Awaken: 5v5 strategy magic MOBA game. Battle through 3 zones to defeat the enemy dragon and win. Choose from 6 magic classes and 10 unique heroes.

Strangers AwakenUriverse, Inc.
Strangers Awaken is an action-packed, strategy-based MOBA game that requires teamwork and intelligence. A thrilling 5v5 combat ensues, where the ultimate goal is to destroy your enemy's dragon and claim victory in just 10-15 minutes. To emerge victorious, you must master a variety of spells, weapons, and heroes. With over 200 unique spells, shields, critical attacks, and team abilities, choose from light, lightning, earth, fire, ice, and darkness magic to weave your way to success. In Strangers Awaken, there are three distinct battle zones connected by portals. In each zone, different types of magic and monsters await: the top zone houses light and lightning classes, the middle zone has earth and fire classes, while the bottom zone has ice and darkness classes. So, travel between zones and create your magical arsenal. You will also need to defeat your enemy's dragon to win the game, but be careful not to let them defeat yours. With ten unique hero classes, each with 16 levels and 15 different stats, upgrade your heroes to improve your chances of winning or fuse them together to create a powerful character. Additionally, as you level up your hero, you will unlock more equipment items to customize your playstyle. After winning a battle, your team members receive rewards, based on their performance. Build a strong hero, exceed expectations, and top the scoreboard, as skills will be the ultimate factor to win. Strangers Awaken offers an offline mode for players after account registration. Connect with other players or voice your opinions and improvements on Discord, Facebook, and Twitter. For more information, visit YouTube, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.
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Experience futuristic combat as the warrior Miya in "Miya," featuring diverse action design, impactful combat, and fashion items to make her stand out on the battlefield.

MiyaMore Well Studio
Glad to welcome you to "Miya," an action-packed game set in a tech-savvy and immersive world. Playing the role of the fierce warrior Miya, your journey delves into a wild and gripping adventure with enemies lurking at every corner. Traverse through surprising landscapes and face challenges that will test your skills. Enjoy the explosive action design, unparalleled sense of impact and formidable block counter system. Moreover, you can create a distinctive appearance for Miya by acquiring sleek fashion items, becoming an attention-grabber in the futuristic battlefield. The action design of "Miya" is a world of its own with considerable variation. Featuring flashy melee attacks, formidable ranged weapons, and slick skills that are beyond imagination. The sense of impact in the game has also been meticulously optimized, providing a truly adrenaline-fuelled adventure. Additionally, a strategic block counter system is integrated into the game, elevating the intensity and complexity of the battles. To achieve triumph in the fast-paced skirmishes, one must be vigilant, and adaptively counterattack to seize the moment. In the world of "Miya," fashion is an essential aspect of the culture. The game's fashion has a distinct tech-driven touch with anime-inspired elegance. Collect the multitude of fashion items available to create a unique look for Miya, who will become the star of the battlefield with her stunning dexterity and fashion flair.
The Summit - Dark Web

Explore a detailed open world in The Summit, where you can earn money through legal or illegal businesses, or venture into the Dark Net for high-risk opportunities.

The Summit - Dark WebSevenGames
Speed Moto Drift - Mobile

Familiar yet unique. Exquisite graphics, amazing battles. Ride a motorcycle, fight with weapons, counterattack, and drift. Compete with players worldwide. The most violent is king!

Speed Moto Drift - MobileHippo game
Experience the thrill of motorcycle racing and epic fights in this immersive game, reminiscent of the classic "Road Rash". Take control of a bike and engage in intense battles where you can use weapons to conquer your opponents. The game boasts a complex combat system, providing you with a range of options, including counterattacks and drifts. Upgrade your gaming experience with this exceptional motorcycle racing game. This game stands out from all other racing games with its exquisite graphics, unique gameplay, and exciting fights. The game is visually stunning and provides a new dimension to your gaming experience. Pick up weapons and use them to take out your opponents. Be swift and nimble, drifting around corners and using your nitro to beat your opponents. Share your scores with the world and compete with other players globally. With a variety of motorcycles to choose from, pick your favorite and ride on scenic tracks worldwide. Through racing, obstacles, and survival, become the most violent and fierce racer out there to claim the title of king. Choose between three different classic gameplays: racing, obstacles, and survival. By unlocking new stages and mastering each level, become the leader of the pack. Participate in daily tournament matches and claim rewards. Uncover hidden rewards and truly become a champion. Create a name for yourself in MOBA mode by competing with others and taking down opposing players in real-time. Challenge yourself, discover new rewards and become the ultimate king of the road!
My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Play as your favourite MHA characters, relive iconic moments, upgrade warriors, and battle villains in this strategy RPG.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest HeroCrunchyroll Games, LLC
Step into the animated world of superheroes with My Hero Academia, the thrilling RPG game now available on your mobile! From the popular anime series, dive into an immersive world where you can take on the role of your favorite heroes, battling against notorious villains with your Quirks. Play with friends or other players online, completing strategic missions to earn rewards and climb up the hero ranks. Experience the bustling city of Honei, full of heroes in training, pro heroes, and villains with their own nefarious plans. Discover this open-world RPG, where you can roam the streets, interact with citizens, and fight villains to maintain world peace. Collect your favorite anime characters and create a squad of heroes to patrol the city! Take on the persona of your beloved heroes (or villains) and train rigorously to upgrade your skills, equipment, and abilities to increase your success in the game. From rescuing cats to arresting criminals to protecting people, there's no shortage of missions to undertake, all of which require careful strategy to execute. Unleash your favorite Quirks like Explosions, Anti-Gravity, Sound Blasts, and Detroit SMASH to defeat your opponents with flair and panache. Engage in gameplay that highlights cinematic finishes as you execute your signature move. Use beautifully hand-crafted animations of the anime characters to experience the game's immersive world up close. Fight your way to the top to reach the pinnacle of the hero rankings, starting with the Quirkless Deku all the way to mastering All for One. The game's features include epic combat, daily quests, login rewards, special stages, large boss battles, and new character releases often. In roleplay, you'll never lose as you take charge of All Might, Bakugo, Todoroki, or other iconic characters. Unleash your strategic power, and learn the ins and outs of your character. Choose from the League of Villains, including Hero Killer Stain, and fight your way through the game's action-packed environment. Connect with other players in the game's open-world functions, chat online, use emotes, and make new friends. Create your heroic agency by joining the Hero Unions with your friends. Customize the Heights Alliance dorms, just like in the show, and work together to protect the world. Get ready for Plus Ultra action with My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero! Published under a license by Crunchyroll Games, LLC, please read Terms of Service and the Privacy Notice before using the game's services. The game features copyright content of K. Horikoshi / Shueisha and is part of My Hero Academia Project licensed by Funimation®.

NEOVERSE is a thrilling multiverse game, combining deck building, roguelite & strategy gameplay. Save Neoverse with unique heroes, 300+ cards, and 100+ skills.

NeoverseTino Games
NEOVERSE is an engaging multiverse game that will take you on thrilling adventures and pose exciting challenges, all while testing your gaming skills. With its unique combination of roguelite, deck building, and strategy gameplay, it's an experience you won't forget. As you set off on your adventure, you'll get to choose from three charismatic characters, each with their own unique abilities and specialties. With over 300 cards and 100 skills at your disposal, you can create your own strategy and master challenging levels for a more sophisticated gaming experience. But be warned, there are over 70 types of monsters that need to be defeated in order to save the world, each with their own patterns and strategies. You'll have to utilize multiple skill combinations for each hero to come out victorious. What's great about NEOVERSE is that it offers endless gaming experiences. You can experience different combinations by using new cards each time you play, and your future destinations will depend on every decision you make. Dodging plots and enemies across time and space makes for legendary tales you'll be excited to tell. Customization is key in NEOVERSE, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to do just that. Weave your talent tree and create your own skill combination and switch between various gear options to master your game. You can even unlock DLC for even more fun throughout the Neoverse. You have the freedom to become who you want to be, to merge into your unique role as a hero. Finally, as you immerse yourself in your journey through Neoverse, you'll find your problems and joys all becoming one, and that you've transcended to the future. With NEOVERSE, you too can become a time traveling hero.

Virtual world with beautiful graphics takes players to constantly hone fighting skills; dominated by bullets, slings & tactics. Immersive with wild enemy encounters.

MedievalfieldOleksandr Senx
Welcome to a virtual world with stunning graphics where trade, peace, and tranquility reign supreme. Suddenly, the young narrator is under attack, but our hero quickly shows their accuracy. This world is filled with excitement where one must continuously develop their fighting skills to rise to the occasion. This world is filled with different weapons such as bullets and slings that require good tactics and strategy to defeat your opponents. While an aggressive fighting style has shown to be useful, it's the use of a sharp mind and astute thinking that plays a crucial role in battles. So prepare yourself and get into action with your comrades, as danger is always around the corner. You can hear the sound of an enemy detachment approaching. Take aim and fire! But wait, there's more. The rebels are coming, and they are wild, killing each other for plunder and glory. Your task is to draw the cannon and take them out before they get to you. Unfortunately, our last narrator has fallen in battle, and it is vital to maintain decorum, something that the barbarians lack. Aside from the dangers that lurk in this world, it has beautiful landscapes and a breathtaking atmosphere that Mother Nature has put together. You can explore different islands, vast plains, and fields. The Carpathian Mountains are also waiting for you. Join this world and call your friends to experience the thrill of fighting and adventure together. Will you be able to survive the challenges and come out victorious? It's time to prepare yourself and immerse in this fantastic world of combat and strategy.
Dungeon & Fighter Mobile

Gunner and Squad Rush mode added to celebrate Dungeon Fighter Mobile's 1st Anniversary, with special rewards and merchandise.

Dungeon & Fighter MobileNEXON Company
▶ Dungeon Fighter Mobile celebrates its 1st Anniversary with an update! ◀ Introducing the new gunner (female) and the new mode, Squad Rush, with splendid rewards for this special milestone. Don't miss out on the 1st Anniversary special goods! ■ Meet the new character, the gunner (female), who can quickly subdue enemies with firearms! Featuring the agile Ranger with flamboyant Martial Arts and sturdy Concentrated Suppression of Heavy Arms such as the Launcher! ■ Gather a squad and defeat bosses in Expedition! Squad Rush The more bosses you defeat, the more rewards you'll get! Build your own expedition team and challenge boss clears! ■ Abundant rewards await in the Super Highway Event! Grow at high speed until you reach the highest level with full sets of Epic Weapons, Armor, and Unique Crucibles! Don't miss this golden opportunity to easily reach level max! ■ Win special 1st Anniversary Goods. DROP THE GOODS! From a sweet melodic music box to a fascinating pop-up book. Enter the draw now! Celebrate Dungeon Fighter Mobile's 1st Anniversary on a warm spring day and join us in another adventure, adventurers~ ▶ Game Introduction ◀ Experience thrilling action everywhere and every time with Dungeon Fighter Mobile from the action-specializing pioneer, Neople! ■ Dungeon Fighter Mobile delivers original thrilling action! Feel the intense combo action from the original game and its superior pixel art on mobile! Experience the thrilling action that's unique to Dungeon Fighter Mobile! ■ Combo action that's unique to Dungeon Fighter Mobile Next-level Belt-Scroll Mobile Action that holds the essence of Dungeon Fighter! Enjoy exceptional action never before experienced with a special system of mobile-oriented controls such as Chain Combos, Slides, and Expanded Slots. ■ Various characters with distinctive personalities Travel through time and space once again with the characters that represent Dungeon Fighter and their unique skills and weapons! Experience different playstyles with different weapons and skills for each character! ■ Plenty of content to enjoy Enjoy various exhilarating content such as the overwhelming scale Lotus Raid, World Boss, Ancient Dungeon, Hell Party, and Duel Arena, first revealed on mobile Dungeon Fighter! ▶ Don't miss out the latest news about Dungeon Fighter Mobile!◀ Official Website: Official YouTube Channel: ■ Permissions Guide for Smartphone Apps The app needs permission to provide the following services when using the app. [Optional Access Permission] Camera: Required for shooting photos and videos for uploading. Photo/Media/File: Required to save videos and upload photos and videos. Phone: Required to collect phone numbers for sending advertising texts. Notifications: Required to publish app-related notifications. * You can still use the service even if you don't agree to optional access permission. [How to Withdraw Access Permission] ▶ Android 6.0 or later: Go to Settings > Apps > Select permission item > Permission list > Select access permission consent or withdrawal ▶ Android 6.0 or earlier: Upgrade the operating system to withdraw access permission or delete the app ※ The app may not offer the option to withdraw individual consent. You can withdraw access permission via the above method. ---- Contact developer: 1588-7701
Dr. Chatelet: Faith

Play as Dr. Chatelet in medieval times, choose traditional or new medical practices, and experience the evolution of medical science in this adventure game.

Dr. Chatelet: FaithLoongcheer Game
Enter the surreal world of medieval medicine and experience the evolution of medical science through the eyes of Dr. Chatelet in the story-driven AVG game, Dr. Chatelet: Faith. Follow Dr. Chatelet, a firm believer in traditional medicine, as he rises through the ranks due to his talent and diligence. Witness the unexplainable deaths of patients and the inability to stop bleeding that questions traditional medical theories. As he faces the reformists and gains new knowledge about microorganisms, disinfection, and clamps to stop bleeding, Dr. Chatelet is faced with a difficult choice- to stick with tradition or seek the truth. It's up to you to decide the fate of Dr. Chatelet and the trends of the story. Will you choose to be a Healing hand or a Killing hand? Will you challenge the authority to be a leader in the medical field and seek the truth? The game features immersive visual novel and interactive story-driven adventure that keeps you engaged. The Burtonesque art style is unique and visually appealing. You will learn about medieval medicine and its science through the mini-games that replicate medieval medical treatments. Choices do matter in this game, and there are multiple endings, depending on the decisions you make. The classical music BGM adds to the overall experience, providing an immersive environment. Achievements and collection add replayability value to the game. If you want a more immersive experience, the game has a buyout version that you can purchase. Follow the game on Facebook to stay updated with the latest news. Dr. Chatelet: Faith is a fascinating game that gives you the power to shape the story and decide the fate of the characters. Will you embrace new knowledge and seek the truth, or will you stick with tradition and let people die? The choice is yours.
Road Redemption Mobile

Lead a brutal driving combat road rage adventure in post-apocalyptic America. Upgrade bikes, weapons, and characters via a one-time purchase.

Road Redemption MobilePixel Dash Studios LLC
Embark on an unforgettable adventure leading a motorcycle gang in a post-apocalyptic world. Road Redemption is a driving combat game where you must race through enemy territory, fight to survive, and earn the bounty on the mysterious assassin's head. Enjoy a truly epic quest in which you and your fellow gang members must compete against other bikers to claim the prize. Collect experience on every run and use it to upgrade your character, bike, and weapon; each death means a new chance to improve your loadout with a choice of weapons and upgrades. Deep gameplay mechanics, a massive expandable skill tree, and a motorcycle fighting system with grabs, kicks, counters, and critical strikes. Win races and complete challenges to earn cash, and use it to unlock new characters, weapons, and bikes. Experience the start of this journey for free, and then unlock the full game with a one-time in-app purchase. The game contains no ads or additional microtransactions. Play with a gamepad or touchscreen controls that are customizable to your preference. Road Redemption is the ultimate driving combat game enjoyed by over a million PC users. Critics rave about its great graphics and soundtrack as well as the depth of the game. Don't forget to use the right weapon for each enemy to achieve maximum damage. Follow the Road Redemption team on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord to stay up-to-date on news and updates.
Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket-powered cars play soccer in fast-paced 2-minute mobile games. Customize cars, win matches, and climb the leaderboard in Ranked Mode.

Rocket League SideswipePsyonix Studios
Rocket League Sideswipe is the ultimate fusion of car games and soccer, presented by the creators of the widely popular game, Rocket League. With this game, you can now join an upgraded version of multiplayer car soccer on your mobile device. The fast-paced soccer game features thrilling 2-minute matches where you can score goals and tweak your car's aesthetic in the Garage. Engage in game parties with your friends or play online games with players from all across the globe. To win matches, you must strategically drive supersonic race cars and drive the soccer ball into your opponent's net. If you have the skills, you can even fly into the air and do some trick shots, including the famous flip reset. Participating in worldwide Ranked Matches will help you dominate the soccer field and climb the top of the car soccer leaderboard. You can join in Casual Mode if you just want to have fun and perform mind-blowing maneuvers without worrying about your rank. The multiplayer soccer game takes action to the next level by combining soccer with rocket-powered cars. As you play online multiplayer games for free, master the game's intuitive touch controls designed explicitly for mobile gameplay. The game's Arena car action only requires three buttons to get you started, enabling easy-to-learn gameplay that leaves room for freestyle stunts. Chase down the soccer ball with aerial boosts and go offensive on your opponents. There are many random in-game changes in the casual Game Mode Mutator Madness that you can take advantage of with your two-player game and communicate with Quick Chat Stickers. The game's Rocket League Sideswipe Features are impressive, a perfect way to keep you busy and excited, and they include Car Customization,. Customize your cars with Items that are unlocked as soon as you play car soccer online. With thousands of customization combinations, you can personalize your unique sports car any way you want. You can even unlock cars, wheels, decals, among others, by playing soccer with a twist. In conclusion, Rocket League Sideswipe is a re-invented and improved version of the original Rocket League game for mobile devices. It is perfect for anyone who loves car games and soccer, and it offers captivating gameplay, various customization options, and endless fun. Download Rocket League Sideswipe today and join in on the action! Stay in touch with the latest news and updates by following their website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord. Start with the car soccer tutorial to learn the controls you need and hone your skills to beat your rivals on the pitch in this next-level sports game.

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