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The most weired games πŸ‘€ Ever!

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Happy Tree Friends Deadeye

Take your slingshot and join Happy Tree Friends to compete in Deadeye Derby- a real-time, international multiplayer battle. Customize your cart to become a fearsome killing machine.

Happy Tree Friends DeadeyeAlexander Wong, Inc.
Express your camping skills with a deadly twist in Camp Pokeneyeout! Participate in the Deadeye Derby, the camp's "maim" event, and engage in bloodthirsty mayhem. Use your slingshot to obliterate opponents in one-on-one battles in four uniquely themed areas. Upgrade your slingshot for improved performance and customize your cart to become a monster on wheels. With the gyroscope and accelerometer features, shooting and aiming your slingshot has never been more immersive. Improve your cart's strength and speed by obtaining spoils of war, and fortify your slingshot to inflict damage like never before. With game environments like a treacherous trail, a murderous mud-fest, a raging river, and a spooky railroad ride, the gameplay is varied and exciting. Enter synchronous multiplayer combat with Facebook friends or battle random opponents from around the world. Compete against others and climb up the weekly and all-time leaderboards. Experience classic Happy Tree Friends-style gruesome mutilation and dismemberment as you play as Giggles, Cuddles, and the HTF gang. Boss Battles featuring surprise guest characters will further intensify gameplay. Attack opponents with fire, lightning, and poison ammo, and outlast them all to become the ultimate Deadeye sharpshooter. Enjoy custom animations, music, and sound, as you take part in an exciting and thrilling adventure. Climb to the top of multiple leaderboards and become the ultimate Happy Tree Friends champion!
Aliens Want Our Mascot?!

Defend Bovis the Bovine and collect school spirit with students in unique cliques to overcome the alien invasion in this tower defense game.

Aliens Want Our Mascot?!MassDiGI Games
Join the epic battle to save Bovis the Bovine, your beloved high school mascot, in this thrilling tower defense game. Gather school spirit, rally fellow students, and eliminate the ruthless alien invaders in a strategic grid-based gameplay. Prepare to enter Bovine High, your typical high school, but with a twist. Each new recruit is more than just a character, they bring unique abilities and interests to the game. However, every student pledges to ferociously defend the school mascot, and it’s your responsibility to lead them to victory. Using cunningly positioned defensive tactics, merge various cliques, and obliterate the cosmic threat before the next school bell rings!
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Doofus Drop

Fall, fart and fly as you launch Doofus off a cliff, equip your bike with upgrades, and ride a rescue shark in this endless runner game.

Doofus DropCurious Labs
Enter the wacky world of Doofus with the Doofus Cliff Drop game! In this endless runner game, you will get to launch Doofus off the cliff and witness him FALL, FART, and FLY mid-air in the most bizarre ways possible! To make your adventure more exciting, give your bike a revamp with fart-tastic upgrades that will help you dodge hill obstacles and defy gravity with your ridiculous FART POWER. From riding a rescue shark, driving a monster truck, to farting your way to the stars, this game will keep your head spinning. The farther down the cliff you drop, the weirder your experience will get! Customize and upgrade your BIKE, RAMPS, and BOOSTERS and wear cool hats to add a touch of quirkiness to your character. Don't worry about taking one too many falls, spin the wheel of life for a second chance and earn stars to unlock amazing POWERUPS. Besides, you can always customize your FARTS for a more visually disturbing experience and meet some really weird characters as you fall down the hill, riding a shopping cart with Flatchy Bird to the stars. What's more, you can send FARTS to your friends using the new FART MACHINE, earn extra FARTS as you collect stars, pilot the Trash rocket to Space, drive the monster truck, and even unlock and watch Doofus cartoons! Compete with people worldwide to be the best Doofus in the world by comparing your best drop distance. So, gear up for the most absurd adventure of your life. Download this FREE game now and start your stupid adventure!
Bacon: The Game

Try bizarre bacon recipes in Bacon Man: An Adventure game.

Bacon: The GamePhilipp Stollenmayer
Are you ready to take your taste buds on a wild culinary adventure? Step into the world of "Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds" and experience the thrill of devouring everything in sight! From ice cream to PiΓ±a Coladas, this game will have you salivating over the most unusual culinary concoctions. As you progress through the game, you take control of a voracious blob that feeds on everything in its path, growing larger and more powerful with every bite. Nothing is too big or too small for your appetite, from tiny ants to entire cities! The game offers hours of fun and challenges, with an array of levels set in locations ranging from the kitchen counter to outer space. The graphics are bright and colorful, with each level featuring its own unique twist on the theme of food. It's not just a game about eating, though. Along the way, you'll encounter obstacles and challenges that require strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. For example, you might have to navigate through a maze of confusing corridors or use your giant size to smash through walls and obstacles. With its addictive gameplay and innovative concept, "Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds" is the ultimate culinary adventure for foodies and gamers alike. So why not take a bite out of something new and try it out for yourself? Your taste buds will thank you!
Tingus Goose - Weird Idle Game

Grow wacky goose trees and interact with them in this surreal game. Each tree is unique. Early access, bugs may occur.

Tingus Goose - Weird Idle GameGame Veterans
Experience the weird and wonderful world of the Goose Tree, where these special geese have a unique and fantastic ability to grow into wacky trees when they find their human hosts. Nurture and care for your geese, providing them with water, food, and upgrades while interacting with them to witness mind-boggling events. Witness the growth of your very own bizarre ecosystem that you'll want to share with friends, boasting unique and diverse trees like no other. With surreal art and animation from the highly-acclaimed Master Tingus (who has a following of 5 million worldwide), players can immerse themselves in the never-ending lifecycle between humans and geese, discovering the exquisite beauty of nature. Please note that the game is in early access and is currently undergoing development. Users may experience bugs, glitches, and other issues that could potentially impact gameplay. Our team is diligently working on resolving these issues and regularly updating the game, and we value your feedback immensely during this process. By choosing to play this game in its current state, please acknowledge that it is a work-in-progress and may differ from the final product. Thank you for your patronage, support, and understanding as we continue to refine and develop the game to its highest potential.
Happy Game

Help the little boy escape his three nightmares while solving puzzles and avoiding creepy creatures in this psychedelic horror game with a haunting soundtrack by DVA.

Happy GameAmanita Design
In this brand new adventure game, a young boy experiences a horrific nightmare from which he needs rescuing. You will immerse yourself in this psychedelic horror experience and face three unforgettable nightmares that will test your skills. Throughout the game, you will be tasked with solving deeply disturbing puzzles in charming yet eerie surroundings. Beware of suspicious smiley faces and pink bunnies that could be lurking around any corner! As you progress through the game, you will be enveloped in the creepy, haunting songs and screeches of the Czech freakfolk band DVA. Your mission is to help the young boy endure and escape his nightmares, restoring happiness and normality to his life. Will you be able to navigate the nightmares and solve the puzzles to awaken the boy from his terrible dream? This game promises a unique, spine-tingling experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its distinctive visuals and impeccable sound design, it creates a world of terror and wonder that will leave an indelible mark on you. So, take on the challenge and embark on this hair-raising adventure to rescue the young boy and bring him back to the light.
DEEEER Simulator: Future World

Become a DEEEER hero in DEEEER Simulator: Future World, battling new enemies like robotic bears and goat-shaped humans in a futuristic city!

DEEEER Simulator: Future WorldPujia8 LTD
Experience an exciting adventure as a DEEEER after an incident where you saved a deer and lost consciousness, you get reborn as one! Get ready for the ultimate chaos and entertainment in DEEEER Simulator: Future World. The Future World is here! Get ready to dive back into the unpredictable world of DEEEER with new enemies to battle. Human-shaped goats and robust bears are some of the enemies you will encounter. The enemies from the Modern World now have enhanced abilities that you had never seen before. Will you still enjoy a leisurely life in the future city as a DEEEER or will chaos ensue? Take on the role of a DEEEER and embrace the unpredictable action-packed gameplay of the Future World.
Angry Dad: Arcade Simulator

Juggle fatherhood & football fandom in Dad's Simulator and complete various tasks around the house without stressing out. Free arcade game.

Angry Dad: Arcade SimulatorDouble Tap Games
Step into the shoes of an ordinary father in this exciting game! Face the challenges of parenting while trying to make it to a football match. Show off your skills as the best dad ever and a die-hard football fan by juggling all of your responsibilities without breaking a sweat. Experience high-quality stylized graphics that will transport you into the game's world. The gameplay is simple yet challenging, making it appealing to players of all levels and ages. Try out multiple engaging and entertaining tasks such as lending a helping hand to your spouse and displaying your strength. Enable your child to become the math prodigy they were meant to be. Confront the cultists that your neighbors loathe. Tackle the never-ending pile of dirty dishes and fix those constantly leaky pipes. You might also have to answer scam calls and rock your little daughter to sleep with love. So, get ready to play this exciting arcade simulator game for free and embark on an unforgettable journey.

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