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Andrei RomanAndrei Romanfrom Skich app
Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis

Swap characters, exchange items & solve puzzles to reunite 4 friends. Explore the factory & town locations, face enemies in mini-games. Play Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis.

Ice Scream 7 Friends: LisKeplerians Horror Games
Join J., Mike and Charlie who are reunited in a control room after their daring escape from the kitchen. However, they can't seem to locate Lis, causing Mike to become increasingly worried and jump down the pipe to the laboratory. The friends will have to work together to escape, and Charlie embarks on a journey to the hidden town in Rod's van to find something to help his sister. Experience a unique game by switching between Lis and Mike, and exchanging items to solve puzzles. The game explores new parts of the factory and revisits different locations from the early Ice Scream games. Make sure to beware of the Mini-Rods and the ice cream man as you help the friends reunite. Experience different areas in the factory, depending on which character you choose! Explore new and mysterious parts of the laboratory, including Chemistry and Robotics. This new chapter comes with a unique soundtrack that immerses you in the Ice Scream universe, with music that sets the rhythm for the game. You can also exchange items with friends for the first time, allowing them to complete the puzzles presented with ease and fun. Solve clever and challenging puzzles to reunite with your friends and work your way through mini-games included in this chapter. If you get stuck, a hint and mission system is available to help you find your way. Ghost mode is available for those who want to play at their own pace and explore safely. For the bravest, there are also different difficulty levels that will test your skill against Rod and his minions. Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis is not only terrifying but it's also fun and suitable for all ages. Play with headphones for an immersive experience, and let us know what you think in the comments!
Punch Kick Duck

Imprisoned by Baron Tigrisso, fight through his hench-critters by timing your moves right. Remember, punch beats kick, kick beats duck and duck beats punch while avoiding the bear.

Punch Kick DuckShaun Coleman
Fighting relies heavily on timing, which even a duck can confirm. Success is achieved with the correct action executed at the right moment, resulting in a prompt victory. It's as easy as striking with your fist, kicking, and evading. However, Baron Tigrisso, the merciless ruler, has confined you inside his tower, the only way to overcome which is by battling swarms of creatures created and trained by him as you make your way up to face him. Punch Kick Duck has a straightforward interface that ensures swift action and exhilaration as you send opponents flying and seek vengeance on your captor. Remember, ducks have lived by three critical principles throughout ages that you must never forget: Punch overpowers Kick, Kick overcomes Duck, and Duck is superior to Punch. Besides, it is recommended that you keep moving, or else you might run into a BEAR. Do you believe you have what it demands to emerge victorious? Of course, you do! You are a resilient duck! Three difficulty tiers are accessible in the game, providing you with a way to test your expertise. A vibrant cast of characters awaits to accompany you on your mission. You may play the game in either portrait or landscape orientation, with responsive touch controls. Controller support is also available. Created by the maker of Shoot the Moon, Punch Kick Duck is a charming, compact game that will challenge your abilities without costing a lot. Begin playing immediately!
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Fly, dodge and smash monsters! Fight giant bosses and retrieve lost gems with over 60 healing characters. Play alone or with friends.

UFO99Noice2D Game Studio
Take to the skies and show off your top-notch flying, fast-paced action, and nimble dodging skills with your favorite character! Be alert, floating block monsters roam the colorful universe. Keep an eye out for them and pick up big hammers to smash them. The more challenging the levels, the higher the rank, and score you achieve. Journey into the Demon Key, where giant bosses lurk. Dodge their powerful attacks while picking up magic items and fighting back to restore the long-lost UFO99 letter gems. Features of UFO99 include easy-to-use controls for flying and combat. Speed up, dodge, pick up hammers, and smash block monsters like a pro. With the local multiplayer co-op game mode, up to four players can join in the fun. Play with your friends and family and enjoy the entertaining gameplay. Choose from over sixty charming and restorative Gashapon characters. The more you play, the higher the chances of encountering new and unique characters for every brawl. Each game requires only about one to three minutes to complete, complete with random levels with unlimited surprises. The giant bosses in hiding are waiting for you. Stay alert and thrilled while engaging in exciting battles with them. Look out for five special power-up items that will guarantee you're the winner! Defeat bosses and tackle challenges like a champ. The overall graphics are adorable, colorful, and bring life to the game, making it a pleasure to play. With so many gold coins and items given away each day, it's hard to resist playing. Make sure to download your copy right away and start playing today! Don't risk losing your favorite characters. Login to Google Play to save your game progress!
Nerf: Battle Arena

NERF: Superblast is a fast-paced multiplayer FPS game featuring NERF battles, 44 original blasters, and exciting game modes with live events and rewards.

Nerf: Battle ArenaNitro Games Oyj
Get your NERF guns ready for an ultimate experience with NERF: Superblast! Jump right into thrilling multiplayer PvP battles with your friends and prove your mettle. Choose from three game modes: - 3v3 NERF Battle: Join forces with your crew to take down the enemy team. - 1v9 Solo: Gear up for a free-for-all action and survive against all odds. - 1v1 Pinball: Outsmart your adversaries and collect all tokens. Play with 44 NERF guns from iconic collections such as Ultra, Mega, Elite, MotoBlitz, and DinoSquad. Customize your playstyle with unique gun stats. Equip your gun with Power Cards to unleash special abilities in the heat of the fight. Utilize exclusive effects like Super Shield, Healing Bar, and Nerf-nade to smash the competition. Participate in daily live-events and earn enticing rewards by taking part in special game modes like: - Cactus Craze: Smash cacti to score points and win. - Blaster Party: Compete with random guns to unlock unique rewards. - Zombiestrike: Team up with your friends against waves of zombies. Unlock even bigger rewards with the Arena Pass and Trophy Road, which provide you with new blasters, features, and rewards. Earn Battle Pass points and progress with the Arena Pass and increase your Trophies by winning matches to unlock new items on the Trophy Road. Become a part of a thriving community of players who value teamwork, friendship, and collaboration. Compete against fellow players and earn reward boxes to upgrade your guns and become an unstoppable force. NERF: Superblast is a perfect blend of first-person shooter game and awesome NERF brand. Are you ready to experience electrifying PvP battles like never before? Download now and become a legendary NERF fighter!
Nextbots In Backrooms: Obunga

Outrun the cunning Nextbots and survive the horror of Backrooms' maze. Compete with friends and share your record in this hit game.

Nextbots In Backrooms:
Indulge yourself in a spine-chilling experience with Nextbot. Brace yourself for an intense pursuit in the treacherous Backrooms, one of the scariest and most challenging terrains you will ever encounter. Victory is your only refuge, but the enemy lurking in the shadows will not be alone; expect numerous adversaries who are swift and devious, making it tough for you to react at times and evade them. Get lost in the intricate maze, dodge through the convoluted corridors and creepy corners, while challenging your friends to break time limits and surpass their records. The Backrooms is a mind-boggling labyrinth, replete with eerie perils. With every stride you take, brace yourself for someone lurking around the next corner. The line-up of adversaries you may come across include Alternative, Amogus, Armstrong, Gigachad, Granny, Gru, Isaac, Jerma, Nerd, Shukri, Wenomachainsama, Obunga, Quandale, Saul, The Rock- Dwayne Johnson, Selene Delgado, Shrek, Sidorovich, and Sonic. So tread with caution, as the slightest mistake or carelessness can lead to a certain demise. Plunge into the enigmatic Backrooms and get the adrenaline rush that Nextbot has in store, but fear not, as sharing your record-breaking performances with your friends on this thrilling escapade will make your victory all the more triumphant and sweet.

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