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CaptaindrsCaptaindrsfrom Skich app

Survivors and Lost Ones battle for survival after an airliner crashes on a mysterious Pacific island. Cooperation and betrayal play key roles.

NOT MEStrom Game Limited
In the midst of a tropical paradise in the Pacific Ocean, an enormous passenger plane meets its demise following a fierce hurricane during its journey. Once the passengers emerge from the wreckage, they soon realize that they have landed on an enigmatic island, notorious for its mysterious abilities to control those who set foot on its terrain. For every four people who managed to survive the crash, one becomes a Lost One, bound by the island's spell. The remaining survivors are faced with a daunting challenge of overcoming the obstacles and conflicts that arise from both cooperation and betrayal, requiring immense courage and strategic thinking in order to stay alive amidst these perilous conditions.
Dungeon Overlord

A tower defense, strategy, auto-chess, and rogue-like game with stylized monster portraits. Upgrade and enhance your towers to defeat waves of enemies and guard the core crystal.

Dungeon OverlordAvalonGames
This unique game seamlessly mixes tower defense, strategy, auto-chess, and a hint of roguelike. Every tower built in the dungeon must be positioned with strategic foresight, much like a game of auto-chess. Clear each wave of enemy attacks to earn a new card and upgrade your tower with three identical cards. Furthermore, you may acquire several weapons to amplify your tower's strength (known as monsters in this game). The game features stylized monster portraits that could be considered works of art. Dozens of monsters with formidable abilities await to be commanded by you. It's recommended to focus on upgrading one monster per game. Random events will arise during challenging gameplay. Don't overlook enhancing your monsters outside of combat. Protect the core crystal successfully to achieve victory. Stay connected through Discord: and follow the game on Facebook: Do you have the confidence to complete the challenge?
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Ruins Story

Explore and battle the crisis facing Ruina and Nekoro in a high-speed, multi-perspective 2D rogue light action shooter.

Ruins StoryWinning Starters
As a vertically held smartphone game, this 2D action shooter provides a fast-paced battle experience that can be operated using a single finger. The game requires swift movements, precise aiming, and quick shooting to succeed and explore various items to unlock new builds and strategies on every attempt. The game emphasizes action, requiring the player to move at high speeds using flick gestures on floors, walls, or ceilings. Two types of weapons can be used throughout the battle with simple swiping and tapping operations. To succeed in the game, resource management and well-timed attacks are essential. Depending on the combination of enhanced items, the fighting style can change drastically, so planning a strategy is crucial for defeating powerful Boss Enemies. Equipment acquisition is critical in this game. Various enhancement items can be obtained during the search, and they have powerful abilities that can be lost when returning from exploration. Once the search is complete, the player can then unlock new equipment using the obtained items, leading to many opportunities for players to find their perfect builds to use in the next round. The game's story progresses with each exploration made by the main character Ruina, and her support robot Nekoro. The game tells the story of the duo through the Genesis Log, unveiling the past and present of the two characters while they deal with the crisis facing humanity. In conclusion, this 2D Rogue Light Action Shooter game provides a refreshing experience for mobile games. The simple one-finger operation and various equipment make the game exciting, while the story creates an immersive environment for players to engage. Get ready to join Ruina and Nekoro on their journey and explore deeper into the game's universe!
Rapid Fire Brigade

Rapid Fire Brigade is an addictive retro arcade shooter game. Upgrade your weapons arsenal, unlock new abilities, and conquer challenging levels.

Rapid Fire BrigadeFluffy Squid Studio
Get ready to unleash the arcade legend within you with Rapid Fire Brigade - the ultimate retro shooter experience! This epic arcade shooter game promises hours of addictive and action-packed gameplay in the retro arcade style. You will embark on an exhilarating journey, conquering captivating levels and immersing yourself in a world that is packed with intense battles and requires strategic decisions. Start with basic weapons and gradually upgrade to an unbeatable powerhouse arsenal. Complete challenging missions to earn rewards, enhance your character, and become a master of a wide range of formidable weapons. Make smart choices by selecting the right weapons and power-ups for each mission, upgrade your character, and unlock new abilities in the skill tree to boost your firepower. Experience challenging levels stuffed with secrets, powerful bosses, and mind-bending gameplay twists! Revel in stunning retro-inspired graphics and effects that will transport you back in time. Key Features: • Addictive Arcade Shooter Gameplay • Challenge Friends in Competitive Leaderboard Battles • Diverse Weaponry: Rocket Chasers, Kame-Power Guns, and More • Customize Your Character and Unlock Unique Skills • Intricate Levels with Secrets and Powerful Bosses • Retro-Inspired Graphics and Effects for Immersive Experience Please note that Rapid Fire Brigade is free to play, but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. Got questions? Encountered a bug? Or just want to say hi? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at – we read and appreciate every message! Get a sneak peek at Rapid Fire Brigade's gameplay by checking out the teaser trailer at Connect with us: Website: YouTube: Twitch: TikTok:
Legends of Catopia

Battle friends in PvP mode or fight through 100+ levels. Level up and customize champions with talents, skins, items. Play with party of 4 in Torrid and Catopia.

Legends of CatopiaMoving Dimensions
Get ready for an ultimate battle with your buddies in an all-new player versus player mode, or team up with them and face waves of foes in more than a hundred fascinating levels! You'll have a chance to enhance your champions by unlocking numerous heroes, customizing their talents, skins, chromas, and items! Form a group of four and embark on an epic journey from the vibrant city of Torrid to the mysterious floating islands of Catopia. Take control of your unlocked heroes and engage in a thrilling 4v4 match. Whether you want to test your skills by fighting against human players or refine them by challenging the AI, the decision is yours. With a diverse range of collectible items, create a strong fighting force and select a playstyle that suits you best!

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