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Strangers Awaken

Strangers Awaken: 5v5 strategy magic MOBA game. Battle through 3 zones to defeat the enemy dragon and win. Choose from 6 magic classes and 10 unique heroes.

Strangers AwakenUriverse, Inc.
Strangers Awaken is an action-packed, strategy-based MOBA game that requires teamwork and intelligence. A thrilling 5v5 combat ensues, where the ultimate goal is to destroy your enemy's dragon and claim victory in just 10-15 minutes. To emerge victorious, you must master a variety of spells, weapons, and heroes. With over 200 unique spells, shields, critical attacks, and team abilities, choose from light, lightning, earth, fire, ice, and darkness magic to weave your way to success. In Strangers Awaken, there are three distinct battle zones connected by portals. In each zone, different types of magic and monsters await: the top zone houses light and lightning classes, the middle zone has earth and fire classes, while the bottom zone has ice and darkness classes. So, travel between zones and create your magical arsenal. You will also need to defeat your enemy's dragon to win the game, but be careful not to let them defeat yours. With ten unique hero classes, each with 16 levels and 15 different stats, upgrade your heroes to improve your chances of winning or fuse them together to create a powerful character. Additionally, as you level up your hero, you will unlock more equipment items to customize your playstyle. After winning a battle, your team members receive rewards, based on their performance. Build a strong hero, exceed expectations, and top the scoreboard, as skills will be the ultimate factor to win. Strangers Awaken offers an offline mode for players after account registration. Connect with other players or voice your opinions and improvements on Discord, Facebook, and Twitter. For more information, visit YouTube, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.

Elderand is a retro-inspired metroidvania filled with terrifying creatures, RPG elements, and brutal combat. Collect loot, customize your character, and slay bosses.

ElderandPID Games
Elderand is an exciting metroidvania game that will put your determination and skill to the test. Prepare to see heads roll in this gore-filled, retro-inspired platformer, where only the strongest can survive in ruthless, combat against fearsome monsters. Throughout the game, players will venture into a dark and eerie Lovecraftian world that promises glory and rewards for those who endure its madness and terror. With a range of weapons and abilities, players can take on towering bosses and explore the twisted world at their own pace. The game also offers RPG elements, so players can tailor their character's appearance, as well as skills, stats, and weapons, to suit their preferences. As you battle through the game, collect treasure and glory to upgrade your weapons and craft new equipment. Elderand offers a range of locations for players to explore, including a village full of traders, a forest, a temple prison, floating islands, a cursed Cathedral, and the hellish world of Elderand itself. Each area holds numerous monsters and bosses to conquer, with over 60 enemy types and around a dozen different bosses to defeat. As you play, you will collect letters and other pieces of correspondence from those who have come before you, discovering the dark history of the land. With its hand-drawn pixel art and gothic aesthetics, Elderand offers a thrilling and challenging adventure for players who enjoy the metroidvania genre. So, take up your weapons and prove your worth in this unforgettable journey through the twisted and terrifying world of Elderand.
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Revenant Knight

Fight off enemies as a lone knight in a tombstone-laden land. With no leveling up or equipment, this game is all skill-based with multiple endings.

Revenant Knight6000Software
Challenge your skills and arm yourself with new weapons to take on a variety of enemies in this action-packed game! Experience the thrill of testing your abilities to the limit with the only requirement being your own proficiency. Don't wait any longer, try it out now and put your skills to the test. The game takes you on a journey of resurrection after death, where you find yourself in a delusional space with a knight and a tombstone of a lady. As night falls, those who are drawn to the tombstone approach, and the knight must spend the night fighting against them alone. However, death continues to lurk around every corner. The game is designed solely for your own mastery without any levels or equipment. You can lower the difficulty, but don't expect it to be a cakewalk. Even the weakest enemy can take your life away if you lose focus. With 36 types of enemies lurking in 77 stages, and 14 bosses waiting for a fierce showdown, you'll need to bring your A-game! Moreover, the game features multiple endings, making it a must-play experience that warrants at least a few replays. With a basic controller that follows the gamepad, there's no excuse not to give it a try. Keep in mind that this is an offline game, and there's no way to transfer the save data to another device. Don't forget to visit the Facebook page for updates:
Shadow Slayer: Demon Hunter

Shadow Slayer: hack-and-slash RPG adventure in the dark world of Foliga. Battle monsters, unlock new skills, and defeat undead bosses.

Shadow Slayer: Demon HunterONDI
Step into the dark and chaotic world of Foliga, once a peaceful haven but now overrun by undead bosses. Our hero needs your help to save Foliga! Experience an epic battle of a lifetime in Shadow Slayer, the ultimate hardcore hack and slash massive action-RPG game. Collect epic hero powers to unlock your potential and learn new skills to fight the endless horde of monsters. With exciting Anime Fighting RPG gameplay, Shadow Slayer offers non-stop opportunities to battle enemies, unlock skills, and power up your heroes. Sharpen your weapons and join forces with your friends to slay the fierce monsters that await in the dungeons. Challenge yourself and showcase your fighting skills to defeat the bloodthirsty and mighty bosses that await you. Choose from multiple distinctive characters in the game, each with unique gameplay, a variety of assets, and skills to master. With mysterious treasure chests awaiting discovery, Shadow Slayer offers players a chance to explore and discover hidden treasures everywhere. Whether your fighting skills are novice or expert, Shadow Slayer offers endless hours of gameplay that can be enjoyed offline or online at any time and anywhere. Join us, follow us on social media, and get support to enter the world of Foliga today! Join us on our social media platforms for more information and updates: Facebook: Facebook Group: Discord: Twitter:
Iron Blade: Medieval RPG

Forge your destiny in medieval Europe, build a kingdom, and engage in exciting PvP challenges in Iron Blade, the thrilling action RPG game.

Iron Blade: Medieval RPGGameloft
Immerse yourself in the medieval Europe of Iron Blade, where war and magic consume everything. Here, you have the chance to shape your own destiny as you explore a fantasy world with console-quality graphics and an innovative combat system that will keep you engaged. Be a monster hunter and collect an arsenal of weapons for your battles against millions of players, building your own kingdom and engaging in PvP challenges. As a demonic army of war draws closer, you must raise your sword to fulfill the prophecy and seal them away. But intruders lurk at every corner, and the plot of intrigue and betrayal thickens as you fight through the challenging story missions. Travel through awe-inspiring real-world locations and dungeon strongholds, from Notre Dame to a Transylvanian dungeon, and fight with a fantasy style developed by linking up taps and swipes. In Iron Blade, you must face a fearsome variety of foes to survive and prevail in war. Using the game's specially designed controls for mobile, unleash devastating attacks with your weapons and armor collected along the way. You can also use deadly special-action attacks and epic finishing sword-moves to annihilate any opponent. Furthermore, you will have the chance to use high-action skills and devastating spells on your in-game foes. Build and fortify your kingdom with a Castle, and protect its resources from invaders and other players. Acquire and upgrade Castle Defenders to fight off intruders and keep your kingdom intact. Finally, wage war on other players' castle strongholds, crush their defenses, and loot their valuable resources for yourself. In conclusion, Iron Blade is a thrilling action RPG game that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its engaging combat system, console-quality graphics, and intriguing storyline. Visit the official site to learn more about the game and share your experiences with other players on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. But be warned, this app may contain third-party advertisements and virtual in-game items for purchase.
Watcher Chronicles

2D souls-like with challenging combat, large interconnected world, local co-op multiplayer and powerful magic. Overcome 20+ bosses and save purgatory from The Watchers.

Watcher ChroniclesThird Sphere Game Studios LLC
Embark on a thrilling adventure in this enchanting 2D souls-like game where you have to persevere against 20+ merciless bosses and legions of skeletal nightmares and become a glutton for punishment. The first area of the game is available for free, but if you want to continue, in-app purchases can unlock the full game. You will have a whopping 14+ hours of first playthrough with new game+ and full controller support, along with cloud save support. Purgatory has been invaded by a group of fallen ones called "The Watchers", who seek to create a new hell. Lost souls must unite to endure against the unholy threat that lurks and avoid utter annihilation at the heart of the realm. Prepare to enter a world of fast skill-based combat, where you have to dodge, block, and slice your way through your enemies to emerge victorious. Be prepared to explore every nook and cranny of a purgatorial realm riddled with secrets and game-changing loot in a non-linear fashion. If you wish to embark on this journey with a friend, you can connect two controllers for local co-op multiplayer and take on the entire game. Powerful magic spells are at your disposal to incinerate wave upon wave of enemies with fire, lightning, and void, or summon the horde with powerful necromancy. Discover giant swords, blade staffs, scythes, polearms, and more to master and use because each weapon type has diverse move sets that completely change your gameplay style. Develop your unique character class by carefully upgrading your hero to match your playstyle. Discover over 100+ upgradable armor, weapons, and rings, allowing you to specialize in your build. You must battle over 20+ highly challenging bosses that require careful planning and significant skill to take down. In New Game Plus, Maintain your gear when finishing the game and continue the journey with increasingly harder difficulties, which require even more skill to overcome than before. But, be warned; you will die a lot in this unforgiving game. Don't hesitate any longer. Hit the download button and begin. The existence itself is at stake, and you must be the crucial element to fight against the unholy threat.
Animus: Revenant

Seek vengeance and collect blood memories to prevent the destruction of Cadmeia in this 3D isometric Action RPG, complete with tactical combat, lore, and crafting.

Animus: Revenant10Birds
Retrieve vengeance for what is lost, payback will be done quietly," says the herald. In this epic action RPG game, you are summoned to save Cadmeia from complete destruction by collecting the ancient blood memories of old. You must hunt down those who plan on perpetrating eternal suffering and apprehend their blood memories. As the hero, the fate of Cadmeia rests on your shoulders. Collect materials by farming and strategize to combat your enemies with the perfect equipment. Vitality is the key, so get what you need and quickly warp out of tough situations. The gamepad is predominant for a better gaming experience, but you can customize the touch controls to your liking. Prepare for backtracking as linear gameplay is necessary. Character development and management are significant, and managing weapons, armor, and accessories is vital. Enemies have individual vulnerabilities to the elements, and item attributes can help in combat. There are hints to a boss's susceptibility in chime pieces, and measure your attacks as it's not a hack-and-slash game. Discover a weapon type and move set that suits you best, and learn how to parry and mercilessly counter-attack to give yourself an edge. Unfold the narrative through dialogue and items throughout the game's 11 themed areas. With over 20-48 hours of gameplay, main and side quests, and lore-rich boss battles, this game is an adventure and fantasy that will consume you. Join the community on Discord to learn more and stay updated on the latest game developments.
Pascal's Wager

Pascal's Wager is a mobile, hardcore Soulsborne-like ARPG featuring four unique characters on a journey to uncover the truth behind a dark mist engulfing the world.

Pascal's WagerGiant Global
Experience the latest add-on content, Dance of the Throne, now available in Pascal’s Wager. The Soul of Obsession has returned with a vengeance and Elena, leader of Demiurge, is now playable. Dazzle your enemies with dual blades and conquer the new challenge that awaits in Solas. Pascal’s Wager is a thrilling and immersive action role-playing game with a dark fantasy backdrop. Embark on a journey with four distinct characters as they unravel the mysteries shrouded in the dark mist. Traverse through a variety of stunning and detailed landscapes while exploring the dangerous and treacherous environments around them. Unravel the secrets and mysteries that lurk in every corner to uncover the truth behind the light. Master four unique and powerful characters, each with their own distinctive combat styles. The game boasts a multitude of terrifying foes to defeat, challenging the players to overcome them with strategic decision-making, planning and quick reflexes. The bosses are especially formidable and not for the faint of heart. Uncover the tale of humanity’s struggle in the face of darkness. Thousands of years after the appearance of beings that brought light to humankind, the same beings known as Colossus begin to fall mysteriously ill. Follow the trail of the crumbling Colossi and traverse the lands in search of the truth. Along the way, you’ll encounter a wide range of personalities and bear witness to the battle between good and evil. Immerse yourself in the epic orchestral soundtrack that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The outstanding soundtrack of Pascal's Wager is the result of a collaboration with London Philharmonic Orchestra and The London Symphony Orchestra, recorded at AIR Studios, London. Now available for free on all major music platforms. Pascal’s Wager is a single-play action role-playing game, available for 6.99USD. The game does not feature any traditional microtransactions, but offers additional paid DLC, including heroic outfits and exciting new expansion modes. Get in touch with the Pascal’s Wager community on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord.
Blade & Soul 2

Blade & Soul 2 is an action MMORPG where you adventure through a visually stunning world, create winning strategies with unique martial arts, and experience real-time action battle.

Blade & Soul 2NCSOFTRelease date: TBA
🗡️ Welcome to Blade & Soul 2, the high-end MMORPG that brings together the powers of Sura and Shinsu in a thrilling adventure like no other. 👥 Meet various Souls and create unique combinations to unlock special powers that will help you on your journey. Enjoy an action-packed experience with colorful visuals and high-octane combat that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 🥋 Choose from seven different weapons, each with its own martial arts and combat patterns, and develop your own winning strategy as you grow in power. 🛡️ The game's advanced action system reads your opponent's attacks in real-time and lets you parry, dodge, or escape with thrilling 0.1-second precision. Take on powerful bosses alone or team up with three other players for cooperative battles. 🌎 Explore a rich and immersive world full of adventure, with plenty of content to suit all tastes. Become a part of the story and enjoy a special relationship with your fellow Moonpa members. Check out the official Blade & Soul 2 website, community, and YouTube channel for more information and join the action-packed adventure today!
The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Join the Blades in The Elder Scrolls: Blades, a dungeon crawler where you restore and defend your hometown, and battle in epic arena fights.

The Elder Scrolls: BladesBethesda
Experience a reinvented classic dungeon crawler with The Elder Scrolls: Blades - the newest game from the award-winning creators of Skyrim, Bethesda Game Studios. Take on the role of a Blade, an elite agent of the Empire who, after being exiled, returns to their hometown only to find it in ruins. Embark on quest after quest and immerse yourself in stunning dungeon adventures. Use your creativity and skills to rebuild your city to its former glory. Challenge your friends and foes to epic one-on-one battles in the Arena, and create unique and custom characters with exceptional weapons, armor, and abilities. Master the never-ending Abyss with a state-of-the-art combat system and truly conquer the game. Get ready to experience one of the greatest dungeon crawlers of all time: The Elder Scrolls: Blades.
Dungeon Ward

Dungeon Ward is a unique action RPG with grid-based dungeon crawling, character building, procedural hand-made dungeons, offline play, and unique classes.

Dungeon WardFrantišek Liška
Dungeon Ward is an action-packed RPG that combines elements of a grid-based dungeon crawler with a third-person perspective, making it a modern take on a classic game genre. With real-time combat, looting, RPG character building, questing, and boss fights, it boasts Diablo-like features that players are sure to love. Character building is at the core of Dungeon Ward, taking the best parts of action RPG offline games to create a traditional dungeon crawler setting. Players can level up their characters, acquire new items, manage stats, learn from skill trees, explore vast cities with incredible shops, complete quests, and confront challenging bosses. The roguelike and roguelite games elements round up the gameplay experience. Dungeon Ward offers unique classes and a range of talents, making character building a customizable experience. Play as a Warden and enjoy unparalleled strength, take on the shapeshifting Ranger for expert skills, or embody the elemental Mage and command an array of elemental powers. The game lets you learn new skills like spell reflection, werewolf transformation, or lightning arrow, increase stats, or learn passive talents; all of which are unique. Procedural, hand-made dungeons with unique boss rooms, deadly traps, teleports and story quests also add to this game's charm. The dungeons are generated from hand-made parts with 3D procedural aesthetics, making them thrilling to explore. It's a great choice for those who love roguelike, roguelite, and Diablo games, especially if they enjoy a good challenge. Dungeon Ward can be fully enjoyed offline, without internet access, making it an excellent choice for players on the go. It doesn't force monetization, so players can purchase everything in-game without spending a single penny. The game's grid-based controls are similar to classic dungeon crawler games from the '90s, but with more updated 3rd person cameras. Grid-based controls feature not only button controls but a joystick as well. Finally, Dungeon Ward is in active development by a Czech solo developer. The game is localized in various languages like English, Czech, Slovak, German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Indonesian, Brasilian Portuguese and French. With no wifi needed, this is the perfect game for an immersive offline experience.
Dark Steel

Become a true combat master in Dark Steel - a medieval fighting game with smooth combat, 3D graphics, and exciting multiplayer battles. Choose your class and fight for honor in the medieval arena.

Dark SteelDark Curry
Enter the world of medieval games where you can break free from the chains of bondage and seek revenge against your oppressors. Start your journey to becoming a true combat master by selecting your class from knight, ninja or warrior, and face your enemies in PvP battles with realistic gladiator physics. Experience sword games that will transport you to a real medieval arena right on your mobile device. Use simple gestures on your touchscreen to battle against your opponents and upgrade your knight or ninja by earning dark steel. Join other knights in the multiplayer mode and compete to obtain knight fight weapons and dark steel armor in this action-packed medieval fighting game. Use gladiator knights to fight for honor in PVP and fighting arenas with boxing elements. Progress through the game by collecting different types of medieval knights fight armor and dark steel weapons of different rarities and styles. Choose your class, and make your character unique in offline fighting games and sword fighting games by selecting different colors, hairstyles, beards and scars to prepare for battle. Experience the thrill of the campaign mode as you travel through different chapters facing progressively stronger assassins or knights. Earn gold, weapons, and armor to become a powerful warrior in the medieval arena and offline games. Participate in temporary events that will test your skills, strength, and resilience. Work with friends to defeat rivals in your way and share the loot in the knight fight arena and medieval RPG. Experience a unique and unforgettable fighting game experience with Dark Steel. Enjoy smooth sword fighting combat systems with 3D graphics like never before, and an exciting multiplayer battle mode to play with your friends and rivals. Use your chosen knight games classes to fight and become a master in the medieval games arena. Discover your inner fighter and triumph in medieval sword fighting games. Join the Discord community and become part of the medieval games community.
Infinity Souls

Infinity Souls is a hardcore, soul-like ARPG with 6+1 unique classes, 2 sets of weapons, and rogue-lite elements. Slay bosses, regain souls, and level up to become Guardian of the Continent.

Infinity Soulsheybox
Listen up! This game is no joke, it is extremely challenging. Infinity Souls is an action role-playing game that falls under the "soul-like" category, which aims to provide players with an epic and seamless battle experience on their mobile device. Players will take on the role of adventurers who must brave perilous trails and confront all manner of boss enemies to ultimately become the Guardian of the Continent. You will die countless times along the way, but once you master the patterns and skills necessary to overcome the challenges, victory is yours. Keep in mind that it's you as the player who is leveling up, not just your character! Choose from 6 different classes that each offer a distinct play style: Knight, Mercenary, Warrior, Archer, Berserker, Mage, and the unique Chosen One. Various weapons and skills are available for players to create their own distinct battle styles. Weapons such as Gloves, Sword, Great Sword, Double Swords, Axe, and Bow each possess 6-8 skills, and players can switch between 2 sets of weapons to customize their strategy. The rogue-lite element of the game introduces randomness to battles through the use of randomized dungeons, boss rooms, and talents. When a character dies, their soul is taken by a random monster on the same level and becomes a soul-eater. Players must defeat the soul-eater to regain their soul; a terrifying prospect if the player's soul is captured by a boss! Throughout the maps, players will come across various sacred statues that can bless them with special talents. By combining these different talents, players can customize their play style to their advantage. Experience hardcore, soul-like battles, and epic boss fights in 5 dungeons, containing 3 floors each, for a total of 15 floors and 14 boss rushes. Each different boss has unique mechanisms and combos that players must master to emerge victorious. For cooperative play, up to 4 players can team up and enter dungeons and bosses together through the summoner statue. The online coop mode is currently under development and will be available soon. Prepare for the ultimate challenge in Infinity Souls!

Grimvalor is a premium hack & slash platformer RPG with epic boss fights, dark fantasy world exploration, and skill-based combat.

Embark on a thrilling RPG adventure and annihilate the darkness that threatens the kingdom of Vallaris by defeating King Valor's ferocious guardians in Grimvalor. You can play the first act for free, but unlocking the full game will give you access to all five acts of the premium game, where you can continue the quest and explore the dark fantasy world at length. According to PocketGamer, unleashing a series of attacks, dodges, and jumps consecutively provides an immensely satisfying gaming experience. Your mission is to find and restore the corrupt kingdom's lost king, but your exploration takes a ghastly turn into infinite darkness. With more enemies than you can count, you must draw your sword, compose yourself, and carve your way through a hostile land. However, the friendly merchant who assists you welcomes your presence. Grimvalor is a challenging hack and slash platformer with fast-paced combat, set in a world of dark fantasy. You control a solitary warrior with unmatched skills as he journeys through vast dungeons and haunting landscapes on a story-driven quest to revive the ruined realm. But you must master skill-based combat, anticipate your foes' movements, and learn their patterns to defeat them. To level up your character, you will need to explore Vallaris, search for and improve your gear, and then face the legacy of King Valor's insanity. In addition, Grimvalor features stunning 3D visuals optimized for various Android devices, allows you to play offline, and supports Android Game Controllers. Your saved games will be synced across devices using Play Saved Games, allowing you to keep playing from where you left off even when you switch between devices.
Dark Raider

World-ending Apocalypse. Hope brought by Dungeons. Conquer the Dungeons to save humanity. Random Maps, Multiple Heroes, Hardcore Action. Dark Raider - retro Hack & Slash game.

Dark RaiderTriniti Interactive Studios Limited
The long-awaited Apocalypse has finally arrived, as predicted centuries ago. Chaos has taken over, and people worldwide are preparing to face the fury of the Gods. However, the opening of Dungeons has given humanity a ray of hope. The Gods have offered mankind one last chance, and they must prove their value by conquering the Dungeons. For every Dungeon they conquer, the world will survive another day, extending humanity’s lifespan. Can you rescue the world from its inevitable destruction, or will you be the one responsible for its extinction? Dark Raider is a fresh retro Action game from the creators of Tribemen. You can embark on a journey to raid various Dungeons, where you must annihilate hordes of enemies and powerful bosses in a new take on the Hack & Slash genre. The game features a randomly generated map, allowing players to discover new areas and unique monsters every time they play. If the player dies, the dungeon resets, ensuring that each run is different from the previous one. Moreover, the game has three different heroes to unlock: the Warrior, the Mage, and the Barbarian. Each performs distinctively, with the Warrior focusing on swiftness and agility, the Mage on tremendous bursts of damage, and the Barbarian on defense and vitality. Dark Raider's themed art style is also one of a kind. It incorporates a contemporary approach to create a nostalgic ambiance that amplifies the dungeon’s fantasy world immersion. Additionally, the developers used TFR-ISO to make the dungeon exploration even more engaging. Dark Raider is also known for its hardcore action combat system, allowing players to combine multiple moves to vanquish their enemies. With each run, players grow more potent and can collect up to 17 different runes to boost their strength. And with 23 epic bosses waiting for your challenge, you are always in for an intense fight. With an array of options, you can always pick a character that suits your style. Unique artwork with a dark theme that will have you entranced, whilst on your adventure. On Twitter, follow TRINITIgames, and on Facebook, find them under TRINITIgames for further updates. So don't wait any longer, and be the hero who saves the world from suffering its absolute end!
Blade of God

Blade of God: Harness the power of monsters in epic battles. Unique combat system inspired by Norse Mythology. Available on mobile & Switch.

Blade of GodPG Soul Games
Step into the immersive world of Blade of God, an indie game that combines hardcore 3D action with mind-boggling strategy! In this Monster Creator-Free DLC, you will have to strategize and lay out your cards with a new army of monsters that will go head-to-head with your foes in a thrilling battle of power. This release puts your skills to the test with its emphasis on strategy over combat reaction and action, making it an ideal addition to the BOG universe. Selected for the Best Indie Game nomination by 4GAMER.NET in TGS 2017 and 2019, the game is set in a world based on Norse Mythology. In BOG, you are Chaos, a hero destined to make choices between sin and redemption, survival and destruction. Your family's fate rests on making tough decisions that will alter your path in this action-packed journey. BOG's battle system features a plethora of gameplay mechanics such as QTE, perfect dodge, throwing, mounting monsters, transformations, spirit summoning and a series of combos made up of light and heavy attacks. The game world boasts over 50 scenes with unique styles and 50 big beasts and fallen gods, whose fallen souls you can capture to summon their power during battles. The game's art style is dark, making it an ideal representation of the fictional myths it depicts. Expert action design of characters and exciting battles will keep you hooked for hours, making it a must-have for gamers looking for their next adrenaline fix. The different choices you make in the plot determine the trust of Heim and Esther and ultimately the course of your story, with multiple endings to choose from. BOG is minimum 2GB RAM compatible and we provide a few chapters for free. Pay once to unlock the rest of the chapters and receive the "Judgment of Dawn" Costume and 10 potions. Stay updated with the latest Blade of God news on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord, or visit the game's website to learn more and start playing this amazing game today!
Animus: Stand Alone

Animus - Stand Alone offers intense boss fights and engaging combat, with no excessive effects. Featuring new bosses and weapons, it has 3 different endings and 4 levels of difficulty.

Animus: Stand Alone10Birds
Animus is an action-packed game that is sure to satisfy players who enjoy a challenging gaming experience. Inspired by other punishing action games, Animus offers intense boss fights that will test your skills and keep you engaged. Unlike other games, Animus doesn't rely on excessive visual effects. Instead, it focuses on delivering an engaging combat experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Take on a pilgrimage to escape your prison or end it altogether and wander through a desolate land filled with acrimonious shadows. Animus - Stand Alone (Ire SA Edition) is a standalone game that supplements the continued development of Ire - Blood Memory. The game boasts tactical action gameplay with linear progression and an all-new perspective that's both literal and figurative. Players must face a series of tense combat mechanics and boss fights that will put their skills to the test. This is no button mashing exercise, as doing so could get you killed. The game also features new bosses, weapons, cutscenes, and four levels of difficulty: Dawn, Midday, Dusk 1-3 (Day 1 - Day 4). Players must complete 24 main quests, 13/17 side quests, and 11 main boss fights with the final boss appearing in the Dusk level. Plus there are three different endings players can achieve: Dawn, Midday, and Dusk, all set against four area themes. Make the experience even more intense by playing on an MFi controller. The game is compatible with Apple devices including iPhone (6 and up), iPad Air 2 and up, and iPad mini 4 and up. The game requires at least 2.2GB of storage and is best played on iPhone X. Overall, Animus is a rare and interesting addition to the App Store that will challenge skilled players who enjoy a punishing yet rewarding action game. Look out for following updates with new weapon types and bosses. Are you ready to take on the challenge and meet the monsters face to face?

Slash your way through Shurado's hell and collect over 130 weapons to strengthen your soul. Battle death and formidable enemies with intuitive controls.

ShuradoGANBARION Co., Ltd.
Experience intense battles depicted through stunning visual design. Embark on a journey as a resilient protagonist fighting his way through Shurado, an underworld of unending despair. Through multiple attempts and sheer determination, he scales the stairway to Shurado. Shurado is an action-packed game that revolves around slashing enemies. Players engage in battles against powerful foes, utilizing weapon attributes and careful observation of enemy movements. Enjoy an easy-to-use interface that utilizes a variety of tactical combinations. Perform attacks by tapping on the right side of the screen, and defend by tapping on the left. Activate special sword skills, accessible through specific screen taps. Open treasure chests to obtain new weapons, and collect spiritual fragments to strengthen and enhance them for tougher battles. With over 130 available weapons, players have a wide variety of options to explore. Shurado can be played to completion without any charge, though in-app purchases are available. [System Requirements] Devices must be at least Android 7.0 or higher for optimal performance. Some devices may not have full compatibility. Stable internet connection is recommended. [For support, contact us through our dedicated page] [Visit GANBARION's official website] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ©2017 GANBARION Co., Ltd.

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