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BatmanBatmanfrom Skich app
NBA Infinite

NBA Infinite: Collect and customize your team, compete in real-time PvP matches, and manage your way to championships in a variety of game modes.

NBA InfiniteLevel Infinite
Experience the thrill of basketball like never before with NBA Infinite, a mobile game designed to amplify your love for the sport. Establish yourself as one of the best basketball players and build an unbeatable team from scratch, customizing your team to perfection. Take to the court and outmaneuver your opponents, creating a legacy you'll be remembered for. With NBA Infinite, all you need is one download; the game is updated regularly with new modes, player updates, and customization options so that you can focus entirely on playing. Take charge of the game and become a floor general in Dynasty mode, or team up with friends in Triple Threat mode. You can dominate in 1v1 pickup games, or hone your skills in more laid-back modes like the Three-Point Contest and 11-Point Game. The choices are yours to make, with each decision you take paving the way for your next run at the Larry O'Brien Championship trophy. Collaborate with friends to form your championship PvP team in 3v3 mode or test your skills in 1v1 and 5v5 modes. The unique online competitive modes in NBA Infinite offer an unmatched mobile experience. Quick matches allow for seamless multiplayer experiences with all NBA Infinite players. Compete and play anywhere you want and share your game highlights with the world. Build a team of real-life NBA players, each having a unique moveset waiting for you to master. Level up players like Giannis Antetokounmpo to drive past defenders or Kevin Durant to stun them with his step-back move. You can also make the defense look silly like Trae Young or shoot three-pointers like Stephen Curry. Enjoy non-stop basketball action with NBA Infinite exclusive and dominance skills that are unique to each NBA star. Celebrate a well-executed give-and-go or hit the game-winning buzzer-beater right from your phone's comfort. Develop your team's abilities and make smart decisions to transform your starting five into a legendary lineup that will win championship after championship. Upgrade your coaching staff to lay the groundwork for your team's core defensive and offensive tactics, executing them smartly on the hardwood. Join the community for all the latest NBA Infinite news and updates through Discord, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. NBA Infinite requires an internet connection, either via 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use if you have any concerns, and don't hesitate to send your feedback and questions at

NBA 2K24 MyTEAM lets you dominate the competition with a vast card collection, unique game modes, and cross-progression between console and mobile.

NBA 2K24 MyTEAM2K, Inc. - a Take-Two Interactive affiliate
NBA 2K24 MyTEAM introduces a unique way to upgrade your favorite NBA console game lineup and collection wherever you go. With the game, you can create a team consisting of basketball players from any era and become unbeatable. You can download NBA 2K24 MyTEAM for free, or you can link your Xbox or PlayStation account and synchronize your progress between your mobile device and console. The game is perfect for all types of players, whether you're a casual fan or a competitive gamer. You can redeem locker codes and acquire the latest players from your mobile device. The game offers several modes, each with different formats to challenge your skills. Earn rewards in all modes, whether it's a 3v3, 5v5, or full-lineup game, and experience unique winning conditions and game formats. You can play various game modes like Triple Threat Online: Co-Op, fight the entire NBA in Domination, or compete in a fast-paced single-quarter mode called Clutch Time. And if that's not enough, you can prove your mettle against the best players globally in the Unlimited mode. With Spotlight, Pick-Up, Skills, and Signature Challenges, you can flex your championship-caliber lineups and earn new rewards every game season. The game features an all-new mode called the Salary Cap, where you're given a maximum salary to assemble your lineup. Each card has a value that goes against your salary cap, so you need to choose wisely to ensure your team is deep enough. Salary Cap games use a unique game format where you build your lead in the first half and be the first to score the target points in the second half to get the win. The mode also has new rounds and rewards every two weeks, giving you more opportunities to compete. The newly added Player Market lets you start building your dream team from day one. You can earn reward cards by playing any game mode or MTP earned from gameplay to acquire players in the market. You have complete control over building your team in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM. Redeem locker codes anywhere, anytime, and never miss a drop. You can level up your team, earn season rewards and XP, and unlock fantastic rewards by completing Season Agendas. After one season ends, a new one begins, keeping the excitement fresh and continuous. Aside from the digital battles, NBA 2K24 MyTEAM also offers weekly challenges that help upgrade your team. You can send your players on Exhibitions missions, where they temporarily leave your collection and return with new rewards. You can upgrade your lineup through the Pack Market, Token Market, and the Exchange. There are limitless lineup variations available as you progress towards greatness in the game. Enjoy cross-progression between your mobile and console by authenticating with your Xbox or PlayStation account. Connect, play, progress, and enjoy content everywhere. You can also use your Google login to access and start playing NBA 2K24 MyTEAM on your mobile device with your progress, content, and currencies available only on your mobile. Please ensure your mobile device has an internet connection and a RAM of at least 4GB. If you're uncomfortable with sharing your personal information, you can check the Do Not Sell My Personal Information link at Please note that the NBA 2K24 online features are available until December 31, 2025, but we reserve the right to modify or discontinue online features under our Terms of Service. For more information, visit
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Ultimate Draft Soccer

Build your dream team with FIFPRO™ players in Ultimate Draft Soccer, featuring 3D gameplay, season updates, and customizable options.

Ultimate Draft SoccerFirst Touch Games Ltd.
Experience the thrill of building a team of FIFPRO™ players and indulge in real-time, multiplayer action with Ultimate Draft Soccer. Get set for a mesmerizing, easy to comprehend, action-packed football game filled with strategic choices and high-octane gameplay, all brought to life by the stunning graphics. First Touch Games, makers of popular football games like Dream League Soccer, Score! Hero, and Score! Match, has come up with the all-new Ultimate Draft Soccer. SEASONAL FRESH CONTENT • Collect officially licensed real players refreshed every season from FIFPRO™. • Explore various cities and destinations every season! • Each player has unique statistics and attributes based on their real abilities. • Excel at team selection choices: rotate your team, upgrade your players, and perfect the team harmony with strategic tactics! • Select your formation and key roles before you start playing! REALISTIC, HIGH ENERGY 3D GAMEPLAY • Enjoy an adrenaline-fueled, action-packed 90-second real match. • Use simple finger-swiping controls to make your players run, craft beautiful passes, and hit spectacular goals. Advanced AI and detailed animations make the gameplay incredibly realistic. • Understand your defender's movement and perfect your tackle timing. • Stay calm and composed during penalties and shootouts, as a winner must be determined in every match! CELEBRATE SUCCESS • As you win, you move up in the ranks. • Commendable personal milestones, well-deserved rewards, and trophies can be collected and celebrated, displaying them on your personal or global leaderboard for everyone to see! COLLECT AND CUSTOMIZE • Every team gets its personality with your very own mascot, including Chase the Cheetah or Trunky the Elephant! • Embellish your team with uniquely designed kits and crests and make heads turn! • Let your emotions run wild with fun emojis and share your reactions. * Please be advised that this game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money. * This game requires an internet connection and may display third-party advertisements. Visit, Like us at, Follow us at, and Watch us at!
Soccer Super Star

Play Soccer Super Star for an immersive, easy-to-learn football experience with advanced physics. Unlock star players and play in weekly offline tournaments.

Soccer Super StarReal Freestyle Soccer
Enter the incredible world of football by playing the newly launched game called Soccer Super Star. You will experience real-time and kicking physics that are bound to enthrall you in an unforgettable and impressive way! With the game's easy-to-use controls, you do not need to practice for hours to enjoy an engaging arcade soccer game. All you have to do is flick your finger across your screen to kick the ball and score a goal. But don't be fooled, the shots you tackle will get tougher, and a solid strategy will enable you to defeat defenders and score goals. Additionally, as you progress through the game, the challenges will steadily increase, enhancing the already immersive kicking experience. You have to be the hero in every match! Soccer Super Star has been crafted beautifully, as the dynamic levels and artwork add to your overall football experience, making it even more authentic. Soccer Super Star is a well-executed game in terms of gameplay for soccer enthusiasts. You will enjoy a high degree of independence that will allow you to reflect your personal strategy as the game progresses, and you move up in dream Leagues. The advanced game engine and AI enable an accurate simulation, allowing for realistic freedom, and accurate ball physics. With Soccer Super Star, you can have a truly immersive football experience. One of the great features of Soccer Super Star is that it can be played offline, and for free. You can manage your team of eleven without the internet. The latest 2020 motion capture technology was used to secure actual star players. You will get to unlock these star players, adding a new layer of excitement to your gameplay. Join weekly offline tournaments and become the hero for your country and club as you head for glory! The game controls are super simple. You will have an intuitive flick to pass and kick gameplay. Sweep your finger across the ball to drive, curve, and power the ball past walls of defenders towards the goal. The Soccer Super Star Team is eager to receive your thoughts on the game. Please share your feedback with us at Download the game today and score big!
Blitz Football 2023

Blitz Football 2023: Build and manage a team to win the Blitz Bowl. Competitive tournaments, draft, trade, manage plays, develop skills, and build a home field.

Blitz Football 2023Sideline Labs AB
Do you have what it takes to become the head coach of a world-class football franchise and lead your team to bowl victory? In Blitz Football 2023, you'll get the chance to manage a team of league superstars and newly drafted youth while applying your unique playbook tactics to dominate the competition. One of the most exciting new features of Blitz Football 2023 is the introduction of bowls, a traditional format used to play the most important matches of the season. The Blitz Bowl event offers daily qualifier tournaments that are open to all users, with the top teams advancing to a bracketed knockout stage. The stakes couldn't be higher as two coaches compete head-to-head in the biggest game of their careers. Blitz Football 2023 offers a number of other exciting features as well. You can play in competitive tournaments and daily league games, draft, trade, and unwrap new players, and manage all tactical aspects of the game. You can optimize your depth chart, develop your team with full workout sessions and individual skills training, and build a home field that will keep your fans happy and ready to cheer on your team. As you progress through Blitz Football 2023, you'll earn increasingly good coaching rewards through the season pass. You'll also receive daily free sponsorship packs and other types of rewards. At Blitz Football, we're always listening to your input and feedback. You never know, your ideas could make it into the game! Join our community to get into the game and follow us on social media to stay up to date on all the latest news and updates. To learn more about Blitz Football 2023, visit our website. And for your peace of mind, here's a link to our privacy policy.
Basketball Odyssey

Unlock worlds and shoot hoops with easy one-handed controls on the calming and addictive Basketball Odyssey.

Basketball OdysseyRubén Pecellin
Are you ready for a unique and relaxing basketball experience? Enter the world of Basketball Odyssey, where you can shoot hoops and explore new worlds. This game offers a journey of tranquility and satisfaction thanks to its ambient sounds and music. Unlock new and challenging worlds by completing all of the hoops. With easy one-handed controls, you can focus on the excitement of the game. Don't miss out on daily challenges and new basketball worlds every day! Collect stars by completing hoops and rank up in the game. The 8-bit retro aesthetics and pixel art give a classic feel to the game, while the wonderful and serene soundtrack will help you relax and unwind. With a casual yet addictive basketball experience, this game is perfect for any gamer. Basketball Odyssey is optimized for the latest iOS devices, ensuring a smooth and seamless gameplay experience. Please note that while this game is free to play, it does feature both advertising and in-app purchases for real money.
eFootball Champion Squads

Play with photo-realistic football stars, exciting gameplay, AI matchplay and high-quality 3D graphics. Compete against friends and form your own club.

eFootball Champion Squadsコナミ
Get ready to meet the legendary football stars from around the world in their photo-realistic form! With CHAMPION SQUADS, enjoy a remarkable gaming experience with high-quality 3D graphics and auto matchplay. Use tactical skills and the world’s top players, including those from FC BARCELONA, AC MILAN, MANCHESTER UNITED, FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN, Argentina, France, and Belgium, to battle against the elite football teams. The game features accessible gameplay with all-new 3D animations, authentic stadium sounds, and professional commentary. Implement your formation with the players of your choice and leave the rest to the AI. Do you want to gauge your team’s progress? Challenge rivals from across the world in real-time matches and participate in the Elevens Match to form a full 11 member team with 10 other users. Relive the most exciting football moments in history with SHOWTIME! Get ready to team up with friends in the new eClub Mode, where you build a club with a friend. Collaborate and build the best squad to take on other competitors. Join the frequent festivals to participate in campaigns and special draws with something for everyone. This football game is free-to-play, and recommended for all football gaming fans. It's perfect to be played while watching football on TV. You will also get the PESCC Pass with a monthly subscription that offers special missions and exclusive weekly missions, along with benefits like more funds from selling players. Just make sure you read the Subscription Usage Agreement before making the purchase. CHAMPION SQUADS is compatible with iOS 12.0 or later devices, including iPhone 6s or later, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 or later. Are you ready to join the footballing action? Get CHAMPION SQUADS today and experience the world of football like never before!
MLB Tap Baseball 2023

Build your MLB dynasty with the latest addition to the Tap Sports Baseball franchise. Play with current and all-time greats, travel to authentic ballparks, and dominate in Club Events.

MLB Tap Baseball 2023Electronic Arts
Experience the thrill of America's favorite pastime with MLB Tap Baseball 2023 from EA SPORTS™, the latest addition to the well-known Tap Sports™ Baseball franchise. Step up to the plate and create a dynasty with the hottest baseball players of today and some of the all-time greats! EA SPORTS brings you an immersive MLB experience with Tap Baseball, now available on your mobile device. Manage your dream team of authentic MLB players from the most updated rosters and play on real ballparks. Immerse yourself in nine innings of captivating baseball action and power up your team to climb up the leaderboard! Keep an eye on the ball and swing away with stress-free controls - keep in mind though, three strikes and you're out! Discover what's new in TSB23 with exciting additions: • New JOURNEYS: Play legendary games with the best of MLB! • PLAYOFFS are BACK – prove your skills and level up! • More MOMENTS – new slots equal more strategic gameplay! • Improved GRAPHICS – realistic stadiums and crowds enhance the experience! • CONNECT your TSB account to import your favorite TSB22 players! Over 60 MILLION franchise downloads and counting! With EA SPORTS, you get the complete MLB experience: • AUTHENTIC MLB in every way – 2022 MLB Teams, MLBPA Players, and MLB Ballparks. • COLLECT MLB players – From current superstars to the all-time legends. • TEAM UP with baseball enthusiasts to dominate Club Events and reap the rewards. • PLAY ALL DAY with numerous gameplay modes: master batting and pitching to rule the diamond! • ALWAYS FRESH with content and challenges based on the unfolding events of the MLB season. Live-op events based on what’s happening in real-time! BUILD YOUR TEAM and draft your lineup: • CREATE your custom player and add them to your team. Will they be the X-Factor? • TEAM UP with fellow baseball fans to take on Club Events and reap the rewards. • COLLECT classic MOMENTS from baseball history to elevate your gameplay to the next level. Start building your all-star team and creating an MLB dynasty in EA SPORTS MLB TAP SPORTS BASEBALL 2023. By downloading this app, you agree to EA's Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. An internet connection is required, and network fees may apply. The app includes in-game advertising and collects data through third-party ad-serving and analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). It includes direct links to the internet and social networking sites designed for those aged 13 and over. Players can communicate and the game includes optional in-game purchases and subscriptions. Subscriptions automatically renew, but can be canceled within the Google Play subscription center, at least 24 hours before the current subscription period ends. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions any time. The app uses Google Play Game Services, allowing you to log out of Game Services before installation if you do not want to share your gameplay with friends. For assistance or inquiries, visit View our privacy policy and terms of use on, and EA may retire online features after 30 days' notice posted on Finally, please don't sell your personal information:
Madden NFL 24 Mobile Football

Experience authentic NFL action in Madden 24 Mobile Football. Build your ultimate team and coach them to victory in realistic stadiums with dynamic visuals.

Madden NFL 24 Mobile FootballElectronic Arts
The Madden NFL 24 Mobile Football kicks off its 10th season with exciting real sports game action and amazing mobile-first visuals. Whether you are a football manager or an armchair QB, this game provides an immersive experience complete with vintage programs, iconic artwork, and legendary players from the past. With new and unique experiences, a return of Coaches and Playbooks, and visual enhancements that bring the game to life, Madden NFL 24 has never been better. In this game, you can build your ultimate team and dominate the competition. Draft football superstars from your favorite NFL teams and compete in skill-based challenges, journeys, and competitions. You can keep your NFL football stars from the previous season with the soft-season reset and continue to progress with your core squad. This game offers various modes, including Kickoff Weekend, the Super Bowl, or evergreen modes such as Training Center, guiding your team through real-world events, and the full football season. Experience the authentic NFL football experience with Madden NFL Mobile, participate in Live Service events alongside the biggest moments of the real-world NFL season. You can control your destiny, from the NFL Draft to kickoff weekend, and complete in Pro football matches with your favorite NFL teams, players, and personalities. The game boasts the most authentic football mobile app with realistic uniforms and stadiums in the palm of your hands. The football manager gameplay brings full control over your online football games, where Coaches and Playbooks return to offer a showcase of your football IQ. You can upgrade, trade, and build a dynamic roster of NFL Football Superstars, unlock NFL coaches, and explore different Play Styles. Compete with your favorite NFL teams and players in this all-new season. Madden NFL Mobile has taken mobile gaming to the next level with fresh visual improvements and a new elevated UI with dynamic gameplay HUD and breathtaking visual effects. It has brought mobile football to life with weather and light settings, authentic stadium environments, and jumbotron animations. With numerous features, including an all-new look, All-New Madden, and players' experiences, Madden 24 NFL delivers. Be part of the action and experience the best NFL today with Madden NFL Mobile. However, the game includes optional in-game purchases of virtual currency that can be used to acquire virtual in-game items, including a random selection of virtual in-game items.
Baseball 9

Baseball Nine: Enjoy fast, realistic baseball gameplay, recruit and develop your roster, customize players, and win the Legend League Championship!

Baseball 9playus soft
Immerse yourself in the realistic and fast-paced world of baseball with BASEBALL NINE. This game boasts compact yet informative gameplay that is sure to keep you on your toes as you strive to become the Legend League Champion. With BASEBALL NINE's lean and speedy gameplay, you can enjoy a captivating experience that seamlessly combines casual characters with serious game mechanics. Whether you're pitching, batting, or fielding, each aspect of the game is designed to be just as enjoyable as the next. Plus, you have the option to manually play base running. Stay on top of your game with comprehensive player stats that allow you to keep track of your progress. Plus, the improved Autoplay feature lets you selectively automate player, inning, watching, and quick results for added convenience. Customization options abound in BASEBALL NINE. You can rename, gear up, and customize your players to make them your own. With offline play also available, you can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. Experience the thrill of realistic baseball with BASEBALL NINE's special gameplay rules and simulated results based on actual game stats. With the option to recruit and develop players by raising stats of your choice, you can create a dream team of specialists equipped with advanced skills and customized traits. Step up your customization game with the ability to rename your players and set them as left or right-handed batters or pitchers. You can even change their faces, body types, and batting and pitching styles. Equipping them with different gear such as bats, gloves, and glasses further expands your personalization options. As you manage your team, you'll have the opportunity to advance to higher leagues by expanding into new stadiums and winning crucial postseason matches. Even the team's emblem and uniform can be changed to suit your style. Compatible with tablets, BASEBALL NINE is the perfect game for baseball lovers of all levels.
Football Manager 2023

Football Manager 2023 Touch offers authentic soccer management experience on your iPhone with 120+ leagues and UEFA Club Competitions.

Football Manager 2023SEGA
Experience the thrilling world of soccer management on the go with Football Manager 2023 Touch, featuring the incredible 3D Match Engine graphics exclusive to iPhone. With over 120 leagues from the world's top soccer nations in your grasp, choose the perfect club for you and become part of the managerial elite. Select one of Europe’s most notable clubs to compete in the UEFA Champions League, fully licensed alongside other UEFA Club Competitions, for an added sense of drama and excitement. Keep an eye out for superstars or discover the hidden talent of your team’s wonderkids and build your team for the future. Enjoy the convenience of ready-made tactical templates and replicate some of soccer's most popular play styles. Define how your players will perform on the pitch and lead them to victory with your favorite soccer tactics. On match days, you'll feel like you're standing in the digital dugout, experiencing the heat of the moment. Use Team Talks and touchline commands to motivate your players or jump straight to full time with the “Instant Result” option. Take your football career to another level by using your Apple devices and Arcade subscription and keep your focus on management essentials such as transfer market, tactics board, and the pitch. On match days, get the complete control and manage every moment with timings of big tactical calls and countering your opponents’ moves. With the UEFA club competitions, including the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League, experience the thrill of big European Nights. Make your voice heard by using team talks to motivate your players and inspire them to win! Celebrate your success by tracking your headline-making moments in the Dynamic Manager Timeline, a visualization of your career achievements that grows as you reach the top of the game. In this game, players will find themselves experiencing many more features, big and small, waiting to be explored!
Super Arcade Football

Play fast-paced football with dynamic modifiers, local and online multiplayer, and a story mode where you manage Balarm F.C. in Super Arcade Football.

Super Arcade FootballOutOfTheBit Ltd
Super Arcade Football is an exhilarating soccer game that will leave you breathless. Its user-friendly controls make it easy for anyone to play, with the added benefit of both online and local multiplayer options, wild modifiers, and more. Each match is sure to captivate you from start to finish. Join Martin on his journey to rescue his favourite team, Balarm F.C., from bankruptcy in Story Mode. Along the way, you will encounter a cast of intriguing characters. With the broad array of modifiers available in Super Arcade Football, you can make the goals taller, muddy the field, or even experience meteors falling from the sky! Almost anything is possible! Play against your friends or random opponents over the internet with the Online Multiplayer feature. Barry Leitch, the, creator of soundtracks for Top Gear SNES, Horizon Chase Turbo, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, has produced an incredible soundtrack tailored exclusively to Super Arcade Football! Configure your tactics to be more attack-oriented or defence-oriented based on the game's progression. If one of your players is injured or underperforming, you can also make substitutions.
Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends features over 200 customizable hypercars from renowned car manufacturers, with both auto and manual racing controls for single or multiplayer races.

Asphalt 9: LegendsGameloft
Asphalt 9: Legends offers a thrilling racing experience, as you take command of authentic cars from top-class brands like Lamborghini, W Motors, Ferrari, and Porsche, to mention a few. Immerse yourself in adrenaline-pumping single or multiplayer play as you drive through different real-life locations, performing stunts and accelerating like a pro. This action-packed video game from the makers of Asphalt 8: Airborne guarantees loads of fun and excitement. With Asphalt 9, there are more than 200 high-speed motor vehicles from renowned car manufacturers worldwide to choose from. You can customize your car to suit your tastes, with a diverse range of body paint, wheels, and rims, among other customizable features. Asphalt 9 offers two racing control modes to suit different needs. You can use manual controls to elevate your game or use the streamlined TouchDrive™ system to focus on decision and timing. The latter option is great when you need to enjoy the game’s environment, soundtrack, and sound effects. Experience a real street-racing adventure with over 60 seasons and 900 events in the career mode, where you can earn rewards and unlock exciting challenges. With limited-time events and race scenarios, Asphalt 9 offers something new for gamers regularly. Asphalt 9 provides a pure arcade game style coupled with realistic racing sensations. A feeling of immersion comes with the game’s attention to detail, including HDR rendering, realistic sound effects, reflection and particle effects, and soundtracks from world-renowned musicians. Take on the online multiplayer mode and race other players from around the world. With up to seven rival players in a race, you can drive, drift and perform stunts to earn points for your club. You can create your online community of tire-burning friends through the Club feature, where you can unlock rewards and attain recognition on the multiplayer Club leaderboard. Asphalt 9: Legends is available for download and contains in-app purchases, including paid random items. Visit the official site for more information, and don’t forget to follow the game’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.
eFootball 2024

Experience the next generation of soccer gaming with eFootball™. Build your dream team, sign players, and compete in matches online or against friends.

eFootball 2024KONAMI
Step into the new era of digital soccer with "eFootball™" – the evolution of "PES"! Bring the next generation of soccer gaming to life with the latest enhancements in gameplay, graphics, and features. Create and manage your dream team from scratch with uniforms and emblems from the major national teams and clubs in South America, Europe, Japan, and worldwide. Build and customize your team with superstars, legends, and more. Select players from a special list, which includes standouts from the actual fixtures, or from a standard list where you can handpick your favorite players. Improve your skills and tactical knowledge by signing adept managers with coaching affinities. Put your team to the test in online matches and compete for ranking in the Division-Based "eFootball™ League." Develop your team's skills with a variety of training programs which may be obtained as rewards. Allocate progression points to specific categories to enhance your players' stats and abilities such as "shooting", "dribbling", or "defending". Personalize your players' development to suit your exact preferences. Enjoy eFootball™ with your friends in max 3 vs 3 cooperative matches using the Friend Match feature. Show off your team's colors and abilities in competitive gameplay in events that coincide with the real-world soccer calendar, including the Starter Event for those just beginning. Keep up with the latest news and updates regarding the game's features, modes, and events on the official eFootball™ website. To download and install eFootball™, ensure that you have a stable internet connection and approximately 2.4 GB of free storage space on your device. We recommend using a Wi-Fi connection to ensure optimal download speed and performance. Note: Users residing in Belgium are restricted from accessing loot boxes that require eFootball™ coins as payment.
NBA Live Mobile Basketball

Build and upgrade your dream NBA team with new players, jerseys, and courts. Compete in real-time tournaments, events, and campaigns to become a hoop master.

NBA Live Mobile BasketballElectronic Arts
NBA LIVE MOBILE SEASON 7 delivers an improved gameplay experience featuring fresh audio and an upgraded UI. Explore new players and stylish jerseys and courts to upgrade your dream NBA team today! Form your team, select your starting lineup, and handpick basketball legends at your disposal. Take your team's OVR to the next level throughout the season by finishing sets and joining LIVE Today and Limited Time Events. Capture the spotlight to make a name for yourself and create your legacy using your own style and strategies. Experience real-time tournaments and casual 3v3 basketball matchups while dribbling your way to the top with your shooting skills. Compete in PvP Mode, the multiplayer sports game offered by NBA LIVE, and fight for victory. Unlock exclusive rewards by participating in Showdown games or matchups. Show off your strength by winning against other players and earn the coveted arena and showdown masters title. Participate in NBA events and campaigns that are available throughout the year to keep your team active and competitive. Every week, tournaments introduce new content, stories, and events. Dominate the court with astounding bonuses in real-life PvP matchups and amaze both your friends and foes with your exceptional dribbling skills. Download NBA LIVE Mobile now and become a legendary basketball expert throughout the day. Important Information: Acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement are required to use the app. The app demands a persistent Internet connection and network fees may apply. In-game advertising is included and data is collected through third-party ad-serving and analytics technology. An EA account is necessary to play and must be obtained if you are 13 or older. The app includes direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13, allowing for communication between players. Virtual in-game items are available for purchase using virtual currency, including a random selection thereof. The app uses Game Center. Log out of Game Center before installation if you do not want to share your game progress with friends. For more information, please see EA's privacy and cookie policy at If you require assistance or have inquiries, please visit EA may retire online features with epochal notices posted on Don't Sell My Personal Information: By agreeing to the User Agreement, visit
NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game

Play NBA 2K Mobile to build your ultimate NBA lineup with top stars, collect gear, compete in PVP mode, and climb the online leaderboards.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game2K, Inc. - a Take-Two Interactive affiliate
Be prepared to rule the basketball court in Season 6 of NBA 2K Mobile! Get ready to experience the thrill with fresh improvements, appearance, and equipment that can be carried everywhere you go. Execute your squad with top NBA stars like never before and build your unstoppable lineup with levels like Zircon, Cobalt, and Garnet while decking out your MyPLAYER with the newest gear for a modern and trendy look. Enjoy the authentic thrill of NBA basketball with realistic gameplay and stunning graphics. Take on the legends like Jordan, Kobe, and Shaq to the modern-day superstars LeBron, Curry, and Durant, and indulge in the complete spectrum of NBA greatness. Engage your friends in PVP mode, climb to the top in fierce 5v5 matches, enhance your skills with 3v3 drills, and compete in 7-game championship tournaments. Customize your MyPLAYER with exclusive equipment, expressing your exceptional style before you and your team hit the court. Ascend the ranks and become an NBA legend in the online world as you carve your name into the NBA championship and league leaderboards. Craft your dream roster and lead your team to NBA glory with strategic play selection as an NBA manager. Can you be victorious in this ultimate competition? Shoot your shot with your favorite basketball sports game and take your desired NBA roster to the top. Appreciate the latest themes, basketball plays, and NBA events in a free all-in-one online basketball sports game. NBA 2K Mobile is a free basketball game among many others, provided by 2K, including NBA 2K24, NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition, WWE 2K22, and many more! NBA 2K Mobile's dynamic 2K action requires modern hardware. Download NBA 2K Mobile if you have a device with 4+ GB of RAM and Android 8+ (Android 9.0 recommended). An internet connection is required. (Android) If you do not want your personal information to be sold, visit If you have uninstalled NBA 2K Mobile and want to delete your account and all relevant data, access this website:
EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

Build your ultimate team with real-world soccer legends, play in PvP modes and compete in UCL tournaments with EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE 24.

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile SoccerElectronic Arts
Introducing EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE 24, the ultimate soccer gaming experience. Join millions of soccer fans from across the world in building your dream Ultimate Team™, featuring world-class talent like Vini Jr., Erling Haaland, Virgil van Dijk, Son Heung-min and many more. Play as your favourite team from top leagues around the world, including LALIGA EA SPORTS, Premier League, and more, and score goals with some of the best players from the current season. Get ready to face the toughest opponents in immersive PvP modes, such as Head-to-Head, VS Attack, and Manager Mode and showcase your skills on the pitch. With true player personality reflecting the authentic characteristics of real soccer stars, this game boasts dynamic game speed, allowing for more player attributes and impact. Players get to experience an elite shooting system and impact controls like Power Shot, Hard Tackle, and Knock On, which make defending and scoring easier and more exciting. EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24 offers realistic sports game thrills with real-time 11v11 gameplay, authentic soccer game action and immersive features such as dynamic cameras and impactful replays. Football fans can experience realistic stadium SFX and enjoy live on-field audio commentary. Unlock stadiums and weather modes to add to the realism of the game, and customize everything from kit to boots, including Club Crest, Ball, Jersey, Kit style, and Number. Featuring over 15,000 fully licensed players, 650+ teams, and 30+ leagues from around the world, players can experience the biggest competitions, leagues, and players in football history. Play with football legends such as Ronaldinho, Steven Gerrard, and Wayne Rooney and join the biggest football competitions and leagues including the Premier League, LALIGA EA SPORTS, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, CONMEBOL Libertadores, and many more. In the UCL TOURNAMENT MODE, players can unlock all 32 qualified teams and play from group stage to final to become a Champion. Experience the authentic UCL broadcasting package, UCL stadium art, official UCL ball and the iconic trophy ceremony with localized UCL commentary to bring the most immersive match atmosphere. This must-play soccer game requires an Internet connection, and includes in-game advertising. The app uses Google Play Game Services and allows players above the minimum age of digital consent to communicate via League chat. It includes optional in-game purchases of virtual currency that can be used to acquire virtual in-game items, including a random selection of virtual in-game items. FC Points are not available in Belgium. Get ready to join the club and build your dream team with EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24.
Basketball Stars

Dribble, shoot and score in real-time 1v1 multiplayer basketball! Customize players and compete in two game modes with incredible rewards. Download Basketball Stars now!

BASKETBALL STARS- the new game from the creators of many popular online multiplayer sports games! Put your dribbling, shooting, and scoring skills to the test in this competitive, live multiplayer basketball game on mobile. Play head to head with the best basketball players in the world. BASKETBALL STARS offers an authentic, fast-paced 1v1 multiplayer basketball experience. Outsmart your opponent with your skills, moves, and fakes and aim to score. On defense, make sure to stay in the face of your opponent, steal the ball, and time your jumps to block their shots. All of this takes place in real time, so be quick on your feet! STUNNING 3D GRAPHICS With fully customizable 3D players and a variety of dream environments, basketball on mobile has never looked better! COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER GAME MODES Test your dueling instincts in 1v1 matches or race to shoot hoops in time-based 1v1 Shootouts. Whatever your preference, BASKETBALL STARS has got you covered. INCREDIBLE REWARDS AND HUNDREDS OF UNIQUE ITEMS As you gain more experience, you can enter higher-ranked matches with bigger stakes, unlock special basketballs, and earn unique wearables that will help you to grow in power and style. Upgrade your player and equipment and take on the world’s top basketball legends. LEVEL UP Start on the Underdog court arena and work your way up to the top. As you level up, you will gain access to more exclusive courts and you will be able to compete with the very best Basketball Stars players out there! KEY FEATURES 🏀Enjoy true 1v1 basketball gameplay online 🏀Stunning, realistic 3D graphics 🏀Choose between two different online multiplayer game modes 🏀Easy to pick up, challenging to master 🏀Over 400 customization items = endless unique looks! 🏀Unlock over 60 basketballs 🏀Perform moves like dribbling, feinting, shooting, stealing, smashing, and blocking and earn powerful bonuses off the backboard 🏀Master slam dunks with moves like flips, alley-oops, windmills, and more! 🏀Conquer the extensive Career Mode to earn medals! 🏀Join limited events and win unique balls and clothing each season! 🏀BASKETBALL STARS is free to play! Download BASKETBALL STARS by Miniclip now and get in the game! Stay up to date with the latest news by liking Miniclip on Facebook or following them on Twitter. For more information on Miniclip, including their terms and conditions and privacy policy, please visit their website.
Soccer Manager 2023: Football

Manage your dream team from 900+ clubs in 35 countries with 25,000 players. Create a club, build stadiums, and dominate the transfer market in Soccer Manager 2023.

Soccer Manager 2023: FootballInvincibles Studio Ltd
Begin your journey as a professional football manager with Soccer Manager 2023. In this game, you have the power to create your ultimate dream team. With over 25,000 fully licensed players from FIFPRO™ in the roster, you can manage any football club from 900+ teams across 35 of the world's top footballing countries. Soccer Manager 2023 is the latest installment of the in-depth football manager simulation game, built on 16 years of development experience and over 50 million downloads. With the worldwide Bundesliga license, a brand-new career mode called Create-a-Club, and dynamic live transfer options along with an enhanced 3D matchday engine, this game provides a true-to-life football experience for those passionate about the game. Take on the role of a manager for your favorite football team from top leagues around the world, including the Bundesliga and SPL. Utilize the dynamic transfer market to scout and buy new soccer stars. Select your starting top 11 and compete to become the best football manager in the game. With real teams, lineups, and stats, this is the ultimate football management game for true fans. In Soccer Manager 23, you control all aspects of your football club. Every transfer, tactical change, and football match counts in the football career mode. Manage your team both on and off the pitch - plan football training sessions, select your top 11, and outsmart the opposition with winning tactics. You'll also have the chance to think like a footballing director and make important decisions, such as building a world-class soccer stadium, controlling your club finances, and discovering a future soccer superstar through scouting and transfers. Create-a-Club is a brand-new career mode in Soccer Manager 2023, where you can become a Football Director. Bring your dream football club to life by choosing everything from the club name and badge to home and away kits. Start from the bottom divisions in England, Scotland, France, or Germany, and work your way up to the finest football leagues while balancing pressure from the board, fan expectations, club finances, and more. It’s the ultimate test of your organizational and managerial skills! The transfer market is lively in modern football. Soccer Manager 2023 introduces a new dynamic transfer system that gives you more control over the players who join and leave your club. Build hype for your next big signing and fine-tune the details of contracts and signing fees to make your transfer budget go further. Transfer deadline day has never been more thrilling! Every year, Soccer Manager 2023 brings new improvements to its 3D matchday engine, player models and animations, opponent AI, and a fresh UI to deliver its best football management game to date. You can create your ultimate dream team and take on the world in this high-quality football game. With over 900 football clubs from 35 of the top footballing countries, Soccer Manager 2023 is packed with features you'll love. Manage your favorite Bundesliga team, build your dream football club in Create Club career mode, and tactically manage your players from training ground coaching to live pitch-side instructions. Analyze your football club’s performance with in-depth statistics and sign experienced top talents for instant success or nurture the next generation of soccer stars. Build world-class stadiums and club facilities and lead your football club to greatness in Soccer Manager 2023. This game offers realistic consequences of your decisions and performance as a football coach. Watch your strategy play out on the pitch in realistic and reactive 3D Matchday simulations. Don't miss out on this football manager game and experience your football career on a whole new level!

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