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Truckers of Europe 3

Truck through Europe with realistic physics, customization options, cargo hauling, and a dynamic day/night cycle. Take control of your trucker destiny in Truckers of Europe 3.

Truckers of Europe 3Wanda Software
Enter the world of professional truck driving with Truckers of Europe 3! Experience an immersive driving experience with the most realistic physics engine for trucks. Indulge yourself in the feeling of driving real-life trucks with this simulator game. Explore Europe's vast cities by hitting the open road, making money, purchasing new trucks, trailers, and selecting your preferred job to deliver your cargo. Truckers of Europe 3 showcases a plethora of European trucks with their customizations, chassis configurations, and cosmetic tweaks. Become a master of the roads and earn the title of "King of The Road" by completing the delivery of heavy loads to their destinations. With this game, you can expect an array of features such as realistic engine sounds, interiors, day-night cycles, and weather conditions. The game also entails an easy control mechanism, which includes tilt, buttons, or touch steering wheel options. Expect to encounter heavy traffic as the game uses a Smart AI traffic system. Don't forget about the damage and fuel consumption, as they add a realistic touch to your gameplay experience. Moreover, the game boasts of excellent HD graphics and optimizations leaving no compromise in terms of visual appeal. Try Truckers of Europe 3 today and become a part of a world of professional truck driving, as you maneuver loads across the country roads and highways while testing your driving skills. Unlock achievements, climb leaderboards, and more! Have a good drive!
Bus Simulator Pro

Create your own coach empire with realistic driving physics, customization options, open world, live passenger feedback, and refined graphics. Play now for free.

Bus Simulator ProSir Studios
Get ready to build your own empire of coach buses in the new and exciting Real Bus Simulator Game. With ultra-realistic driving physics, endless options for customization, an enormous open world, and an addictively fun gameplay experience, you'll quickly find yourself engrossed in the world of bus driving. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced features, Bus Simulator Pro provides an unparalleled driving experience that perfectly captures the satisfaction and realism of driving a real coach. With our newly refined physics engine, you can rest assured that every move you make behind the virtual wheel will feel just like the real thing. And, for the first time ever on mobile, our advanced AI provides live feedback from your passengers, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the bus driving experience. But driving isn't all there is to Real Bus Simulator Game. With a wealth of customization options available at your fingertips, you can design your own bus exactly how you want it. From vinyls to rims to platings and paint jobs, the possibilities are endless. And with a vast open world to explore and discover, you'll never run out of new challenges and opportunities to put your driving skills to the test. With its improved graphics, day/night cycle, immersive sound design and refined traffic system, Real Bus Simulator Game is the ultimate in driving realism. And with a huge selection of classic and iconic buses created by our talented team of designers, you'll always find the perfect coach to suit your needs and help you rise to the top. Download Real Bus Simulator Game now for free and start your journey to become the ultimate king of the road!
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TerraGenesis: Landfall

Build, design, and manage your own city in space, cultivate resources, and overcome challenges in TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall - a survival city-building game.

TerraGenesis: LandfallTilting Point
TERRAGENESIS: OPERATION LANDFALL is an exciting and realistic city-building game that lets you manage and design your own space city while also trying to ensure the survival of humanity. You'll be tasked with creating and nurturing life on a new world to pave the way for a fresh start for mankind. Grow your city, add new structures, manage resources, and keep your residents happy and healthy with a wide range of building options to choose from. Your mission in this survival city-builder simulator game is to be the pioneer of the first human civilization in space! It's up to you to create an entirely new society in space by managing essential resources like water, oxygen, and food. Use real NASA science as you explore the universe, create cities on barren planets, and expand your culture and survival capabilities. This game is completely free, and you'll need to balance resource production based on your growing population and their needs. Spread life and transform barren planets into thriving civilizations with this game's city-building simulation. You can achieve this by adapting strategies to overcome the challenges space presents and gaining supplies to keep your citizens alive. Explore new worlds and settle new cities in outer space while being part of the universe's continuous evolution. Growing your population and city across the galaxy in this survival simulator game is all about evolution and survival. You'll use the latest technology in construction and resource production to bring life to different planets, and you'll have to navigate random events in space that demand new methods to survive. With TERRAGENESIS: OPERATION LANDFALL game, you can build, manage, and lead your city to ensure humanity's survival in outer space. Discover more about TERRAGENESIS: OPERATION LANDFALL's game by visiting our social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and Facebook.
Force of Warships: Battleship

Take command of a real battleship and compete against players worldwide in this dynamic naval shooter. Upgrade your fleet to victory in tournaments and challenges.

Force of Warships: BattleshipXDEVS LTD
Experience the thrill of naval combat with Force of Warships – the ultimate dynamic battleship game! Battle against players from around the globe and become a real battleship captain in this action-packed shooter. Take control of both after-wartime and present-day ships of any class, and use an array of weapons - guns, torpedoes, artillery, and missiles - to secure the ultimate victory. Challenge yourself to lead an exciting 3D sea battle, play with friends online against enemies, and emerge victorious in epic ship battles against destroyers, cruisers, and battleship craft. Join forces with players worldwide in the online PvP action game to fight multiplayer navy games with real captains, and prove that your fleet is invincible. With a range of legendary and modern warships from around the globe, choose the warship craft that suits your gameplay style and offers tactical advantage as benefits and traps lie everywhere. Upgrade your ships and weapons to dominate naval battles, and take advantage of upgrade systems, perks, and awards to lead a unique fleet. Participate in weekly tournaments, daily quests, and challenges to earn amazing rewards, and immerse yourself in the fantastic graphics of modern warship games, overlooking sea arenas and epic naval battles. So, what are you waiting for? Join Force of Warships’ community of sea lovers, military tactics enthusiasts, and action shooters on Facebook and Discord. Are you ready to command your battleship to victory?
Cozy Islands

Build and renovate a cozy island village from scratch, explore mystery islands, and make friends with lovable villagers and pets in Cozy Islands.

Cozy IslandsTetrox Limited
Experience the charming nostalgia as you return to Cozy Islands to rebuild the village of your childhood. In this adventure-filled game, you will embark on a journey of crafting, building and travelling to make a cozy island village from scratch. With your plot overgrown with trees and stones, dive in to create a tranquil village and venture on to mysterious islands to help friendly villagers settle in new abodes, away from mundane city life. Playing through the character's eyes, enjoy an immersive gameplay experience where you get to renovate each house, piece by piece, in outstanding mechanics. Feel the warmth of the atmosphere and environment with delightful aesthetics, giving you a peaceful vibe. This game come jam-packed with features that will make you fall in love with Cozy Islands over and over again. Mystery islands like never seen before, with unique autogenerated locations waiting for you to explore. You can even travel and experience different cultures based on real-world experience. With lovable characters that you meet throughout the game, you can become friends and share your experiences. Moreover, you can even have your own cute animal companion to assist you with your daily tasks. This game is under development, and developers have incredible plans for future updates. So, come on in and join the adventures of the Cozy Islands, redesign your own island, build unparalleled houses, and relish the warm and pleasant atmosphere while helping villagers create new memories in their new homes.

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