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Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse

Explore a vast open world RPG. Survive by gathering, crafting, and upgrading your special forces team with powerful weapons and support. Join Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse now.

Bad 2 Bad: ApocalypseDAWINSTONE
◆ Disclaimers The game developers will not be responsible for any data lost as a result of uninstallation or device switches. Kindly take extra precautions to safeguard your data before changing devices or reinstalling this game. ◆ Features + A Vast and Open World RPG awaits your exploration! + Enjoy exploration, gathering, fishing, and crafting as you strive to survive! + Discover an array of items and weapons, over three times greater than that in the previous game + More detailed character customization and appearances are available! + Discover over 60 maps and regions - an adventure unlike any other! + Engage in Worldwide Missions that spanning the globe + Create and upgrade your team of special force operatives + Access to Artillery Support, Air Support, and Powerful Drones! + Climb into and engage in combat with "Battle Armor" + Experience the game with advanced graphics and upgraded systems ■ About “Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse” “Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse” is the follow-up to both “Bad 2 Bad: Delta” and “Extinction,” featuring a more extensive world and richer content. In Apocalypse, the Delta Team, led by Major Pan, sets out to save and rebuild a world laid low by the Human Forces virus. Join Delta Team's journey from survival to rebuilding a new world. ■ Rebuild and Survive Survive by exploring, gathering, fishing, crafting, upgrading your base camp, and crafting equipment fit for defeating virus-infected Wilders and powerful enemy forces to rebuild the world. ■ Improved Customization Enjoy more detailed customization through weapon remodeling and character appearances. Accessory items have been added, including Night Vision to provide more customization options compared to previous games. ■ Your Own Special Forces Apocalypse boasts a more powerful customization and squad system, allowing for flexibility in changing tactics to suit any situation. Tactical changes and the importance of each squad member are pivotal to your success in Apocalypse. ■ Powerful Support Weapons In addition to the powerful tactical weapon, "Battle Armor", which you can climb into and use in battle, your squad can also enjoy Artillery support from self-propelled artilleries, air support from attack helicopters, and combat drones. ◆ Dawinstone E-Mail: ◆ Dawinstone Facebook:
Slayer Legend

Protect the fantasy world from demons in this endless, retro pixel RPG adventure. Upgrade your hero and gain rewards while being AFK.

Slayer LegendGEAR2
Looking for a high-quality retro pixel RPG? Look no further than this super cool Idle RPG! A crack in the dimension has brought forth demons into this world and only a hero, a Slayer, can put an end to the chaos. Take on the role of a Slayer and protect the world! This game offers an exciting and endless idle experience where players can get rich rewards without even playing the game. With just 10 minutes of playing per day, you can explore the fantasy world that awaits you. Raising Slayer is an RPG story filled with adventure and action, set in a retro pixel indie game. You'll meet beautiful Elves and wandering Swordsman as you progress in your adventure. Dynamic hero upgrade is a key feature of this game. Players can level up, boost their gear, and unlock magic talents. Develop a strategy and tactics to empower your hero using the combination of element skills. Find the most powerful combo and the best strategy to slay your enemies. On top of all this, the game offers endless free gifts along the way. Get yourself immersed in an idle clicker RPG experience that you will thoroughly enjoy. So why wait? Become a Slayer and save the world today!
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Bad 2 Bad: Extinction

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction is a survival open-world game where players face off against different forces while customizing weapons, characters, and forming their own special forces.

Bad 2 Bad: ExtinctionDAWINSTONE
NOTE: Please ensure to save your game data before changing your device or uninstalling the game as this will reset all your progress. Get ready to embark on a new adventure in Bad 2 Bad: Extinction - a survival game with an open-world experience, fascinating characters, and intriguing stories. This game is a sequel of Bad 2 Bad: Delta and promises even more exciting features and content. After successfully defeating Al-Qatala - the terrorist organization led by Gorat al-Llama - in Bad 2 Bad: Delta, you realize that there are humans behind the group. In Bad 2 Bad: Extinction, you'll play as the B2B Delta Team fighting against the Tailless Legion, a new group of enemies. Five distinct forces will pose a threat to your survival- Wilders (WD), Purebloods (PB), Underdogs (UD), Amazoness (AZ), and the Tailless Legion (TL). Each group has unique characteristics, skills, and stories. Explore the mission field filled with Wilders, and conquer sub missions to obtain rewards in randomly generated maps. Also, customize your character and firearm with a variety of decorations and modifications. Gain access to more characters, weapons, equipment, and costumes as you progress through the game. Grow and manage your own special force to help overcome the enemy's attack patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. To master weapons other than your main firearm, learn the respective weapon skills and increase proficiency levels to get buffs, including increased attack power and faster reload speed. If you're stuck in the game, consider upgrading your equipment and changing tactics. Use the Intensive Converging Fire and Drone Attacks, including the DR-6L and DR-2A, to your advantage to defeat powerful enemies quickly. There's so much more to discover in Bad 2 Bad: Extinction. Stay up to date by following Dawinstone on Facebook and accessing the Dawinstone Naver Cafe. And don't hesitate to contact Dawinstone via E-mail if you have any questions.

Explore a post-apocalyptic world in HAAK, an action-platformer game with Metroidvania features. Unveil secrets, tackle puzzles, and save the land by playing over 30 hours of content!

Welcome to HAAK, a game world filled with machinery and hazard. Mutated beasts roam while malevolent entities lurk in the background. But fear not, for you will rise and become Haak, a fearless adventurer of the wastelands who will defy the darkness! Originally available on PC and consoles, HAAK is now available on mobile phones. The game unfolds in a post-apocalyptic setting. The once-mighty city now lies in ruins, and the survivors face a daily struggle for survival. In the south, a place named Sanho has managed to remain relatively unscathed by the disaster, becoming somewhat of a haven. Haak, the protagonist, arrives from a small town in the north, seeking refuge in the south. Haak is an exploratory game characterized by action-platforming gameplay and Metroidvania elements. You will traverse the land using your hook, dash, and charged slash, uncovering a plethora of hidden secrets and rooms along the way. To succeed, you must utilize every tool at your disposal, overcoming mechanics, and solving puzzles. The game's retro-futuristic pixelated settings provide an artistic feel. HAAK offers a unique choice of difficulty options ensuring that even novice players can beat the game's toughest bosses. The game features fully hand-drawn graphics and diverse characters, providing over 30 hours of gameplay via its ten side missions and areas for exploration. By selecting your path and determining the characters' fate, you can achieve several possible endings. The game also features Ben Dover, who will rate and evaluate you on various aspects once you complete the game. Do you have what it takes to earn the highest rating? Unlike the AD version, this version doesn't exhibit pop-up ads upon character death. It offers the first level of game content free for trial only. You may unlock all subsequent level content by paying. If you opt-out of paying to unlock levels, the AD version is a preferable choice. Enjoy playing HAAK, and if you encounter any issues, kindly reach out to us at Don't forget to rise and become Haak, a beacon of light in the darkness!
Dead Cells

Return to Castlevania DLC: Join Alucard and Richter Belmont on a quest to defeat Dracula with 2 biomes, 9 monsters, 14 weapons, 3 bosses, and new outfits.

Dead CellsPlaydigious
Are you ready to dive back into the world of Castlevania? With the Return to Castlevania DLC, you'll engage in a thrilling new storyline and team up with powerful characters Alucard and Richter Belmont to defeat the Ruler of Darkness. Explore Dracula's Castle and its surrounding areas across two new biomes, battle against nine new monsters such as werewolves and medusas with 14 new weapons that include the legendary Vampire Killer and the power of Holy Water. Face-off against three new bosses, including Death and Dracula himself, to put your vampire slaying skills to the test. Dress up as your favorite Castlevania characters with 20 new outfits, and play along to 51 original Castlevania tracks and 12 remixed tunes to get fully immersed in the action and adventure. But that's not all--enter the world of Dead Cells where you become a failed alchemic experiment on a mysterious and desolate island. With roguevania gameplay, you'll explore an interconnected world with the excitement of permadeath. Engage in frantic, dynamic 2D combat as you fight against merciless minions and bosses, each time unlocking new levels and non-linear progression. Choose your own pace as you explore the castle and embark on new levels with the added DLCs such as The Bad Seed, Fatal Falls, and Queen and the Sea. Each DLC offers its own set of new levels, monsters, weapons, and bosses for you to discover. Take full control of the game with customizable controls, available in both Original and Auto-Hit game modes. Change the positions and sizes of your buttons and swipe to dodge with touch controls or utilize MFi external controller support. Best of all, there are no ads or F2P mechanics to disrupt your gameplay. However, be aware that devices with less than 2gb of RAM may not be able to run the game, so proceed with caution. If you run into any issues, our support team is here to help. Get ready to kill, die, learn, and repeat as you embark on a thrilling journey through Castlevania and Dead Cells!
First Strike Final Hour

First Strike: Classic, the iconic strategy game about nuclear war is back, with improved stability and cunning enemies. Choose your steps carefully as escalation is a downward spiral.

First Strike Final HourBlindflug Studios AG
First Strike is a globally acclaimed strategy game that has already been played by millions of commanders worldwide - and now it's back with an exciting new remake: First Strike: Classic. This complete rebuild of the game is the best version of First Strike yet, featuring enhanced stability and more cunning enemies. ==================== This game has received some excellent reviews: **** - Pocketgamer described it as "a thought-provoking and fast-paced strategy game" ****½ - Appszoom awarded the game an impressive 4.5 stars, calling it "an awesome game suited for casual and professional nukers alike" ==================== First Strike: Classic is a strategy game that will get you thinking. A nuclear war is a nightmare scenario that nobody wants to experience, so you must choose your actions carefully. The line between peace and war is very thin. This game offers a great simulation that has simple gameplay and an intuitive interface. You'll find that dropping the big one is as easy as ABC - but remember to prioritize your people's safety. You can pick one of the big nuclear players, whether it's a well-known superpower or an upstart like North Korea. You'll need to plan your strategy wisely, considering limited but clever options that allow you to steer your nation's fate. For example, you can choose to expand into other countries, build new bombs, or restructure your arsenal. With research, you can further expand your options: you can unlock abilities to act quicker, build bigger bombs, get better reconnaissance on your enemies' actions, or automate self-defense sequences. Whether you're a bloodthirsty warmonger or a tree-hugging hippie, it's time to put your cards on the table. With beautiful graphics, First Strike: Classic is a quick and fun game that shows how easy it is to heat up the planet. You have the power to control the destiny of the vulnerable rock that floats through space: our beloved Earth.
Mini DayZ 2

Build a community, scavenge for resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by a deadly virus.

Mini DayZ 2Bohemia Interactive a.s.
The planet is infected with a lethal disease. The wild beasts are on the loose. The individuals are running with extreme panic. The civilized world has fallen into disarray and the end of all things is nigh. You're the only one who can save humanity. But how? - Connect with your fellow survivors and become their brave commander - Develop a central base and construct a community - Explore for food and resources that aid in your survival - Monitor your health, morale, and infection levels to maintain healthy wellbeing - Participate in raids to collect materials and improve your base - Farm crops while facing the harshness of nature and taming the wilderness - Unveil blueprints to create makeshift weapons and defensive equipment Registration on multiple maps is possible, each with its own unique perils and obstacles. Prepare yourself. Be assertive. And don't forget the vital rule. SURVIVE.
Mini DayZ: Zombie Survival

Survive in a post-apocalyptic world, scavenge for food and supplies, craft advanced items, and protect yourself against infected and wolves in Mini DAYZ - the free, pixel-art PC survival game.

Mini DayZ: Zombie SurvivalBohemia Interactive a.s.
Welcome to the world of Mini DAYZ! This is your chance to find out how long you can endure in a post-apocalyptic surrounding. The game features a beautifully designed pixel-art-style open world that is generated randomly, presenting you with a new challenge every time you play. Mini DAYZ is a survival game played by over 3 million fans, and it is now available on mobile devices for free, without in-app purchases. In this game, you find yourself alone in a world where you must scavenge for food, ammunition and other vital supplies. Every item you find can be crafted into something more advanced, giving you an edge in survival. Naturally, you should also protect yourself from hostile infected creatures and wolves. The weather can be treacherous, so it is important to stay dry, warm, and fed. Take care of your wounds because they won't heal on their own. There are no rules in Mini DAYZ except one, and that is to survive. Keep exploring the map, gear up your character, and stay alive for as long as possible. Manage your stats, such as your health, hunger, and thirst levels while preventing blood loss. Survive long enough to receive perks, improve your character stats, and earn achievements for your effort. To survive, you can grow plants, craft new items, and build a makeshift base with fences and a campfire. You will encounter AI survivors, both friendly and hostile, and also face various kinds of infected creatures that could attack you at any moment. Make the wilderness your friend, use natural resources to stay alive, and learn to navigate your way during the day/night cycle. Stay warm in the rain or snow, and keep yourself safe from danger. Mini DAYZ is an exciting, pixelated game that delivers a realistic survival experience. It's you against the world, and there's always a new challenge to face. So put your survival skills to the test and try to stay alive as long as you can. The best part about Mini DAYZ? No in-app purchases!
My Little Universe

Build your own planet and fight off monsters with your pickaxe in this addictive, action-packed world-building game.

My Little UniverseSayGames LTD
🌖 Create Your Own Universe and Play God in My Little Universe Game Step into the shoes of a creator and experience a world of endless possibilities in this intriguing casual world-building game – My Little Universe. This game requires you to mine, craft, log, dig, smelt, and build to perfection while fighting off primitive monsters that seek to destroy your omnipotent vision. Armed with just a pickaxe and your godly strength, embark on a mission to build a wondrous world that will ignite your creativity and imagination for more than seven days. Get ready to hold the whole world in your hands! 🪐 🚀Start your journey as an orange man in a rocket ship and transform a barren, lifeless planet into a magnificent masterpiece using your sheer willpower and determination. Collect up to 15 different types of resources and use them wisely to design a beautiful planetary paradise that will be the envy of other gods. 🚀Your trusty pickaxe will be your best companion as you fight off monsters, dig for minerals, break rocks and mine for gold. Upgrade your pickaxe through eight different levels to boost your divine productivity and harvest even more resources for your building exploits. Build a thriving civilization under your watchful gaze by constructing industrial facilities that process minerals, smelt metal, and create eight unique types of weapons such as axes and swords. 🚀 With 10 different types of in-game environments to explore, expand and diversify your kingdom, you have all the control to build a universe that suits your divine intentions. Beware of the 8 different monsters, including abominable snowmen, unfriendly ents, and alien fungal foes, that stalk your planet, determined to halt your all-powerful plans. 🚀 My Little Universe features simple and attractive graphics, and an immersive soundscape that adds to the allure of this intriguing, genre-crossing adventure. With tons of action, adventure, and hours of playtime on the horizon, get lost in your own world and give life to your own creation myth. Download My Little Universe now and experience the thrill of creating your universe. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition

Experience a thrilling mix of fighting and RPG genres in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition. Defeat Titan and save a dangerous world with a huge arsenal of weapons and armor.

Shadow Fight 2: Special EditionNEKKI
Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is the most exceptional fighting game ever introduced on mobile, providing an exciting mix of action-packed genres like RPG and Fighting. This game takes you on a dangerous journey to the Gates of Shadows, where you have to combat with terrifying monsters and brave heroes. Save the world from an evil and oppressive invader from another dimension, and meet Titan in person to put an end to his terror. This Special Edition of the game has several exclusive features that enhance your gaming experience. You can jump into the battlefield anytime and anywhere you want, as there are no ads or restrictions on energy restoring. Additionally, you can reveal the hidden truth about Sensei's past by playing a new story chapter. And the best part is that you can complete the story mode without grinding! The game features simple controls that are designed for touch screen usage, making it easy to play but hard to master. You can travel across seven different provinces and face Titan himself, forcing him to retreat. You will also have access to a vast arsenal of lethal weapons and armor that you can upgrade with dozens of skills and moves. Collect gems through battles and make your arsenal even more potent. The stunning animations and unique design of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition set it apart from other games in its genre. Unfortunately, the Special Edition does not include the Underworld and Eclipse-mode features that are present in the Free Version. Nonetheless, this game is an incredible choice for anyone looking for an engaging and fulfilling gaming experience that they can play anytime, anywhere.
Dungeon Chronicle

Unleash your inner hero, hire mercenaries, and collect rare loot while battling enemies in an endless dungeon crawler.

Dungeon ChronicleBUNKERim Studio
Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure? Descend through countless levels of progressively challenging foes while gathering heaps of one-of-a-kind treasures! Become the ultimate champion with an array of lethal arms at your disposal, including Dual Swords, Long Sword, Pistol, Shotgun, Wand, and Staff. Recruit and manage fearless fighters to construct an unstoppable team. Enhance abilities and construct a melee-centered warrior or experiment with a blended persona of your own design! Dive into the catacombs, overcome their obstacles, and persevere. How deeply will you delve?
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Investigate Redcliff, find clues and solve puzzles to uncover the town's secrets and locate your missing father in this award-winning, fully 3D, interactive game.

Tiny Room Stories: Town MysteryKiary Games ltd
As a private investigator, you embark on a mission to help your father after receiving an urgent letter from him. The letter takes you to Redcliff, a small town that appears to be completely deserted. Your task is to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the town's inhabitants and your father's whereabouts. Traverse through the city, collect clues, solve puzzles, and decipher locks as you strive to unravel the enigma. This game is a blend of classic quests and intricate room escapes. The game features fully immersive 3D levels that can be rotated, allowing you to view them from any angle. You can explore a variety of locales ranging from residential buildings to ancient catacombs. The world is interactive, enabling you to manipulate objects and explore your surroundings. The game boasts of a substantial collection of puzzles, keeping your investigative skills sharp and your mind engaged. Furthermore, the plot is twisty and unpredictable, making it an exciting detective story with unexpected plot twists. The game has received several accolades, including Best Indie Game at Google Play 2019, Indie Prize Award for Best Mobile Game, DevGAMM'2019 for Best Mobile Game, GTP Indie Cup W'19 for Best Mobile Game, Top 20 Indie Games Showcase from Google Play, among other nominations such as Best Indie Game and Excellence in Game Design from DevGAMM'2019.

Gladihoppers offers wacky 2D physics gladiator battles with online multiplayer, career and arcade modes, customizable equipment, and unique retro pixel art visuals.

GladihoppersDreamon Studios
Become a fearless gladiator and battle your way to fame in exhilarating arena fights with Gladihoppers. This addictive 2D physics-based mobile game is unlike any other with its unique mix of regular 2D animation and physics-based gameplay. With two different stances to choose from, your gladiator can launch powerful and speedy directional attacks, making each battle more engaging and dynamic than ever before. Additionally, you get to customize your gladiator with over 90 items, from swords and maces to helmets and armor, to give him a unique edge in battle. Gladihoppers features retro pixel art 2D graphics and low poly 3D environments, lending it a visually stunning style that immerses you in the gladiator world. Hitboxes for every body part ensure that you can land precise attacks and take down your opponent in style. This game offers various modes, including an online multiplayer mode where you can battle against a friend or a random opponent. The career mode presents you with the opportunity to make your name in the gladiator arena, while the 'Spartacus War' mode lets you conquer factions, towns, and armies. The 'Save the Emperor' arcade mode challenges you to a virtually endless battle experience. The Quick Fight mode provides you with a customizable and fast-paced arena duel, including split-screen multiplayer on the same device. In Gladihoppers, you can choose from 16 different character faces of four ancient Roman Empire populations: Romans, Gauls, Nubians, and Egyptians. Additionally, there are seven different arenas to fight in, each with its own unique look and feel, including The Colosseum, Aegyptus, Macedonia, Gallia, Hispania, The Ludus, and The Palace. Stay updated on the game's current and future developments through their Discord, Website, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook pages. Download Gladihoppers today and experience the thrill of the arena!
Shadow Fight 2

Equip your fighter with lethal weapons & armor, journey through worlds, defeat demon bosses and close the Gate of Shadows in Shadow Fight 2.

Shadow Fight 2NEKKI
With a staggering 40 million players, Shadow Fight 2 is the highly-anticipated sequel to the massively popular Facebook game. Combining the best elements of RPG and classic fighting games, this intensely immersive game lets you equip your character with an array of lethal weaponry and rare armor, whilst featuring dozens of true-to-life martial arts techniques. Prepare to take on formidable foes and demon bosses as you journey through six different worlds in pursuit of closing the foreboding Gate of Shadows. Can you slash, jump, punch, and kick your way to success? Only time will tell. Experience jaw-dropping combat sequences that are created by an all-new animation system, which render battles in incredible detail. Furthermore, thanks to an intuitive fighting interface specifically designed for touchscreens, you can effortlessly devastate and defeat foes with ease. Join forces with your friends to take on fearsome bosses within the Underworld and emerge triumphant. Discover an action-packed and adrenaline-fueled combat RPG that includes significant plot twists and an immersive storyline, as well as an impressive range of customization options from epic swords and nunchacku to magical powers and armor suits. Shadow Fight 2: the stage is set for the ultimate battle.

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