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The Ants: Reborn

Lead ant tribes to fight Deathroot Tribe, rebuild Anthill, recruit heroes, form alliances, and explore the continent in Ant Kingdom.

The Ants: RebornStarFortune
The Ant Kingdom is under attack by the Deathroot Tribe, leaving our ant inhabitants to flee from their homes and find refuge in secret shelters across the continent. Despite the dire circumstances, hope still lingers within the Ant Kingdom as the princess and many Heroes band together to fight for the revival of their kingdom. As a Lord on the continent, you have the opportunity to contribute your strength and aid in the Ant Kingdom's plight. Embark on a journey to build your Anthill and explore the treacherous underground world for the sake of survival. The Anthill will serve as your base and the center of your operations as you work to restore the glory of the Ant Kingdom. The construction of your Anthill necessitates labor and an army of mighty troops for battles, which Heroes can lead. These Heroes specialize in various skills to increase the efficiency of your worker ants and lead your soldier ants to victory, and it is imperative to upgrade and arrange them in a strategic manner for swift Anthill development. Once your Anthill reaches stability, it's time to venture outside for more resources to expand your power. However, you must take caution in the face of the dangerous Deathroot Tribe and lead your ant troops into battle to gain control over their territory. Useful allies are also essential to surviving in this perilous continent, so form alliances with fellow Lords to aid one another in growing stronger and resisting the Deathroot Tribe's onslaught. The Ant Kingdom is counting on you, Lord, to be their last hope for revival. Are you ready to lead your ants to reclaim their home and glory? Join the fight on the official FaceBook Fan Page or participate in the community on the official Discord Server. Your privacy is important; please read about it on the Privacy Policy on the website.
Assassin's Creed: Rebellion

Play as Ezio and other legendary Assassins to create your own Brotherhood, infiltrate Templar strongholds, and join time-limited events in Assassin's Creed Rebellion.

Assassin's Creed: RebellionUbisoft
Get ready to join Ezio, Aguilar, Shao Jun, and numerous other Assassins at the same time in an unprecedented gaming experience! Play Assassin's Creed Rebellion - the mobile Strategy-RPG, and officially enter the exciting universe of Assassin's Creed. Experience a new version of Animus exclusive to mobile, which allows you to live the memories of the past, while playing with different Assassins simultaneously. Assemble an unbeatable Brotherhood by calling upon the most potent Assassins from history and fighting against the Templars and oppression steaming in Spain. Create your own Brotherhood, rediscover legendary members of the Assassins Order like never before, and team up with over 70 characters, including some exclusive brand new characters as well as legendary ones. Train and upgrade your assassins to the highest ranks to empower your Brotherhood's force and decimate the Templars. Upgrade your HQ, and bring improvements to your fortress as your Brotherhood grows, expand its might, advance your Assassins' skills, create new rooms, craft new equipment, gather resources, and formulate new medicine. Unlock DNA fragments to unleash new heroes and upgrade their abilities. Embark upon covert missions throughout Spain, and send your Assassins team to infiltrate Templars strongholds. Choose the ideal combination of heroes to achieve your objectives, devise your own strategy, and utilize your Assassins' unique talents to penetrate the Templar strongholds, and halt their schemes. Forge your way forward through the obstacles or adopt a stealthy approach, pick wisely! Experience new settings and bygone eras from the past within time-limited events. Participate in events to obtain additional rewards and have a chance to unlock new rare Assassins. Scale the leaderboard rankings by competing with players worldwide to receive even greater rewards! Play Animus Premium Access - the monthly subscription game that helps you reap greater rewards: • increased daily login rewards • boosted Daily Objective item and resource rewards • increased daily Rift Tokens regeneration • faster activity timers in all HQ rooms Auto-renewal feature is enabled by default, you can turn it off at least 24 hours before the current period's end. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period itself. You may manage your subscription options and turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your user account settings. Download the game for free with in-app purchases available. The game requires an online connection (3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi). For the latest mobile gaming buzz, follow the community news on Facebook, YouTube, and Discord. Your feedback is always welcome, and you can contact us for any queries or concerns. Further details on privacy policies and terms of use are available at this website.
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Sea of Conquest

Become a pirate captain in Sea of Conquest by crafting your flagship, gathering your crew, and conquering the Devil's Seas through battles and treasure hunts.

Sea of ConquestFunPlus International AG
Enter the thrilling world of SEA OF CONQUEST and embark on a seafaring adventure like no other. From the depths of the Devil's Seas, a pirate's paradise brimming with enchantment, loot, and excitement, you'll set sail into the unknown. Take on the role of the esteemed Captain and experience the excitement of navigating uncharted waters, building your cabin, assembling your fleet, and customizing your Flagship. Engage in heart-thumping duels with other pirates, sharp strategic maneuvering, and nail-biting maritime confrontations. SEA OF CONQUEST offers an exhilarating and global adventure filled with challenges and ports for you to explore. With your trusty Storm Horn, brave the treacherous Devil's Sea, sail to the world's end, and elevate your Adventure Level. Encounter stunning scenes, overcome unforeseen trials, and answer the call for new episodes. Craft your Flagship and become a true pirate royalty. Your flagship is a reflection of your unique style and strategy - from the flag fluttering in the breeze, the powerful armaments you equip, to the design of the Figurehead. With your specially designed flagship, you'll stand fearless against any raid or monster, paving your way to ultimate kingship amongst the pirates. Don't miss out on the powerful rewards that await you at the weekly Pirate Revel event, where filling large orders for food and drinks can earn you bountiful rewards. Ready to start your adventure? Gather your crew today! Make your way into the boots of a legendary pirate captain as the sea is teeming with noble pirates eager to join your crew! With a motley crew at your side, you'll embark on grand adventures across the seven seas. The thrill of the hunt awaits as you search for precious treasures hidden deep in the ocean's depths. Will it be gold, pearls, rare materials, or perhaps even a mysterious drifting bottle that you uncover? Enter the exhilarating Hero Trials as a daring Captain, with each level-up bringing an explosion of adrenaline. Masterfully assemble your Hero team and strategically direct your assaults. The Rogue's Rumble awaits, an intense forge of heroism and fierce triumphs. This is more than a fight, it's a nerve-wracking test of your bravery and strategic intellect! Ready to charge into battle? Seize the opportunity as a fearless Captain and enjoy intense sea battles against rival pirates, formidable navy, and unpredictable sea monsters. Conquest awaits as you capture ports, sentry towers, and passes. With new alliance championship matches on the horizon, the excitement never gets old! Get ready for the cyclical Showdown o'Gangs event, where alliances compete for glory and rewards! Will you rise to the challenge? Hear the call of the sea, and embark on a pirate's treasure quest. Feel the thrill of the hunt as the sea becomes your playground and hidden treasure, your ultimate prize. Imagine commanding your crew, battling sea creatures and rival pirates, all in pursuit of hidden riches. Decipher cryptic maps and uncover the secrets of the sea. The ultimate treasure hunt awaits, are you ready to answer the call? Join the ranks of pirates and claim your reputation, glory, and wealth beyond the unknown. Hoist the black sails and become the best pirate in the Devil's Sea. For assistance, contact us via the in-game Customer Service or send us an email at: Join Discord for more fun, and official website: Check out our Facebook page: and our Twitter account: Terms and Conditions apply: Please review our Privacy Policy:
Moving Castle

Defend Yggdrasil and defeat Nidhogg in Moving Castle's dark world. Upgrade your castle and recruit allies to launch powerful joint attacks and expand your territory.

Moving CastleJJFuture
Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure in Moving Castle, a mysterious and thrilling world filled with darkness. The Black Dragon Nidhogg has caused chaos, and only Yggdrasil holds the key to salvation. As a human lord who has been hunted by dragons, you must take charge of a moving castle and venture on a wandering journey to uncover your true identity, confront the dark forces, and defeat the Dragons to save the world. One unique feature of the game is the moving castle, which allows players to be more maneuverable and strategic. You can change the location of your castle at any time to create more flexible tactics, making alliance territory contention and resource fights dependent on your mobile decisions. As you battle the ultimate enemy Nidhogg, your actions and strategies are essential to your success. In the game, you have the freedom to choose your own unique castle to develop your civilization and nurture your race. You will face different building techniques of various races during your journey, allowing you to create a flying castle and many other forms. The castle is your oyster, and it's up to you to lead your race to a bright future. As you journey, you will be tasked with retrofitting and upgrading your castle and legion to become more powerful. You'll forge more powerful cannons and more agile components to serve you better in battles as you work towards conquering the Dragon Legion and proving your might. Tower defense is also a significant feature of the game, requiring you to recruit heroes from various races to fight and defend your castle against attacking monsters. Plan your defense strategy wisely to avoid your kingdom being ravaged. To confront and defeat the Black Dragon, you must work with players from around the world to create a strong alliance. Coordination and joint strategies are crucial to pinning down a victory and rising to the throne. To stop the Black Dragon's expansion, you must unite your allies and launch a joint attack on its lair to destroy it at its roots. At the same time, it's essential to expand your territory, mine resources, upgrade your castle, research technology, and collect food and ore. There are many hidden secrets to unlock as you explore the vast field, driving your castle to discover new adventures and horizons. The game comes with abundant resources, allowing you to have smooth upgradation in buildings, training troops, researching technology, collecting food, and expanding your territory—everything you need for an exciting and adventurous journey. Check out our Facebook and Discord pages for more information or visit our official website for the game's Privacy Policy and User Agreement. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in Moving Castle!
Underworld : The Shelter

Underworld : The ShelterDreamplay Games
Hustle Castle: Medieval Life

Build and manage your own medieval castle while fighting dragons and upgrading your RPG kingdom. Co-op with friends in dungeons and burn battlegrounds in multiplayer.

Hustle Castle: Medieval LifeMY.GAMES B.V.
Tired of the hustle and bustle of your everyday life? Why not take a break and go on a thrilling medieval adventure with RPG Kingdoms of Heckfire! Become the ruler of a captivating medieval castle and dive into an exciting RPG story-driven campaign packed with orcs, giants, skeletons, and dragons among other monsters and creatures. Are you ready to become a true builder? With RPG Kingdoms of Heckfire, you have the power to construct and upgrade a dream castle to your heart's desire. As you begin your castle base-building, design new rooms to create the perfect stronghold. Improving your dwellers' skills and training them in a variety of roles is critical to the success of your castle. In the game, you have the opportunity to train a variety of noble professions, including great warriors and scribes. Experiment with different roles and teach your people various skills to become even more efficient, effective, and competitive. Get ready to join forces with a friend or colleague using the Co-op mode or information a team with a random player to explore mysterious dungeons in search of treasure. Plunge into a captivating multiplayer mode and wreak havoc on your enemies' kingdoms while enjoying the medieval fantasy RPG experience. With RPG Kingdoms of Heckfire, you can take on new challenges, upgrade your character, and become a wealthy and influential ruler. You can even create your own dating room and welcome little baby dwellers who will soon grow up and play a valuable role in your kingdom. Experience the medieval RPG like never before with RPG Kingdoms of Heckfire – the game that has already been downloaded over 54 million times worldwide. Created by MY.GAMES B.V., this mobile adventure is the ultimate escapade for those looking to be transported to a captivating world of adventure, exploration, strategy, and glory!
Shelter War

Protect your bunker from mutants, cyborgs and zombies in Shelter War: Zombie Games, an immersive survival strategy game with RPG elements.

Shelter WarRoyal Ark
Shelter War: Zombie Games is the ultimate survival strategy RPG game where you are appointed as an Overseer of a bunker dwelling in an apocalyptic Wasteland. The game has unique mechanics, impressive graphics, and good looks. You have to fend off raiders, cyborgs, zombies, mutants, evil knights, and killer robots to build the safest shelter possible for your residents. The game provides an immersive experience of never-ending wars for survival and resources. Manage resources, craft equipment, and claim rewards as you control and observe the borderland areas of your shelter. The game is a war simulator where strategy and planning are crucial in battles to ensure your victory over countless enemies. From a zero-start, you can turn your humble hideout into an impenetrable castle bunker or even an underground city using clever urban planning. You can explore your vault from a first or third-person perspective, train your shelter dwellers, and craft thousands of unique items while upgrading each of your soldiers. You can join or create a clan while facing the strongest enemies in a roleplay story mode or using strategy in Clan Wars co-op missions. Shelter War: Survival Games features outstanding bioprinter equipment to build your population from nothing to many. The game includes hilarious narrative and roleplay elements which make survival more entertaining than it has ever been. You can assemble your strongest warriors under the Doom Dome and enter the Collider for your first truly unforgettable time-travel experience. In Shelter War: Survival Games, you will become the greatest hero in the last days of the world or die trying. Face zombies and explore America in a way you have never seen before. The game has an elaborate story with many twists and turns to keep you entertained. So, get ready to fight like you have never fought before and enjoy the apocalyptic Wasteland!
Zero City: Try to Survive

In Zero City, build and manage your bunker, train and equip your citizens, and survive battles against hordes of zombies. RPG and multiplayer modes available.

Zero City: Try to SurviveUPWAKE.ME
Experience a thrilling adventure of survival in Zero City, an exceptional mobile simulator game that lets you manage and control a bunker and its citizens. You will face the dangers of the new world where the virus has taken over and zombies roam the land. Your goal is to bring survivors together, lead them, and train them for battle with hordes of zombies. This RPG simulator game will put your skills to the ultimate test as you build and strengthen your bunker and turn it into an impenetrable fortification. In this management and base construction simulator, you have the task of upgrading your bunker rooms and creating defensive structures for the survivors. Your aim is to prepare your shelter for any eventuality in the war against the zombie hordes. Your citizens are critical to the survival of your bunker, and you must teach them new skills to upgrade their abilities. Every survivor counts in these dark times, and everyone must contribute to the survival of the bunker. As you lead your squad through the trials of the new world, you will have to create effective weapons and choose the right equipment to arm your squad. Your enemies are not only the zombies but other shelters as well. It's an open survival confrontation, and the strongest survive the apocalypse. Therefore, you must manage a mighty, invincible squad to dominate your enemies in the arena's tournament or attacks on other shelters. This story-driven campaign and RPG simulator offer you an exceptional experience of adventure and danger. Set in a post-apocalyptic environment with high-quality HD graphics, the game combines both shelter survival simulation and zombie shooter genres. You are the master of one of the last shelters in the world, and it's up to you to survive using the whole arsenal available. The fate of humanity rests on your shoulders, take command and save them from the zombie apocalypse.
Last Fortress: Underground

After your community falls, lead a group of survivors to build and customize a shelter, explore the wilderness, gather resources, and fight zombies with friends.

Last Fortress: UndergroundLIFE IS A GAME LIMITED
Castle, the most significant community of survivors, has crumbled. Before, it provided hope in the post-apocalyptic world, but it now faces the same fate as others. In this chaos, a small group of survivors managed to escape to the barren wilderness. As the Commander of this group, you lead them out of the zombie horde that destructed your last shelter. While on the run, you discover a peculiar building protruding from the ground. With limited supplies and no other option, you and your team decide to take refuge there. This is where your journey of survival versus zombies begins. 【BUILD & CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHELTER】 With numerous facilities such as the Satellite Nexus, Power Generators, the Mission Control and more, expand and design the layout of your shelter to your preference. 【HEROES AND SURVIVORS】 Each hero and survivor has unique life skills that have allowed them to survive the apocalypse. From chefs, doctors, and engineers, to scientists, miners, and soldiers, make effective use of their abilities. 【TEAM COMPOSITION AND SYNERGY】 Choose heroes with diverse personalities and abilities. Formulate a combination which helps you conquer demanding tasks. 【VENTURE INTO THE WILD】 Explore the wastelands outside the shelter and look for valuable resources. While you're at it, set up camps that act as resource points or forward bases. But, beware! Zombies might attack at any time. 【ESTABLISH ALLIANCES WITH FRIENDS】 Relying solely on yourself is taxing, so why not work with friends? Create or join an alliance for maximum efficiency in eliminating the zombies. Help one another by accelerating the construction and tech research. It's time! Go forth, Commander, and take control of your adventure!
Fallout Shelter

Build and manage a thriving community living in an underground vault. Customize outfits and explore the wasteland for resources. Fallout Shelter is free-to-play perfection.

Fallout ShelterBethesda
Fallout Shelter is an award-winning mobile game that has won numerous prestigious awards, including the Google Play Best of 2015 and 2016 DICE awards for Mobile Game of the Year, and the 2015 Golden Joystick for Best Handheld/Mobile Game. According to GamesBeat, it "might just be the best free-to-play game out there," while Gizmodo considers it "probably the best game of E3 2015." With glowing reviews like these, it's easy to see why Fallout Shelter has become so popular. In Fallout Shelter, you have the opportunity to create the perfect underground vault by choosing from a variety of modern-day rooms that will help you turn an excavation beneath 2,000 feet of bedrock into the ultimate image of Vault Life. You will also need to oversee a thriving community of Dwellers, getting to know each one personally and providing them with the tools and training they need to improve their abilities and lead fulfilling lives. As the game progresses, you will need to customize your dwellers by turning worthless junk into useful items with crafting, or by updating their appearance in the Barbershop. One of the most important aspects of Fallout Shelter is prosperity. To achieve this, you will need to build a Radio Room to attract new Dwellers or take an active role in their personal lives by playing matchmaker, and exploring the wasteland that lies above ground. Doing so will enable you to discover new armor and weapons, gain experience, and earn Caps. But exploring the wasteland can be dangerous, so you must exercise caution and protect your vault from threats both inside and out. After all, the idyllic Vault life you've worked so hard to create could be disrupted at any moment. Fortunately, Vault-Tec has provided all the tools you need to build and maintain your ideal underground dwelling. Now it's up to you to put them to good use and create the perfect post-apocalyptic community. So what are you waiting for? Start building your Vault today for free!

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