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Sep 11-17, 2023 New games

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SkichSkichfrom Skich app
Castle Master TD

Build, plan, and battle in this strategic tower defense game where your choices shape your kingdom's destiny. Survive against relentless enemies.

Castle Master TDRebel Twins
Welcome to our dynamic tower defense gaming experience where you will fortify, strategize and conquer like a pro. As a master of your own castle, you will construct formidable structures, devise tactical defenses, and engage in epic battles against your persistent foes. Every decision you take will determine the destiny of your kingdom, so you must step up to the challenge, showcase your tactical skills, and make sure your castle endures against all adversities. Get ready for a test of power, strategy, and survival that will exceed your expectations. This game is not just an entertainment, it is a challenge where you will put all your strength and cunning to the test. With a range of structures, defenses, and battle strategies to choose from, you can unlock new features and improve your chances of success. Explore our well-crafted world, where every element is thoughtfully designed to complement your gaming experience. You will discover new challenges and obstacles along the way, as you fortify your castle and protect it from enemies. Join forces with other players and form alliances to achieve even greater victories. Prepare yourself for the most thrilling tower defense game, where your mastery of strategy and survival will determine your fate. Get ready to conquer the competition and become the ultimate champion with your impenetrable fortress. The fate of your kingdom is in your hands, fortify, strategize, and conquer now!
Thunder Ray

Experience retro arcade boxing with a modern twist, travel through galactic stages, and master special attacks to become champion in this 2D handmade animation game.

Thunder RayPurple Tree Studio
Are you ready to step inside the ring and experience the thrill of the ultimate retro arcade boxing game with a twist of modernity? Brace yourself to unleash a flurry of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts against a roster of charismatic and quirky adversaries. With our meticulously crafted HD animations, each character comes to life with exquisite detail and seamless movements. With a variety of features to choose from, get ready to indulge in the following: - Revel in the stunning, handmade 2D animations that take you to a different era. - Master the Thunder special attacks and leave your opponents gasping for breath. - Dominate the Arcade dynamic boxing and create a name for yourself. - Embark on the intergalactic voyage and conquer different stages to become the Champion of the Universe. - Explore different techniques and learn how to defeat even the most brutal of opponents. - Get immersed in the raw and wild boxing experience that will leave you bloodied but exhilarated! Whether you're an avid gamer or a die-hard boxing fan, this game is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. So, hop into the ring, lace up your gloves, and get ready to fight your way to the top!
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Pirate Ships・Build and Fight

Build and battle epic pirate ships to defeat Kraken and become a true pirate lord in this engaging PvP game. Dominate the arena, earn legendary ships and unlock exciting adventures.

For those who seek adventure in building and battling epic pirate vessels, Pirate Ships is just the game. Set in a world where the terrifying Kraken has taken hold of the Caribbean, only the most daring and courageous pirates can defeat it. Get in the battlefield online where you can either fight alongside other pirate lords and thieves or defeat them alone. You can choose to lead an old schooner and evolve it into the most powerful battleship in the seas! At the heart of Pirate Ships lies the art of ship building. Gather a variety of ships, canons, and equipment, and combine them in unique ways. Doing so will let you capture more than just a small fort - it will make you a true pirate lord. But don't get too comfortable as you will need to pay attention to every battle to detect which parts of your ship need improvement. Pirate Ships brings together the two most thrilling elements - ship building and PvP battles that provide endless hours of swashbuckling adventure. You can either combat your adversaries alone or join up with friends to be a part of the excitement. Take the high seas and get ready to adventure the ultimate pirate journey! Features: ⚓ CUSTOMISE YOUR VERY OWN PIRATE SHIP - Pick a type of ship that you like from a variety of options ranging from schooners to battleships - Plenty of equipment for upgrading ships ⚓ EXCITING SEA SETTING - A captivating and engaging Caribbean sea setting - A slight touch of fantasy genre with sea monsters, artifacts and much more ⚓ INTENSE BATTLES BETWEEN PIRATE SHIPS - Fight with actual boats built by other real players, not just fighting against AI Bots - Battles with detailed graphics and visuals - Become the leader by dominating the arena and attaining first place ⚓ CAMPAIGN MODE WITH PVE BATTLES - Participate in an exciting Caribbean-inspired story full of adventures - Earn goods for PvP battles and get a chance to unlock legendary ships Pirate Ships is a PvP building and fighting adventure. Earn and craft equipment, discover the ultimate combinations, and upgrade your ship to test your abilities against other players! It is no easy task to set sail in the Caribbean. A battle must always be fought. It's time for you to raise the black flag, create your own ship and become a champion pirate!
Poly Drift

Drift infinitely on randomly generated roads in Poly Drift, with low-poly graphics, leaderboard, customizable controls and multiple cars to choose from.

Poly DriftFiredreamLabs
Poly Drift is a thrilling Hyper-Casual game with a unique blend of low-poly visuals and heart-racing drifting challenges. The game boasts an infinite array of random roads that stretch out endlessly, waiting for drifters to blaze through them with style and finesse. Enter the world of Poly Drift and experience breathtakingly beautiful low-poly graphics that never fail to impress. With a variety of cars to unlock and choose from, you can customize your drifting experience to your preference. The game is fueled by procedurally generated roads that stretch out for eternity, featuring new challenges and obstacles at every turn. You can compete with other drifters on the leaderboard and rise to glory. Poly Drift offers customizable steering and driving controls, giving players the freedom to drift like a pro. The game also features a battery saver mode that reduces battery consumption, allowing you to enjoy the game for longer periods of time. To add to the experience, Poly Drift features an incredible retro background score that will keep you pumped and ready to drift your way to victory. Try it now and experience the ultimate drift challenge!
Animal Lords : Merge & Rumble

Summon animal heroes, defend your city, and explore Minos in Animal Lords: Merge & Rumble, a free-to-play MMO match and merge SLG game.

Animal Lords : Merge & RumbleXIPU.Games
Welcome to Minos, a land once again plagued by the Fallen Legion's havoc-wreaking and their intention to dominate the world by waking up sleeping dragons. Fortunately, a group of animal heroes has materialized to stand against them with a final effort to protect the world. You carry the fate of Minos on your shoulders, and for this, it's time to restore your city and summon animal heroes to save Minos. With Animal Lords: Merge & Rumble, get ready to match and merge tiles on a 3D battleground as you create your army and engage in real-time MMO battles! Experience the surge of energy while unleashing game-changing hero skills. Summon animal heroes from all over the world, including legendary ones, build your finest team, and defeat your enemies to safeguard the city! On your journey towards becoming a legend, customize the forest city layout and nourish the Tree of Life to its full self. Take on various combat modes, challenge your resourcefulness, and explore the extensive world of Minos on the world map. Capture the Dragon Castle to gain sovereignty and renown! Animal Lords: Merge & Rumble is a free-to-play SLG game, but you may purchase in-game items to improve your gaming experience. Players must comply with the Terms of Use, reach a minimum age of twelve, and have a device with internet access to play. If you come across any issues or have suggestions, you may contact us through our official Facebook page, Discord, or via email at Review our User Privacy Policy and the game's Privacy Policy here:

Explore a space station filled with zombies and bosses in this retro-style, rogue-lite, RPG game with 2D shooter gameplay and a thrilling space story.

Welcome to a thrilling space adventure packed in a classic roguelike style! In this game, a distress signal from a space station launched by Planet ZERO has just been received by a team of Galaxy Exterminators, and they waste no time in reaching the station immediately. But to their surprise, they soon realize that something inexplicable has changed everyone on board. Get ready to experience the retro style graphics and 2D shooter gameplay with Auto Aim feature that adds an extra adrenaline rush to your gaming experience. Packed with Rogue Lite elements and RPG-style gameplay, the journey ahead won't be an easy one. You will have to explore and find the keys to unlock the doors. Along the way, you will face hordes of zombies and fierce bosses, leading you to an epic storyline of life in space. So, gear up and tackle gripping challenges in this thrilling game, accompanied by a space story. Every step you take counts, and every decision you make shapes your fate in this immersive space adventure. Will you succeed in saving the day? The fate of the space station rests in your hands. Good luck, and have fun navigating the twists and turns of the game!
War of the Giant

Build your own kingdom, army, and trade network. Explore epic dungeons and raise a powerful dragon to conquer enemies in War of the Giant.

War of the GiantGiant Network
Prepare for an immersive gaming experience like no other as you assume the role of a Lord, building a kingdom of powerful elves, creating a strong economy, enhancing technology, and forging a formidable army. Establish alliances, engage in trade and diplomacy, and unite with other players to protect the World Tree against the most foreboding of enemies. War of the Giant boasts stunning graphics that will transport you to a world that is both visually captivating and exhilarating. You won't have to worry about any limitations as the game is free-to-play, allowing you to indulge in the excitement of unrestricted gameplay. Engage in global-scale battles against players from diverse backgrounds for a truly immersive gaming experience. Select from multiple units to create an army customized to your liking, and formulate a range of strategic battle plans to defeat your enemies. The player-driven trade system allows you to participate in resource exchange and collaboration with other players. Foster economic growth, strengthen alliances and promote mutual prosperity and power. With epic dungeons to explore and challenging levels to conquer, you can earn valuable rewards while immersing yourself in an exciting gameplay experience. One of the game's unique features is the ability to train and nurture your own dragon. Your dragon, with its unique skills and combat prowess, will be a powerful ally in battles. Join the exciting battle for supremacy and become the ultimate champion! Find support from the game's customer service via email or visit the official website, Facebook, YouTube, Discord, or even TikTok for more information. Do check out the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service as well. Be a warrior, conquer challenges, and fulfill your destiny as the Lord of a powerful kingdom!
Strikers1945: RE

Pre-register for Strikers1945: RE, a vertical-scrolling shooter game with customizable aircraft and 230 upgrade skill combinations. Available in 9 languages.

Strikers1945: RECom2uS
Introducing Strikers1945: RE, an officially licensed airborne shooter game, perfect for playing vertically! Step into the shoes of the leading character of the special forces, known as the "Strikers"! Pre-register now to receive various rewards, including support box keys, after the official launch! Feel the excitement of defeating opponents, taking from the original plane shooter game, Strikers 1945! Explore over 230 different skills combinations designed to clear missions with ease. Choose from renowned aircraft, such as AV-8 Harrier, F-4 Phantom, F/A-18E Super Hornet, F-117 Nighthawk, F-22 Raptor, X-36, and more, to secure your victory in the scenario stages. Customize and maintain your plane using six different parts - aircraft, missile, fuselage, wing, chipset, and engine and take charge in battles. ■Game Features■ - Easy-to-use controls will make it even more fun. - 230 different upgrade skill combinations to select from. - Customize the aircraft from the Strikers 1945 series to match your preferences. - Get the chance to play 50 scenario stage battles. - Enjoy exciting daily missions. - Explore the offline patrol mode, where you do not require an active internet connection. *** [App Permissions] We need permission to provide specific services while playing the game. 1. (Optional) Storage (Photos/Media/Files): Access required for additional downloads and saving in-game screenshots. 2. (Optional) Microphone/Recording audio: Required for voice chat. ※ Services not related to corresponding functions can be used without permitting optional permissions. [How to Remove Permissions] It is possible to reset or remove permissions after granting them as follows. 1. Android 6.0 or above: Settings > Apps > Select App > Permissions > Allow or Remove Permissions 2. Android 6.0 or below: Upgrade the operating system to remove permissions or delete the app ※ If you are using Android 6.0 or below, we recommend that you upgrade to 6.0 or above as you cannot modify the optional permissions individually. *** Strikers1945: RE is available in nine different languages. English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Português, and ไทย! *** This game is completely free to play and offers in-app purchases. Buying paid virtual items may result in additional charges, and cancelation of the payment may not be possible depending on the item type you have purchased. Conditions relating to the usage of this game, such as contract termination and payment cancelation, can be accessed in the game or on the Com2uS mobile game Terms of Service ( If you have any queries regarding the game, kindly submit them via Com2uS Customer Support 1:1 Inquiry ( > Customer Support > 1:1 Inquiry).
Code Geass: Lost Stories

Join Lelouch to defeat Britannian Empire in the strategic real-time battles with familiar characters and Knightmare Frames. Another lost story of Code Geass!

Immerse yourself in the world of "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" and fight alongside Lelouch to defeat the Britannian Empire. This is the only official game based on the anime series, where you can experience the story from a different perspective. As the hero who lost their parents during Britannia's invasion of Japan, join Lelouch and seek revenge against the empire in the turmoil of Area 11. The game features Live 2D cutscenes with full voice acting, and the gender of your character can be changed at any time. Additionally, official spin-offs and game-specific side stories are included, such as Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, Code Geass: Oz of the Reflection, and side stories focusing on the main characters. Experience a highly strategic real-time battle system where proper placement of your squad's Knightmare Frames is crucial for victory. High-quality 3-D battle scenes add excitement to each skirmish. You can use all the characters and Knightmare Frames that appear in the anime to create your own unique squad, choosing who to send into combat and what Knightmare Frame they pilot. The game's main characters are voiced by notable voice actors such as Jun Fukuyama, Takahiro Sakurai, and Yukana. The anime production staff returns to ensure a faithful adaptation of the series, including Creative Directors SUNRISE, Ichirou Okouchi, and Taniguchi Gorou. Original character design is by CLAMP and in-game character design by Takahiro Kimura and Shirabii. In-game Knightmare Frame design is by Astrays. Lost Stories, developed by DMM GAMES and f4samurai, is published by Komoe Game and features a theme song by FLOW-PENDULUM. The game's official website is, and its Facebook page is Please note that the game's story contains violence, sexual acts, and anti-societal sentiments and may not be suitable for younger audiences. While the game is free-to-play, there is a payment system available for in-game currency and various items. Keep these points in mind when downloading and playing "Lost Story".
Wild Runners

Wild Runners is a multiplayer 3D running game with 12 animals, 24 power-ups, silly obstacles, 4 wild environments, and weekly missions.

Wild RunnersGames by Bump
Wild Runners is an exciting and groundbreaking multiplayer 3D running game that will keep you entertained for hours. With a wide variety of 12 eccentric and distinct animals to choose from, each with their own set of skills and abilities, you will be able to customize your gameplay and explore different strategies to win. Unlock over 24 incredible power-up cards, including boosts, shields, and invincibility, to give you an edge over your opponents. The game features fast-paced procedural racing with amusing obstacles and platforms that will challenge your running skills and keep you on the edge of your seat. Explore four wild environments with unique atmospheres, each with its own set of challenges and scenery to discover. Collect stars along the way to claim amazing rewards and unlock new content, allowing you to level up and personalize your gaming experience. Climb the trophy road and take on weekly missions to earn even more rewards and gain recognition for your achievements. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned gamer, Wild Runners has something for everyone. Join the race today and experience the excitement and thrills of this incredible game!
Sky Islands

Sky Islands is a 2D/3D platformer game inspired by FEZ. Switch dimensions to solve puzzles and collect hidden stars in a charming sky realm with intuitive controls and music.

Are you ready to take on a captivating journey through a fantastic sky realm? Look no further than Sky Islands, a charming platformer game inspired by the beloved FEZ game. Get ready to shift between the 2D and 3D dimensions as you embark on an exciting adventure to collect hidden stars and clear all the levels. Featuring both 2D and 3D gameplay, Sky Islands will keep you on your toes with clever puzzles that will challenge even the most experienced players. And with intuitive controls, you'll be able to seamlessly switch between dimensions as you traverse through the beautiful, sprawling world of Sky Islands. But that's not all – Sky Islands also boasts charming music tracks that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the entirety of your journey. So what are you waiting for? Experience the thrill of Sky Islands and discover the wonders of this fantastic sky realm today!

Join Nua and Goddess Ludmilla in Heir of Light Eclipse, the stunning RPG game of 2023 featuring gacha, AFK idle, action, and strategy elements.

HEIR OF LIGHT EclipseCom2uS Holdings Corporation
Embark on an exhilarating adventure in the epic fantasy world of Heir of Light Eclipse, the RPG that combines gacha, AFK idle, action and strategy in one thrilling game! Join the stunning Nua, protected by Goddess Ludmilla in a mesmerizing anime-style adventure where light and darkness relentlessly battle each other. Immerse yourself in a world full of excitement, featuring endless possibilities to explore, challenging quests, gacha-style summoning, thrilling action sequences, strategic warfare, and an automated AFK system that fosters constant growth. [Highlighted Features] ▶ An exciting universe filled with mesmerizing fantasy adventures. The ‘Little Crimson Tree’ marks the last line of defense against the ultimate doom! Experience a rich narrative that follows Nua and Goddess Ludmilla in their fight against the Dragon of Darkness, alongside humans, elves, fairies, and giants, striving to keep the world alive and well! ▶ Stunning illustrations, visuals, and animations. Get lost in the stunning beauty of anime-style characters and goddesses! Summon faithful servants that only serve the heir! Experience top quality battle graphics with outstanding 3D in-game modeling. ▶ Engage in mind-bending strategic battles. Create your unique deck from over 1,000 possible combinations! Engage in intricate attribute battles featuring more than 6 factions! Participate in 5v5 team battles where small changes can make a significant difference and unexpected twists can determine your victory or defeat! ▶ Comprehensive PvE and PvP content - the ultimate RPG experience. Engage in real-time PvP battles with fierce competitors on a global scale, competing for supremacy! Battle unrelenting bosses to gain rewards in guild dungeons! Make use of the automated system and reap the rewards of effortless growth day and night. * Heir of Light: Eclipse Official Brand Page * Heir of Light: Eclipse Official Discord * Heir of Light: Eclipse Official Twitter * Heir of Light: Eclipse Official Facebook * Heir of Light: Eclipse Official YouTube * Heir of Light: Eclipse is available in the following languages: 한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Español, ไทย, tiếng Việt.
Grab the Apple

Swing your way through puzzle levels, grab apples, avoid traps, break blocks and collect coins. Dodge lasers for fun.

Grab the AppleKorigame Ltd

Dig & Dungeons is an ARPG mobile game where you explore dungeons, fight demons, and find treasure. Utilize suits, traps, and strategy with unique items.

Dig&DungeonsMore Well Studio
Unearth the treasures hidden deep within dark dungeons in the ARPG mobile game, Delve & Dungeons. You will embark on a thrilling adventure as an intrepid explorer, armed with a metal pick and weaponry to defeat demons on your path to finding priceless treasures found deep within. The real excitement begins as you explore the multi-leveled dungeons, where your survival depends upon your strategic use of weaponry and ability to navigate treacherous terrains. With your trusty pick in hand, you must hack and dig your way through the walls to reach the coveted treasure chests that are desperately guarded by cunning monsters, who will stop at nothing to protect their loot. The game features a wide range of skills and abilities associated with different suits, enabling you to create multiple combinations and traps to defeat the enemies. From hand-drawn traps to a rich collection of suits and unique items, there are countless ways to approach each challenge, making every playthrough an invigorating experience. The gameplay's real variety lies in the different types of battles and enemies you will face, which demand more than just brute force. To triumph, you must rely on your wit and strategic approach to overcome every obstacle, ensuring a truly thrilling gameplay experience. Bask in the addiction of unpredictability and infinite possibilities that every new dungeon brings, beckoning you with its excitement and surprises at every bend.
AFK Football:Soccer Game

AFK Football is an immersive soccer RPG that allows you to master strategic combos, compete in PvP, and customize your club while exploring intriguing backstories.

AFK Football:Soccer GameWildlife Studios
⚽️ READY TO START THE ULTIMATE SOCCER RPG ADVENTURE? ⚽️ Experience the thrilling AFK Football world, a unique blend of soccer strategy and RPG! Participate in challenging competition with players globally, master strategic combos, and uncover interesting backstories of our specially designed stars. AFK Football is not just any sport game, it's an epic journey to dominate the world of soccer! ⚽ Strategic Idle Football Play ⚽ Get into the soccer action with our fast-paced and emerging gameplay. Build your team and level up your soccer skills! 🏆 PvP Ladder and Social Competition 🏆 Invite friends or challenge football managers worldwide. Reach the top of the leaderboard and be recognized as the best sports manager globally! 💡 Unique Strategies and Challenges 💡 As a football manager, show off your skills by creating unique strategies and choosing the right players to counter the opposing team and conquer the field. 🥇 Quests and Accomplishments 🥇 Tackle daily, weekly, and campaign quests to unlock new powerful stars and rewards. Winning soccer games is just half the story, conquering every challenge is key! 💪 Build the All-Star Team 💪 Create the most powerful team with soccer stars in the universe of football RPG games. 🤝 Community Involvement 🤝 Collaborate with your guild members and form alliances to ascend to the top of the football world. 🎨 Club Customization 🎨 Show your creativity by personalizing your club and expressing your unique style. 📖 Immersive Story 📖 Unfold the backstory and personalities of each hero as you progress in your journey to dominate the world of football. 🔍 Infinite Hero Combinations 🔍 Comb through countless combinations of stars and discover the key to winning in this dynamic football RPG! In AFK Football, you're not only a soccer manager — you're a master of strategy, an inspiration to others, and the designer of your soccer journey. With every soccer match, quest, and strategic move, you shape your peculiar legacy. It's more than a game, it's a football universe anticipating your domination! Be part of the exciting AFK Football world today and showcase your soccer skills globally. Start your epic football RPG adventure today! Your one tap away to being the ultimate soccer manager. Get AFK Football now and start managing your club today!
Monster Hunter Now

Hunt iconic monsters from the Monster Hunter universe in the real world using simplified tap-based controls and AR camera features. Master the hunt in 75 seconds or less.

Monster Hunter NowNiantic, Inc.
Are you ready for the ultimate hunting experience? The outdoors are calling! Embark on a global quest to track down and hunt some of the most fearsome monsters from the Monster Hunter universe that materialize in our world. Together with a group of hunters, craft powerful weapons and take these larger-than-life monsters head-on. Explore different habitats such as Forest, Desert, or Swamp and face thrilling hunts solo or band with fellow hunters. With simplified tap-based controls and high-quality graphics, enjoy immersive hunting action on the go. Tracking monsters has never been easier with the AR Camera feature, which allows you to experience how these iconic monsters appear in the real world. Experience the rush of the chase and enhance your skills to complete the hunt within 75 seconds. Use a variety of weapons, craft armor sets and exploit monster weaknesses to master the hunt. Don't miss a chance to track monsters while you're out and about, Adventure Sync allows you to use a Paintball to keep tabs on the hunt. Even if you're not playing actively, your Palico can mark passing monsters with Palico Paintballs, which you can return to later. This ensures that the action never stops, and you never miss a chance to explore new hunting grounds. So gear up, sharpen your senses and embark on a wild hunting adventure that you won't forget!

Join the human-headed boy and girl on a journey to escape the town by making money by tapping cans, buying, selling, and scavenging in Caramel Column.

AznanaCaramel Column Inc.
Let's leave this place, buddy! Let's hit the road!" This particular game is an ideal choice for people who adore immersive stories, appreciate charismatic characters with animal features, and desire a free game-play until the final payout. The objective is to make enough cash to flee the locality. You can accomplish this by tapping on cans to accumulate dimes, making lucrative sales, and foraging at the dumpsite for hidden gems. The game's plot features Aznana, a character with a head of an animal, a boy riding a bike, and a girl with no body that is incapable of speech. These characters' interaction is vital throughout the game, with one incessantly chattering and the other entirely dependent on the former. To conclude the story, players must steer both characters to the end successfully. Caramel Column, the brains behind the game, has made the game available on their website ( and can also be accessed via their Twitter handle (@GamesCaramel). Moreover, Maki Ono, the game designer, and the composer Kanon Wakeshima have undoubtedly outdone themselves with this game.

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