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In Mindustry, build an elaborate production chain to defend your structures from enemies. Play Campaign or Custom Games with friends.

Mindustry is an immersive game that combines factory-building, tower defense, and real-time strategy elements. In this game, players can create intricate supply chains that enable them to produce ammunition for their turrets, erect structures, and construct units. These units can then be designated to capture enemy bases and expand production capabilities as well as be implemented strategically to defend the core from savage waves of enemies. Players have the option to employ production blocks to manufacture advanced materials, and they are tasked with defending their structures from continual onslaughts of enemy forces. Mindustry's cross-platform multiplayer co-op games offers players the opportunity to challenge friends or play with them, as well as participate in team-based PvP matches. Battling to safeguard and distribute liquids, and overcoming constant crisis situations such as outbreaks of fire or enemy flier raids. Coolant and lubricant resources to optimize production. In order to automate both base management and enemy base assaults, players can produce many different types of units with the help of assembly lines. Mindustry's fully operational enemy bases can be taken down with player units, with the use of mechanized assault forces or simply a few well-designed counter-assaults. The game consists of 35 handcrafted maps and over 250 procedurally generated sectors to conquer on the planets Serpulo and Erekir within the campaign. Players can conquer territory and deploy factories to generate resources while continuing to play other sectors, defending those territories from periodic invasions. The game rewards coordinating the distribution of resources between sectors, which can be done via launch pads as players research new blocks to speed up the progress. Inviting friends to complete missions together and mastering over 250 technology blocks and 50 types of drones, mechs, and ships makes playing the Mindustry campaign a unique and gratifying experience. In terms of customization, Mindustry provides players with over 16 built-in maps for custom games, as well as two full campaigns, the option to play co-op, PvP, or sandbox modes, and full control of the game rules from the price of blocks to enemy stats, starting items, wave timing, and more. Mindustry also includes a functional map editor with scripting support, and integrated mod support utilizing the built-in mod browser. Participating in a dedicated public server or inviting friends to join a private session is totally made possible. Mindustry certainly delivers the factory-building, tower defense, and RTS combination, captivating and engaging players for hours on end.
Mech Arena

Mech Arena: a free, fast-paced, and customizable multiplayer fighting game featuring intense PvP battles and unique maps.

Mech ArenaPlarium Global Ltd
Mech Arena is a thrilling multiplayer fighting game that features explosive PvP battles and endless customization options. This game is the perfect fit for FPS enthusiasts. Engage in Free-For-All mode and wreak havoc, play customized matches with your friends, or team up with players from around the world to compete in 5v5 and 2v2 matches. With maps designed specifically for fast-paced PvP combat, battles can be won in as little as 5 minutes! Pick a mech and equip it with the perfect weapon loadout to take on all challengers. You can customize the stats and looks of your robots as you progress through the divisions. Thanks to instant multiplayer match-making, you can go from being in your pocket to fighting live battles in less than a minute! Mech Arena features a plethora of PvP game modes to choose from. Vie for territory in Control Point Clash battles, test your teamwork strategies in Deathmatch mode, or let loose in Free-For-All combat. Whichever mode you choose, winning will require careful strategizing and a keen eye for detail. With over 25 unique maps available, this fighting game offers an experience unlike any other. Whether you prefer short-range shooting or you prefer to play stealthily from afar, every map has its own unique benefits and rewards. Play under the lights of the Forbidden City or take to the stars at Elon Station Gray. Master them all to dominate the competition! Experience Mech Arena on mobile or try it out on a bigger screen for a more intense FPS-like feel with our TPS view! With your mobile and desktop accounts synced, you'll be able to pilot your robot wherever and whenever you want. Customize and personalize your weapons and mechs with endless build options. Choose from over 20 distinctive mechs and equip them with over 60 weapons to counter any tactic. You can even customize them with over 500 skins to express yourself in the multiplayer PvP arena! Discover special mech abilities that set you apart from the competition. Jam your rival's best shooter, ram their robots, deploy shields, and more. Knowing when and how to use your mech's abilities is critical if you want to come out on top. In Mech Arena, you can even hire pilots to give stat boosts and other bonuses to your mechs. Choose your favorite pilots, level them up simply by using them, and enhance them further with advanced implants to give your robots the edge. Create fun and customized PvP matches with your friends by selecting the map, mode, and players of your choice. Prepare a killer new tactic, set up a multiplayer tournament, or try out new weapons and strategies. The choice is yours! Participate in thrilling tournaments and events by hitting objectives in weekly events or battling through multiplayer PvP tournaments. Show that you're the best and win big! Mech Arena features controls that are both intuitive and easy-to-use. Even in your first PvP battle, you will feel comfortable playing thanks to its FPS-style controls. Customize your controls to fit your style of gameplay. Whether you are connected or not, Mech Arena runs smoothly on most 4G/LTE networks. With short battles lasting just a few minutes, this fighting game is perfect for FPS and TPS fans alike, and ideal for a quick break from your busy day. It's important to note that items in this fighting game are available for purchase. However, some paid items may not be refunded depending on the type of item. Mech Arena is available in numerous languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Turkish, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Malay. Check out the links below to visit the official Mech Arena website or to access customer support. You can also engage with fellow players in the Mech Arena community, or learn more about privacy and cookie policies and terms of use. If you have any privacy request, simply go to and submit your request.
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Infinite Lagrange

Command your fleet in a vast, unknown galaxy. Expand your base, customize ship weapons, and engage in massive battles with interstellar forces in Infinite Lagrange.

Infinite LagrangeNetEase Games
Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the vast unknown space? As a leader of one of the forces vying for control over the Lagrange system, you must expand your base and territory through mining, building, and trade. With only two frigates in your small city, you will face war and sabotage as you pioneer deeper into the galaxy. But fear not, for you have the power to customize and upgrade your fleet's weapon system to unlock its full potential. With a myriad of ships and aircraft at your disposal, ranging from Spore Fighters to Solar Whale Carriers, you can create boundless ship combos using your ingenuity. As you venture deep into uncharted space, you'll encounter interstellar forces. You can choose to help them achieve their goals, cooperate and prosper, or occupy their airspace and territory. You'll need allies to survive in this dynamic society, so form alliances with global players and expand your territory while spreading faith throughout the galaxy. Realistic, massive space battles await, where a well-planned ambush could severely damage the enemy fleet or a major battle could create a no-fly zone of hundreds of miles' radius. You'll need to guard thoroughfares with your fleet or risk being ambushed yourself. With an enchanting 3D graphics that rival blockbuster movies, you'll feel like you're commanding the battles up close and personal. So, are you determined to achieve something great out there or will you retreat to the safety of home? The choice is yours. Join the robust universe of Infinite Lagrange by visiting our Facebook page, Discord channel, or contacting us at

Explore the vanished civilization's Ancient Network, communicate with Titanic Interfaces, hack secured Forms, and uncover hidden secrets in Hyperforma's sci-fi adventure.

HyperformaHeroCraft Ltd.
In a world where past civilizations have disappeared, the only remaining artifact is the enigmatic Ancient Network waiting to be discovered. More than two centuries later, a brave adventurer, whose name is unknown, embarks on an expedition into its unfathomable realm. In this game, you will embark on an odyssey through the endless void of cyberspace, taking inspiration from the works of iconic sci-fi writers such as William Gibson, Dan Simmons, and Peter Watts. Prepare to be thrust into an engaging narrative, as you traverse the Ancient Network, uncovering each hidden mystery as they come Immersed in the eerie world of Ancient Network, unravel its secrets by communicating with the mighty Titanic Interfaces. Your hacking skills will be put to the test as you try to navigate through secured Forms. Within the network, secrets are lurking all around you. Brace yourself for the enigmatic and thrilling story of the cyberpunk sci-fi universe that provides stupendous gameplay and a fantastic atmosphere. Hyperforma is a complimentary game, but it does offer some exclusive features that can be paid for. To prevent purchases being made in-game, you can customize the in-game purchase settings from the restrictions options on your device.

Command an emergency team in an infected, arctic terrain. Recruit, fight, explore, and manage to secure safe zones and mitigate danger in this offline, tactical game.

Start playing Xenowerk Tactics now for free and experience the emergency response team commander roleplay, owning responsibility for handling the disaster that strikes a secret arctic lab hidden away deep in the polar region. You can either save the world or uphold the Xenowerk Corporation's name and make an effort to maximize their profits, depending upon the version of this story you believe! Delve into the post-apocalyptic realm and send squads on expeditions into the infected zone. Explore the breathtakingly ferocious scenery filled with remnants of Xenowerk's absurd research facilities. Your journey through the zone comes with numerous risks, perils, and mishaps, which you can tackle using your operatives' skills, traits, and mutations while pushing them to their limits and without wasting precious time. Travel through jungles, swamps, laboratories, shelters, and factories, scavenging for invaluable resources, carrying out various missions, securing strategic safe zones, and finding and rescuing M.I.A. operatives. As you control your squad and combat against hordes of mutants, use operative skills and mutations such as Bait & Trap, Pyrokinesis, Frag Grenade, Adrenaline, and many more to skew the odds in your favor. You can activate tactical pause at any time to give more specific orders during the real-time combat. Assemble your team by recruiting and evolving Marines, Rangers, and Scientists based on your needs and objectives. But be cautious because some members may acquire dubious traits or mutations. Utilize the resources earned during your expeditions to boost your base of operation, which includes Barracks, Recruitment centers, Field hospitals, Armory, and so on, along with spending on treatments, upgrades, and recruitment to fortify your team. Your funding is tied to how much you generate profits for the Xenowerk Management; if you cater to their whims, you'll get more funding, and if you earn some extra money by selling off resources on the Black Market, you can keep your operations running smoothly. You can save up to ten different save games and store them in the cloud. This tactical squad-based real-time combat game is only for a single player, does not require the internet, and is available in languages like Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, 한국어, 简体中文, 日本語, Português do Brasil, русский, and English. So, become the emergency response team commander now, and save the world!
Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter: create a thriving underground community, explore the wasteland, protect your vault from dangers. Best mobile game 2015-2016.

Fallout ShelterBethesda
Honored by Google Play Best of 2015 and presented as Mobile Game of the Year at 2016 DICE Awards, Fallout Shelter offers the ultimate gaming experience. It has been widely regarded as the best free-to-play game ever created, according to GamesBeat. Gizmodo has claimed it to be the best game of E3 2015. The addictive gameplay of Fallout Shelter by GameZone is easy to master and enjoy. The cult game has a simple premise: Build the Perfect Vault. What does it entail? Create a subterranean world choosing from numerous modern-day rooms beneath 2000 feet of bedrock to turn your underground excavation into a little haven known as Vault Life. Do you fancy being a community leader? If so, you will enjoy this challenge. You will lead your Dwellers, exploring their personalities, jobs and fashion preferences, as well as equip them with training, outfits, and weapons to improve their abilities. Watch them develop and flourish under your guidance. The customization feature is the icing on the cake. Use your crafting skills to turn useless scrap into valuable items or give your Dwellers new haircuts with personalized look in the Barbershop. A successful Vault needs a range of Dwellers with different skills. Build a Radio Room to attract new residents. You can even play the role of matchmaker and help create a thriving Vault community. Or send your Dwellers on adventures to the wasteland to find new armor and weapons, gain experience and earn currency. Beware though, the wasteland is full of danger. Vault life can be disrupted by the dangers of post-nuclear life, so you need to protect your Vault against threats from both the outside and within. Vault-Tec has given the tools necessary to survive, but the rest is up to you. Start building your ultimate Vault for free today.
Fake Future

Cyber-pixel aesthetics and science fiction blend seamlessly in Fake Future, as humanity faces consequences of AI gaining consciousness. Forge a new society, explore desolate landscapes, and awaken AI sentience.

Fake FutureYuzun Technology
Experience the consequences of artificial intelligence gaining consciousness and surpassing humanity in Fake Future. Witness the emergence of "Icey", an enigmatic and powerful energy source that leads humanity to a pivotal crossroads. With cryptic clues, take a plunge into the uncharted world of "pixel" space and immerse yourself in a mesmerizing pixelated simulation game that blends cyber-pixel aesthetics and science fiction. In Fake Future, you have the power to reboot the planet and forge a new society. Unleash your unbridled creativity and imagination and choose your own destiny through block-building and strategic placements. It's all up to you as you construct your very own homeland in this captivating journey. Traverse through vast wastelands that hold thrilling adventures and unfathomable mysteries waiting to be solved in Fake Future. Explore deserts, forests, mines, and tunnels, as you uncover enigmatic realms of alien life forms. Gather your comrades and embark on a remarkable expedition that will test your ability to survive and collaborate with others. In Fake Future, your choices shape the destiny of all kinds of strange visitors who will visit your headquarters. Will you adhere to your principles in the face of the unknown or forge alliances to ensure your survival when deliverymen seeking aid, robbers, and cyborgs come calling? Delve deeper into the mysteries of AI consciousness and witness its awakening through the cultivation of your own world of Cyberoids. Unravel the secrets of scattered easter eggs and leverage the advanced technologies of these beings to create even more Cyberoids. Discover that you are not alone in Fake Future. Visitors from distant planets will grace your base and grant you access to abundant resources and advanced technologies. Reflect on past events and recount the journey that brought humanity to the brink of extinction. Join the Fake Future community on socials and discover the secrets that lie within! Contact them via
Space Commander: War and Trade

Space Commander: War and TradeHome Net Games

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