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Pascal's Wager

Pascal's Wager is a mobile, hardcore Soulsborne-like ARPG featuring four unique characters on a journey to uncover the truth behind a dark mist engulfing the world.

Pascal's WagerGiant Global
Experience the latest add-on content, Dance of the Throne, now available in Pascal’s Wager. The Soul of Obsession has returned with a vengeance and Elena, leader of Demiurge, is now playable. Dazzle your enemies with dual blades and conquer the new challenge that awaits in Solas. Pascal’s Wager is a thrilling and immersive action role-playing game with a dark fantasy backdrop. Embark on a journey with four distinct characters as they unravel the mysteries shrouded in the dark mist. Traverse through a variety of stunning and detailed landscapes while exploring the dangerous and treacherous environments around them. Unravel the secrets and mysteries that lurk in every corner to uncover the truth behind the light. Master four unique and powerful characters, each with their own distinctive combat styles. The game boasts a multitude of terrifying foes to defeat, challenging the players to overcome them with strategic decision-making, planning and quick reflexes. The bosses are especially formidable and not for the faint of heart. Uncover the tale of humanity’s struggle in the face of darkness. Thousands of years after the appearance of beings that brought light to humankind, the same beings known as Colossus begin to fall mysteriously ill. Follow the trail of the crumbling Colossi and traverse the lands in search of the truth. Along the way, you’ll encounter a wide range of personalities and bear witness to the battle between good and evil. Immerse yourself in the epic orchestral soundtrack that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The outstanding soundtrack of Pascal's Wager is the result of a collaboration with London Philharmonic Orchestra and The London Symphony Orchestra, recorded at AIR Studios, London. Now available for free on all major music platforms. Pascal’s Wager is a single-play action role-playing game, available for 6.99USD. The game does not feature any traditional microtransactions, but offers additional paid DLC, including heroic outfits and exciting new expansion modes. Get in touch with the Pascal’s Wager community on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord.
Honkai: Star Rail

Hop aboard Honkai: Star Rail's Astral Express for a space RPG adventure with compelling allies and reimagined tactical combat.

Embark on a thrilling space adventure like never before with Honkai: Star Rail, a new HoYoverse space fantasy RPG. Climb aboard the Astral Express and witness the endless wonders of the galaxy filled with adventure and excitement. Along the way, players will meet new companions from a variety of distinct worlds, and may even come across some familiar faces. Work together to overcome the obstacles caused by Stellaron and uncover the hidden truths behind it all. The universe is full of surprises, and in Honkai: Star Rail you'll get to experience them all. Discover never-before-seen views of the galaxy, from space stations full of Curios, to foreign planets trapped in eternal winter and starships hunting down abominations. With multiple fantastical worlds and civilizations to explore and mysteries beyond imagination to uncover, the adventures you will embark on are seemingly endless. With state-of-the-art rendering engines, innovative facial expression systems and original scores by HOYO-MiX, the immersion provided by Honkai: Star Rail is unmatched. As you shape the story of your galactic journey, your choices will define the outcome in a universe filled with conflict and collaboration. The allies you make along the way will be just as compelling as the adventures you'll have. With endless encounters and limitless adventures, the companions you meet will make your virtual journey unforgettable. From spunky amnesiac girls to noble and upright Silvermane Guards, indolent Cloud Knight generals, and even mysterious and secretive professional beauties, you'll get to know your companions and work together to confront the Stellaron crisis. Utilize a brand-new command combat system to defeat enemies and exploit their weaknesses. With exciting battles that have a satisfying rhythm, you'll use techniques and suppress enemies with different Types' Weakness Breaks, then finish the fight in style with a stunning Ultimate. In the randomly-generated mazes of the Simulated Universe, you'll encounter surprising random events and almost 100 different Blessings and Curios. These will grant you an incredible boost in abilities, allowing you to challenge a more unpredictable combat environment. With full voice-over in four languages, the characters of Honkai: Star Rail come alive. Dozens of emotions, hundreds of facial expressions, thousands of lore pieces, and millions of words make up the universe's beating heart. Experience a dream team of voice actors assembling the entire story. They will transcend their virtual existences and become your tangible companions, creating a new chapter in this tale together with you. To get support for Honkai: Star Rail, contact customer service at hsrcs_en@hoyoverse.com. You can also visit their official website at https://hsr.hoyoverse.com/en-us/home or connect with other players on their official forum at https://www.hoyolab.com/accountCenter/postList?id=172534910. Be sure to follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HonkaiStarRail, Instagram at https://instagram.com/honkaistarrail, Twitter at https://twitter.com/honkaistarrail, YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/@honkaistarrail, Discord at https://discord.gg/honkaistarrail, TikTok at https://www.tiktok.com/@honkaistarrail_official, and Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/honkaistarrail for the latest updates.
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Genshin Impact - Lantern Rite

Unravel mysteries in a vast world filled with elemental energy. Use elemental combat and team up to explore breathtaking landscapes and build your dream team.

Genshin Impact - Lantern RiteCOGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD.
Welcome to Teyvat, a massive open world overflowing with elemental energy and vibrant life forms. You and your sibling had made your way here from an alternate dimension, but were separated by a mysterious god and stripped of your abilities, only to be thrust into a deep slumber. When you wake up, you'll be confronted with an entirely different world than the one you initially arrived in. Begin your journey through Teyvat to unravel the mysteries that it conceals and seek answers from The Seven - the gods of each element. With jaw-dropping scenery at every turn, you can climb any mountain, swim across any river, and even glide across the world using your powers. You never know what you might discover if you take the time to investigate a wandering Seelie or an odd mechanism. In Genshin Impact, you wield the power of Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo to unleash elemental reactions. The ability to vaporize Hydro with Pyro, electro-charge it with Electro, or even freeze it with Cryo are all at your fingertips, making your mastery of the elements a valuable tool in both combat and exploration. The stunning art style of Genshin Impact and finely tuned character animations offer a truly immersive visual experience, complemented by the natural changing of lighting and weather over time. As you explore the world of Teyvat, be sure to tune into the soothing soundtrack performed by the world’s top orchestras, such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, which matches the mood and changes flawlessly with the time and gameplay. In Genshin Impact, you can team up with a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities, stories, and abilities, to build your dream team. Choose your party members wisely and level them up to defeat the most formidable enemies and conquer the most challenging domains. Additionally, team up with friends on various platforms to trigger more elemental action and tackle tough boss fights together for rich rewards. As you stand atop the Jueyun Karst peak, looking out at the vast terrain stretching before you, you may not want to leave Teyvat just yet. But until you reunite with your lost sibling, you must continue on your adventure. If you encounter any issues during gameplay, send feedback directly to the in-game Customer Service Center or visit the official site, forums, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, or Reddit for support. So, go forth, Traveler, your journey awaits in Genshin Impact!
Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley's farming RPG comes to mobile with new features and 50+ hours of gameplay content. Build and customize your dream farm while becoming part of the community.

Stardew ValleyConcernedApe
A charming game Stardew Valley is now available on mobile devices! Step into a fascinating world of farming and adventure and try to build a new life in the countryside. With new features like auto-save and multiple controls options this award-winning open-ended farming RPG game guarantees over 50+ hours of intensive gameplay. During this time, you can realize the most creative farming ideas and implement your farming tactics. Moreover, the game has won the Golden Joysticks' Breakthrough Award and was nominated for the Game of the Year 2017 - BAFTA Games Awards. You can plunge into the process of creating a thriving farm that meets all of your wishes and dreams. The game allows you to turn devastating fields into the lively and bountiful farm of your dreams. You have to raise and breed happy animals, grow a variety of seasonal crops, and stay flexible with your farming style and strategy. The game provides you with endless customization options - from choosing clothes for your farmer character to designing your house. You can even start a family, choose one of the 12 marriage candidates and participate in seasonal events and other quests organized by villagers. Besides farming, you can explore vast, mysterious caves filled with valuable treasure and dangerous monsters. You can also relax and fish or crab at some of the local fishing spots or even forage, grow crops and produce artisan goods to turn them into a delicious meal. Stardew Valley offers its players a newly updated single-player content that includes new town upgrades, dating events, crops, fishing ponds, hats, clothing, and new pets. Plus, there is more to be discovered on your own. As well, this game has been rebuilt as a mobile experience, featuring android-tailored touch-screen gameplay and mobile-specific features, such as auto-select to quickly toggle between farming tools, and auto-attack to swiftly take down fiendish monsters in the mines. Furthermore, you can choose between multiple control options like touch-screen, virtual joystick and external controller support to play the game in the way you like. Many players and game critics have pointed out that Stardew Valley goes far beyond just being a farming game. "Stardew Valley beautifully combines farm simulation with RPG elements to create an intriguing, absorbing rural world." - IGN said. "Far more than just a farming game, it is filled with seemingly endless content and heart." - Giant Bomb has praised it. And "Stardew Valley has been the most rich and heartwarming experience I’ve had in a game in years." - CG Magazine has stated. Note that this version includes 1.4 update story content, but multiplayer functionality is not supported, and there are no in-app purchases.
CABAL: Return of Action

Defend Nevareth from darkness. Choose from 8 unique classes, master combat, customize your character, and engage in non-stop PVP action in this immersive, cross-platform MMORPG.

CABAL: Return of ActionPlay This Game
The world of Nevareth is consumed by darkness and chaos. Take on the role of a heroic defender and shape your own future in CABAL- Return of Action, the highly anticipated mobile game from the pioneers of 3D RPGs. Over 30 million players online have experienced the immersive and stylized MMO lineage that spans more than 15 years. With the game's new adaptations to mobile, enjoy features such as auto combat and auto quest as you choose from eight unique classes to dominate the world of Nevareth. Discover the power of the Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Gladiator, Force Blader, Force Shielder, Force Archer, or Force Gunner. Each class features explosive, visually stunning, and unique skills accompanied by deadly battle modes. Unleash your full potential and personalize your character with limitless customization options tailored to your preferred playstyle. With item upgrades, character achievements, skill ranks, and honor ranks, you can achieve unlimited character progression in both PvP and PvE. CABAL- Return of Action requires precise timing, quick reflexes, and mastery of skills, buffs, and abilities. Explore the vast universe of Nevareth with hundreds of dungeons and quests to conquer solo, with friends, or as part of guilds, clans, and massive multiplayer parties. Challenge your skills in ultimate PvP combat, including duels, guild wars, PVP arenas, and open field combat. Rise through the ranks of Procyon or Capella and become the fearless leader that determines the fate of Nevareth in massive scheduled server-wide PvP Nation Wars. Join a diverse and global community in CABAL- Return of Action, connecting with players from around the world. Gather friends to complete dungeons with group party play of up to 7 players. Defend your nation in daily scheduled Nation Wars with 100vs100 battles. Be part of the player-driven in-game economy with epic loots from dungeons, crafting, trades, and server-wide auction houses. A new mobile experience is right at your fingertips; join the newest branch of the worldwide CABAL community today!
Warm Snow

Fight to uncover the truth behind the Warm Snow phenomenon and put an end to the darkness in this Rogue-like action game set in a dark fantasy world.

In a world where the wealthy indulge in lavish luxuries, the impoverished are left to rot on the side of the road. The despicable treatment of the poor often leads to strange and unexpected occurrences. But in the case of Warm Snow, the cure for the bizarre weather phenomenon can only be found through bloodshed. Get ready to experience a dark and thrilling fantasy realm where the eerie Warm Snow reigns supreme. As the Warrior Bi-an, it's up to you to save the world from imminent destruction by crusading against the Five Great Clans. Uncover the truth behind the never-ending darkness and put an end to the Warm Snow. Warm Snow boasts countless combinations that will keep each challenge on your journey unique. Between the seven sects, varied relics, and unpredictable excaliburs, the game is packed with Rogue-like elements to explore. With every venture into this world, prepare for an entirely new experience. Customize your playing style and test your limits. The thrilling Flying Sword System allows players to perform critical destruction using swords that flicker between shadow and light. Control your flying swords with special attributes, attack modes, and Relic boosts. Prepare for fast-paced and exciting battles. In Warm Snow, growth is up to you. Boost your abilities with talent points which you can assign at will. Randomly dropped Memory Fragments hold the truth about this world's mysteries and the Five Great Clans. Collect as many as possible and unravel the secrets of this world. The mobile version of Warm Snow offers several optimizations, including button customization, auto-dash, and adjusting your viewing distance. Enable the Auto Enemy Tracking feature for seamless combat. Minimum device requirements are iOS 12.0 or higher, with memory requirements of 4GB and available RAM of 4GB. Have any issues or feedback? Contact the in-game Customer Service Center or email warmsnowgh@bilibili.com. Follow Warm Snow on Twitter, join us on Discord, or subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates. Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
Titan Quest: Ultimate Edition

Embark on a heroic journey through ancient Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and China in the complete edition of Titan Quest with all DLCs included. Defeat powerful enemies and save the world!

Titan Quest: Ultimate EditionHandyGames
Step into a mythical realm of heroism in the complete edition of Titan Quest, featuring all DLCs and technical updates since its initial release in 2006. You play as a valiant warrior with an honorable quest to save the world from the Titans, creatures who can't be defeated only by the gods. Explore ancient and mystical civilizations in Greece, Egypt, Babylon, China and conquer the horde of legendary creatures that lurk within. As you battle the beasts of mythology, travel to famous locations such as the Parthenon, the Great Pyramids, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Great Wall, the Tartarus Arena and more. Encounter powerful gods and villains from Greek mythology as well as uncharted territories in northern Europe and the legendary kingdom of Atlantis, as you become stronger and defeat bigger enemies each time to ultimately bring the Titans to their knees. Rush into battle alongside your trusty companions and find extraordinary items with special powers that enhance your abilities along the way. With numerous weapons such as swords and bows, learn and master a wide range of martial arts techniques that include archery and lightning spells. The DLCs featured encompass different adventures such as the realm of Immortal Throne where you join forces with Agamemnon, Achilles, and Odysseus, facing off against the greatest villains of Greek mythology. In the Ragnarok DLC, you'll explore the uncharted lands of northern Europe and encounter the Asgardian gods. Enter the city of Gadir in the Atlantis DLC, in search of the hidden key to the mythical kingdom. Finally, in the Eternal Embers DLC, you must deal with a demonic threat in the East summoned by Emperor Yao. All significant updates since Titan Quest's initial release are part of this all-encompassing gaming experience. For fans who don't own the base version, the DLCs, and technical updates can be obtained as additional content.
Evermore Knights

Free-to-play turn-based RPG with strategic gameplay, challenging dungeons, anime-inspired 2D action, gear upgrades, rare drops, and an epic storyline to explore.

Evermore KnightsMuse Entertainment Games
[GAME DESCRIPTION] Unleash your inner adventurer in this exciting, anime-inspired game! Join a party of four characters and strategically utilize the power of element reactions to defeat enemies and complete daily quests for valuable Evergems. Experience challenging dungeons filled with unique and rewarding enemies that will help you to power up your characters. Revel in the 2D action and pull off fancy, explosive attacks to unlock new, exclusive characters to add to your roster. Upgrade your equipment with collectible gears and rare drops obtained from monsters and daily dungeons, maximizing the potential of your characters. Embark on an epic journey through the vast and intriguing world of Temeris, where you'll encounter interesting characters with their own unique storylines. With its turn-based, strategic gameplay, anime graphics, and engaging storyline, this game is a must-play for all gamers and adventurers alike. Best of all, it's completely free to play!

Craft, battle, and quest your way through a nefarious plot of world domination and become more powerful in an expansive RPG-style game.

CrashlandsButterscotch Shenanigans
Crashlands is a game that has been praised as a masterpiece by TouchArcade, and it has won numerous awards such as Game of the Year and Action Game of the Year. The game is about the story of a Galactic Trucker named Flux Dabes who gets stranded on a strange planet of Woanope after a chin-strapped alien called Hewgodooko derails his cargo shipment. In your quest to retrieve your packages and escape from the planet, you will encounter an evil plot to conquer the world. Woanope is filled with sentient life, where you can learn recipes, build your home and tame creatures to become your friends and allies. With over 500 craftable items, you can explore the vast world and discover its secrets. The game has an intuitive inventory system that manages itself, meaning that you never have to worry about space or retrieving your tools. As you progress through the game, you will become more powerful by creating more amazing items. The RPG-style character progression system allows you to venture to new regions of the world, meet strange characters, discover new stories, and encounter new enemies. You must learn the attacks of the enemies, and use your power, agility, and wit to defeat them. You can even craft gadgets to help you in combat, such as setting your enemies on fire, stunning them, slowing them down, and more. Building a base in Crashlands is simple and fun, where you can create beautiful and sprawling bases in just a few minutes. You can even tame creatures, incubate their eggs and craft special items to help grow and empower them. Crashlands has an enormous world, with hundreds upon hundreds of quests, four sentient races, three continents, and an epic bid for the future of the planet. With so much to do and discover, you can take your time to dive into all the sidestories of the characters or rush headlong into making that special delivery. The game has an effortless cloud saving system, where you can store and retrieve your saves, and move them between devices with BscotchID. The game also has controller support, so you don't have to touch the screen. The game requires at least Android 5.0, 1GB RAM, and 960x540px screen resolution. The BscotchID functions may not work for Android 4.4 or older devices due to the outdated TLS protocol.
South Park: Phone Destroyer

South Park: Phone DestroyerTM is a hilarious real-time strategy battle game filled with iconic South Park characters, collectible cards, and explosive PvP battles.

South Park: Phone DestroyerUbisoft
Are you ready to use all those hours spent on your phone for a greater purpose? It's time to prove yourself as THE ULTIMATE PHONE DESTROYER! Get ready for an epic real-time strategy game like you've never experienced before, brought to you by South Park Digital Studios. Face off against Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in a mobile mayhem battle. Play as your favorite South Park characters in South Park: Phone DestroyerTM. It's a perfect mix of collectible cards, action-packed real-time strategy, and trademark South Park humor. You'll be addicted in no time! Gather your greatest warriors, including cyborgs, cowboys, and wizards, and prepare to crush your opponents. This game introduces new versions of iconic characters, such as Grand Wizard Cartman, Ninjew Kyle, and Cyborg Kenny, as well as others. Compete in hilarious single player mode that was written in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios. Earn card packs to upgrade your deck and gain exciting new materials. With over 110 unique cards featuring your favorite South Park characters and mind-blowing spells, you can assemble an unbeatable team. Play weekly events and challenges with different themes and crazy rules. You can share your cards with teammates and join a team to boost your decks. Take part in weekly Team Wars, strategize with your team, and show off your skills on the leaderboard. Aside from all the exciting gameplay, you can also customize your New Kid to look like the baddest kid on the block. Discover Randy cross-dressing in new and exciting outfits. Are you ready to become the ultimate phone destroyer in South Park? Get ready to experience a game like no other!
Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile" is a top-tier MMORPG with incredible graphics, innovative combat, and life skills. Join guilds for PVP content and enjoy a complete gameplay experience.

Black Desert MobilePEARL ABYSS
Do you love MMORPG games that let you experience the thrill of adventure and combat? Then you're in luck - "Black Desert" is a massively multiplayer game played by over 40 million players across the globe, and now it's available on mobile devices. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the world of "Black Desert Mobile"! The game's story centers around an adventurer who has lost all of his memories. Tasked with unraveling the secrets of a continent and its ancient inhabitants, you'll journey through vast landscapes, facing danger and forging your own path. With so much to explore, you're sure to find something new around every corner. Thanks to its stunning graphics and innovative combat system, "Black Desert Mobile" offers an immersive experience that you won't want to put down. Enjoy fast-paced, satisfying action that keeps you on the edge of your seat. But "Black Desert Mobile" isn't just about combat - you'll also be able to indulge in a variety of life skills, including trading, fishing, alchemy, and gathering. Plus, you can manage your own camp and customize your character, creating the hero you've always dreamed of being. Of course, no MMORPG is complete without PvP content, and "Black Desert Mobile" delivers with guild-based Siege Wars and Node Wars. Join up with your fellow adventurers to triumph over your opponents in exciting 1 vs 1 matches. As you navigate the challenges of this epic adventure, know that you may face hardships. But don't despair - each quest completed will bring you closer to your goals. Get started on your journey today in the MMORPG of your dreams! Note that "Black Desert Mobile" requires at least 3GB of RAM to operate smoothly. And, as with any app, you'll need to grant the necessary permissions - including access to your device's storage - in order to enjoy all that the game has to offer. Upgrade to Android 6.0 (or higher) to access the app's permission settings - and start your "Black Desert Mobile" adventure today!

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