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Endurance: mighty soul doom

Explore labyrinth spaceship, shoot insane team of zombies with huge arsenal of pixel guns, discover mystery and survive in dead space.

Endurance: mighty soul doomCreauctopus
Endurance: Dead Space Team is a thrilling action game that takes place on a labyrinth spaceship located in a far-flung galaxy. As a researcher on the starship "Endurance," your team suddenly becomes infected, turning them into zombie-like creatures. Your main goal is to survive this ordeal, figure out what happened to your colleagues, and save any sane crew members that you happen to come across. The setting of this game is like the dead space atmosphere, with a lot of horror elements that add to the game's appeal. You will find yourself fighting your former colleagues head-on while defending your alias. The game offers several playing options, including the use of gamepads as one of the controller supported games. The game environment has a retro ambiance, with dungeon-like levels, pixel art graphics, and atmospheric music. In this pixel game, you'll be surrounded by lively and talkative space team characters, which can break up the horror atmosphere to relax you and prepare you for the game's hardcore battles. The game is full of references to many sci-fi movies, which adds to its overall appeal. As you embark on exploring the starship, you will have access to a vast arsenal of pixel guns that you can use to defeat the entire army of your zombie-like team. The game has many great features, including collecting tons of weapons, hardcore gameplay, exploring the mystery, retro ambience, and RPG elements. It's a great game that you shouldn't miss, especially if you are a fan of pixel games, retro games, indie games, controller-supported games, labyrinth games, and shooting games. Download Endurance: Dead Space Team now and show these zombies their dumb ways to die.
Heartwood Online

Heartwood Online: cross-platform MMO, free-to-play, explore vast world, fight raid bosses, craft, engaging PvP/PvE battles, player-driven economy. Coming soon to major consoles.

Heartwood OnlineE Bros
Heartwood Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game that can be played across multiple platforms including Steam, Apple, and Android. With plans to roll it out to more gaming systems in the future, you can be sure it will be available on your preferred console. Dive into a captivating and expansive world that's full of excitement and discovery. Collaborate with other players to conquer formidable bosses, find obscure loot, and expand your player skills and capabilities. Select your own route by adapting to various facets such as player versus player (PVP) and player versus environment (PVE) combat, professions, guilds, politics, and a thriving player-driven economy.
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Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA

In this dragon-raising RPG, rebuild BlockTown and form your dream team from over 300 unique Toy Dragons to embark on a journey to recover lost treasures.

Meta Toy DragonZ SAGASandbox Network, Inc.
★ Toy Dragon-Raising RPG ★ Open Beta launching in September! Get 100,000 Money + 1,000 Gems + 10 Dragon/Pet Gacha Tickets at once! (Offer limited) 《Game Overview》 BlockTown previously was a congenial neighborhood where Toy Dragons lived, but it was suddenly invaded by mechanical toys. The intruders destructed BlockTown, stole valuable Gem Blocks from the treasure depot, and it led to the toy dragons' wrath. The only thing they have in mind is to take back the lost treasures and reconstruct their hometown from the scratch! You are invited to join forces with them, develop an unbeatable dragon exploration crew, and traverse through unimaginable paths. 《Prominent Features》 ▶ Exceptional Pixel-design Toy Dragons You have the opportunity to choose and form an elite squad of more than 300 different dragons. Every dragon is unique in its kind with its attributes and competencies, and you can utilize their specialties to surpass multiple levels. ▶ Re-create BlockTown with Toy Dragons By arranging and upgrading diverse production plants, such as the Block Factory, Block Hardware Store, and Gear Maker, you can remake and enhance your BlockTown. The further you renovate your town, the higher rewards you earn, which ultimately benefit your dragons' development. ▶ Indulge in unlimited synergies with Gem Blocks and Pets The combinational power of Gem Blocks and assistive pets is incomparable! These blocks are enriched with various abilities suitable for different strategic plans. While preparing strategies, you cannot deny the importance of your dragons' classes and attributes. ▶ Demonstrate your strategic tactics in Arena PVP Compulsory PVP with the most powerful dragon exploration teams! Participate in the Arena, conquer with balanced dragon combinations, and adapt your tactics according to the attribute buffs influenced every season! Let your strategic skills and Toy Dragons' potential shine!
Hunter Raid : Idle RPG

Survive bloody war & awaken hunters. Play anywhere with cool dungeons, job advancement system & idle rewards in immersive gameplay.

Hunter Raid : Idle RPGgameberry studio(Idle RPG, Simulation)
Summon and rally the Hunters to fight! Survive till the ultimate end of the crimson war which erupted with an enigmatic gateway. < All the essentials of an Idle RPG > ▶ Fascinating Dungeons with captivating realms - Traverse through time and space to play across the 「Past, Present, Wulin, and Otherworld」 - Engaging gameplay studded with stylish animations and dazzling spectacles! ▶ Job Advancement System (Building of Trials) - An extraordinary system to obliterate characters from different worlds and integrate their power to enhance your strength - Attain formidable skills like Berserker, Kensei, and Swordmaster ▶ Idle Play, Immense Rewards, and Rapid Progression! - Being an idle RPG, you can boost your growth rapidly by accumulating resources even while you're away. - Unlock better stats and strengthen your might with every passing day! ▶ Furthermore... - A robust Guild System to foster your camaraderie with your guildmates - Fabulous attire options ... plethora of other features at your disposal! < Hunter Story Chapter 1: An Invasion of the Unknown Portal > An enigmatic gateway had emerged without any prior warning. The horde of creatures that surged through it showed no mercy. Humanity suffered a debilitating loss of 90%, with Earth's remaining organisms subjected to hideous disfigurement. However, the alien hostilities never ceased to halt, from establishing new gateways to find the remaining humans. In the end, Pandora's Box of 「Past, Present, Wulin, and Otherworld」 had drastically unleashed! .... to be continued.
My Home Dungeon: Defense RPG

Protect your dungeon from invading heroes by summoning and possessing unique minions in this strategic defense game with rich content and a fresh story.

My Home Dungeon: Defense RPGBluePotion Games
Are you ready to face the challenge and defend the Dungeon? The fate of the land lies in your hands as the battle to protect the Dungeon begins now! Prepare yourself for an epic, strategical defense game that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Block the Heroes that are invading the Dungeon with your unique tactics. By summoning the Minions, you can guard the Castle and protect it from enemies. Each Minion has its own characteristics and costs which you can strategically utilize to defeat the Heroes. Despite the Lord being tiny and weak, it can control the Minions and possess them to increase their abilities. The Possession System grants you the ability to generate higher synergy and strength. Unleash the power of the Lord to its full potential by possessing and controlling the Minions. The Castle offers a wide range of content to explore. You can collect enhancement materials to strengthen the Castle's defense and search for secret locations hidden throughout the Castle. The various dungeons within the Castle offer more opportunities to gain power and enhance your gameplay. Meet the unique collection of 64 Minions living in the Castle. Each Minion has its own appearance, characteristics, and power, making them stand out from one another. You will soon fall in love with their powerful skill and charm. Enjoy the original and fascinating story of heroes raiding the peaceful Castle while the Lord becomes a soul. This line defense game has a new concept that is fresh and exciting. Join the adventure to the Castle now and discover all the secrets it offers. Join the Official Community on Discord or Facebook for more updates and exciting news. Any queries can be directed towards their email customer support. Take on the challenge and become the Demon Lord and protect the Dungeon from the invading Heroes.
Hero's Quest: Automatic Roguelite RPG

Hero's Quest is a roguelite game with immersive pixel art and challenging battles. Choose heroes with unique stats, focus on strategy and explore the world to reach the highest levels.

Hero's Quest: Automatic Roguelite RPGMurilobast
Get ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure as a charming hero in Hero's Quest which boasts an immersive world that's waiting for you to explore! You'll have to put your fighting skills to the test to climb the ranks and become the best among your peers. Your goal is to reach the highest level by winning battles, obtain plenty of gold coins, acquire new weapons and upgrade your equipment to improve your stats. When you start playing, you receive 20 energy points (EP). Try not to run out of energy, keep your EP stable so that you can achieve higher levels in the game. Each time you defeat monsters and bosses, you collect gold coins. The more enemies you vanquish, the richer you get and the quicker you progress. Winning grants you more experience points, which in turn increase your level. As you climb higher in levels, your chances of defeating fierce and aggressive enemies increase. As you progress through Hero's Quest, you'll gradually uncover your unique abilities and discover the most effective fighting style for yourself. The game has varied strategies and relics combinations to keep it interesting. It's rewarding to keep exploring new combinations and discover new magic. You can choose from various characters to participate in battles that come with different bonus stats and captivating pixel-art skins. In Hero's Quest, you also get access to multiple passive skills to personalize and enhance your gameplay style. These skills are grouped into categories like offensive, defensive, or utility and players can develop their skills to suit their gaming preferences. Hero's Quest offers you an immersive world with multiple areas to unlock filled with strong and powerful monsters. As you progress, the battles get more challenging and intense, and you have to defeat bosses with exceptional strength to unlock new maps, relics and equipment. Roguelite action in the game takes you through permanent upgrades as you unlock higher levels, making each gameplay easier, interesting, and more progress-based. Choose your battles, focus on strategy, hero, and relics combinations since the game gets automatic, so you'll have to deduce the best fight tactics. More so, you can play the game with only one hand in portrait orientation, a perfect match for a fast-paced mobile game. In conclusion, Hero's Quest offers an action-packed game with a breathtaking adventure that's best played on mobile games. You'll find yourself coming back for more as you battle through the challenges, unlock different areas, and progress through the game. Lastly, you can enjoy the game's awesome music provided by Aaron Krogh and the character arts by Ækashics.
IdleOn: The Idle MMO

Build a guild of unique characters and play as each one in a huge multiplayer pixel world; with no ads, IdleOn offers endless content and gameplay features.

IdleOn: The Idle MMOLavaFlame2
In IdleOn™, you can enjoy an idle game without any ads. The latest version 1.70 is now available, bringing new gaming skills, sailing, and divinity. You can even explore World 4 with new cooking, pet breeding, and lab skills. With the release of v1.30, you can cooperate with up to 10 people to play Party Dungeons. The game is now 50% larger with the new World 3, available in v1.20. You can join a guild with up to 170 people in v1.10, so invite your friends and enjoy playing together. IdleOn is an MMORPG where you can create your own guild of unique characters. You can cast spells on bosses, complete quests, level up your skills, and chat with other players in this pixel world. Even when you are offline, your characters continue to gather resources, craft items, and defeat bosses. You can choose whether to actively grind mobs or gain idle gains by closing the game. With a large amount of content, IdleOn™ will keep you engaged for months. You can create multiple characters, each specializing in different areas. All characters work equally when idle, which is unique and exciting in this game. With 20 specialized characters, each with unique abilities, talents, tasks, and quest chains, IdleOn is a refreshing break from pay-to-play games. This game keeps getting bigger and better, with new content added every few weeks. IdleOn™ MMORPG has eleven unique classes with its own attack moves and talents to suit your playing style. There are twelve unique skills and subsystems such as Post Office Orders, Statues, Stamps, and Minigames, unlike most idle games and MMORPG. You can level up fifteen unique skills, from mining and smithing to alchemy and woodcutting. You can talk to more than fifty NPCs, each with its own hand-drawn pixel art animations. There are more than 120 unique equipment items such as helmets, rings, and weapons that you can craft. IdleOn lets you talk with other players like you are talking to someone in real life and join Discord to stay informed about upcoming content. Why not download the game and experience IdleOn™ MMORPG now?

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