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Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast

Lead the Light against dark creatures and become the shining hope in this innovative turn-based RPG featuring captivating fantasy world and unique, detailed characters.

Alchemy Stars: Aurora BlastLevel Infinite
Embark on a new adventure and chase the coveted Light in this revolutionary line strategy RPG that will take the genre to new heights! Step into a world filled with magic and technology, where the Aurora streaks across the skies above, leading you to discover a riveting universe full of fantastical stories and thrilling adventures. Enter the world of Astra, where the Aurorians and Caelestites have existed for as long as anyone can remember. However, a hundred years of peace was suddenly disrupted by the appearance of dark creatures known as Eclipsites, who were being controlled by a mysterious organization from the shadows. The Caelestites were all but destroyed by the Eclipsites, leaving you as the sole survivor. You were forced to endure numerous hardships and a life of exile deep underground. Then, 17 years later, you chance upon an Aurorian who brings you back to the surface, where the Light shines bright! You will bear the responsibility of leading the Light with your newfound bonds to the Aurorians, and command the Colossus, an artifact from your ancient civilization, as you soar through the sacred cities and harsh deserts. Join forces with your allies and friends, each with their own unique personalities, and find the Light to create your own story and be the beacon of hope for the world's future! With a team of over 150 talented artists, each Aurorian character has been carefully illustrated with incredible attention to detail. Engage in battles with stunning graphics and animations that bring each character to life. Furthermore, immerse yourself in a captivating fantasy world with a first-class voiceover cast that brings each beloved character to life. Experience an innovative turn-based combat system where you must master elemental attributes to draw up the perfect plan of attack and deploy your strategies accordingly. Whether you are a seasoned or casual gamer, you can enjoy a gameplay that is both accessible and entertaining. Are you prepared to take on the responsibility and lead the Light towards a brighter future? Visit the official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages for more information. Website: https://www.alchemystars.com Facebook: https://twitter.com/AlchemyStarsEN Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/AlchemyStarsEN
Crypto Ball Z

Crypto Ball Z is a new type of idle RPG game with the fun of bullet hell. Collect HeroStone, combine heroes and earn Crypto tokens to become a ranker.

Crypto Ball ZJOYCITY Corp.
Crypto Ball Z is an exciting game that combines elements of both idle RPG and bullet hell genres. It offers a refreshing take on the classic idle RPG genre with new features. You'll love it if you enjoy the fast-paced gameplay of bullet hell games. The game features a cast of incredible heroes from the popular game 'Game of Dice.' These characters have returned as superheroes to protect the Earth. You can also combine these heroes to create new, unique characters. The variety of heroes available means that there's something for everyone. Crypto Ball Z also offers an exciting Play & Earn feature. You can earn valuable HeroStone through various in-game activities and convert them into Crypto tokens. Additionally, you can collect large amounts of HeroStone by participating in the season race. These tokens can then be used to climb the ranks and become a top player. As you progress further into the game, your HeroStone collection will grow. You can use these stones to power up and upgrade your heroes, making them even more formidable. The higher stages you reach in the game, the more HeroStone you can collect, allowing you to improve your characters' abilities. Overall, Crypto Ball Z is an enjoyable and engaging game that's both easy to play and rewarding. Combining elements of idle RPG and bullet hell genres with Play & Earn features, it's a unique game that you'll find hard to put down.
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Alchemy Stars

Guide light, fight against darkness and save the world in this stunning RPG. Command 150 characters in this strategic journey of fantasy and wonder.

Alchemy Starsgamamobi
Embark on a journey through the mesmerizing world of Aurora, where the light and darkness collide. As a player, your mission is to harness the power of guiding light to fight against the forces of darkness. Alchemy Stars is a stunning RPG game that combines beautiful aesthetics with intricate strategy gameplay. The game revolves around the story of Estera, a land inhabited by the Light Elves and Aerials, who have lived in peace for centuries. However, their harmonious existence is at risk because of the Dark Spirits commanded by a mysterious organization that seeks to plunge the land into chaos and destruction. The Aerials' community is destroyed by these dark beings, and you must navigate your way through the underground to escape and survive. The game is highly interactive and offers a plethora of options. Players can control ancient artifacts and giant creatures, traverse through deserts and holy cities, and team up with charming companions to progress towards their goal of restoring light to the kingdom. The visuals of the game are breathtaking, with more than 150 artists contributing to its design, showcasing a perfect blend of artistry and attention to detail that enhances the battle scenes’ dynamic effects and characters' intricate appearance. Alchemy Stars also features a star-studded cast of voice actors who have brought the world of Aurora to life. With a host of charming characters, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses, the game promises an engaging and immersive experience for all players. The gameplay involves turn-based battles where players use the light element to determine the attack routes of their characters and allies, ensuring a combative and thrilling experience. The game also has an automatic battle mode that makes it easy for players of all skill levels to enjoy the game. Alchemy Stars is a free game that offers virtual in-game items and currency, making it a fantastic option for all gaming enthusiasts. The game has been classified as PG-15, with some content containing slight sexual references or violent scenes. Players are advised to play the game in moderation and be aware of their playtime. Join the Alchemy Stars community today to embark on an epic journey of strategy and adventure in the world of Aurora!
Candy Crush Saga

Play Candy Crush Saga, the legendary match 3 game, with over a trillion levels played. Master puzzles and blast candies with friends to become the Candy Kingdom's master.

Candy Crush SagaKing
Get ready to enjoy the most popular match 3 puzzle game ever, Candy Crush Saga, and have a delightful time crushing candies! With over a trillion levels played across the world, you can indulge yourself in this sweet game! In this scrumptious puzzle adventure, your mission is to match, pop, and blast candies to progress to the next level and treat yourself with a sugar blast! You can master the match 3 puzzles by making smart matching moves that will reward you with sugar bonuses and scrumptious candy combos. To spread jam and get through the extra sticky puzzles, you must match 3 or more candies in a row and use jelly fishes to blast them away! You can also blast jam and chocolate to collect sweet candy juice across a broad range of puzzle levels that will leave you craving for more. Become the master of the candy kingdom by winning thousands of sweet matching puzzles that keep getting added every fortnight to guarantee an endless sugar fix! Spin the Daily Booster Wheel and earn jelly fishes and other appetizing rewards. Prove your match 3 skills and time yourself to win innumerable bonuses and clear the jelly! This sugar-coated puzzle game provides various ways to play, including Sweet Escape and Clear the Jelly modes, to satisfy your sweet tooth! Play match 3 puzzles ranging from easy to hard and level up, whether you’re online or offline. You can also invite your friends to join and team up in the leaderboards, challenging each other to match and pop candies and thereby, become the match 3 master of all! Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play game, but optional in-game items require payment. You can disable the payment feature anytime by going to your device settings. Download Candy Crush Saga today and become the ultimate candy crusher! In case you want to blast even more puzzles, you can also try out other games by King, including Candy Crush Soda Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and Pet Rescue Saga. By downloading Candy Crush Saga, you agree to the terms of service provided in the link: https://king.com/termsAndConditions King may share your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. For more information, visit https://king.com/privacyPolicy. If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, contact us via the in-game help center or visit the link: https://soporto.king.com/contact
Epic Seven

Epic Seven x Tensura Collaboration adds Rimuru, Milim, and Shuna as heroes in this vast world of battles, raids, and PvP arenas.

Epic SevenSmilegate Holdings, Inc
An exciting collaboration between Epic Seven and Tensura is now available, introducing the heroes Rimuru, Milim, and Shuna. Join the fun by participating in the Epic Seven x Tensura Collaboration Events that is currently ongoing. Witness the birth of the 7th world as Diche, the Goddess of Life, summons all of her remaining power and grants shape to the Guardians and the Heir of the Covenant. An epic story awaits you in this modern-day adventure game, so prepare to be fully engaged. The game features fully playable 2D animation with dazzling skill animations that can be seen in battles, akin to cutscene-quality 2D animated graphics that make the game more appealing. There is also a Raid Labyrinth where an ancient queen awakens from her slumber, allowing you to embark on a monster hunt with pretty incredible rewards. Players can take part in the PvP Arena, where they compete for fame and victory. Showcase your unique strategies to the world every season and earn recognition. Also, team up with fellow Guild members and participate in intense 3v3 battles in the Guild Wars, where you work your way up to become the best group. Another mode is the World Boss, which allows you to fight against the World Boss with up to 16 Heroes in an epic battle. It is an opportunity to test your combat skills and see how well they measure up to the competition. Additionally, the World Arena mode is available. It allows you to fight against players from all over the world in real-time, providing an opportunity to showcase your strength and defeat strong opponents. Epic Seven is not supported on Galaxy S4 and under, but it is available on Android 6.0 and above. The game is also available in English, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai, proving its inclusivity. Access permission information is optional, and required access permission is none. Join the community on STOVE, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to get the latest updates and tips on Epic Seven. Take advantage of this memorable adventure game and experience a journey that is both engaging and exciting.
AFK Arena

AFK Arena: Summon heroes, build formations and strategize unbeatable lineups to progress in the campaign and through over 20 skills in Shadow Invasions mode.

AFK ArenaLilithGames
Welcome to AFK Arena where you can experience the thrilling and brand new "Shadow Invasions" mode, a challenging roguelike survival mode. You’ll need to combine more than 20 skills to survive endless waves of monsters. In this never-ending fight of survival, upgrading your skills and improving your abilities are essential. With over 100 heroes in seven factions, you can summon, collect, and level up heroes to the max. Customize the ultimate formations and build teams of Celestials, Hypogeans, Dimensionals, and other rare heroes to lead you to victory. Strategic battles are key in AFK Arena. Equip your heroes with the best gear and create unbeatable lineups that can overcome any opposing enemy. Enjoy various formation buffs and exclusive factional advantages over other factions. Enjoy rich gameplay throughout your journey in AFK Arena. Move forward in the campaign and fight to save the world of Esperia from the wrath of the ancient evil Hypogeans. Challenge yourself and see how far you can go on the King's Tower ladder and the never-ending Labyrinth with your collected relics. Test your skills in the PVP Arena mode and battle against other players. With AFK Arena, you never have to stop experiencing the perks, not even when you log off. Level up your heroes even while you are away from the game, and receive pleasant surprises upon your return. Start your adventure today, and see how far your hero can go in AFK Arena!
Artery Gear: Fusion

Artery Gear: Fusion" is a mech girl strategy RPG where players lead a team to fight the brutal "Puppets" in an apocalyptic world.

Artery Gear: FusionBILIBILI
Prepare for war as the Puppets invade in the mech girl strategy RPG "Artery Gear: Fusion." Assemble a skilled team of mech girls to defend the world against these brutal invaders. Enjoy the stunning skill effects and engage in strategic battles while managing diverse and unique characters with over 100 beautiful mech girls to choose from. Join this epic battle as the commander in a dark, apocalyptic story of the doomsday and the truth of the world that will slowly unravel before your eyes. The war is on the brink of breaking out, and the human world is hanging by a thread. The two remaining forces, "Frontier" and "Autoluna," have conflicting interests, and the lack of cooperation hinders any comprehensive strategic plan. You will lead the mech girl squad "Artery Gear" as the commander of "Union," a joint fleet formed by the two forces, to combat the unknown "Puppets" creature. Experience the mechanical romance as you choose from over 12 diverse pedigrees and hundreds of mech girls with various styles, each with their powerful skills and unique settings. With the added support of popular voice actresses such as Akari Kito, Ayana Taketatsu, and Yumiri Hanamori, these mech girls come to life to satisfy your love for mechanical girls. The game boasts an immersive refresh combat experience with exquisite 3D and new lighting craftsmanship. Every character on display has been carefully crafted to bring you an unprecedented visual and auditory feast. From skill special effects to battle scenes, everything is grand and exquisite, and the characters come to life with their powerful animations and intensely portrayed portraits. Use your tactical command hot blood battle skills with hundreds of characters and thousands of skill combinations. Balancer, Guardian, Healer, Striker, and Tactician are the five available occupations, and each has their distinct advantages and disadvantages. The game also offers an intelligent agent combat system for an even more effortless combat experience. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord, and lead the fight against the Puppets in "Artery Gear: Fusion.
Ragnarok: The Lost Memories

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, the sequel to Ragnarok Online, brings the classic experience to mobile with a unique card battle system, character collection, dungeons, and PvP.

Ragnarok: The Lost MemoriesGravity Interactive, Inc.
Embark on a journey back in time with Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, the sequel to the popular game Ragnarok Online. Now the nostalgia and classic game experience you loved is available on your mobile device with this stunning Cinematic Newtro RPG. Experience an unheard of level of story with a unique narrative that has never been seen before in the Ragnarok series. You are in control of your journey as you explore the story, unlock hidden truths and face off against the monsters that stand in your way. Be captivated by the plot and what comes next, with no pressure to rush through it. Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is an adventure RPG that comes with its own set of challenges that you must tackle to progress through the story. Fight hordes of monsters, clear dungeons and engage in boss battles to advance. This free-to-play adventure strategy game also features a card battle system and character collection system! Enter the game's Unique Card Battle System, where each card has its own distinct abilities and statistics. You can strategize and put together the deck that works best for you to defeat Ragnarok monsters and bosses. You can access up to 10 Active Cards and 5 Passive Cards to prepare you for battle. The Card Shop is also available if you want to test your luck by trying to pull the MVP card. Advance by levelling up your deck and cards and unlock additional abilities and powers. You can also earn additional cards to increase your chances or participate in the game's activities. Ragnarok: The Lost Memories boasts over 20 Ragnarok characters from various jobs who you can add to your collection. Every character has its unique traits, which you can use to create different teams that take on Ragnarok monsters, bosses and other players in PVP. Upgrade and level up your Ragnarok characters and improve their equipment to make them stronger through experience. You can equip your characters with different grades of equipment to make them more potent. The game's Auto Bot Idle System is incredibly user-friendly. It allows you to fight and cast skills while you're AFK, and earn gold and other materials at the same time. Because there is no idle limit, you can do this all day, so there is no need to worry about monitoring it closely. Equipment is essential to the game's strategy, and there are several ways to acquire it. You can farm, purchase, craft, refine or enchant equipment for your Ragnarok characters. You can also switch equipment among characters and upgrade them to create the best strategy for your defense teams. In PvP Arena mode, set up your team of four and take on another player's team to gain exciting rewards. Join a Guild and take part in Guild quests to earn exclusive rewards. Defeat powerful monsters with other guild members, and rise to the top of the rankings to become the strongest guild. Dungeons come in over 200 different field dungeons, and you'll battle well-known monsters from Ragnarok Online. Thanks to rare and exciting drops, you can grow stronger while increasing your EXP. Ragnarok: The Lost Memories also features an Achievement System, where you can earn Gemstones and other rewards. By completing the adventures and missions of the day, you can get EXP and Adventurer's Emblems. These Emblems can be converted into Adventurer Support Packages which award you with excellent benefits, including Gemstones. In conclusion, Ragnarok: The Lost Memories aims to provide players with a unique JRPG story-based gaming experience. This game has it all to bring your gaming moments to live on your mobile, so start your adventure today!
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Download The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross for a thrilling turn-based RPG experience, exciting PvP, and customized outfits.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand CrossNetmarble
Immerse yourself in an animated world filled with thrilling combat, stunning animations, and a captivating storyline that stays true to its origins. Experience all this and more by downloading The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross game today! ===================================== What sets The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross apart? ===================================== ▶ An innovative turn-based RPG game that will change the way you approach combat. With the skill synthesis system, skills with the same star rank gain higher ranks when placed next to each other. Each turn in the dynamic combat system will get your heart racing. Combining cards triggers an amazing "Ultimate Move" that devastates your opponents. Discover your own strategies by combining the unique qualities of different [The Seven Deadly Sins] characters. ▶ Invite friends to join you to defeat a dreaded demon and compete in the diverse PvP content in Death Match mode. Get sucked into the 2-player cooperative content in Death Match, which is played in real-time. Work with your friend to defeat demons before time runs out to defend the kingdom. The Arena is where you can compete with players worldwide and discover your own winning strategy. ▶ Assemble your own team of [The Seven Deadly Sins] heroes and tailor their outfits with exclusive accessories and hairstyles, never seen before. With a wide range of choices, you can create a unique look in countless ways. Be sure to check out the cool new styles of your favourite [The Seven Deadly Sins] characters. ▶ Discover a world of adventures and action-packed battles in high-resolution 3D animated cutscenes. Immerse yourself in the strikingly detailed continent of Britannia where the Holy War begins again 3,000 years after its end. Join the characters of [The Seven Deadly Sins] as they prepare for battle in the Holy War. ※ This app offers in-app purchases. Users can disable in-app purchases by adjusting their devices’ settings. Downloading this game implies agreement to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. - Terms of Use: http://help.netmarble.com/policy/terms_of_service.asp - Privacy Policy: http://help.netmarble.com/policy/privacy_policy.asp
Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire

Bloodline is an anime RPG featuring Last Royal Vampire Lilo and her friend Ren on a quest to save their loved ones. Over 400 heroes to collect and customize.

Bloodline: Last Royal VampireCrunchyroll Games, LLC
Immerse yourself in Bloodline, a mobile role-playing game with an anime aesthetic that focuses on character leveling and customization, providing a one-of-a-kind hero roster for each player. Join Lilo, the last royal vampire, and Ren on their mission to save their loved ones from Holy Land, a militaristic organization. Assemble a roster of heroes, including warriors, creatures, and fantastic beasts, to fight exorcists, hunters, and powerful beings throughout your modern vampire high school adventure. With over 400 characters to collect, including valiant knights, demonic warlords, maniacal jesters, and minigun-toting waifus, the possibilities for hero combinations are endless. The gameplay features competitive PvE and PvP combat, allowing you to test your strategic abilities in guild battles, tower challenges, and live cross-server wars. With more new characters being released regularly, the fun continues infinitely! Level up your characters by battling and powering them up with upgrade materials, along with Job Changes, Fate Links, Tarot Cards, and Mystic Formations to unlock their full potential and awaken their true powers. Bloodline is easy to play, but difficult to master. Destroy your enemies with swipes and taps, and unleash the full fury of your heroes and their arcane abilities to defeat bosses and gain experience points and items. The storyline follows the manga and revolves around Lilo and her friends as they discover dark secrets related to the vampire bloodline. Strategy is key in Bloodline, as the game requires thoughtful squad-building and decision-making based on elemental attributes and character types to counteract foes and keep your team healthy and buffed. Exciting guild battles play in real-time, and sheer bloodshed awaits you in competitive PVP features such as the Arena and Tower of Fate. Auto Battle, Raid, and Auto-Mine are built-in features that save you time and reduce grinding, providing an effortless path to game progress. Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned player, Bloodline's immersive gameplay and anime aesthetic will invigorate your spirit. Will you emerge as the Champion of Bloodline?

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