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Apex Racing

Apex Racing is a realistic multiplayer racing/drifting game allowing full vehicle customization, challenges, and global leaderboards stats.

Apex RacingApexGames
Experience the thrill of racing and drifting in the latest addition to the gaming world, Apex Racing. This game boasts of highly realistic vehicle simulation and supports both single player and real-time multiplayer modes. After conquering challenges, you can climb up the global leaderboard statistics and showcase your racing skills to the world. Apex Racing offers a multitude of customization options from body parts to engine upgrades and suspension tweaking. Transform your ride into a speed machine that is a class apart from the rest. Please note that Apex Racing requires a stable internet connection to play. The best part? This game is free to play! In-app purchases allow you to purchase game credits using real money for a more immersive gaming experience. Stay connected with us on social media and be the first to know about the latest game updates and features. Follow us on Instagram: @apexgames.official.
Tire: Car Racing

Race, customize, and challenge your friends in online and offline modes with over 30 cars, 5 modes, and various challenges.

Tire: Car RacingNorth Wind Studios
Get ready to race against your buddies seamlessly with the help of hotspot connectivity and put on a display of your driving talent! Customize your car according to your preferences and begin your racing journey against other participants from all around the world in the league mode, and become one of the top 100 players in the game. Embark on your journey of travel and competition throughout the entire game environment in the free driving mode! Challenge yourself by engaging in one-on-one contests and experience the thrill of flying alongside your car! Engage in car soccer, perfect for fans of both cars and football! The game boasts of an impressive array of features including: Over 30 luxury cars to choose from, unlimited car customization options, a groundbreaking Car Upgrade System, an Open World map to meander around, and five different modes to test your skills in - offline free driving, online free driving, online league, online one-on-one competitions and the option to play with your friends. You'll be spoiled for choices with a wide variety of activities to choose from including football, race, drift, police chasing, cargo transportation, amongst others. The game can be played both online and offline, and it features a user-friendly control system that is both simple and smooth. The amazing graphics, coupled with the impressive SFX and music, promise to make it an unforgettable gaming experience for you. The day and night system, along with the dynamic weather system featuring (sunny - cloudy - rainy - stormy) lends it ample realism.
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Rally Horizon

Embark on a global supercar racing adventure in Omega Strikers. Unleash power and elevate excitement in stunt mode, all without an internet connection.

Rally HorizonGRAYPOW
Enter the adrenaline-fueled realm of high-speed racing with Omega Strikers, the ultimate game for fans of the Rally Horizon adventure. Push the limits and seize the wheel of a large fleet of awe-inspiring supercars, each vehicle being a true work of art with its engine roars and meticulous customizations, delivering an unrivaled driving sensation. Experience the ultimate thrill of acceleration and execute breathtaking drifts or explore rough off-road tracks with agile buggies. In Stunt mode, prepare for an elevated level of excitement, experiencing a wild, adrenaline-fueled ride. Enjoy the rain or snow with the pulse-pounding party on various unique tracks where you can show your driving prowess and immerse yourself in the captivating festival soundtrack. Omega Strikers offers a unique offline open-world racing experience, guaranteeing a non-stop rush without an internet connection. Step up and become part of an unforgettable racing extravaganza, curating your unforgettable racing experience. However, keep in mind that Omega Strikers currently lacks cloud save functionality, thus deleting the game may jeopardize your hard-earned progress and in-app purchases. Delight in the freedom of immersive gameplay at any time, anywhere, with caution towards taking any action that may risk your achievements.
CarX Street

Race, customize, and build the car of your dreams in CarX Street. Conquer clubs, defeat bosses, and become the best driver in Sunset City.

CarX StreetCarX Technologies
Experience the unrestricted thrill of being a rebel street racer as you take on the dynamic open world of CarX Street. Brace yourself for the ultimate challenge of becoming the legend of Sunset City, where realistic races on highways and city streets will keep you on the edge of your seat. Developed by the makers of CarX Drift Racing 2, indulge yourself in the thrill of top-speed drifting races. Personalize the car of your dreams with part tuning, unlocking all the nuances of CarX Technology car behavior. Embrace the enormity of CarX Street and its stimulating car races, wherein you can dominate clubs, hit unimaginable speeds, and drift with ease! A word of caution – you may get hooked to this game and end up spending hours playing it, so make sure to take a break every 40 minutes. Game Features: Career:
  • Drive at high speeds or drift through hairpin turns, the choice is yours.
  • Join clubs, beat bosses, and flaunt your driving skills.
  • Handpick parts for your vehicle, allowing you to unlock 100% of its potential.
  • Buy and customize homes for your cars, assembling collections for every race mode.
  • Fuel up with the right gas for the next race, available at convenient city gas stations.
  • Experience dynamic day/night changes, allowing you to get behind the wheel at any time of day or night.
Improved Car Tuning:
  • A detailed car-building system that lets you swap and trick out your car for specific races.
  • Upgrade the engine, transmission, body, suspension, and tires for maximum efficiency.
  • Swap the engine of your unique car for a more powerful ride.
Visual Car Tuning:
  • Customize every aspect of your car – mirrors, headlights, lights, skirt, bumper, rims, and much more!
  • Create a personalized look for your car, standing out in the world of street racing.
The Most Realistic Mobile Racing Game:
  • Master your car with impressive physics and controls.
  • Experience modern, high-quality graphics with an enormous open world.
Support Service: If you encounter any bugs while playing the game, feel free to contact our support service at
Visit CarX Technologies official site at For more information on privacy policies, visit and for license agreements, visit
City Racing 2

Customize classic cars, challenge rivals in epic races, and become a legendary driver in City Racing 2's addictive gameplay.

City Racing 2707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Get ready to hit the road at wild speeds, taking full control of your vehicle, while engaging in intense, no-limit nitrogen drifts, overtaking other drivers on curves and experiencing the adrenaline-fueled excitement of becoming a legendary driver! The wheels spin and the battle for speed begins! City Racing 2 is a classic and enjoyable racing game featuring top-quality 3D graphics that provide players with the ultimate visual experience. With over 50 super classic sports cars with top gear to choose from, you can customize your vehicle to reflect your personal style. Plunge into a thrilling speed race, overtake on curves, use your superb driving skills to conquer rivals until burnout, win epic races, and create your ace club to become a legend of the track! The gameplay is incredibly addicting and offers a variety of modes to choose from, such as 1V1, Classic, Timing, and Elimination, helping you become the legendary driver you've always wanted to be. In Multiplayer mode, you can compete with street racing drivers from all over the world in epic real-time matches, leaving your rivals behind as you become the fastest world street racer around. Take on Season Challenges to complete tasks and reap rich rewards that will allow you to become the top rich street racer. Race through different cities and claim the first place in each city's different lap records to receive great rewards. Create your top club and challenge the global team wealth ranking to become the ultimate champion. Modify your vehicle to your heart's content by customizing every aspect, from the body and tires to the rear wing. The powerful decal function allows you to design your own cool cars! Unlock the top classic cars and build your ss-class car library in Collection mode. Visit other players' garages, like and applaud their modified super sports cars, and try your luck with the Free draw top sports cars daily in Treasure mode. Unlock epic chests to get drawings and gold for upgrading vehicle parts to make your vehicles run faster and exceed the limit in Lucky Chest mode. Experience the world street racing until burnout as you release your ultimate nitrogen and feel the fun of drifting and driving excitement while engaging in epic races with the world's top drivers. With 14 tracks in 7 cities in the world to choose from, including world street races and highway championships, you'll experience different town styles and drift on asphalt with your expert skills, feeling the rush of adrenaline. City Racing 2 provides a free and fun classic racing game with a variety of maps, rich gameplay, cool top sports cars, and fun social features, allowing you to not only experience the ultimate drift pleasure in the highway game but also find rivals with considerable strength. Join the ranks of legendary racers in the new 2021 version of this car game. Rule the traffic when you're reaching fast speeds, and play this hot real simulation and addcting classic racing game. Get ready for the need for speed until burnout!
Racing Legends

Race on exciting tracks around the world, customize your car, and beat your rivals to become a legendary speedster in this arcade-style racing game.

Racing LegendsLevel App Studios SL
Take a ride on the fast lane and feel the adrenaline rush as you push the gas pedal to the limit. Watch the road ahead as it draws closer and closer and leave your competitors behind while drifting in the corners. Get ready to become a speed legend in this racing game where you will drive on the most exciting tracks in the world. Enjoy next-generation graphics that bring a realistic touch to the arcade-like gameplay. Enhance your speed, control and driving skills as you compete against tough opponents. Race through the day and night in diverse locations, from mountains to cities, to prove who is the best. Explore unlimited modification and tuning options for your vehicle. Choose the wheels that suit your style, add a turbocharger and burn the asphalt. Customize your ride by painting it and choosing the rims that express your personality. Drive powerful cars from different parts of the world and engage in epic touge battles on the streets of Tokyo. Enter the garage and tweak your engine to unleash its full potential. Boost your horsepower, turbo boost and nitrous oxide levels to achieve incredible speeds. Stabilize your vehicle with better grip by changing the tires, lowering the suspension and reinforcing the chassis to make it stronger and faster on bumps. Conquer the most challenging terrains with ease by installing chains on your tires. Upgrading the exhaust muffler will give you an edge over your rivals at the start of each race, propelling you ahead of the pack. Experience the ultimate driving adventure as you push yourself to the limit and become the ultimate racer.
CarX Highway Racing

Race through traffic-filled highways in CarX Highway Racing with realistic physics, various cars, game modes, police chases, unique events, and online racing.

CarX Highway RacingCarX Technologies
Experience the ultimate thrill of racing on a crowded highway with CarX Highway Racing! This game boasts a seamless blend of lifelike physics, stunning graphics, and heart-racing driving on traffic-filled roads that will leave you wanting more. Get lost in the world of street racing in campaign mode where you can explore exotic locations like Texas deserts, Australia, France, or Russia while uncovering the secrets of secret organizations and destroying Winston's empire. Join forces with new friends who can help you in your endeavors, and stay one step ahead of the Syndicate by knocking down their plans before it's too late. With 40 different sports cars to choose from, ranging from pickup trucks to hypercars, you'll be spoiled for choice. Experience the power drive at your fingertips thanks to realistic physics that allow you to feel every horsepower and adjust your vehicle precisely to suit your driving style. Compete against other players in online racing, where you can show off your skills and move up the leagues by winning. Different game modes like Time Attack, pack racing, or scratch-free runs will keep you entertained, and you can even become a police officer and bring the law back on the road. Take part in unique events that offer a chance to receive unique cars and enjoy unlimited free-ride mode, where you can experience the freedom of unrestrained driving. Switch between day and night modes to drive around famous locations like Paris or Texas roads and keep the thrill alive by escaping police patrol cars until you cross the finish line. Stay up to date with new announcements and updates by following us on social media. Start your engine and brace yourself for an adrenaline-packed ride in CarX Highway Racing.

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