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My Memory Of Us

Control two characters with different abilities, unite them into a team, and overcome adversities in this side-scrolling adventure full of action, stealth, and puzzles.

My Memory Of UsVirtual Programming Ltd
In this game, the nefarious ruler pillages the city and his robotic troops appear ubiquitously. Civilians are divided, some of them labeled and compelled to shift away from their dwellings. They are obliged to reside in an area that is completely cut off from the remainder of the town by an enormous barricade. Fortunately, the youngsters are not alone – they have each other. Their companionship permits them to stand together, although destiny tries to break them apart. You get to dominate two figures with distinct capabilities. Merge them into a team and never yield to their separation! She has the dexterity to sprint quickly and fire her projectile weapon, he has the ability to stealthily move in the shadows. Will they triumph over all obstacles when acting as one? That is up to you to find out! The game offers: A side-scrolling journey fraught with activeness, concealment, and sundry problematic enigmas An enthralling story about chumminess and endearment in perilous times Exquisite 2D graphics that are inspired by childlike art Duo mechanics: command one of the two characters with distinct capabilities, or command both figures in unison An appalling tale mixed with caustic and yet heartrending humour The events portrayed in the game are based on factual stories from the Second World War.

Dominus: stack tiles, score points, and strategize with daily tilesets. Tactile and satisfying, perfect for daily brain workouts.

DominusLast Man Standing
Dominus is an engaging video game centered on stacking tiles. Erect a stack of pieces that hold the current scoring value while ensuring that you reserve enough board space for the next tile. Every day unveils a new tileset that follows the same arrangement for the entire day. With a fresh arrangement of tiles each day, this satisfying yet intricate game creates an ideal opportunity for a daily mental exercise. Dominus is a masterfully-designed game that provides a tactile experience that engages various senses while offering soft sounds and gratifying clicks; it is highly recommended to have your sound on for the best possible experience. An assortment of accomplishments provides players with diverse strategic possibilities. Players can unwind from pursuing daily high scores and instead aim for the most number of turns taken without scoring at all. This game offers an inconspicuous yet elaborate scoring system that stimulates your mind visually and intellectually. The elaborate design creates the impression of a stone table located within an otherworldly medieval cavern. Take pleasure in the Dominus experience!
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Gear Enigmas

Gear Enigmas": a steampunk adventure where players solve puzzles to help Carl uncover family secrets and protect loved ones from evil enemies.

Gear EnigmasPuzzle Solving Game
Embark on a thrilling adventure with “Gear Enigmas”, a stunning hand-sketched puzzle game that follows the journey of Carl, a young mechanic who discovers his grandfather's hidden secret and solves puzzles to uncover the truth behind past events while shielding his family from malicious foes. Step into the shoes of the protagonist with a first-person perspective and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing steampunk universe. Look for clues, unravel mysteries, and unravel the truth alongside Carl, all while enjoying the game's enthralling music. Get ready to be blown away with the following features: 1. Explore the captivating steampunk world with hand-drawn punk-style graphics that will transport you to the industrial era. 2. Put your thinking cap on and solve an array of intriguing puzzles that will challenge you to use your imagination and intellect. 3. Plug in your headphones and bask in the immersive sound effects that will sweep you into the game's world. 4. Delve into the maze of conspiracies and plot twists that will keep you on your toes with the unexpected yet grounded storyline. 5. Enjoy the immersive experience of well-crafted dialogue and lifelike character designs. Get ready to enter the world of “Gear Enigmas” and experience the breathtaking thrill of puzzles, adventure, and mystery.

Explore planets & learn rare music history in Rytmos puzzle game. Create loops, unlock 20+ musical toys & instruments.

RytmosFloppy Club Aps
Indulge in the blissful world of Rytmos, a puzzle game that lets you create calming tunes by cracking mind-boggling mazes. Embark on a journey that takes you to different planets, each with their distinct harmonies. Solve the challenges on the cubic surface of every planet and generate short music loops that gradually metamorphose into full-blown musical symphonies. Take advantage of the free demo section before immersing yourself in the full game by making a one-time in-app purchase. As you progress, witness the magical evolution of your music unfold, crafted by the interweaving layers of the planetary loops. Let your hair down and jam to the vibrant selection of 20+ playful musical toys that unlock once you crack the levels. In the process of playing, the game might even enlighten you about the rare histories of music across the globe. A UNIVERSE OF MUSIC Venture into the diverse universe of music that draws inspiration from various genres including Zimbabwean Kalimba-based music, Ethiopean Jazz music, German electronic music from the 70's, Indonesian Gamelan music, Japanese ecological music, and more. MUSIC TOYS GALORE! Apart from the pulsating adventure, the game also offers an array of instruments or enhancers to unlock, allowing you to jam and transform the musical compositions from the planets. You can gain access to instruments like Kalimba, Percussion, Vibraphone, Gamelan percussions, and 80's Synthesizers, among other things. In addition, you can also unlock musical enhancers like Bit crusher, Lowpass filter, Delay, and Stutters.

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