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Gun Shooting Games Offline FPS

Major Gun is a challenging FPS with over 30 weapons to choose from, various game modes and locations, and 4-player PVP matches.

Gun Shooting Games Offline FPSbyss mobile
The return of Major Gun is here! As terrorism, madness, and other types of psychopathy run rampant in this world, you must fight back and stop their plans of infecting the world with deadly viruses and nuclear warheads. Utilize the vast array of weaponry at the armory, featuring sniper rifles, explosive grenades, and various types of firearms. To hesitate is to allow the world to succumb to the evil-doers. Download Major GUN now and take control. Experience 4-Player Real Time PVP Matches After successfully thwarting terrorists, challenge other players in exciting, real-time PVP matches with up to four players. Engage in combat using your trusty sniper rifle or close-range assault machine gun. Be precise and swift to obtain advantageous power-ups and gain entrance to the Legendary League. A First Person Shooting Experience Like No Other Major GUN offers an addictive arcade-style shooting game with endless possibilities! Be a one-man-army and fight terrorism head-on while navigating through various environments. The heavy arsenal of weapons for you to choose from includes sniper rifles, shotguns, assault and heavy machine guns, all of which you can utilize to test your fighting skills against all enemies. Improve your skills and upgrade your weapons to handle any situation. Immersive 3D Graphics Get ready to fight bosses and survive through the different locations of the game with beautifully crafted 3D graphics. Every level is unique and stunning, with specific environments, exploding vantage points, and more. The comic-art style is an added bonus that gamers will surely appreciate. Modes and Enemies Like No Other MAJOR GUN offers over 100 levels of gameplay featuring various modes such as Assault Missions, Sniper Missions, Ultra Hard Special Ops, and Survival Mode. Rescue hostages, defeat bosses, and earn rewards by finishing Daily Challenges. Upgrade your rank and become the ultimate Major GUN by earning three stars for each mission. Compete with friends and see who reigns supreme. A Broad Arsenal of Weapons Awaits You Choose from 30 weapons, including handguns, machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and heavy machine guns, all used by special forces worldwide. Upgrade your weapons and buy crates of guns, ammo, or weapons sets, ensuring your arsenal is always equipped for any situation. Missions in Various Locations Major Gun missions take place in several thrilling areas designed with the aesthetics of action movies in mind. Take control of the harbor, clear out the subway station of terrorists, and fight through the desert heat. The enemies are only the most formidable opponents from XXI century battlefields. This is the Best FPS Game There is no other first-person shooting game out there like Major GUN. Even better, you can play it offline or online, whether it's a quick game on the subway or on a long flight. While the game is free-to-play, virtual weapons and items can be bought using real money. Don't forget who is in charge, Soldier.
Dead Blood: Survival FPS

Survive hordes of zombies in a Wild West setting with weapons and essential equipment crafted from scavenged resources.

Dead Blood: Survival FPSCrazy Panda FZCO
Step into the wild west and challenge yourself to a nerve-wracking battle against hordes of brain-hungry zombies in this first-person shooter game, Dead Blood. Brace yourself for an intense experience as you fight for survival in a perilous world that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking to stay alive. With a wide range of weapons at your disposal, including guns, bombs, and melee weapons like the old fella club and Scandi axe, you can take down the zombie horde any way you please. Explore your surroundings and scavenge for resources to craft better weapons and equipment to aid your survival. Thankfully, you'll have a few surviving companions to guide you at the start, including the mayor's daughter, Elsa, and Henry, the local gunsmith who will provide valuable insight on blueprints and weapon production. Felix from the tailor shop will also come in handy for repairs and crafting. The immersive Wild West setting is stunningly designed, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. From The Hunt scavenging adventure to looting resources and completing special orders from the mission board, there are many ways to survive in this unforgiving world full of zombies and other dangers. Dead Blood is not just a zombie survival game; it combines the best elements of the Wild West genre with thrilling gameplay. The captivating storyline, stunning graphics, and intense gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. Stay stealthy as some of the undead can hear and smell you, and even call on others to fight you. Don't wait too long to indulge in the action-packed adventure of Dead Blood. Your blood is pumping, and the wide-open range is waiting for you to explore.
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Laya's Horizon

Fly with enchanted capes & ancient powers in an open-world inspired by wingsuit flying, complete challenges & explore to improve skills.

Laya's HorizonNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively available to Netflix subscribers, become a master of the skies in this open-world adventure. Glide across the vast, tranquil world and unlock new abilities by exploring mountains, forests, and rivers. Utilize the power of enchanted capes to take on challenges and soar through obstacle courses like never before, inspired by the real-world sport of wingsuit flying. Control your flight with intuitive and independent thumb movements, changing the shape of your cape just like a bird's wings. Race through challenging obstacle courses or enjoy the stunning surroundings of the island by flying aimlessly. With over 50 missions, 40 levels of challenges, and more than 100 collectibles scattered across the world, there's always something new to experience. Upgrade your abilities with capes and charms to provide that extra boost when you need it. Conquer the skies by flying close to the environment, from hot air balloons to snowy slopes, and reap the rewards of the island's energy. Use your skills to navigate through narrow caves with ancient ruins, dodge raging geysers, and skillfully maneuver over massive waves. With Snowman's unique set of abilities and techniques to unlock, finding your own way to fly has never been more exciting. Meet the Windfolk, an interesting group of people as diverse as the land they live on, and interact with them on your journey. With the inclusion of original music and handcrafted audio, the game creates an immersive experience that adapts its audio to the movement and intensity of your flying. Enjoy the orchestral score that sets the serene tone to your flight and environment, and get lost in the magic of the Windfolk world.
Don't Get Fired!

Climb the ranks from intern to president in South Korea's harshest work environments and don't get fired in this popular, free-to-play survival game!

Don't Get Fired!QuickTurtle Co. Ltd.
A sensation that took Korea by storm! This indie game has gathered over 1 million downloads! People who were seeking jobs were unable to put their phones down, while contract workers were moved to tears by this addictive game! Be ready for a hardcore experience! 'Don't get fired!' has arrived! This survival game is perfect for all job seekers out there!! You play as an individual who has no money or connections to make a name for themselves. Your mission is to climb the ladder of corporate success from an intern to the president. The best part? You can play 'Don't get fired!' for free! With easy controls, this game will show you the harsh realities of the working world in Korea. How many companies will you have to go through to make it to the top? Take up the challenge! This game is a dream come true for those tired individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. But remember, the journey to the top is tough, so remember the golden rule: Don't. Get. Fired! There's more to this game than meets the eye! Get ready to be amazed. ----------------------------------------------- In order to provide smooth game play, this game requires the following privileges: - GET_ACCOUNTS This allows you to use Google Play service and access all your Google account information. - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE These permissions are necessary to store and retrieve data for the game. These permissions will only be used for game play purposes, and no information will be stored or used for any other reason. ----------------------------------------------- If you have any questions or requests, please email us at
Moth Lake

Moth Lake is a 2.5D pixel art game with unconventional puzzles, 6 different endings, and character choices that affect their relationships, all with a horror theme.

Moth LakeSui Arts
Moth Lake is a game that unravels the mystery of a small town hiding a terrible secret behind its facade. Only a group of teenagers with an unsteady life can reveal what's been kept hidden for generations. The game intensifies from the eve of a solar eclipse, taking you through the shadows and the souls of the protagonists. The game's art style is 2.5D pixel art that supports touch, mouse, keyboard, and controllers. It has simple controls, unconventional puzzles, and stealth-action, with choices that can alter the characters' dynamics and the experience's soul. The game has thrills, suspense, horror, bad humor, strong language, and even emotional scenes that might move you to tears. Moth Lake is heavily driven by the story, with over 20k words of textual content and over 300 different scenes. The script takes you on a long journey through mystery, horror, and the characters' hearts, filled with sad topics and nonsensical jokes. The artwork is modern, with a broad color palette and a lot of frame-to-frame animations, including talking, walking, running, crouching, climbing, pushing, punching, throwing, and much more. The scenarios have some modern lighting and shading work, with particle effects, to simulate a 3D environment. There are six main characters and over 50 NPCs, each with their own personality and look, with their eyes moving, and expressions changing. As the story progresses, taking choices affects not only the characters but the plot as well. The characters' moods and personalities are expressed through their animation and dialogues. There are hidden scenes which can be unlocked by the general mood of the characters. Most puzzles require players to use their skills and personality to solve them, sometimes requiring the whole squad's cooperation. The game intends to give psychological horror vibes, so some scenes might be disturbing, anxiety-inducing, and even sad. The characters are called to face and overcome their difficult past and present. From hiding to taking tough choices, even fighting for their lives, every decision counts towards one of the six different endings. If you fail, don't worry, try again, and explore new ways to uncover the town's dark secret.
Guns and Spurs 2

Guns and Spurs 2 offers a vast open world set in the Old West, allowing players to become bounty hunters, capture outlaws, and participate in various activities and customization options.

Guns and Spurs 2Sakis25
Experience the excitement of the Wild West in Guns and Spurs 2, an open-world shooter game set in the Old West. Take on the role of Jack Lane, a skilled bounty hunter with a thirst for adventure and a reputation to match. He's come to town to make a name for himself by capturing the West's most notorious outlaws and bringing them to justice. Immerse yourself in a vast, open world that boasts stunning natural landscapes like rolling plains, dense forests, majestic mountains, and bustling towns ripe with opportunity. Embark on a journey of epic proportions as you venture out to capture all 33 of the most-wanted criminals in the West. Choose between using your weapons to defend yourself in engaging, tactical firefights, or try your hand with a lasso to capture your enemies. You have the power to decide the fate of your targets – dead or alive. Apart from taking on bounties, the Wild West is rife with other opportunities and activities to explore. Participate in horse races as you gallop across the plains, deliver goods through the rugged terrain, herd cattle through the wilderness, and more. To make things more interesting, you'll come across strangers along your journey. Help them out or brush them off as you see fit, but know that your actions will have consequences. Assuming your role as a bounty hunter comes with other perks, too. Hunt down wildlife and claim their pelts for extra cash. Delve into the cursed skulls scattered throughout the lands and release the ancient curse lingering within. As you go, take the time to customize your character and horse to match your style, with a wide selection of clothes, hats, and horse skins available to use. Whether you're armed with a keyboard or gamepad, the game has got your back. Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the heart of the Wild West, where the excitement never ends. With a minimum of 2GB RAM requirement, get ready to experience the Old West like never before.

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