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Super Marionette Hero

Marionette-turned-puppet fights a witch to regain humanity. Cut nose, swap weapons & acquire outfits in this endless fairy tale adventure.

Super Marionette HeroGamepubRelease date: TBA
The witch has transformed our protagonist Marionette into a wooden puppet. Will he be able to defeat the witch and turn back into a human? Embark on the fascinating magical journey of Super Marionette's second chance at life. Witness the amusing transformation of a wooden puppet into an unforeseen hero. The marvelous quest of Super Marionette Hero awaits you. Indulge in this fantastic fairy tale journey that commences at your fingertips. Slash, combat, and advance! But beware, don't let the hero's nose grow too much. Cutting his nose in battle will increase his fighting power and offer valuable material that can be exchanged for items. Become part of Super Marionette's splendid action with four distinct categories of weapons, such as bone-crushing clubs, unerring bows, unbreakable swords, and versatile staffs. Experience the euphoria of watching Super Marionette demolish monsters in an instant as he switches between weapons. The Super Marionette Hero's transformations are never-ending. Explore and acquire various outfits that provide special abilities, and help Pinocchio complete his journey. The Marionette Hero's adventure is boundless! Even when you're not playing, his expedition continues. Take a moment to collect the rewards accumulated by the Marionette Hero while you were asleep. Let the comical journey of the wooden puppet beginning his heroic transformation entertain you with non-stop fun.
Avatar: Realms Collide

Recruit powerful benders and heroes, form alliances and restore harmony to the world in this epic Avatar Universe strategy game.

Avatar: Realms CollideTilting PointRelease date: TBA
Shape your fate and the world’s as well.” - Avatar Kuruk. The Avatar universe has fallen into disarray due to a malevolent cult that worships a dangerous entity. This wicked faction’s grip on the populace has caused chaos and destruction wherever they go. You are the chosen one, the one who will embark on an adventure of epic proportions, recruiting heroes and benders from all corners of the land to join your quest for peace and harmony. Experience the world of Avatar in its entirety by uniting with the heroes from all iterations of the franchise such as the comics or Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Take on a brand new, exciting storyline as you strive to bring balance back to the world. As the leader, your responsibility is to train and recruit benders and heroes who can fight under your command. Form alliances with other great leaders across the globe to amass a force that can stand up to your enemies, take on the ominous dark spirit, and restore the world’s balance. Master the elements of Air, Water, Fire, or Earth by selecting your bending art, each of which provides distinct units, gameplay benefits, and gorgeous visuals. Train the heroes and watch as they grow to become legends in their own right, able to use their skills to great effect on the battlefield. Rebuild and expand your base, transforming it into a fortified city capable of producing essential resources, researching, and unlocking even more legendary heroes. Acquire more troops and increase your army’s strength to face chaos head-on. Working with leaders worldwide, you can form strong alliances, building safe havens and rallying communities against the evil that threatens the natural balance. Explore the world, gather resources, expand your city and upgrade your army to wage a successful war on the malevolent force. Follow us on Facebook, Discord, Twitter, and Instagram and join the fight to restore the balance and harmony of Avatar’s universe!
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Nexus: Nebula Echoes

Uncover a groundbreaking secret and face the ultimate task of self-definition in a virtual world of futuristic technology, with fair competitive environments and highly social cyber partnerships.

Nexus: Nebula EchoesMAGIC NETWORK LIMITEDRelease date: Jun 26, 2024
▶Pre-Register now to claim your in-game rewards: 50 Crimson Diamonds x1, Two Medium-Sized Halidom Originites x2, and 3x 100K Starium!  Plot: In a futuristic metropolis, you will uncover a remarkable secret that challenges the coexistence of AI and human beings. Brace yourself as you get caught up in the battle of AI consciousness awakening and the essence of humanity. In this game, you stand at the crossroads of intellect and emotions, making crucial decisions that will determine the destiny of both humans and AI.  Gameplay Features: ▶Unleash Unimaginable AI Interaction Experience the future technology evolution where grounds are levelled with AI interaction during gameplay.  ▶Experience Speed and Power in the Future Embark on an adrenaline-pumping experience as you rush through the cyberpunk city. Stay on your toes as you discover mysterious neon backstreets with determination and intelligence.  ▶Customizable Ex Cy Armory Indulge in customization and personalization as you design bespoke appearances and modify character professions. The game offers seven major professions, each with its unique gratifications.  ▶24/7 Tactical Cyber Partnerships Join the interactive and relational ecosystem of this game, build alliances to fight bosses and forge lasting friendships in a world of exhilarating cyberpunk rave parties! Connect with us on Facebook: Join our Discord community:
The Bazaar

The Bazaar is a Hero Builder game set in a galactic marketplace where players draft unique heroes, trade and upgrade items and skills for infinite replayability.

The BazaarTEMPORelease date: TBA
Introducing the groundbreaking Hero Builder game from Tempo, The Bazaar. Immerse yourself in the lively, constantly evolving galactic marketplace where you can select from a diverse selection of distinctive heroes. The unique gameplay revolves around trading and elevating otherworldly items and abilities to create an endless array of combinations that can be utilized to outsmart and conquer adversaries. Expect an electrifying gaming experience where dynamic draft choices are crucially important. This innovative game seamlessly merges the best of strategic planning and RPG elements. It's impossible to ignore the game's stunning visuals and intense mechanics, which promise infinite replayability for both avid and casual gamers.
While Waiting

Transformative game blending humor and profound insights as you explore life's waiting moments from birth to death. No shortcuts; embrace waiting and uncover hidden surprises.

While WaitingOptillusionRelease date: TBA
Indulge in an innovative gaming experience with While Waiting. This game takes players on a transformative journey exploring the art of patience while providing humor and profound life insights. Get ready to encounter various waiting scenarios from birth to death, offering a comprehensive exploration of life's waiting moments. Notably the essence of the game is to realize that waiting is the ultimate strategy, and there are no shortcuts or actions to expedite the waiting time. Through this realization, one can clear each situation and gain insights into patience, which is the core essence of the game. While the game comes with comedic appearances, it also has an overarching thought-provoking narrative that delves deep into the profound aspects of life. You will have a unique blend of comedy reactions and critical thinking that will leave you entertained and enlightened. Surprisingly, there are hidden Easter eggs in the game's seemingly mundane waiting periods, transforming moments of boredom into engaging explorations. By uncovering these hidden elements and surprises, the gaming experience becomes more exciting and intriguing. Through the game, you will learn the art of patience and embrace everyday life, gaining valuable insights into accepting the journey of life itself. In conclusion, While Waiting offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that will leave you entertained as well as provide critical insights into life's waiting moments.
Space Station 14

Survive and thrive in Space Station 14, a multiplayer RPG inspired by SS13. Tinker with detailed systems and face chaos in this immersive game.

Space Station 14Space Wizards FederationRelease date: TBA
Prepare yourself for an extraterrestrial adventure with Space Station 14, a captivating game that draws its inspiration from the highly-regarded SS13. Put yourself into character and explore complex systems while you fight to survive the madness that unfolds during this multiplayer roleplaying game that operates in rounds. There are dozens of crew and enemy jobs to choose from when building your custom character, each with a unique set of equipment, including engineers, captains, and even traitors. You'll be responsible for managing your inventory, deploying the reactor, or even ejecting yourself from the disposal tubes. As the space station is bombarded with chaos, incompetence, and sabotage, the stakes only escalate. Emergent situations force you to make difficult choices such as mending the medical bay's hole left by an asteroid or seizing power in the aftermath of a captain's assassination by revolutionaries. You'll have to decide whether to liberate a helpless clown or nonchalantly serve drinks from behind a bar without a care in the world. The fate of the station ultimately lies in the hands of its players. With each round, the tension swells, and the experience becomes more and more immersive to the point that you won't be able to get enough.
BattleTabs: PvP Community

BattleTabs: free-to-play, tactical, turn-based PVP game inspired by Battleship. Customize your fleet, compete in tournaments, and join thousands of other players in the Discord community.

BattleTabs: PvP CommunityGangbusters LtdRelease date: Jul 01, 2024
BattleTabs is an incredible game that will hook you with its turn-based, competitive, and free-to-play nature. Resort to PVP in either short battles or long battles with a twenty-four-hour turn time for a captivating experience. While this game may be easy to play, it takes a winning strategy to master it, so bring your best foot forward! This wonderful game has been brought to you by an indie team that created the incredibly popular BattleTabs Chrome Extension in the past. By playing BattleTabs, you will enjoy epic battles that take inspiration from Battleship and come with exciting Tactical Abilities! Challenge your friends, improve your gaming skills, and climb to the top of the League to become a Diamond member. You can also start earning rewards right from the first battle as you progress and research to unlock new ships. One of the best things about BattleTabs is its amazing customization feature that lets you create your fleet to fit your style of play. Power up your fleet tactics with unique attack abilities such as reveal and sonar. You can select from a range of amazing options including vikings, pirates, and sea monsters. Make your fleet stand out from your friends' with some fantastic ship skins that you can acquire. Challenge your friends to long battles and get twenty-four hours for each turn to show your strategic prowess. However, you won’t be left idle as BattleTabs will notify you when your friends have taken their turn, making it the perfect opportunity to binge-watch your favorite show. Compete in tournaments regularly taking place on the official BattleTabs Discord server, and make your own with the Discord BattleBot. BattleTabs mobile experience has been crafted to offer you a smooth and optimized PVP interface that works just as smoothly as on PC, so take the game everywhere you go. Join BattleTabs' Discord community and discuss ship strategy. Help shape the future of the game by coming together with thousands of other players who love BattleTabs. Please note that this game requires an online connection, whether through 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi. Don't wait any longer! Join BattleTabs for a gaming experience like no other.
Merge Night Live

Merge Night Live: uncover secret stories by merging items like coffee, cake, donuts. Renovate rooms and punish cheaters. Relax and merge as you want.

Merge Night LiveJoy Nice GamesRelease date: Jun 14, 2024
Reveal a plethora of hidden narratives, personal accounts, and controversies whilst engaging in swift combination techniques! Assume the role of the host for Merge Night Live, divulging various stories pertaining to deception, amusement, fashion, and more. Multiple chapters featuring diverse characters and themes will be at your disposal. Prioritize pre-registration to attain MC ensembles and 3000 energy entirely for free! COMBINE - Integrate two identical items to enhance them into a more sophisticated article - Unlock multiple items through association such as coffee, pastry, confectionery, soda, among others - A gratifying and dynamic merging game. RENOVATE - How does one revamp a decrepit and dingy space into a pristine room? Merge! - How can one decipher the devious schemes in a marriage? Merge! - How can a shameless plagiarizer be penalized? Merge! - Conclude quests to earn stars and ultimately remodel: the shift from a disadvantaged life to the life of a queen! DECOMPRESS - Game can be played anytime and anywhere! - Upright, seated, reclined… Simply merge to your liking - Relaxing and fun-filled puzzle game, perfect for whiling away time! Enjoy an expeditious merging experience punctuated by intriguing storylines and multifarious roles! We always welcome your constructive feedback at:
Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit

Help ghostly bears in a relaxing sequel to beloved life-sim game, Cozy Grove. Customize your island while camping, crafting, and building furniture to find peace.

Cozy Grove: Camp SpiritNetflix, Inc.Release date: Jun 26, 2024
Netflix subscribers get ready to embark on a new adventure on a haunted island with "Cozy Grove 2". In this life-sim game, kindness is king and players must help ghostly bears find peace. While exploring the island, players will discover new crafting, building, and camping adventures. After a bus crash leaves you stranded, meet a cast of cute spirit bears and befriend them by helping them remember their pasts. Customize a beautiful campsite by embellishing, crafting, and building furniture to bring life and color back to the island. As you gradually repair your bus, discover new quests, and hopefully reunite with your lost scout troop. Relax at the end of a stressful day by immersing in the unique, watercolor art style full of stunning details and activities to discover. A fresh cast of quirky characters, along with new animal companions, are waiting to bond with players. Flamey and Mr. Kit make an appearance but prepare to meet more spirit bears and even a dog and snail. Cozy Grove 2 introduces a new asynchronous multiplayer mode where players can trade gifts with fellow Spirit Scouts, and send and receive gifts via mail. But for introverts, there's no pressure to interact with other players in real-time. New spooky mysteries await as players complete daily quests, unlock new areas to explore, and visit dedicated stations for different activities. Customizing your island is an important part of the game, plant flowers and fruit trees, raise ghostly animals, attract pets to your house, explore new foraging and mining spots, and even give yourself a head to toe makeover. Cozy Grove 2 is a positive and heartwarming daily ritual that keeps players engaged as the game unfolds in sync with real-world time. Cook, craft, collect shells, catch bugs, go fishing or even spruce up using a new power-washing tool, the possibilities are endless! Rake in rewards and earn merit badges and add to your collection of cute items. A Spirit Scout's work is never done! Cozy Grove 2 was created by Spry Fox, a Netflix Games Studio, and offers something for everyone whether you're new to the community or a devoted fan. With added gameplay features, the island is cuter and cozier than ever. So what are you waiting for, come and enjoy the island oasis and help those cute, ghostly bears find peace.
Contraband Police Mobile

As a border inspector in a communist country, detect smugglers and verify documents. Grow your workplace, earn more and move up the hierarchy.

Contraband Police MobilePlayWay SARelease date: TBA
Get ready to step into a time machine and travel back in time to a communist nation during the 1980s. As a border control inspector, your responsibilities are to curb smuggling activities and detect any abnormalities. Your primary job is to ensure that all documents are in order, as even the tiniest inaccuracy can result in travelers being denied entry. It's your job to keep a sharp eye out for smugglers, who will go to extreme lengths to avoid detection. You'll need to use a UV flashlight to examine vehicles and shipped goods thoroughly, as contraband could be hidden anywhere. If you catch anyone trying to smuggle illicit goods, they'll face the long arm of the law and be promptly arrested. To maximize your efficiency, you must manage your workspace carefully. With careful oversight, you can expand your team's capabilities and boost your productivity by improving your buildings and tools. Use your income to invest in your workplace's infrastructure and achieve greater success. As you progress, you'll earn more riches and experience and rise through the ranks of the organization's hierarchy. With hard work and dedication, you can help restore this post to its former glory.
Delusion: Tactical Idle RPG

Conquer the spire with your party and claim the adorable cat hero, Elin. Use strategy, powerful skills, and collect loot to become stronger.

Delusion: Tactical Idle RPGSuper Planet

【Join the Party!】 ※ ※ Looking for New Members! ※ ※

▶ Seven-day attendance rewards you with the cute feline warrior, Elin. ▶ Set up a new account for 2222 free pulls. --------------------------------------------------------

“The wicked spell of the lost magician has spread across the land... And the spire has fallen into darkness.”

The unprecedented champions of the time ventured to conquer the spire, but none knew their fate… Now, it's your chance to step up! Embark on an epic odyssey with your team and conquer the spire!

【Guide to Conquer the Spire】 # Chapter 1. Never Look Back Advance, evade, and charge forward! Go unrelenting all the way to the top!

# Chapter 2. Power Comes from Strategy Set your heroes to match your tactical plan. Discover the optimal blend of abilities, features, and champions.

# Chapter 3. Keep Growing Stronger The opposition waits for no one! Enhance your abilities to break through your limitations!

# Chapter 4. Keep Your Guard Up The rivals are lurking everywhere, in the levels and dungeons. Amass treasures after vanquishing the dungeons!

Cassette Beasts

Cassette Beasts: an open-world RPG with turn-based battles, monster collection, fusion system, and cassette tape transformation. Explore New Wirral and master deep battle mechanics.

Cassette BeastsRaw FuryRelease date: Jul 03, 2024
Embark on a thrilling adventure filled with epic battles and incredible transformations in Cassette Beasts, an open-world RPG game. You'll have the opportunity to acquire a wide variety of awesome monsters and utilize them during turn-based battles. With the innovative Fusion System, you can combine any two monster forms to create a brand new, powerful creature that is unique to you! Prepare yourself for exploration on the remote island of New Wirral, which is home to all manner of strange and terrifying creatures. Fortunately, there are a group of brave warriors who use retro cassette tapes to transform into fearsome monsters that can defeat their foes. If you hope to return to your world, you'll need to explore every nook and cranny of the island while recording monsters to your trusty cassette tapes, allowing you to gain their valuable abilities. Unleash the power of your many monster forms using retro cassette tapes as you battle against the constant threat of monster attacks in New Wirral's Harbor Town. Once you've recorded a monster to tape, simply play it back and transform into that creature to take on your opponents. Furthermore, you can fuse two monster forms together to create a unique new fusion form that is sure to turn the tide of any battle in your favor. Aside from battles, exploration is a major component of Cassette Beasts. Certain monsters possess abilities that you can use even when you're in human form. These abilities can help you get around, solve puzzles, and find hidden dungeons. Transform into a magical creature that can glide, fly, swim, climb, dash, or become magnetic at will! As you explore, you'll also encounter a diverse cast of fascinating human companions who will help you along the way. You won't have to fight alone, as these companions can form bonds with you and help you complete personal goals to become a more effective team. The strength of your relationship with your chosen partner will determine how well you can fuse your monster forms. The battle system in Cassette Beasts is deep and involves taking full advantage of the unique and powerful elemental chemistry of your monsters. You can use this chemistry to apply extra buffs or debuffs and even alter your opponent's elemental type. Mastering this system will give you an edge in every battle and make you unbeatable!
Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers

Join the Titan Chasers in a 4X MMO strategy game and battle for survival against colossal predators like Godzilla and Kong.

Godzilla x Kong: Titan ChasersTilting PointRelease date: Jul 31, 2024
This planet never belonged to humans, but to the colossal monsters that rule it! Embark on an exciting adventure as a Titan Chaser, one of the most skilled explorers, mercenaries, and thrill-seekers, who is ready to enter the Siren Isles, an unknown ecosystem formed by the Titans' rise. Fight for survival and dominance on the border of civilization! In Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers, a 4X MMO strategy game, you can witness and battle against formidable beasts such as Mother Longlegs, Rock Critters, Skullcrawlers, and of course, the two most famous Titans, Godzilla and Kong. Enter a stunning 3D map populated by various biomes where you can defeat classic and new superspecies, save survivors, and gather necessary resources to confront nature's threats and rival Chaser groups. Build your army by recruiting Chasers, each with their own abilities to help you succeed in battle. Use high-tech gear from Monarch to track, capture, and study the Sirens' superspecies and upgrade them to unleash their power in combat. Take part in thrilling expeditions, explore the Siren's darkest secrets, and test your team's strength in strategic, turn-based RPG combat. Engage in monster vs monster combat and delve into the main storyline campaign to reveal the Siren Isles' mysteries. Join forces with your friends to form powerful alliances and expand your territory while defending it from enemy forces. Upgrade your stronghold by leveling up your technology and forces, making it challenging for rival Chaser factions. Don't wait any longer. Pre-order Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers to face off against the most influential forces in the Monsterverse in 2024!
Spirit of the Island

Explore the Archipelago, restore its former glory, and uncover the mysteries of your past in Spirit of the Island. Featuring 14 unique islands, 10 skills, and a 2-player cooperative mode.

Spirit of the IslandPlug In DigitalRelease date: Jul 16, 2024
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and adulthood in Spirit of the Island, a life simulation game that takes place in a tropical Archipelago. As a player, you take on the task of reviving an island that was once a prosperous tourist destination. Explore the various islands and lend a helping hand to the locals as you work towards restoring this once bustling paradise. The first step to creating a successful island is to establish shelter and a food source. Gather resources, build a farm and gain experience in 10 unique skills such as mining, foraging and farming. As you become more efficient in your pursuits, your life on the island will become easier. As your island blossom's into a desirable tourist destination, your economy will improve, resulting in the ability to fund journeys to other distant islands. Improve your stores and sell local produce and artifacts that you discover during your journey. Each tourist has the potential to fall in love with your island and decide to add to the town's population. In Spirit of the Island, you have the unique ability to hire these tourists to help maintain your island. Additionally, the game features a 2-player cooperative mode, which allows for players to complete tasks together, including sharing resources and discovering secrets within the vast archipelago. Explore the many AI-inhabited islands and encounter the unique fauna that occupies it. Meet 14 unique AI characters while making friends or falling in love and holding a grand wedding ceremony in the end. Uncover the secrets of the islands and reveal the truth about your past in this exciting game.
Aarik And The Ruined Kingdom

Aarik and the Ruined Kingdom: puzzle game and epic adventure. Use a crown with powerful stones to manipulate the world, repair your path, and find your mother.

Aarik And The Ruined KingdomShatterproof GamesRelease date: TBA
Embark on an incredible adventure in Aarik And The Ruined Kingdom, a tranquil puzzle game that will take you through mesmerizing landscapes ranging from castles and forests to deserts, swamps, and tundra. Your overarching objective is to reunite your family by locating your mother. Along the way, get ready to solve mind-boggling puzzles that will keep your brain engaged and your focus sharp. Equipped with the crown once worn by your father,set out on a quest to discover the precious stones that were stolen from it. These gems empower you to manipulate the environment around you, uncover hidden objects, and even alter the flow of time. With this tool at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. Manipulate the camera's point of view by rotating the crown, and watch as previously invisible pathways come to life right before your eyes. To clear your path, you'll need to move objects that are hindering your progress, including large bits of scenery and other characters. And when things get complicated, don't worry; rotating certain objects is a surefire way to find new solutions. To bring order to the chaos in the kingdom, take charge of the citizens and guide them to safety. Whether you're fixing structures that have decayed with time or helping them grow and develop through the ages, you'll encounter a world that's endlessly fascinating and brilliant. In the end, Aarik And The Ruined Kingdom offers a compelling adventure filled with memorable experiences, dizzying puzzles, and heart-warming stories that will leave you feeling completely satisfied.
Dark Riddle 3 - Strange Hill

Third-person adventure thriller with puzzles and unusual creatures. Uncover secrets and outsmart neighbors with city's unique items and characters. Ability to purchase enhancements.

Dark Riddle 3 - Strange HillPAGA GAMESRelease date: Jun 18, 2024
Dark Riddle 2 is the follow-up to the thrilling Dark Riddle series of games. It is a fascinating third-person adventure game that immerses players in an interactive environment and exciting missions. Your task is to solve complex puzzles and unravel the mysteries that surround your suspicious neighbor living in the center of an enigmatic city, and whose brother and sister are equally cunning and want to dominate the world. Your adventure begins in a city that is quite different from what you are used to; with a vast array of unique items to interact with. During the game, you will come across a baffling scientist and an extraterrestrial object vendor while encountering strange creatures that could be friends or foes. The characters you will encounter as well as each item hides an intriguing backstory that will steal your attention. Your ultimate goal is to infiltrate your neighbor's house. Unfortunately, there are many impediments to achieving that, including traps, obstacles, closed doors and locks. You must take caution if you hope to outsmart your opponents, conquer the challenges and unveil your neighbor's family secrets. While you can download the game for free, you have the option of purchasing certain items and abilities using real money. These transactions will make the game more accessible, adding to the excitement and novelty of each gaming experience. Do you have suggestions about the game or encounter any issues while playing? Contact our support team via We are here to help you every step of the way.
Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TD

Dual heroes and epic towers unite in Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance! Defend the realm against an evil alliance with 27 unique heroes, 15 elite towers, and 50+ achievements.

Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance TDIronhide GamesRelease date: Jul 25, 2024
Welcome to Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance, the return of the thrilling tower defense battles you love! As a mighty evil threatens the kingdom, a surprising partnership arises to unleash the ultimate battle for defense and safeguard the realm with the best of both armies. However, the challenges of leading an improvised union could turn the tide of this adventure. Prepare to wield the power of two heroes on the frontlines of the td battles ahead. That's right, prepare to handle TWO HEROES simultaneously, clash against terrifying foes, and double the action! And the beloved Kingdom Rush iconic epic towers make a comeback, featuring the recruitment of Paladins, Archers, Mages, Necromancers, and much more. Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance takes the action, strategy, and tower defense battles to the next level with new, more powerful heroes and towers. Take on new and unpredictable challenges to safeguard the kingdom while still enjoying the usual wacky humor our games are recognized for. Recruit 27 unique heroes and towers! Take advantage of 15 elite towers to build and upgrade and become a force to be reckoned with. Choose from accurate Archers, lethal Paladins, and even trickful Demon Pits to defeat any enemy that gets in your way. Play with 2 heroes simultaneously and witness the powerful, unsuspected combinations of each. Immerse yourself in three thrilling terrains, from the kingdom's deep forest to its dangerous caverns, and conquer fascinating battlefields. Challenge your strategic mind in 16 campaign stages full of fast-paced td battles, each with its unique set of surprises and details. Three different game modes will test your might and offer more challenging ways of playing. With over 50 game achievements, you will conquer every fight and receive tasty rewards. The alliance's defense strategy will be tested with 32 different enemies and three different enemy clans, each requiring a unique defense strategy to overcome. And, did we mention that we love adding easter eggs and lighthearted humor in our games? There are plenty of surprises to find! Prepare yourself for an epic clash and unforgettable adventure in Kingdom Rush 5: Alliance. -------- Ironhide Terms and Conditions: Ironhide Privacy Policy:
Chaos Zero Nightmare

Chaos Zero Nightmare: 2D aesthetic meets roguelike gameplay - strategic turn-based combat, dynamic stages, and permanent character loss.

Chaos Zero NightmareSuper Creative IncRelease date: 2024
Gear up for the soon-to-arrive Chaos Zero Nightmare, an anxiously awaited RPG experience that pledges to revamp gaming mechanics. This game draws inspiration from the well-received Epic Seven and introduces a new take by meshing established 2D visuals with elements reminiscent of roguelike adventures. Get ready for the traditional dungeon crawl through randomly generated stages, engage in tactical turn-based battles, meander through grids, and confront the harsh penalty of irrevocable character loss. Chaos Zero Nightmare is set to bring forth a gaming experience that stands out from the rest, where every decision carries weight and every confrontation testifies to skill and intelligence. Join the Chaos Zero Nightmare community on Discord and follow them on Twitter to stay updated.
Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG

Legendary heroes join forces in a dark fantasy RPG to battle the awakening Primorva. Customize your squad and engage in epic boss fights in a town besieged by evil.

Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPGOuterdawn LimitedRelease date: Jul 17, 2024
Grimguard Tactics: End of Legends sets the stage for a dark, fantastical RPG where summoning powerful heroes and turn-based tactics take the forefront. As an ancient evil, The Primorva, stirs, you find yourself in the unenviable position of saving the world of Terenos. Your mission? To recruit and unite the most imposing, potentially ill-fated, and legendary forces in the land in order to push back the oncoming darkness. Through forging the most unlikely of alliances, business as usual is sure to be challenged. With the fate of the world on the line, it’s up to you to assemble and lead the greatest living legends Terenos has ever seen. Download the game now and join the fray! Key Features of the game: HERO COLLECTION Unlock some of the most impressive heroes in the land, each with their own unique skills, bonuses, factions, and attributes. As heroes level up, gear can be upgraded and ascended, allowing them to better battle the forces of The Primorva. SQUAD CUSTOMIZATION Assemble a powerful raiding party of heroes with complementary skills. With heroes of different roles at your disposal, from Assault, Tanks, and Support, the possibilities of a perfect squad are near endless! EPIC BOSS FIGHTS Devise strategies to combat challenging boss fights and corrupted heroes as you make your way through the game. The mission ahead is fraught with danger and enemies of differing alignments are sure to make their presence felt. TOWN BUILDING In order to better manage resources, look to unlock and upgrade the various buildings found in your personal town. Train heroes and utilize Holdfast as humanity's last bastion of hope in the battle against The Primorva. TACTICAL STRATEGY Incorporating unique tactical gameplay, the game presents players with a challenge that can be easy to grasp but difficult to master. Use strategic maneuvers and devastating combos to eliminate your opponents! QUICK AUTOPLAY Should time be of the essence, feel free to activate autoplay to more rapidly grind out missions. Note that a network connection is required. Also, Grimguard Tactics: End of Legends is a free-to-play game. While most items are available via in-game purchasing, others may require real money.
Dark and Darker Mobile

Dark and Darker Mobile, a fantasy FPS dungeon game with PvPvE, challenges players to outsmart rivals while navigating perilous encounters with the help of allies.

Dark and Darker MobileKRAFTON, Inc.Release date: TBA
Dark and Darker Mobile is a one-of-a-kind, epic FPS dungeon experience that takes its players to the limits of hardcore gaming. Summon your courage and wits as you join forces with your comrades in search of rare artifacts whilst battling it out with rival treasure-hunters and defeating menacing fiends. This thrilling game offers a combination of PVP and PVE action, where immersiveness is key. Keep your senses honed to a razor-sharp edge and be ready to face any challenge that may come your way, using your keen observations and sharp hearing. Get ready for heart-thumping, high-stakes face-offs as you traverse Dark and Darker's merciless terrain. Explore the depths of an enigmatic underground fortress, where danger lurks around every corner, and no error in judgment can go unpunished. Drawing inspiration from classic fantasy adventures, Dark and Darker whisks you away to a wonderland filled with perilous situations and endless marvels. Embark on a journey filled with nostalgia where fortitude reaps rich rewards, coupled with lurking dangers. Create a bond with a group of fellow adventurers and form an unstoppable party to boost your chances of survival. Select from an extensive range of fantasy archetypes and build a team that is free of flaws to survive the hardships that lie ahead.
Once Human

In Once Human, bond with alien substance to survive and thrive in an open-world post-apocalyptic setting against terrifying aberrations.

Once HumanNetEase GamesRelease date: Aug 08, 2024
Once Human is a multiplayer action-packed game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players unite with friends to fight for their survival. The game is set in a supernatural open-world where players must make claims against the aberrations that have taken over the world. In this world gone mad, humans have been contaminated by the extraterrestrial substance known as Stardust. As a Meta-Human, the player is uniquely bonded with this alien substance and possesses heightened tolerance, allowing them to survive and thrive in this new reality. In Once Human, players must rely on survival instincts and be alert at all times. The fruits and water have a distinct blue glow from the Stardust contamination that poses a danger to the player's physical and mental health. The Eldritch Horrors in the game will challenge the player and their survival instincts. The player must remain vigilant and rely on every ounce of instinct and resilience to survive in this new world. The game's guild battle is massive, where players must put their skills and courage to the test. Players are never alone on their journey to uncover the truth behind the horrors. They can join forces with others to face the unknown and fend off rivals. Teamwork, tactics, and instincts are the key to victory in these heart-pumping battles. Players must collaborate with their teammates to pool skills and resources to seize dwindling supplies that ensure survival in this world. In Once Human, Stardust has transformed countless lives into unimaginable monstrosities that have taken over the world. Players must face the unknown and fight for the future of humanity as the Deviations have become the prey and humans, the predator. Players can build their sanctuary anywhere in the wilderness. The player is free to be creative and decorate their survivalist fortress however they like, from adding a patio, kitchen to a garage. Stashed treasures are protected with an arsenal of defensive weapons, and players are free to let their imagination run wild. In Once Human, players take charge of their destiny, shape the future of humankind, and become humanity's last hope to reclaim the old world.

Embark on a hero's journey through shattered realms in Neuphoria, collect resources, build traps, use regional perks, and clash against other guilds in an immense map.

NeuphoriaAimed IncorporatedRelease date: Jun 27, 2024
Welcome to the world of Neuphoria, a world filled with unique characters battling against the shadows of the Dark Lord, whose name shall not be spoken. Once a land of dreams and surreal beauty, it now lies shattered, invaded by strange creature toys born of the Dark Lord's influence. Embark on your quest as a hero, wandering through the ruins of Neuphoria, battling fierce monsters and uncovering fascinating stories in your journey. In Neuphoria, Conquest Mode brings PvP fierce battles to life in real-time! Develop your base attributes and expand your stronghold to collect valuable resources while have the option to be the aggressor and attack others, or increase defensive stats to keep away attackers. Utilize strategic tactics by crafting barriers or traps, and leverage regional perks found in the game to gain an edge in the battlefield. Assemble your own squad to lead into battle against your enemies, unlocking a list of unique characters with varying special abilities that complement each other. Customize each character based on their classes and attributes to create the perfect team for any battle strategy. Upgrade your squad's weapons and armor to maximize your attacks against your enemies, adapting to any enemy by adjusting your squad's formation and tactics to gain the optimal level of advantage. Create or join a guild and engage in massive wars on an immense map, collaborating with your guild members to strategically plan your next battle and coming out on top. Utilize the guild to create a stronghold and gain an edge over other guilds. Explore new lands, expand your base, exploit your enemies' weaknesses, and exterminate any enemy who stands in your way. Rise in the ranks of your guild and dominate the game. Join Neuphoria now and engage in an epic clash of unique characters!
The Heirloom

Immerse yourself in The Heirloom, a suspenseful odyssey infused with puzzles, Scottish folklore, and unforeseen consequences for each decision in this handcrafted visual game.

The HeirloomBabubi GamesRelease date: Oct 2024
Embark on a journey into the enigmatic depths of The Heirloom, an intriguing suspenseful odyssey infused with puzzles and mysteries that will challenge your intellect and call upon you to weave your destiny amidst a tapestry of clandestine revelations. Enter the annals of a quaint township, forging connections with the locals and unraveling the enigmatic yarn woven through the sands of time. Delve into the mysterious lore shrouding your lineage and the time-honored legacy of your forebears as you endeavor to unearth the truth concealed behind puzzling events. The path to enlightenment is fraught with challenges; traverse through a plethora of intricate puzzles that test the limits of your cognitive abilities, rewarding your ingenuity as you progress. Scour the terrain for precious artifacts, utilizing your intelligence in their amalgamation and deployment to facilitate your quest towards accomplishment. Will you conform to the conventional path or will you embrace rebellion? Will you trust your gut feeling or succumb to the voice of reason? Every word spoken and every action taken will have a resounding impact on the continuum, forging paths to unforeseen consequences. Plunge headfirst into a labyrinthine narrative steeped in the ethereal aura of the Hebrides, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Scottish legends and folklore. Engage in dialogues that oscillate between soul-searching introspection and playful banter, weaving a tapestry of emotions that resonates with your heart and evokes laughter. Witness the amplified impact of your choices as they reverberate throughout the intricacies of the plot, unfurling a canvas of unforeseen consequences that surpass imagination. Immerse yourself in the majestic glory of handcrafted visuals that breathe life into the canvas, each stroke a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that adorned every frame. Get ready to be captivated by interactive vignettes that transcend the line between observer and participant, inviting you to partake in the unfolding drama with a bated breath. Embrace the synergy of different gameplay elements, each exuding a distinct allure that will keep you ensnared in its embrace. The Heirloom is your gateway to an immersive experience that promises to keep your mind engaged and your heart enthralled.
Order Daybreak

Order Daybreak, the ARPG where alliances and survival reign supreme. Choose from a multitude of classes, forge alliances, and ride into battle on mounts.

Order DaybreakNeocraft LimitedRelease date: Jun 2024
Enter a world abounding with post-apocalyptic resilience and sci-fi marvels as you embark on a new legacy in "Order Daybreak" - an ARPG filled with anime-inspired finesse. Engage in dynamic combat from a 2.5D perspective, where shrewd tactics and strategic play prevail. As an Aegis Warrior, battle the corruption that envelops the world and gather a band of unique allies to fight by your side. How will the fate of this world unfold in your hands? Game Features: [Allies in the Apocalypse] Forge crucial alliances in dangerous territories with a diverse range of allies. Develop their distinct abilities to create a formidable force that will turn paralysis into victory. [Strategic Combat Synergy] Refine your reflexes and achieve surgical precision in your combat skills. Each action you take will ultimately bring you one step closer to triumph on the battlefield. [Shape Your Legacy] Choose your preferred path with the multitude of classes that are available. Unleash your hidden potential and weave a unique story for your warrior, time and time again. [Survival in Style] Arm your survivor with sturdy yet impressive gear and ride into battle on mighty mounts designed to conquer a world recently reclaimed from destruction. [Global Alliances] Join forces with fellow players worldwide in seamless cooperation and competition, and witness ever-evolving alliances and rivalries in cross-server play. As the first glimpses of daybreak penetrate through the darkness, the dawn of a new era emerges. Will you seize this opportunity to create a vibrant future, or will the approaching nightfall engulf everything in darkness? In "Order Daybreak," every single decision you make will mold the unseen structure of the future, so choose wisely! Will you illuminate a path for those who will follow or succumb to the darkness that surrounds you? The choice - and the fate of the world - is in your hands.
Auroria: a playful journey

Open-world sci-fi sandbox game Project Stars combines exploration, building, crafting, and combat in a stunning universe full of hazard and mystery.

Auroria: a playful journeyHK Hero Entertainment Co., LimitedRelease date: TBA
Embark on an interstellar adventure with Project Stars, an open-world sci-fi sandbox game that offers an array of captivating gameplays such as exploration, crafting, building, and combat. You can explore the universe with your friends and uncover a whole new world of possibilities. ▶ A Remarkable Journey through Time and Space ◀ Travel through the enigmatic black holes of the galaxy. With the unique spherical map, you will have an immersive and uninterrupted trip to space. Prepare to touch down on habitable planets and uncover the perfect place for you in the vast Beia Galaxy. ▶ Create and Build with Your Imagination ◀ The sandbox gameplay gives you vast creative freedom to interact with the game's environment. You can construct your fortress, weapons, spacecraft, bridges and even roads from scratch. You have the power to reshape your world any way you like. ▶ Experience Fantastic Visuals during Exploration ◀ Discover over ten different kinds of ecosystems, hundreds of animal and plant species, rugged terrains, stunning auroras and other rendering effects that deliver a fresh and exciting experience. As you marvel at the gorgeous sceneries, gather the resources necessary to sustain life on the planets. ▶ Face Off Against Alien Creatures ◀ Along with stunning space visuals, there are dangerous creatures lurking on the planets. Ignoring them will come at a high cost, so arm yourself with weapons, battle suits, and covers to survive the hazardous environments. Stay alert and prepared, and never lower your guard. To run Project Stars on your Android, ensure that you have the following specifications: OS Android 4.1 or later, CPU: 1.6GHz (quad-core) or more, and RAM: 4.0GB or more. Join the Facebook or Discord community for more information and engaging conversations.
Cat Garden - Food Party Tycoon

Create purr-fect sushi and customize your restaurant with playful cat-themed decor in 'Cat Garden'. Download now for a charming culinary journey.

Cat Garden - Food Party TycoonDAERI SOFT IncRelease date: 2024
Welcome to the enchanting world of "Cat Garden," where cute little felines are the stars of the show. Get whisked away to a world of adorableness and sushi with your furry friends. Are you ready for a unique adventure? 🍣 Game Features: In this game, you are a chef and alongside your furry feline friends, you'll create the perfect sushi dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Let these cute little creatures satisfy your cravings with a wide variety of delectable Japanese dishes. 🐾 Decorate your Restaurant: Make sure your sushi restaurant is as lovely and cute as your furry friends with playful cat-themed decor to create a cozy dining experience for your customers! 🐾 Staff: Meet your cat-servers, each with unique personalities that will add to the charm of your restaurant. 🐾 Music: Relax and enjoy the tranquil vibes at your sushi haven. We've got a serene melody to set the mood and allow you to soak up the atmosphere. 🐾 Avatars: Customize your feline chef with adorable accessories. Stand out in the kitchen with your unique flair! 🐾👒✨ 🐾 Specials: Discover exclusive dishes for a culinary journey like no other. Surprise and delight your customers with your whisker-licking specials. Calling All Cat Lovers! Download Now if You Are: 📲🐱✨ ♥ Cat-tivating Souls: For those enchanted by cat games, this is your purr-fect paradise! ♥ Cute Cat Exclaimers: For those who just can't resist saying "Cats are cute!" you're in the right place. ♥ Virtual Kitty Love: Raise your own virtual kitties with love. ♥ Tycoon Masters: Restaurant or food game experts with speedy clicking skills. ♥ Relaxation Seekers: Dive into a relaxing or idle game. ♥ Cute Game Admirers: For lovers of cute animal or kitty games. ♥ Fluffy Escape: Take a break with your fluffy friends from your student or work life. ♥ Cuddly Companions: Find more cuddly companions. ♥ ASMR Enthusiasts: Be enchanted by soothing sounds. ♥ Offline Charm: Carry the cuteness with you anywhere, anytime, even if you have no Wi-Fi. Download "Cat Garden" now and experience a game that will leave you feline good!
Age of Empires Mobile

Age of Empires Mobile: Conquer a realistic, vast, and lifelike world with over 40 epic heroes and iconic civilisations. Strategize, deploy troops, and master controls.

Age of Empires MobileLevel InfiniteRelease date: Aug 19, 2024
Embark on a thrilling journey through the new Age of Empires universe and form unbreakable alliances with pals from around the world at any time and in any place! Immerse yourself in an epic war strategy encounter with top-notch real-time controls, breathtaking graphics, and legendary heroes battling it out on grandiose battlefields. Assume command of your empire, rally your people from every corner of the earth, and rebuild your once powerful glory! Join us on an adventure like no other! Features: Experience a new Age of Empires: Old and new gameplay mechanics come together in this mobile game to give gamers an unsurpassed experience. Meticulously manage your resources, develop unique tech, and train an assortment of armies to establish and safeguard your kingdom right from the ground up. Conquer a realistic world: Explore and conquer an extensive and realistic world where you can marvel at majestic mountains, lush forests, awe-inspiring oceans and scorching deserts emerging from the sand. This vibrant and realistic world is brimming with resources that are just perfect for developing your domains and feeding your ever-expanding armies. However, be wary, for hidden dangers may be lurking in unexpected places, and formidable foes could be lurking in nearby woods, waiting to ambush you! Dominate immersive battlefields: Rule over wondrous medieval cities that have turned into fields of battle. Make strategic game plans with precision, aiming your actions at archer towers, breaching gates, and conquering central edifices. Participate in massive alliance battles with thousands of global players in real-time, dynamic interactive cities for an authentic medieval battlefield adventure on your mobile device. Control troops in real-time: In Age of Empires, you have the power to control up to five troops and move them freely across vast maps and intense battlegrounds. You can even control siege engines, providing your alliance with the upper hand in a scorching hot war. Mastery of controls is paramount to your success! Deploy legendary heroes: Select from over 40 epic heroes drawn from various civilizations. Famous characters like Joan of Arc, Leonidas, and Julius Caesar rub shoulders with intriguing new partners such as the Queen of Sheba, Khalid ibn al-Walid, and Rani Durgavati, among others. Combine the unique attributes of different heroes to form a powerful and unique force that is unbeatable! Raise Mighty Civilizations: Choose your civilization from magnificent Chinese and grandiose Romans to persevering Franks and dazzling Byzantium, with even more civilizations planned for release. Experience the medieval times with breathtaking graphics and breathtakingly detailed environments. Get Social: Visit our Facebook page, check out our YouTube channel, and join our Discord community to get first-hand knowledge on everything Age of Empires Mobile. Get the latest insights, updates on gameplay, and any other exciting information that you may need to know.
DC: Dark Legion

Recruit iconic Justice League superheroes and villains to engage in PvP battles and save Gotham City from the Shadow Multiverse in DC: Dark Legion.

DC: Dark LegionFunPlus International AGRelease date: TBA
DC: Dark Legion is an action-packed RPG game that allows players to engage in multiplayer PvP battles and strategic gameplay. This game is licensed by DC, and it features an array of legendary superheroes and villains from the Justice League and beyond. Recruit and upgrade your team to heroic heights, or assemble a nefarious team of villains. You will need to shield and save Gotham City from the Shadow Multiverse in this epic adventure. Forge your team with iconic characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman to ensure their strength and adaptability. You can also recruit formidable villains for a well-rounded lineup like The Joker, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn, Dark Knights, and others. Personalize your BatCave to shelter your team and fortify it against the forces of evil. Take on opponents from around the world in multiplayer PvP matches. Battle to claim triumph and become the best in the DC universe. As you embark on this legendary odyssey, you will free Gotham City from interdimensional attacks and protect other cities throughout the DC universe. Undertake challenging quests to thwart the adversary's concealed motives and keep your team aligned with justice. Each character's unique powers and abilities enable you to customize and design tactics that best suit your playstyle. Utilize cards to draw resources, hero fragments, and bonuses to enhance your team's abilities further. As you progress, you will unveil additional content and immerse yourself in a thrilling, action-packed realm. Embark on the adventure of DC: Dark Legion and become the Defender of the DC universe. Gather your team, customize your BatCave, and fight to save Gotham City!
Merge 2 Survive: Zombie Game

Merge, craft, and strategize your way through a city overrun by zombies in "Merge 2 Survive" as you help Mia on her mission to find her father.

Merge 2 Survive: Zombie GamePixodust GamesRelease date: TBA
Enter a world that has undergone a drastic change. A world that is now overrun by zombies and survival is the ultimate goal. ‘Merge 2 Survive’ is an unparalleled adventure game that combines strategic thinking with exhilarating puzzle-solving activities. You will follow the journey of Mia, a brave and unstoppable woman desperate to discover the whereabouts of her father stranded in a city that has been devoured by the apocalypse. Get ready to venture through zombie-infested wastelands, once bustling with life. Every merge you make is a crucial moment in Mia’s story. You must craft weapons, build defenses, and unite people to resist the relentless onslaught of the undead. Explore this decayed city, discover its enigmas, examine clues, and uncover the whereabouts of Mia’s father. But bear in mind, ‘Merge 2 Survive’ is not merely about combining elements - it is about maneuvering through a world turned upside-down. Demonstrate your strategic skills by combining crucial resources, guaranteeing that your allies not only survive but flourish. Enjoy features like Merge & Craft where you can mix and match items, designing weapons, fortifications, and anything else you need to survive against the undead army. The game boasts strategic gameplay where each decision is vital, so hone your strategic skills to outsmart the challenges you face on this journey. The game includes Epic Exploration, allowing you to discover every part of the city and resolve the secrets of a world overpowered by zombies. Uncover resources, rebuild communities, and lead the charge against the undead. You are the beacon of hope in a world plunged into darkness. This Survivor’s Saga depends on you, will you gather allies, reconstruct what is lost, and embrace this adventure to shine a light in a world displaced by zombies? Merge, scout, and battle your way through this exciting adventure game, ‘Merge 2 Survive’, testing your willpower as you confront the challenges thrown your way. The fight against the undead has commenced, are you prepared to face the challenge? If you have any issues or suggestions regarding the game, reach out to Pixodust Games. The company values feedback from their players. Keep an eye out for updates, as the developers are always on the lookout for ways to enhance the gameplay and incorporate new content. Before you start playing the game, don’t forget to review the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions areas.
Wex Mobile: Battle Royale

Wex Mobile, the unique battle royale game with diverse heroes, talents, and innovative gameplay mechanics. Join now and claim exclusive rewards!

Wex Mobile: Battle RoyaleRigelnext GamesRelease date: TBA
Are you ready to experience the ultimate mobile gaming adventure? Enter Wex Mobile - a heart-racing battle royale game filled with thrilling abilities and strategic hero choices. Register now to receive exclusive rewards and be one of the first to embark on this epic journey! ➤ Various Types of Heroes: Choose your way to victory from four distinct hero categories – Assasin, Mage, Warrior, and Support. Each category offers a wide range of unique heroes, each with their own extraordinary skills and talents that require mastery. ➤ Continuous Improvement: Rise through the ranks during each match, explore new abilities, and level up your character to emerge as an unbeatable force. Change your strategies dynamically and dominate the battlefield with your skills. ➤ Uncover Talents and Attributes: Reveal various talents to shape your hero's abilities, tailor your gameplay to your strengths, and ensure each encounter is a unique experience. Strategically enhance your character's attributes, create a character that is perfectly suited to your preferences, and use an expansive range of talents and finely tuned attributes to dominate the battlefield. ➤ Exceptional Drop Experience: Bid farewell to conventional drop methods and experience the excitement as you launch from ships, with unmatched style toward the battleground. ➤ Innovative Gunplay: Enjoy revolutionized gun mechanics that set Wex Mobile apart from the rest. With precise shooting, dynamic movement, and responsive controls, experience an unparalleled gaming experience. ➤ Innovative Combination of Game Mechanics: Immerse yourself in captivating battles, blend your strategic thinking with your skills to create an adrenaline-fueled adventure. Wex Mobile redefines the battle royale genre with its innovative gameplay mechanics. ➤ Strategize, Adapt, and Conquer: Enter a world where each decision matters, you can only succeed if you possess strength. Are you ready to become a legend in Wex Mobile? Pre-register now to claim your exclusive rewards and position yourself for a head start towards victory. ➤ Follow Wex Mobile for the latest updates and exclusive content: YouTube: Instagram: Discord: Twitter: WhatsApp: Get Ready for the Future - Enter Wex Mobile!
Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice

Survive in a frozen world as you build a steampunk city, trade resources, protect animals, and weather extreme conditions. Official mobile version of Frostpunk.

Frostpunk: Beyond the IceCom2uSRelease date: Jan 26, 2024
We are survivors, and we will continue to thrive in the face of adversity! Unexpectedly, the world was plunged into an ice age during the 19th century, resulting in utter chaos. The last group of survivors retreated to the Arctic and found a Generator, their only hope for survival, which spurred them into action to explore the unknown world in search of means to stay alive. ◈ The Frostpunk Console Game now on Mobile! ◈ - Immerse yourself in the console game's epic storyline, now available on your mobile device. - Survive in extreme life-threatening conditions while working to preserve human dignity. - Indulge in a steampunk-inspired world set in the late 19th century, where intense cold and steam engines coexist. ◈ Perfect for ◈ - Fans of authentic city-building simulations - Gamers who desire to create their unique cities - Enthusiasts of the steampunk atmosphere - Frostpunk players who enjoyed the game - Devotees of winter and snow-filled scenery ◈ Game Features ◈ # Construct Your Steampunk City : Strategically place buildings to optimize efficiency : Erect unique buildings to make your city stand out # Trading-base for Resource Distribution : Exchange critical resources with other gamers : Monitor regularly updated Trading Base listings : Procure extraordinary items from the Shop and black-market vendors # Interact with Other Gamers : Utilize the app's social features to communicate with other players : Visit other cities to study various strategic city layouts : Accelerate your growth by exchanging buffs # Help Endangered Animals : Earn rewards by rescuing and safeguarding animals : Create an incredible guide book showcasing rescued animals # Battle Severe Weather to Defend Your City : Protect your city and citizens from calamities to attain unique rewards : Enjoy the exclusive dungeon-style content # Take a Break From City Construction Exhaustion : Choose laws to improve your city : Embark on Expeditions to discover resources in the frosty wilderness ◈ Frostpunk Official SNS ◈ Official Site: Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice - Official Twitter: FrostpunkM - Official Forum: Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice - • Language: English *** Device App Access Permission Notice When utilizing the app, access permissions are required to grant the following service. [Required] None [Optional] · NOTIFICATION: The permission is necessary to receive game information and advertisement push notifications. [Removing Permissions] After granting permissions, it is possible to reset or remove them by following the steps below. 1. Android 6.0 or above: Settings > Apps > Select App > Permissions > Allow or Remove Permissions 2. Android 6.0 or below: Upgrade the operating system to remove permissions or delete the app ※ If you are using Android 6.0 or below, we recommend upgrading to 6.0 or higher since the optional permissions cannot be changed individually. • This game contains items available for purchase. Certain paid items may not be refundable depending on their type. • For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, kindly visit - Terms of Service: - Privacy Policy: • Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support if you have any questions or require assistance, by visiting
World of Goo 2

World of Goo 2: construct structures with lively Goo Spheres in a physics-based puzzle adventure. Engage with the inquisitive spheres!

World of Goo 22D BOYRelease date: 2024
15 years have passed since the original World of Goo was launched. With time passing by, we all have grown a bit older, and so have you. However, there is no stopping progress! Set out on an exciting journey into the vibrant and dynamic universe of World of Goo 2! Immerse yourself into the world of enthusiastic and inquisitive Goo Spheres while building an array of structures to solve puzzles that are based on the laws of physics. Get ready to unleash your creative side and embark on a new adventure that will keep you hooked for hours! Find out more about World of Goo 2 and take up the challenge by visiting their official website at
Chicken Run: Eggstraction

Egg-citing Chicken Dash: Eggstract top-down heist game combines stealth and squad-based infiltration. Liberating hens and devising contraptions with comical mishaps awaits.

Chicken Run: EggstractionNetflix, Inc.Release date: 2024
Chicken Dash is a thrilling top-down heist game that is played in real time. It is a perfect combination of stealth elements and squad-based infiltration, providing players with an exciting and unique gaming experience. In the game, players must get ready for egg-citing gameplay, where they find themselves in a diverse array of vibrant settings. The main objective of the game is to liberate hens and safely transport them back to Cluckville. To achieve this goal, players must analyze the blueprints of the rival zones, assemble a crew with the appropriate expertise, and devise contraptions to slip into their enemy's territory. However, players must be aware that this is no easy task, and it's bound to go comically awry, because you're dealing with chickens! The game utilizes high-quality graphics and sound effects that transport players into the world of Chicken Dash. With a range of challenging levels and missions, players must use their strategic thinking skills to outsmart their rivals and succeed in their missions. Overall, Chicken Dash is a unique and engaging game that is sure to keep players entertained for hours. The game offers a mix of fun and challenging gameplay that is ideal for gamers of all ages. Are you ready to save the hens and become the ultimate chicken hero? Play Chicken Dash today and find out!
Project: The Outcast

Project: The Outcast features mystical martial arts and supernatural elements with a collaboration with Bruce Lee. Advanced combat system requires players to adapt and react to the enemy.

Project: The OutcastMorefun StudiosRelease date: TBA
The game, Project: The Outcast, is inspired by the well-known Chinese webcomic series, Hitori No Shita: The Outcast. It incorporates contemporary Chinese culture, mystical martial arts, and supernatural stories, creating a unique gaming experience. The game is also a collaboration with martial arts legend, Bruce Lee, adding excitement to this eagerly awaited martial arts action title. Players can witness fantastic fighters as they execute combinations, counters, and throws while using mystical abilities like fireballs, energy webs, and ice attacks, making it a captivating martial arts extravaganza. Project: The Outcast has thrilling combat animations, an energetic battle system, and takes place in the enthralling Inhuman World. As players explore this game, they will surely impress themselves with stunning visual fidelity and an advanced combat system that aims to emulate a graceful "dance" through a blend of offensive strikes and defensive maneuvers. The game demands players to actively adapt and react to enemies' assaults while capitalizing on openings during combat sequences, making Project: The Outcast an enthralling gaming experience.
Nova Legends

Nova Energy has transformed the world, but a new enemy is threatening it. Collect heroes, build teams, and progress even when you're away in this idle RPG.

Nova LegendsPlarium Global LtdRelease date: TBA
Unleashing the potential of humanity, Nova Energy transformed their world. Suddenly, an unfamiliar threat stands to seize this precious resource, ignorant of the power they are up against! With Nova Legends, progress even while you're busy with other tasks. This idle RPG adapts to your schedule, working around your life's demands. Enjoy incessant progress as your heroes continue their adventures, earning rewards and experiences even when you're not there. Be confident that you don't miss out on any fun! Dive into a vibrant futuristic world that offers over 70 heroes in 6 factions. Each hero is equipped with an out-of-this-world ability, a distinct personality, and fascinating backstory. Discover them all and build your superpowered team to triumph against your enemies. Battle your way to victory, powering up your heroes along the way. Sun Tzu once suggested: "Know your enemy. Learn their weaknesses. Then build a team of futuristic superheroes to kick their butts." The same concept applies here. Explore the bright, fascinating future that ensues as you play the game. This world expanded upon the discovery of Nova Energy, rising up to achieve new heights, but not without conflict. Engage in your preferred game mode, be it arcade, daily boss, gauntlet, or tower battles. Endless fun and great rewards await you at every turn. Nova Legends is free to download and play, but you can make in-game purchases with actual money. Turn off this feature through your device settings if you would prefer to opt-out. Visit the official website and get more information on the support, privacy policy, and terms of use for the game.
The Desolation

Join the fight for humanity’s survival in The Desolation: Echoes of Humanity, a cross-platform co-op shooter set in 2140 against synthetic invaders.

The DesolationStratosphere Games GmbHRelease date: TBA
Experience the ultimate adventure with The Desolation: Echoes of Humanity, an innovative multiplayer shooter game that you can play on both PC and mobile devices. Immerse yourself in a constantly changing world, where collaboration, strategic configuration, and exciting battles are the keys to success. Travel with the game to the year 2140 and explore humanity's fractured and militarized world, where transhumanism and triumph in Mars have come at a price. The sudden invasion of "The Shade," an enigmatic force that threatens every aspect of human existence, has caught us off guard. Get ready to face the relentless and highly adaptive synthetic invaders, who infiltrate human ranks with their parasitic technology. The future of mankind hangs in the balance as you enter the grueling battlefield, equipped with a corrupted Exo suit infused with Shade nano-technology. Explore a merciless war zone where every decision you make will determine the fate of the planet. Will you rise to the challenge and become humanity's beacon of hope? Only time will tell in this adrenaline-pumping, high-stakes battle for survival.
Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds

Action-packed top-down adventure with Survivor swapping. Collect heroes, combat bullet-hell bosses, and explore diverse environments. Stock up before time runs out.

Risk of Rain: Hostile WorldsGearbox PublishingRelease date: TBA
Get ready for an adventure-packed journey in Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, where you control the game's top-down perspective. This addition to the franchise, taking place simultaneously as Risk of Rain 2, presents a fresh new story arc. You'll have the chance to swap mid-game with other Survivors and develop a roster of heroic characters to wield as your tool for success. Brace yourself for high-octane, run-and-gun action while confronting formidable bullet-hell bosses. The game offers an array of new allies while returning fan favorites, each wielding powerful equipment to traverse various environments. The clock is ticking, so don't waste any time acquiring mission items that'll support you as your enemies grow in strength. If you want to get your hands on the game, visit their official website:
Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley

Restore Moominvalley's natural harmony in Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley; a tranquil adventure, featuring puzzles, stealth, an open world exploration and a captivating musical touch.

Snufkin: Melody of MoominvalleyRaw FuryRelease date: TBA
Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley is a captivating game that takes you on a musical journey alongside Snufkin. His mission is to restore the balance and serenity of Moominvalley, which has been disrupted by unsightly and grotesque parks. The game has a heartwarming and tranquil vibe which makes it suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. With a seamless blend of an immersive open world, mind-boggling puzzles, elements of stealth, and captivating melodies, you're in for an amazing treat. Explore the breathtaking landscapes and beyond while unearthing hidden treasures and uncovering perplexing enigmas to inspire your musical creativity. The Park Keeper has caused chaos in Moominvalley with his unsightly parks, and it's up to Snufkin to rally the residents and restore harmony to the valley. You'll also come across endearing characters from Tove Jansson's beloved tales, making it a delightful experience whether you're new to the franchise or a long-time fan. Some of the key features that make Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley a must-play include the captivating storybook art style that makes the game feel snug, the harmonious compositions created in collaboration with the renowned Sigur Rós, and the narrative-rich gameplay full of charming characters with captivating stories and quests drawn from Tove Jansson's legacy. You'll also have a chance to traverse the vast open world of Moominvalley while unraveling musical and environmental conundrums on your journey to uncover the well-kept secrets of the valley. Armed with your trusty harmonica, finesse, and the camaraderie of new friends, you'll bid farewell to the rigid Park Keeper and banish his dreadful parks from the valley. Overall, Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley is a whimsical adventure that intertwines music, mystery, and nature to weave a tale of restoration and harmony. Let the melodies guide you as you embark on this enchanting journey into the heart of Moominvalley's beauty.
Battle Crush

30 players battle on a crumbling field, use unique skills to defeat enemies, grab treasure chests, choose Calixers, and play a variety of game modes.

Battle CrushNCSOFTRelease date: Jun 27, 2024
Prepare for an epic battle royale experience in Battle Crush! Join 29 other players in a thrilling fight to be the last one standing on a crumbling battlefield with only 8 minutes on the clock. With skills that highlight the action-packed gameplay, you'll never feel bored with Light and Heavy Attacks that deal satisfying blows to your enemies. Charge up your Ultimate to become invincible and dodge incoming moves with quick and agile Dodge Attacks. You can even push or throw enemies out of the ring! Be sure not to miss the treasure chests on the field that will make you stronger and keep you alive longer. Use consumable items to your advantage, such as teleporting to faraway enemies or increasing your luck. Choose from a variety of unique Calixers, each with their own story and action skills. For example, channel your inner Poseidon and hurl spheres of water at your enemies or become Medusa and turn your foes into stone. Hone your skills to become the ultimate hero of this story! Play the game mode that best suits your playstyle: Battle Royale (Solo/Team), Brawl (Solo/Team), or Duel. Battle Royale is a classic mode where you must survive the collapsing arena and come out on top as the last player or team standing. In Brawl, choose three Calixers to take into battle and fight until you are the final survivor, attacking opponents already locked in battle in an enclosed arena of chaos. And in Duel, it's a 1 vs 1 intense game mode - take the time to prepare your strategy, see which Calixers your opponent has chosen, and aim to win three out of five rounds. To optimize your gameplay experience, Battle Crush requires certain permissions. You can use the game even if you do not agree to the optional rights, and you can reset or revoke access permission after agreeing to the access rights. Microphone and nearby devices permissions allow you to use the voice chat feature, while notifications keep you up to date with in-game information and marketing updates. Manage your permissions easily on Android 6.0 and up by accessing Settings > Application Management > Battle Crush > Select Permission > Agree or Withdraw Access Permission.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link merges GPS and immersive gameplay, exploring a vast map with iconic Disney characters and Kingdom Hearts protagonists, battling bosses and collecting trophies.

KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-LinkSQUARE ENIXRelease date: 2024
Set out on an unparalleled adventure with Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, a revolutionary combination of GPS connection and captivating gameplay that smoothly integrates the virtual universe with tangible locations. Explore an intricately crafted map full of formidable foes, imposing bosses, and hidden treasures, all set against the charming backdrop of Disney's iconic characters gracing various places of interest. Engage in dynamic combat reminiscent of the unique Kingdom Hearts style, featuring fast-paced 3D action sequences. Observe characters execute agile maneuvers, brandishing their keyblades with exactitude, all seamlessly executed by using intuitive touchscreen commands. Uncover a wide range of collectible rewards, each spotlighting characters and unlocking devastating special abilities, harmoniously integrated with the game's highly anticipated gacha mechanics. Choose from a formidable party of four, blending beloved Disney personalities with tried-and-true Kingdom Hearts heroes, ensuring a synergistic approach to combat. Embark on a journey back to the ineffable realm of Scala ad Caelum, a city of cosmic significance that first appeared in Kingdom Hearts 3, serving as the hub from which all worlds emerge. Plunge into the mystifying Astral Plane, depicted as a domain uniting existence and non-existence, offering an alluring connection to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 4 location of Quadratum, an otherworldly metropolis existing beyond the boundaries of reality. Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link invites you to engage in an unforgettable odyssey that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, altering the very core of interactive gaming.