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FAR: Lone Sails

Maintain your vehicle, explore a dried-out seabed, and brave hazardous weather. FAR: Lone Sails is an atmospheric and enjoyable landship-management game.

FAR: Lone SailsAssemble Entertainment
Embark on an exciting voyage and navigate your own ship through treacherous terrain filled with obstacles and natural hazards. Upgrade and maintain your unique vessel to overcome these challenges in a sunken world that tells the tale of a civilization in peril. Discover the remains of a lost civilization as you venture forth, follow their trails, and learn their story. Experience the atmospheric journey as you steer your ship while observing the vast clouds above and feeling the wind rushing past you. Enjoy the solitude of a zombie-free apocalypse, where it's just you and your machine against the vast emptiness that surrounds you. FAR: Lone Sails is a landship-management game that promises an enjoyable experience as you take care of your vessel and reach your destination. It's a smart game that offers relaxation and rewards perseverance. According to Catherine Ng Dellosa of, FAR: Lone Sails is a gem that takes a brave approach to storytelling. Sean Martin of defines FAR: Lone Sails as an engaging and intelligent landship-management game. Ash Mayhew of said that FAR: Lone Sails is the perfect apocalypse sim for the present times and he recommends it wholeheartedly. Matthew Sholtz of called FAR: Lone Sails a stunning atmospheric adventure game that provides relaxing and enjoyable gameplay. In conclusion, FAR: Lone Sails is an extraordinary post-apocalyptic game that takes the player on a therapeutic, mesmerizing, and awe-inspiring journey. Get ready to set sail and explore the remnants of a once-thriving civilization, maintain and upgrade your vessel, and brave the harsh elements of the dried-out seabed. FAR: Lone Sails is a game that should not be missed!
Terra Nil

Revive barren landscapes in this tranquil eco-city builder game exclusive to Netflix. Purify soil, build habitats and create a thriving ecosystem.

Terra NilNetflix, Inc.
An exclusive game for those with Netflix membership Embark on a journey to revitalize desolate lands. Watch as you plant extensive forests, purify the soil and clean the polluted oceans to morph the wastelands into a green paradise. Transform lifeless expanses into thriving environments while creating the perfect habitats for animals to thrive in. Rejuvenate barren soil into fertile grasslands and watch it flourish under your care. Once finished, recycle the buildings and leave no trace of your presence. Features: • Reverse City-Builder: Using advanced ecological technology, purify the soil to create plains, wetlands, beaches, rainforests, wildflowers and much more. When done, deconstruct the structures and leave the environment untouched for its new inhabitants. • Explore New Maps Every Time: Experience varied procedurally generated landscapes that pose interesting and unpredictable challenges such as snakes rivers, mountains, lowlands and oceans. Plan your build around the terrain provided. • Tranquil Gaming: Find peace in quiet environments, accompanied by mellow music and soft ambient sounds, elevating your gaming experience to a calming, meditative experience. Experience Appreciate mode for a stunning, unobstructed view of the ecosystem restored by your hard work. - Developed by Free Lives and 24bit.
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Lost in Play

Journey through imaginative worlds in Lost in Play, a point-and-click game with unique puzzles and colorful characters. A perfect family adventure.

Lost in PlaySnapbreak
Enter the imaginative world of Lost in Play, a game filled with vibrant landscapes and brain-teasing puzzles. Take on the role of a brother and sister duo as they navigate through a whimsical realm in pursuit of their homecoming. Travel through the enchanted forest of a horned creature, spark a revolution in a goblin village, and aid a team of frogs to extract a sword from a rocky prison. Lost in Play presents a world that is mysterious, dreamlike, and riddled with intriguing mini-games and perplexing puzzles. Engage in activities such as challenging a pirate bird to a crab-clicking competition, serving enchanted tea to royalty, and snagging components to build a flying contraption. It's a modern point-and-click game that piques your curiosity and leaves you yearning for more. The game sets off with a typical day that quickly transforms into a fantastic adventure with your trusty sibling by your side. From sneaking into a goblin fortress to venturing into ancient ruins and riding on a colossal stork, Lost in Play is a rollercoaster ride of nostalgia and charm. With a touch of authenticity akin to classic animated shows from childhood, Lost in Play is an interactive cartoon that the whole family can enjoy. It is designed to be a universal experience with no dialogue, instead relying on visual cues. The game boasts a bevy of engaging elements with over 30 unique mini-games and puzzles. Play cards with goblins, assist in building a dragon, and teach a sheep how to fly. You might also catch a sight of an amusing-looking derpy chicken. With a game that is whimsical, mysterious, captivating, immersive, and enjoyable all at once, Lost in Play is a fantastic puzzle adventure created with families in mind. We're hoping you'll enjoy playing it just as much as we enjoyed developing it.
Endling: Extinction is Forever

Survive as the last fox on Earth, guide and defend your cubs through a ravaged world, protect them from predators, and experience the destructive force of man.

Endling: Extinction is ForeverHandyGames
Will a mother fox be able to protect its vulnerable cubs from harm? Embark on a journey through a world destroyed by human activity and follow the sole surviving fox as she navigates through challenges in this eco-friendly adventure. Witness the detrimental effect of human actions as they contaminate, exploit and destroy natural resources on a daily basis. Unlock various 3D side-scrolling areas and guard your furry offspring from danger, provide them with sustenance, observe their growth, acknowledge their individual traits and fears and above all, guarantee their survival. Utilize the discretion of the night to silently escort your litter to a place of safety. Hibernate during the day in a make-shift den and plan your next movement cautiously as it could be fatal for you and your precious cubs. Features: •Explore the ravaged landscapes that mimic the current world concerns. •Hunt down other animals for food to nourish your cubs and evade becoming prey. •Challenge your natural survival aptitude and face difficult decisions. •Discover new lairs that offer safety from both the natural and unnatural threat. •Nurture your cubs, cater to their needs and introduce them to innovative skills to build their strength and self-sufficiency. • Survive at all costs!
Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad is a retro side scroller where you play as a SWAT trooper, tackling bad guys in a non-linear, strategic and adaptive action game.

Door Kickers: Action SquadKillHouse Games
Door Kickers: Action Squad takes you back to the beloved era of side-scrolling action games. Assume the role of a fearless SWAT trooper as you venture out into the crime-ridden streets of Nowhere City USA to take down the bad guys. Get ready for the action by selecting your gear, then charge through doors and confront the enemy head-on. Be ready to adapt on the fly and react with lightning-quick reflexes, and don't be afraid to start over and come up with a new strategy. Use cover and distance to your advantage, master weapon recoil, time your reloads perfectly, and make crucial decisions about when to use your in-game Strategic Abilities for healthpacks or gear refills. Alternatively, you can save up your hard-earned Points and unleash a devastating Ultimate attack to breeze past even the toughest final rooms. Do you have what it takes to complete all of the game's 84 non-linear levels? Choose from 6 different playable characters, each with their own unique gameplay quirks and level-up options. You'll face off against over 20 different enemy types, while also needing to complete one of four different mission objectives. Still craving more action? Fortunately, the game also includes an Endless Tower Mode that will test your endurance to the limit. There are over 60 different pieces of gear and weapons to unlock in your quest for dominance. Lastly, for those who are always hungry for more, the game even features a Zombie Invasion mode, which allows you to experience the game all over again in a brand new way. With its high detail retro graphics, unique Strategic Abilities system, and a universe of content to explore, Door Kickers: Action Squad is an adrenaline-fueled joyride that you won't want to miss!
Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a multiplayer, physics-based platformer with hilarious puzzles and customizable characters. New free levels keep the game fresh.

Human: Fall Flat505 Games
Human: Fall Flat is a comical and lighthearted physics-based platformer situated in surreal, levitating dreamscapes that can be enjoyed individually or with a group of up to four players. This game boasts a thriving community that is rewarded with free new levels. Every dream level offers a distinct environment to navigate, such as lavish mansions, fortified castles, exotic Aztec explorations, frosty mountain ranges, eerie nocturnal settings, and industrial locations. Numerous pathways are available in each level, and entertaining puzzles ensure that exploration and creativity are encouraged. MORE HUMANS, MORE CHAOS - Requiring some assistance with mobilizing that gigantic boulder onto a catapult or yearning for someone to demolish that cumbersome wall? Online multiplayer mode, accommodating up to four participants, transforms the way Human: Fall Flat is experienced. MIND-BENDING PUZZLES - The open-ended levels are brimming with challenging riddles and amusing distractions that will bend your mind. Ponder over new avenues and unravel all the hidden surprises! A CLEAN SLATE - Your avatar, your rules. Customize your Human with a diverse range of outfits such as builder, chef, skydiver, miner, astronaut, and ninja. Select your head, upper and lower body, and unleash your creativity in customizing the colors that you desire! FREE EXTENSIVE CONTENT - Since its inception, over four brand new levels have been added free of charge, with more on the horizon. Unveiling each dreamscape's mystery inspires curiosity and intrigue. A THRIVING SOCIAL COMMUNITY - The unique and entertaining gameplay has attracted numerous streamers and YouTubers, resulting in more than 3 billion views that fans have enjoyed.
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy": Climb an enormous mountain with a hammer, facing agonizing gameplay and new levels of frustration.

Getting Over It with Bennett FoddyNoodlecake
A unique game has been crafted for those with a certain penchant for punishment. Introducing "Conquering the Unconquerable: Bennett Foddy's Challenge", a game that pays homage to Jazzuo's "Sexy Hiking" classic from 2002. Your task is simple: use your mouse to move a hammer. With focused dedication, you will learn to jump, climb, and swing, unlocking glorious mysteries and receiving coveted rewards by conquering the lofty mountain's peak. As Jazzuo himself says, "Remember that the hiking action is akin to the way you would do it in real life, and you will do well." This climbing action simulates the physicality of real-life hiking maximally. Here's what you can expect from playing "Conquering the Unconquerable: Bennett Foddy's Challenge" : • Conquer the enormous mountain before you, armed only with a hammer and a pot. • Listen to insightful philosophical observations from your guide as you navigate this treacherous terrain. • Plan for between 2 and ∞ hours of playtime, depending on your dedication. Our esteemed testers completed the game in roughly 5 hours, but our estimates suggest that it could take countless hours. • Brace yourself to lose progress—a lot. This game will challenge your patience as well as your skill. • Experience new forms of frustration you never knew you were capable of confronting. Within the game, new strategies will have to be created and employed, challenging you to focus and stay determined.
The Longest Road on Earth

Immerse in musical journey with 4 unique characters. No text, only imagination in minimal player input. Over 20 original emotional songs.

The Longest Road on EarthRaw Fury
Immerse yourself in a world of music and emotion with “Play in a Song”. With no dialogue or text, minimal player input, and 20+ original, emotive tracks, this game allows you to use your own imagination to construct an unforgettable narrative with four distinct characters. Find yourself drawn into a world that is heavily influenced by music and art. Experience the game through the soundtrack that accompanies you on your journey. Each song has been specially crafted to evoke powerful emotions, drawing you deeper into the world of the game. Control your own destiny as you spend time with four unique characters, each with their own story and personality. Through your interaction with them, you will start to form your own narrative and uncover the true story behind the game. The game's creators have pulled out all the stops to create something special with "Play in a Song". They have utilized a mix of art, sound, and gameplay to create an immersive experience that is both unique and enchanting. Let it transport you to another world, one full of wonder, mystery, and enchantment. So come and explore the world of "Play in a Song" and create your own mythical story. Lose yourself in the immersive soundscapes and discover the magic within.
Monument Valley 2

Guide a mother and child through a magical world and learn secrets of Sacred Geometry in this standalone adventure, Monument Valley 2. Protect forests in new chapter.

Monument Valley 2ustwo games
Monument Valley 2 is back and better than ever with a brand new chapter, The Lost Forest which aims to help preserve trees and forest conservation through the Play4Forests petition. Get ready to explore a magical world full of illusionary pathways and solve delightful puzzles as you discover the secrets of the Sacred Geometry. Guide the mother and child through stunning environments and manipulate architecture to uncover new mysteries about the valley. This standalone adventure presents a completely new story from the Monument Valley universe and can be enjoyed without any prior knowledge of the previous game. Each level is individually crafted with meditative puzzles using brand new interactions that explore the dynamic relationship between the characters. Enjoy contemporary visuals inspired by an eclectic mixture of architectural styles, art movements, and personal influences resulting in stunningly crafted geometric structures. Immerse yourself in beautifully melodic soundscapes tailored perfectly to Ro and her child's journey through the valley. Reviews are raving about this sequel with WIRED calling it "subtly more sophisticated than its predecessor" and POLYGON praising it as "little vignettes of a surreal world that works its socks off to make me happy." Pocketgamer adds that "it is one of the best gaming experiences available on any device, let alone mobile." Destructoid declares they were "enraptured by everything they saw and heard" making this game an exceptional experience for any mobile or tablet device. Please note that Monument Valley 2 is only compatible with Android devices running 4.4 or later. Whether you are a returning fan or a newcomer, this game promises to be a captivating journey unlike any other, so start exploring today!

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