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TanTanfrom Skich app

Build, decorate and expand your dream farm with crops, orchards, animals, and unique recipes. Customize with hundreds of decorations and expand into the island interior.

FarmsideThe Label
******Create Your Own Farming Paradise!****** * Plant your crops, harvest them when ready and continue the cycle * Build your custom orchards packed with your favorite fruits * Raise various animals like hens, cows and more to get unique farm produces * Use these fresh products to craft special recipes * Meet the town's demand and supply them with your harvest * Procure seeds from Dunn’s Seed stand and enrich your farm ******Personalize Your Farm with Decorations!****** * Add elements as per your preference to your farm, like fences to restrict animals, street lights to cast a magical spell at night, and pavements to make pathways for your avatar * Customize your farm by changing colors of the house, barn and other essential locations using decals * Dress up your avatar to make your farming experience more fun * Unlock hundreds of unique decorations as you progress through quests and reach higher levels ******Expand Your Horizons!****** * Upgrade from a modest beachside farm to an extensive farm spread across the island
Text Express: Word Adventure

Explore the magical world of Text Express: Word Adventure, a genre-defying game, and solve unique word puzzles while uncovering immersive stories.

Text Express: Word AdventureGameHouse Original Stories
Get on the rails and embark on a word adventure with Tilly as your guide in Text Express: Word Adventure - the award-winning mobile puzzle game that has been nominated for Game of the Year at Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2023. This game seamlessly melds together crossword puzzles, engaging stories, and epic expeditions. Start playing now and take on thousands of unique crossword levels. Find hidden words, discover daily challenges, and complete a variety of word puzzles to advance the story. As you progress, you'll collect stars, unlock secret chests, and uncover Tilly's memories along the way. Who knows, you might even pick up new words and broaden your vocabulary! In Text Express, there are no time limits or penalties, allowing you to relax and fully immerse yourself in the word search experience. Share your progress with friends and challenge them to play Birdle, solving daily word challenges and discovering who can become the word search star. Explore a magical world filled with wonder, from beautiful gardens to enigmatic towns, all while riding in an old train that you can fix up and decorate to your liking. As you travel, you'll encounter mysteries, family secrets, comedy, adventure, and maybe even a love story. Unlock each new chapter and help Tilly become the star of her own life. Express your creativity by designing and decorating your train and dressing up Tilly in cute, cool, or fantasy outfits. Make the game uniquely yours! Text Express is a free-to-play game that offers in-app purchases. It was developed by Story Giant Games, a small indie game studio that specializes in blending engaging gameplay with compelling storytelling. The game is published by GameHouse Original Stories, a game developer and publisher dedicated to providing fun and meaningful gaming experiences.
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Open the Door: A Short Story About Life

Open the Door is a peaceful 3D adventure game with beautiful dreamscapes and easy gameplay, encouraging players to find joy in life.

Open the Door: A Short Story About LifeTatsuya Koyama
Hey there, we're thrilled to have you here. We know you must have stumbled upon a plethora of captivating apps that have been fighting for your attention. But for some reason, you have ended up on this page. So let us introduce you to Open the Door; a compact yet immersive 3D adventure game. Get ready to be transported to an array of striking dreamy environments, where you can explore every nook and cranny, snatch coins, and find joy in the tiniest moments. Each door welcomes you to a world of possibilities, hidden in the fantastic settings you'll stumble upon. Unlike other games that might drive you up the wall with mind-numbing puzzles or challenging death-defying missions, we've created a game that can cater to anyone's needs, pace, and preferences. Immerse yourself in a beautiful story with no interruptions, whether it's during your coffee break or just before hitting the sack. We believe that Open the Door is more than just an average game. It's an outstanding gaming experience that everyone would savor differently. While not intended to be brain-teasing, the game paints a colorful metaphor about life, one that comes with no strings attached and unexpectedly might leave a positive impact that resonates with you. We hope you choose to Open the Door and step into the world we've created just for you.
Arida: Backland's Awakening

Survive the drought and explore the 19th-century Brazilian backlands as Cícera in ÁRIDA, a single player historical adventure and survival game.

Arida: Backland's AwakeningAoca Game Lab
Step into the 19th-century Brazilian backlands and embark on a journey with Cícera, a young girl who is on a quest to find her parents. ÁRIDA is a single-player adventure and survival game that will push you to explore the most arid regions and collect resources to overcome the drought. Equipped with a machete and hoe, you must navigate the unforgiving terrain to gather water, clear paths, and harvest crops. Sharpen your tools and craft useful items using the typical resources found in the backlands. Staying alive requires interacting with the locals and overcoming challenges that will earn you food and water. The backlands is a place with a rich history and legends, and you have the chance to discover lost objects that teach you more about its past. Explore the backlands and venture into the unknown to expand your knowledge. Access the digital version of "Art of ARIDA," an artbook that provides a glimpse into the game's remarkable creation. Your device must have Android 7.1 or higher, an octa-core 1.8 GHz processor, and Adreno 610 or higher GPU. With ÁRIDA, step into the world of adventure and survival with a unique historical storyline. Can you help Cícera reunite with her family?
Isla Sinaloa

Escape to Isla Sinaloa and enjoy peaceful activities, a farm, mini-games, and exploring with 30+ animal friends. Customize and decorate the island.

Isla SinaloaEnsenaSoft, S.A. de C.V.
Isla Sinaloa is an ultimate leisure game packed with an array of exciting activities set in a serene island enriched with a blissful ambiance and a welcoming habitat of cute and friendly animals. The game boasts numerous features that will keep you captivated for hours on end. Among them, you can ride on a dolphin or rise high up in a hot air balloon for an exciting escapade. You can also embark on a thrilling venture to explore mazes, subterranean temples, mines, and volcanic caves which are undoubtedly packed with spectacular surprises. Then, you can build and manage a farm complete with crops cultivation and domesticated animals such as cows and chickens, among others. The game also boasts over 50 mini-games and a trendy food truck for you to manage and operate. Furthermore, you can develop a lasting friendship with about 30 adorable animals thriving on the island, and with over 500 exquisite items to gather and donate, you can exhibit exceptional building skills. Additionally, there are a myriad of stunning locations including a vibrant zoo, a beautiful museum, and botanical gardens, each replete with an array of stylish treasures and artifacts to collect and customize. You can also decorate your house with over 1000+ craftable items and personalize your outfit in multiple ways. Moreover, the island celebrates several holidays, both traditional and unique, ensuring that there's always something exciting to look out for. You can even invite your friends to explore the island and unleash its full potential. Set in an idyllic environment, Isla Sinaloa is the perfect destination to unwind and relax with your loved ones. The game is compatible with a wide range of iOS devices, and it adheres to Apple's policies on internet services, iTunes developer policies, and data privacy. Download the game today and prepare to be immersed in its enchanting and enthralling universe.
Lucy Dreaming

Explore lucid dreams and reality, meet quirky characters, and solve puzzles to uncover a dark family secret; a splendidly British comedy adventure.

Lucy DreamingTall Story Games
Experience an unforgettable adventure and help Lucy unravel a dark family secret in this beautifully crafted point & click comedy game. As Lucy, explore both reality and dreams to meet a cast of eccentric and acerbic characters who will aid you in finding clues, solving puzzles, and ultimately, uncovering a murderer. A Witty British Comedy Take a leisurely bike ride around the quaint British town of Figgington as you meet its sarcastic inhabitants. Use your map to navigate every nook and cranny, from the dilapidated town center to the cozy local pub, all while uncovering the town's darkest secrets. Journey Through Dreams and Reality Learn the art of dream control and venture into Lucy's psyche to unlock long-forgotten memories, discover the past, and reveal the unsettling truth behind her recurrent nightmares. Solve an Array of Puzzles Put your observational skills, logical reasoning, and creative thinking to the test as you tackle a wide assortment of puzzles. So, put on the kettle and enjoy a lovely cuppa as you work your way through this brilliantly designed game. Meet an Array of Colorful Characters From Lucy's dysfunctional family and the cynical townsfolk of Figgington to the plethora of extraordinary characters lurking in her subconscious, will you have what it takes to mollify giant crustaceans, interrogate elderly ladies, appease toddlers, and negotiate with trolls? Just don't forget your trusty teddy bear! Game Features: • Stunning pixel art-based environments capturing both dreams and reality's beauty. • A top-notch voice cast featuring Dominic Armato, who portrayed Guybrush Threepwood in the acclaimed game, Monkey Island. • Detailed scenes brimming with witty retorts to almost anything you interact with. • Badge collection. • Subtitles available in English and German. • Instant exit from scenes upon double-clicking. • Hotspot locator.
Wylde Flowers

Farm, fish, and cast spells to help grandma at Wylde farm and uncover the mystery lurking in Fairhaven.

Wylde FlowersStudio Drydock Pty Ltd
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Wild Cozy Life" where you take on the role of Tara, who embarks on a mission to assist her grandmother and revitalize the family farm on a quaint rural island. Discover the captivating beauty of magical terrains that include vibrant beaches, enchanting forests, and the endearing town of Fairhaven. Meet an alluring ensemble of fully voiced characters, each with intriguing backgrounds waiting to be unveiled. It's up to you to foster friendships with your fellow townspeople or even embark on a romantic relationship. Transform the Wylde family farm into a flourishing paradise teeming with crops of fresh vegetables, fruit trees, and adorable farm animals that will make your heart melt. Utilize your wand and broomstick to foster your magical abilities that allow you to control the weather, manipulate the seasons, and even transform into a cat! With a range of activities such as fishing, mining, crafting, and farming mixed with a bit of magic, you will never run out of things to do. Get creative and concoct hundreds of recipes for irresistible food and hand-crafted goods to sell. Observe the coven and relish in the cottagecore lifestyle as you explore the mysterious happenings in the heart of Fairhaven. Discover and uncover the hidden darkness within the town as you embark on a journey to unite and bring everyone together.
Kentucky Route Zero

Mystical secret highway adventure in Kentucky. Meet strange characters and immerse in a haunting world of abandoned futures.

Kentucky Route ZeroNetflix, Inc.
Exclusive for Netflix members, discover a mystical adventure game that takes you on a journey through unpayable debts, abandoned futures, and mysterious travelers. Travel down a secret underground highway and find a community that will change your life. As the sun sets in Kentucky, the chirps from the birds fade away, and the sounds of the choir of frogs and insects become present. Familiar roads become strange, and becoming lost seems inevitable. But for the people who have already lost themselves in the depths of life, they discover an underground highway winding through caves that provide a place of refuge. Initially, the people living along this highway seem strange, but soon enough, they become familiar. Meet an aging driver trying to make a delivery for a doomed antique shop, a young woman fixing obsolete TVs surrounded by ghosts, a child and his giant eagle companion, robot musicians, and an invisible power company whose grip is felt everywhere. With all five acts and interludes now available together, Cardboard Computer and Annapurna Interactive have created a complete story that was originally published episodically over a span of years. The striking visual style has drawn inspiration from theater, film, experimental electronic art, and video game history. To add to the immersive experience, the game features a haunting electronic score and a collection of hymns and bluegrass standards recorded by The Bedquilt Ramblers. Take the journey to discover the underground highway and the communities that struggle against the looming presence of the invisible power company.

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