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GabrielGabrielfrom Skich app

Roblox: create, share experiences with friends and explore a massive global community. Customize avatars, chat with friends, and indulge in limitless adventures.

RobloxRoblox Corporation
If you're looking for a platform that lets you explore an endless amount of virtual experiences and connect with friends, look no further than Roblox. As a global community, you can join millions of other players and let your imagination run wild. Already part of the Roblox community? Simply log in to access all the exciting features that await you in this limitless metaverse. With an ever-growing collection of experiences created by the community, you can embark on epic adventures, compete with players from around the world, or simply hang out and chat with friends in an immersive virtual space. What's fantastic about Roblox is that you can take all the fun with you. With full cross-platform support, you and your buddies can join from your computer, mobile device, Xbox One, or VR headset. The possibilities are endless! Show off your personality and make a statement by customizing your avatar with a wide range of hats, shirts, faces, and gear. With a continuously expanding catalog of items, you can create a unique look that reflects your style. Stay in touch with friends by using various chat features like private messaging and groups. Connect with people all over the world and make new friends while experiencing different worlds and adventures. If you're someone who loves creating virtual experiences, Roblox lets you tap into your creativity. You can build your own games and other experiences, which you can share with other users in the Roblox community. If you need any assistance with anything related to Roblox, their dedicated support page is the perfect place to start. Access information on how to create your experiences, contact the team, or read the privacy policy and terms of use. Remember, a network connection is required to join, so it's best to be connected to Wi-Fi to enjoy all the fantastic features that Roblox has to offer.
Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO: explore the world, catch Pokémon, battle other trainers online, and team up in epic gym and raid battles. Free-to-play with in-app purchases.

Pokémon GoNiantic, Inc.
Introducing a brand new feature: Engage in thrilling Pokémon battles with other Trainers online with the exciting GO Battle League! Be a part of a global community of Pokémon explorers who are discovering new and exciting creatures in their daily adventures. Downloaded over 1 billion times, Pokémon GO has claimed the title of "Best Mobile Game" according to the Game Developers Choice Awards, as well as "Best App of the Year" according to TechCrunch. _______________ Unleash the full potential of the world of Pokémon: Discover new and rare Pokémon anywhere you go! Expand your Pokédex by capturing more of these incredible creatures! Embark on a journey with your trusted Buddy Pokémon to increase your Pokémon's strength and earn fantastic rewards! Experience epic Gym battles and collaborate with other Trainers to win powerful Pokémon during the intense Raid Battles! What are you waiting for? It's time for you to immerse yourself in a world of adventure! Let's GO! _______________ Notes: - This app is free to download and play, but in-game purchases are available. - Designed for smartphones, this app may not be compatible with tablets. - This app works with Android devices that have a RAM of 2GB or more and run Android version 6.0-10.0 or newer. - Devices that lack GPS capabilities or are connected solely to Wi-Fi networks may not be compatible. - Although a device may have a compatible OS version, the app may not run on certain devices. - To obtain accurate location data, it's important to use the app while connected to a network. - Compatibility details are subject to change at any time. - For more details about compatibility, please view - All information is correct as of October 20, 2020.
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Monster Legends

Collect and train over 900 monsters of different rarities and elements, and battle other players in real-time multiplayer matches. Breed new species and build your own Monster Paradise.

Monster LegendsSocial Point
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Monster Legends, where you can breed and train unique monsters of various elements and rarities. Build your collection of over 900 monsters and prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge: battling against other players in this thrilling monster game. Discover the fascinating story of Monster Legends and its inhabitants as you construct a city for your monsters, complete with habitats and different species! Be amazed by the exceptional monsters that await you as you collect new ones every week, breed them, and create cool new species of different elements and rarities, obtained through breeding games and limited-time events. You can level up your monsters, rank them up in the Monster Lab and boost their powers with Runes, Relics, and Talents to gain an edge in battle. Set your strategy by combining attackers, tanks, and control monsters to ensure victory. Engage in real-time multiplayer battles and challenge other Monster Masters in Live Duels! Battle in Multiplayer Mode for trophies, rewards, and the chance to climb to the top Leagues. Venture through the Era Saga Dungeons and uncover the thrilling tale of Monster Legends. Unlike other monster games, Monster Legends has a unique storyline that's worth playing for. Create your monster paradise and build Breeding Mountain, Farms and Habitats straight away! Unlock special buildings like the Library and the Monster Lab to broaden your collection and expand your collection. Join a team and enjoy exclusive events like Wars and Marathons while building a strategy with your teammates on Team Chat. Aim to become #1 Monster Master in the world. Connect with the Monster Legends Community via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Discord. Download and play Monster Legends for free, and if you wish to disable in-app purchases, turn off the feature on your phone or tablet settings. Monster Legends offers a thrilling, action-packed, and unique monster breeding and battling experience that is sure to captivate you!
Honkai Impact 3rd

Be the captain of Hyperion, fight Honkai, and experience next-gen real-time action with Valkyrie Quicksand in new major update.

Honkai Impact 3rdmiHoYo Limited
[Game Introduction] Are you ready to join the Hyperion team in this thrilling action-packed roleplay game by miHoYo? Get ready to embark on a journey through breathtaking HD cel-shaded graphics and ultra-tight controls that will make you feel like you are living the adventure yourself. With an epic storyline that spans across different worlds, immersive stage dialogues, and celebrated VA lineup, Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd: Desolate City Detective Edition promises to keep you hooked for hours on end. Become the captain of the Hyperion team and assist them in the war against Honkai to save the Honkai-verse. Discover an array of cool features such as Valkyrie customization, base building, racing, shooting, and co-op raids that will give a whole new dimension to your gaming experience. Joining a diverse cast of Valkyries allows you to increase your strength and feel like you're part of the team. Don't miss out on the new version content, including the new SP battlesuit Valkyrie Quicksand, who is a QUA-type Physical DMG dealer. She has multiple ways of inflicting Bleed Trauma on enemies, and all DMG dealt by her is Bleed DMG. Also, check out the new story chapter, Hailing from Nagazora, part 1.5 of Honkai Impact 3rd, which features a new game mode Desolate City Detective. Play to earn Crystals, Valkyrie Quicksand Fragments, and more. Participate in other exciting events like Water's Hourglass, Meow Town Escapade, HOMU World Tour Championship, and collect items like ELF Water's Edge, Immortal Blades Uniform, Scorching Gravel Option, and Peachy Spring outfit. Don't forget to also check out the latest equipment updates like the Chakram Twirling Glaze and Exotic Lamp set. With these updates, you can unleash unprecedented power and take on your enemies with ease. Overall, Honkai Impact 3rd: Desolate City Detective Edition is a must-have game for action lovers. Play as Valkyrie Quicksand, spot cute kittens in Meow Town Escapade, participate in the HOMU World carnival, and enjoy unique outfits like Herrscher of Human: Ego's outfit Peachy Spring and Herrscher of Sentience's outfit Turn Up the Music. So, what are you waiting for? Go, Susannah! The whole Hyperion team is watching you!
Dragon Mania Legends

Breeding, training, and battling dragons is your game in Dragon Mania Legends. Hatch, evolve, and become a legendary trainer in this fantasy world.

Dragon Mania LegendsGameloft
Step into a world of wonder and magic with Dragon Mania Legends, the ultimate dragon simulator game for the whole family. Located in the secret island of Dragolandia, you will discover a mythical city filled with hundreds of legendary dragons waiting to be trained by a skilled dragon trainer like you. Breed, feed, care and train your dragons to unleash their full potential in epic battles against fearsome monsters and other opponents. With Dragon Mania Legends, you can customize your experience to your liking. Create and decorate your own fantasy city islands with buildings and decorations that suit your style. Collect different dragon breeds and pets to add to your dragon collection and create new, rare dragons by combining different species together. As you level up your dragon collection, unlock new abilities and skills by sending your dragons to the school of magic. But that's not all – Dragon Mania Legends offers a range of mini-games to play with your dragons. Feed them, cuddle them and care for them to earn gold and bonuses to power up your team and increase their fighting skills. You can also embark on a journey across the animal fantasy land, searching for new creatures and completing missions to expand your dragon collection and improve your fighting skills. The game also offers many ongoing online adventures, seasonal events, new content, and special quests to keep you engaged and entertained. Connect with other dragon trainers, make friends and interact online to devise the best combat strategies to defeat your opponents. With so much to do, Dragon Mania Legends is an animal fantasy experience that you will never tire of.
Indies' Lies

Single-player deckbuilding RPG with procedurally generated maps and a partner system. Choose from 9 playable characters in a medieval fantasy world with unique story adventures.

Indies' LiesHainan Yoka Network
According to legend, the origins of creation come from the old gods. Lord God Strockanos, who is responsible for the universe, molded the Mekaa continent into existence from the primordial chaos and infused it with his own blood. The gods of agriculture, destiny, and death reside in Mekaa and serve as guardians while also acting as the source of arcane enchantments. As a result, this world is sustained by God’s Blood and arcane abilities. Humans have ascended as predominant on Mekaa, originating from the ancient Alrayans to the Elruips who migrated and the Normaasts banished to the world’s end. Diverse societies have sprung up from mountainous to pastoral or nomadic tribes. While civilization and religion have clashed over the ages, the belief in old gods, particularly Strockanos, remained strong. Nevertheless, the arrival of a new deity, Indies, has ushered in a new era and religion for the continent and humanity. Indies' Lies is a game featuring a single-player mode that combines deckbuilding with Roguelike and RPG mechanics. With hundreds of cards and talent/rune/partner systems in place for different classes and procedurally generated maps, each playthrough is a fresh experience. Every character has an exciting story adventure that unfolds in a medieval fantasy world. The game boasts fun gameplay for newbies as traditional deckbuilding mechanics have been optimized to create a smoother experience. More experienced players will find the gameplay challenging and less restricting. Nine unique heroes, drawn from three classes, make for a diverse range of strategies; wizards, rangers, and mechanists each come with their own set of talents and cards. The procedurally generated maps mean that every game will be different. Indies' Lies has a partner system that spices up gameplay as you command a team of one hero and up to two partners. Partners have their own set of cards and strengths that complement the hero’s deck and open up room for flexible strategies and team tactics. Each run features a unique procedurally generated talent tree with over 200 talents designed for different stages and builds. The system suits different classes and builds, meeting the need for deck development. Mekaa's medieval fantasy world makes for an engrossing experience. The game's storyline takes you on a journey to unravel each character's secrets, unlock story mode, and partake in quests such as searching for a lost love or fighting the Seven Nightmares. Get the latest news about Indies’ Lies through Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.
Punishing: Gray Raven

Lead humanoid soldiers as the Commander in a post-apocalyptic world against machines infected by Punishing. Enjoy unique visuals, combat system, and voice actors.

Punishing: Gray RavenHK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited
Introducing Punishing: Gray Raven, the ultra-exhilarating and full-fledged 3D action RPG available for smartphones! As the commander, you have been entrusted with the humanoid "constructs," which are humanity's last hope against the invading machine threat known as the "Punishing." Your objective is to lead the constructs and fight against the machines that have been corrupted by the Punishing. Prepare to use your fingertips to execute stunning skills and embark on a journey to save humanity from extinction! For a limited time, logging in will allow you to choose one free, highest rarity S-class construct from a selection of five! In the near future, humanity touched the forbidden realm of endless exploration of science and technology, and as a punishment, the "Punishing" appeared as a disaster that symbolizes "penance." The Punishing not only destroys the fragile human body, it also corrupts the logic circuits of machines, turning them into slaughter weapons controlled by intense destructive impulses towards humans. After less than a century of resistance, the once prosperous civilization of mankind left little trace and was replaced by "Corrupted," machines that had been corrupted by the Punishing, wandering on the abandoned Earth. Humanity entrusted the last hope of resistance against the Punishing to the "constructs," which embody a human "soul" within an artificial body, and as the protagonist and commander, you will lead the constructs and engage in a battle to reclaim Earth... Enjoy an exhilarating new style 3D action game. The stunning 3D graphics, the sense of speed and impact of every strike, and the unique battle mechanics with puzzle elements, will provide you with a brand new combat experience. By disabling signals during battle, you can utilize your skills and achieve a strong combo by connecting normal attacks with skills. Experience a new and exhilarating battle system that allows you to enjoy both strategic and action-packed combat! The visuals of Punishing: Gray Raven are full of post-apocalyptic atmosphere, with a predominantly low-saturation color palette capturing the gloomy world. As the constructs launch their attacks, their radiance shines through the despair, providing a beacon of hope in the bleak world. Get to know the unique "constructs" and bond with them in the "dormitory" between battles. Customize the interior of the dormitory, give gifts that suit the personality of each construct, and increase your level of intimacy with them. Doing so unlocks special dialogue and hidden episodes. You can also experience the story from the enemies' perspective and encounter even deeper storylines. The voice cast includes popular actors like Yui Ishikawa, Ai Kayano, Ayako Kawasumi, Minami Tanaka, Haruka Tomatsu, Jun Fukuyama, Yoshimasa Hosoya, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. The voice acting will connect with your consciousness and bring an extra level of immersion to the game. "From this point on, this is a story of rebellion. Oh, children of humanity who yearn to return to the mother Earth, victory be upon you." Punishing: Gray Raven has a basic free-to-play model, but certain in-app items require payment. For more information on Punishing: Gray Raven, check out the official website at or follow them on Twitter @punigray_staff or on LINE at Supported devices include Android devices with 8.1.0 or higher, 3GB or more of RAM, 4GB or more of ROM, and Snapdragon 665, Kirin 960, Exynos 9810, or Helio G70 or higher. For any technical support inquiries, please contact
Mighty DOOM

Enter a cute yet infernal animated universe as Mini Slayer, rip and tear through hordes of demon enemies, and become the ultimate dungeon-crawling demon hunter in Mighty DOOM.

Mighty DOOMBethesda
Prepare to blast your way through hordes of mini demons in Mighty DOOM, a top-down 3rd person shooter set in a brand new animated DOOM universe. Step into a rogue-like adventure where you'll face off against a terrifying array of hellish foes and unleash your inner demon hunter. With fast-paced, arcade-style shooting action and customizable character upgrades, Mighty DOOM offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience that's not to be missed. Enter an animated DOOM universe with all-new locations, stunning visuals, and adorable demon threats. Inspired by collectible toys from DOOM Eternal, Mighty DOOM lets you level up your character and upgrade legendary weapons in a dungeon-crawler experience unlike any other. Take aim and fire in non-stop gun game action, dodging ranged enemies and unleashing your ultimate Glory Kill. With simple touch controls and a rogue-like gameplay that's easy to learn but difficult to master, Mighty DOOM puts your skills to the test in a thrilling demon slaying adventure. Choose from three unique weapons to switch on the fly and unleash your might against foes. From the Rocket Launcher to the Unmakyr or BFG, each weapon offers a unique set of abilities to inflict maximum carnage. Upgrade your gear and weapons as you progress through the game, unlocking devastating dungeon hunter abilities and insane combos to conquer Hell's armies. Prepare for epic boss fights against adorably violent versions of legendary DOOM bosses like the Baron of Hell and Cacodemon. With their own unique attacks and strategies, each boss offers a thrilling challenge that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Overall, Mighty DOOM offers a fast-paced, action-packed shooter experience that's perfect for gamers of all skill levels. With hundreds of challenging levels to conquer and countless upgrades to unlock, this top-down shooter is sure to become a fan favorite. So what are you waiting for? Download Mighty DOOM today and become the ultimate demon hunter!

Banish darkness and save Phantasia with heroes from classic fairy tales. Customize and deploy them in strategic, easy-to-learn combat in the anime-style world of Grimlight.

Embark on an extraordinary journey in the realm of Grimlight, where dreams and fairy tales come alive. Unveil the enigmatic world of Phantasia, which has been overtaken by the Dreamless - sinister beings that corrupt all life forms and threaten to engulf the world in a never-ending void. Even the Dominion lords - once the protectors of Phantasia have succumbed to madness and destruction, leaving only despair and hopelessness in their trail. As the Dreamer, you are the only one who can bring an end to this chaos. In Grimlight, you can summon heroes of legend by piecing together fragments of their past memories, to fight the Dreamless and save Phantasia from its impending doom. The game offers a delightful and charming plot that merges dreams and fantasy, making for a captivating story. Grimlight invites you to immerse yourself in a world of astounding beauty, where the characters are brought to life with stunning anime-style illustrations, crafted by the finest illustrators in the industry. You can unlock each character and explore their individual stories as you progress further in the game. Collect various weapons and items to customize and strengthen your hero squad. These customizations are crucial as you face off against the Dreamless and their minions, who will stop at nothing to corrupt and destroy everything in their path. The game's controls are delightfully easy to learn, with simple drag-and-drop features that allow you to deploy your heroes in battle with just a finger. Winning battles requires skillful strategy and exact timing, so you must plan out your moves meticulously. Grimlight is available on the official website, where you can get more information about the game. You can also follow Grimlight's official Twitter account to stay updated and engage with the game's developers. Note that the game requires access to mobile devices and their features for optimal performance. When registering your account with social media platforms such as Google, Apple, Facebook or Twitter, you will need to share profile information such as usernames, IDs, and display names. Grimlight is developed by EIGHT, whose contact information is available on the official website. For any inquiries, email or contact the dedicated customer service team.
Doors: Paradox

Enter the Doors, a 3D puzzle escape game with magical mystery, engaging puzzles, and immersive audio. Order must be restored.

Doors: ParadoxSnapbreak
Since the beginning of time, we have straddled the boundary separating order from chaos. However, one fateful day, a mysterious portal emerged, unleashing disorder onto the world. Your task now is to initiate a restoration process, but it won't be easy. Our game boasts top-notch 3D graphics, which perfectly capture the enigmatic quality of our Doors. Our art style is unique and unparalleled in its ability to convey the magical mystery of our game. Be prepared to explore an array of challenging puzzles that are guaranteed to challenge and thrill you. With twists and turns at every corner, you'll never grow bored playing this game. Be sure to turn on the sound and get ready for a deeply engaging audio experience that will take your gameplay to a whole new level. You can test-drive the game by playing eight levels for free, giving you a chance to unravel the riveting storyline that will leave you begging for more. Don't miss out on this incredible 3D puzzle escape game!
Dragon City Mobile

Build a Dragon City, train and evolve over 1000 stunning monsters, battle other Dragon Masters and prove your might! #DragonCity

Dragon City MobileSocial Point
Get ready to become a fiery dragon master in this thrilling game as you collect, breed and evolve a colossal number of stunning dragons in your very own Dragon City built on floating islands. You'll fill your city with various buildings, habitats and farms, preparing yourself to become the greatest Dragon Master ever seen in the world! Complete the Dragon Book by combining different dragons of Fire, Nature, Pure, Legend and other elements, to create over 1000 unique hybrid dragons! The game introduces new dragons every week through breeding events and special islands, so your collection never stops growing. You can decorate your dragons with attractive Dragon Skins from events and go on an exciting adventure through the Dragon Quests. Challenge other Dragon Masters in the game's PvP Arenas, climb the leaderboards and collect rare dragons to claim Warrior's Chests! Summon ferocious dragons from the mystical world in the Tree Of Life and utilize their skills to take your city to the next level. As you collect Orbs and upgrade your dragons, their strength in battle will improve. This game comes with many impressive features that are unlocked as you progress in the game, like The Ancient World and the Guardian Dragon Towers. Join Alliances to engage in battles with other dragon masters in Dragon City, talk to them, trade Orbs in the Trading Hub, share in Alliance Gift Events and open Alliance Chests. So far, there are over 80 million Dragon Masters in Dragon City, so why wait? Download and build your city today! If you're already having a blast with our game, please leave us a pleasant review! You can download and play Dragon City for free, but in-app purchases with real money are available. If you want to disable this mind-blowing feature in the game, turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet's Settings. Follow Dragon City on Twitter: @DragonCityGame Like our game on Facebook: Subscribe to the game's Youtube channel: Don't miss out on other fantastic games from the creators of Dragon City: Monster Legends and Tasty Town! Do Not Sell My Personal Information:
Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt

Fate RPG for smartphone based on TYPE-MOON's popular franchise featuring over 500 million characters and voice acting by numerous actors.

Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the LostbeltAniplex Inc.
Experience the world of Fate with TYPE-MOON's RPG that's famous even on TV, now available on your smartphone. Enjoy an overwhelming volume of story with over 5 million characters. Each character has their own story, making it a great game for both seasoned Fate fans and first-time players. In the year 2015, Chaldea, an organization that observes the future of the Earth, confirms that humanity's history has collapsed from 2017 and beyond. The "promised future" that existed yesterday until the year 2115 has suddenly disappeared without any warning. Why did this happen? How? Who? In 2004 in a small town in Japan, an "unobservable region" appears. Chaldea hypothesizes that it's the cause of humanity's extinction and decides to proceed with the Sixth Experiment, which is still in its experimental stage. It is a forbidden ritual that involves time travel to the past, intervening in events by spiritualizing humans, elucidating, or even destroying the singularity of time and space. It's called Human Order, Grand Order. The players control spirits to defeat enemies and solve mysteries in an easy-to-use command order battle system optimized for smartphones. Choose to fight with your favorite spirit or opt for a powerful one. The game boasts an all-star lineup of voice actors/actresses, including Yuki Kaji, Maaya Sakamoto, Ayako Kawasumi, and many more. The overall composition, main scenario, scenario, and supervising director is Kinoko Nasu. The lead character designer is Takashi Takeuchi, and the art direction is by TYPE-MOON. Other contributing writers include Gen Urobuchi from Nitroplus and Ryohgo Narita. The character design is by I-IV, Takao Aotsuki (TYPE-MOON), AKIRA, Azusa, and many other talented artists. This game is compatible with smartphones and tablet devices with Android 7.0 or later, more than 2GB of required RAM, and 3GB of recommended RAM (not available with Intel CPUs). Please note that some devices may not work even if they meet the recommended version or higher. (The Qua tab PZ (LGT32) is not supported). The OS released as the beta version is not supported. Enjoy a thrilling adventure with your favorite characters and help protect the future of humanity in Fate/Grand Order.
Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere: Real-time Tower Defense SRPG where you, as the Chief of MBCC, control and shackle Sinners to save a dystopian world from a nameless apocalypse.

Path to NowhereAISNO Games
Step into the world of Path to Nowhere, a strategic role-playing game that combines the elements of real-time tower defense gameplay. In N.F.112, you are appointed as the Chief of MBCC and enter the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control, where your primary duty is to control and shackle dangerous outlaws, known as Sinners, to safeguard the city from falling. In this world full of despair, hold onto the light to create hope and fight your way through the nameless apocalypse. People, infected by Mania, get mutated into horrible monsters, and your objective is to seek Providence to save the dystopian world from the deadly plague. As the Chief, your prisoners possess dangerous powers that can be harvested through discipline and interrogation. Make use of their loyalty and darkest secrets to achieve your goals. Timing is a crucial factor when it comes to victory. Use your talent to control, deploy, and unleash the skills of your Sinners in real-time to create the most delicate tactics and be the manipulator to turn the battle's tide in your favour. Immerse yourself in this Lovecraftian world through the finest voiceover and explore the Sinners' inner world in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Switch between languages anytime you want and enjoy the auditory feast. Connect with us on various social media platforms - follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel and become a part of our community on Discord. Join us now on this enthralling journey into the Path to Nowhere.
Monster Super League

Join Seira to save Latecia from chaos, raise over 600 Astromons, board your airship, join a clan, and compete in the Astromon League!

Monster Super LeagueSmart Study Games
Explore a beautiful world of Latecia, home to fantastical spots like the Aurora Plateau, Star Sanctuary and Sky Falls. But with the passage of time, chaos has become stronger and started to dominate the land. As a result, we now need your help to restore balance in the world. Shifting to a new environment may pose challenges, but rest assured, we’ll be there with you at every step. Come, join us in Monster Super League and add over 600 unique Astromons to your team. These creatures are hiding across Latecia, each with a unique backstory infused with the lore of this magical realm. As you become a skilled master, your Astromons will evolve into even more powerful versions of themselves. Utilize skill books enchanted with magic, gems that enhance your Astromons' abilities and trinkets imbued with mystical power to make them the strongest. Trust us – once you become the greatest master, no enemy can ever stand a chance against you. Embark on an epic journey across Latecia in your own airship and witness exciting adventures around every corner. Consider joining a clan and engage with other masters from around the world to combat the titans that threaten the world order. As you progress, you help maintain the equilibrium of Latecia. Test your skills in Astromon League, competing against other masters to determine who will emerge as Latecia’s most powerful master. Can you rise to the challenge? With the right party, you can even defeat opponents who are much stronger than you. But be aware of your rival's secret Astromons waiting to attack you at the right moment! So, don't wait any longer, join us today! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and let’s save Latecia together. (Please note that this application requires access to external memory only for installation purposes).
Squad Alpha: Action Shooting

Squad Alpha: A top-down shooter with intelligent mechanics, upgradeable guns, over 200 levels, and unique agents to gather. Plan your moves, let the bullets fly, and prove your worth.

Squad Alpha: Action ShootingSayGames LTD
🔫 Squad Alpha: Ready for the Battle? Are you in search of an exciting, casual shooter game that offers tactical challenges to test your strategic brain? Look no further than Squad Alpha, a top-down shooter game with multiple advanced weapons, intelligent mechanics, and addictive gameplay that will trigger your desire to strategize while keeping your inner shooter satisfied. Take cover, plan your moves, and obliterate numerous targets to complete the unlimited levels of thrill. Gather remarkable rewards that will upgrade your gear and prove your worth as an agent in the elite Squad Alpha. 🔥 The Ultimate Mobile Shooter Game 🔥 ★ Think and Shoot - Squad Alpha has easy-to-grasp, top-down gameplay that is inviting to play. But don't rush out, guns blazing, because clever mechanics and cleverly designed levels require you to play tactically. You must pause and assess the situation, plan your moves, and shoot with precision to achieve mission objectives and progress through the progressive levels of complexity. ★ Non-Stop Action – Enjoy over 200 levels of exciting gameplay that require your unique tactical approach and innovative thinking to master. Conquer over 20 different bosses that challenge you, test your skills to the brink, and reward you generously. Rise to the elite status of the Squad Alpha agents. ★ Unite your Squad – Collect the entire squad of elite agents in Squad Alpha and discover unique styles, skills and four playful skins to customize their appearances. ★ Bullet Points - Squad Alpha has over 30 guns to collect, including pistols, shotguns, SMGs, and more. You can earn rewards to build up your arsenal and find gun upgrades that will fit your style of play. With grenades added to your arsenal, you're ready for any mission! ★ Fantastic Sound - The game has settled for fresh and straightforward graphics that are sufficiently light and highly adjustable with exquisite soundtracks to improve the action and adventure experience. Guns, Grenades, and Gumption 💡 Now is the time to plan your moves and let the bullets fly in an action-packed game that'll keep you on the edge of your seat—whether you only have five minutes or hours to spare. Squad Alpha offers a unique, top-down shooting experience that combines tactical challenges with engaging gameplay, sleek graphics, fantastic sounds, and countless collectibles that'll keep you coming back for more. Download Squad Alpha now for a guaranteed thrill and adventure. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

In Madhouse 13, you awaken in a locked psychiatric facility with a mysterious casefile. Escape the madness and discover the truth.

Madhouse13Heartbeat Plus
As you awaken from a deep slumber, you find yourself confined within the walls of a mental institution. Your picture is displayed prominently on a casebook, while your personal information is kept in a folder. But can you trust what you see before you? The door is firmly shut, the window sealed tight. The flicker of the light casts a wavering shadow, causing doubt to creep into your mind. Is this all just a twisted illusion? Madhouse 13 is the inaugural installment of our thrilling room-escape series. Stay tuned for more updates by following us on Facebook at @gamefpscom. Are you ready to escape the madness and uncover the truth behind your imprisonment?
Shadow Fight 4: Arena

Unleash your inner ninja in free PvP battles, PvE story mode, and multiplayer tournaments in the immersive SF Arena with 3D graphics and customizable heroes.

Shadow Fight 4: ArenaNEKKI
Step into the ninja realm and become the ultimate shadow fight hero in this new multiplayer game! You can choose to compete in 2 player PVP battles or engage in some exciting offline fighting with smart bots. With its immersive 3D graphics, realistic animations and easy controls, SF Arena offers a console-level fighting experience on your mobile device. The game features a PvE story mode where you can fight against AI opponents and get closer to the heroes while discovering new stories in the world of Shadow Fight. SF Arena also offers an exciting multiplayer mode where you can team up with 3 of the best warriors, samurais, and ninjas to combat your opponents. You’ll score a victory only if you can defeat all the opponent's heroes in an epic battle. You can build a team of heroes, each with unique abilities, and customize them according to your playstyle. Level up and unlock cool ninja talents, and experiment with them to boost your winrate. The game's Battle Pass offers exclusive rewards and cosmetic items for a premium experience. With SF Arena, you can challenge your friends in PvP duels and practice with them to enhance your skills. You can also access cool hero skins, emotes, taunts, and ninja moves to celebrate your victory. Join our active community on Discord, Facebook, and Reddit, and chat with other players to get all the latest news and learn their secrets. Enter online PvP tournaments and compete for rewards and cool new experiences. But, be careful; a few losses will put you out of the tournament, so you need to be on the top of your game! With this game, you can play both for fun and rating. The SF Arena lets you feel like an epic ninja, and it is absolutely free! For an optimal experience, make sure to have a stable internet connection while playing SF Arena. So download this new 3D fighting game today and embark on the quest to become the ultimate shadow fight hero in the world of ninjas!

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