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Collect Bits!

Easy-to-control "Collect Bits!" is an action-packed game where players collect BITS with CHARO and LUCIS, defeating various enemy robots in beautiful and quirky worlds.

Collect Bits!LOCOBIT Inc.
Grab Bits!" is an action-packed game that is a breeze to operate. Accompany "CHARO," the cleaner, and his fearless associate robot "LUCIS" on a worldwide trip to collect BITS. -Simplicity is key There are only three manoeuvres to keep in mind: "running," "jumping," and "throwing." Play as CHARO while manoeuvring the partner robot LUCIS through an incredibly mysterious world and gathering BITS. -An Awe-Inspiring World The player will be drawn into a fascinating and peculiar world that includes rejuvenating meadows, frozen landscapes, and rainy mechanical cities. You can always revisit your favorite regions after you've finished the levels. -The Peculiar Robots Numerous mechanical devices will obstruct your path. Join forces with your companion LUCIS to collect Bits and clean up the world by wiping out the enemy robots. -The Tunes Astonishing and transient music will make the universe of "Grab Bits!" even more thrilling. -People Who will Love This Game: -Those who want an uncomplicated game that won't consume their entire day. -Those who enjoy action games but prefer simpler controls. -Those who adore endearing characters. -Those who want to amass things. -Supported Platforms: Android8.0 or higher -Operating Systems: 2GB of built-in memory or more is required. Even if the above applies, some models may not properly run the game. -Game Data: If you uninstall the app, keep in mind that game data will be lost. -Queries About the Game: Begin "Grab Bits!", click the button at the top of the main menu, and then choose "Others" followed by "Contact" to inquire about the game. If you can't start the game, fill out the mandatory fields and submit it to the email address listed below. Mandatory Fields: -Application Version -Model Name -OS Version -Your Name (C) LOCOBIT 2021
Super Cat Tales: PAWS

Join the PAWS team on a secret mission in Super Cat Tales: PAWS. Fun platformer with cats, mini-games, daily quests, and customization.

Embark on a thrilling journey with the Super Cat Tales series, where you will discover a world full of feline wonders and adventures. Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of Neko Land as a member of the PAWS team and take on a top-secret mission. Super Cat Tales: PAWS is an exciting and engaging platform game that features an array of adorable cats and will provide countless hours of entertainment. Take on challenging levels filled with surprising obstacles, complete daily quests, indulge in thrilling mini-games, and personalize your cats with magnificent headwear. Discover the features that set this game apart from others, such as fun and engaging platform gameplay, entertaining daily quests, captivating mini-games, cat customization options, and classic old-school pixel art and music that will transport you back to a world full of nostalgic charm, and so much more. Unleash your inner cat fancier and join in on exciting and adorable adventures in the Super Cat Tales: PAWS universe.
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Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever: Meat Boy and Bandage Girl's baby is kidnapped by Dr. Fetus. Run, jump, punch, and slide through thousands of challenging, randomly generated levels.

Super Meat Boy ForeverHeadup
Super Meat Boy Forever is a continuation of the story of Meat Boy and Bandage girl, taking place a few years after the previous game. They have been enjoying a tranquil life with their delightful baby Nugget until Dr. Fetus shows up and ruins everything by kidnapping Nugget. Devastated by this unforeseen tragedy, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl set out on a dangerous journey to rescue their beloved baby from Dr. Fetus' evil clutches. This game is not for the faint of heart. Super Meat Boy Forever is packed with challenging levels where death is an unavoidable consequence. Players will feel a sense of accomplishment every time they beat a level, despite how harsh it might seem. Running, jumping, punching, and kicking will be necessary to advance through both familiar and new settings. However, what sets Super Meat Boy Forever apart from its predecessor is the option to replay the game multiple times. Each replay will generate a brand-new experience since the levels will be randomly created, offering a plethora of unique and secret locations to discover. The game features thousands of levels so that players can test their skills again and again, without ever experiencing a repeat level. Say goodbye to the mundanity of everyday life and dive into the amazing world of Super Meat Boy Forever, where players can fight bosses, uncover secrets, unlock new characters, and immerse themselves in a captivating story that is bound to leave a lasting impression. With cinematic cutscenes that are beautifully animated and an incredible musical score, Super Meat Boy Forever is set to take the gaming world by storm. Players will laugh and cry as they experience this epic journey alongside Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, learning valuable lessons and emerging from the experience better people (or probably not, but marketing can be a challenge). Finally, the long-awaited sequel to Super Meat Boy is here. Run, jump, punch, and slide your way through thousands of levels in this epic adventure that guarantees hours of excitement and joy.
Dadish 3

Dadish sets out on an action-packed adventure to rescue his kids before they become radish soup. 50 levels with amusing enemies, boss battles, and even a ride on a dolphin!

Dadish 3Thomas K Young
In this thrilling game, Dadish jumps into action when he discovers that his children have embarked on a suspicious bus tour and might end up being turned into radish soup. Join him as he embarks on a journey that will take him through a sewer and across the desert, and have him ride a dolphin while reconciling with his estranged wife. Your task is to help Dadish save his children in what is his most exciting and demanding adventure yet, packed with thrilling action. This game, created by the same individual behind Super Fowlst and Dadish, takes on a retro-platformer vibe. With 50 remarkably designed levels to play and explore, you’ll get a chance to find a variety of baby radishes, and even a few possums along the way. Don't miss out on the chance to get a piggy-back ride from Dadish's ex-wife, a tomato. Be careful, as you'll have to face dangerous foes, including murderous ice creams, cupcake snakes, bread that’s having a bad day, and other junk food-themed enemies. Don't get too complacent, there are five bosses you'll have to contend with as well. However, you will also form some alliances as you befriend and ride a dolphin, which adds a new dimension of excitement to the game. The game also features a fantastic soundtrack that will get you in the mood to fight evil foes and accomplish your mission. Look out for hidden stars that you can collect to help you on your journey, and discover secret game modes that you can unlock to enhance your gameplay experience. So, don't hesitate! Join Dadish today by downloading and playing this fantastic game. It's your chance to bring his children back home and save them from the wicked soup!
Dead Cells

Return to Castlevania DLC features new storyline, biomes, monsters, weapons, bosses, outfits & soundtracks. Play Dead Cells "Roguevania" mobile game with new DLCs.

Dead CellsPlaydigious
Experience the ultimate vampire slaying adventure in the Return to Castlevania DLC, where you will join Alucard and Richter Belmont to defeat the Ruler of Darkness and explore Dracula's Castle and its outskirts. With two new biomes and nine new monsters awaiting you, you'll have to master the 2D combat using 14 new powerful weapons, including the legendary Vampire Killer and Holy Water. Challenge yourself with three new bosses, including Dracula himself, and dress as your favorite Castlevania characters with 20 new outfits. The game features an alternative soundtrack with 51 original tracks and 12 reimagined ones in the style of Dead Cells, providing an immersive experience. Dead Cells is a thrilling roguevania action platformer available on PC, consoles, and mobile. Explore the sprawling castle and try to unravel the mysteries of the gloomy island while fighting deadly minions and bosses. In this game, you'll have to master frantic 2D combat with a vast array of weapons and skills to survive permadeath. Enjoy the replayability of a rogue-lite and the thrill of nonlinear progression with new levels and paths to unlock every time you die. You can explore every nook and cranny of the castle at your own pace, or rush to the end and find out what happens. The game includes two DLCs, The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls, which add new levels, monsters, weapons, and bosses to the game. In The Bad Seed, you'll fight new monsters like the Jerkshroom and Mama Tick, while in Fatal Falls, you'll explore three new biomes, including the Fractured Shrines and the Undying Shores, and battle the Scarecrow. In the Queen and the Sea DLC, you'll take the fight to the sea with two new biomes, a throwable shark, and two new bosses, including the Queen. Dress up your character with new outfits and get a not-so-cute pet while you bash new enemies. The mobile version of the game is carefully redesigned with a revamped interface and custom controls, including touch controls and MFi external controller support. You can choose between two game modes, Original and Auto-Hit, and change the button's position and size to your liking. The game does not feature ads or F2P mechanics. However, devices with less than 2gb of RAM may not run the DLCs correctly, and customers are advised not to purchase them in that case. In case of any issues, please contact with as much information as possible on the problem.
Dwarf Journey

In Dwarf Journey, journey through randomly generated levels while facing bosses and collecting minerals to forge better equipment on your quest for immortality.

Dwarf JourneyOrube Game Studio
In Dwarf Journey, you'll embark on an unforgettable adventure in a randomly generated, action-packed, rogue-lite platform game. As the valiant warrior Gallar, you seek immortality after a close encounter with death. Discover the mystical cave in the Valley of Eternity where the relic of eternal life is said to be hidden. Gallar sets out on his journey armed with his trusted ax and pickaxe but is well aware that his quest may cost him his life. At Dwarf Journey, defeat enemies to gain experience points and level-up your character. With each fight, you will unlock new routes, bosses, and customize your character's appearance and strengths to better your odds of success. You'll also have the opportunity to collect ores and weapon blueprints hidden in the depths of the cave, which you can use to forge a wide variety of equipment to defeat even stronger monsters. Discover runes and items around the cave to personalize your journey. Assemble up to three runes and maximise their abilities to better your gameplay experience according to your chosen style. Face epic bosses that will challenge your tactics and strengths. Prepare for such encounters by noting down the right time to face them or strategize the best plan of action. Your ultimate goal? To achieve immortality and have Gallar continue his journey into forever. Dwarf Journey boasts endless replayability each time you play, as it offers a unique experience with its randomly generated levels. The game is controller compatible and is free of ads and in-app purchases- pay once and have the full experience. Embark on an epic journey of endless challenge and enjoyment with Dwarf Journey.

Monobot: a physics-based puzzle platformer set in a dystopian world. Upgrade Mono and uncover the mysteries to discover humanity's fate in a rich, handcrafted world.

MonobotDreamSmith Studio
Embark on a perilous journey filled with enigma and seclusion. Overcome various challenges and unravel the concealed mysteries within the depths of a bleak dystopian world. Do you have what it takes to break free from the endless cycle and discover your true identity? Monobot offers an engaging 2D physics-based puzzle platformer where you assume the guise of Mono - a small entity stranded in a hostile world, where lethal robots reign supreme and the looming threat of danger is always present. Upon awakening, Mono must journey alone, solving puzzles and piecing together the fragments that make up the enigmatic narrative of this post-apocalyptic world. As a simple robot with limited knowledge, Mono must utilize his wits and agility to traverse this desolate world. However, as Mono progresses through the game, players can expect to unlock unique enhancements such as the magnetic arm and the teleportation arm. These upgrades enable Mono to solve challenging puzzles and reach new heights of exploration. As you delve deeper into the game, uncover a variety of documents and overcome various obstacles to reveal the truth about humanity's ultimate fate. Features: * Traverse through a world inhabited by hostile robots that seek to destroy any non-conforming bots * Use cunning and puzzle-solving techniques to unravel mysteries, unlock new pathways, and discover humanity's tragic history * Enhance Mono's robotic arm to overcome various obstructions scattered throughout the bleak dystopian future * Utilize artificial gravity to overcome various environmental hazards and traverse treacherous terrain * Decipher communication logs to uncover the grand and tragic story of humanity's rise and fall * Immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted and visually engaging world that provides a cinematic experience * Experience 7 captivating chapters that offer a wide range of puzzles, stealthy excursions, and perilous encounters. * Multiple alternate endings that are determined by the decisions you make throughout the game * Enjoy seamless integration with full controller support. For further guidance or assistance, kindly join our DISCORD channel at **, or send us an email at **. We are always happy to help.
Linn: Path of Orchards

Linn is a puzzle platformer starring Aban, an exotic guardian of nature, traverse the ancient sky temple, rejuvenate the tree of light, and complete challenging dynamic levels.

Linn: Path of OrchardsCriss Cross Games
Enter a world of wonder and excitement as you embark on a journey through the intriguing and ever-changing universe of Linn, a novel puzzle platformer set in a mystical and enigmatic ancient world. Command Aban, an exotic protector of nature, through her quest to restore the ancient tree of light in a lost sky temple. Each level is composed of unpredictable and hazardous movable platforms, forcing you to strategize every action before making any swipes. Successful completion of each level necessitates not only quick reactions but also logical reasoning. Are you ready for something new, fresh and unconventional? It's time to challenge yourself with Linn's exceptional and unparalleled trials. Navigate through each level, carefully avoiding roadblocks and obstacles so as to unveil the magical gateway using your own unique approach. Exercise caution at all times, as a single misstep could spell your doom and bring the game to a premature end. Embark on the quest and push your puzzle-solving and intellectual limits, as Linn is not only an adventure game but also one of the finest brain teasers out there. Features: • Stupefyingly challenging levels • Gorgeous graphics • Fluid and effortless controls • Compelling and addictive gameplay • Immersive and awe-inspiring sound effects.
Shadow Hunter: Lost Worlds

Shadow Hunter is a dark fantasy hack'n slash RPG with epic boss fights, multiple characters to play, and a perfect mix of RPG elements for an immersive adventure.

Shadow Hunter: Lost WorldsEA Publishing
Get ready to enter the world of Shadow Hunter - where dark fantasy meets hardcore hack and slash action-RPG! This game is a must-try for any fan of the hack and slash genre who is tired of mindlessly mashing buttons. With its unique character control mechanism, incredible combat system, and immersive RPG elements, you'll be hooked from the start. Step into a world of darkness and ruin, filled with suffering and shadow monsters. The mortal world has been destroyed by a horde of dark demons, leaving everything in the hellish darkness and constant insufferable noises of screams and crying. But fear not, as you will be playing as a Shadow Hunter - someone who has been blessed with special powers to fight off the demons and restore light in this world. But don't think it will be an easy fight. The most exciting moments in the game come from epic boss battles where you'll have to defeat giant dark demons to collect their souls and advance to the highest floor of the evil tower. Without proper equipment and highly trained techniques, you can easily get wrecked by these bosses. But overcoming the challenges and collecting souls unlocks hundreds of shadow equipment and weapons, turning them from common to legendary. And the challenges never end - with 4+ different PVE sections, multiple difficulty modes, and a PVP arena to explore, you'll be constantly testing your skills and mastery against other shadow hunters. Each character you choose to play as has its own unique skills, gameplay, and assets, adding a distinct way to approach combat and strategy. So what are you waiting for? Enter the world of Shadow Hunter and bring light back to the mortal world. Don't miss out on the intense hack and slash combat, epic boss fights, hundreds of equipment and weapons to loot and upgrade, and the ability to play anytime, anywhere - even when offline. Visit the Facebook page to learn more about this incredible game.
Rayman Mini

Shrunk Rayman navigates 48 levels with plant allies in a macro-photographic world. Players set their own pace for a fun, family runner platformer game.

Rayman MiniUbisoft
Rayman has found himself shrunk to a minuscule form of an ant! In order to break this spell, you will have to rely on your allies such as insects, mushrooms, as well as other plants. All of this takes place in a fantastic and utterly photographic world that is teaming with life. Rayman Mini takes players on an incredible journey throughout the game's 48 levels, from the lovely river, to spider nests, and the very depths of a tree. Rayman Mini is an utterly engaging runner platforming game that can be enjoyed by anyone in the family! It offers fast-paced and enjoyable experiences that let players choose how they want to indulge themselves in the game. It is possible to engage in a simple run or simply opt for a challenge in getting befitting and perfect scores. To get past the super-sized environment which you have found yourself in, it is all about being in the right rhythm, as you seek out the perfect flow. You can rely on your sharp reflexes when it comes to memorizing maps, as you play on and on through the various levels. There may even be hidden secrets that you can find as you progress further! There are various choices for players to make, and you can choose between three characters! You can also unlock tons of different customizations - and there are multiple costumes available for use. And this isn't all! Rayman Mini is just the start of the fun that the game intends to provide players, with lots of miniaturized fun experiences still yet to come! Stay tuned as we dive you deeper into the incredible world of Rayman Mini!
Typoman Mobile

Play as a letter-made character with word powers, solving puzzles in a typography and pen & ink world. Choose your words wisely in surreal surroundings.

Typoman MobileBilal Chbib
Step into the shoes of a character made completely out of letters and immerse yourself in an intense puzzle platformer adventure, known as Typoman. Traversing a hostile and treacherous world, you'll discover that despite your tiny stature, you possess the ability to create, change and destroy words - a powerful gift that allows you to alter your environment. However, be careful with your choice of words as they can be the key to your success, or your downfall. With its unique aesthetic blend of typography and pen & ink graphics, Typoman presents a surreal and atmospheric game world filled with challenging puzzles that will put your intelligence to the test. As you discover the story through on-the-fly told word puzzles and puns, you'll also be captivated by its carefully crafted narrative that is both witty and engaging. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable gaming experience with a distinct soundtrack that has been composed exclusively for the game. Typoman has garnered numerous awards and recognition including Best Production at the German Video Game Awards 2016 and Best Casual Game at the Game Connection Development Awards 2015. To play this game, ensure that your Android version is 5.1.1 or later and that you have a minimum of 2GB RAM. Get ready to experience a world where every letter counts and every word makes a difference in Typoman.

Help Dadish, a radish and a dad, find his missing children in this retro platformer. Face fast-food foes, beat 40 levels, and find sassy baby radishes.

DadishThomas K Young
In this exciting platforming adventure, become the companion of a determined dad who's also a vegetable - a radish, to be exact - and help him find his lost children who went missing from the vegetable patch. Your journey is filled with obstacles and fast-food themed foes that will try to stop you. This challenging retro-style platformer has been created by the developer of the well-known game ‘Super Fowlst,’ and features 40 levels that will test your skills and persistence. As you progress, you'll come across 40 baby radishes that have distinctively rude and sassy personalities, adding a humorous touch to the game without overdoing it. Four big bosses split over the gameplay also await you. These fights offer a great chance to test your might and ability to overcome challenges. In addition, look out for a screechy possum in your journey and enjoy the aspects of fatherhood depicted throughout the game. Not only does it have a solid soundtrack but the game also has great graphics that bring the game to life. Don't forget to collect stars scattered around each level and unlock hidden secrets to enhance your gaming experience. So go ahead, join Dadish and help him reunite with his little ones in this thrilling adventure!
Super Phantom Cat

Super Phantom Cat is a retro-inspired 2D platformer game with hardcore gameplay, clean art, a quirky plot, and customizable controls.

Super Phantom CatVeewo Games
We're thrilled to announce that Super Phantom Cat has been awarded BEST OF 2016 GAMES by Google Play, a well-deserved honor for this retro-inspired 2D platformer that combines the best of both old and new games. Chemist White is the hero in Super Phantom Cat, and players are invited to join him on an action-packed journey through the Phantom World. As a child, Chemist White's life was saved by Super Phantom Cat, who eventually became his personal hero. Now, Chemist White is able to transform into different characters by collecting data shards, including the all-powerful Super Phantom Cat himself! The world of Super Phantom Cat is filled with obstacles and challenges that will have even the most experienced platforming fan jumping for joy. Whether you're bouncing off a monster's head to land on a tricky platform, or leaping rapidly between small platforms to cross a huge chasm, quick reflexes and precise timing are required. It's a hardcore gaming experience that's been fine-tuned perfectly to touchscreen controls and offers fully customizable controls that you can tailor to your preferences. Super Phantom Cat offers much more than just classic hardcore platforming at its best, we also offer a modern twist on retro platformers with a quirky plot and chiptune soundtrack that perfectly complement the clean, colorful artwork and whimsical character designs. You can also look forward to bonus levels that will challenge you even further, and unlockable characters ranging from a cute chicken to a menacing vampire that will keep you playing for hours. Super Phantom Cat is the perfect platformer for anyone who seeks a fun, yet challenging gaming experience. Join Chemist White on his journey, play as your favorite unlockable characters, and become the best Super Phantom Cat player out there! We're always looking to improve our game, so please don't hesitate to let us know your ideas and feedback. Need more information? Contact us at, like us on Facebook at, or follow us on Twitter at @VeewoGames and @SuperPhantomCat.
Mimpi Dreams

Guide lazy doggy Mimpi in his dreams to become "Superdog", and help him save friends in charming puzzle-platformer, Mimpi Dreams.

Mimpi DreamsDreadlocks Mobile
Mimpi is a canine that enjoys lazing around, but don't be fooled by his laid back nature as he transforms into the ultimate superhero in his dreams. As his trusty sidekick, you must come to his aid and help him navigate the 7 uniquely illustrated worlds he finds himself in. Combining elements of adventure, puzzle and platformer gameplay, Mimpi Dreams is a game that's guaranteed to charm you. Watch as Mimpi traverses through a captivating world and helps save his friends in their time of need. Mimpi Dreams is perfect for those who are in the mood for some light-hearted fun. The game doesn't come with challenges that are too tough to tackle, so you can sit back and have a good time without breaking a sweat. The game is a sequel to the award-winning Mimpi 1, so fans of the original game will find it interesting. The game is scientifically accurate, so it's as if you are taking a peek into what dogs dream about. The casual gameplay incorporates elements of puzzles, platforming, and adventure, making it an exciting experience overall. You get to play through 6 different episodes, which will take you through beautiful worlds like stoneface forest, tesla landscape, bottle seaside, fairytale, medieval castle, and factory. Additionally, there is 1 premium DLC that adds an extra episode where you can enjoy an adventure on Mars. Mimpi Dreams revolves around the dog hero who rescues whoever needs to be rescued in his dreams, such as a lost pirate ship, lab rat who needs to be free, or a princess held captive by a dragon. You can help Mimpi communicate with the creatures in his dreams, solve puzzles and move obstacles to help him get through levels. You are the maker of Mimpi's dreams, so make it count! The game received favorable reviews from critics. Pocket Gamer gave the game an 8/10, stating that it was a joyous experience, while AppSpy appreciated the game's excellent graphics and endearing characters. The game was even selected by The Telegraph for their best mobile game series of 2016 list. If you encounter any issues while playing, do not hesitate to leave feedback at Mimpi Dreams is a delightful game that makes for a perfect pastime. Join Mimpi on his adventures, become a fan of Mimpi on Facebook and stay updated on the latest news.

Guide disgraced Viking Oddmar through physics-based puzzles to prove his worth and reclaim his place among his brethren.

OddmarMobge Ltd.
Experience the journey of Oddmar, a Viking who is struggling with his life in the village and is considered not worthy of a place in Valhalla. He has been ostracized by his fellow Vikings because of his lack of promise. However, one day, he is given the opportunity to redeem himself, although it comes at a cost. Immerse yourself in an epic Viking story that is presented in a motion comic format, providing a truly immersive experience. Embark on a journey through 24 beautifully hand-crafted levels, each designed with physics-based puzzles and platforming challenges that will test your skill and determination. Discover your true power with weapons and shields that have been magically imbued, unlocking new abilities and giving you an edge in combat. Encounter new friends and foes as you travel through magical forests, snowy mountains, and treacherous mines, creating an immersive and engaging world that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Oddmar supports Google Play game saves and game controllers, allowing you to fully engage with the game and have complete control over your journey. Initially, an internet connection is required to complete the download of app data for Oddmar, but after that, you can play offline and fully enjoy the game. Join the community of Oddmar, where you can connect with other players and share your experiences at,, and If you have any questions or feedback, the admin team is always available to help at Finally, to ensure your privacy is protected at all times, please review our Privacy Policy at
Bullet League

Bullet League brings fast-paced battle royale and deathmatch action to mobile. Join the fight with friends, upgrade weapons, and compete against players worldwide.

Bullet LeagueFunday Factory
Engage in online combat with real players and compete in battle royale and deathmatch modes in Bullet League. As described by Pocket Gamer, DroidGamers, and AltChar, the game boasts a super-stylish, fast-paced, and easy-to-learn gameplay. With simple controls, unique and fun art-style, and quick three-minute matches, the game offers all the excitement and fun of larger-scale battle royale games without the long waiting times or drained batteries. You can even brawl and battle with your friends, compete in closed friend leaderboards, and play in challenging ranked matches with upgradable weapons. Bullet League offers multiple game modes where you can play solo in free-for-all 32 player matches or group up to take on the other teams. You can even create a private room and invite your friends or join your favorite streamers to win the battle for fame and glory in friend brawl mode. Moreover, you get to explore a huge island filled with varied biomes and hidden rooms, discover rare items in hidden locations, and watch out for supply drops that give you top-tier weapons. The game also allows you to collect and customize over 30 unique characters, build using custom construction crates, and show off custom gravestones. You can even purchase the VIP pass to earn extra daily rewards, leaderboard rewards, and access unique skins as you upgrade a variety of guns including assault rifles, bazookas, grenades, and gas grenades. With blazing-fast multiplayer servers in eight regions, Bullet League ensures fast connections and low lag; you only need 15 seconds to get into a match and start playing. The game is optimized to run great on all devices and has simple and easy controls built for mobile first, with multiple layouts to choose from. Note that an internet connection is required to play this game. For more information and to join the community, feel free to visit the Bullet League Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Discord, or the feature voting page on the game's website. Any questions or feedback can be directed to Bullet League's support team via email. So, enlist today and explore Doom Island as a Bulleteer!

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