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Timberman 2 - VS Battle

Compete to become the best lumberjack, building and defending your village in 4-player duels, tournaments and clans. Customise your character from 60+ options in Timberman 2.

Timberman 2 - VS BattleDigital Melody Games
Enter the ultimate competition to become crowned as the greatest lumberjack in the world. Grab your sharp axe and engage in an epic battle, where the speediest and strongest contender will emerge victorious. In addition, you must construct your own village and fortify it with turrets to fend off the constant threat of zombies, and conquer challenging bosses in thrilling one-on-one duels. As you progress, a diverse cast of charming characters and a plethora of exciting buildings will be unlocked. You can even personalize your avatars with an extensive selection of customization options, such as hats, different faces, weapons, and more. Join thrilling leagues, tournaments, and clans to showcase your skills at the highest level. With the addition of power-ups and shields, the game provides the opportunity for even more strategic gameplay. The four-player duels introduce an electrifying social dimension for an unforgettable experience. You can explore more than 30 leagues in various environments and merge building components to fortify your structures further. With an impressive selection of over 60 unique buildings to develop and upgrade, you'll be hooked. So, join the Timberman 2 community, and take on the most immersive and fast-paced gameplay of the most renowned lumberjack game ever!
Mad Dex 2

Play as Mad Dex to save your girlfriend from a monster, running and jumping through 75 hardcore levels and conquering boss battles in this epic platformer.

Mad Dex 2game guild
Experience the thrilling adventures in the world of Mad Dex 2, a brilliant platformer game that will keep you at the edge of your seat! Play as Mad Dex - a small but courageous hero on a rescue mission to save his lady love from the merciless monster that has taken over the city. As you embark on this journey, you must utilize your special parkour skills to overcome various obstacles and evade deadly traps. Take down multiple bosses, push your limits, and never lose hope in your pursuit to save your beloved. With 75 levels spanning across five challenging chapters, Mad Dex 2 offers a hardcore platformer experience for dedicated gamers looking for a thrilling challenge. The exciting storyline, hardcore boss battles, and awesome visual effects combined with unique physics and exciting gameplay ensure that you'll never have a dull moment in this game. Be alert and avoid the variety of traps laid out in your path. Choose from a range of characters with different skills and upgrades, and groove to the peppy soundtrack as you progress through the levels. Aim to top the global leaderboard for each level and earn medals by completing levels swiftly in Speed mode or uncovering hidden secrets in Explorer mode. We value your feedback and are constantly working to improve the game. Who knows, your ideas might just make it into the game one day! So, grab your courage and gear up for an epic free-to-play action game that only you can play to rescue Miss Dex! Good luck on your adventure! Thank you for playing Mad Dex 2, and don't forget to rate the app and share your thoughts with us.
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Suzy Cube

Help Suzy Cube recover stolen treasure from the Skulls in this fun 3D platformer with over 40 stages and responsive controls.

Suzy CubeNoodlecake
Uh-oh! The wicked Skulls have stolen all of the gold from Castle Cubeton! The only one who can retrieve the lost treasure from these insufferable bullies is Suzy Cube! Experience the uncomplicated satisfaction of platforming in this vivid, entertaining, and astonishing 3D game. Key Features: • Straightforward, precise, and receptive controls • More than 40 distinct stages to conquer • Unearth secrets and power-ups • Compatible with nearly all Bluetooth gamepads! This is a zealously produced passion project that grasps the essence of what makes an exceptional, grin-inducing, 3D platform game for all ages. What People Are Saying: ★★★★★ "...Exceptionally well-crafted to an absurd extent" — "The exceptional 3D platformer available for mobile" —Pocket Gamer "It's certain to put a smile on your face" —AppAdvice A Personal Note from the Developer: Suzy Cube has been a true labor of love and a matchless learning opportunity. After numerous years of effort, I am ecstatic to share this game with players so that they can enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it. I would like to thank everyone who has made this possible, as well as Suzy's incredibly patient fans. Thank you all and enjoy playing. Merci, Thank you, Gracias, —Louis NorthernBytes Software
Mad Dex

Mad Dex is a hardcore platformer where you play as the brave Mad Dex to save his girlfriend by overcoming obstacles, traps, and bosses using his parkour abilities.

Mad Dexgame guild
Embark on a thrilling adventure in the world of Mad Dex, known as one of the most impressive platformers of all time! You play as Mad Dex, a courageous yet diminutive hero whose beloved partner has been captured by a ruthless monster that has seized control of the city. Your primary objective is to rescue her from the clutches of your villainous foe by utilizing your parkour abilities to surmount various obstacles, dodge traps and defeat bosses. As you progress through the game, you must continue fighting your way forward by jumping, running, sticking to walls and deflecting dangerous attacks from your enemies in an effort to save your girlfriend. Mad Dex provides a thrilling and challenging gameplay experience for all hardcore platformer enthusiasts willing to put forth the extra effort required to achieve their objective! Some noteworthy features include: • An epic free-to-play action-packed game • Over 50 distinctive levels featuring varying degrees of difficulty • Hardcore boss fights • A visually stunning experience accompanied by unique physics and exciting gameplay mechanics • A vibrant soundtrack that adds to the overall gaming experience • A global leaderboard for every level alongside one for global scores • We value all feedback and appreciate your reviews; future updates may feature your ideas! Mad Dex needs your help in saving Miss Dex! How to play: Simply press the jump button instead of tapping for better control. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy playing Mad Dex! Remember to rate the app and leave your feedback, as we are constantly striving to improve the game and appreciate your thoughts.
Cat Bird

Experience the stylish and challenging adventure of the Meow Quest with over 40 levels, 4 bosses, Leaderboards, and Time Trial mode. Play now.

Cat BirdRaiyumi
Embark on a thrilling adventure and unleash your feline side! Get ready for a paw-some experience with these exciting features: * Over 40 levels that will put your abilities to the test. * Four formidable bosses that will surely give you a challenge. * Compete with others with the game's achievements and leaderboards. * The game's pixel art graphics are not only stylish but also visually stunning. * Test your skills further with the Time Trial mode. * Enjoy the game's beautifully crafted soundtrack. * With ReplayKit (Android 5.0+) you can showcase your gaming prowess. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other and discover your inner meow! With over 40 challenging levels to conquer and four epic bosses to defeat, this game promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Compete with other players with the achievements and leaderboards feature. The game's pixel art graphics are stylish and stunning that will surely mesmerize you. Test your gaming skills further with the time trial mode and enjoy the game's beautiful soundtrack while playing. With ReplayKit (Android 5.0+), you can easily share your gameplay moments and show off your abilities to the world. Get ready to have a delightful gaming experience that will leave you wanting more!
Nameless Cat

Embark on an action-packed journey and help a nameless kitten overcome challenges and return to its owner in this retro-inspired, side-scrolling mobile game.

Nameless CatKotoba Games
🏆Received Honorable Mention Award in the 2018 Bahamut ACG Creation Contest🏆 |Tale Background| An adorable feline without a name has unwittingly entered a peculiar realm and embarks on an incredible journey to return to its keeper's heart. Along the way, the cat encounters various creatures and undergoes several trials and hardships that will provide takeaways from its adventure! "Most have abandoned hope halfway through," ——God "I can't see the value worth pursuing in that thing," ——Rabbitman "Here comes another lamb to the slaughter," ——Owlvin Will it overcome all of the trials, conquer its enemies, and return to its owner? This cat's thrilling and heartwarming adventure is about to begin⋯⋯ |Game Highlights| ○ Mobile Game with Western Style Narrative Experience a story that combines dialogue and stages, told from the cat's perspective, that will pull at your heartstrings. ● 2D Side-Scrolling Action Game Test yourself with challenging gameplay that includes boss battles and unique moves in three different chapters, totaling over 40 levels in Hardcore mode! ○ Element of Mystery Play as a lovable kitten and slowly uncover the mystery of your past by conversing with other animals, fighting monsters, and collecting treasures on your way back home. ● Retro Pixel Style Graphics With delightful and quirky characters, and a variety of custom skins to collect, Nameless Cat offers a retro experience reminiscent of classic games with its stunning pixel art graphics. ○ Original Music Festival The music in the game was carefully crafted by the developers to embody the feeling of loneliness and indifference the cat might experience on its journey. You can enjoy the stunning visuals and delightful tunes as you play. |News and Updates| Facebook: GameJolt: Twitter @GamesKotoba: Twitter @Antony_Sze: Twitter @2030Qiu: ※ Game data is stored on users' devices. Deleting or reinstalling the app will erase all in-game data. Kotoba Games © 2017

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