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Paid Mfi Games List ios

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LewisLewisfrom Skich app
Chrono Trigger

CHRONO TRIGGER: Timeless RPG classic with updated graphics and sound. Embark on an epic journey to save the planet's future. Get 50% off now!

Chrono TriggerSQUARE ENIX
Take advantage of a 50% discount and embark on an epic adventure like no other with CHRONO TRIGGER. This timeless RPG classic has been revamped with exciting upgrades, delivering an enthralling story that takes you on a journey through time to save the planet. Developed by the ‘Dream Team’ consisting of renowned creators such as the DRAGON QUEST creator Yuji Horii, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama and the creators of FINAL FANTASY, CHRONO TRIGGER promises hours of fun and enjoyment for both new and old players alike. Experience different eras as you explore the world of CHRONO TRIGGER, including the present, middle ages, future, prehistory and ancient times. The updated graphics and sound significantly enhance the game experience, while the revamped controls ensure smooth gameplay. You can also explore the 'Dimensional Vortex' dungeon and the forgotten 'Lost Sanctum' dungeon, which offer unique challenges and may reveal hidden secrets. The story begins as our young hero, Crono, meets a girl named Marle during Guardia's Millennial Fair at Leene Square. Together, they explore the fair and stumble upon an exhibition showcasing the Telepod, a new invention by Crono's old friend Lucca. Marle volunteers to assist in a demonstration, but her participation causes a malfunction that sends her to another dimension. Crono bravely follows her by holding onto her pendant, only to find himself in a world four centuries in the past. Travel through different eras to save the future of the planet, redefining history. With the 'Active Time Battle Version 2' feature, the battle continues non-stop as you enter commands when your character's gauge is full. The enemies constantly move around, so strategize and adjust your actions accordingly. Execute over 50 types of combos between two to three characters using the special 'Tech' moves and magic, creating devastating attacks unique to each character. Explore the 'Dimensional Vortex' and the 'Lost Sanctum' dungeons to reveal hidden secrets and confront formidable challenges. The enigmatic gates in prehistoric and medieval times lead you to forgotten chambers, while the 'Dimensional Vortex' exists outside of space and time, offering ever-changing mysteries to solve. Keeping the original atmosphere intact, the graphics have been updated with higher resolution to provide a visually immersive game experience. The songs and music have been supervised by renowned composer Yasunori Mitsuda, further enhancing the gameplay experience. Autosave ensure that your progress is never lost, saving automatically while traversing the map. Embark on a timeless quest, save the planet, and relive history with CHRONO TRIGGER - the ultimate RPG classic.
Ys Chronicles II

Unleash your sword and magic skills to free the legendary city of Ys, in the action-packed JRPG game Ys II, featuring enchanting soundtrack and artistic direction.

Ys Chronicles IIDotEmu
Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey in the sequel to Ys Chronicles I? Ys II, also known as Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter, is an action-packed JRPG that transports you to a breathtaking Japanese artistic world. As the fearless Adol, your mission is to uncover the hidden secrets of the island after defeating Dark Fakt. Wield new weapons and discover magic to liberate the legendary city of Ys from the forces of evil. Uphold your unyielding determination to breathe new life into a kingdom plagued by despair and demonic forces. Ys II relies on the same "BUMP" combat system as the first installment, but with an added twist. The system requires players to leap onto enemies in a more intuitive and dynamic method of touch gameplay. Boasting beautiful artistic direction, an enchanting soundtrack, and poetic atmosphere, Ys II sets the scene for a deep and engaging story. The game is packed with new features and various gameplay modes to cater to your preferences. Choose between Adventure and Time Attack modes and select from two graphics modes; Chronicles and Original. With four difficulty levels, easy-to-master gameplay and a hint system, you'll find the perfect setting to conquer your foes. Additionally, select from three soundtracks: Chronicles, Original, or PC-88. You'll also enjoy virtual pad and joystick support, HD menus, achievements, and no distracting ads or in-app purchases that ruin your gaming experience. Explore the ethereal world of Ys with newly added artifacts, weapons, and armor. Cast spells and defeat enemies with ease. With no internet connection required, continue your journey anytime and anywhere. Ys II is a must-play for fans of Japanese action-RPGs and newcomers alike. Join Adol and save the kingdom of Ys from certain doom!
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The Game of Life: The Official 2016 Edition

Play through life's stages, make choices, and try to get rich in this 3D animated, family-friendly app. Play local or compete online!

The Game of Life: The Official 2016 EditionMarmalade Game Studio
Experience the excitement of life with The Game of Life app. Make crucial decisions that could make you rich or break your bank. Attend college or accept a job and navigate through the ups and downs of life. Witness as 3D animated board piece characters come alive and move across the stages of life. Experience a new dimension of entertainment with the game's online multiplayer mode. Play against other online players in a race to reach the final yellow square. The game also provides local play mode, in which you can play with up to three more friends on one device. The newer and faster game mode, Fast Mode, is an added feature that has a different set of victory conditions that would challenge your skills. Do you have what it takes to win? Test your talent and compete head-to-head with others in the game's various minigames. Enjoy playing with others with the game's chat feature that has expressive emoticons. The Game of Life app is Hasbro's trademark and is used with the company's permission. Be sure to download it and experience the excitement now!
Trials of Mana

Play Trials of Mana on mobile. Battle monsters, switch classes, and power up characters in this spectacular 3D RPG with a full voiceover.

Trials of ManaSQUARE ENIX
Get your hands on Trials of Mana with a staggering 47% discount! The popular console game with a massive 1 million downloads and copies sold globally is all set to land on your mobile phone soon! Even if you are a newcomer, or a veteran fan of the Mana Series, you will love this game! In the darkness that enshrouded the world, the Goddess of Mana wielded the Sword of Mana and annihilated the eight Benevodons - the destroyers. She then trapped them inside eight Mana Stones and saved the realm from utter annihilation. The Goddess, battered by the arduous task of rebuilding the world, finally transformed into a tree and fell into a deep slumber for years. But the forces of evil plotted to free the Benevodons to dominate the world, launching a war that plunged the kingdoms into disarray. And thus, the peace that once reigned came to an abrupt end. The Tree of Mana began to wither away, and the very essence of Mana itself began to vanish. Choose three of the six primary characters, and commence your adventure. Interwoven destinies will unfold, and the story will alter depending on your choices. Enjoy the remade Mana Series world rendered in full 3D graphics. Furthermore, fight back with aerial and combo attacks using the dynamic fighting system. Enjoy the game’s signature ring menus and new shortcut commands to become an expert in combat. Switch between light and dark classes to enhance your character's looks and skills. With over 300 abilities ready for you to master, there are plenty of ways to strengthen and evolve your characters. You can also change the difficulty level to Beginner, Easy, Normal, and Hard. The Beginner difficulty option allows you to resume in the same spot without starting again. Relish in the game's 60-song soundtrack, including arrangements managed by the original composer Hiroki Kikuta. An added bonus is the full voiceover domination in English and Japanese, which includes extra conversations based on the characters you select for your party in your journey. After completing the game once, unlock new storylines for your party members or take on the challenge of playing on harder difficulties such as Expert and No Future. Explore various newly added features, like flashback events for each character in your team, and discover familiar faces from the Mana Series while exploring for Li'l Cactus during your adventures. Also, enjoy a new type of item seed and the convenience of the newly added auto-save feature. Touch-operated menus, directional pad overlay display to control characters, graphic quality options available, and cloud save compatibility make it easy for you to play the game on your smartphone. Furthermore, new features like auto-target, auto-camera, and auto-battle make gameplay a breeze. You even receive two starting gear items as a bonus, the Rabite Adornment, which increases EXP gained in battle up to level 17, and the Silktail Adornment, which increases lucre received up to level 17. The application is roughly 6.1GB in total. Ensure you have enough space to meet the storage demands. After launching the game, a significant portion of data must download. Thus a Wi-Fi connection is recommended. Experience the world of Mana in all its glory with an exciting new game for your smartphone, Trials of Mana.
Goblin Sword

Fight monsters, collect loot, and defeat bosses led by the evil wizard in this retro-inspired platformer with RPG elements. 89 levels, 30 weapons, and no IAP.

Goblin SwordGelato Games Ltd
Goblin Sword, a retro-style action platformer with role-playing features, has invaded your hometown. An army of monsters led by a wicked wizard has taken over, and your mission is to slay as many beasts as possible, gather loot, avoid risky traps, defeat frightening bosses, and ultimately confront the evil wizard himself. According to game reviews, Goblin Sword speaks for itself with its incredible value and top-notch quality, resulting in a 5-star rating from TouchArcade. Engaging level design, excellent music, fun visuals, and a wealth of content earned the game an Editor's Choice award from 148Apps. ArcadeLife raves that it's an extraordinary tribute to vintage games, giving it a perfect score of 10/10. Goblin Sword features some enticing attributes, including 89 challenging levels, 13 formidable bosses, 30 weapons with unique special abilities, 30 relics that empower you with various abilities, and 14 different costumes to wear while playing. Additionally, eight guardians are available to help and follow you around, and the game includes five super challenging secret levels. Besides enhancing the in-game experience, Goblin Sword also allows you to decorate your home with souvenirs from your travels, providing a personalized aspect. Customizable touch controls and compatibility with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch enhance your comfort while playing, and the app features full-screen support for iPhone X, iCloud and MFi support, and Game Center achievements and leaderboards. Goblin Sword is a premium game, with no in-app purchases and no advertisements, ensuring that the focus remains solely on the game rather than distracting ads or microtransactions.
Doodle God: 8-bit Mania

Build the universe of your dreams in Doodle God: 8-bit Mania! Redesigned in pixel graphics and a retro 8-bit soundtrack. Available in 13 languages.

Doodle God: 8-bit ManiaJoyBits Ltd.
Get ready to travel back to the 80s with Doodle God: 8-bit Mania, the most addictive puzzle world-building game for all ages! It features a new game design with beautiful pixel graphics and an astounding 8-bit soundtrack that will take you right back to the beginning of video games. The universe, however, is not created overnight, so you will need to start with a microorganism and work your way up to create animals, tools, storms, and even armies. But be careful, as every creation comes with its unintended consequences. The power of creation may result in a zombie plague if you invent the wheel without caution. Don't worry; you will have wisdom from the greatest philosophers of all time to guide you. The gameplay is simple yet creative. Mix and match various elements to build your dream universe. The game features hundreds of witty and thought-provoking quotes and sayings, adding to its charm. Additionally, the game is available in 13 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and more, so you can play it from anywhere in the world. Doodle God: 8-bit Mania has received rave reviews from critics, with TUAW stating, "Giving it a huge thumbs up!" and TouchGen calling it "worth it." Additionally, it has won multiple awards, including the Apple Rewind Award. If you loved retro games from the 80s, Doodle God: 8-bit Mania is the perfect game for you! It provides an enjoyable mixture of creativity, strategy, and entertainment along with its exciting features and easy-to-play mechanics. So, embrace your inner god and start building your universe now! Try Doodle Devil™ & Doodle Farm™ to explore more games from the developers. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get early access to new content, updates, and price drops.
Unbroken Soul

Unbroken Soul is a retro-style action platformer game where you must defeat Elaniof and save humanity. Explore 9 regions, face 9 unique bosses, and upgrade your character with different abilities.

Step into a retro-style world of action and platforming with Unbroken Soul, where your mission is to run, jump, and slash your way across the vast world of Alaron. Humanity's fate rests with King Tyrion, their last hope against the evil necromancer Elaniof and his terrifying machinations. Get ready for an epic adventure that pits you against countless enemies, regional guardians, and finally Elaniof himself in a bid to save humanity from an unspeakable fate. With dynamic 2D action that demands precision, you'll need to swing, wall jump, double jump, fight off enemies, avoid obstacles, and evade lethal traps with character controls that are super smooth and dynamic enough to rival many console games. Get lost in 9 fantastic regions, including the Insolo desert and Crisul's Fortress, all intricately designed down to the last detail to offer an immersive gaming experience. And with 9 unique bosses, each with their own powers and phases, every encounter is a brand new challenge. Unlock incredible abilities and powers such as a bow and awesome new moves, and upgrade your character to face increasingly powerful enemies that will test your every skill. Personalize your controls further by customizing the Dpad or joystick controls, and resizing all control options for even better gameplay. And for those who prefer to use gamepads, Unbroken Soul has been completely optimized for a true console experience, ensuring that you can enjoy the game to the fullest on your mobile devices. With support for multiple languages including English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, and French, Unbroken Soul is an adventure that you won't want to miss.
The Legend of Tianding

Play as Taiwan's legendary outlaw Liao Tianding, fight the Japanese authorities with kung fu techniques and explore Taipei city in the early 1900s.

The Legend of TiandingAnother Indie
Meet Liao Tianding, a hero of early 20th century Taipei who is wanted by Colonial Japanese authorities for standing up against injustice. Live the legend in The Legend of Tianding game, an action-packed adventure that takes you back to the Dadaocheng area of Taipei as it was in the early 1900s, offering an authentic traditional Chinese Manga experience. Join Liao Tianding on his epic journey to rob the rich, feed the poor, and fight for justice on the streets of Taipei. Face off against the colonial authorities in stunning Kung Fu combat, armed with weapons such as the tanto and the waist sash. Execute advanced aerial combos, steal your enemies' weapons, and use your grappling hook to soar around the battlefield and strike fear into your oppressors' hearts. Prepare to take on incredible bosses that will challenge your skills and abilities, including dangerous courtesans, greedy businessmen, and even military leaders. Explore the vibrant, colorful streets of Dadaocheng, board a speeding train, and escape through the dark sewers in retro Traditional Chinese Manga style. Experience incredible kung fu action, from the soaring dragon to the one-inch punch. Collect powerful Talismans and Four Color Cards to unlock new strategies and gain an edge over your enemies. Compare your score and compete with your friends on the online leaderboards. In Boss Rush mode, face off against Tianding's rogue's gallery, testing your strength and skills against a relentless wave of foes. If you prefer to play with a controller or touchscreen, the game supports both. Plus, with Ultrawide monitor support, you'll get the most out of your screen while battling your opponents with full precision. Join the fight against injustice and see for yourself why Liao Tianding is Taipei's real-life "Robin Hood".

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