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Slash of Sword 2 - Offline RPG

Fight for survival and justice in Slash of Sword: Rebellious Jousting, a tactical RPG with immersive storyline and decision-making options. Customization and leveling up options available.

Slash of Sword 2 - Offline RPGNoTriple-A Games
Rebel Jousting is an exciting sequel to the mobile RPG game, Slash of Sword, with revamped visuals, new stages, and a riveting plotline. You stand accused of a criminal act you did not commit and have been sentenced to the battlefield as a result. Prepared to engage in battles filled with bloodshed and strategic maneuverings against a variety of challengers to survive. As you progress, you should strive to improve your abilities, discover fresh locations, and engage with characters to bring about fairness and equity. Will you make the decision to assist a wounded man, previously a bandit who robbed regular travelers, or will you not lend a hand? Will you reveal the treasure you discovered to the owner, or would you rather keep it to yourself? Alternatively, do you let the abductor take the girl away, or do you confront him and return the girl to her father? It is completely up to you! ▣ Enjoy an immersive storyline with several possibilities for the course of events. ▣ Make choices that will influence the way the story unfolds and how the characters view you. ▣ In the tactical combat system, you'll need to pick your moment to attack, as well as block or evade at the appropriate time. ▣ Sign up for tavern fist fights. ▣ Visit several cities, communities, woods, and caves to explore locations. ▶ The Plot - Work your way through a labyrinth of occurrences with your brother, Richard. Transform from an ordinary traveler into a legendary combatant and discover who unjustly accused you and why. Meet interesting figures with distinct stories and offer them assistance. Alternatively, combat unique adversaries and obtain unique prizes by triumphing over them. ▶ Customization - With access to a vast collection of various weapons, including one-handed and two-handed swords, as well as shields and armor, you may customize your character's appearance. You may change your character's haircut and grow a beard or a ponytail. Wear a hood to protect yourself from the rain or wrap yourself in a cape to add character depth. ▶ Power Leveling - As you explore the game world battling adversaries in the arena or against bandits, you will become a more experienced warrior. Become a sword or shield expert, or improve all of your abilities over time. Learn how to weaken your adversary via counterattacks or how to win quickly with a flurry of fast blows. Rebel Jousting is supported by devices that do not need an internet connection. It has been produced by the same creators who produced Glory Ages - Samurais.
Bug Heroes 2

Enter the battle-filled world of Bug Heroes. Control two heroes simultaneously to master 25 unique bug characters in a MOBA-like game.

Bug Heroes 2Foursaken Media
The Bug Heroes is a thrilling adventure game where you will find an intense battle between swords, guns and armor happening right on your counters, floors and your yard with the help of uniquely designed heroes. A new adventure game brought to you by Monsters Adventures and Heroes & Castles, this game is a perfect blend of fast-paced action, defensive gameplay, and strategy. You can choose from an arsenal of 25 heroes to master that includes a hook-wielding pirate, a wise sensei, a bumblebee boxer, a poison-obsessed stinkbug, and many more. You can select your squad of two heroes and customize them as per your preference. With seamless switching between the two heroes, you'll have to unleash their powerful abilities in the epic battles. Your quest will take you to scavenging for food and junk, fortifying your base, building turrets, leveling up your heroes, equipping weapons and armor, and surviving! The game's features include MOBA-like cooperative and competitive multiplayer options, tons of single-player content like missions, an endless mode, and a base vs base skirmish mode. You can also increase your Bug Heroes' skills and buy weapons, armor, and gear. Scavenge for food and defend your Food Stash by constructing turrets and upgrading them. Upon completing missions, you can earn stars that unlock more powerful upgrades. The Bug Heroes game also offers an opportunity to master both melee and ranged combat techniques. You can slice your enemies with swords, blast them from long-range with guns and magic, swat bugs off ledges, and more. The game also allows you to use tactical gameplay where you can use cover to defeat your enemies. With over 75 characters of different types to battle with, the Bug Heroes game is full of challenges. Moreover, the game allows syncing across multiple devices with cloud storage for easy accessibility to your game. If you have any questions or comments, you can follow the developers on Twitter or like them on Facebook. Don't miss out on an opportunity to indulge in some action-packed gameplay with the Bug Heroes!
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Wonder Land

Survive on an unknown planet by building a strong base, improving skills, and collecting resources. Unite with allies, research technology, and fight in PvP battles.

Wonder LandWonderLand.Ltd
Embark on a thrilling expedition where you'll witness a spaceship carrying the last hope of the human race land on a mysterious planet. Embrace the challenges of the never-ending, tranquil desert where your primary task is to struggle and thrive by perpetually planting crops and extracting resources. The survival of humanity is at stake; hence we must endeavor to refine our skills, accumulate more resources and most importantly repair the spaceship that will transport us back to our cozy abode. Constructing the base is a fundamental aspect that must be meticulously carried out to ensure our survival. Every member has distinct expertise, and it's our responsibility to build a robust base that accords with their individual skills. Build and upgrade diverse facilities to enhance our collective strength and acquire more resources. Extensive research must be conducted to forge ahead technologically for speedy spaceship construction and weapons formation. Collaboration with allies has a significant role to play in our quest to defeat our foes; hence we must work synergistically to protect our alliance. The constant research of technology, gathering of mineral energy, and fortress reinforcement all work towards the achievement of our goal. Joining the cause of defending peace is our ultimate objective. Dive into the exhilarating battle mode that comprises of real-time player-vs-player (PVP) battles on a colossal world map. Build a robust troop and forces that are capable of annihilating any enemy. To expand alliance territory, annexation of dangerous space creature's domains and enemy territories must be undertaken. Survival on an alien planet comes with multiple tasks that must be meticulously undertaken to ensure we thrive. The planting of different crops that guarantee our existence, mining of minerals used for constructing our mighty abode, and hunting animals to serve as a supplement to our physical resources. Be bold, embrace the challenges and conquer the unknown planet to ensure the survival of humanity.
Disgaea 1 Complete

Join Laharl, Etna, and Flonne in Disgaea 1 Complete, a remastered strategy RPG now available on smartphones with new features and PS4 controller compatibility.

Disgaea 1 Complete株式会社日本一ソフトウェア
Disgaea 1 Complete is a true remasterpiece that features the beloved cast of the original game for a new generation of gamers, now available on smartphones. Join Laharl, Etna, and Flonne in their crazy adventure through the Netherworld to crown a new overlord in this king of strategy RPGs remastered for a new generation with brand new visuals. The mobile game is a single purchase game application with no DLC or additional purchases necessary to access all content in the game. The story takes place two years after the death of King Krichevskoy, the ruler of the Netherworld, where demons fought for supremacy over the cursed and dark land where foul beings dwell. With the help of his vassal Etna and her underlings, the egocentric and megalomaniac Prince Laharl fights his way to become the next king. The new Disgaea 1 Complete Mobile features include Auto-battle, letting the battle play out on its own, including the Item World. With the Auto-Battle feature, you can leave the level grind up to the game. You can also play the game with 1x to 8x the normal speed with the Battle Speed Boost. The popular Cheat Shop returns, where you can adjust upping the amount of EXP and HL you receive post-battle, enemy strength, auto-heal, and many more in the Cheat Shop. Cloud Saves are also available, and you can transfer your save data between platforms. You can play on your tablet at home and your smartphone on the go! ID and password backup are the sole responsibility of the user. Supported languages include English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, and Japanese, and additional DL capacity is about 1.3GB, with an internet connection required for the first connection. After starting the app, the game data will be downloaded automatically. Disgaea 1 Complete Mobile is compatible with PS4 controller (partly) and supports PS4 controller for movement at bases, menus, and operations during battles (some optional menus are not supported). If you are looking for more amazing games, check out other mobile platform titles from Nippon Ichi Software at the "Game Variety" brand of games. From console ports to board game classics, there’s so much to enjoy!

Switch between Black and White in the mesmerizing world of OVIVO, a platformer filled with hidden messages, optical illusions, and meditative ambient music.

OvivoAlexandr Vilassak
Step into a mesmerizing world crafted from black and white. OVIVO is a unique platformer game that showcases an extraordinary game mechanic. It comprises a metaphorical world with illusions and hidden messages. The world of OVIVO is built upon Black and White, which interweave and replace each other continuously to preserve harmony and balance. The protagonist, OVO, embodies the two halves, giving him the ability to switch between them. Explore the metaphorical world and take on the challenges while collecting enigmatic symbols that help you piece together the world's story. However, the way to interpret it is distinctly up to you. One of the features that sets OVIVO apart is its flow mechanics. The mechanics make it so that gravity works downwards in white, and upward in black, allowing momentum to transition from one color to another, letting OVO float on one color's border while being carried by the flow. Furthermore, OVIVO's allegorical world holds hidden images and optical illusions. The art and visual design of the game are captivating and delightful, providing a mesmerizing experience throughout the game. The game tells its story without the use of text but through gameplay and visual inputs only. Brokenkites has composed OVIVO's meditative ambient soundtrack, providing a deeply engaging experience. You can play OVIVO offline, wherever and whenever you want. OVIVO's excellence is verified with its many awards, including the Best Game of Imagine Cup 2015.
Espionage: Mafia Evolved

Espionage: Mafia Evolved is a free social deduction game for 6-8 players, with cross-play and no ads or pay-to-win mechanics.

Espionage: Mafia EvolvedAnother Time
Step into the world of deception and intrigue in ESPIONAGE: Mafia Evolved, a thrilling social deduction game that challenges you to uncover your enemies among your fellow players. Whether you play on your PC or mobile device, you'll enjoy a seamless cross-play experience and full cross-progression, letting you pick up where you left off no matter where you play. With support for up to 8 players, this edge-of-your-seat experience will keep you coming back for more. Join forces with friends or plunge into anonymous matches with strangers, all while enjoying frequent updates in multiple languages. You won't be bombarded with pesky ads or tempted to pay for an advantage - ESPIONAGE: Mafia Evolved is completely free-to-play and offers no pay-to-win mechanics. Plus, there's no limit on playtime, so you can keep playing as long as you want. Will you be able to outwit your opponents and come out on top? Play now and find out!
Mini DayZ: Zombie Survival

Survive in a post-apocalyptic world, scavenge for food and supplies, craft advanced items, and protect yourself against infected and wolves in Mini DAYZ - the free, pixel-art PC survival game.

Mini DayZ: Zombie SurvivalBohemia Interactive a.s.
Welcome to the world of Mini DAYZ! This is your chance to find out how long you can endure in a post-apocalyptic surrounding. The game features a beautifully designed pixel-art-style open world that is generated randomly, presenting you with a new challenge every time you play. Mini DAYZ is a survival game played by over 3 million fans, and it is now available on mobile devices for free, without in-app purchases. In this game, you find yourself alone in a world where you must scavenge for food, ammunition and other vital supplies. Every item you find can be crafted into something more advanced, giving you an edge in survival. Naturally, you should also protect yourself from hostile infected creatures and wolves. The weather can be treacherous, so it is important to stay dry, warm, and fed. Take care of your wounds because they won't heal on their own. There are no rules in Mini DAYZ except one, and that is to survive. Keep exploring the map, gear up your character, and stay alive for as long as possible. Manage your stats, such as your health, hunger, and thirst levels while preventing blood loss. Survive long enough to receive perks, improve your character stats, and earn achievements for your effort. To survive, you can grow plants, craft new items, and build a makeshift base with fences and a campfire. You will encounter AI survivors, both friendly and hostile, and also face various kinds of infected creatures that could attack you at any moment. Make the wilderness your friend, use natural resources to stay alive, and learn to navigate your way during the day/night cycle. Stay warm in the rain or snow, and keep yourself safe from danger. Mini DAYZ is an exciting, pixelated game that delivers a realistic survival experience. It's you against the world, and there's always a new challenge to face. So put your survival skills to the test and try to stay alive as long as you can. The best part about Mini DAYZ? No in-app purchases!
Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure

Fly a paper plane through different terrains and collect quantum to unlock new planes in this physics-driven adventure game.

Paperly: Paper Plane AdventureAbhiTechGames
Embark on an exhilarating adventure and take flight with a paper plane while mastering various flight mechanics in PAPERLY: PAPER PLANE ADVENTURE. Hovering towards a successful journey is key in this physics-based game that aims to improve your flying skills by learning from previous mistakes. Discover exciting new worlds that offer endless learning opportunities, embrace nature as your ally and defy the laws of gravity as you move closer to your goal. Get ready for pure fun as you explore the captivating world of paper airplanes that challenge you to surpass different landscapes. The game's sound effects and physics make it feel as though you are in control of the paper airplane, gliding through the world with ease. You can feel the wind pushing you forward, especially when you use it to your advantage, while descending takes you a step closer to achieving max momentum. Pay attention to each chapter's environment and adapt accordingly to progress successfully through the game. PAPERLY: PAPER PLANE ADVENTURE boasts several features, including the chance to explore exciting adventures while in control of a paper plane. Revel in the opportunity to travel through different terrains, from dry deserts to tropical forests and even ice caves in the arctic. Collect Quantum as you fly and unlock new and exciting paper planes to enhance your flying experience even more. Don't forget to dash on air like crazy with a wind boost to keep your gameplay momentum high. Set your sights on keeping each journey alive by navigating the game's interactive menu and avoiding crashes. Colliding with anything in your environment will result in a crash landing of your paper plane, so it's up to you to keep it skillfully afloat as long as possible. The game also contains 11 different landscapes, 11 unlockable paper planes, seven exciting paper plane skins, and a very relaxing journey that will keep you hooked. Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure is available for playing offline, meaning you can take your paper plane flying experience wherever you go without requiring an internet connection. The game is highly optimized to run on most devices, ensuring that your gameplay experience remains smooth. Among the featured top best offline games of 2022, Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure, proves to be one of the best flying games available on Playstore. The feeling of soaring the paper plane through the air like a kite will leave you feeling adventurous, bringing an experience akin to the best airplane games online. So what are you waiting for? Download Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure and experience the thrill for yourself. Fly free, fly high with one of the best pilot games and have the best flight ever. Developed in India, the game's support team is available through, and you can learn more about it at
War Tortoise 2

Explore a vast world in a War Tortoise battle tank & unleash firepower to defeat enemies. Evolve & customize your Tortoise with abilities, pilots & support units.

War Tortoise 2Foursaken Media
As the commander of the War Tortoise, a formidable combat machine, it's your duty to navigate an enormous open world while annihilating waves of enemies with your devastating firepower. With the option to play actively or passively, you can develop your own strategy as you explore the game's extensive universe. Unlock an array of pilots and heroes while further enhancing your Tortoise and supporting units with countless abilities. In your leisure time, fish and accumulate a diverse array of aquatic lifeforms. Embark on marvelous journeys, all the while endeavoring to bring peace back to the war-battered land. Key features of the game include a vast, uninterrupted landscape that provides players with a unique blend of high-energy and laid-back gameplay styles. Customize your War Tortoise's weaponry and armor with a myriad of options as you discover new Pilots and Heroes. Employ the assistance of supporting units, while harnessing powerful permanent abilities acquired through fishing. Graphics are advanced, and the effects are truly awe-inspiring, with huge battlefields for the ultimate gaming experience. There's plenty more to discover in this game that's both action-packed and relaxed, allowing players to develop their own play style while encountering epic battles.
Castle War

Castle War: Idle Island, a PvP battler. Build and defend your castle with troops, siege weapons, and magic. Challenge friends to show off better strategy.

Castle WarPID Games
Castle War: Idle Island is a multiplayer castle vs castle game where you can build defensive towers, craft powerful cannons, and hire skilled mages and mercenaries to invade your opponent's castle. Your goal is to become the ruler of the island by assigning missions to your village and building a formidable castle that aligns with your strategy. You can lead your troops, including archers, swordsmen, and pikemen, to the enemy's castle to destroy their gate. You can also use a variety of siege engines, such as ballistas, trebuchets, catapults, and cannons, to knock down their towers and weapons and defend against their projectiles and troops. Powerful magic is at your disposal, allowing you to call down a meteor strike, invoke a black hole, and protect your towers with arcane shields. Use wood, stone, and metal to design your castle's ramparts and towers, creating a unique and impressive structure. Your castle can be customized to suit your play style, whether you prefer magic towers casting devastating spells, a swarm of soldiers on the walls, or a barrage of spikes and stones crushing the opposing castle's defenses. Visit the weapons workshop to upgrade your standard weapons into state-of-the-art pieces of engineering. You can increase the rate of fire, projectile damage, projectile speed, or durability of your weapons, making them even more efficient and powerful. Challenge your friends in the game's challenge mode, where you can battle one another to see who has the superior castle. Prove yourself as the ultimate ruler of the island with your skilled tactics and strategic decisions.

Build factories and explore an alien planet in Sandship, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi game where you control a giant, AI-powered sandship.

SandshipRockbite Games
Sandship is a thrilling factory management game brough to you by the creators of Deep Town. Get ready to experience a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world where you are in charge of the last remaining sandship, a giant mega-factory brimming with advanced AI technology. Cruise through barren lands and embark on a journey towards discovering forgotten technologies, trade items, craft, and fight a vicious cult that is after your destruction. Unfold the mysteries of this cryptic world aboard your magnificent sandship. Get creative and design automated factories right from the ground up in this adventure-packed game that is completely free to play. Build your factory and place devices like synthesizers, chemical mixers, and ice guns to increase your automated productivity. Connect your devices to conveyor belts to craft a large variety of materials ranging from copper wires to combustion engines. Upgrade your sandship and add bigger factories to ensure that you produce more complex items seamlessly. Trade the incredible stuff you make to earn credits, XP, and old crates filled with scientific research from the distant past. This ancient knowledge will give your sandship a new level of strength, smartness, and power, just like it was a long time ago. Your helper and engineering mentor Harvey, a tenacious one-eyed cyborg, will show you the ropes of sandship engineering and guide you as your journey progresses, building and maintaining more complicated factories. Overcome the obstacles that come your way as you voyage through the mysterious alien desert, encountering a strange host of robots and aliens that inhabit the planet. While some may be friendly and astounded by your sandship, others may be hostile and eager to destroy it, but you just can't seem to understand why. Complete quests, meet new characters and learn how the world came to ruin in the distant past. Sandship packs in multiple features such as solving factory floor puzzles, building an enigmatic underwell to mine precious resources, or creating your own challenge maps and sharing them with other players. Explore the world around you, uncover lost civilizations, and find out more about their secret histories. Defend your sandship against hordes of extraterrestrial enemies and trade in what you make for credits, XP, and crates containing ancient knowledge that unlock upgrades for your sandship. The world of Sandship never disappoints. Sign up for our newsletter through, and follow Sandship on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Discord to stay updated. Send a message if you have any questions.
Last Colony

Survive in the new world after society's collapse: recruit colonists, gather resources, craft and upgrade weapons and abilities. Hardcore shooter gameplay.

Last ColonyScrim TV
Assume leadership of your colony amidst the fallout of civilization's downfall. Attract and enlist new settlers to your group, forge arms and materialize goods, then journey away from your base to collect assets. The new world is harsh and unforgiving with challenging, intense shooter gameplay. Devise weaponry, explosives, medical treatments, and protective gear. Enhance your arsenal via more than 50 feasible arrangements. Identify an ability that suits your method of playing then progress to access even more crafting blueprints. Do you possess any feedback or ideas? Join our Discord channel to communicate with us and voice your thoughts: Minimum of 1.5GB of RAM is required for gameplay.
Urban Rivals World

Urban Rival is a free, intense collectible card game. Create your gang, use Pillz, Fury, and bluffing skills to win fights and control the city.

Urban Rivals WorldAcute Games
Get ready for an exhilarating ride of skill and strategy with Urban Rival, a unique, free-to-play collectible card game. Take charge of your own gang and engage in high-octane battles against other players. The gameplay is straightforward yet thrilling, allowing you to dominate Clint City by utilizing your tactical know-how and ability to bluff your opponents. Let your Pillz and Fury lead you to victory as you show off your cunning and quick thinking skills. You have the potential to become the ultimate urban legend and rule the city streets. With intuitive controls and fast-paced action, Urban Rival offers a thrilling experience that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. Immerse yourself in the world of Urban Rival, where each card has its own unique abilities and strengths. Build your deck, hone your skills, and fight your way to the top. This game is an excellent choice for players looking for a challenge that requires both strategic planning and quick reflexes. Join the millions of players worldwide who have already fallen in love with this addictive and challenging game. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of collectible card games, Urban Rival offers a fun and exciting adventure that you won't want to miss!
Off the Road

Off The Road: an open-world off-road driving simulator where you explore beautiful landscapes, complete challenges, upgrade vehicles, and compete in online multiplayer races.

Off the RoadDogByte Games
Greetings Offroaders! Get ready to experience the ultimate open world off-road driving simulator – “Off The Road”! It's time to take your vehicle on an adventure where you can drive through hills, explore islands in a boat, fly in a helicopter to reach the highest mountains, or simply walk around if you want some peace. You need to beat challenges to earn money and upgrade your car to make it even more powerful, faster and stylish. Earn XP to level up and get amazing rewards. In this game, you can drive your vehicle anywhere using the winch equipped on your car. Scale the highest of mountains as nothing can stop you. The dynamics of cable ropes have been accurately implemented to ensure that players have an authentic experience. Driving a boat is yet another option to explore the sea or hop on a helicopter if you need to reach anywhere quickly. The game boasts of a realistic damage model for vehicles with the ability to simulate tyre pressure, tyres deformation based on load, simulated water ripples and buoyancy. You will feel like you're driving in real water—put your off-road skills to use to reach different checkpoints. Transport materials to their designated locations with the aid of trailers or attach objects in the world to different points using your winch and drag them around freely. Multiplayer mode allows you to compete with players from around the world in different game modes. Participate in weekly ranked races to win fantastic rewards. Enjoy a variety of challenges on offer. Try to be the fastest in Checkpoint Hunt challenges, or reach checkpoints with your off-roading skills in Pathfinder challenges. You can even transport required materials in Transport challenges. Get down to the nitty-gritty by constructing houses, bridges, roads, vehicles by transporting the necessary materials to the site. Drive different types of vehicles, including 4x4 cars, trucks, off-road behemoths, boats, and helicopters, to make the most of the terrain around you. The game has incorporated dynamic mud physics with a mud surface that continues to deform. Your car's chassis could get muddy or dirty, which you can wash by driving into water or repair it. Enjoy an endless array of features, such as exploring breathtaking landscapes, driving boats, helicopters, airplanes and trains, online multiplayer, weekly ranked race events, card packs to unlock new cars, tons of collectibles, dynamic day and night cycle, physically simulated water, and the option to switch in-game vehicles. As an OTR VIP CLUB member, you'll have access to an auto-renewing monthly subscription plan (unless auto-renew is turned off), which you will be charged every month through your account within 24 hours before the expiration of the existing subscription period. The game is the creation of Dogbyte Games, the brains behind Offroad Legends 2, Blocky Roads, Zombie Offroad Safari, Redline Rush, and Dead Venture. Download ‘Off The Road’ and experience the thrill of an open world off-road driving simulator. For further information on our privacy policy and terms and conditions, please visit our official website.
Earth Inc.

Build a mining empire and gain galactic knowledge to become the richest trillionaire by turning Earth inc. into a multi-galactic mega-conglomerate.

Earth Inc.Treetop Crew
Are you ready to become the CEO of the largest company in the universe? Look no further than Earth Inc.! This idle clicker game allows you to start off as a small mining company and work your way up the ladder to a multi-galactic conglomerate. Experience the thrill of capitalism as you build your business and become a billionaire tycoon. Don't let a little thing like sleeping stop you—idle and get rich even when you're not playing the game. Hire millions of workers and build your business up to towering heights. Take advantage of the world being your playground and make money across all continents. However, watch out for the environmental damage your actions may cause. Don't worry, though, because the cash just keeps flowing in. Create a mining empire by digging all the way down to the Earth's core and discovering its hidden treasures. Upgrade your mine to achieve infinite idle profits, and collect resources like coal, gold, diamonds, and ancient artifacts. Don't forget to tap everything that your mine throws at you! You can even automate your clicker process by hiring autominers and leveling them up. Collect all the unique manager cards to watch your idle profits soar. But, as the Earth's resources are limited, it's time to expand your empire to outer space. Move your business to different planets and galaxies to gain galactic knowledge and multiply your profits. You'll become the richest trillionaire tycoon the universe has ever seen. Download Earth Inc. for free now and embark on the adventure to becoming an incremental clicker simulation game tycoon! Note that while the game is free, some items can be purchased with real money. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device's settings.

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