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Only Up! - Challenge Record

Chase your dreams and escape poverty as a teenager from the ghetto in a world gone mad. Every step forward is risky.

Only Up! - Challenge RecordHuayiGames Ltd
Get ready to take on a wild adventure in this challenging game! Play as a teenage resident of the impoverished ghetto, seeking to break free from your difficult life and explore the world to gain insight into yourself. The world you inhabit may be chaotic and strange, but why not use this as an opportunity to break free from the norm and take control of your fate? The looming crisis demands action and bold moves, but with each step forward, the risk of falling back grows ever greater. Navigate through a world of hazards and obstacles, determined to overcome all challenges and emerge triumphant with newfound wisdom and self-discovery. Are you ready to see what the game has in store for you?
Go Only Up! Parkour 3D

Only Up! Go Parkour!" is a thrilling 3D mobile game that offers a speedrun parkour adventure while exploring stunning environments and uncovering hidden secrets.

Discover the breathtaking world of "Only Up! Go Parkour!", an adrenaline-fueled game that will take you on an unforgettable journey filled with thrilling obstacles and secrets. This speedrun adventure is not just a game, but a masterpiece that will challenge your mind, stimulate your imagination, and leave you in awe. Step into the shoes of Jackie, an ambitious teenager from the heart of the city who dreams of escaping poverty. His insatiable curiosity drives him to explore the world beyond and grab every opportunity that comes his way. By jumping, climbing, and leaping to new heights, Jackie inches closer to the clouds. Experience the excitement of parkour in the "Only Up!" game like never before. With groundbreaking 3D gameplay, you'll navigate intricate obstacles, execute daring leaps, and engage in nerve-wracking parkour sequences. Although the path ahead may be filled with challenges, with perseverance and practice, you can overcome any obstacle. The "Only Up Mobile Parkour!" game seamlessly blends high-speed running with brain-teasing puzzles. Your ability to make quick decisions, use power-ups, and unlock advanced abilities will be key to enhancing your parkour skills as you race through the fast-paced terrain. With "Only Up 3D Parkour!", you'll travel through stunning 3D environments that offer unparalleled perspectives. As you ascend, you'll discover mesmerizing secrets and solve intriguing mysteries that reveal the true purpose of your journey. In this game, every setback is an opportunity for growth. Embrace your failures, learn from them, and keep moving forward. Each hurdle you overcome and each lesson you learn will take you a step closer to achieving your speedrun goals. Track your progress and improve your completion time to set new speedrun records. Many players aim to complete the game as quickly as possible without falling and reaching the very top in record time. Get ready to run, jump, and climb to new heights. "Only Up Endless Game!" is calling your name. Download the game now and embark on your epic speedrun parkour journey. Defy gravity, take on formidable obstacles, and prove that there is no height beyond your reach. In "Only Up Jump Mobile," the only direction you're going is up!
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Only Parkour! Jump Challenge

3D parkour game with low poly graphics and a fantasy world. Master your jumping skills to overcome obstacles and reach the top.

Only Parkour! Jump ChallengeCharming Agency
Immerse yourself in an extraordinary world filled with vivid low-poly graphics and magical surroundings in this exhilarating 3D game. In this adventure, you must master parkour and your dexterity to complete the exciting challenge that awaits you. Each time you jump from platform to platform, you ascend closer and closer to the sky. This fantastical world boasts a plethora of breathtaking sights, from floating ships to majestic whales, and soaring castles. Keep your focus on your objective to reach the zenith. As your hero, you will overcome various obstacles, perform daring jumps, and execute acrobatic parkour moves to move up. The key to conquering the challenges lies in your ability to correctly assess distances and timings for jumping. You will make audacious jumps, confidently mastering parkour skills, to maneuver around the platforms that present unpredictable consequences. But fear not, you are an indefatigable master of challenges, and nothing will stand in your way of scaling to the top. The graphics in this game spring to life, as you explore and cherish a world filled with vivid colours and mysterious landscapes. While playing, you can indulge in the vast beauty of this 3D world. Even the most ordinary objects are transformed into something distinctive and extraordinary. Always remember the ultimate goal- to reach the top and enjoy the thrill of victory. Sky-high jumping, gravity-defying parkour, and incredible heights will be your allies. Each leap will stimulate your excitement and bolster your internal motivation to strive for heaven. This 3D game not only delivers a unique gameplay experience and an epic adventure but also allows you to be a legitimate hero. Be expectant of challenges that only your jumping and parkour skills can overcome. With confidence in your every move and precision in every jump, you'll climb your way to the top. Remember, there are alluring temptations on every platform. The game will inspire you to explore every facet of this tremendous 3D world. You'll need to utilize all your parkour and jump skills to crest every platform and arrive at the top. Just don't allow these temptations to detract from your leading objective- to be the victor who reaches the very peak.
Only Jump Up : 3D Parkour!

Only UP Jump: climb higher on challenging floating obstacles, with stunning graphics, immersive sound effects, and endless hours of excitement.

Only Jump Up : 3D Parkour!LifeSteal Games
The world has never been perfectly stable and current circumstances provide an opportunity to make a positive impact. When facing a crisis, it's vital to take action and make bold choices, despite the risk of setbacks. Embark on a thrilling adventure with Only UP Jump, a game that challenges players to jump and move forward on floating obstacles in an almost endless runner as they ascend to the sky. As levels progress, the challenges become increasingly difficult, requiring players to be focused and quick on their feet. The game's stunning graphics and captivating sound effects create an immersive experience that makes Only UP Jump an addictive and unforgettable game for all. Only UP Jump is inspired by popular titles such as Tower Parkour Hell and Only UP, requiring players to navigate through different obstacles to reach the top. In Only UP Jump, players must jump on floating obstacles, with each level being more difficult than the previous one. The game requires focus, quick reflexes, and perfect timing to succeed, providing a unique challenge that appeals to players who seek a more intense experience. The game is free to play, offering an offline environment that will shake your world. While Tower of Hell is known for its whimsical graphics and playful nature, Only UP Jump offers a thrilling challenge that is perfect for gamers seeking a more intense experience. The game's stunning graphics and captivating sound effects immerse players in a world of adventure and danger, where every misstep could cost you everything. So are you ready to explore this chaotic world and take on the ultimate challenge in Only UP Jump? Vertical climb through the chaos was designed to entertain you, even when you fall from a pipe. Fans of other interactive games will appreciate the vibrant and colourful world in Only UP Jump. Players must overcome a range of challenges, including spinning platforms, climbing ropes, moving blocks, and teleports, requiring careful calculation to avoid falling to your doom. Parkour from platform to platform directly to the sky. With each level of Only UP Jump being more challenging than the last, the game promises endless hours of entertainment and excitement. The game's fast-paced action and stunning visuals make it a must-play for fans of simulators, platformers, and adventure games. So, if you're up to the challenge, download Only UP Jump today and see how high you can climb! Only Jump UP is an epic 3D game that immerses players in a thrilling climb to the top of a futuristic tower filled with minimalistic platforms and mesmerizing landscapes. The game's gripping story follows a brave hero through a range of challenges. The heart-pumping action of Only UP Jump makes it a must-play for fans of platformers, adventure, arcade, and sci-fi games alike. So if you're ready to take on the ultimate challenge, download Only UP Jump today and see if you have what it takes to climb to the top!
Dumb Ways to Climb

Guide the Bean mindlessly climbing on random objects in Dumb Ways to Climb - an unimpressive, visually unique creation with an unforgettable soundtrack.

Dumb Ways to ClimbPlaySide Studios Ltd
Introducing "Dumb Ways to Climb" - a game that will make you re-evaluate your life choices! In just one week, this utterly unimpressive game was brought to life. Witness the brilliance of the Bean aimlessly scaling over random objects, aiming for the stars... or some other unidentifiable object. Immerse yourself in this awe-inspiring expedition as you guide the Bean through a chaotic cluster of items. Is it a ladder or a pogo stick? Who knows! The anticipation is excruciating! Remarkably, there are no stimulating challenges or brain-teasing puzzles here. Only the monotonous climbing action that will leave you astonished as you contemplate how this game even got the nod beyond the brainstorming phase. Did we mention the visually "unique" graphics that will blow your mind? The backgrounds and props were randomly selected, and you should brace yourself for an artistic masterpiece... if your definition of a masterpiece is a chaotic blend of random objects. Most notably, you'll be struck by the unforgettable soundtrack that we've selected with care. You'll find yourself humming it long after you've shut the app and pondering the meaning of life. Isn't it profound? If you're tired of fancy games with captivating gameplay and innovative concepts, look no further. Dumb Ways to Climb will provide you with an experience of mindless, repetitive entertainment that you have never encountered before. Download it immediately and be amazed at how something haphazardly put together can survive in the gaming universe!
Only Up! Ragdoll Edition

Challenge yourself to reach the highest spot and avoid falling in this 3D Parkour game with awesome ragdoll physics and colorful graphics.

Only Up! Ragdoll EditionGreenGO
Experience a thrilling 3D Parkour game with impeccable Ragdoll Physics, designed for mobile platforms. Your objective in this game is to continuously ascend up without losing your balance and tumbling to the ground. The game boasts stunning visuals and a mesmerizing map to keep you engaged throughout. Are you skilled enough to reach the highest point in the game? Why not try it out and put your abilities to the test? Don't miss out on the chance to experience this amazing game!

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