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Island Empire

Island Empire: a turn-based strategy game. Fight in the Campaign, expand your empire, defend your territory with walls, and buy units for war.

Island EmpireHBRZ-Developer
Island Empire is a highly addictive turn-based strategy game, which is straightforward to understand but requires practice to become a master. Battle through the Campaign where each level presents with its own unique challenges and tests your skills in every possible way. Develop a winning strategy, enhance your empire, and ensure a stable economy by making all the necessary decisions in the gameplay. Build sturdy walls to defend your territory, and recruit your army with brand-new units to conquer other empires. - Features - Campaign Mode with 40 free challenging levels and novel gameplay experience. Get ready for strategy, economics, defense, and attacking modes where every decision counts. Enjoy playing on randomly generated maps with an endless supply of gameplay options and local multiplayer mode for up to 8 players. Playing and winning the game is all about skills and intelligence, not with money as there is no pay-to-win option available. Feel free to create custom maps with the built-in map editor feature and demonstrate your strategic prowess. Unlock Optional DLC that consists of an additional 80 levels, thereby providing you with a never-ending source of entertainment. Play offline whenever you want and achieve supreme victory over your enemies. With cute pixel graphics, the game is visually appealing and offers a unique gaming experience. Experience the thrilling musical score by Matthew Pablo that complements the gameplay perfectly, Visit, to know more about the inspiring music created by this talented artist. If you are looking for a game that is both engaging and entertaining, Island Empire offers the best combination of strategy, challenges, and fun. Whether you are a newbie or a professional gamer, you are bound to have a fantastic time playing this addictive game, and it guarantees to provide you with countless hours of gaming pleasure.

Conquer territory quickly in strategic 500-player battles. Build your economy & alliances. One-vs-one games challenge your strategic skills. Feedback welcomed on Google Play.

Territorial.ioDavid Tschacher
In, your mission is to dominate as much land as possible, aiming to conquer the whole map in every round. Play with a massive group of more than 500 players simultaneously, and gain an advantage by forming coalitions with other players. The game is highly dynamic, and each round can take under 5 minutes, ensuring an immersive gaming experience. boasts an array of maps, including the widely popular Europe map, and a range of generated maps to explore. The game's simple yet thrilling gameplay requires a strategic mindset to balance conquering territory and expanding your economy. Luck may play a part in multiplayer games, but one-on-one matches depend largely on a player's strategic aptitude, making them a great way to compete and establish oneself as a powerful force. Your feedback is important to us. Play now and let us know what you think about this exciting game,, on Google Play.
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Rusted Warfare

Rusted Warfare is a balanced RTS game inspired by classic titles, with no microtransactions, AI missions, unique units, and multiplayer support.

Rusted WarfareCorroding games
Rusted Warfare is a complete real-time strategy game that has been inspired by the traditional strategy games like Total Annihilation and Command and Conquer. It is a pure RTS game, free of any microtransactions and DRM. Players can enjoy online and offline multiplayer battles over Wi-Fi and mobile networks. There are several modes to choose from, including campaign, skirmish, survival, and challenge missions, with challenging AI opponents. With over 40 unique units, Rusted Warfare offers perfectly balanced gameplay. The game features tactical and strategic opportunities with units such as flying fortresses, combat engineers, amphibious jets, shielded hovertanks, and laser defences. Players can easily issue commands through the minimap, multi-touch support, unit groups, and rally points. The game also offers a strategic zoom feature, allowing players to view and command the entire battlefield. Players can save and load games, including multiplayer games, making it perfect for quick lunchtime battles. In case of disconnection, players can reconnect to multiplayer games to avoid any disappointment. Additionally, players can create and load their own custom levels. Rusted Warfare is designed to fully scale from phones to large screen tablets and even support USB keyboard and mouse. Play your friends on your phone or tablet anytime and anywhere. Join the Rusted Warfare community on Discord or follow on Twitter and check out other links on the official website. If you experience any issues or have any feature requests, the developers are available via email, Twitter, or post. Get ready for an epic real-time strategy experience with Rusted Warfare.
Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Defend your island kingdom against Viking invaders in Bad North, a charmingly brutal real-time tactics roguelite. Plan your strategy on procedurally-generated islands and unlock upgrades to develop your troops.

Bad North: Jotunn EditionRaw Fury
Prepare for the fight of your life as Viking invaders threaten to destroy your kingdom. The recent death of your king has left your home open to attack, and as the new ruler, it’s up to you to defend it. But survival is the only goal in this game; victory is a distant hope that grows dimmer by the minute. Bad North is a captivating and ruthless real-time tactics roguelite that will test your skills and strategy. Fight off the Viking horde to protect your idyllic island kingdom. Command your troops to take full advantage of the unique landscape of each island. Make calculated moves or suffer the consequences. Fail, and your bloodthirsty enemies will eradicate your subjects. Experience the charming yet violent reality of war as you navigate procedurally generated islands with beautifully designed visuals. Your soldiers carry out your commands in the heat of battle, making for a dynamic and immersive combat simulation. Simple user inputs keep the game approachable for new players, while its depth and challenge will engage veterans. Stand your ground to keep hope alive for peace to return to the Bad North. Your troops' survival depends on your strategic prowess, so plan wisely. Lose a commander, and they’re gone forever. If you lose everything, it's over. Key Features: REAL-TIME TACTICS ROGUELITE: Strategize and relocate your troops wisely to outmaneuver the Vikings' individual counters to your moves. Each move could be your last, so plan your battles and retreats carefully! Lose a leader, and they're no longer available. Lose everything, and it's a game over! INTELLIGENT UNIT CONTROLS: Command your troops and monitor their positioning while they navigate and fight the enemy. They will respond intuitively to the ever-changing terrain. PROCEDURALLY GENERATED ISLANDS: Explore stylistically unique islands and develop strategies around their features to save your kingdom from ruin. UNLOCKABLE UPGRADES: Improve your defensive strategy to reap greater rewards, and turn your untrained soldiers into experienced warriors. The fate of this kingdom rests solely on your shoulders.
RTS Siege Up!

Play medieval RTS SiegeUp!, featuring PvP and PvE battles, a campaign with 26 missions, and modding support. No boosters, no timers, no pay-to-win.

SiegeUp is a complete old-fashioned fantasy RTS that delivers an authentic gaming experience without boosters, timers, or pay-to-win mechanics. Engage in quick battles that usually last between 10 and 20 minutes, dive into the 26-mission campaign, or challenge yourself to intense online PvP and PvE modes that support Wi-Fi multiplayer and modding. With the Open "Community" feature, you get to play online, design levels, or download levels previously created by other SiegUp players. And the best part? You get to hone your combat strategies while recognizing that victory cannot be bought! Join the game's indie-friendly community on Discord and other social media platforms where you can connect with fellow players and share your ideas with the developers. You can play the game on your mobile phone or your PC! SiegeUp is packed with Medieval castles featuring wood and stone walls, so you can build warcraft such as catapults to break down the fortifications. Your stronghold is defended by archers, melees, and cavalry that will do anything to ensure that your territory remains safe. You can also engage in naval battles featuring transport ships and fishing boats while capturing and safeguarding resources and strategic positions. This indie game is rapidly growing, and your contributions are paramount. Share your thoughts with the developers and your friends on social media to make SeigeUp an even more fun-filled and unforgettable experience! Check out all the game's links in the main menu. SiegeUp Features: • Campaign of 26 missions consisting of different gameplay mechanics. • Multiplayer (Wi-Fi or public servers) with spectator mode, in-game chat, reconnection support, and team play with or against bots. The game is ideal for PvP and PvE maps, while also allowing cross-play with PC and other platforms. • In-game library of more than 4000 PvP and PvE missions made by gamers. You can share your levels and promote them among the community! • The game has an autosave feature and replay recording system that you can enable or disable in settings. • The level editor allows you to create your own game modes, campaign missions (with replicas, dialogs, and many triggers bringing experience close to visual scripting), and many more. • Walls that soldiers can break down with siege equipment and offer advantages to the defenders. • Battle and transport ships, fishing boats, building across the map, and resource capturing are some of the game's highlights. • The game offers full support for portrait orientation on smartphones, different ways to select your army, a minimap, control groups, and an autosave system. Also, SiegUp offers cheats as an important aspect of any classic RTS game (you can disable it in settings). There's an experimental Pier-To-Pier game via internet, which has been tested and works perfectly on iOS (see the official wiki for more information). Furthermore, the game offers experimental cross-platform modding support (please see official repo sources). Experience epic battles and sieges in the world of middle-aged empires and medieval warcraft! You can direct each tactical unit individually or issue commands to your entire army using easy-to-use controls. You must also collect resources and evolve the economy in real-time, knowing that the game's autosaving feature ensures you don't lose any progress. The game allows you to play portrait or vertical orientation, so you can build anywhere on the map and train melee, archers, or cavalry without artificial timers. When playing the game, you must construct and maintain an effective economy at the beginning of the game, ensuring that your resources to construct the planned army are available. Don't forget about the importance of protection. Build a tower (or two) at the start of the game. As you move along, you will need to reinforce your army, and that's where the barracks come in. Use them to set a gathering point for warriors.
The Battle of Polytopia

Conquer the map, fight enemy tribes and master new technologies in the popular turn-based strategy game, The Battle of Polytopia, playable offline with cute low-poly graphics.

The Battle of PolytopiaMidjiwan AB
In The Battle of Polytopia, you'll immerse yourself in a turn-based civilization strategy game where you must conquer the map, battle rival tribes, explore new territories, and develop advanced technologies. As the chief of a tribe, your objective is to establish a new civilization while competing with neighboring tribes in a turn-based strategic challenge. Whether you're on the road or elsewhere, the game is also ideal for offline play. With millions of downloads, The Battle of Polytopia is one of the most sought-after civilization-style strategy games available on mobile devices. It features an elegant interface with deep strategic gameplay which will keep you engaged for hours. The game is characterized by multiple features that make it captivating and interesting to gamers of all ages. Firstly, it's a free turn-based civilization strategy game, and it has both single-player and multiplayer options. With the latter, you can find players from different parts of the world and engage in multiplayer matchmaking. You can also challenge similar tribes in Mirror Matches, which makes it even more exciting. In addition, The Battle of Polytopia introduces you to 4X mechanics: Explore new lands, Expand your civilization, Exploit available resources, and Exterminate enemy tribes. Furthermore, you can engage in various activities, such as exploration, strategy, farming, building, warfare, and technology research. These likely game components will keep you entertained for hours. Three game modes are included: Perfection, Domination, and Creative. In addition, the Diplomacy feature allows you to make peace treaties and establish embassies with other tribes. You may also use the Invisible Cloaks and Daggers to carry out stealth attacks. The game features several distinct tribes, each with unique cultural and experiential attributes, ranging from nature to game style. Auto-generated maps ensure that every game is unique, and offline play is available. In-game avatars allow you to compete offline in both portrait and landscape mode, and there's also the option for strategy multiplayer and pass-and-play. Check out the leaderboards for top scores as you endeavor to be the best civilization builder. Last but not least, The Battle of Polytopia's graphics are adorable with its low-poly design. Considered all the excellent features, you don't want to miss out on this game!

Build and manage cities, connect transportation networks, tackle emergencies, and erect world wonders in city-building game TheoTown. Unlock contents and expand with user-made plugins.

TheoTown is an exhilarating urban planning game that lets you construct and oversee a whole array of cities simultaneously. Assume the role of a city planner and flex your management skills to build a bustling metropolis 🏢. As mayor, it's your responsibility to erect awe-inspiring skyscrapers 🏙️, establish efficient transport systems, and negotiate emergency events, like fires and natural disasters. In addition to renowned landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty🗽, and Big Ben, you can customize your cities with user-made plugins! 🔌 Begin building your urban empire by zoning areas for construction 🚧, laying down roads, and supplying water and energy 💧⚡ to residences and businesses alike. Enjoy realistic traffic simulations with speed control ⏳ and solve traffic woes 🚗 to get your city flowing smoothly. Expand your influence through the construction of rail, subway, and tram networks 🚈🚋. Through careful planning, you'll grow your cities and unlock new attractions 🔓, lure businesses and satisfy citizen demands to increase your tax revenue 💰. Keep your inhabitants safe by building fire departments🚒 and police stations 🚔 to extinguish fires and prevent crimes. Expand your city like New York, Tokyo, or San Francisco 🗼, and add famous skyscrapers like the Petronas Towers🏗️. Construct diverse power sources, from solar panels to fusion power plants ⚡, and improve the living standards of your people by building parks and schools. You can even manage operational emergency vehicles to extinguish fires, solve crimes and prevent outbreaks 💧🔥. Checking out different entertainment venues or constructing your own leisure park with multiple rides and attractions 🎪 has never been easier! Connect your cities to other regions with airports and manage airplanes✈, build harbors and ships🚢, and construct numerous soccer stadiums⚽🏟️. Whether you want to experiment without funding 🛠, share screenshots 🖼, or generate hundreds of customized plugins 💠, TheoTown has got you covered. Play TheoTown offline with no pay-to-win incentives 🤝, and take your place as the mayor of the most exceptional cities ever created! ❤️
Kingdom Two Crowns

Build and protect your kingdom from greedy creatures in this side-scrolling micro strategy game with minimalist aesthetic. Join forces with a friend in split-screen or tabletop co-op.

Kingdom Two CrownsRaw Fury
Kingdom Two Crowns introduces an engaging micro strategy experience with minimalist features complemented by modern pixel art design. Assume the role of a monarch on horseback, and with the help of faithful subjects, erect your kingdom and safeguard it from rapacious beings plotting to seize your hard-earned currency and crown. In the latest campaign mode, Kings and Queens must work towards building a kingdom that lasts the test of time and develop strategies to eliminate Greed permanently. Traverse the vast terrains to discover new mounts and unveil hidden mysteries concealed in the land. However, you need not rule alone as this game features an online multiplayer mode- monarch can now choose to either have a solo play experience or request for a friend's assistance. You can work together side by side while sharing a local classic split screen or across from each other with the custom tabletop coop feature. Apart from the standard medieval setting, the Kingdom Two Crowns has added extra features such as: • Dead Lands: Transverse the dark lands of Kingdom that emanate an eerie feeling and provides a good challenge. • Shogun: Embark on a journey to Japan and experience the culture and structure of feudal Japan while you play. Additional downloadable content is available via in-app purchase: • Norse Lands: Lead troops, solve brain-teasing puzzles and tap into the ability of Norse Gods in this Viking-based sequel. Whether you are new to the game or an experienced ruler, this game presents an exciting challenge. So prove your courage and reign supreme with Kingdom Two Crowns.
There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

Humorous Point&Click adventure. Get lost in unexpected video game worlds, solve riddles, and discover the top 10 walls.

There Is No Game: Wrong DimensionDraw Me A Pixel
Get ready for an adventure you never asked for with “There is no game: Wrong dimension”, a hilarious and unconventional Point&Click comedy adventure that takes you through a series of absurd and unexpected video game universes. Do you have what it takes to outsmart the “game” and find your way back home? We honestly doubt it.  -Embark on a hilarious Point&Click adventure that promises to leave you in stitches. Put down your controller and immerse yourself in this outlandish world. -Enjoy the stunning 3D graphics that are deceptively flat and pixelated. You'll be amazed at how visually stunning it is. -Experience an almost fully voiced adventure that may contain traces of foreign accents here and there. -Solve challenging puzzles that require you to think outside the box. If you're struggling, don't worry, there's a hint system included. -Short and sweet, this game is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a good laugh and still have time to play other games. -Discover the Top 10 best walls. You won't believe what the fourth one has in store for you! -Unlike other non-VR games, this one is motion sickness-free so you can play without any worries. -Contains tons of bugs... but that's part of the charm. -And there are lots of other surprising features to be discovered along the way! Language support: English Subtitles available in English / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Brazilian / Russian / Simplified Chinese
Poly Bridge 2

More levels, mechanics, custom physics engine, soundtrack with new 13 tracks and added Spring material for bouncy fun and competitive play in Poly Bridge 2.

Poly Bridge 2Dry Cactus Limited
Are you ready for a new challenge? Get ready to experience additional complexities, new mechanisms, and a bespoke physics engine with Poly Bridge 2. Delight in hours of mind-twisting entertainment and rediscover your imaginative engineering abilities! Acoustic enthusiasts, get ready to be blown away by Adrian Talens' new full-length soundtrack that comes with Poly Bridge 2. Sit back and enjoy the soothing melodies of the critically acclaimed soundtrack that comes with 18 of the original Poly Bridge songs remastered and 13 completely new tracks that are bound to leave you spellbound. The all-new Spring material is here to add a bit of cushion and bounce to your bridge constructions, leaving your bridges more flexible and more enjoyable to play with. We have raised the bar this time by designing a custom and fine-tuned physics engine exclusively for bridge simulations. It provides an accurate and predictable simulation outcome for everyone, keeping the competition alive and the experience as immersive as possible for all players. Are you ready to take the challenge?

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