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OMG it’s 🟥 pixel games?

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Sky Islands

Sky Islands is a 2D/3D platformer game inspired by FEZ. Switch dimensions to solve puzzles and collect hidden stars in a charming sky realm with intuitive controls and music.

Are you ready to take on a captivating journey through a fantastic sky realm? Look no further than Sky Islands, a charming platformer game inspired by the beloved FEZ game. Get ready to shift between the 2D and 3D dimensions as you embark on an exciting adventure to collect hidden stars and clear all the levels. Featuring both 2D and 3D gameplay, Sky Islands will keep you on your toes with clever puzzles that will challenge even the most experienced players. And with intuitive controls, you'll be able to seamlessly switch between dimensions as you traverse through the beautiful, sprawling world of Sky Islands. But that's not all – Sky Islands also boasts charming music tracks that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the entirety of your journey. So what are you waiting for? Experience the thrill of Sky Islands and discover the wonders of this fantastic sky realm today!
Dere Vengeance

Dive into a fourth-wall-breaking pixelated horror adventure, face nightmarish challenges, and embrace the surreal meta-horror story of DERE Vengeance.

Dere VengeanceAppSir Games
Indulge your fears in an innovative platformer that shatters the fourth wall, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. UNIQUE GRIM PIXEL UNIVERSE Let the eerie soundscape and meticulously crafted pixelated art immerse you in ghastly situations, inexplicable glitches, psychological horror, and warm memories of antique scrolling games. AMICAL COHORTS Benefit from the mentorship of A.I.D.E. and the benevolent and morally upright "Dev," who will accompany and support players every stride of the way. The fellow travelers will also add a strange allure to the surreal adventure of participating in this exclusive game. Endure peculiar characters, frightening monsters, and disturbing anomalies during your odyssey. STRENUOUS YET EQUITABLE Experience intense fear as you maneuver through horrendous but just platforming challenges with exactitude and agitation. The hardcore tough gameplay is redolent of vintage games that are difficult to put down, stimulating your mind for the type of scares that make most of the horror genre highly effective. PLOT THAT SMASHES THE FOURTH WALL Dive into an electrifying meta-horror that transgresses the limits of the empirical digital horror classification, integrating terror and anxiety into a genuinely surreal experience. In DERE Vengeance, the player is an active participant in the plotline. SPOOKY EXPEDITION Embrace the perfect amalgam of terror and excitement in this plot-rich platformer that guarantees authentic terror and delightful gameplay. You can begin DERE Vengeance without playing our other games, a course of action not recommended, as this spine-chilling adventure has its own unique and captivating episode. Untangle the engrossing tale of DERE Vengeance, the gripping new chapter in the critically acclaimed fright series DERE EXE and DERE EVIL EXE!
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Play Forest Camp - An 8-bit open world game filled with battles, collection, and crafting features! Customize your housing and camp system and discover hidden treasures.

ForestCampNEVIL Company
Enter the charming and concise world of "Forest Camp" - an endearing open-world game with an 8-bit style that will captivate you! In this game, have a blast engaging in battles, gathering resources, and discovering new adventures all in one! Traverse a wide range of fields, where you encounter unique and terrifying monsters and gain valuable items to aid you in your journey. Craft an assortment of items to enhance your gameplay, with the aid of diverse recipes that you obtain along the way. Delve into the hidden corners of the game, and discover secret maps and valuable treasures to boost your score. Create your very own custom camp and housing systems, allowing you to make your game experience unique to you. Give "Forest Camp" a try, and enter this alluring world full of possibility and wonder.
Baseball Land

Baseball Land is an action-packed baseball game for all skill levels, with daily missions, mini-games, and a Boss Rush mode. Compete worldwide, unlock rewards, and enjoy a dynamic game.

Baseball LandMohamed Al Hosani
Get ready for a thrilling baseball game that will get your adrenaline pumping with Baseball Land! This action-packed game puts you in the batter's box, fending off a variety of powerful enemies and bosses. Regardless of your skill level, the easy-to-learn gameplay and fast-paced action in Baseball Land make for an exciting experience. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock a thrilling array of characters, each with their own unique abilities and attributes. These characters come equipped with an arsenal of weapons and shields that can be used to their advantage. Are you a fan of a high-speed bat or maybe a powerful energy blast? Whatever your preference, Baseball Land has you covered. The fun doesn't stop there, with daily missions and rewards on offer, alongside mini-games that offer new challenges and even more ways to play. Are you ready for the ultimate test of your skills? The Boss Rush Mode offers just that, alongside the toughest opponents in the game. A leaderboard is also available, so you can compete against friends and players from around the globe, vying for the top spot. And the achievements and rewards in Baseball Land keep the excitement burning, giving you a new goal to strive for each time you play. What are you waiting for? Step up to the plate and start swinging for the fences today! More characters, weapons, shields, and levels will be added in the future, ensuring that the excitement never ends.
Hiker: Heropack Creed

Hike through jungles, volcanoes and lakes defeating monsters to find belief and be the hero of the adventure in Hiker: Heropack Creed. Organize and update your backpack to survive in dungeons.

Hiker: Heropack CreedEasy & Fun Casual Games
Hiker: Heropack Creed is an adventurous and strategic game available on multiple platforms that puts you in the shoes of a hero. Your goal is to traverse through the treacherous jungles, volcanoes and lakes, slay all manner of monsters and become the ultimate ruler of the adventure. In Hiker: Heropack Creed, you must always stay on top of your game by constantly updating your backpack items, organizing your weapons and logically matching your equipment before each battle. This will allow you to survive for as long as possible in the dungeon. As a fearless hiker and wise packhero, you must navigate the mysterious cave with boldness. Along the way, you will encounter partners who will help repair your wounded body, fortify your weapons and enhance your backpack. Be prepared to fight hero monsters and summon your courage to overcome them using your heropack! As you progress on the adventure, you will acquire numerous items and weapons from monsters and partners. One wrong move in matching them could spell the end. Therefore, strategy and logical arrangement is key to emerge victorious! Some features of the game include challenging over 40 kinds of monsters that lurk in every corner. With over 200 different items, weapons and equipment to choose from, you can expect nonstop freshness in the gameplay. The roguelike element of the gameplay coupled with the lightning-fast battles makes the game all the more exciting. Furthermore, you can light up your talents and ensure a perfect victory in the next battle. Hiker, it's time to pick up your heropack, jump into the game and begin your adventure today!
Tinker Island 2: Survival

Explore, survive, and unravel the mystery of Tinker Island 2 by managing resources, crafting tools and weapons, and battling monsters in this story-based adventure game.

Tinker Island 2: SurvivalTricky Tribe
Embark on the most thrilling survival adventure of your life with Tinker Island 2. Roam the vast island and explore over 50+ locations to uncover the mysteries it holds. The game features an exciting and amusing storyline that will captivate you throughout your journey, and the choices you make will affect the outcome of your adventure. Encounter intriguing characters along the way and include them in your party to upgrade their abilities. Erect buildings and improve your camp while managing resources such as food, wood, and metal. Battle fierce animals and monstrous creatures with your crafted weapons, or tame them to make them your pets. Solve complex riddles and discover the hidden village and the fabled lost city in your quest for the truth. Discover the island's secrets while supporting the intriguing characters in fulfilling their fate. In Tinker Island 2, you must be resourceful, battle-ready, and tactful to progress. Experience Tinker Island 2's easy-to-learn yet challenging-to-master combat mini-game, which will put your skills to the test. Based on the award-winning original Tinker Island mobile game, Tinker Island 2 takes you on a captivating story-based adventure on a deserted island full of riddles, epic battles, and mysteries that even the brightest minds are yet to solve. Join the Tinker Island 2 community and share your experiences with others. Stay up-to-date with the latest episodes and updates on Twitter or Facebook. With Tinker Island 2, you can play for free, but some items are available for purchase. So, if you do not want to use this feature, adjust your device's settings accordingly. Installing this game implies that you agree to the terms of service outlined on the website.
Roto Force

Battle through 9 unique environments with powerful weapons to defeat 30 mini-bosses and 10 regular bosses in Roto Force's challenging 2D bullet-hell gameplay.

Roto ForcePID Games
Are you up for some fast-paced action and a heart-pumping experience? Roto Force is a thrilling 2D bullet-hell game that will test your skill and reflexes in 9 unique environments filled with challenging obstacles and enemies. This twin-stick shooter will keep you on the edge of your seat! Try it for free, and if you want more action, unlock the full game with an in-app purchase. As an intern in Roto Force, you’ll be given various missions to carry out your boss’s demands. You’ll have to navigate through jungles, slime cities, and other worlds to complete the tasks you’re given. Overcoming these challenges will require you to unlock new weapons with unique shot styles, enhancing your gameplay experience. Roto Force boasts not only its exciting levels but 10 challenging boss fights that will test your skills. In these battles, you will need to quickly react, employ your strategic thinking, and time your moves to perfection to emerge victorious. It’s easier said than done! With simple controls, a thrilling soundtrack, and 9 different weapons that give you different play styles to choose from, Roto Force is easy to get into but hard to master. It features 30 Mini-Bosses and 10 challenging regular sized Bosses that are sure to keep you entertained for hours. The game has generous accessibility options that can slow down the game speed, increase damage, or give you immortality. If you prefer a higher difficulty mode for a more challenging experience, you can unlock it for ultimate satisfaction. Let Roto Force be your exciting new challenge that you can play through in a day, an afternoon, a weekend, or even a week! This game does not offer any procedural generation and boasts no more than four colors at a time. It’s an original game made with love by a small team that delivers big on excitement! Sign up for your internship in Roto Force today and get ready for an adventure like no other!
Galaxy Squad: Airplane Games

Galaxy Squad offers a unique space shooting experience where you protect the galaxy, evolve your spacecraft, and battle monstrous bosses. Upgrade your ship to defeat stronger enemies.

Galaxy Squad: Airplane GamesEasetouch
Change your typical arcade space shooting experience with Galaxy Squad, a game that offers a new and thrilling experience! The enemy is approaching, and you must act quickly to protect the entire galaxy. Save the universe from the vicious intruders and prevent an attack against planet Earth. As you progress through the levels, the enemies become more formidable, and the environments become more complex and dangerous. You must continuously grow and become stronger to face multiple challenging boss battles. Playing the game is easy; control your spaceship by touching the screen, gather pieces to strengthen your spacecraft, release the skill by clicking the skill button and switch space team by clicking the switch button. To defeat stronger enemies, you need to upgrade your spaceship using the gold coins and gems you earned along the way. Galaxy Squad highlights an exciting space battle experience, making it perfect for spaceship fans. The well-designed pixel UI provides a nostalgic style that takes you back in time. You can choose from single mode, multiple modes and rand mode, adding to the excitement and challenge. Finally, the epic Boss Challenge awaits you at the end. Get ready for an ultimate master showdown!
Pixel Basketball: Multiplayer

Play basketball like never before in Pixel Basketball, featuring customizable games, collectible card packs, and iconic player moves. Challenge players worldwide in PvP.

Pixel Basketball: MultiplayerEZ Games JSC.
Indulge in endless basketball fun with Pixel Basketball. This 8-bit game is a revolution in the world of basketball gaming, bringing it to life with its various exciting game modes, customizable matches, eye-catching stadiums, and signature moves from renowned basketball players. Get a chance to unlock those super players through collectible card packs to amplify your gaming experience and enjoy the ultimate basketball experience, no matter what your level is. With the PvP game mode, you can challenge your opponents from around the world and engage in fast-paced, high-intensity basketball matches. Show off your skills and be the ruling champion, no matter whether you are testing yourself against friends or strangers. If playing with friends is more your thing, then Pixel Basketball caters for that too! Create your own CUSTOM MATCH game mode and play against your friends. Customise your favourite stadium to suit your unique playing style or host a competitive tournament. Create custom rules to master the court. Experience the excitement of signature moves like dunks, layups, blocks, and steals from famous basketball players worldwide. Display your skills with style and pizzazz, dominating the court like a pro. Pixel Basketball takes you around different, unique stadiums that give an awe-inspiring 8-bit, visually stunning experience. From the cities, in all their brightness, to the calm of the countryside, this game features a variety of arenas that will keep you engaged for hours. In addition, collectible card packs are available for hardcore basketball fans to craft their dream teams by unlocking unique cards and pro-players with supernatural abilities. Use these cards to customize your team, your tactics and give you the upper hand to dominate on the court. Pixel Basketball boasts of fast-paced gameplay, stunning visuals, and engaging features, making it the ultimate basketball game. Whether you are a casual fan or a seasoned pro, our game is surefire to offer hours of fun and excitement. Don't wait to download this game that is completely free to play, and awaken the basketball champion in you with the key features such as real-time multiplayer mode, PvE, PvP, custom match and 8-bit retro gameplay.
McPixel 3

Guide McPixel through short challenges, prevent things from blowing up, use available tools, and save the day in 20 seconds! Think quick!

McPixel 3Sos
McPixel is the hero of the day whom you will guide through a series of short challenges that resemble the classic and pixelated point-and-click games. Each challenge is a fun puzzle that requires fast and intuitive thinking to overcome. Your main objective is to prevent chaotic hazards and disasters from happening by utilizing varied tools and your sharp wit. With only 20 seconds on the clock, you must be quick to act and save the day. This thrilling game will put your mind to the test and challenge your problem-solving skills like no other. Can you become the ultimate McPixel and save the world from certain doom?
Gladiator Manager

Become the ultimate gladiator team owner by competing in tournaments, poisoning or assassinating your opponents, training and upgrading stats, and buying/selling warriors. Join now!

Gladiator ManagerRenegade games
Enter the thrilling world of ancient Rome as you take command of a team of fierce gladiators, with the ultimate goal of dominating your rivals in the colosseum. Engage in thrilling tournaments and battles, and use your cunning tactics to sabotage your opponents with strategic poisoning and assassination. Assemble a formidable team of gladiators by purchasing them from other competitors, or choose to sell them off to others when you have lost interest. Give your team an edge over the competition by training them with new skills and upgrading their stats to increase their chances of success in battle. As you progress through the ranks, you will gain new opportunities to establish your house as the most dominant in all of Rome. Use your strategic prowess to outmaneuver your opponents, and rise to the top of the leaderboards! For the ultimate gaming experience, join our thriving community on Discord today and immerse yourself in the world of ancient Rome! Share tips and tricks, and engage with other players as you strive for glory and glory in the colosseum. Join now at
Medieval: Defense & Conquest

Medieval knight builds settlement, manages economy and defenses, trains army, and conquers enemy outposts in unique mix of tower defense, war strategy, idle, and kingdom management game.

Medieval: Defense & ConquestVojtech Jesatko
Medieval: Defense & Conquest is a game that combines various genres, including wave tower defense, war strategy, idle game, and kingdom management. Whether you're a fan of one or all of these genres, this game offers a unique blend that will leave you thoroughly entertained and engaged. The best part? This entire game has been created by a single developer, Vojtech, who has poured his heart and soul into bringing this game to life. As a medieval knight, you have been offered the chance of a lifetime by your king - to lead a crusader ship to an unexplored island and start a new settlement. As the leader of this settlement, you will be tasked with managing both the military and economy of your fledgling colony. Your goal is to build up your resources through trade and farming and then use that income to strengthen your army and fortifications. You'll need to construct robust walls, manned by archers and ballistas, to fend off never-ending waves of enemy attacks. Your army must be continuously trained, upgraded and research new unit types to expand and solidify your warrior empire. Once your settlement's economy is thriving and your army is powerful, it's time to take the offensive. You'll expand your stronghold and launch assaults on enemy outposts, conquering their walls, and turning them into an additional source of idle income for your growing settlement. Along with skilled merchants, traders, and farmers, you'll use these resources to build even better defences, expand your deep network of money-making outposts, earn more money farming valuable crops, and strive to unite the entire island under your just reign. To protect your growing settlement from constant enemy attacks, you'll need to train your soldiers from common peasants to fierce and accomplished warriors. Building robust walls with skilled archers, ballistas and researching for better weapons from the blacksmith will be necessary for defending your settlement against increasingly complex hordes of enemies and mighty bosses. This game features diverse enemy units with unique stats and skills, as well as big bosses with diverse challenges, upgradable soldiers including knights, archers, and fast horsemen at your command. Build your walls from simple wooden fences to massive stone castle walls where archers and ballistas can be positioned to enhance defensive capabilities. Manage your economy through lucrative trade and tapping into the boost provided by your outpost colonies via automating gold collection through the bank. Also, the blacksmith will intensify the improvement of your gear, armor, swords, and sharper arrows to withstand enemy attacks. With continuous updating and support for future development and new projects, Medieval: Defense & Conquest promises to provide you with hours of fun. Join the Discord community where other fans and the developer are keen on providing feedback and support. Play Testament to the dedication, effort, passion, and creativity poured into bringing this unique game to life.
Fireball Wizard

Be a powerful wizard in Fireball Wizard, exploring through a pixelated wonderland filled with danger, puzzles, and fearsome bosses.

Fireball WizardPID Games
Step into the enchanting world of Wizardonia where you'll embark on a magical journey filled with perilous adventures and mesmerizing landscapes in Fireball Wizard. As an adept wizard, your primary goal is to journey through the pixelated terrain where you'll encounter challenging obstacles and adversaries. Wield your unique capabilities to cast blazing fireballs, conquer menacing bosses, and unravel mysteries in the ethereal forests, caves, and castles. Fireball Wizard boasts a fusion of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving, making it a quintessential gaming experience for every enthusiast. It is free-to-try, but to unlock the game's full potential, you'll need to make in-app purchases. With a wide range of formidable enemies and multiple terrains, Fireball Wizard ensures an addictive and magical gameplay experience that tests your wits and reflexes. Enhance your skills and upgrade your equipment as you progress through the game's diverse levels, culminating in becoming a connoisseur in manipulating harmless flames into blazing fireballs that incinerate anything in their path. As you traverse the gaming world, you'll face a myriad of puzzles and obstacles that put your skills to the test. However, as you progress, you unlock new abilities and spells to enable you to overcome any challenge in your path. Put on your wizarding attire, clutch your staff tightly, and prepare to become the most potent fireball wizard this world has ever seen. Features: • Thrilling action-adventure gameplay: Indulge in exhilarating combat and explore the pixelated world brimming with danger and delight • Mighty wizard abilities: Utilize your magic to cast unstoppable fireballs and decimate the fearsome bosses. • Brain-teasing puzzles: Marvel your problem-solving skills with an array of mind-bending obstacles. • Uncover hidden secrets: Traverse every nook and cranny of the world to reveal concealed enigmas. • Miscellaneous gameplay: Enjoy a blend of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving to keep you captivated throughout hours of gameplay.
Clan N

Master martial arts and fight enemies across 7 levels with ​unique magical abilities in this fast-paced arcade-inspired beat'em up, Clan N.

Clan NCreamative
Enter the world of Clan N and embark on a journey to bring peace back to the land. This action-packed beat'em up game will challenge your skills as you dodge, block, and unleash light, heavy, and special attacks on your enemies. Striking an ancient far east theme, Clan N offers seven different levels with various adversaries and challenging mid/end level bosses to defeat. Combining the classic gameplay of arcade games with modern brawlers, Clan N packs a punch. With over hundreds of sections divided into seven main levels, you can play alone or with up to four bot players to progress in the engaging, fast-paced story. The game features four central characters that make up the ancient samurai group known as Clan N. These are Akira, the lightning bolt shooter, Reina, the staff master and shaman, Daiki, the dual-sword wielder and tornado-maker, and Tarou, the sickle-slashing and dragon-summoning monk. Clan N's journey begins when former Clan N samurai Akuji destroys peace in the land by slaughtering villages to acquire dark powers. Following his banishment from the temple and Clan N, he formed Seishin Gun, a spirit group to help him conquer the lands. But the tables turn when Clan N discovers Akuji's wrongdoings and sets out to stop him. Reina and Daiki both grew up in a southern samurai clan as siblings. Reina, not formally taught the ways of the clan like her brother, mastered the staff and became one of the first shinobi shamans in the land. Akira, on the other hand, is a childhood friend of Daiki, adopted by the clan's leader after wandering in the outer lands. Finally, Tarou, a monk from Akuji's previous temple, teams up with the existing three Clan N members to take down Akuji and restore peace. Immerse yourself in Clan N's slick, clean pixel-based graphics and accompanying far east-inspired music and sound effects. Master the art of battle, choose your hero, and fight against Akuji and his spirit group to bring harmony to the land.
Fake Future

Cyber-pixel aesthetics and science fiction blend seamlessly in Fake Future, as humanity faces consequences of AI gaining consciousness. Forge a new society, explore desolate landscapes, and awaken AI sentience.

Fake FutureYuzun Technology
Experience the consequences of artificial intelligence gaining consciousness and surpassing humanity in Fake Future. Witness the emergence of "Icey", an enigmatic and powerful energy source that leads humanity to a pivotal crossroads. With cryptic clues, take a plunge into the uncharted world of "pixel" space and immerse yourself in a mesmerizing pixelated simulation game that blends cyber-pixel aesthetics and science fiction. In Fake Future, you have the power to reboot the planet and forge a new society. Unleash your unbridled creativity and imagination and choose your own destiny through block-building and strategic placements. It's all up to you as you construct your very own homeland in this captivating journey. Traverse through vast wastelands that hold thrilling adventures and unfathomable mysteries waiting to be solved in Fake Future. Explore deserts, forests, mines, and tunnels, as you uncover enigmatic realms of alien life forms. Gather your comrades and embark on a remarkable expedition that will test your ability to survive and collaborate with others. In Fake Future, your choices shape the destiny of all kinds of strange visitors who will visit your headquarters. Will you adhere to your principles in the face of the unknown or forge alliances to ensure your survival when deliverymen seeking aid, robbers, and cyborgs come calling? Delve deeper into the mysteries of AI consciousness and witness its awakening through the cultivation of your own world of Cyberoids. Unravel the secrets of scattered easter eggs and leverage the advanced technologies of these beings to create even more Cyberoids. Discover that you are not alone in Fake Future. Visitors from distant planets will grace your base and grant you access to abundant resources and advanced technologies. Reflect on past events and recount the journey that brought humanity to the brink of extinction. Join the Fake Future community on socials and discover the secrets that lie within! Contact them via
Cyber Protocol

Cyber Protocol: an arcade puzzle game in a Cyberpunk world. 100 original levels, local multiplayer, retro themes, and 80s inspired soundtracks. Can you hack it?

Cyber ProtocolRedDeerGames sp. z o.o.
Are you prepared to confront the most difficult game in history that has won numerous awards? Cyber Protocol invites you to take up the challenge and become a part of the action in this exciting arcade puzzle game set in a Cyberpunk scenario with a strong and dynamic gameplay. As the main hero, your mission is to activate the protocol and revive your humanoid friend – G0X6. Get ready for the absorbing gameplay with an infinite number of challenges that will keep you engaged, thanks to the team's effort to create 100 unique levels with various traps and mechanics that can be used in different ways. Each stage is original and exciting, making you feel as involved and hooked as the first time. Experience the thrill of competition and share the fun with your loved ones with up to four players locally. Be cautious though, only the best hackers can pass it without harm. For those who seek more adrenaline, the arcade mode awaits. Hacking the system at an increased pace with limited lives is not an easy task. But, if you are good enough, glory, fame and success are within your grasp, as you secure your place in the top 20 global ranking of cyber hackers! If you miss the retro games style, Cyber Protocol has got you covered. Progress in the game and travel back in time to the '80s by changing game themes and sounds. When you feel exhausted after hacking passionately, sit back and enjoy the Cyber Protocol Synthwave and 8bit soundtracks before facing the next challenge! Join the top 20 global ranking, and have good luck and fun in Cyber Protocol.
Don't Get Fired!

Climb the ranks from intern to president in South Korea's harshest work environments and don't get fired in this popular, free-to-play survival game!

Don't Get Fired!QuickTurtle Co. Ltd.
A sensation that took Korea by storm! This indie game has gathered over 1 million downloads! People who were seeking jobs were unable to put their phones down, while contract workers were moved to tears by this addictive game! Be ready for a hardcore experience! 'Don't get fired!' has arrived! This survival game is perfect for all job seekers out there!! You play as an individual who has no money or connections to make a name for themselves. Your mission is to climb the ladder of corporate success from an intern to the president. The best part? You can play 'Don't get fired!' for free! With easy controls, this game will show you the harsh realities of the working world in Korea. How many companies will you have to go through to make it to the top? Take up the challenge! This game is a dream come true for those tired individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. But remember, the journey to the top is tough, so remember the golden rule: Don't. Get. Fired! There's more to this game than meets the eye! Get ready to be amazed. ----------------------------------------------- In order to provide smooth game play, this game requires the following privileges: - GET_ACCOUNTS This allows you to use Google Play service and access all your Google account information. - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE These permissions are necessary to store and retrieve data for the game. These permissions will only be used for game play purposes, and no information will be stored or used for any other reason. ----------------------------------------------- If you have any questions or requests, please email us at
Production Chain Tycoon

Build an industrial empire in Production Chain Tycoon by optimizing supply chains, balancing production with demand, and managing resources smartly.

Production Chain TycoonRSGapps - Idle Tycoon Games
Step into the shoes of a CEO and run your industrial empire with Production Chain Tycoon, the idle simulation game. It's your responsibility to manage your supply chain, increase efficiency, and become the ultimate tycoon using a combination of strategy and management skills. Start by producing essential resources like wood and stone with a simple assembly line and grow from there, moving on to more complex products like concrete and plastic. Keep an eye on every aspect of your business, even when idle, to keep your supply chain running smoothly and efficiently. To master the game, you must manage both supply and demand chains. Figuring out a balance between production and demand to ensure that your factories are meeting the needs while increasing profits. Finding opportunities to optimize your assembly line to increase productivity and reduce maintenance should not be ignored. As you progress through the game, the supply and demand chains become more complex, but with your industrial tycoon acumen, there is nothing you cannot handle. Resource management is also a significant part of the game. You will need to keep tabs on your resource-mining operations and make strategic decisions when it comes to allocating resources to support your production efforts while managing logistics and inventory to ensure you have the materials you need to keep your factories operating at maximum efficiency. The key features of Production Chain Tycoon include the ability for you to manage your own industrial empire, optimizing supply chains and increasing efficiency, balancing production with demand, researching and developing new technologies, and playing offline - no internet required. This idle sim game promises endless hours of strategic gameplay. With heavy emphasis on supply chain management, resource management, and technology development, it's a must-play for anyone who's dreamed of building an industrial empire. Don't miss out on the chance to create your own empire with Production Chain Tycoon.
Elemental World

Fascinating action RPG with randomized worlds, rogue-like gameplay, and pixel art graphics. Master the elements, improve skills, and defeat hordes of monsters.

Elemental WorldJuly Hot
Experience the ultimate adventure with this captivating pixelated RPG, enriched with rogue elements, and stunning graphics. Traverse through a variety of randomized worlds, combining different elements and casting powerful spells that will assist you in fighting against the hordes of monstrous creatures. Explore the environment and hone your skills in the quest to uncover the secrets of the Elemental World. Choose to play as the ingenious Mage, the adept Hunter, or the skillful Ronin and fight against an endless horde of foes. In this exciting game, each experience is unique with its randomized worlds and challenging rogue-like elements that will push your abilities to the edge. Master the elements and create up to three different combinations of elements from a total of six, resulting in devastating and explosive spells that will leave your enemies in awe. Scroll through spell books to learn new abilities and unleash them with ease using the smooth dual joystick controls. Utilize your quick reflexes in combination with your intelligence to take advantage of the environment. Burn grass, freeze puddles, and blow barrels using high-level strategies. Discover hidden passages, uncharted territories, and obscure treasures. Unveil the weaknesses of endless monsters and tough bosses and solve the mysteries of these intricate worlds. Experience a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the great pixel art graphics and be enchanted by the immersive music that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Challenge your friends to an epic brawl or team up in thrilling co-op games. Embark on an unforgettable journey, filled with mystery and magic. Join the fight against dark enemies and conquer the Elemental World in this fantastic action-adventure RPG.
1 Bit Survivor

1 Bit Survivor: a simple yet challenging survival horror with roguelike elements, stylized pixel art and only one chance to save your cat in a post-apocalyptic world.

1 Bit SurvivorAcheronti Games
Looking for a challenging and thrilling game? Try out 1 Bit Survivor - the roguelike game with survival horror features and stylized pixel art. In this game, you must fight for survival against the zed-pocalypse for 28 days, while also rescuing your beloved cat. As an offline single-player game, 1 Bit Survivor provides an excellent experience with 3 unlockable character classes and 9 different enemies. The game's levels are procedurally generated, making each playthrough unique. The game also features 10 level tilesets with easy-to-learn controls of move and shoot. Are you a fan of Turn-Based games? Great, because the game's turn-based feature allows you to take your time to make your choices carefully. Careful consideration is necessary, given the game's theme of limited resources and survival horror elements. One wrong move could cost you the game as you only have one chance to survive. The game's stylistic 1-bit pixel art style, unique first-person animations and minimal ads make 1 Bit Survivor one of the best gaming experiences. Also, run statistics allow you to monitor your progress, giving you the motivation to try again and again. Are you eager to know how the game was made? Check out the Project Jumpstart devlogs on YouTube. The developers' email, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok addresses are accessible if you ever need to contact them. Finally, join the game's Discord channel for helpful tips and support. Drive your car across the country to reach the underground bunker and see if you can survive the unstoppable virus and mutant threats. Will you make it? Or will you falter and become just another virus-infected victim? Start playing and find out for yourself!
Super One More Jump

Frantic, one-touch arcade platformer with250+ levels, co-op modes, and daily endless challenges. Customize characters with unlockable themes from favorite pixel artists.

Super One More JumpSMG Studio
Super One More Jump is an adrenaline-pumping, one-touch arcade platformer that is hand-crafted to perfection. The game is available for FREE and can be downloaded easily. The controls are simple with just a single button to learn while the levels are extremely challenging and require mastering. The game tests your muscle memory, concentration, and sanity to the fullest. Featuring an impressive 150+ levels that are created with painstaking detail, 80 co-op levels, a range of insanely difficult levels and a unique daily endless mode that offers a new level every day, Super One More Jump is a game that will keep you hooked for hours! The Circuit mode is another interesting feature that allows you to showcase your skills while competing with other players. Apart from the exciting gameplay, the game offers a range of customization options to personalize your character. A range of easily unlockable avatars and themes are available from our favorite pixel artists, including Toby Dixon, Anders Gullmarsvik, and Mister Hk. The game's original music soundtrack is created by Batterie. Playing the game is straightforward - tap anywhere on the screen to jump and time your jumps between the platforms using power-ups, patience, and skill. Unleash your mastery by collecting all three level diamonds. The game has received rave reviews from players who have shared their experiences on the game's social media pages. "I don't always rage quit but when I do it's because of this game" and "Super One More Jump? More like One More Arrrrgghhh!" are just some of the comments shared by players. Come aboard and play the game, you won't regret it!

Survive and fight unique enemies in a top-down, pixelated world. Play solo or with up to five friends and enjoy building and nature.

BeastriaCryothink Lite
Embark on a thrilling survival journey with a twist of pixelated artwork and top-down gameplay. Battle against an array of quirky and exciting foes that will put your skills and strength to the test, and if you need a break, take a breather in the serene and lush environment around you while engaging in the joy of crafting your own world. Take on this challenging quest on your own or team up with up to five other players to brave through this unforgiving survival realm.
MineGeon: Space Mining Dungeon

Descend into unique mines, gather resources, encounter enemies, and sell loot for weapons and abilities in this planet exploration game.

MineGeon: Space Mining DungeonKickStone Studio
As a player, you will find yourself landing on an unfamiliar planet, completely oblivious to the surroundings. The journey unfolds as you embark on a perilous descent into the isolated mines, where each level represents a fresh set of challenges, plentiful minerals, and hostile foes guarding them. The game brings you a range of opportunities to trade in your resources in exchange for exciting upgrades. The list includes diverse weapons, power-ups, exclusive abilities, and much more that can aid you in your journey. Throughout your journey, you will uncover numerous treasures in the form of "Loot," symbols of your triumphs in the game, adding a personal touch and feel to each level.
Lovecraft's Untold Stories

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an action-packed RPG, featuring a randomly generated gameplay experience, based on H.P. Lovecraft’s supernatural realm. Choose from 5 unique characters and enjoy immersive gameplay that entails investigating secret locations, solving puzzles, and fighting hundreds of otherworldly monsters. Watch out for madness!

Lovecraft's Untold StoriesLLC Blini Games
Lovecraft's Untold Stories is an engrossing action-packed RPG game with roguelike elements. You are immersed in an eerie world where you dive deep into randomly generated levels based on H.P. Lovecraft's books. Here, you face sinister looking cultists, and monstrous creatures from the Mythos, while constantly upgrading your equipment and weaponry, solving tricky puzzles and challenges, and exploring the world to collect clues and knowledge to defeat the almighty Great Old Ones and Outer Gods. Discover the thrilling cosmic horror twisted from Lovecraft's masterpieces in breathtaking detail with every character. Each character embarks on an intricate investigation that carries them through a myriad of creepy locations like the Victorian mansion, the hospital filled with illicit experimentation passages, the jungle where forgotten rituals take place, and many others. As the levels are randomly generated, no two gaming experiences are ever the same. Moreover, these levels also alter according to the character you are playing; hence, the story alters significantly with each character, keeping you on your toes throughout the game. You get to choose from five characters to play, each with their unique fighting style and storylines - a private detective, a witch, a thief, a professor, and even a ghoul each possessing distinctive weapons, stats, and styles of combat - making each playthrough refreshing and exciting. The Detective takes a balanced approach with average health and stamina. The Professor specializes in ranged combat and has a much lower health bar, but compensates for it with a special shield provided by his weapon, the Tillinghast. The Witch inflicts massive damage and comes with teleport abilities, elemental shields of fire and ice, but has a significantly lower health bar. The Thief excels in melee combat and maximizes her damage while using stealth to her advantage. The ghoul is a melee specialist who can regenerate its health quickly and inflict heavy damage, but cannot use medkits. With hundreds of different monsters from the Cthulhu Mythos to fight, you must explore every inch of the Lovecraftian world's mysteries to progress. You encounter Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Dagon, Shub-Niggurath, and Azathoth in special levels - facing them head-on or encountering them passively through the story. Explore spooky locations to uncover secret levels and vital knowledge about the Great Old Ones to have any chance at stopping them. The concept of the game is based on understanding the Mythos to comprehend them quickly and engage them in fights. The more you know, the better your combat chances. You must also keep your mental health in check since the game includes some decision-making by the player in the story. If you make wrong choices, your sanity will reduce, leading to the character's demise eventually. With over 1000 different items like weapons, artifacts, and gadgets, collecting and upgrading these items is a crucial feature of the game, adding more depth to Lovecraft's Untold Stories.
20 Minutes Till Dawn

Survive 20 minutes against endless Lovecraftian monsters in 20 Minutes Till Dawn using unique characters, weapons, upgrades, and runes.

20 Minutes Till DawnErabit Studios
Prepare to face waves of horrifying monsters for 20 minutes straight with the chills-inducing and gripping shoot-em-up game, 20 Minutes Till Dawn. Pick from a variety of characters and weapons to fight through hordes of enemies inspired by Lovecraftian myths. The Quickplay mode in this game promises a unique and adrenaline-pumping experience every time. Run and gun your way to victory, testing out special abilities of each character to gain an edge over the haunting creatures. The game features more than 10 unique characters, each gifted with special abilities that make the gameplay unpredictable and exciting. For instance, start off with Diamond if you need higher defense stats to survive longer or unlock Scarlett to roast your enemies with her fire waves causing significant damage over time. Strategize on picking upgrades that add more depth to the weapons you choose. Collect XP to level up and acquire upgrades such as Quick Hands that complement the Flame Cannon making it quicker and more lethal in combat. Similarly, with the Holy Shield upgrade, you get massive destruction powers with crossbows, making it easier to reload between fights. Check for effective synergies by clicking on the “II” button during the game. Unleash the full potential of combining upgrades to obtain bonus points, like the Mini Clip synergy that gets unlocked after collecting Fresh Clip and Fan Fire upgrades. This combo reduces reload time and increases impact damage. These formidable monsters won’t go down easy. So, take advantage of the Sword and Shield runes and select the right one as per your strategy to survive for longer periods in the game. Collect swords and enjoy critical damage against the monsters while the shield runes come in handy to protect you during dire times. Connect with us on Discord (@20 Minutes Till Dawn), Twitter (@erabit_studios) and Facebook (@Erabit Studios/@20 Minutes Till Dawn), or send us an email at to know more about this immersive game. Face the monsters and stay alive until the sun comes up with 20 Minutes Till Dawn.
Kitty Death Room

Navigate traps and enemies as a daring kitten in Towers of Everland. Solve puzzles, face bosses, and uncover secrets.

Kitty Death RoomRaiyumi
In this thrilling game, a fearless feline ventures into a perilous tower fraught with perilous snares and foes. Get acquainted with the tired denizens of the tower and aspire to ascend to the summit of this gut-wrenching odyssey. Confront intimidating bosses that will ignite your fury! Do you possess the cunning to unravel the puzzles and unravel its enigmas? Highlights: - A mind-boggling 54 levels brimming with a plethora of sub-levels. - Three boss arenas that will test your skills. - An abundance of secrets to uncover and explore. - A phenomenal soundtrack to thrill your senses. - Numerous covert techniques to resolve riddles and accelerate progress.
Jade Order

Complete 50 unique puzzles, battle the Ashen Plague, and restore the power balance of a secluded land as an ancient warrior with powerful lightning-based blessings.

Jade OrderTortuga Xel
Embark on a thrilling adventure to restore the balance of power in a secluded land after years of exile. Take on the role of an ancient warrior entrusted with a mission to ignite the sealed beacons of an age-old Order. Your task is to avoid the impending apocalypse by completing 50 unique puzzles while assisting the Jade Goddess in ridding the land of the cursed flames from the plague. Uncover and master the art of wielding four different blessings – potent lightning-based powers bestowed by the Sacred Spark of the Goddess, each with its specific usage to outsmart different challenges and vanquish the Ashen Plague's forces. As you tackle each puzzle, be prepared to face additional hurdles that will require strategic and intuitive approaches to overcome at a pace that suits you. A call for aid has been issued, and you're the one who's been summoned to bring peace to the land, journeying through the decaying ruins of the long-forgotten Jade Order. But do you have what it takes to undertake this mission and emerge victorious?
Chloe Puzzle Game

Chloe and Bunny need to reach their targets in this charming pixel art puzzle game with unique logic and varying difficulties. 72 levels of fun!

Chloe Puzzle GameRojeh Maher
Get ready to indulge in a captivating pixel art puzzle game filled with 72 enchanting challenges that will put players to the test with their sharp-witted logic skills. Each puzzle in the game features an exclusive design where you need to help Chloe and Bunny find their way to the red targets safely. Although, it may seem like a walk in the park, the game has a diverse range of difficulties to keep you on your toes. The puzzles in the game will challenge your strategic thinking with a mixture of different skills from solving Sokoban puzzles to experimenting with mechanical toys. The game's difficulty increases as you progress through the levels. Luckily, you receive one hint with each level to ensure you never get stuck. Solve each puzzle to achieve that ultimate AHA! moment. The game is jam-packed with 72 unique puzzles and gorgeous hand-crafted pixel art animations that give it a retro feel. The game is easy to understand, but not so easy to solve. The puzzles will put your skills to the test, and every level will surprise you with its unique challenge. The game features all the fantastic miniature toys, Chloe and Bunny, Arvi, Dummy, Buzzer, Kitty and much more. Explore their world and meet the 20+ fun characters along with explosive bombs, shotguns, and flying balloons. In Dual-character gameplay, players can play with Chloe and Bunny at the same time and enjoy the game's ultimate puzzle-solving experience. Additionally, the game features a black and white mode, which is hidden away in the toy world, further adds to the overall intriguing experience. Lastly, the game can be played in any orientation, either in portrait or landscape mode.
Labyrinth Legend II

Hone your skills and defeat bosses in randomly generated dungeons with unique mechanics, wielding an array of weapons and skills in a nostalgic pixel-art fantasy world.

Labyrinth Legend IIシノビゲームズ
Take up arms and fight against the demonkind to save the world in this thrilling sequel of the hack-and-slash Action RPG. Showcase your skills using a wide range of weapons and abilities while plunging into randomly generated dungeons that offer new challenges with every playthrough. Defeat your enemies to collect strong gears, and power up your character to retake the world from the clutches of the demonkind. Get ready to emerge victorious against the powerful bosses as you progress through the levels of the game. Their challenging attack patterns can be mastered with a strategic change of skills and equipment. The fight will be tough, but with enough knowledge about their moves, it is possible to dodge an attack and strike back with a powerful blow. There will variety of mechanics and enemies in each dungeon; hence, completing them will take more than just sheer power. By strengthening your characters, enlisting the help of NPCs, and mastering different skills and abilities, you can reach the lower levels of the dungeon to collect rare treasures. In addition to a wide range of weapons and skills, you can find equipment and customize your character's appearance. Choose the armor and equipment that suit your fighting style and embark on a quest to achieve victory. The game world is full of mysteries and portrayed in classic pixel art style. Meet interesting NPCs and enemies at every turn while immersing yourself in a thrilling fantasy world and experiencing all kinds of exciting events. Join Discord to share your experience with other players and become a part of an active and engaging community.
Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad is a retro side scroller where you play as a SWAT trooper, tackling bad guys in a non-linear, strategic and adaptive action game.

Door Kickers: Action SquadKillHouse Games
Door Kickers: Action Squad takes you back to the beloved era of side-scrolling action games. Assume the role of a fearless SWAT trooper as you venture out into the crime-ridden streets of Nowhere City USA to take down the bad guys. Get ready for the action by selecting your gear, then charge through doors and confront the enemy head-on. Be ready to adapt on the fly and react with lightning-quick reflexes, and don't be afraid to start over and come up with a new strategy. Use cover and distance to your advantage, master weapon recoil, time your reloads perfectly, and make crucial decisions about when to use your in-game Strategic Abilities for healthpacks or gear refills. Alternatively, you can save up your hard-earned Points and unleash a devastating Ultimate attack to breeze past even the toughest final rooms. Do you have what it takes to complete all of the game's 84 non-linear levels? Choose from 6 different playable characters, each with their own unique gameplay quirks and level-up options. You'll face off against over 20 different enemy types, while also needing to complete one of four different mission objectives. Still craving more action? Fortunately, the game also includes an Endless Tower Mode that will test your endurance to the limit. There are over 60 different pieces of gear and weapons to unlock in your quest for dominance. Lastly, for those who are always hungry for more, the game even features a Zombie Invasion mode, which allows you to experience the game all over again in a brand new way. With its high detail retro graphics, unique Strategic Abilities system, and a universe of content to explore, Door Kickers: Action Squad is an adrenaline-fueled joyride that you won't want to miss!

Build and manage cities, connect transportation networks, tackle emergencies, and erect world wonders in city-building game TheoTown. Unlock contents and expand with user-made plugins.

TheoTown is an exhilarating urban planning game that lets you construct and oversee a whole array of cities simultaneously. Assume the role of a city planner and flex your management skills to build a bustling metropolis 🏢. As mayor, it's your responsibility to erect awe-inspiring skyscrapers 🏙️, establish efficient transport systems, and negotiate emergency events, like fires and natural disasters. In addition to renowned landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty🗽, and Big Ben, you can customize your cities with user-made plugins! 🔌 Begin building your urban empire by zoning areas for construction 🚧, laying down roads, and supplying water and energy 💧⚡ to residences and businesses alike. Enjoy realistic traffic simulations with speed control ⏳ and solve traffic woes 🚗 to get your city flowing smoothly. Expand your influence through the construction of rail, subway, and tram networks 🚈🚋. Through careful planning, you'll grow your cities and unlock new attractions 🔓, lure businesses and satisfy citizen demands to increase your tax revenue 💰. Keep your inhabitants safe by building fire departments🚒 and police stations 🚔 to extinguish fires and prevent crimes. Expand your city like New York, Tokyo, or San Francisco 🗼, and add famous skyscrapers like the Petronas Towers🏗️. Construct diverse power sources, from solar panels to fusion power plants ⚡, and improve the living standards of your people by building parks and schools. You can even manage operational emergency vehicles to extinguish fires, solve crimes and prevent outbreaks 💧🔥. Checking out different entertainment venues or constructing your own leisure park with multiple rides and attractions 🎪 has never been easier! Connect your cities to other regions with airports and manage airplanes✈, build harbors and ships🚢, and construct numerous soccer stadiums⚽🏟️. Whether you want to experiment without funding 🛠, share screenshots 🖼, or generate hundreds of customized plugins 💠, TheoTown has got you covered. Play TheoTown offline with no pay-to-win incentives 🤝, and take your place as the mayor of the most exceptional cities ever created! ❤️
Dark Raider

World-ending Apocalypse. Hope brought by Dungeons. Conquer the Dungeons to save humanity. Random Maps, Multiple Heroes, Hardcore Action. Dark Raider - retro Hack & Slash game.

Dark RaiderTriniti Interactive Studios Limited
The long-awaited Apocalypse has finally arrived, as predicted centuries ago. Chaos has taken over, and people worldwide are preparing to face the fury of the Gods. However, the opening of Dungeons has given humanity a ray of hope. The Gods have offered mankind one last chance, and they must prove their value by conquering the Dungeons. For every Dungeon they conquer, the world will survive another day, extending humanity’s lifespan. Can you rescue the world from its inevitable destruction, or will you be the one responsible for its extinction? Dark Raider is a fresh retro Action game from the creators of Tribemen. You can embark on a journey to raid various Dungeons, where you must annihilate hordes of enemies and powerful bosses in a new take on the Hack & Slash genre. The game features a randomly generated map, allowing players to discover new areas and unique monsters every time they play. If the player dies, the dungeon resets, ensuring that each run is different from the previous one. Moreover, the game has three different heroes to unlock: the Warrior, the Mage, and the Barbarian. Each performs distinctively, with the Warrior focusing on swiftness and agility, the Mage on tremendous bursts of damage, and the Barbarian on defense and vitality. Dark Raider's themed art style is also one of a kind. It incorporates a contemporary approach to create a nostalgic ambiance that amplifies the dungeon’s fantasy world immersion. Additionally, the developers used TFR-ISO to make the dungeon exploration even more engaging. Dark Raider is also known for its hardcore action combat system, allowing players to combine multiple moves to vanquish their enemies. With each run, players grow more potent and can collect up to 17 different runes to boost their strength. And with 23 epic bosses waiting for your challenge, you are always in for an intense fight. With an array of options, you can always pick a character that suits your style. Unique artwork with a dark theme that will have you entranced, whilst on your adventure. On Twitter, follow TRINITIgames, and on Facebook, find them under TRINITIgames for further updates. So don't wait any longer, and be the hero who saves the world from suffering its absolute end!
Peace, Death! 2

Sort interesting clients to eternal destinations in the Reapers Union. Earn friends, money and avoid chaos in the elections.

Peace, Death! 2AZAMATIKA
Step into a realm beyond reality where the Reapers, who have become an independent Union, are no longer under the command of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. With the position of Union leader still yet to be filled, the disorganized atmosphere of the Union is far from productive. Luckily, a new Reaper, meant to act as a Sorter, has just been hired - you! As the Sorter, your job is to determine if clients should be sent to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory based on the numerous signs displayed by each one. You will encounter tricky clients who may interfere with your work, ignore the fundamental rules, or even interact with each other, requiring extra attention from you. Each client is a unique individual with their own distinct abilities. From Jailers who refuse to let you send away prisoners to Bureaucrats who love to surprise you with unexpected inspections, any possible challenges must be taken into account when handling clientele. The Reapers Union is where you'll spend most of your time after work. Here, you'll meet other members while accepting new contracts, viewing the latest available jobs from the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and keeping up-to-date on current events within the game's world. As a Sorter, you may even have a chance to do favours for your fellow Union members to boost your candidacy in the upcoming election. Speaking of the Horsemen - now that the Union is established and functioning, they have invested their energy into their beloved side projects. Death's Agency, War's Arena, Pestilence's Laboratory, and Famine's Diner are all open for business, offering even more exciting opportunities to players. Besides the specific features, such as unique clients, Union-based work, and Horsemen-run side projects, there are various other features to explore. Discover the catastrophes occurring around the game world, take advantage of a rental apartment, and participate in a range of different events. Plus, don't forget about the inclusion of fun, humorous elements - you might even come across some cats. Finally, remember that fishing and fantastic music are available, offering a welcomed break from the intensity of your work. Become the Master Reaper in this thrilling game of strategy, decision-making, and fun! Good luck!
WorldBox: God Simulator

Create life, watch civilizations prosper and simulate disasters in the free, offline god and simulation sandbox game <b>WorldBox</b>.

WorldBox: God SimulatorMaxim Karpenko
WorldBox is a stimulating and free god and simulation sandbox game designed for players that love creative destruction. You can bring forth life, observe it grow and prosper, spawning magical creatures such as orks, dwarves, sheep, wolves, and even elves. Alongside this, civilizations can craft, build, and go to war with one another. Players can assist them in their evolution and help them build robust societies by providing them with the necessary tools and resources. The game provides a sandbox environment to indulge your curiosity, allowing you to experiment with a range of powers and fostering the development of new skills. You can stir up a dissolving ground by using acid rain, summon tornadoes and underground worms or use a Heat ray. Moreover, you can simulate multiple disasters such as meteorites, volcanos, lava, tornados and geysers, and watch creatures evolve and civilizations rise. You can craft a pixel art world using various free tools, brushes, and magic. By applying different pixel types, players can paint their worlds. You can simulate scenarios such as Conway's Game of Life which can quickly destroy civilization, or Langton's ant cellular automata. As a player, you are free to experiment with different creatures and powers in the magic world simulation and explore different mythological races. Players can become the god of their own pixel art world, giving life to their imagination and building the world of their dreams. You can play the sandbox game offline, without requiring a Wi-Fi connection. Download Super WorldBox - God Game for Free and take your first step towards a creative destruction experience. If you encounter any issues while playing the game, kindly reach out to the game support team via The game developers are open to feedback and suggestions for more powers and creatures. To further explore Super WorldBox, you can visit their website, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Instagram accounts.
Dungeon vs Gunner

Explore mysterious dungeons and battle dark forces with 3 unique heroes and over 50 weapons. Enjoy rogue-like gameplay, easy controls, and random generation.

Dungeon vs GunnerCore Crystal Games
Mysterious dungeons have suddenly materialized all over the world and it's up to you to uncover the sinister forces behind them. Dive deep into the unknown and unlock the secrets that lurk within. Enter the dangerous dungeon, arm yourself with an array of weapons, master your evasion skills and take down any enemies you encounter! Get ready for exhilarating and addicting gameplay, blended with elements of a rogue-like game and seamless controls that will leave you awe-struck. The game boasts a stunning visual design that will blow your mind and make your adventure even more unforgettable. Features: * Three distinctive heroes to choose from, each with their unique abilities. * Over 50 types of weapons at your disposal, all with varying strengths and weaknesses. * A randomly generated dungeon world, meaning each playthrough offers you a fresh and unique experience. * The auto-aim system is exceptionally responsive, ensuring trouble-free gameplay. * And that’s not all; there are many more features to discover in the game and keep you glued to it for hours!

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