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Oceanhorn ™

Unravel the mystery of the disappearance of your father. Play Oceanhorn and navigate puzzles, sea monsters and ancient treasures among the islands of Uncharted Seas.

Oceanhorn ™FDG Mobile Games
After waking up, you stumble upon a letter your father had left behind, indicating his absence. However, the only information you have to work with is his old notebook and a mysterious ornament. Can you uncover the truth behind his disappearance? Embark on a treacherous journey across the mystical islands of Uncharted Seas, where danger lurks around every corner, and secrets and puzzles infest the land. Equip yourself with skills to combat the vicious beasts, learn powerful spells to aid in your adventure, and stumble upon valuable treasures from ancient kingdoms like Arcadia. Can you defeat the wicked sea monster, Oceanhorn? Test your intelligence and capabilities to solve the mysteries of this mythical land. The fantastic Oceanhorn blends captivating storylines, eye-catching 3D visuals, and engaging gameplay, creating an unforgettable adventure. Feel the thrill of a magnificent soundtrack produced by the world's best video game composers, Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy*) and Kenji Ito (Seiken Densetsu*). Experience seamless gameplay and responsive controls with options to adjust graphics to your preference, and a 1GB RAM requirement. Keep yourself entertained for over ten hours of gameplay, polish your fighting and magic skills, discover ancient artifacts to aid your quest, and receive in-game achievements with Game Services. Whether you prefer touch controls or a controller, Oceanhorn offers effortless mastery. Please note that Oceanhorn is a free to download premium game that requires a single in-app purchase to unlock the full version. Try the first chapter for free to test out the game on your device first.
That Level Again

96 levels, 96 unique ways to win, and an immortal hero in a small logic game with spikes, platform, button, and a door.

That Level AgainIamTagir
In this intriguing puzzle game, players must navigate a series of identical rooms, each containing a variety of obstacles, including menacing spikes, platforms, buttons and doors. But don't be fooled - despite the rooms' similarities, the means to emerge victorious are anything but predictable. With an impressive 96 levels to explore, each with its own unique path to success, players are in for a challenge that will test their mental agility and strategic thinking. And if that wasn't enough, players also get the chance to play as a new kind of hero - an immortal being who rises again and again from the dead, putting an exciting twist on the classic gaming hero trope. So if you're ready for a game that will keep you on your toes and challenge your problem-solving skills, look no further than this captivating game of logic and strategy.
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That Level Again 2

A challenging logic game where each level is the same, but the winning strategy is different. Help the character leave the house.

That Level Again 2IamTagir
Get your thinking cap on and enter the world of That Level Again Part 2! This top-rated game is a simple yet addictive logic game that challenges you to beat each level with a different strategy. Although each level may appear to be the same, the solutions to complete them are not. Your goal in the game is simple: help the protagonist to escape from the house. Sounds like an easy feat? Think again! That Level Again Part 2 presents a unique twist, testing your wits and problem-solving abilities in each level. The game features impressive graphics and a user-friendly interface that make playing more enjoyable. It is well-designed to offer a fun and exciting gaming experience for all ages. If you are feeling creative and have fresh ideas for new levels, the game developer invites you to share them via email at With its unique gameplay and level design, That Level Again Part 2 is the perfect game to challenge and entertain your mind for hours on end!
That Level Again 4

TLA series continues with unique puzzles and surprising challenges. Experience simple yet logical solutions in a big level.

That Level Again 4IamTagir
Get ready to face unique and unexpected challenges in this puzzle-platformer game! The latest addition to the TLA series, developed by an indie developer who has already created a number of popular games like That Level Again, Looper, and Some Ball Level, is now available to play. With over 10 million downloads, this game is certainly one to watch out for. Years of hard work and dedication have resulted in a product that is more than just okay. You will dive into a story that isn't defined yet you will still find it captivating. Although the developer may have left some clues, they aren't sure what the final version will entail. In the game, you will revisit locations from previous parts, proving that life makes no sense, space is infinite, and 42. Just like the previous TLA games, all puzzles have simple and logical solutions, with the added twist of unexpected solutions to shake things up. You will face a big level filled with surprises that will challenge your brain in unique ways. Experience the game's features, including a simple point system, detailed descriptions, unique gameplay, and more. You get to control the character with at least three buttons, with the option of using more control buttons. The gameplay is linear, but don't let that hold you back from exploring the unique challenges that await you. Explore the game's kind and beautiful characters, with the added bonus of being a beta tester and experiencing every bug along the way. What could be better? Prove that you are exceptional by testing your brain and beating this game. Stop reading and start playing now!
That Level Again 3

Solve brain teasers and follow the story in TLA and TLA2 with unique levels. Use logic and enjoy the challenge.

That Level Again 3IamTagir
Get ready to put your mind to the test with TLA and TLA2, the popular platformer games that are back with a twist. Instead of just levels, you'll now get to delve into an engaging story with a variety of challenging levels in between. With thought-provoking brain teasers and clever solutions, these games will keep you on your toes and entertained for hours on end. Pay close attention to the messages scattered throughout the game, as they'll provide you with the clues you need to progress to the next level. Prepare to exercise your problem-solving skills and critical thinking as you navigate through each level, requiring you to use your mind in ways you've never imagined. But don't worry, it's all in good fun! So get ready to jump, dodge, and maneuver through each level, and see if you have what it takes to conquer TLA and TLA2.

Build, fight, survive in 1v1 Battle Royale and multiplayer shooting game. Free with custom controls, gun modes, and practice options.

Experience an action-packed multiplayer shooting game where you need to fight to survive and be the last man standing, determined to achieve the ultimate victory. This thrilling 3D Battle Royale game has already gained over 10 million downloads with an active daily user base of 750,000 waiting for you to join the fight. This free online shooting game offers different kinds of multiplayer modes such as 1v1, 2v2, and Battle Royale with quick and easy pairing against random players 24/7. You have complete control over your gameplay experience with the advanced control editor to personalize your layouts and setups. Choose between Builders Pro, Old School, or LOL style easy controls equipped with shooting assistants and self-triggers. Test your shooting skills with various weapons in the multiplayer gun game modes available such as Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Ax, and Sniper Rifle. In 1v1 mode, you get to use identical weapons and fight against your opponents. In 2v2 mode, you play with a partner against other teams. In Battle Royale and Battle Royale Duos, you join a squad and fight other assassin guilds to survive. Lastly, you can play custom gun games with friends online such as 1v1 arena, mini box, Vikings death match, Gulag, and more. Aside from these multiplayer modes, this game also offers practice modes such as Free Build where you can explore and train your building skills endlessly. In Zombies mode, run, hide, shoot, and kill all the zombie attackers. You can also hone your gun shooting skills and become the best sniper shooter in the 3D AIM Trainer. This game is entirely free, no registration required, no payment or battle pass needed to play without limits, in contrast to other Battle Royale Gun Games. Upon downloading, create your avatar's name and start practicing your shooting and building skills. With real-time players in a multiplayer gun game, you can choose versions designed for different ages depending on the jurisdiction where you are located. This game may contain advertising and allows in-app purchases of virtual items. However, you can disable it in your device settings. Get ready for an immersive and action-packed multiplayer shooting game with future updates to add more excitement to the game. You will require an internet connection to play and access social features. Please visit the links for the game's Terms of Service, Privacy Notice, and Privacy for Kids. Update the game to enhance your gaming experience and maximize the game's functionalities.

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