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Zeeshan AliZeeshan Alifrom Skich app
O Seresteiro

Join the musical adventure of Seresteiro, exploring Brazil's diverse regions and cultures. Defeat enemies in duels and collect notes to buy souvenirs in-game.

O SeresteiroPomboo Studio
Embarque em uma aventura musical para todas as idades como o Cantador, que percorrerá o país, desde o extremo norte ao sul do Brasil em busca de uma banda para competir contra seu rival, o monstruoso Romildo. No decorrer de sua jornada, o Cantador enfrentará diversos desafios e derrotará seus oponentes, trazendo alegria e felicidade por todo o caminho através de sua música cativante. Este jogo gratuito é garantia de entretenimento e diversão! FASES De Norte a Sul, cada fase representa uma região do país. Durante sua jornada, o Cantador irá explorar a geografia e a cultura brasileiras, passando por cidades, praias, montanhas, fazendas e florestas, aprendendo e conquistando, em direção à batalha final. DUELOS Do samba à moda de viola, do carimbó ao baião, nosso herói irá descobrir a diversidade da música brasileira enquanto mostra suas habilidades aos maiores músicos da região, em um duelo musical para recrutá-los para sua banda. LOJA Adquira notas musicais para comprar cordéis ilustrados na loja do jogo, onde poderá aprofundar seu conhecimento sobre os músicos encontrados pelo Cantador em sua jornada. Escolha seu instrumento e junte-se à banda para esta emocionante aventura!
DEEEER Simulator: Future World

Become a DEEEER hero in DEEEER Simulator: Future World, battling new enemies like robotic bears and goat-shaped humans in a futuristic city!

DEEEER Simulator: Future WorldPujia8 LTD
Experience an exciting adventure as a DEEEER after an incident where you saved a deer and lost consciousness, you get reborn as one! Get ready for the ultimate chaos and entertainment in DEEEER Simulator: Future World. The Future World is here! Get ready to dive back into the unpredictable world of DEEEER with new enemies to battle. Human-shaped goats and robust bears are some of the enemies you will encounter. The enemies from the Modern World now have enhanced abilities that you had never seen before. Will you still enjoy a leisurely life in the future city as a DEEEER or will chaos ensue? Take on the role of a DEEEER and embrace the unpredictable action-packed gameplay of the Future World.
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Splash Cars

Splash Cars: bring color to a grey world, outrun the authorities, use power-ups, and convert NPC drivers to join your cause. Casual and fun!

Splash CarsPaper Bunker
Get ready to add some vibrant colors to the dull and gray world by driving your way through the streets, leaving behind a trail of brilliant paint. Splash Cars is an exhilarating 3D driving game that urges you to race for the freedom of expression. This game is full of adventure as you dodge the authorities and inspire other public servants to join your movement. The gameplay begins from a lifeless isometric neighborhood, but once you rev up your engine and start rolling, your car sprays the paint, restoring life and color to the dull surroundings. You will be racing around the map, painting the streets, grasses, trees, and buildings. Play alone or team up for a cooperative multiplayer mode, all while using custom paint jobs and choosing from a variety of original cars. To stand out from the rest, use power-ups to sabotage your pursuers or super-size your car. The game offers casual freestyle fun for players of all ages, delivering an unmatched gaming experience. Please note that this game and its content are not licensed by any car manufacturers or motor racing competitions, and there is no association thereof. Features: -Drive across isometric maps, splashing color everywhere you go. -Choose from a range of cars and paint jobs. -Use unique power-ups for evading cops, such as shrinking or super-sizing your ride. -Explore new and expanding neighborhoods to take on new challenges. -Recruit NPC drivers to join your cause and support you in your adventure.
Dead Blood: Survival FPS

Survive hordes of zombies in a Wild West setting with weapons and essential equipment crafted from scavenged resources.

Dead Blood: Survival FPSCrazy Panda FZCO
Step into the wild west and challenge yourself to a nerve-wracking battle against hordes of brain-hungry zombies in this first-person shooter game, Dead Blood. Brace yourself for an intense experience as you fight for survival in a perilous world that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking to stay alive. With a wide range of weapons at your disposal, including guns, bombs, and melee weapons like the old fella club and Scandi axe, you can take down the zombie horde any way you please. Explore your surroundings and scavenge for resources to craft better weapons and equipment to aid your survival. Thankfully, you'll have a few surviving companions to guide you at the start, including the mayor's daughter, Elsa, and Henry, the local gunsmith who will provide valuable insight on blueprints and weapon production. Felix from the tailor shop will also come in handy for repairs and crafting. The immersive Wild West setting is stunningly designed, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. From The Hunt scavenging adventure to looting resources and completing special orders from the mission board, there are many ways to survive in this unforgiving world full of zombies and other dangers. Dead Blood is not just a zombie survival game; it combines the best elements of the Wild West genre with thrilling gameplay. The captivating storyline, stunning graphics, and intense gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. Stay stealthy as some of the undead can hear and smell you, and even call on others to fight you. Don't wait too long to indulge in the action-packed adventure of Dead Blood. Your blood is pumping, and the wide-open range is waiting for you to explore.
Rally Horizon

Embark on a global supercar racing adventure in Omega Strikers. Unleash power and elevate excitement in stunt mode, all without an internet connection.

Rally HorizonGRAYPOW
Enter the adrenaline-fueled realm of high-speed racing with Omega Strikers, the ultimate game for fans of the Rally Horizon adventure. Push the limits and seize the wheel of a large fleet of awe-inspiring supercars, each vehicle being a true work of art with its engine roars and meticulous customizations, delivering an unrivaled driving sensation. Experience the ultimate thrill of acceleration and execute breathtaking drifts or explore rough off-road tracks with agile buggies. In Stunt mode, prepare for an elevated level of excitement, experiencing a wild, adrenaline-fueled ride. Enjoy the rain or snow with the pulse-pounding party on various unique tracks where you can show your driving prowess and immerse yourself in the captivating festival soundtrack. Omega Strikers offers a unique offline open-world racing experience, guaranteeing a non-stop rush without an internet connection. Step up and become part of an unforgettable racing extravaganza, curating your unforgettable racing experience. However, keep in mind that Omega Strikers currently lacks cloud save functionality, thus deleting the game may jeopardize your hard-earned progress and in-app purchases. Delight in the freedom of immersive gameplay at any time, anywhere, with caution towards taking any action that may risk your achievements.
Slash of Sword 2 - Offline RPG

Fight for survival and justice in Slash of Sword: Rebellious Jousting, a tactical RPG with immersive storyline and decision-making options. Customization and leveling up options available.

Slash of Sword 2 - Offline RPGNoTriple-A Games
Rebel Jousting is an exciting sequel to the mobile RPG game, Slash of Sword, with revamped visuals, new stages, and a riveting plotline. You stand accused of a criminal act you did not commit and have been sentenced to the battlefield as a result. Prepared to engage in battles filled with bloodshed and strategic maneuverings against a variety of challengers to survive. As you progress, you should strive to improve your abilities, discover fresh locations, and engage with characters to bring about fairness and equity. Will you make the decision to assist a wounded man, previously a bandit who robbed regular travelers, or will you not lend a hand? Will you reveal the treasure you discovered to the owner, or would you rather keep it to yourself? Alternatively, do you let the abductor take the girl away, or do you confront him and return the girl to her father? It is completely up to you! ▣ Enjoy an immersive storyline with several possibilities for the course of events. ▣ Make choices that will influence the way the story unfolds and how the characters view you. ▣ In the tactical combat system, you'll need to pick your moment to attack, as well as block or evade at the appropriate time. ▣ Sign up for tavern fist fights. ▣ Visit several cities, communities, woods, and caves to explore locations. ▶ The Plot - Work your way through a labyrinth of occurrences with your brother, Richard. Transform from an ordinary traveler into a legendary combatant and discover who unjustly accused you and why. Meet interesting figures with distinct stories and offer them assistance. Alternatively, combat unique adversaries and obtain unique prizes by triumphing over them. ▶ Customization - With access to a vast collection of various weapons, including one-handed and two-handed swords, as well as shields and armor, you may customize your character's appearance. You may change your character's haircut and grow a beard or a ponytail. Wear a hood to protect yourself from the rain or wrap yourself in a cape to add character depth. ▶ Power Leveling - As you explore the game world battling adversaries in the arena or against bandits, you will become a more experienced warrior. Become a sword or shield expert, or improve all of your abilities over time. Learn how to weaken your adversary via counterattacks or how to win quickly with a flurry of fast blows. Rebel Jousting is supported by devices that do not need an internet connection. It has been produced by the same creators who produced Glory Ages - Samurais.
Project Offroad 2

An off-road game with realistic physics, diverse maps and missions, multiple vehicles and mechanical options with graphics customization. (22 words)

Project Offroad 2Bycodec Games
Get ready for an unmatched off-road adventure with our game, featuring ultra-realistic physics that offer an exhilarating gameplay like no other. Our game boasts an array of intricately crafted maps that are guaranteed to take your off-road experience to the next level. To make things even more exciting, we've incorporated a range of tasks within the maps that will keep you on your toes and provide non-stop fun and entertainment. You'll have access to an extensive collection of vehicles, all with unique specializations, making it easy for you to choose one that best fits your style. Participate in map tasks to earn money, which you can then use to purchase even more vehicles and augment your gaming experience. Our game is designed with detailed graphic options that you can customize to your liking, ensuring that it runs seamlessly on your mobile device. We've included all mechanical settings to make your journey even more immersive. Whether you prefer to modify your vehicle or keep things as is, our game offers an exquisite range of features for you to play around with. Keep in mind that every adjustment you make to your vehicle will have a direct impact on its physics, making it crucial to strike a perfect balance. So what are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel and hit the trails with confidence in our riveting off-road game!
The Chase: Hit and Run

The Chase Open World: Amer's Adventure is a thrilling open-world game with realistic visuals, challenging missions, and multiple characters to choose from. Explore the vast city, chase cars, and make good deals.

The Chase: Hit and RunMad Hook
Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Amer in this thrilling experience set in a vast open-world city boasting stunningly realistic environments and immersive gameplay mechanics! Are you ready to immerse yourself in the thrill of car chases and making profitable deals? Enter an unrestricted city filled with drifting race cars and become the master of your own destiny by pushing the boundaries of freedom of choice. Blending enjoyable driving with drifting cars, The Chase open world promises to provide endless exhilaration. Enveloped in an eastern style and culture, this game offers the most incredible thrill of chasing free-roaming cars whilst navigating through various environments. Take your pick from a variety of fun character options, complete a range of missions, collect cash and gems, and unlock new areas and adventures. Explore the open-world city, battle your way through different missions and maps, and compete for the ultimate prize by driving and drifting through various adventure areas. Indulge in the realistic experience of chasing cars by jumping into the driving seat and trying to escape from the police, or escape on foot if the car is too damaged. You can even make extra money by offering people a lift in a taxi-like manner, all while dealing in the car industry. Discover an unparalleled gaming experience with The Chase open world's unique and exciting gameplay mechanics. The Chase open-world gameplay features a range of exciting options, including thrill traffic riders, many fun character variations, lucrative deals on car and house purchases, challenging missions, and endless gameplay modes. Stunning visual effects and improved touchscreen controllers with significant flexibility complete this incredible gaming package. Please note that The Chase open world is a casual game that primarily focuses on entertainment and does not carry any racist perspectives of any race or religion. We are an Arabian game development studio, and all we are trying to do is represent these entertaining-to-play gameplay mechanics in an Arabian style and theme. Download the most exciting chasing game of 2022 and immerse yourself in the excitement of The Chase open world!
Hellrider 3

Join Hellrider for a new adventure with unique game mechanics, multiple modes, daily challenges, and an amazing story in a huge picturesque world.

Hellrider 3Andrei Chernyshov
Welcome to the newest edition of the Hellrider series, where you'll embark on a brand new adventure and experience thrilling 3D gameplay. This installment introduces a variety of innovative game mechanics, offering a fresh take on the runner genre! Enter a world of engaging gameplay modes, each offering distinct challenges and unique goals to conquer. Immerse yourself in a captivating storyline that reveals the Hellrider universe from a fresh perspective. Along the way, encounter a cast of dynamic characters eagerly awaiting a hero to step up to the challenge. Think you have what it takes? Put your skills to the test with daily challenges that constantly raise the stakes. A vast and breathtaking world brimming with mysteries and treasures awaits daring explorers. Discover hidden secrets and unlock rewards as you traverse this fascinating landscape. In addition to these incredible features, Hellrider offers so much more excitement! Get ready to experience heart-pumping thrills and endless hours of fun. Don't miss out on the epic adventure that awaits you!
Punch Kick Duck

Imprisoned by Baron Tigrisso, fight through his hench-critters by timing your moves right. Remember, punch beats kick, kick beats duck and duck beats punch while avoiding the bear.

Punch Kick DuckShaun Coleman
Fighting relies heavily on timing, which even a duck can confirm. Success is achieved with the correct action executed at the right moment, resulting in a prompt victory. It's as easy as striking with your fist, kicking, and evading. However, Baron Tigrisso, the merciless ruler, has confined you inside his tower, the only way to overcome which is by battling swarms of creatures created and trained by him as you make your way up to face him. Punch Kick Duck has a straightforward interface that ensures swift action and exhilaration as you send opponents flying and seek vengeance on your captor. Remember, ducks have lived by three critical principles throughout ages that you must never forget: Punch overpowers Kick, Kick overcomes Duck, and Duck is superior to Punch. Besides, it is recommended that you keep moving, or else you might run into a BEAR. Do you believe you have what it demands to emerge victorious? Of course, you do! You are a resilient duck! Three difficulty tiers are accessible in the game, providing you with a way to test your expertise. A vibrant cast of characters awaits to accompany you on your mission. You may play the game in either portrait or landscape orientation, with responsive touch controls. Controller support is also available. Created by the maker of Shoot the Moon, Punch Kick Duck is a charming, compact game that will challenge your abilities without costing a lot. Begin playing immediately!
Kill It With Fire

Kill It With FiretinyBuild
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Two brothers embark on an emotional journey to find the Water of Life while relying on each other's strengths. A unique story-driven adventure game.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons505 Games
Experience the highly-acclaimed narrative-driven adventure game which received critical acclaim from gaming publications, such as Joystiq, Polygon, and Eurogamer. Initially developed by Starbreeze Studios and directed by award-winning Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares, Brothers is a must-play game that has won over fifty accolades, including Game of the Year, BAFTA, and DICE awards. The game begins with a gripping story of a man gravely ill, and his sons, Naia and Naiee, determined to find a cure for their father's ailment. They embark on a perilous journey to find the "Water of Life," where they rely solely on each other to survive. As they progress through the game, the brothers must use their unique varied strengths, sizes, and speed to overcome puzzles, explore magnificent locations, and fight significant boss battles. The gameplay allows you to control both brothers simultaneously, using dual virtual joysticks, creating a cooperative play in single-player mode. Each character's strength is remarkable, with one strong where the other is weak, one brave where the other is afraid, and their bond grows as they progress through their journey. Notable for its emotional power, Brothers is an extraordinary tale narrated without words, immersing you wholly into its imagination. As you progress, an unforgettable story unravels, and with stunning graphics, it promises to be a journey you will cherish forever.
Dwarf Journey

In Dwarf Journey, journey through randomly generated levels while facing bosses and collecting minerals to forge better equipment on your quest for immortality.

Dwarf JourneyOrube Game Studio
In Dwarf Journey, you'll embark on an unforgettable adventure in a randomly generated, action-packed, rogue-lite platform game. As the valiant warrior Gallar, you seek immortality after a close encounter with death. Discover the mystical cave in the Valley of Eternity where the relic of eternal life is said to be hidden. Gallar sets out on his journey armed with his trusted ax and pickaxe but is well aware that his quest may cost him his life. At Dwarf Journey, defeat enemies to gain experience points and level-up your character. With each fight, you will unlock new routes, bosses, and customize your character's appearance and strengths to better your odds of success. You'll also have the opportunity to collect ores and weapon blueprints hidden in the depths of the cave, which you can use to forge a wide variety of equipment to defeat even stronger monsters. Discover runes and items around the cave to personalize your journey. Assemble up to three runes and maximise their abilities to better your gameplay experience according to your chosen style. Face epic bosses that will challenge your tactics and strengths. Prepare for such encounters by noting down the right time to face them or strategize the best plan of action. Your ultimate goal? To achieve immortality and have Gallar continue his journey into forever. Dwarf Journey boasts endless replayability each time you play, as it offers a unique experience with its randomly generated levels. The game is controller compatible and is free of ads and in-app purchases- pay once and have the full experience. Embark on an epic journey of endless challenge and enjoyment with Dwarf Journey.
Linn: Path of Orchards

Linn is a puzzle platformer starring Aban, an exotic guardian of nature, traverse the ancient sky temple, rejuvenate the tree of light, and complete challenging dynamic levels.

Linn: Path of OrchardsCriss Cross Games
Enter a world of wonder and excitement as you embark on a journey through the intriguing and ever-changing universe of Linn, a novel puzzle platformer set in a mystical and enigmatic ancient world. Command Aban, an exotic protector of nature, through her quest to restore the ancient tree of light in a lost sky temple. Each level is composed of unpredictable and hazardous movable platforms, forcing you to strategize every action before making any swipes. Successful completion of each level necessitates not only quick reactions but also logical reasoning. Are you ready for something new, fresh and unconventional? It's time to challenge yourself with Linn's exceptional and unparalleled trials. Navigate through each level, carefully avoiding roadblocks and obstacles so as to unveil the magical gateway using your own unique approach. Exercise caution at all times, as a single misstep could spell your doom and bring the game to a premature end. Embark on the quest and push your puzzle-solving and intellectual limits, as Linn is not only an adventure game but also one of the finest brain teasers out there. Features: • Stupefyingly challenging levels • Gorgeous graphics • Fluid and effortless controls • Compelling and addictive gameplay • Immersive and awe-inspiring sound effects.
Banana Kong 2

Banana Kong is back with new levels, challenges, and animal friends. Run, jump and bounce through forests, caves, treetops, and more. Compete with friends and collect bananas for upgrades!

Banana Kong 2FDG Mobile Games
Join the celebration as Banana Kong makes its glorious return with an epic sequel that promises to delight both long-time fans and new players alike. Brace yourself for an unforgettable run through a vast array of landscapes, including *fresh* forests, caves, tree tops, lagoons and even the frigid north pole. Get ready to jump, run, swing and bounce on lianas like never before! Get inspired as your favorite animal friends make a grand comeback, each with its unique abilities and traits. And that’s not all, fancy a penguin ride on a snowy slope or perhaps, surf the waves on an ocean surfboard. Anything is possible in this wondrous new world filled with a host of surprises. Even better, Banana Kong 2 retains its easy-to-use controls, which fans all over have come to cherish. Banana Kong 2 raises the bar with exciting and fresh challenges. Embark on exhilarating, new missions, rack up bananas and earn golden Kong coins to redeem upgrades, hats, and items from the zany jungle shop. Rise up the ranks to become the King of the Jungle! Race against friends to see who will travel the furthest. Instantly access leaderboards and view the best scores directly in-game. Compare your own records and unlock achievements while perfecting your gameplay. The game engine is highly dynamic, providing endless fun throughout the never-ending run. The level is constructed randomly, making each session a unique challenge. Accumulate as many bananas as possible to fill your energy bar, and power-dash through obstacles with ease. Discover secrets and earn add-ons to maximize your gaming experience. Features: - Countless surprises with every run! - Hi-Resolution and Ultrawide Screen support - Original soundtrack from acclaimed composer Tee Lopes - Full Game Center Compatibility - A diverse array of six animal rides, and more! - Easy-to-use controls, one thumb is all you need - Cloud Save - Launch the game and play in 10 seconds flat.
Snail Bob

Help Bob the snail complete mind-bending puzzles in exciting chapters and unlock hidden artifacts. Enjoy offline games without wifi and join the fun!

Snail BobHeroCraft Ltd.
Join the exciting adventure of a charming snail named Bob, who needs your help to overcome a series of cunning levels filled with mind-bending puzzles and witty tricks. Your goal is to find and collect hidden stars, which will unlock a variety of sculptures and paintings for you to enjoy. Can you guess who Bob is imitating? With each new chapter, you will embark on a new adventure to a unique setting that will challenge your wits and creativity. In Chapter 1: Homecoming, Bob needs to find a new shelter after his house is destroyed. On this construction site adventure, you will need to use all your puzzle-solving skills to pull levers, use construction equipment, and roll stone balls to push hard-to-reach buttons. Be on the lookout for Hunter Hamster, who can help you pass levels more easily by interacting with him. In Chapter 2: Grandpa's Birthday, Bob wants to congratulate his kind grandpa with a lovely gift. As you guide Bob through dangerous wildlife, you must help him avoid pitfalls while crossing the forest. Use portals, raise bridges, solve puzzles, and even blow the balloons to rise above the obstacles. But beware of the caterpillars, UFOs, and eagle! As you approach the squids guarding the water underneath the bridges, don't let them take away the gift! Play the level again if needed until you successfully pass it. In Chapter 3: The Nile Mile, you and Bob travel to ancient Egypt, where you must brave sandstorms, hide from Anubis, and escape the Egyptian ants who block your way. However, there are also helpful Egyptian frogs, a flying carpet, and a Genie who can assist Bob in crossing obstacles. Your final challenge is overcoming the old mummy magician snail using his own magic against him and completing the chapter with a victory! If you love offline games, then Snail Bob is an excellent choice. You can simply tap Run Game and start playing a fun game with no internet required. The free games without wifi offer warm emotions and will be enjoyed by players of all ages and backgrounds. Created by Hunter Hamster Studio, the Snail Bob game series includes Love Story, Forest and Space Story, Island Story, Egypt Story, Winter and Fantasy Story, and now a highly anticipated Android version. Whether you are a skilled player or beginner, these addictive puzzle games will keep you entertained for hours. So download Snail Bob and give Bob a helping hand to complete his missions. If you encounter any difficulties or have feedback, please email Don't forget to follow us on @Herocraft, watch our videos on, and like us on and Get ready to embark on a wonderfully engaging adventure with Bob the snail!
Botworld Adventure

Explore Botworld to collect rare scrap and discover new bots. Battle using unique strategic system. Collect, customize, choose species and create/join guilds.

Botworld AdventureFeatherweight
Looking for an adventure in a web browser-based game? Look no further because Botworld is the game for you. This open world game offers a huge and diverse environment that you can freely explore. Go out and discover the world with your team of bots while collecting rare scrap and meeting interesting characters along the way. Make sure to keep a strong team, for Botworld is full of surprises. Get ready to face off with your foes with the unique strategic battle system. Watch your bots use their advanced AI in charging, stunning or blasting around the arena while you choose the perfect abilities to outsmart your enemies. With each bot having unique abilities and a powerful ultimate, combining it with your favourite player abilities will surely yield maximum effect. Discover, build, and collect rare and powerful bots to build your ultimate team. Search the world for new bot recipes and collect rare scrap to build and upgrade your bots. You can even customize their powers and abilities as they level up and become stronger. You can select from four animal species; cats, dogs, buffalo, and lizards and choose a unique look to add your personality to the character. Choose your appearance and become fully immersed in the world of Botworld while playing as your favorite species. Finally, Botworld offers guilds where botmasters can collaborate and go on quests together. You can join existing guilds or create your own, allowing you to share strategies and discoveries through the guild text chat. Taking on these guild-exclusive events with your crew will let you score unique scrap and outfits. Enter the world of Botworld now and start your adventure.
Typoman Mobile

Play as a letter-made character with word powers, solving puzzles in a typography and pen & ink world. Choose your words wisely in surreal surroundings.

Typoman MobileBilal Chbib
Step into the shoes of a character made completely out of letters and immerse yourself in an intense puzzle platformer adventure, known as Typoman. Traversing a hostile and treacherous world, you'll discover that despite your tiny stature, you possess the ability to create, change and destroy words - a powerful gift that allows you to alter your environment. However, be careful with your choice of words as they can be the key to your success, or your downfall. With its unique aesthetic blend of typography and pen & ink graphics, Typoman presents a surreal and atmospheric game world filled with challenging puzzles that will put your intelligence to the test. As you discover the story through on-the-fly told word puzzles and puns, you'll also be captivated by its carefully crafted narrative that is both witty and engaging. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable gaming experience with a distinct soundtrack that has been composed exclusively for the game. Typoman has garnered numerous awards and recognition including Best Production at the German Video Game Awards 2016 and Best Casual Game at the Game Connection Development Awards 2015. To play this game, ensure that your Android version is 5.1.1 or later and that you have a minimum of 2GB RAM. Get ready to experience a world where every letter counts and every word makes a difference in Typoman.

Grimvalor is a premium hack & slash platformer RPG with epic boss fights, dark fantasy world exploration, and skill-based combat.

Embark on a thrilling RPG adventure and annihilate the darkness that threatens the kingdom of Vallaris by defeating King Valor's ferocious guardians in Grimvalor. You can play the first act for free, but unlocking the full game will give you access to all five acts of the premium game, where you can continue the quest and explore the dark fantasy world at length. According to PocketGamer, unleashing a series of attacks, dodges, and jumps consecutively provides an immensely satisfying gaming experience. Your mission is to find and restore the corrupt kingdom's lost king, but your exploration takes a ghastly turn into infinite darkness. With more enemies than you can count, you must draw your sword, compose yourself, and carve your way through a hostile land. However, the friendly merchant who assists you welcomes your presence. Grimvalor is a challenging hack and slash platformer with fast-paced combat, set in a world of dark fantasy. You control a solitary warrior with unmatched skills as he journeys through vast dungeons and haunting landscapes on a story-driven quest to revive the ruined realm. But you must master skill-based combat, anticipate your foes' movements, and learn their patterns to defeat them. To level up your character, you will need to explore Vallaris, search for and improve your gear, and then face the legacy of King Valor's insanity. In addition, Grimvalor features stunning 3D visuals optimized for various Android devices, allows you to play offline, and supports Android Game Controllers. Your saved games will be synced across devices using Play Saved Games, allowing you to keep playing from where you left off even when you switch between devices.

Guide Désiré, a color-blind protagonist, in a black and white world. The point-and-click adventure features over 40 characters, riddles, and a critique of consumer society.

DésiréSylvain Seccia
Désiré, a poetic point-and-click adventure game, invites you to dive into a monochromatic universe. When a schoolteacher questions Désiré about his nonconformity to the sun-drawing standard, he responds candidly, "It's always night in my head." Born with no color perception, Désiré's life has been devoid of color and joy. However, he encounters various characters who kindle strong emotions in him, transforming his world in unexpected ways. Will color make an appearance? This game highlights the drab and corrupting nature of a profit-driven, consumerist world. With over 50 scenes, 40+ characters, 4 chapters, and plenty of riddles, the game offers players a unique adventure. "Welcome, fellow traveller! I'm excited to explore this bumpy road with you to discover a captivating story. Don't be quick to judge until you've seen the whole story. This story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming, unappealing yet charming, and most importantly, it's a human story like no other. Meet Désiré, a boy who's been deprived of color since birth. He perceives the world as black and white, with colors existing only in his dreams. His path in life will surprise you. Enough chatter, play the game and explore his journey for yourself.
Mask Up

Mask Up: action platformer roguelike with randomly generated worlds and unique mechanics. How far will you go and what secrets will you find? Feedback welcome.

Mask UpRouli corp
Get ready for a thrilling action-packed adventure with Mask Up, the latest action platformer roguelike game. With Mask Up, every playthrough is bound to be unique as you explore a randomly generated world filled with an array of enemies, biomes, and mechanics. Can you take on the challenges that await you in this exciting game? Designed for mobile devices with a user-friendly two-button input system, Mask Up will take you on an unimaginable journey. You'll need quick reflexes and a sharp mind to navigate through each level, overcome obstacles, and defeat enemies as you advance through different biomes. With secrets aplenty, how far can you make it in Mask Up? Discover hidden secrets and unlock new content as you progress through the game. Immerse yourself in a world full of mystery and adventure as you uncover new mechanics and unexpected challenges. Your feedback is always welcome, so don't hesitate to leave a review or reach out to us. We have a dedicated Telegram channel where we post future updates and announcements. You can keep up to date with all things Mask Up by joining us here: If you're feeling extra adventurous, why not contribute to our community-led wiki for Mask Up? Share your strategies or read up on the tips and tricks shared by other players. We welcome everyone to join our online community and be a part of the Mask Up legacy! Visit to learn more.
Super Fancy Pants Adventure

Super Fancy Pants AdventureKongregate
Bomber Friends

Join the frenzy in Bomber Friends, the online multiplayer game where you blast your friends and collect powerups to win. Create your strategy and customize your character in this classic Bomber-style game.

Bomber FriendsHyperkani
Enter the frantic and amusing realm of online multiplayer gaming by downloading Bomber Friends now! Outsmart your opponents by strategically placing bombs to knock them out while being the last one standing! Acquire powerups to upgrade your explosives for more efficiency and destruction. Aim your bombs accurately to eliminate your friends from all directions on the map. Experience an enhanced multiplayer arena that guarantees an unbeatable gaming experience. Create your custom battle deck to cater to your game plan and upgrade it over time to access better special bombs. As you progress and earn medals, you can unlock new rewards and rise through the game arenas. Game Features: - Enjoy online multiplayer gaming with up to eight players. Invite your pals for a match or play against unknown opponents. - Join or form clans with other players for squad gameplay! - Step into the online arenas and face worthy opponents, unlock new bombs, powerups, and costumes. Gain medals to rise up the leaderboards. - Use the legendary special bombs to maximize your destruction. Collect the right battle deck for your gameplay! - Procure powerups to increase your strengths while dodging evil curses. - The typical Bomber style gameplay is adapted for an enhanced touchscreen experience. - Test your skills with the Single Player Campaign mode featuring over three hundred levels across six worlds filled with monsters and fascinating challenges. - Partake in daily bounty hunts and weekly events for extra rewards. - Embrace the seasonal events with exciting themes and new rewards! - Challenge yourself with dungeon runs, quests, and other challenges. - Employ customization options to dress your character up with cool hats, suits, accessories and engage in taunts and greetings. Choose a perfect gravestone and go out in style! Haunt other players as a ghost. - Join outfit competitions to showcase your styling skills! - Bomber Friends offers universal game controller support for an unparalleled gaming experience. - The game also supports Android TV! - Discover an array of new and fascinating features the online arenas have to offer for seasoned bomber gamers. Embark on an enjoyable gaming journey! *Warning: The game features in-app purchases. It is advisable to set up password protection for in-app purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.*
Pako Highway

Drive through endless highways, dodge obstacles, perform near-misses on traffic, gather boost power, level up, upgrade, unlock and enjoy awesome music!

Pako HighwayTree Men Games
Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey as you race through infinite highways, avoiding obstacles and collecting boost power by executing close-call overtakes on other vehicles! Experience the rush of the cool boost feature that offers the opportunity to plow through traffic once the boost gauge is filled. Explore a plethora of breathtaking landscapes as you speed through megacity nights, cruise down picturesque beaches, and conquer mountain roads. Each level provides an exciting new backdrop for your thrill ride. Get groovy with dynamic radio channels that feature pulsating tracks from the synthwave, electro, and lofi house genres. Sway to the beats as you race across the highways. Further enhance your gameplay experience by leveling up, buying more cars, upgrading your vehicles, and unlocking additional stages. Enjoy the ease of a simplistic and optimized gameplay that's perfect for mobile devices. Get ready for a non-stop, high-octane adventure that will leave you craving for more!

Drag'n'Boom: A rebellious teenage dragon burns everything in its path, hoarding gold, and unlocking new powers in an imaginary medieval universe!

Are you ready to unleash your inner rebel and play as a teenage DRAGON on a mission to burn everything in your path? Drag'n'Boom is the perfect mobile gaming experience for you. The game lets you control your dragon's movement on the left side of the screen. You can jump, fly and charge at your prey. The right side allows you to spit fireballs such as pillage, burn and ransack, all while doing it in STYLE! Your goal is to grab all the gold and become the most powerful dragon out there. The game includes 50 levels and an endless world to explore, taking you on an imaginary medieval adventure with heroes and a nostalgic arcade and platform game vibe. The more gold you hoard, the more powerful and legendary you become. These newfound powers allow you to perform a series of combos, moves and EXPLOSIVE ROUTINES that will impress friends and foes alike. The slow-motion effect gives you a great advantage, allowing you to shoot fireballs with extreme precision. With Drag'n'Boom's old-school arcade game, you'll combine speed and precision to become a master dragon. So what are you waiting for? It's time to hoard the gold and become the most powerful dragon out there!
Mimpi Dreams

Guide lazy doggy Mimpi in his dreams to become "Superdog", and help him save friends in charming puzzle-platformer, Mimpi Dreams.

Mimpi DreamsDreadlocks Mobile
Mimpi is a canine that enjoys lazing around, but don't be fooled by his laid back nature as he transforms into the ultimate superhero in his dreams. As his trusty sidekick, you must come to his aid and help him navigate the 7 uniquely illustrated worlds he finds himself in. Combining elements of adventure, puzzle and platformer gameplay, Mimpi Dreams is a game that's guaranteed to charm you. Watch as Mimpi traverses through a captivating world and helps save his friends in their time of need. Mimpi Dreams is perfect for those who are in the mood for some light-hearted fun. The game doesn't come with challenges that are too tough to tackle, so you can sit back and have a good time without breaking a sweat. The game is a sequel to the award-winning Mimpi 1, so fans of the original game will find it interesting. The game is scientifically accurate, so it's as if you are taking a peek into what dogs dream about. The casual gameplay incorporates elements of puzzles, platforming, and adventure, making it an exciting experience overall. You get to play through 6 different episodes, which will take you through beautiful worlds like stoneface forest, tesla landscape, bottle seaside, fairytale, medieval castle, and factory. Additionally, there is 1 premium DLC that adds an extra episode where you can enjoy an adventure on Mars. Mimpi Dreams revolves around the dog hero who rescues whoever needs to be rescued in his dreams, such as a lost pirate ship, lab rat who needs to be free, or a princess held captive by a dragon. You can help Mimpi communicate with the creatures in his dreams, solve puzzles and move obstacles to help him get through levels. You are the maker of Mimpi's dreams, so make it count! The game received favorable reviews from critics. Pocket Gamer gave the game an 8/10, stating that it was a joyous experience, while AppSpy appreciated the game's excellent graphics and endearing characters. The game was even selected by The Telegraph for their best mobile game series of 2016 list. If you encounter any issues while playing, do not hesitate to leave feedback at Mimpi Dreams is a delightful game that makes for a perfect pastime. Join Mimpi on his adventures, become a fan of Mimpi on Facebook and stay updated on the latest news.
Helicopter Simulator 2021

Helicopter Simulator 2021SimCopter: a highly detailed rescue helicopter game set in realistic mountain scenery with strict flight controls, dynamic weather and physics.

Helicopter Simulator 2021Thetis Games and Flight Simulators
Experience the thrill of flying and the amazing world of virtual reality all in one exhilarating flight simulator! With Helicopter Simulator 2021 SimCopter, you will learn how to operate a rescue helicopter in the mountains and test your skills in the most challenging weather conditions. Enjoy a highly detailed mountain scenery complete with power plants, airports, cable cars, power lines and hospitals that will leave you in awe! From starting the aircraft to using ropes and flares, our tutorials will guide you all the way to handling real-life situations. Our helicopter was designed based on real-life specifications, where strict adherence to handling and turning on protocols is key. Train your skills on our simulator and become a pro, without the risk of being stuck in real life! Pay attention to the RPM and altitude, as flying a helicopter is unlike anything else you've experienced. Our physics engine is carefully crafted to match real-world physics, ensuring an immersive experience. Test your limits and fly in adverse weather conditions such as storms and low visibility. The perfect flight conditions are waiting for you in the mountains. Becoming a master rescue pilot requires advanced skills and perception, especially when it comes to navigating the mountainous terrain. Incredibly realistic cockpit and controls that interact with the physics engine, generating an unmatched level of flight reality. Using your virtual reality headset, immerse yourself in a breathtaking experience. Fly over mountains, transport passengers, cargo, and trees using your external rope attachment. The weather, wind, and altitude will all impact the behavior of your aircraft. Maintain complete control and fly like a pro! Helicopter Simulator 2021 SimCopter offers a military mission mode complete with a machine gun and a wide range of advanced missions. Explore miles of snow mountains, lakes, desert landscapes, and living scenery complete with cable cars, VIPs, and employees on oil rigs and power plants. Our team of aviation enthusiasts went all out to bring the best experience to life! Get ready for an unforgettable virtual reality journey with Helicopter Simulator 2021 SimCopter, designed to suit both the novice and expert pilots.
Guns and Spurs 2

Guns and Spurs 2 offers a vast open world set in the Old West, allowing players to become bounty hunters, capture outlaws, and participate in various activities and customization options.

Guns and Spurs 2Sakis25
Experience the excitement of the Wild West in Guns and Spurs 2, an open-world shooter game set in the Old West. Take on the role of Jack Lane, a skilled bounty hunter with a thirst for adventure and a reputation to match. He's come to town to make a name for himself by capturing the West's most notorious outlaws and bringing them to justice. Immerse yourself in a vast, open world that boasts stunning natural landscapes like rolling plains, dense forests, majestic mountains, and bustling towns ripe with opportunity. Embark on a journey of epic proportions as you venture out to capture all 33 of the most-wanted criminals in the West. Choose between using your weapons to defend yourself in engaging, tactical firefights, or try your hand with a lasso to capture your enemies. You have the power to decide the fate of your targets – dead or alive. Apart from taking on bounties, the Wild West is rife with other opportunities and activities to explore. Participate in horse races as you gallop across the plains, deliver goods through the rugged terrain, herd cattle through the wilderness, and more. To make things more interesting, you'll come across strangers along your journey. Help them out or brush them off as you see fit, but know that your actions will have consequences. Assuming your role as a bounty hunter comes with other perks, too. Hunt down wildlife and claim their pelts for extra cash. Delve into the cursed skulls scattered throughout the lands and release the ancient curse lingering within. As you go, take the time to customize your character and horse to match your style, with a wide selection of clothes, hats, and horse skins available to use. Whether you're armed with a keyboard or gamepad, the game has got your back. Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the heart of the Wild West, where the excitement never ends. With a minimum of 2GB RAM requirement, get ready to experience the Old West like never before.

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