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Oct 23 - Oct 29 New Games

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SkichSkichfrom Skich app
Sword and Magic World

Embark on an epic journey of conquest in Sword and Magic World, featuring stunning visuals, multiplayer battles, and epic weddings in a world of Western mythology.

Sword and Magic WorldTigon Mobile
Sword and Magic World is a compelling mobile game that takes you on an incredible adventure through a Western fantasy world filled with love and action. The storyline is based on Western mythology and features a world where the divine realm, the main world, and the devildom are all woven together. In Sword and Magic, you will play the role of an elite adventurer who will embark on a quest for conquest with your trusted companions. From traversing different lands to forging friendships with various races and finding your significant other, you'll get to create your own history. The game is all about bravery and romance! HIGHLIGHTS: The visuals in Sword and Magic World are breathtaking. The game immerses you in lifelike 3D graphics complete with dynamic lighting and seamless seasonal transitions. Enjoy panoramic 360° views with quick perspective changes, offering an ultimate visual feast. Embark on a grand adventure with other players as you engage in multiplayer dungeons, take down world bosses, and compete in thrilling 3v3 battles. With your comrades, you can battle together anytime, anywhere. In multiplayer mode, you can compete in 500v500 guild wars that will get your heart pumping. Show off your strategic prowess and teamwork, defeat your opponents, and become the ruler of the continent. Join in on a world of romance and beauty with epic weddings, enchanting carriage rides, and walking down the aisle with the one you love. You'll get to witness your love story come to life in front of others. Sword and Magic World holds the power to captivate and enchant its players.
Art Heist - Escape Room

Track down a thief in an Art Heist themed escape room adventure on a remote island villa. Solve puzzles to recover the stolen painting.

Art Heist - Escape RoomM9 Games
Embark on an intriguing adventure with Art Heist - Escape Room. Unfold the mystery on this rainy night, inside a secluded villa situated on a distant island. During the evening unveiling of a newly found artwork, the unthinkable happens - a theft takes place. Before the culprits flee from the villa, you are invited to participate in the tracking process of the lost painting. However, the villa's lockdown impedes your progress. Fortunately, your expertise in puzzle skills could ease the task of recovering the artwork. Nevertheless, solving the puzzles effectively could be the key to the success of your mission. Assume the challenge of finding the painting, apply your knowledge in escape rooms, hone your puzzle-solving skills, and navigate around the villa through the lockdown. The puzzles are designed to have a logical solution, so take your time to solve them and enjoy the process of understanding what's required. The retrieval of the artwork depends on your capability! Set in an exhilarating 3D environment, Art Heist - Escape Room allows you to scour around and collect items while solving puzzles. You could also collect objects with the help of the inventory. The game has beautifully crafted original adventure graphics, and the immersive ambiance and effects will keep you hooked on the adventure. In particular, the soundtrack and sound effects will add an extra layer of depth to the game. Moreover, the hint system contains puzzle clues, so you could get an idea of the game's trajectory by merely clicking on the light-bulb icon. Unravel the mystery, recover the painting, and have fun while doing so!
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Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPG

Build and upgrade modular spaceships, battle hordes of enemies, and explore different worlds in Stellar Wind Idle Space RPG. MMO space war games at their finest.

Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPGEntropy Games Studio
Stellar Wind Idle Space RPG is a captivating space action game that features buildable spaceships, allowing you to test your fleet command abilities. Immerse yourself in a thrilling science-fiction universe and engage in interstellar battles! For fans of MMO space games, Stellar Wind offers the perfect blend of space combat and sci-fi adventure. In this captivating game, your objective is to navigate a universe in chaos and provide security to Human Cosmos, a task which proves almost impossible. Search for fantastic modules to improve your spaceships while exploring the vastness of space, as the fate of you and your people lie in your capable hands. With the enemy hordes stopping at nothing to defeat you, the stakes have never been higher. Take on various missions in Stellar Wind, including campaigns, expeditions, rifts, and arena battles. Build squadrons to strengthen your fleet and utilize their unique abilities and skills, from torpedoes to other weaponry. Opt for manual or auto-battle mode to get the most out of your fleet command and emerge victorious. Upgrade your spaceships through modules or level them up to increase their strength and merge squadrons to create a more powerful fleet. In this sci-fi game, you'll journey across different worlds to try and restore order and peace to a chaotic galaxy. Stellar Wind Idle Space RPG contains a plethora of features, including a wide range of spaceships with varying strengths and weaknesses, as well as awesome interstellar battles. In addition, the game offers auto-battle and offline progress, campaign maps with a developing storyline, rewards for players, and more for a captivating experience. Install Stellar Wind now and engage in epic battles against the capital ships of your enemies! Harness the power of alternate manual and auto-battle modes to achieve victory in your idle galaxy games. For any queries, contact our support team at
Hero Legacy: Adventure RPG

As the royal child, rebuild your kingdom while challenging your skills and summoning legendary heroes in this fast-paced RPG adventure filled with quests and dragons.

Hero Legacy: Adventure RPGGamesture sp. z o.o.
Greetings, Hero! Thank the divinities, you have come back! The world that once existed has vanished. Estaria is currently being consumed by the powers of corruption. Yet, amid the deepest despair, there is still a glimmer of hope. As the royal child and heir to the throne, you represent the light of the future. This grand adventure is an RPG in nature! Forge your own personal story, where you determine the fate of the hero and release them onto their path in this fantastic setting. Not only does Hero Legacy present an environment of previous-style roleplaying, but it also integrates modern creative techniques in mobile gaming. The pacing is fast but based on an enthralling expedition with several intricacies. Along the way, the hero will encounter individuals in need, making the adventure full of quests and side quests, often scrutinizing your abilities. But don't fret, as you won't be on this expedition alone. Reveal the links between the past and summon the ancestors- renowned characters that will be your steadfast sidekicks, friends, and family. You will meet characters like Tallan- The Nomad, a traveling prankster who conjures new fables everywhere he goes. Alternatively, Pyria-The Firebug is as warm as a campfire and as annihilating as a firestorm- a pure embodiment of her essence. Additionally, Kiana-The Knight of Gaia, fortunate enough for unwavering strength and as unwavering as the earth itself. The further you progress, the more companions you will encounter. Estaria is laden with magic. Once governed by the dragons- an intelligent and dignified breed. Humans now hold power, but this land is teeming with numerous secrets, concealed valuables, and age-old magic, all waiting to be rediscovered. Are you curious enough to solve the mysteries of this world? Within this open world of adventure and mysteries, immerse yourself in a vibrant world of rich sound, music, and colorful visuals. The hero moves through a hexagonal map with unique surroundings and hidden pathways. Not only should you keep your mind and eyes open, but you also have to be a determined adventurer, as this adventure game affords you an open world and all the challenges that come with it. Let's not be concerned, for the ultimate expedition won't be impossible. Since you'll be able to tag along with a powerful dragon and journey on its back! Each legendary character possesses their own element, which serves as the basis of their power. Your companions vary not only in personality and type of magic they can provide you with, but each of them also imparts their extraordinary talents to you during battle. Before engaging in battle, you will have to wisely choose your party members, considering the type of the forthcoming challenge. As a royal descendant, you will rebuild the kingdom. You'll run into several ingredients and resources during your travels that will help you recover the magnificence of your native land. Initially, you will take care of your populace, and then they will take care of you. This is the trait of a good leader. Amid your adventures, you will be able to go back to a fantasy city, which will be your place to unwind, cultivate, and care for- it will become your home. Many challenges are waiting for you, brave Hero! However, remember one thing. This is your time. The time has come for you to recapture your legacy! Visit For customer support, send an email to
Reverse: 1999

Reverse: 1999 is a time-travel RPG. As the Timekeeper, you must save Arcanists from being "sifted out" of time, while uncovering the mystery of the year 1999.

Reverse: 1999Bluepoch Co.,Ltd.
Reverse is a captivating 20th Century Time-Travel RPG game developed by Bluepoch. Set in a world where the "Storm" has thrown everything into chaos on the last day of 1999, you become an observer of different ages as the Timekeeper. With Sonetto, a strong Arcanist in your team, you travel through time after each "Storm" to rescue the Arcanists from different parts of the timeline. The game has unique visuals that blend Pop Art and classical oil painting. You can meet various Arcanists from different regions and times, and a cast of diverse voice actors brings the story to life. This game is a thrilling journey across time, taking you from the Roaring 20s to the millennium's turn, on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the "Storm" and the year 1999. These adventures include spellcasting and combat that make for an immersive gameplay experience. Join the Reverse community on Discord, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Time waits for no one - start your Reverse adventure today.
The Birdcage 3

Embark on a puzzling adventure in "The Birdcage 3 - Untold Tales," explore four unique worlds, and uncover hidden clues to set the birds free.

The Birdcage 3MOBIPLAY OU
Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of "The Birdcage 3 - Untold Tales," the latest addition to the popular puzzle/adventure series! Prepare to be challenged by a myriad of mind-bending puzzles that will test your intelligence as you progress through the game. You'll need to use your problem-solving skills to solve intricate riddles, crack codes, and sharpen your wits to gain your freedom and set the trapped birds free. You'll explore four unique, captivating worlds, each with its own atmosphere and avian companion that you'll encounter along the way. From the stunning tesla-inspired domain with the majestic gyrfalcon to the mystic Egyptian world inhabited by proud falcons, the steampunk universe with the clever crow, and the futuristic cyberpunk dimension led by the wise owl - each world is diverse and thrilling, promising you a unique experience. Pay close attention to your surroundings and examine every detail carefully to uncover hidden clues and hints that will guide you in your quest for freedom. By unraveling the secrets of each level, you will reveal untold tales and unlock even more enchanting stories about the fascinating birdcage universe. The attention to detail is not limited to the game's puzzles and intriguing storyline. You will also gaze in wonder at the stunning hand-crafted visuals that bring each unique world to life. So, will you take on the challenge and become the hero who saves the trapped birds? Embark on an unforgettable adventure in "The Birdcage 3 - Untold Tales" today. Download now and become part of a journey filled with wonder, mystery, and excitement. Unleash your inner adventurer and set the birds free!
Slayaway Camp 2 Netflix & Kill

Netflix's horror game sequel: Slayaway Camp, Butcher's Cut. Solve puzzles, stalk and finish off victims, collect special weapons. Retro-horror world awaits.

Slayaway Camp 2 Netflix & KillNetflix, Inc.
Get ready to enter the world of Skullface, the most violent killer in Slayaway Camp, in this gripping sequel, exclusively available for members of Netflix. Immerse yourself in a retro horror movie catalog where you solve intricate puzzles, stalk your victims, and end things with a deadly stab. Trapped within a familiar streaming service, Skullface has access to hundreds of potential victims across different classic movie genres. It's up to you to take control and decapitate them all. Pick from a host of horror monsters like the Killer Fridge, Demon Doll, or the iconic Gourd Head. Step into their shoes and perfect the art of horror. Move through sliding block logic puzzles, locate hiding spots, collect special weapons, and unleash gruesome finishers to elevate your kills and increase your score. The better your strategy, the higher your creative kills and ratings. Ramp up your star ratings to unlock new genres of movies, settings, monsters and stunts to expand your horror universe. Take on unique streaming content categories such as "Dark Violent Family Comedies," "Law Enforcement Laughs," or "Long, Overly Literal Titles" and showcase your genre-specific slaughter. Collect hidden weapons to unlock new executioners whose devastating special moves bring even more gore and mayhem to your gameplay. Embark on this funny tribute to ‘80s horror created by Blue Wizard Digital and challenge yourself to outwit, overwhelm and outperform your enemies!
Turbo Tornado: Open World Race

Create your own unique vehicle, race, and explore the vast open world map while showcasing skills with breathtaking drifts in Turbo Tornado: Open World Race.

Turbo Tornado: Open World RaceGRAYPOW
Turbo Tornado: Open World Race is the ultimate game for racing enthusiasts who want to boost their adrenaline levels with fast-paced action. With this game, you have the chance to create your very own unique vehicle and roam the vast open-world map filled with endless roads and hidden areas. Whether online or offline, you can race endlessly through the city, leaving your rivals behind in the dust. The game is designed with speed and drift in mind, so be prepared to take corners skilfully and showcase your skills with breathtaking drifts. The exhilarating night races in an underground atmosphere are the epitome of speed and excitement. The console and PC-quality graphics are unparalleled, offering maximum details and mesmerizing visuals that will leave you in awe. Customize your dream racing car, right down to the smallest detail. There are various types of vehicles to choose from, including trucks, racing motorcycles, helicopters, and hundreds of custom-made open-world cars. Turbo Tornado: Open World Race offers an unforgettable racing experience that outshines all other open-world racing games with its endless gameplay feature. Every week, the developers read and implement feedback, making the game better and more exciting for racers. If you're ready for a fast-paced and action-packed journey through the city filled with customizable vehicles, police chases, drift skills, and captivating open-world maps, then be sure to join Turbo Tornado: Open World Race. To be the champion in this Unbound City, you'll need all the speed you can get!

Save Funtasia's furry inhabitants from annihilation via 10 fantastical side-scrolling races; master 40 cars and defeat bosses in this fast-paced, challenging 2D racer.

FuntasiaFreedom Games, LLC
Come join the furry inhabitants of Funtasia and drive as fast as you can to save their beautiful world from the apocalyptic wave of garbage that threatens to destroy it. Funtasia, a side-scrolling, 2D racing game, is all about timing and balance. With 10 fantastical tracks, you'll need to navigate through hills, pits, bridges, quicksand, cliffs, and caves to reach the finish line. Be sure not to meet hard surfaces face-first at a hundred KPH, as the car battery isn't known for its lifespan, but who needs breaks anyway? Funtasia is simple to pick up and play, yet challenging to truly master. With 40 different cars each with their own performance, challenges, and idiosyncrasies, there's always something new to discover. Endure boss fights with foes that are twisted and dastardly, and brave the Furry Road either alone or with a friend in Cooperative or Challenge modes. Claim the top spot in the online leaderboards and challenge players across the world in this exciting game that's all about going really, really fast. Experience the fanciful art style by Italian artist Emanuele Olives, drawing inspiration from Heinz Edelmann's work on Adventure Time and Troma. Don't wait, gear up and get ready to race to save Funtasia!
Lemuria - Rise of the Delca

Rally an elite team, venture into Lemuria, and restore peace. Enjoy real-time battles, gather heroes, perfect equipment, and conquer all.

Lemuria - Rise of the DelcaDroidHen
Lemuria, once a mysterious continent, is engulfed in darkness and war. As the fabled savior of this lost civilization, your quest is to journey into a mysterious world, face formidable foes, and bring peace back to the land. Gather a team of elite heroes and begin a legendary journey that will go down in history! Explore the vast world map of Lemuria, filled with endless stories and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. From treacherous dungeons to intricate puzzles, your journey takes you on a linear path through these challenges, leading to the final spark of hope. Will you be the one to weave together the epic saga and restore peace to the land? Real-time battles are the ultimate test of your skills, requiring strategic team formations and the ability to unleash ultimate abilities. Over 30 challenging bosses are entrenched across Lemuria, waiting to be defeated by the first person to seize the opportunity. Will you be that person and earn a place on the Pioneer Monument? With 12 powerful Hero Races and hundreds of cards at your disposal, you have the power to assemble the ultimate team and customize your own dream troops. Use the different sources of power - Nomimos, Chaodis, Avyssos, and Theios - to create the perfectly balanced lineup. Even the most unbeatable BOSS won't stand a chance against your unstoppable team! Test your luck by PERFECTing the hundreds of equipment available in the game, each with unique Perfection stats. Pursue the ultimate ancient Artifacts, which offer their own unique skills to implement different battle styles. Devise the best combination to maximize the power of each Artifact and become invincible! Take your skills to the global Arena and battle against real players worldwide. Climbing the leaderboard and claiming the CHAMPION throne requires skill, strategy, and strength. Face off against like-minded comrades to take on challenges and power up by constructing Guild Tech. The uncharted Outlands await you and your guildmates to explore and conquer! Respected chosen one, the time is now to build your own legend and bring peace back to Lemuria. Come venture into the unknown and beyond, and ignite the final spark of hope in this epic journey!
NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition

NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition brings endless possibilities with iconic brands, NBA Legends, and fantasy team challenges, plus online multiplayer and cross-platform gameplay.

NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition2K
Experience new and exciting ways to play NBA 2K, whether you're at home or on the go, with the newest addition to the Apple Arcade. Be a basketball superstar with MyCAREER mode, where you can garner fans and unlock endorsements from big brands like Nike, Jordan, and Adidas. Gather NBA Legends and join your streetball team to earn VCs, which you can use to buy items like shoes, tattoos, accessories, and outfits. Try the latest fantasy team challenge and compete against other GOAT squads with the best of NBA Superstars and Legends. You can even put your head coach skills to the test with SimCast Live in Association mode. Not only can you simulate the season with NBA Today or spectate in the courtside view, but you can also customize your indoor MyCOURT with your own style. Invite your friends to see how great you are! NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition provides you with MyCAREER and multiple game modes like The Association, Quick Match Modes, and Online Multiplayer mode. Play with friends via iCloud on Apple TV, Mac, iPhone, and iPad, or cross platforms with Xbox and PS DualShock controllers. Authentic basketball gameplay experience is what awaits you in NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition. Do Not sell your Personal Information:
LYSSA: Goddess of Rage

LYSSA: Goddess of Rage - Turn-based strategy RPG with action, battle, and turn-based roleplaying genre, epic hero combinations, guild battles, and PVP. Evolve your heroes and commander for victory!

LYSSA: Goddess of Rage is an exceptional turn-based strategy RPG that efficiently combines action, tactics, battle RPG, and turn-based roleplaying games. The game offers a terrific experience in the Massively Online Role-Playing Games universe, perfect for challenging mobile gamers worldwide. Crush your enemies in battle arenas and prove yourself worthy of ascending to the top. This game is designed to change the way you think about RPG games in general. There are multiple battlefields with random obstacles in the game. You will have to deal with diverse heroes attempting to exploit their unique bonuses to enhance your strategy skills. Players can explore the map, defeat mighty bosses, build their storylines, accept and start quests, and embark on an epic journey. All you need to lead your party to victory is to assemble your forces and hone your party’s skills while adopting a winnable strategy. LYSSA offers hundreds of characters with unique and diverse abilities. You can evolve these characters and upgrade their weapons and skills to strengthen your team and increase your chances of success. You can enjoy planning your attack and defense strategies, even though powerful heroes alone cannot guarantee your success. Line up thousands of card combinations and use your intelligence, tactics, brute force, and slay your enemies. Join forces with other players in guilds to crush your opponents and defeat their bosses for an incredible reward undermining the strongest among your guildmates and earning yourself the victor's crown. You can also evolve your Commander to improve their appearance and abilities and combine them with your battle deck of heroes. LYSSA: Goddess of Rage is a free game designed with an innovative turn-based strategy that combines Idle RPG mechanics for an exciting adventure of epic proportions. You can challenge other players from around the globe, join guilds, level up your heroes, and come up with a perfect strategy to stay unbeatable. The game features gorgeous graphics and a wide range of locations, where players can engage in real-time PVP play and be afk at any given moment. The game includes dozens of war heroes for infinite battle combinations, epic Commanders with unique battle skills, and many ways to evolve mighty heroes. There's single-player campaign game mode with an incredible story across the realm, a true hero’s journey, and Turf Wars, where your guild alliance fights using their troops against opponents to gain the most valuable territories. In LYSSA: Goddess of Rage, you can receive Epic and Legendary Chests, recruit and evolve new battle Heroes, gather your party together, and clash with other players in PVP battles. By joining the strongest Guild Alliance, you can become everyone's most formidable opponent. You can download LYSSA: Goddess of Rage for free, but certain in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you prefer not to buy, please set up password protection for purchases in your Google Play Store app settings. Finally, note that the game requires a network connection at all times. In case of any problems while playing, you can contact the LYSSA support team in-game by going to Settings > Support.

Persephone: Complete Edition with 100+ puzzles! Use death to solve puzzles and explore 10 enchanting environments with unique mechanisms.

PersephoneCriss Cross Games
Unleash your puzzle-solving skills with the new Persephone Complete Edition, providing you with over 100 levels contained in ten captivating chapters. With the whole story of Persephone, Demeter, and Hades enclosed, there is plenty to explore. Persephone presents an intriguing possibility that death may not be an end, but rather a means of resolving puzzles. How, when, and where you decide to die influence your progress in the game. Be awed by ten different environments and over 100 puzzles, each designed with its unique intricacies. Delve into a magical world empowered by stunning graphics and melodious tunes that will wrap you up in excitement.
Ghost Case

Ren Larsen reopens a 20-year-old cold case after receiving messages from the afterlife. Help him solve the mystery in Hidden Town and uncover the murderer's identity.

Ghost CaseDark Dome
Hidden Town witnessed a gruesome murder 20 years ago that remained unsolved. The restless souls of the victims are contacting detective Ren Larsen from beyond the grave for justice. Ren has an unsettling feeling but chooses to reopen the case to discover the truth. Are you ready to assist him in solving this mystifying case in The Ghost Case- the fourth game in the Hidden Town escape game series? You will traverse different parts of Hidden Town, investigate and search for leads that will provide insight into the killer's identity. Interrogate various suspects to uncover the murderer's trail The Hidden Town games can be played in any sequence, and there are interconnections that will lead you down various paths until you have unraveled HiddenTown's mysteries. The story in The Ghost Case has direct ties to The Girl in the Window, followed by Haunted Laia. - What to expect in The Ghost Case: The game provides a map that allows you to explore various points in Hidden Town, including the house where the murder occurred, the asylum, the cemetery, the police station, the magic shop, and Mia and Dan's friend's homes. Discover many brain teasers, puzzles and clues to help you solve the puzzle. Get enthralled by an interactive narrative that will make your heart race as you push your detective skills beyond their limits to unravel the case's mysteries. Grim, detailed art with an excellent assortment of music, generates a chilling thriller ambiance. Your decision-making skills will determine which of the two different endings you will receive. Alternative achievement seekers have an additional challenge of locating all nine hidden owls scattered throughout the game- they are tucked away in unexpected places. Suppose you require assistance at any point throughout the game. In that case, a detailed hint system will guide you along your journey. - Premium version: The Hidden Town Premium Version contains exciting, additional puzzles and clues related to Hidden Town's side story, letting you in on another thrilling adventure. Additionally, purchasing the premium version removes all advertisements in the game while still granting players access to all the hints directly. - How to play: Like classic point-and-click games, tap different objects and characters to interact with them. Combine inventory items to create new items that will assist you in continuing your adventure. Solve puzzles, riddles and put your wit to the test. You can immerse yourself in the mysterious stories provided by the Dark Dome escape games, unraveling Hidden Town's many secrets. But beware, there are still many more enigmas to solve. Learn more about Dark Dome at, and stay updated by following them on Twitter @dark_dome.
Real Car Racing Simulator

Drift on Asphalt: Real Car Racing Simulator - the ultimate mobile driving game. Ignite your nitro boost and dominate the world of street racing like never before.

Real Car Racing SimulatorViva Games Studios
Get ready for the ultimate drifting experience with Real Car Racing Simulator, the pinnacle of mobile driving games. Immerse yourself in the thrilling sensation of drifting as you feel the asphalt beneath your wheels. Unleash your passion and dominate the world of street racing in this adrenaline-fueled game. Designed for adrenaline seekers, Real Car Racing Simulator allows you to showcase your drifting skills on challenging asphalt roads. With the aim of turning you into a true drift master, this game will push you to the limits of your abilities. Experience the true essence of street racing as you take control of authentic, high-performance vehicles in asphalt circuits. From sleek sports cars to powerful muscle cars, each vehicle is meticulously modeled to ensure an unparalleled gaming experience. Adrenaline junkies won't be disappointed with the nitro boost feature, where you will feel the surge of acceleration as you activate your nitro boost. Unlock upgrades for your car to increase your speed limits and gain an edge over your competitors. Strategically utilize your nitro boost to ensure victory in races. Real Car Racing Simulator puts you in the heart of the underground street racing scene like no other driving game. Take on challenging missions, rise through the ranks and establish yourself as the ultimate street racing champion. Dominate the world of street racing, showcasing your unparalleled skills. Join Real Car Racing Simulator now and get ready to power your nitro, unleash your inner street racer, and take your drifting skills to the next level. Get ready to enjoy the most exciting of driving games and dominate the world of street racing like never before.
Project MOLD: Roguelike ARPG

Project MOLD: a unique mobile sci-fi Roguelike ARPG, combat mysterious contamination and upgrade your character with distinct levels of difficulty.

Project MOLD: Roguelike ARPGLagrange Studios
Experience the ultimate science-fiction adventure with Project MOLD - the cutting-edge Roguelike ARPG game that promises an unparalleled mobile gaming experience. Embark on an enthralling journey as you combat mysterious contamination and master an array of potentially infinite game difficulties. Immerse yourself in a deep world characterized by exceptional mobile graphics with a futuristic flair and a grim dark ambiance. Engage in rapid action combat and explore infinitely generated playable levels with limitless game difficulties that challenge your mastery. Be on the lookout for a unique cast of menacing enemies that you must defeat using a diverse array of weapons and abilities. Tweak your character to optimize their performance as you experiment with unique weapons and abilities. Unlock potent new skills that will help you master rapid combat and select from various special abilities. Explore unique melee and ranged weapons and discover powerful gear to slash through hordes of infected. Enhance your gear's potential through the upgrade system and equip extraordinary items imbued with unique powers. Collect loot to improve your gear and complete various tasks to weaken the mysterious enemy and slow its growth. Infiltrate ships made out of concrete that have been taken over by the enemy and became its neurons. You'll use a diverse arsenal of weapons, abilities, and upgrades to battle your way through these hostile territories, but you must be prepared for brutal melee combat as your ammunition is limited. Make the most of the options available in the latest features, including the ability to revive once per Campaign without using currency, speed up the Modules fusing process, and info about collected loot & equipped modules on the death screen. Enhance your experience further with exciting new character upgrades, and accomplish unique tasks to earn better rewards. But beware- the enigmatic Mold is relentless in its quest to consume humanity, and you must do everything in your power to stop it before it's too late. Are you up for the challenge? Play Project MOLD now and find out!

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