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Oct 2-8, 2023 New games

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Legends of Valkyries

Legends of ValkyriesELIGHT GAMES
Loot Heroes: Fantasy co-op RPG

Loot Heroes: an exciting co-op RPG where you team up to fight evil, collect loot, customize characters, and explore beautiful hand-crafted levels.

Loot Heroes: Fantasy co-op RPGTap Anywhere
Are you ready to team up with your friends and fight against evil in this Co-op RPG game, Loot Heroes? The world has been wrecked by a rift, and menacing creatures have taken over. You need to explore the dungeons and forests, vanquish monsters, and collect loot to upgrade your weapons and abilities. Discover various heroes, each with unique super abilities, perks, and gadgets, and acquire distinctive skins to differentiate yourself. You can join your friends on an adventure to get more loot. Furthermore, there are limited time special PvE game modes. Explore a beautifully crafted world filled with unique places, fight your way through hand-crafted levels filled with opponents in each area to reach the final boss. Unlock new heroes with custom move and attack patterns, choose from many options such as swords master, archer, mage, mechanican, supporter, and many more. Also, choose from dozens of unique and powerful perks, which will make your hero progressively stronger. Level up and equip powerful equipment providing permanent stat bonuses. Collect and upgrade a wide range of heroes with powerful Super abilities, Perks, and Loot. Look out for new Heroes, levels, perks, game modes, and much more that the game has in store for you in future updates. Join the Loot Heroes RPG Community on Facebook and connect with us to learn about the game's latest news. Remember, this game is free-to-play, but there are optional in-game purchases available, and an internet connection is required to play the game.
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Battle of Kingdoms

Battle of Kingdoms is a free historical auto-chess and card collecting game. Battle through 16 different nations' history in 400+ missions and compete in PVP and co-op modes. Optional NFTs available.

Battle of Kingdoms5x5 Gaming Inc
Enter into the world of Battle of Kingdoms where you can enjoy the thrill of a free-to-play, strategy-based game that offers an amalgamation of the most excellent features of Auto-Chess and Card Collecting Games, complemented with the element of historical events to play, collect, and battle without having to spend a penny. Journey through time and conquer history, spanning over 400 missions to triumph over the actual records of 16 diverse countries, including Rome, Britain, Egypt, Ottoman Empire, Russia, Mayan, Incan, and many more. Team up with other players in various multiplayer modes, such as 2v2, 4v4, and 8v8 team or free-for-all matches, to show off your tactics and lead your force into PvP combat. Create or join a guild, and work towards securing the top spot on the leaderboard. Earn more currency and cards to unlock new options and features. As you progress, fine-tune your cards and tokens with completely optional NFTs, if you choose to, without the compulsion of having them to advance in the game. Play your way, collect your cards, and battle as you rise to be the ultimate ruler of history.
Dark Forest Survivor

Survive a plane crash in an eerie forest, gather resources, repair your plane and escape in "Dark Forest Survivor".

Dark Forest SurvivorKetchapp
Step into an enthralling adventure into the heart of the unknown with the game "Dark Forest Survivor." Shaken by a traumatic plane accident, you must fight to survive in a haunting forest. Traversing through the mysterious landscape, search for valuable resources and erect a safe retreat, all while facing the reality that the darkness is not just a danger but a deadly entity that looms at every turn. Your chief objective is to repair your partially destroyed plane and depart from the unforgiving woodland. Every move you make, whether it be gathering supplies, reinforcing your shelter, or improving your own abilities, can change the balance between living and succumbing to the unending night. In the midst of the omnipresent darkness, sources of light are your hope of survival, repelling the unyielding obscurity that desires your demise. Your shelter isn't just a refuge, it is evidence of your indomitable passion to conquer the unfamiliar. Challenge yourself with the intricate difficulties of "Dark Forest Survivor" as you develop your survival expertise and boost your skill set. Will you be able to overcome the perilous forest, mend your plane, and become the valiant conqueror of this enigmatic journey? The fate of your success summons you from the depths of the dark forest.
Laqueus Escape 2

Escape the facility again by solving puzzles and challenges in this mysterious game. Will it be easier this time? Find out!

Laqueus Escape 2SmartCode
Have you ever found yourself in a mysterious facility, not knowing how or when you arrived there? If you have, then you know the challenge that awaits you: finding your way out. But fear not, because this time around, the journey will be somewhat less strenuous than before. Or will it? You won't know unless you give it a try. Prepare yourselves for a thrilling adventure filled with mind-bending puzzles and various challenges. As you enter this strange facility once again, you must gather your wits and steel yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. Prepare for the unexpected, for every step you take might lead you closer to your goal, or further away from it. The facility is riddled with traps and obstacles that will test your skills and endurance. But do not despair, for with enough persistence and intelligence, you will overcome every challenge that comes your way. Get ready to embark on an adventure unlike any you've experienced before. Explore the bizarre and perplexing environment the facility has in store for you. The journey may not be easy, but the sense of accomplishment you'll feel upon completion will be well worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Step into the facility and let the challenges commence!
Bamboo Warrior: Action Game

Lead the resistance in WW2 Southeast Asia as a bamboo warrior with progressive skills, exclusive equipment, and challenging levels. Immerse in epic narrative.

Bamboo Warrior: Action GameLeolit Games
Introducing the exhilarating top-down tactical action game, Bamboo Warrior, now available on the Play Store! This thrilling game takes you on a captivating adventure set in Southeast Asia during World War 2, where you will lead a courageous bamboo warrior in fighting against oppressive invaders. 🌿 Game Genre: Action, Tactical, Top-Down 🎮 Art Style: Immerse yourself in stunning pixel art graphics and experience realistic gore effects. 📜 Storyline: Immerse yourself in the rich historical backdrop of World War 2 in Southeast Asia as you collaborate with government leaders to take on the invaders. Join the heart-stirring resistance led by the brave bamboo warrior and alter the course of history forever. 🎯 Exciting Features: 🏞️ Challenging Levels: Navigate through challenging difficulty levels and make use of interactive objects within the environment. Eliminate your enemies creatively and strategically using your surroundings. 🔥 Progressive Skills: Upgrade your bamboo warrior's abilities by obtaining new skills as you progress through the game. Develop your tactical gaming style and adapt your skills to conquer each unique combat scenario. 🛡️ Exclusive Equipment: Collect an impressive array of bamboo weaponry and masks, each with their own unique status effects. Create customized equipment combinations suited to your preferred battlefield strategy, and defeat your foes in style. 🌏 Epic Narrative: Immerse yourself in an emotional and captivating storyline, inspired by actual events from World War 2 in Southeast Asia. Witness character development and follow a gripping narrative that will draw you into the game completely. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience in Bamboo Warrior, an exciting amalgamation of top-down tactical action, stunning pixel art graphics, and an epic storyline that will have you at the edge of your seat. Download now and join the bamboo warrior in leading a resistance that will be talked about for generations to come!
Survivor Island-Idle Game

Survive and thrive on a misty island by balancing resources and building, rescuing and assigning survivors, and defending against danger.

Survivor Island-Idle GameLongames
Get ready to experience a simple yet challenging game of survival. Build up your island by crafting primitive tools to keep your survivors alive and develop your own territory. The key is to keep your inhabitants from starving and ensuring the bonfire burns to dispel the fog, preventing sickness from spreading. Nighttime can be dangerous, so make sure to work hard during the day to fix the ship and get out of this strange place. Enter the world of a party of adventurers who were washed ashore on a misty island by a great wave. The island is full of dangerous and strange flora and fauna, but they discovered a dilapidated ship, which they use as their base camp. Their goal: gather more survivors to work together to repair the ship and leave this weird place. This unique game offers a combination of SIM and survival elements, challenging players to balance resources while developing their island. Rescue survivors and assign them to various tasks, build towers and train soldiers, and defend against danger. Your creativity is essential as you have free placements to plan your home and can explore the map and challenge different living environments. With simple, easy graphics presented in a 3D style, players get to enjoy the game's idle and offline modes. If you love strategy and survival games, this game is perfect for you! Play and enjoy this brand new survival simulation game now!
Red Ronin

Red Ronin: A turn-based, fast-paced tactical game where a bloodthirsty Ronin and her robot companion embark on a vengeful journey.

Red RoninWired Dreams Studio
Are you ready to eliminate them all, one by one and turn by turn? In Red Ronin, you become a bloodthirsty warrior seeking revenge with her companion bot in this fast-paced dash n' slash, turn-based tactical game. After being betrayed by her former team, Red sets off on a non-stop revenge journey, taking out anyone who left her behind. With five hours of turn-based combat spread over numerous handcrafted levels, Red Ronin features a unique combat system and open-ended puzzles, all while unraveling Red's gripping revenge plot. Whether you choose to think strategically before making your move or slash everything in your path, the choice is all yours!
Craft Factory Simulator 3d

Craft Factory Simulator 3d is a 3D first-person simulator where you search, mine and craft resources to build your own automation empire.

Craft Factory Simulator 3dVolihan Games
Immerse yourself in the world of automation and production with Craft Factory Simulator 3d - an engaging 3D first-person simulator. Boasting stunning graphics, this game offers a unique crafting production and factory-building experience. Your mission is to gather and mine a plethora of resources, including coal, iron, copper, and stone, among others, which you will use to fashion new materials and construct your own factory. You can expand your empire by creating new Mines, Smelters, and Constructors and automating your factory with help from conveyors, as this is a Factory Simulator 3d, after all. Drawing inspiration from popular games like Satisfactory and Factorio, Craft Factory Simulator 3d employs a first-person camera simulation and construction mechanics from Satisfactory, as well as coal mining and utilization from Factorio in the form of energy for buildings. As you make progress, you will obtain new building and resource blueprints by completing tasks and earn the opportunity to construct colossal structures akin to those in Satisfactory. With your own self-sufficient production on your phone, you can connect power lines between your buildings to further improve your output. It's important to note that Craft Factory Simulator 3d is not a clone of Satisfactory or any other famous games; the developer only took inspiration from these titles to create a unique experience. The game is being developed by one person and is still in progress. Please direct any bug and error reports to
Ship Simulator

Build a nuclear power plant in a remote province with challenging infrastructure while managing cargo deliveries on your fleet. Can you succeed? Ship Simulator awaits!

Ship SimulatorAzur Interactive Games Limited
Are you up for the challenge of building a nuclear power plant in a remote location surrounded by nothing but swamps and rivers? You will need to take command of an old tugboat, modify mining complexes and industries, transfer resources between them and help to support their work. Purchase new vehicles and develop the industry, all with the ultimate goal of building a nuclear power plant. Get ready for an exciting ship captain simulation game where you will be tasked with delivering various types of cargo including machinery, building materials, and equipment for light and heavy industry. Building a nuclear power plant is extremely hard and expensive, so you will need to upgrade your fleet and production complexes along the way. The game offers an impressive range of ships that have been recreated according to real designs. Take on varying difficulty routes and earn money to add new ships to your fleet. Modify your ships to withstand challenging routes and earn even more money. You can discover the entire fleet of vehicles, from an old tugboat to the most famous ships of the 20th century. The game boasts advanced ship management and an improved ship improvement system that allows for addictive gameplay and an immersive experience. The stylized 2D graphics change dynamically with the weather conditions. Travel through numerous locations, which include swamps, plains, forests, mountains, and much more. Join the Ship Simulator community now! Download and start playing the game to experience the excitement of loading barges, choosing destinations, and setting off to conquer the waves. Connect with other players and keep up to date with all the latest game news on our social media platforms, including VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
Zombie State: Rogue-like FPS

Unleash abilities & gear to fight hordes of mutant zombies and uncover post-apocalyptic mysteries in Zombie State: Survival Game.

Zombie State: Rogue-like FPSMY.GAMES B.V.
Get your adrenaline pumping with this thrilling new zombie shooter adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world. Enter a world full of zombies and get ready for exciting battles. Dive into a unique blend of first-person shooter and rogue-like gameplay by unleashing each character's individual skills and abilities that perfectly complement their unique skillset. Strategize by using different ability combinations to grow stronger, turn the tide against the zombie hordes and emerge victorious. Unlock a vast collection of powerful weapons and exclusive gear by completing missions. Choose wisely to boost your hero’s strength and remain the ultimate survivor. Explore a world full of horrifying mutated zombies, each with their own weaknesses and unique characteristics. Study their habits and carefully plan your attack to avoid getting struck down by boss monsters. Experience the thrill of traversing various locations plagued by zombies with diverse settings and gameplay modes – each level presents an exciting new challenge to overcome. Uncover the mysteries of this post-apocalyptic world as you battle your way through hordes of zombies. Take on new challenges to reveal the secrets behind the apocalypse. Get social and join the official Facebook page or Discord server to stay updated on the latest news and developments. Visit the official YouTube channel for exciting gameplay trailers and videos. Don't wait – embark on this adventure and fight for your survival in this thrilling game brought to you by MY.GAMES B.V.
The Wreck

In The Wreck, guide Junon through her most important day; relive the past, alter the present, and embrace the future.

The WreckThe Pixel Hunt
Embark on a journey with Junon, a failed screenwriter in The Wreck - a captivating 3D visual novel where you are the master of her fate. In this game, you get to play a crucial role in helping Junon through the most significant day of her life fraught with challenges. Junon's life is in turmoil, her career is in shambles, her personal life is falling apart, while she's emotionally numb. On top of that, an emergency call from the hospital about her estranged mother's critical condition brings everything to a head, making this day all the more critical for Junon. Without your help, her story may turn from a dramatic arc to a catastrophic crash. Take a dive into Junon's past and relive her most poignant memories, including a tragic secret that lies at the centre of her existence. Piece together the fragments of her life, gain an understanding of her trauma, and use this knowledge to alter the present and change the course of her life. Unlock new dialogue options, mend broken relationships, and offer her a chance to heal. With nowhere lower to go, you can bring Junon superb peace and show her the beauty, humor, and hope that life's bleakest days can often hold. Help her find solace within herself and embrace the future with a newfound optimism, paving the way for a better tomorrow. The Wreck is an emotional and compelling tale of human resilience; experience it for yourself today.
The Ants: Reborn

Lead ant tribes to fight Deathroot Tribe, rebuild Anthill, recruit heroes, form alliances, and explore the continent in Ant Kingdom.

The Ants: RebornStarFortune
The Ant Kingdom is under attack by the Deathroot Tribe, leaving our ant inhabitants to flee from their homes and find refuge in secret shelters across the continent. Despite the dire circumstances, hope still lingers within the Ant Kingdom as the princess and many Heroes band together to fight for the revival of their kingdom. As a Lord on the continent, you have the opportunity to contribute your strength and aid in the Ant Kingdom's plight. Embark on a journey to build your Anthill and explore the treacherous underground world for the sake of survival. The Anthill will serve as your base and the center of your operations as you work to restore the glory of the Ant Kingdom. The construction of your Anthill necessitates labor and an army of mighty troops for battles, which Heroes can lead. These Heroes specialize in various skills to increase the efficiency of your worker ants and lead your soldier ants to victory, and it is imperative to upgrade and arrange them in a strategic manner for swift Anthill development. Once your Anthill reaches stability, it's time to venture outside for more resources to expand your power. However, you must take caution in the face of the dangerous Deathroot Tribe and lead your ant troops into battle to gain control over their territory. Useful allies are also essential to surviving in this perilous continent, so form alliances with fellow Lords to aid one another in growing stronger and resisting the Deathroot Tribe's onslaught. The Ant Kingdom is counting on you, Lord, to be their last hope for revival. Are you ready to lead your ants to reclaim their home and glory? Join the fight on the official FaceBook Fan Page or participate in the community on the official Discord Server. Your privacy is important; please read about it on the Privacy Policy on the website.
Strange Hill

Strange Hill City: Unravel the mysteries of Dr. Wood & Gloria using your puzzle-solving skills. Make friends with unique creatures and explore the open world environment.

Strange HillPAGA GAMES
Embark on an exciting adventure in Strange Hill City, a distinctive universe filled with unique creatures and enigmatic characters. This third-person adventure thriller offers an open world for exploration and interactive elements to keep you engaged throughout the game. As you venture through Strange Hill City, you'll uncover a multitude of secrets and mysteries waiting to be solved. The suspicious Dr. Wood and his assistant, Gloria, are two major figures whose secrets you'll need to unlock to progress in the game. But to do so, you'll need to complete quests and solve puzzles scattered throughout the environment. You'll meet and befriend a robot called Ben, and Howard the hopper will become your loyal companion on this thrilling quest. As you traverse the city, you'll encounter many intriguing denizens ready to offer exciting tasks, each with their unique history and destiny. But that's not all. The game is filled with a myriad of puzzles and easter eggs, each bringing immense pleasure and rewarding surprises when you discover them. Delve deep into the universe and unlock the mystery of Dr. Wood while resolving conflicts and exploring new worlds. The game receives regular updates and extensions that introduce new enhancements, refine your interactions, and add fresh levels and mysteries to keep you engaged. While the game is free to play, you can acquire items and skills with real money purchases to facilitate your journey and introduce exhilarating elements. Get lost in Strange Hill City and experience an unforgettable adventure filled with intrigue, secrets, and unexpected discoveries.

Revive undead creatures, upgrade your tower, and fight enemies as a Necromancer in search of a way back home in this strategy-auto battle game.

Necro-SmithSTAR Game STUDIO
In this game, you must combine various body parts to bring back the dead while concurrently upgrading your tower. By combining abilities from different mythical creatures, you can slice through enemy hoards and triumph against the so-called “chosen ones.” Truth be told, the undead aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. The game centers around a necromancer and his trusty companion, the Cat, who are lost in a new realm and are seeking a way back home. Thankfully, the duo found enchanted tools that can prove to be useful. The Necromancer, equipped with knowledge and skills, has an ingenious idea of using scattered remains to protect themselves and find a blueprint of a ship to escape. Gameplay is a mixture of strategy and auto battle. The player must revive the undead from various remains and collect resources to aid them to battle against numerous enemies. As the undead venture and explore the map, they can encounter even more unique parts to enhance the player’s creation. Resources also permit the player to improve the tower both within or between sessions at the hub. Creating undead units is initiated using a ritual pentagram. The player can choose to assemble a specific unit, such as an Orc, by using only parts of an Orc's body and hybrids using different creatures. With each improvement made to the tower, the player increases unit characteristics, boosts the number of new remains and supplies, and fortifies the castle itself. One unique mechanic is the player's ability to take direct control of any undead unit by touching the screen. However, only one unit can be possessed and controlled at a time. The secret recipe is another feature that allows the player to discover specific unit combinations to grant them additional bonuses like higher attack and speed. Join us now and follow us on Discord and Facebook for exciting and unique game updates.
Ghost Detective

Become a ghost detective in New Orleans to solve your own murder. Collect clues, solve puzzles, and seek justice from beyond the grave. Available only on Netflix.

Ghost DetectiveNetflix, Inc.
Welcome to the mysterious world of our new game, exclusively available for Netflix members. As a detective, you were killed in the line of duty and now, as a ghost, you must solve your own murder case. Traverse through the haunted streets of New Orleans, where life is unpredictable and death is complicated. As a ghost detective, it's up to you to investigate the crime scene and find hidden objects while solving puzzles to collect crucial clues. But, you are not alone - join forces with valuable allies, both living and dead, to track down the killer and get justice from beyond the grave. Immerse yourself in a story-driven, supernatural thriller, filled with unexpected twists and turns. Get ready to solve your own murder mystery through fun and engaging puzzles, identify suspects, gather clues, and encounter unique characters who bring the city of New Orleans to life. Explore the vibrant streets of New Orleans, with its stunning open-world map and provide justice to the ones who need it the most. Master the skills of a detective with challenging hidden object games in different play modes and save troubled ghosts to collect resources. Investigate your own murder by examining vital clues and use them to track the suspects. Craft boosters and rare ingredients to make it easier. Every choice you make matters - drive a gripping storyline of redemption and justice, and solve the trickiest mysteries to uncover your killer. Do you have what it takes to crack your own murder mystery? Challenge yourself to find your killer and win the ultimate game of justice. Get ready, this is a unique gaming experience created by Wooga GmbH.
Vice Online

Experience the ultimate open-world sandbox mobile game with Vice Online. Explore a bustling city, interact with players, customize vehicles, and enjoy thrilling multiplayer events with friends.

Vice OnlineJarvi Games Ltd
Step into Vice Online, the ultimate open-world sandbox mobile game that takes you on a thrilling virtual journey through a bustling city attraction with your buddies! Play with gamers from all over the globe to discover your place in this digital paradise. Brace yourself for a captivating gaming environment filled with adventure and excitement, as Vice Online delivers an unprecedented multiplayer experience. Venture forth into a massive city playground and enjoy an array of luxury cars, boats, and aircraft as well as exciting activities. You can engage with the environment and other players in many ways, from taking part in exhilarating races and heists to simply socializing with friends and savoring the breathtaking views. As you explore the game's enormous world, you'll find that Vice Online offers a range of roles to embody. Whether you prefer a laborer's life, a businessman's success, taxi driving, or racing, this open-world game provides boundless opportunities to realize your dreams. Personalize not only your character but also your vehicles and weapons to create a unique style and personality. This mobile game stands out from the rest with its extensive range of gameplay options. Moreover, you can enjoy everything Vice Online has to offer at your own speed, without the burden of stiff competition. With voice chat, it's easy to communicate and collaborate with your team during action-packed multiplayer events. With its special features including vehicle customization, realistic weaponry, and captivating multiplayer events, Vice Online promises to keep you entertained for hours on end. You'll be fascinated by its dynamic gameplay alternatives, such as car tuning and character customization, among other options, and have a blast with friends and other players from across the globe. Join us now in the perfect open-world wonderland for an experience unlike any other. Download Vice Online today and invite your friends to join you in this adventure. With its expansive cityscape, customizable characters and vehicles, combat-ready weapons, and highly engaging multiplayer events, Vice Online is the mobile game you don't want to miss!

Engage in fast-paced 3v3 PvP battle royale in a cyberpunk world with unique weapons and abilities, in a skill-based game with global leaderboards.

Immerse yourself in a thrilling, action-packed, free-to-play multiplayer game with Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP. This cyberpunk shooter offers intense real-time battles against 36 players, supplying players with unique weapons and super attack gadgets. Shooter enthusiasts will be exhilarated with this game's fast-paced rounds and real-time PvP gameplay. Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP prides itself on being 100% skill-based, so players never feel forced to pay to win. The game mechanics are simple to grasp, yet difficult to master, allowing for ultra-competitive, cross-platform play. Players of all skill levels can enjoy the intuitive controls, with the aim-system designed for both casual and hardcore players. Choose your game mode with Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP, whether it be the immersive Deathmatch mode or something else. With tons of weapons, gadgets, and abilities to select from, players can arm themselves accordingly for a close-range or long-distance combat. Want to wreak havoc with exotic rocket launchers or strike fear into the hearts of your opponents as a suicide bomber? Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP has it all. As you gain XP and level up, you can unlock higher-tier guns and other weapons. Choose the proper shooter for your specific playstyle, with long-range rifles or snipers, short-range shotguns or automatic blast lasers. Play in real-time multiplayer battles where you'll face off against competitors who match your shooter skill. Climbing the leaderboard is the ultimate goal, where you can unlock awesome cyberpunk gear. Choose your class wisely and climb the league leaderboards with seasonality. Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP offers various classes, including Rockerboy, a fast and sneaky class, and Netrunner, a master of assassination. Follow Gridpunk - Battle Royale 3v3 PvP on social media to stay up to date with the latest news and events, and join the community today!

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