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Oct 16 - Oct 22 New Games

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SkichSkichfrom Skich app

Embark on a mysterious adventure in Conquistodoro, a thrilling adventure game full of challenges, puzzles, and trials. Join a charismatic protagonist to explore the amazing world of the dead.

ConquistadorioMorion Studio
Conquistodoro is a captivating game that will take you on a thrilling point-and-click adventure set in an enigmatic world. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey full of obstacles, brainteasers, and challenging ordeals. Follow a beguiling protagonist in a gripping storyline with eye-catching visuals, humorous animations, and much more. Start your quest by downloading the game and immersing yourself in its enchanting universe. Indulge in the excitement of Conquistadorio, where you'll discover the fascinating realm of the undead. It's a one-of-a-kind game experience where our main character, a notorious outlaw, is thrown out of his coffin and is on a mission to find a new one to reunite himself with his gang. Throughout this challenging quest, he encounters numerous obstacles along the way, but he receives valuable guidance from friendly souls who assist him in finding a suitable coffin. To obtain it, he must deliver a cryptic cup to his leader, who utilizes it to resurrect the zombies resting in their tombs. Although our hero finally obtains his coffin, he realizes that his companions are missing, and he must team up with the commander and zombies to confront the giant beetle boss. Conquistadorio has phenomenal graphics, intricate animations, compelling music, and much more. Accompany our protagonist as he navigates his way through the world of the dead and attempts to achieve his objective.
Dawn Restart: Survival

Dawn Restart: Survival" is a post-war adventure game where players navigate different regions, establish a settlement, and rescue survivors while finding the male protagonist's missing daughter. With more than 30 characters and unique gameplay, players can explore a unique world and create a futuristic base.

Dawn Restart: SurvivalLai89
Dawn Restart: Survival is a thrilling game filled with adventure and exploration. The plot revolves around Mea, a curious and energetic girl who has survived in an empty wasteland for fourteen long years, and the male protagonist Ryan, a middle-aged amnesiac with an intense search for his missing daughter. Together, they embark on a journey filled with secrets and technology research, leading them to establish the "Dawn" settlement, a safe haven and a glimmer of hope in a desolate world. With over thirty characters, each with their unique story and skillset, players can recruit them to their base, obtain rare abilities, and fight against the uncertain dangers. The brilliant artificial intelligence brings the characters to life, adding to the immersive experience of the game. Players will have the opportunity to explore more than one hundred independent scenes and scripts, encounter characters with distinctive personalities, and build up to sixty base facilities, using an extensive selection of over a thousand decorations. Furthermore, the game introduces above and below-ground world views, allowing players to create their base with a range of activities such as farming, manufacturing, and decoration, all based on survivor growth system and refugee rescue. Dawn Restart: Survival delves into a futuristic technology feel, emphasizing the aesthetic of beautiful decorations to dress up the camp and impress fellow players. The game offers an extensive degree of freedom, granting spacious and thrilling gameplay, and will be regularly updated, making it an exciting prospect for gamers everywhere.
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Franz: Scary Text Adventure

In the interactive horror game Franz, navigate your relationship with a living entity in your phone through tactile touch, word puzzles, and moral choices.

Franz: Scary Text AdventureIce-Pick Lodge
Step into the world of horror and mystery with Franz - a mysterious entity residing in your phone. Imagine interacting with Franz, a being with her own mind, character, and desires. Through visual novel gameplay, face-to-face communication, and phone notifications, uncover the truth about Franz. The narrative is based on moral choices, which determine whether you become the true owner of Franz or her mere puppet. The gameplay of Franz is focused on an immersive, text-based story and tactile interaction with the character. Franz is embodied in your device, so be cautious with it. She is unpredictable and sensitive but also interested in you. She is also responsive to physical interaction, adding an element of intensity to every decision made while indulging in this spine-chilling visual novel. When communicating with Franz, consider the repercussions of your choices, even those that seem trivial. This visual novel features a range of puzzles to solve, highlighting the intricacies of communication between individuals. Much like a real conversation, a misunderstanding or missing a vital detail can profoundly impact the course of the story. In life like in Franz, words constitute a crucial means of communication. You can convey your feelings towards Franz by tactile contact, opting for either gentle or aggressive touches. She can crave your affection or attempt to manipulate you. The choice is yours - submit to Franz or resist her manipulative ways. This interactive story game utilizes a time aspect, and Franz can kick you out of the game for some time, leading to a unique experience. Interactions with Franz can lead to notifications on your device. Depending on how fast you open the app after receiving the notification, Franz will react differently. Franz is an organism that responds uniquely to every action you take, whether it's a touch, ignoring her, solving puzzles or indulging her emotional manipulations. Such a non-linear storytelling experience makes the game constantly evolving. Engage in a visual novel and horror simulation game that provides an immersive experience that tests your choices between tenderness and severity. Discover whether Franz becomes your friend or whether you must reject her sinister desires. Get ready for an intense experience with Franz!
No Hesi Car Traffic Racing

No Hesi Car Traffic Racing: swerve through highway battles, grow your car collection, and become champion with realistic driving physics and detailed tuning.

No Hesi Car Traffic RacingPlaycus Limited
Get ready to drive into the new age of car traffic racing! Engage in high-stakes highway battles with other racers and swerve through the traffic to come out on top. Build up your car collection, research, modify and prove yourself as the ultimate champion! Experience the thrilling world of No Hesi and enjoy pushing your driving limits in the most iconic sports cars. The game boasts a realistic driving physics system, competitive opponents, and an ever-expanding list of cars for you to choose from. Customize your ride with the detailed car tuning system and enjoy the amazing graphics of the game. Take part in exciting racing tournaments, show off your driving skills in free drive mode, and unlock new vehicles as you progress. The game is crafted by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, and it truly shows. Are you ready to race? Don't hesitate, download No Hesi Car Traffic Racing now and enjoy the ride!
Midas Merge: Gold Match Games

Restore the kingdom of Midas by merging items to bring his Gardens of Gold back to life and uncover the missing Crown Jewels.

Midas Merge: Gold Match GamesWildlife Studios
Enter the fantastical world of Midas Merge, a land filled with mystery and wonder! King Midas' enchanted crown has been shattered, plunging the realm into darkness. Can you help repair the crown and rejuvenate the Gardens of Gold? It's up to you to merge and combine your way through challenging puzzles, discovering new creatures and completing quests along the way. The Gardens of Gold are waiting to be explored – uncover rare and legendary items by merging and farming your garden. As you collect items, evolve your creatures and nurture your collection to help tend your garden and harvest fruit. Combine sunbursts for powerful explosions that rid the land of darkness. But that's not all – visit the Vault of Riches for a mini-game and a chance to win a prize from the legendary King Midas himself. You can also complete quests and earn rewards, hatching your own Guardian Creature and discovering Golden Eggs and other treasures. Decorate and personalize your garden, using your creativity to merge and match objects such as charmstones, coins, treasures and plants. Help restore the landmarks that have been destroyed and earn special rewards by earning hearts from your creatures. The fantasy adventure awaits in Midas Merge – download now and join millions of players in this beloved puzzle game where the creatures and enchanted land are counting on you.
Baseball Franchise Manager

Build, train, scout and manage your baseball team, upgrade your facilities and compete against other managers worldwide in Baseball Franchise Manager.

Baseball Franchise ManagerGrand Pike AB
Introducing Baseball Franchise Manager, the perfect game for die-hard baseball fans. As the coach and manager of your own baseball team, it's your duty to build a squad that's capable of winning the league and bringing glory to your franchise. Start from scratch, where you can scout and draft new players while managing the financial aspects of the club. With Baseball Franchise Manager, you can experience live match simulations while leading your team to well-deserved victories. Facility upgrades play a crucial role in enhancing your team's performance. From top-class training facilities to high-quality equipment, your team will have everything they need to push themselves to the limits. As your team's popularity and skill level grows, the opportunity to expand the stadium and increase revenue through ticket sales and sponsorships arises. Examine player statistics and performance to determine who is the perfect fit for your team, and make astute decisions in the draft and free agency to construct the ultimate ball club. Another integral component in creating a championship-winning side is training. Baseball Franchise Manager provides you with everything you need to get your players in tip-top shape. Customize your training programs to meet each player's individual needs, from weight training to skill enhancement. Keep track of player development with regular training sessions and monitor progress as your team approaches new levels of excellence. Of course, the highlight of Baseball Franchise Manager is the daily league matches. Compete against other managers from around the globe for the top spot in the league standings. With detailed match simulations and in-game strategy, every game is a chance to prove your worth and lead your team to triumph. Baseball Franchise Manager is the premier game for baseball enthusiasts looking to take their love of the sport to the next level. Should you have any feedback or questions regarding the game, feel free to contact us via email at or on Facebook: @baseballfranchisemanager. At Baseball Franchise Manager, we're always interested in hearing from our managers, and we're committed to providing the best possible gaming experience. Don't forget to check out our End User License Agreement at
Multi Impact Smash

Master the art of ball trajectory in Multi Impact Smash! Tear down structures and unlock new projectiles to conquer 100+ levels across 3 game modes.

Multi Impact SmashDmitrii Kolesnikov
Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of destruction and chaos with "Multi Impact Smash", the mobile game that promises to give you the ultimate gaming experience. Play as a demolition expert equipped with a powerful cannon and wreak havoc on everything in your path as you tear down, knock out, and smash objects like never before. Take on the challenge of hitting, striking, and kicking balls into various structures and obstacles to achieve the ultimate teardown. Utilize an addictive mix of strategy, precision, and outright chaos to demolish everything in your path. Unlock new types of projectiles, such as bombs, triple bullets, battering rams, or giant balloons, by smashing chests along your way. Become a master of cannonball trajectory by perfecting your aim, firing, and launching skills in a series of challenging levels. Timing and precision are key to your success in this innovative game mechanics that put your skills to the test. With over 100 unique bloodlines and 3 game modes, you will have to move through a tunnel, smashing pawns on your way and shooting down enemies flying at you, while avoiding rotating constructions. Experience realistic object physics as you watch chess pieces being destroyed, and feel the satisfaction of successful destruction like never before. Test your skills in different game modes and challenge yourself to pass them all with the highest score. While smashing objects is the primary goal, strategic planning is also essential. Some levels require precise hits to trigger chain reactions, while others demand careful teardown to avoid collateral damage. This game provides an addictively satisfying experience that will keep you coming back for more. Download "Multi Impact Smash" today and embark on the ultimate demolition adventure. Break all objects in the level to pass the stage, hit yellow crystals for more balls, collect coins to build altars, discover new types of bullets and knock chests for more coins. Experience beautiful minimalistic modern level design and an inspiring soundtrack to keep your adrenaline pumping. Can you conquer the teardown rush and become the master of smashing? The game's easy control mechanics will let you throw the balls in one touch, making it more convenient to play. With its 100 unique levels and 5 game modes, "Multi Impact Smash" holds a lot of secrets to discover- smash, collect, build, and explore all of them.
Last True Sword

Unleash skills and strategy in 5 game modes. Embark on an epic journey, become the ultimate samurai, and conquer darkness with unique Skins, Special-Attacks, and Illusions.

Last True SwordYKj
Embark on an incredible adventure through captivating worlds, featuring a gripping storyline, rare skins, devastating special attacks, and mind-boggling illusions. Upgrade your fighting prowess and cement your place as the top warrior in the multiverse with up to five different game modes. Whether tackling one-on-one challenges with unique fighters or facing off against relentless hordes in the grueling Eclipse mode, Last True Sword tasks players with upholding justice as they hunt down the wicked King Zangetsu across the dimensions. Can you uncover the dark secrets behind his tyranny and win your place in the history books? Select from a diverse roster of fighters, each with their unique styles and proclivities in exciting one-on-one battles. Engage opponents in a head-to-head showdown and demonstrate your strategic expertise and skills to emerge victorious. Endure endless waves of mobs in the harrowing Eclipse mode, which challenges players to survive round after exhausting round. Meanwhile, Conquest mode encourages you to outlast progressively challenging waves of mobs and climb to the top of towering spires. Players have to navigate challenging jump-and-run levels in The Path mode, and a single mistake spells game over. Discover special and impressive skills with exciting skins that not only alter your avatar but also improve your abilities in different ways. Master the elements and unleash powerful Special Attacks against your enemies, uncover secrets and equip them for newfound strengths and abilities, and wield the art of Illusion to deceive and sway the course of battle in your favor. As an offline RPG, Last True Sword immerses players in a rich world of epic storytelling and exciting battles. The fate of the multiverse lies in your hands, so hone your skills, and become the legendary warrior you were born to be!
Mighty Action Heroes

Mighty Action Hero is a fast-paced action game that features badass mercs battling it out in a chaotic arena with an EPIC arsenal of weapons and gadgets.

Mighty Action HeroesMighty Bear Games
Enter the ultimate battle arena where you'll fight like a pro in the world's most powerful action-packed battle royale game that's inspired by blockbuster action movies. Do you have the guts to emerge as the last player standing in this fierce and brutal competition? This game requires top-notch skills to dodge bullets, throw grenades, and utilize every inch of your weaponry to emerge victorious. Unlock your hero's full potential by deploying the most lethal abilities that will knock out your opponents immediately. Give your enemies a taste of the wall-breaking Flying Kick while striking them down with the earth-shattering Charge Attack. Use the Dodge Roll's coolness to evade death or leave the enemy in your dust with the speed-of-light Dash ability. Strive to become faster, better, and stronger by conquering a variety of spicy Daily Quests that offer colossally high damage, multi-weapon strapping, and intense enemy takedowns that cater to your needs. Participate in these quests to get a treasure trove of coveted rewards, including game-changing Perks that enhance your gameplay. Punch up your skills with customizable Perks that will secure your place in the game as an unstoppable bullet sponge. Increase your armor rating with the mighty Steel Resolve Perk, unleash devastation with the Close Quarters Perk, and play with chaos as a Technician. Complete quests during gameplay, gain XP, and earn the hero you deserve – one who'll leave their mark on the battlefield. In this game, you have to go guns blazing with a variety of epic firearms that'll give your enemies a lead-filled makeover in a blink. Pump and dump enemies with the iconic automatic shotgun, make them tremble with fear with the show-stopping power of the sniper rifle, and aim to kill with every weapon to unlock bonuses like the chopper. Increase your Kill Streak and enjoy the sweet smell of victory! Craft deadly gadgets to dominate the battlefield with a dozen types of grenades that are nothing short of eye candy. Crafting though is more of an art than a science - you need the perfect P.A.R.T.S and a pinch of coolant to succeed. Even if you fail, you'll still walk away with valuable boomdust, and on good days, you might even craft the legendary grenade! In this game, don't just play, COLLECT your heroes and customize your loadout for maximum carnage. You'll love how your collectible heroes can slap on more perks, making it easier for you to brave the game. Want to make the rivals wet their pants in fear? Craft deadly items to blow them away in one fell swoop. Visit the shop to stock up on crafting resources, rare gadgets, and your favorite heroes to stand out in this fierce battlefield. Don't be just an ordinary hero; be a Mighty Action Hero and own the game with your skills and weapons!
Bare Knuckle Boxing

Become a champion in the raw and intense world of Bare Knuckle Boxing. Customize your fighter, climb the ranks and dominate opponents in this skill-based combat sports game.

Bare Knuckle BoxingImperium Multimedia Games
Enter the unrefined world of Bare Knuckle Boxing and test your strength and skill in this gritty combat sports game. Are you brave enough to step in the ring without gloves? Put on your wrappings and brace yourself for some high-octane action. 🥊 Genuine Bare Knuckle Combat: Experience the rush of adrenaline as you engage in authentic bare-knuckle fights on your mobile device. Each movement, defense, and grapple has been scrupulously crafted to create a visceral and true boxing encounter. Develop your bare-knuckle expertise and advance from an unknown contender to a renowned champion. 🥊 Customize Your Fighter: Time to showcase your individuality and create your own fighting persona! Select your fighter's appearance, attire, tattoos, and more from a vast selection of customization options. Customize your style to intimidate foes and leave an impression on admiring fans. 🥊 Engrossing Career Mode: Embark on an epic journey in the Career Mode where you start as a determined fighter looking to prove their worth. Train hard, conquer opponents, and climb the ranks of the underground fighting scene. Unlock new gyms, trainers, and fighting techniques as you chase glory. 🥊 Celebrity Lookalike Characters: Brawl with and against your favorite movie stars, boxing legends, MMA champions, and other sport stars! 🥊 Skill-centered Gameplay: Bare Knuckle Boxing is not solely about landing random punches; it's a game that demands strategy, timing, and precision. Enhance your reflexes, master your adversary's moves, and devise shrewd tactics to dominate every battle. 🥊 Training and Equipment Upgrades: To become a true champion, you must train ardently and upgrade your abilities. Visit different gyms to enhance your statistics and learn new bone-crushing tactics. Invest in first-rate equipment to gain an edge over your contenders. Are you ready to embrace the wild and intense world of Bare Knuckle Boxing? Display your fighting spirit, enter the ring, and demonstrate your extraordinary talents to the world! Download now and experience the most authentic and pulsating bare-knuckle boxing game on Google Play! Let your journey to boxing greatness begin! 🏆🥊
Ivandoe: Quest On

Embark on quests with Prince Ivandoe and squire Bert in the Five Kingdoms, battling beasts, discovering secrets, and collecting rewards. Quest On!

Ivandoe: Quest OnCartoon Network
Embark on an epic journey through the treacherous Five Kingdoms with Prince Ivandoe and his trusty squire Bert in Ivandoe: Quest On! Encounter creatures like venomous plants, flying snakes, and wicked beasties as you trek through lush forests, murky swamps, and majestic castles. Complete challenging quests, from finding the Royal Socks and Golden Turnips to retrieving the Royal Cloak. Unleash your sense of wonder as you meet whimsical characters and explore secret caves filled with treasure chests. Remember, every nook and cranny might hold clues and objects that can aid you on your ventures. With main quests, side quests, and stunning scenery to boot, you'll have a world filled with epic things to do - all with your trusty map and squire Bert! Unlock new adventures and talk to everyone you meet. Defeat creepy creatures like spiders, snapper trapper plants, and flying snakes. Collect coins and use them to upgrade your gear and health potions. Take on beasts and monsters in thrilling boss battles and customize Prince Ivandoe with an array of dashing new hats. Complete mini-games and earn more coins to spend in Winky's Shop, where you can unlock amazing rewards. Ivandoe: Quest On is available in a variety of languages, including English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Brazilian Portuguese. If you're having any issues, just let us know at and we'll help you out! Remember that Ivandoe: Quest On contains analytics so we can better understand how to improve the game, and non-targeted advertisements from our partners at Turner. Please read our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy before downloading. And don't forget to search Cartoon Network for even more free games and your favorite cartoons, like Teen Titans Go, Gumball, and Craig of the Creek!
Dungeon&Evil Hunter

Face darkness, loot gear, and battle your way to supremacy in Abyss: Rebirth Phantom!

Dungeon&Evil Huntermobirix
Embark on a perilous journey to vanquish the malevolent presence shrouding in the abyss. This gripping game falls under the genre of Dark Fantasy Hack-and-slash Idle RPG, where you can endlessly acquire equipment through the Rift stages. As a player, you have the freedom to personalize your combat style with the dual weapon system. To maximize your potential, upgrade your hero traits with the strategic upgrade system, and elevate your skills by unlocking skill traits. Experience an array of combat contents to enhance your hero's capabilities and raid the game to discover a fantastic selection of follower skins. Each grade level of follower comes with an exclusive skill system, adding to the game's already rich features. Stay connected through their Facebook page and follow Mobirix on YouTube for more updates.
Mortal Kombat: Onslaught

Join the Mortal Kombat universe in their mobile RPG. Build a team of iconic fighters and dominate epic RPG battles to save the realms!

Mortal Kombat: OnslaughtWarner Bros.
For an eternity, the different territories have been entangled in a never-ending Mortal Kombat, resulting in fatalities and vengeance between light and darkness. Today, the Elder Gods are looking for a new warrior like you, to participate in these battles and determine the fate of the territories. Get ready to immerse yourself in the Mortal Kombat world in this mobile-exclusive RPG adventure, full of cinematic experiences. Build your own team featuring the legendary Mortal Kombat champions of your choice and prepare them to combat endless hordes of ruthless enemies. Experience the excitement of epic RPG Kombat in a fast-paced, strategy-focused game, featuring up to 10 characters fighting at the same time. Assemble an unstoppable team of four classic champions like Scorpion, Raiden, Liu Kang, and Shao Kahn, and train them to master new Kombos and Special Abilities. With their help, try to conquer the challenging Story Mode and make a name for yourself in the Earthrealm. Gather Mortal Kombat's iconic fighters and level them up from a colossal roster that includes veterans like Sonya Blade, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Kitana, and Jax, among many others. Summon special fan-favorite variants of classic kombatants such as Smoke and Cyrax, and create powerful teams of four, based on their unique fighting abilities and class-based skills. Enjoy Mortal Kombat's innovative AAA quality graphics, fierce battles, cinematic cut scenes, and brutal fatalities, only available in this epic new RPG Story Mode. Duel your way through the game's multiple chapters and unlock new champions with unique abilities along the way. Take on the strategy gameplay challenge and build unstoppable teams, featuring Assassins, Warriors, Snipers, and Defenders, to face the different RPG game modes' unique challenges. Earn a vast amount of rewards and resources to increase your fighters' power, level up their combat skills, and unlock their Gear. To create an even stronger team, strategically equip Relics, powerful items drawn from Mortal Kombat lore, and earn bonuses and Fatalities! Train your team, ascend the Boss Tower and Chasm Modes, challenge players from the Earthrealm to Kombat! Take part in PvP Seasons, and climb the leaderboards earning special Arena rewards to show the world your mastery and the unique skills you have acquired. Download the game now, join this epic Kombat, and fight to save the universe from Shinnok's evil plans. You won't regret it! Join the Kombat conversation today and take your skills to the next level by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also chat with us on Discord or sign up for our newsletter at

Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage brings beloved characters together for 6 vs. 6 battles with realistic 3D mobile suits. Subscription available.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM U.C. ENGAGEBandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM U.C. ENGAGE is a remarkable war/strategy mobile game that unites all the Gundam characters in one game. Delight in an animated portrayal of the UNIVERSAL CENTURY from Gundam and a unique storyline that merges animated sequences with battle and adventure. What's more, witness first-hand the space battlegrounds with gripping 6 vs. 6 battles featuring lifelike 3D mobile suits in an easy-to-use, autoplay war/strategy game. If you love fighting games with machines and mechas, battle/war games with robots, the authentic Gundam story with animations, strategy games with robots, 3D simulation battle games, or nurturing strategy games, then "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM U.C. ENGAGE" is the game for you. Fans of Gundam games/sci-fi anime or those who play games with mechas and robots will also thoroughly enjoy the game. Haro Pass is a subscription item that comes with a plethora of benefits, including 360 diamonds purchased at the time of procurement and 200 diamonds each day from day two to the ninth day. Additionally, you will receive 2040 diamonds on the tenth day, perfect for advancing further in the game. You will also unlock the 3x speed mode, increase the player experience by 5% in quests, and gain an MS and character experience of 10% in quests, all for 30 days. During the mandatory trial period, which lasts for 1 month following subscription, the Haro Pass is available. After the trial period, your Store will charge your account every month until you cancel your subscription, and your expiration date is automatically renewed. If you want to stop your Haro Pass subscription after the trial period ends without renewing the expiration date, please cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the trial period concludes. Payment for this service is linked to your Google account and will be paid promptly after purchase. If you do not terminate your subscription at least 24 hours before the expiration date, the subscription span will be automatically renewed, and each Service renewal will incur a fee. Even if you delete the game application, the auto-renewal will continue running, and you will enjoy the service during the subscription period. To cancel the service, follow the instructions outlined in the cancellation section. Please don't disrupt the application while purchasing the game since there may be a problem during the process. This game contains in-app purchase items that can boost gameplay and speed up your progress. However, these in-app purchases can be disabled in your device's settings. In conclusion, "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM U.C. ENGAGE" is a highly entertaining game that allows you to experience the Universal Century through thrilling battles, gripping visuals and immersive missions featuring iconic mobile suits from the Gundam universe. Download the game now and enjoy a truly unique strategy war game experience on your mobile device!

Swap heroes mid-battle & bring your FPS skills to this innovative side-scrolling multiplayer shooter packed with guns, modes, & meaty combat.

IMMERSIVE COMBAT WITH DISTINCT CLASSES Unleash your gaming prowess with the SquadBlast’s distinctive heroes featuring unique abilities. From the roster of heroes, choose your favorite fighter and dominate the battlefields. Mastery of each fighter is essential, and switching mid-battle is the key to outmaneuver your opponents and ensure victory! AN FPS-LEVEL OF ENGAGEMENT Experience SquadBlast’s game style that transcends the traditional side-scrolling shooter with its combat mechanics that mimic the first-person shooter. With the ability to switch between your primary and secondary weapons, equip melee gears, rocket jump to get a higher vertical advantage or slide down ramps for agility. Besides, bunny hop and vault over projectiles to reinforce your character's mobility. EPIC MULTIPLAYER Witness the likes of Team Deathmatch, Capture the Point, Payload, among others, in action-packed multiplayer battles. Customize battles to your taste with SquadBlast's custom match feature to select the best map and modes for your squad. With rollback net code, expect a seamless multiplayer experience while leading your squad to different locations that the year-in-crisis 2042 offers. AN ARRAY OF WEAPONS SquadBlast is home to numerous weapons ranging from assault rifles to rocket launchers. Experiment with each weapon and discover how best to utilize it in combat. INTUITIVE CONTROLS With its easy-to-grasp mechanic, the SquadBlast’s controls are conveniently located where you'd need them—ideal for beginner and experienced gamers playing with mouse and keyboard or controller. "Shooter enthusiast's dream." – Dexerto "SquadBlast's gameplay feels amazing." – Push Square "Quick and easy to master gameplay." – The Gamer "SquadBlast is an excellent game." – VG247 The world has turned into a battleground in the year 2042, with oppressive corporations, ruthless dictators, and bankrupt governments. In this world of despair and peril, gangs organized by a shadowy association lend hope to the powerless populace. SquadBlast is a multiplayer side-scrolling shooter that captures the essence of this world. Every bullet counts, and varied approaches to combat are necessary to conquer different modes. In SquadBlast, join the battle as a team, and dominate the opposing side in meticulously crafted, fair battles that are easy to pick up and master.

Starsky: futuristic sci-fi game. Explore unknown worlds, survive hostile planets, buy weapons and ships, upgrade armor, and complete exciting missions across the galaxy.

Step into a futuristic sci-fi universe filled with wonder and intrigue in Starsky – a thrilling game that promises an unforgettable gaming experience. You can discover new worlds, purchase weapons, ships and armor to survive hostile environments, and take part in exhilarating missions. Prepare yourself for an epic interstellar journey! Explore Fantastic New Worlds: Lose yourself in a massive and varied universe teeming with undiscovered planets with breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary creatures to discover. Every world is a unique playground for players. Survive Extreme Conditions: Experience the challenge of staying alive in a treacherous universe. Harsh weather conditions and perilous, unfriendly extraterrestrial creatures pose a constant danger. Players must use their wits and skills to overcome obstacles and survive these dangerous environments. Arm Yourself with High-Tech Weapons: Equipped with advanced weaponry, defeat foes in combat as you gain the upper hand. Cut down enemies with powerful sniper laser rifles and plasma cannons that fit your preferred tactics and fighting style. Pilot Fast & Durable Ships: Fly across the stars in your swift, agile ship as you explore the galaxy's extensive reaches. Heavy cruisers and nimble fighters are available for players to pick the most suitable spacecraft for their missions and playstyle. Upgrade Your Armor: Stay alive and defend yourself against the universe's dangers with top-tier armor. Players can continually upgrade their armor's technology and protect themselves against incoming attacks. Complete Thrilling Missions: Players embark on an unforgettable storyline that sends them on epic quests throughout space. From rescuing abducted colonists to safeguarding alien artifacts, every mission offers a distinct challenge and substantial rewards. Starsky combines these exciting mechanics into an immersive experience full of exploration and action. Are you ready for an unforgettable journey to the edges of the cosmos? Reach out to and join the adventure!
Kingdom Eighties

Defend and build a kingdom against the Greed in Kingdom Eighties. Recruit, explore, and survive in an 80s inspired world.

Kingdom EightiesRaw Fury
Step into the electrifying world of Kingdom Eighties, the latest addition to the critically acclaimed Kingdom series. Embody the role of The Leader, a youthful camp counselor fighting against the mysterious monsters known as Greed, hell-bent on seizing the Crown of Creation - the legacy of your family. Command the neighborhood children to take up arms and construct structures that can protect your territory from the relentless attacks of the vile Greed. Utilize coins to build and expand your kingdom, then reinforce it by raising walls and defensive turrets. Prepare yourself well before the nighttime when the enemies attack without mercy, and losing the Crown ensures doom. Each game in the series hides a trove of secrets, and Kingdom Eighties is no exception. Survey your surroundings to gain access to mounts, cutting-edge technology, weapons, and understand the art of appropriately managing your resources to ensure your survival. Kingdom Eighties is a perfect fit for newcomers and veterans alike. Those conversant with the Kingdom series' games will appreciate the well-known mechanics and an enhanced representation of the series' lore and world-building. On the other hand, those unversed in the series will find the gameplay mechanics intuitive, facilitated by the compelling story elements. Meet your companions: The Champ, The Tinkerer, and The Wiz, three supporting characters, each with unique abilities that combine to solve puzzles and conquer levels. Get ready to embark on an enthralling journey, explore new locations that have never before been seen in the Kingdom series. Take a ride through the skateboard park on some fresh wheels, visit local businesses on Main Street, or liberate the New Lands Mall from the clutches of Greed. Experience the epitome of pixel art style blended seamlessly with the neon glory of the eighties aesthetics. Relax and vibe with Andreas Hald's synthwave OST while reminiscing about the summers' long gone, the thrill of bike riding, camps, and endless possibilities.
Subpar Pool

Pocket balls in colorful procedurally generated tables, adapting as disaster strikes. Customize your own course with thousands of combinations for every playstyle.

Subpar Poolgrapefrukt games
Step into the dynamic and fascinating 2D world of Subpar Pool, where every level is randomly generated and consists of numerous tables filled with balls, requiring players to shoot and pocket them within a limited number of shots. Get lost in the mesmerizing and colourful universe, while strategically planning your next move to grasp victory. As obstacles arise, adapt your strategies on the go to triumph over your opponents. Advance through the levels, crafting your route and selecting cards from a vast deck to personalize your gaming experience based on your preferences and style of play. Looking for a nail-biting challenge? Take part in the Fast Run, which amplifies the tension by restricting the aiming time. Need an extra twist? Try the portal level or switch it up and use glass balls, exploring more than 14,000 possible combinations to make every playthrough unique. Explore the delightful and lively planet of Subpar Pool and determine whether you have what it takes to master the unpredictable and ever-shifting environment, where balls collide and move in unpredictable ways. Key Features: - Four unique worlds, each with its own constraints and difficulties. - Procedurally generated tables and 18 distinct cards with over 14,000 ways to combine for an ever-changing and exciting gameplay experience. - A compact and easily accessible gaming experience designed for quick play sessions or longer if you choose. - A magnificent, colourful art style inspired by French culture that transports players into the mesmerizing world. - Can be played comfortably with just one hand. - A relaxing and funky mini-golf style soundtrack to elevate the players' mood. - Created by Grapefrukt Games, the minds behind the critically acclaimed games Holedown, Twofold Inc, and Rymdkapsel.

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