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Nov 20 - Nov 26 New Games

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Hades' Star: Dark Nebula

Build and expand your Empire, explore and colonize yellow star systems, with cooperative PVE in red stars, team PvP in white stars, and exciting PvP in blue stars.

Hades' Star: Dark NebulaParallel Space Inc
Embark on an interstellar journey in Hades Galaxy, starting your own empire or continuing to lead the one you have established in Hades' Star. DARK NEBULA is the next phase in the evolution of the Hades galaxy, offering more refined versions of the familiar activities, as well as brand new ones. Building a Space Empire has never been more satisfying due to these improvements. In a galaxy that is persistent, explore and grow your own empire as it evolves. Your own Yellow Star system can be explored and colonized, providing you with a permanent presence and a chance to plan your long-term economy. Mining patterns can be set up, trade routes established, and the mysterious alien ships that appear throughout the Hades galaxy can be neutralized. New players get to start off in their own Yellow Star system and progress to discover and colonize more planets over time. As the proprietor of a Yellow Star system, you can control what other players have access to. By establishing diplomatic links, you can authorize any other player to send ships to your system, and specify your own terms for mining, trade, or military cooperation. In Red Stars, players will build a Red Star Scanner early on in the game, which allows them to jump ships to detected Red Stars. The Red Stars have a small lifespan and go supernova after ten minutes. The objective in the Red Star is to work together with other players who have ships in the same star system, defeat the NPC ships, retrieve Artifacts from the Red Star planets, and jump back before the Supernova. Artifacts can be studied in the home star and will yield necessary resources for trade, mining, and combat advancement. More challenging enemies and superior prizes are available in higher-level Red Stars. Players can band together in Corporations and also scan for White Stars. In a White Star, 20 players from two Corporations fight for Relics, a resource that can be obtained to upgrade their Corporation and provide each member with supplementary benefits. The match lasts for 5 days, giving Corporation members adequate time to coordinate their plans and strategies before engaging in a battle, and the Time Machine can be used to foresee future action. Blue Stars are short-lived combat arenas that last only a few minutes and are used for thrilling PvP combat. Each player can only send a single Battleship to the Blue Star, and the five participating players engage in combat using their ship's modules and other NPC ships to destroy each other's Battleships to be the last one standing. Blue Stars offer the quickest PvP action in the game, with regular participants receiving daily and monthly rewards for advancing their Empire.
Arena Of Faith

Join The Deities or Human Beings in MOBA 5v5 AOF, featuring legends from various mythologies and esports-focused content. Cross-platform linking available with global servers and blockchain events.

Experience the thrill of the battle between The Deities and Human Beings in AOF, a 5v5 MOBA game filled with legends from different mythologies and authentic history. Join forces with your teammates in Vegrild during the gods' twilight and skillfully use tactics and abilities to achieve victory in this holy war. Unlike other MOBA games out there, AOF is entirely eSports-oriented, giving players a full and comprehensive competitive experience. From individuals to teams and clubs, players can participate in various levels of competitions such as Arena Battle, Cup Math, and Tournament. A unique feature of AOF is its cross-platform linking, which allows PC players to challenge opponents on mobile devices. This feature sets AOF apart from other MOBA games and provides players with more opportunities to showcase their skills. Another one-of-a-kind feature of AOF is its global interconnected server system. Unlike other games where players select a server before playing, AOF players enjoy a global unified experience. The AOF event system is entirely based on blockchain, ensuring the fairness and impartiality of the competitions. This feature is unique to AOF, a pioneering move in the world of MOBA games. Experience high-quality graphics, game stability, and stunning mobile technology advancements in AOF. The game sets a new standard in graphical quality and game stability, rivaling traditional MOBA games. Join the battle in AOF and experience a new dimension of MOBA gaming.
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Soul Knight Prequel

Soul Knight Prequel: dungeon-crawling RPG with pixel-art graphics, 900+ gear pieces, 12 hybrid classes, and multiplayer support.

Soul Knight PrequelChillyRoom
Experience the origins of the heroic tale that started it all, with Soul Knight Prequel – the newest pixel-art action RPG that takes you on a journey through magical lands, epic quests, and challenging foes! Embark on a loot farming adventure that will leave you thirsting for more! Step into a world of chibi characters, and quests that will keep you hooked, as you seek to create a knighthood, and save Mystraea from impending doom! Slash your way to victory, and upgrade your power as you party up with other players for a chance to claim epic treasures! Pick from three iconic classes, each with their unique set of skills. Become a shadow-striking Thief, a precision-firing Archer, or channel the powers of nature with the Witch class. With easy-to-learn gameplay and all-out action, Soul Knight Prequel offers limitless play styles. Unleash your inner hero with the Hybrid Class - unlock them as you level up, to experience a total of 12 Hybrid Classes and over 130 Hybrid Skills that empower you to personalize every attack with flair! Arm yourself with over 900 gear pieces that buff up your build, and watch your inventory space get obliterated in real time! Bring your friends with you on this epic quest, no matter the distance, with support for both LAN and online multiplayer. Keep things fresh with regular updates and season-based game modes that promise all-new content till the end of time. Soul Knight Prequel is the perfect recipe for an action-packed, adrenaline-spiking fun 24/7! Chill out in a village and enjoy a style makeover or nurture a garden in your free time before taking on the challenges of the road with renewed vigor. Get ready to explore a world of dungeon-crawling RPG in a light-hearted fantasy setting that promises endless hours of entertainment. Download Soul Knight Prequel today and experience this amazing game for yourself!
SINAG Fighting Game

SINAG is a mobile 1v1 fighting game based on Philippine mythology, with intuitive controls, rich cultural experiences, and advanced mechanics.

SINAG Fighting GameRanida Games
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of SINAG, a mobile fighting game that stands out by combining the enchantment of Philippine mythology with immersive gameplay mechanics. Stepping into the arena, you'll see how SINAG proves to be both straightforward but challenging to master. Thanks to its intuitive four-button controls, SINAG makes it easy for newcomers to understand the basics of combat and unleash powerful attacks. However, beneath its accessible shell, this game hides a world of complexity, encouraging proficient contestants to explore advanced fighting techniques and refine their talents. SINAG isn't just about providing thrilling gameplay. It is also an invitation to immerse yourself in a trip of cultural immersion. The carefully crafted and vibrant backgrounds pay tribute to the beauty and diversity of the Philippines. This game takes the essence of Filipino culture and explores myth and legends, intertwining them with captivating supernatural encounters. It is important to mention that SINAG is developed in partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Playing SINAG offers various features such as eight unique characters, eight backgrounds stages, and combo-heavy gameplay mechanics. The four-button with directional input controller scheme is an outstanding feature that ensures that it does not depend on swipe or cooldown moves. The game supports touch and controller, and if you're using a gamepad, you can quickly assign a button in your settings. If you want to share any comments or suggestions, you can follow SINAG on Twitter: @SinagFG, and join the community on Discord at Co-produced by Ranida Games and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), and published by Ranida Games, the creators of PBA Basketball Slam and BAYANI Fighting Game. Special thanks go to Angrydevs, Vita Fighters Discord community, and Ken Aoki of Monaural Studios. To learn more about the game's credits, visit the credit screen. Are you ready to dive into the mesmerizing world of SINAG?
Tsuki Adventure 2

Embark on a new adventure in Tsuki Adventure 2 traveling the world, making animal friends, discovering hidden wonders and building your cozy home.

Tsuki Adventure 2HyperBeard
Get ready to explore a whole new world alongside your favorite bunny, Tsuki, in the long-awaited sequel of Pocket Bunny's Adventure! Discover the mesmerizing beauty of the kawaii universe as you journey from the Mushroom Village deep into the mysterious forests. Indulge in a charming aesthetic where you will encounter mystical friends, tackle thrilling puzzles and make fulfilling choices throughout your incredible adventure. Delve into Enchanting Realms - Embrace the beauty of lush groves as you unveil hidden wonders that await you. - This latest episode of the game brings plenty of new discoveries that will excite and leave you intrigued. - With Tsuki Adventure 2, you will surprise yourself as you take exciting trips to different countries and uncover the secrets of the world. Build and Improve Your Dream Abode - Customize your cozy home by decorating it with adorable furniture. - Upgrade your residence to unlock new areas and features. - Enjoy creating your picture-perfect home in Tsuki Adventure 2! Experience the Pleasure of Animal Friendship - With a plethora of furry friends to meet, from precocious pets to wise elders, get ready to expand your circle. - Get immersed in heartwarming relationships with your new animal friends as you hang out on the beach or have a peaceful picnic. - Discover the stories of animal people from different parts of the globe and create delightful memories. Bask in the Beauty of a Pocket Paradise - Enjoy the picturesque perfection of Tsuki's pocket world beautifully remodeled with splendid vistas from globally acclaimed hotspots. - Take delight as you relax on the sandy beach, take restorative strolls through the bamboo forests, feel the breeze on a biplane ride, and find peace in Tsuki's enthralling realm. - Even when you step away, Tsuki's fascinating world will keep on moving! Rekindle Past Friendships - Immerse yourself in heartwarming found-family dynamics as Tsuki refreshes old friendships with characters such as Chi, the giraffe, and Moca, the tea-obsessed turtle. - Enjoy the joys of building new friendships, exploring love and support as Tsuki's furry family expands. Welcome to Tsuki Adventure 2, where every step will lead you to new discoveries, exciting animal encounters, and the blissful pleasures of Tsuki's relaxed lifestyle. Escape to a serene pocket paradise and explore the cutest sim game you will ever encounter! Follow Tsuki all around the world, as you enjoy the small yet incredible experiences life has to offer.
Par for the Dungeon

Par for the Dungeon is an exciting adventure game where you play as Cal the golf ball, fighting Bogeys and solving puzzles across 100+ levels with an arsenal of weapons and power-ups.

Par for the DungeonSleeping Giant Games
Par for the Dungeon redefines the concept of golf and introduces a thrilling adventure game that promises fun-filled, exciting gameplay. Step into the shoes of Cal, the golf ball on an epic mission to battle and retrieve furry friends kidnapped by the infamous Bogeys. With over 100 levels, Par for the Dungeon guarantees an immersive and challenging gaming experience for its players. The ultimate goal of the game is to get Cal into the hole with the least number of moves. Tap and drag to aim, increase power, and release to launch Cal towards the hole. While this might seem like a breeze, treacherous Bogeys patrol each level, making it difficult to progress. To combat these opponents, players can purchase weapons and traps from the store to arm themselves and gain an advantage over the Bogeys. Throughout your adventure, you will encounter various locations such as quaint towns, snowy crypts, and fungal forests. Each level is unique and presents its set of challenges and environmental hazards such as elevators and giant fans. Completing each level efficiently yields stars and crowns to improve your rank and unlock new challenges and outfits for your character. Par for the Dungeon’s arsenal consists of an array of items ranging from gravity gauntlets to fireballs. These items will provide you with another level of versatility against enemies in increasingly dangerous contraptions. You can choose from an extensive collection of outfits that you can unlock as you progress through the game. Become a part of Cal’s adventurous journey and save furry friends from the treacherous clutches of the Bogeys. Par for the Dungeon is not your average golf game but promises a thrilling, action-packed experience for players of all levels.
Zombotron Re-Boot

Survive in the abandoned planet by fighting with zombies and evil robots. Save survivors and discover the planet's mystery. Zombotron Re-Boot boasts destructible physics and various weaponry.

Zombotron Re-BootAnt.Karlov Games
Explore the exhilarating Zombotron universe and defend yourself against hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, malevolent robots and a multitude of other putrid creatures in order to survive. Step into a colonized planet which has been abandoned over time, and embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries of this perplexing planet. Experience the revamped edition of the Zombotron Flash game series - Zombotron Re-Boot - which features enhanced graphics, an improved physics engine and an array of dazzling effects! Key Features: — A detailed destructible physical world for a realistic gaming experience; — A vast assortment of weaponry to choose from; — Utilize the environment to circumvent and destroy adversaries; — Battle unique enemies with extraordinary capabilities; — Enhance your gaming experience by utilizing headphones and a gamepad. How to Play: — Move your character around by using the joystick on the left hand side of the screen; — Utilize the right-hand joystick to aim and press down to attack; — Activate interactive objects to progress through the game; — Navigate each level to discover new weapons and keep tabs on ammunition; — If your health is low, don't worry, the protagonist heals automatically!
DOMINO: The Little One

Embark on eco-adventure through Domino's subconscious, facing internal struggles as well as ecological challenges. Unravel the poetic narrative and find inspiration for change.

DOMINO: The Little OneArcelik A.S.
Domino is a unique protagonist in a world that is plagued by the destructive forces of climate change and environmental decay. In this immersive interactive narrative experience called "DOMINO: The Little One", players get to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the eyes of Domino, a young introvert with big dreams. As players dive deep into Domino's introspective adventure, they will encounter a world that is hand-drawn and filled with both dreams and reality. With every step, players will learn more about Domino's inner world and the challenges that threaten to consume them. Lilac Domino, a symbol of hope and resilience, grows alongside Domino, embodying the continuous cycle of life. Against all odds, Lilac stands strong against Domino's fears, serving as a source of inspiration and motivation throughout the game. As players help Domino navigate through a series of puzzles and challenges, they will realize that the obstacles are not just mere reflections of Domino's internal struggles, but also a representation of the ecological concerns that our world is facing today. This makes the game an excellent platform to raise awareness on environmental issues. The narrative is enriched with poetic elements, drawing connections between nature's rhythm and the human journey. This poetic depth emphasizes the bond that exists between humanity and the planet. Through captivating storytelling, players will understand the impact of their seemingly small decisions and how each decision can initiate a domino effect, leading to substantial changes in the grand scheme of things. "DOMINO: The Little One" is a message for all ages. Players will realize that change starts from within and that they hold the power to make a difference. The game serves as a reminder that no one but you can save yourself, and it's time to take that first step. Get ready to embark on a heartfelt journey that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to create a positive impact in the world.
Doomsday Vanguard

Join the "Doomsday Vanguard" to rebuild civilization in a post-apocalyptic world filled with mutated monsters and sinister organizations, featuring simple controls and customizable combat styles.

Doomsday VanguardYU-one Game
In 1023, an evil organization released the Z virus to overthrow the continent's regime and cause chaos. The virus infected life forms and turned them into deranged creatures that ravaged the continent. After a century of devastation, only three cities remain, working together to cure the virus and save humanity. The World Serpent, the organization behind the virus, conducts sinister experiments, creating mutant creatures in the process. The Beta Team, a human counteroffensive unit, must locate and destroy the World Serpent's main base. Join the Doomsday Vanguard and become a hero tasked with rebuilding civilization. Explore ruins, protect survivors, and conquer monsters alongside other team members. The game boasts simple controls so that you can jump into the game anytime, anywhere. Hundreds of skills allow you to create your combat style, adapt to various battle scenarios and enemies, and create powerful battle strategies. Character leveling and development, equipment collection, and attribute strengthening grant you greater power. The game's standout feature is its ability to have hundreds of monsters on the same screen providing an unprecedented sense of thrilling combat. Multiple difficulty levels cater to players of different skill levels. Challenging yourself will unlock unique challenges and rewards. Connect with Doomsday Vanguard on Facebook and Twitter. Contact the team at to contribute your strength to the reconstruction of civilization!
GUBBINS — It's a word game

In Gubbins, place tiles to create words with the help of wildcard Gubbins. Enjoy wordplay with hilarious friends causing chaos in quirky graphics.

GUBBINS — It's a word gameFolly Studio
Looking for a casual and entertaining experience? Gubbins can be the perfect puzzle game for you! In this game, players will have to carefully place tiles to create words, while trying to benefit from wildcard modifiers called Gubbins. The game offers a delightful visual experience, featuring simple yet attractive typography, paired with quirky illustrations that enhance the overall gameplay. With a huge draw pile at your disposal, you can take your time to carefully plan your words on the board. But beware of those curious and mischievous Gubbins, as they can completely flip your strategy! Whether you're a seasoned wordsmith or just looking for some light-hearted fun, Gubbins is a game for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Let loose your creativity and get ready for an addictive wordplay experience filled with hilarious friends and endless possibilities!
Arrow Quest: Idle defense RPG

Arrow Quest: Idle RPG Defense - Unleash your archer and protect the kingdom from invading darkness. Easy, engaging gameplay with rapid level progression, epic boss battles, and endless content.

Arrow Quest: Idle defense RPGWispwood Games
Arrow Quest: Idle RPG Defense is a one-of-a-kind game that blends idle gameplay, strategic archery, and RPG elements for a remarkable gaming experience. In this epic adventure, you are destined to defend your kingdom from the forces of darkness as an aspiring archer. Every arrow that you shoot reinforces your kingdom's resistance against the shadows. The game's effortless and engaging idle gameplay allows you to unleash your archer, who will tirelessly fight for you. Even while you are offline, you will earn rewards in this thrilling idle clicker game. Strategic battles with easy-to-win mechanics provide incomparable entertainment. The game's simplistic tap mechanics let you select, empower, and release your archer with just one touch. Arrow Quest: Idle RPG Defense offers rapid level progression, where you can level up your archer, upgrade your gear, and unlock dominant abilities. There are no limits to your growth in this game. Become the strongest archer in all the lands and witness your enemies tremble in your presence! Prepare yourself for massive boss battles that will challenge your tactics and skills. Defeat these mighty adversaries and claim their riches as your own. Arrow Quest: Idle RPG Defense features endless gameplay and content to keep you hooked. Enhance your archers with a wealth of equipment, improve their skills and unlock powerful abilities. Play endlessly and enjoy new excitement again and again!
50 Tiny Room Escape

Escape from 50 Tiny Rooms by solving puzzles, code locks, and riddles in fully 3D levels. Uncover the mystery behind 5 seemingly unconnected people.

50 Tiny Room EscapeKiary Games ltd
50 Tiny Room Escape is an innovative game that combines classic room escape and point-and-click quest elements. The story begins with the player waking up in a closed room, and they must uncover how they arrived there and what is happening around them as they progress through different rooms. Throughout the 50 puzzle rooms, players will encounter various challenges such as code locks, riddles, and other problem-solving puzzles that must be solved to open the final door out of the room. The plot revolves around five different individuals who have all experienced mysterious closed rooms; while they may seem unconnected at first, players will eventually uncover the truth about their shared experience. This game is ideal for adults who enjoy challenging puzzle games. All 50 rooms can be completed without any in-app purchases, making for a completely free gaming experience. The game's world is fully 3D and should be rotated to reveal different perspectives, creating a stunning isometric diorama effect. There are 50 completely different rooms to explore and escape from, each with their own unique layout and puzzles. Additionally, almost everything in the game world is interactive, giving players a more immersive experience. The various puzzles and riddles in each room are so challenging that players may feel like they have no way out. The story includes an unexpected final twist that adds to the suspense and intrigue of the game. Are you ready to take on the challenge of escaping these tiny rooms filled with puzzles and riddles? Download the game now and test your problem-solving skills!
Nine Realms: Revolt

Deckbuild and conquer in Nine Realms Revolt. Fight through 50 unique scenarios, recruit allies, and topple Revna's reign in 3-lane battles.

Nine Realms: RevoltOne Up Plus
Immerse yourself in an epic Deckbuilding Adventure and save the Nine Realms from destruction. After Ragnarok, the old gods have gone, and Revna the fire giant has seized control of Asgard, leaving survivors struggling to rebuild their worlds. But fear not, you play as Fjolnir, a young light elf, and your mission is to unite the realms to stop Revna's reign of terror. Embark on a journey to the hellscape of musphelheim, wander the forests of Vanaheim, explore the now flooded midgard, and escape the crumbling Hellheim to topple Revna off his newfound throne in Asgard. The campaign features 50 scenarios, each with its own story, dialogue, and unique enemy with a deck to fight. Along the way, you get to unlock 135+ cards with each faction as you journey through their realm. Save your custom decks for use at any point, enabling you to adjust your strategy for each opponent you face. Nine Realms Revolt applies a hybrid of old school card games like MTG and dice mechanics, making it stand out from other deckbuilding games. Use three of the five factions to create a deck of at least 40 cards. Gameplay is divided over three lanes, each with its own units, banners, traps, and die. To win, you must destroy your opponent's three banners while protecting your own. You must choose when to commit your units to an attack while also making sure you can defend your own banners. The game features five different factions, each with its spells, units, and legendary cards. Combine up to three factions to make your deck and take on your opponents with strategy and wits. Play units to defend your banners, which can only be attacked or defended in their respective lanes. Strategically use spells and traps to swing the battle to your favor, and unleash game-ending legendaries, whose powers will make you think about how to develop your deck around them. If you're up for a challenge, dive into the Draft Mode. Draft a deck of 40 cards by choosing one of three cards. Then, embark on a journey to win six battles in a row. Losing at any point could end your run, so play strategically and wisely. In summary, Nine Realms Revolt is an exciting and unique deckbuilding game that blends old and new school card games while incorporating dice mechanics. With its engaging campaign mode, a plethora of cards to unlock, and customizable decks, players will never get bored. Play your cards right, unite the realms, and save the Nine Realms from destruction!

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