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Awesome Tanks

Unleash war in classic top-down tank shooter: destroy enemy tanks, bosses, find bonuses, create levels, upgrade stats and sneak up on enemies.

Awesome TanksQuiz & Trivia Games by Mno Go Apps
Get ready to dive into a fierce battle with the newly developed classic top-view 2d tank shooter, now available on Google Play. The game features revamped graphics, a physics engine that complements the gameplay, and an intuitive dual thumb control system that ensures a seamless experience. Your ultimate mission is to obliterate all enemy tanks, demolish their boss, and seek concealed rooms filled with bonus items. With the Level Editor, you can create your own levels and showcase them to the world, displaying your creativity as a game creator. Upgrade your tank's stats, acquire, and improve weaponry by collecting coins strewn across all levels in the game. Garner several achievements, pushing you to unleash your potential in the game. Enter the Survival mode, facing an infinite number of tanks, striving to set the highest record. Procedurally generated Arena levels await you, providing an exhilarating gaming experience. The game now includes a new gameplay mechanic that lets you sneak up on enemies from behind or hide in bushes, seriously amplifying your tactical skills. Are you ready for this game? Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!
SWAT Shooter Police Action FPS

Swat Shooter is a 3D action game with 17 guns, customizable weapons, multiple enemies, and a city map with missions.

SWAT Shooter Police Action FPSArarat Games
In Swat Shooter, an action-packed 3D first-person shooter game, players can quickly and easily take down criminals using a variety of firearms. This thrilling game boasts an impressive array of features, including 17 distinct guns and the ability to customize weapons for heightened personalization. Battle against numerous enemy gangs and explore various cities, each equipped with unique missions to accomplish. Swat Shooter also features a realistic and modern art style, complete with levels set against contemporary locations. And, with impressive sound design and immersive environments, this game offers a cool and atmospheric experience for players to enjoy. So, are you prepared to dive into the ultimate action-packed experience with Swat Shooter?
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Kingdom Two Crowns

Build and protect your kingdom from greedy creatures in this side-scrolling micro strategy game with minimalist aesthetic. Join forces with a friend in split-screen or tabletop co-op.

Kingdom Two CrownsRaw Fury
Kingdom Two Crowns introduces an engaging micro strategy experience with minimalist features complemented by modern pixel art design. Assume the role of a monarch on horseback, and with the help of faithful subjects, erect your kingdom and safeguard it from rapacious beings plotting to seize your hard-earned currency and crown. In the latest campaign mode, Kings and Queens must work towards building a kingdom that lasts the test of time and develop strategies to eliminate Greed permanently. Traverse the vast terrains to discover new mounts and unveil hidden mysteries concealed in the land. However, you need not rule alone as this game features an online multiplayer mode- monarch can now choose to either have a solo play experience or request for a friend's assistance. You can work together side by side while sharing a local classic split screen or across from each other with the custom tabletop coop feature. Apart from the standard medieval setting, the Kingdom Two Crowns has added extra features such as: β€’ Dead Lands: Transverse the dark lands of Kingdom that emanate an eerie feeling and provides a good challenge. β€’ Shogun: Embark on a journey to Japan and experience the culture and structure of feudal Japan while you play. Additional downloadable content is available via in-app purchase: β€’ Norse Lands: Lead troops, solve brain-teasing puzzles and tap into the ability of Norse Gods in this Viking-based sequel. Whether you are new to the game or an experienced ruler, this game presents an exciting challenge. So prove your courage and reign supreme with Kingdom Two Crowns.
Auto Hero: Auto-shooting game

Fight evil monsters as a commando gunman in this 2D platform shooter game with easy auto shooting and upgradeable weaponry.

Auto Hero: Auto-shooting gameBombus Studio
Are you a shooting game enthusiast who loves intense weapon battles? If so, Auto Hero is the perfect game for you! This 2D platform shooting game features auto shooting gameplay, allowing players to focus on the character's movement while the gunfire is taken care of automatically. The monsters will be left with nowhere to hide! As a muscular commando gunman armed with a powerful firearm, players must complete challenging missions against evil monsters to become a superhero. With each challenge, the monsters become increasingly stronger, posing a great threat to humanity if the hero doesn't level up. Auto Hero offers a variety of impressive features, such as playing offline with 2D platform battles that are easy to control and over 150 tough battle missions to test the player's courage. There are hundreds of different types of monsters to fight, along with 140 types of weapons with tremendous firepower. To play the game, players use the move control to dodge attacks from enemies. Each time the hero defeats an enemy, they will earn coins and gems that can be used to upgrade the soldier's strength. Collecting super warrior puzzle pieces will unlock new heroes, and all quest stars must be collected to save the world. Don't hesitate any longer! Join Auto Hero and experience one of the most incredible offline games with its 2D auto gunfire shooting gameplay. Visit their Facebook page at

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