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Krispee Street

Krispee Street: The Hidden Object Game" brings to life the beloved webcomic. Find hundreds of quirky objects in the emotional (in a good way!) adventure.

Krispee StreetNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively available to Netflix members, experience the heartwarming hidden object game based on the famous webcomic filled with quirky characters and objects that will tug at your heartstrings. Step into the curious, whimsical, and comforting world of Krispee, all while taking on the mission of bringing the characters and their world to life. Challenge yourself to find hundreds of enchanting characters and fascinating items in each level that is guaranteed to keep you captivated for hours. A game that will make you experience an array of emotions, Krispee Street will have you bursting with laughter, smiling in delight, and maybe slightly shedding a tear. The game is a perfect blend of all the feels that you didn't know you needed. Featuring numerous exciting elements like original music and sound effects, daily randomly generated puzzle challenges, thousands of charming hand-drawn characters, seven breathtaking and hand-drawn levels, collectible Krispee cards, daily Wheel of Self-Care, and hilarious animations ready to be revealed at every turn. Krispee Street is the game that you have been waiting for. It guarantees an immersive adventure filled with challenges, laughs, and heartwarming moments that will stay with you long after you finish playing.
Vineyard Valley Netflix

Restore a vineyard to its former glory, solve puzzles, and unlock past mysteries to create the romantic resort of your dreams with charming characters.

Vineyard Valley NetflixNetflix, Inc.
This game is exclusively available for Netflix users who are into rebuilding and adventure. Embark on a quest to bring back to life a once-thriving vineyard, precisely situated in the hills of Vineyard Valley, called the Tangled Vines. Expect to solve puzzles, complete tasks, and unravel past enigmas as you create the romantic resort of your fantasies. Let your imagination and creativity run wild as you transform and upgrade the vineyard. Collaborate alongside a friendly team of charismatic characters as you try to revive the resort's lost glory in this construction game. Get ready for a thrilling adventure of mystery, excitement, and love. The game comprises several features that make it intriguing and captivating. Start by renovating the lodge, catering for visitors, and progress to build a restaurant. Ultimately, aim to become an acclaimed destination resort! Meet and collaborate with the game's cute characters, some of whom have secrets and heart-wrenching stories to divulge. You will also be set with challenges to solve, puzzles to complete, and various surprises along your journey. Use fun and explosive boosters to surpass challenging levels of blast puzzles. Rank highest on the leaderboard for ultimate prestige. Jam City has done an excellent job in crafting a game that adds a fresh twist of excitement and creativity into the city building genre. Get hooked as the game immerses you in the world of vineyards and romance. Get ready to swing and sip them up in style!
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Laya's Horizon

Fly with enchanted capes & ancient powers in an open-world inspired by wingsuit flying, complete challenges & explore to improve skills.

Laya's HorizonNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively available to Netflix subscribers, become a master of the skies in this open-world adventure. Glide across the vast, tranquil world and unlock new abilities by exploring mountains, forests, and rivers. Utilize the power of enchanted capes to take on challenges and soar through obstacle courses like never before, inspired by the real-world sport of wingsuit flying. Control your flight with intuitive and independent thumb movements, changing the shape of your cape just like a bird's wings. Race through challenging obstacle courses or enjoy the stunning surroundings of the island by flying aimlessly. With over 50 missions, 40 levels of challenges, and more than 100 collectibles scattered across the world, there's always something new to experience. Upgrade your abilities with capes and charms to provide that extra boost when you need it. Conquer the skies by flying close to the environment, from hot air balloons to snowy slopes, and reap the rewards of the island's energy. Use your skills to navigate through narrow caves with ancient ruins, dodge raging geysers, and skillfully maneuver over massive waves. With Snowman's unique set of abilities and techniques to unlock, finding your own way to fly has never been more exciting. Meet the Windfolk, an interesting group of people as diverse as the land they live on, and interact with them on your journey. With the inclusion of original music and handcrafted audio, the game creates an immersive experience that adapts its audio to the movement and intensity of your flying. Enjoy the orchestral score that sets the serene tone to your flight and environment, and get lost in the magic of the Windfolk world.
NETFLIX Moonlighter

Daytime shopkeeper, nighttime adventurer. Manage your shop and explore dungeons, slay monsters, and uncover secrets that will unlock as you play.

NETFLIX MoonlighterNetflix, Inc.
This action-packed RPG is exclusively available on Netflix for members to immerse themselves in a world of adventure where they'll manage a shop by day and explore dungeons by night. Step into the shoes of the hero, Will, a brave shopkeeper who yearns to become a hero. During the day, you'll become the boss by carefully setting item prices, recruiting assistants, and managing gold reserves, among other tasks. Keep a keen eye out for thieves looking to steal your valuable offerings. Build meaningful relationships with fellow villagers as you work to restore prosperity to the small town of Rynoka. Witness new businesses blossom before your eyes as you assist the community in establishing fresh endeavours. Enchant your armor and weapons to level up your abilities and craft new equipment by interacting with villagers. The highlight of the game is the dungeon crawling portion, where players can test their combat skills and search for rare treasures to sell in their shop. The more you explore, the more mysteries and secrets you can uncover. This adventure-RPG offers players the best of both worlds, allowing them to experience the thrill of exploring dungeons and the satisfaction of owning a prosperous shop. Get ready to embark on an epic journey where you'll find yourself drawn to the fascinating world of the hero, Will, as you manage your shop by day and explore Rynoka's dungeons by night.
OXENFREE II: Lost Signals

Uncover the mysteries of Camena and stop the cult, Parentage, from opening a new portal in this supernatural narrative adventure. Your choices shape the story.

OXENFREE II: Lost SignalsNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively offered to Netflix members, immerse yourself in the latest investigation into a mystifying enigma with OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, an interactive narrative game set in a familiar world featuring shadowy members of a cult, ghastly radio transmissions, and space-time portals. Strange electromagnetic waves are causing disruptions with electronics and radio devices in the small coastal town of Camena. Riley Poverly hesitantly returns to her hometown to examine the phenomenon, but what she discovers is beyond what she expected. OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, developed by Night School, a Netflix Game Studio, is the mind-bending sequel to the critically acclaimed OXENFREE adventure game. Play the game as a standalone or delve deeper into the OXENFREE universe by playing the original to find connections that are up to you. While playing, your choices will have a significant impact on the story. Your decisions on how to deal with these supernatural events will shape the story in this exhilarating mystery. Your choices during conversations and dialogues will shape the story, forging a deeper friendship with an old acquaintance from high school or ignoring a lost fisherman in distress. Your decisions will influence who Riley becomes, the relationships she forms, and the story paths available to you. Use the new walkie-talkie to converse with your contacts and gain insights regarding the mysteries of Camena. You may ask for information, connect with the locals, or completely disregard them — your choices have repercussions. Five years ago, a group of teenagers unintentionally created a portal, ripping through reality and schedules on nearby Edwards Island. Now, the Parentage, a perplexing cult, is deliberately attempting to create a new portal to extract something. Who are they, and what do they seek to achieve? Are they striving to communicate with ghosts? Camena frequencies are being penetrated by eerie ghostly signals that you can tap into by using the signature radio mechanic of OXENFREE, which can communicate with supernatural entities, manipulate the world, and travel to the past by tuning into "time tears" or abnormalities in spacetime. OXENFREE's future was on the line in the previous game, and the stakes are higher in OXENFREE II. Explore the beautiful and hazardous terrain of Camena by climbing and rappelling. Take risks, and you may just be able to save the future, not just for Riley, but for everyone. Overall, Night School, a Netflix Game Studio, created a thrilling and mind-bending adventure that's sure to bewilder you with unexpected twists and turns, with OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, an exclusive offering for Netflix members.
Stranger Things: The Game

Join Hopper and the kids in their retro adventure across Hawkins, using unique abilities to solve puzzles and collecting Eggos and gnomes for unlockable surprises!

Stranger Things: The GameNetflix, Inc.
Immerse yourself in an action-packed adventure with Hopper and the kids as they embark on challenging missions in Hawkins and the eerie Upside Down in this retro-style game packed with delightful collectibles. Get ready to travel back in time and experience an amazing action-adventure game similar to the ones that our beloved heroes played in the 80s. Journey through Hawkins and its surroundings, revisiting places that you know and love such as Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins Lab while exploring new and thrilling areas that you've never seen before. Put your problem-solving skills to the test as you try to solve challenging puzzles with each character's unique abilities. Lucas can take out enemies with ease using his Wrist Rocket, while Nancy has a vast collection of bats at her disposal this time around. Be sure to keep an eye out for collectibles such as Eggos and gnomes; you never know what secrets they might reveal. Collect as many as you can to unlock hidden surprises that will enhance your gaming experience.
Wonderputt Forever

Wonderputt Forever: Plan your mini-golf shots to sink the ball into geometric-themed holes. Courses evolve in this exclusive Netflix game.

Wonderputt ForeverNetflix, Inc.
Exclusive for Netflix members, get ready to embark on an exciting mini-golf adventure like no other. Windmills? Schwindmills! In this game, get ready to experience an extraordinary gameplay as the beautifully constructed courses shift and transform in front of your eyes. Wonderputt Forever offers a trip down the memory lane with unique and captivating golf courses that you've never seen before. It's not just about hitting the balls in the holes, but meticulously planning each shot as you navigate through strange and unreal terrains. With every level, these courses are brought to life, transforming into something even more remarkable to keep you engaged. Start by playing in Par Mode, where you can showcase your skills and master the art of mini-golf. The fun doesn't stop there as you progress into Geometry Trips mode, with hundreds of geometric-themed holes to conquer and rewards to unlock. Get set to be transported into a world filled with excitement, creativity, and challenges that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Skies of Chaos

Join the last resistance rebels and save the world in Captain Campbell, the arcade-style shoot 'em up game. Available now on Netflix.

Skies of ChaosNetflix, Inc.
Join the rebellion in a mesmerizing and thrilling shoot 'em up game, only available for Netflix subscribers. Take the role of Captain Campbell, a skilled dogfighter, and enter a stunning pixelated universe to face off against the evil empire commanded by General Ramshackle and his Lieutenants of Doom. As a last hope for the resistance, you must help Captain Campbell and the rebels by defeating the empire and preventing them from taking over and dominating the world. Packed with explosive and incredible boss battles, this arcade-style game promises to deliver a unique gaming experience from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy multiple hand-crafted, visually striking worlds full of admirable details that will transport you to a different reality. Unlock and upgrade dozens of pilots with diverse skills and abilities. Collect endless loot items that will help you improve your gameplay, including ships and weapons. Unleash thousands of different weapon combinations, special abilities, and power-ups to dominate the resistance. Are you the ace pilot that will turn the tide and unleash freedom for all? Find out by accepting the challenge and playing this thrilling game from the renowned Broxcorp.
Reigns: Three Kingdoms

Swipe, marry, and fight in turn-based card battles in the historical epic, inspired by "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Netflix-exclusive game with quests, heroes, and unique swiping gameplay.

Reigns: Three KingdomsNetflix, Inc.
Exclusive to Netflix members, immerse yourself in the thrilling world of historical warfare, using strategic military negotiations, marriage alliances, and recruitment tactics in turn-based card battles. Based on the legendary Chinese epic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," you will be transported to the tumultuous last days of the Han dynasty, encountering multiple factions, heroes, and battles in your journey to gain power and influence. With a unique swiping mechanic, this franchise offers a fresh perspective to the card-based genre, as you explore a vast storyline and experience an engrossing narrative filled with unexpected twists and turns. Embark on numerous quests that have specific arcs, heroes to recruit, weddings to attend, and children to raise. Feel the exhilaration of recruiting new heroes as your allies and fighting alongside them in exciting turn-based battles. Create your own empire and witness your remarkable political development. Unlike previous iterations, the game grants you the opportunity to participate in online-ranked card battles where you'll battle against other players with your carefully selected recruits. Developed by the accomplished Nerial Limited, this game provides an unparalleled experience that fans of the genre will adore.
Lucky Luna

Guide Luna through Japanese-inspired levels in this Netflix-exclusive platformer. Swipe left and right through evolving, one-touch gameplay to uncover her destiny.

Lucky LunaNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively for members of Netflix, embark on a thrilling adventure with Luna, as she journeys through concealed dungeons and mythical temples to uncover the untold secrets of her past in this captivating platformer game, inspired by the tales of Japanese folklore. In each level, Luna confronts new challenges and features that broaden her exploration of the environments. However, there's an oddity to note – there's no jumping button! Instead, you must swipe to control Luna's movements, dodging obstacles and descending deeper into the dangerous terrain as she follows her path to discovery. You'll need acute awareness of your surroundings and wit to unearth the treasures that lie below. The game features: • A captivating story mode that requires you to use merely a single touch to traverse the dungeon-like environments, claim Luna's fate and uncover her incredible destiny. • Unlimited gameplay in endless mode, where the dungeons become even more unpredictable and treacherous, with each run offering a unique experience. • The game's storyline unveils itself as you progress through hidden temples, secret passages and special challenge rooms, revealing more about Luna's journey and past through cryptic tablets. • Gather as many pearls and gems as you can carry to store in your treasure room and track your progress. • Daily, monthly and all-time leaderboards allow you to compete against other players as you aim for the top spot in each temple and dungeon. • Collect all 100 achievements within the game to display your in-game trophies in your trophy room and establish yourself as one of the most daring treasure seekers in the game.
Sonic Prime Dash

Race through epic courses, battle villains & unlock new Sonic characters in this high-speed endless runner game exclusively for Netflix members by SEGA.

Sonic Prime DashNetflix, Inc.
Are you a Netflix member? Then get ready to experience the ultimate thrill of high-speed running with Sonic Dash Endless Running Games, exclusively by SEGA! Join the world's fastest and iconic blue hedgehog in his exciting run through epic courses, jumping over obstacles, and battling against his biggest rivals- Dr. Eggman and Zazz from Sonic Lost World. Get ready to explore beautifully designed zones from Green Hills to Mushroom Hill, each with its own secrets and surprises, making every run a new adventure. Use Sonic's super speed and running powers to dodge hazards and speed through loop-de-loops in a stunning graphics endless runner game. If you are a fan of Classic Sonic and Classic SEGA games, you will love Sonic Prime Dash! Choose your beloved Sonic character, each with its unique ability, and unlock new characters as you progress through the game. Utilize Sonic's incredible racing capabilities as you race against time and climb higher on the leaderboards. Unlock additional characters like Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow and keep on running with Sonic to get more rewards as you run. Sonic Dash Endless Running Games is perfect for kids and players of all ages who love endless running games. So, what are you waiting for? Join Sonic and his friends in this action-packed adventure and become the hero of the leaderboard. Remember, you need to be a Netflix member to play this game. Created by SEGA, Sonic Dash is a registered trademark of SEGA CORPORATION. All rights reserved.
Relic Hunters Rebels

Craft and upgrade weapons as you battle the Ducan Empire, bringing peace to a divided planet across colorful levels. Offline shooter/looter/RPG with unique characters.

Relic Hunters RebelsNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively available for subscribers of Netflix, this game is sure to enthrall you. Travel through vibrant levels, armed with an array of upgradable weapons as you fight to bring peace to a planet divided by war - all while dodging enemy attacks like a pro. This engaging offline shooter, looter and role-playing game is truly a feast for the senses - filled with stunning chaos and a gripping storyline that'll keep you hooked. As you lead the Hunters on their quest, you'll encounter Baru, a young leader attempting to unite the four warring tribes on his planet. Your mission will be to help these tribes collaborate and work together to take down the Ducan Empire and retrieve the all-powerful Void Stone. As you progress, you'll battle enemies and collect blueprints, materials and resources which you'll use later to craft new guns or improve the ones you already have. Customize your guns to your preference - modify firing rates, add projectiles and much more! Choose from not one, but four different hunters - each one accompanied by unique stats and abilities: the sharpshooter Jimmy, the cunning rogue donkey Ace, the fierce warrior Pinkyy, or the suave Raff. Unlock each one and experience their unique skills as you take on this thrilling adventure!
Dust & Neon

Dust & Neon: a top-down, twin-stick sci-fi shooter, as the Gunslinger, fight an army of killer robots in a futuristic Wild West.

Dust & NeonNetflix, Inc.
This thrilling shooter game is exclusively available for Netflix members. As the Gunslinger, you must find loot and take down the boss in a futuristic Wild West filled with killer robots. These machines that were once intended to assist humans have now taken over the planet and threaten the existence of the human race. The Gunslinger, a legendary figure in the Old West, has been resurrected by a crazed human scientist to fight against the robot rebellion. Dust & Neon is a top-down twin-stick shooter game that features RPG progression and takes inspiration from both roguelites and looter shooters genres. Players will start at the home base, where they must collect gear and upgrade their weapons before selecting a mission and fighting off waves of robots. In this game, players need to shoot, kill, reload, and repeat to survive. In Dust & Neon, death is just the beginning. Players will get the chance to power up their character across endless runs and deaths. With each run, players will level up and gain more power. There are various mission types to choose from, such as Kill All, Train Heist, and Sabotage Objective. As players progress through the game, they must keep an eye out for cash and better weapons to upgrade their equipment to increase their chances of success. One unique aspect of the game is the boss fights. These adrenaline-fueled battles will push players to their limits and test their skills. As players rank up and upgrade their character, they will draw closer to the ultimate showdown with the next boss in line! The game has been developed by David Marquardt Studios and Rogue Games. Play Dust & Neon today and become the Gunslinger, the savior of humanity in a world overrun by robots!
Bullet Hell Monday Black

Bullet Hell Monday Harder remix: vertical scrolling danmaku 2D shooting with special weapons. Bite overwhelming barrage, beat high difficulty & get top score.

Bullet Hell Monday BlackMASAYUKI ITO
With a clear rate of less than 1.0%, it's a challenging game that will test your reflexes and skills. Immerse yourself in a bullet hell shmup and be armed with your special weapons to survive. Experience an elevated remix version of the hit game Bullet Hell Monday. Get ready to play a vertical scrolling Danmaku 2D Shooting (STG) game that will bite you with an overwhelming barrage of bullets. Fight with your special weapons and see if you can survive. If the game crashes on the result screen while you're in Challenge mode or Endless mode, log out from the Play game on the leaderboard screen to fix the issue. The game's difficulty level is very high, so if you're not an expert, start with the much easier ORIGINAL mode or the previous game that's perfect for beginners. ■ Highlights: - 2 weapons and 6 specials - Original mode and Black mode - 4 different difficulty settings - Replay functionality - A leader board that shows all stages on all difficulties - Cloud saving * You can play Stage 1 for free. * Stage 2 and above require payment. * The game can be played in English and Japanese. * Requires a minimum of 2GB RAM to play.
GTA: San Andreas – NETFLIX

Remastered version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with updated graphics and controls, following CJ's journey to save his family and take control of San Andreas's streets.

GTA: San Andreas – NETFLIXNetflix, Inc.
This exciting classic game, exclusively available for Netflix members, has been remastered with modern upgrades and environmental enhancements. The lighting is brighter and more vibrant, the textures are high-resolution, and the draw distance is extended. The controls and targeting system have been revamped to reflect the style of Grand Theft Auto V. In this game, you play as Carl 'CJ' Johnson, a character who fled Los Santos, San Andreas five years ago to escape the violence of gang warfare, drugs, and corruption in the city. Now CJ is making a return to his hometown in the early '90s to find that his mother has been murdered, his family has been separated, and his childhood friends are all involved in dangerous situations. Unfortunately, CJ's situation worsens when police officers frame him for homicide, forcing him to embark on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas to both save his family and regain control of the streets. This game was brought to you by Rockstar Games, creators of other renowned titles like Grand Theft Auto. The trademarks and copyrights of Take-Two Interactive, Unreal® Engine, and Epic Games, Inc. have been used in compliance with all respective terms and conditions. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners, and all rights are reserved.
GTA: Vice City – NETFLIX

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive Edition, now with improved graphics and controls, takes you back to 80s Miami for a neon-soaked tale of crime.

GTA: Vice City – NETFLIXNetflix, Inc.
Exclusive for Netflix members, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition brings the iconic 1980s classic into the modern age with stunning new lighting effects and environmental upgrades. The game features high-resolution textures, an expanded draw distance, and the same intuitive controls and targeting system found in Grand Theft Auto V. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of excess and opportunity as you follow Tommy Vercetti's quest for power and revenge in a vibrant tropical city. With a neon-soaked ambiance and a rich storyline full of betrayal and intrigue, Grand Theft Auto Vice City – The Definitive Edition delivers a thrilling new gaming experience for players of all skill levels. Developed by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is a testament to the power of the Unreal Engine and the creativity of its designers. Copyrighted by Take-Two Interactive, all rights reserved. Unreal Engine is copyrighted by Epic Games, Inc., and uses Oodle technology developed by Epic Game Tools, Inc. All other trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.
Raji: An Ancient Epic

Save humanity & rescue your brother in Raji, an action-adventure game set in ancient India, developed by Nodding Heads Games, available exclusively on Netflix.

Raji: An Ancient EpicNetflix, Inc.
Exclusive to Netflix subscribers, embark on a visually stunning action-adventure inspired by Indian culture in which you are selected by divine beings to fight demons, scale ancient ruins, and fulfill your destiny to save humanity. In this award-winning gaming odyssey set in the ancient world of India, Raji, a young woman, must face off against an invading demonic force to rescue her younger brother and confront Mahabalasura, the demon overlord. After a thousand years of tranquility, humans, having forgotten the ancient ways of alchemy, are caught off guard by the demon's sudden invasion and massive assault. Cities crumble, fortresses are obliterated, and innocent children are taken from their homes. Amidst the chaos, only Raji emerges as the last hope to defend human civilization. The game was developed by Nodding Heads Games.
Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, a graphic novel-style adventure, follows unsung heroes in World War I's Western Front. Available only on Netflix.

Valiant Hearts: Coming HomeNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively available for Netflix members, emerge yourself in the world of World War I and become a hero who solves puzzles, flies above chaos, and heals the wounded in Valiant Hearts: Coming Home. This game is the second part of the BAFTA Award-winning game Valiant Hearts: The Great War. The game tells the story of two brothers' fight for survival during the war, with their journey intertwined with other new heroes. With an animated graphic novel-style adventure, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home gives you a truly unique and emotionally touching experience. The game lets you play as four unsung heroes, each with their own destiny, all trying to survive the horrors of the trenches. They all have a faithful canine companion to help them on their journey. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home offers a mix of exploration, action, and puzzle-solving as you progress through the story. From sneaking through enemy lines to playing music and flying above the chaos, each character has their own unique abilities to help you survive the Great War. Relive the historical events of World War I as you visit historical locations and battles. Emerge from the sea into the middle of the Jutland naval battle, relive the Meuse-Argonne offensive and experience the long-awaited relief of the Armistice. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home provides a fictional story that is mixed with facts and authentic pictures, providing players with information about key events during these tumultuous times. Special attention is paid to the Harlem Hellfighters. Developed by Ubisoft and Old Skull Games, this interactive game resonates with those who enjoy emotionally driven storytelling. By investing your time in Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, you will be transported back in time and learn about the realities of life during World War I in an entertaining and impressive way.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Play as iconic heroes in retro-style beat 'em up. Foil Shredder and Krang's plan, brawl across classic TMNT locations in Bluetooth controller-supported adventure.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's RevengeNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively for Netflix members, get ready to have a radical time with Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, and other familiar comrades in this bodacious '80s-style brawler. Say "Cowabunga!" as you take on the role of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and intervene Krang and Shredder's latest wicked scheme. Explore classic locales from the TMNT universe in a retro beat 'em up, beautifully rendered and showcased. Sneak past more than a dozen different levels while unleashing hazardous ninja combos to conquer enemies such as Baxter Stockman or the Triceraton. Select either April, Master Splinter, or Casey Jones, or our turtle ninja favorites Leo, Raph, Donnie or Mikey as playable characters in this exciting game for the first time. Complete with super-fresh fighting mechanics, you can enjoy old-school gameplay and dive into an awesome and new story mode that evokes nostalgic feelings with its '80s-inspired design, pixel art graphics, and not to mention an adventurous and rad soundtrack made by Tee Lopes. You can even connect your Bluetooth controller to make the ultimate gaming experience possible! This game is brought to you by Nickelodeon, Playdigious, Tribute Games, and Dotemu.
Dead Cells: Netflix Edition

'The Netflix edition of Dead Cells offers pixel art platform action and intense combat as players battle their way through a changing castle to escape.'

Dead Cells: Netflix EditionNetflix, Inc.
Only Netflix members have the privilege of playing this one-of-a-kind roguevania action platformer game. The premise involves getting out of a massive, everchanging castle in true undead fashion. As you make your way through, you must take down the boss and find secret treasures along the way. No matter how many times you perish, you'll start back at square one and continue to fight with renewed vigor. The journey begins with a failed experiment that transformed you into an undead entity within an abandoned castle. You must possess a body to escape as you navigate your way through endless rogue enemies and surreal bosses in a constantly changing, 2D pixel-infused landscape. With every run, learn to improve your skills in nonstop action-packed combat and platform exploration to develop your strengths and discover all the hidden dungeon secrets. Fear not, for many piles of corpse-y goodness await in the dungeon for you to reincarnate into. Still, it's a rigorous process that entails fighting, learning, and dying. Every time you're reborn, the castle's design morphs into new shapes, guaranteeing a fresh new challenge that pushes your limits beyond your wildest imagination. The Netflix content edition encompasses all the paid and free downloadable content of the base game. Explore the secret Arboretum in “The Bad Seed” expansion, refine your combat skills in “Rise of the Giant,” battle monsters from dungeon to shore in “Fatal Falls,” challenge the ultimate boss in “The Queen and the Sea,” and recruit characters from the iconic Castlevania franchise such as Alucard and Richter Belmont for a nostalgic  ride with the retro “Return to Castlevania” DLC. The game features an array of biomes and distinctive enemies, all with their own special abilities, making each run a unique experience. As you progress, gather new weapons, enhancements, genetic perks, and level up to build your perfect hero. Unlock hidden areas to attain even greater rewards by taking on more menacing foes. Motion Twin, Evil Empire, and Playdigious have teamed up to deliver what is one of the most exhilarating action games to hit the market. A must-play for all action and retro-game fans.
Death's Door

Play as a crow who reaps souls in this fantasy RPG to uncover death's secrets and recover a stolen soul. Talon-sharp combat and whimsical bosses await.

Death's DoorNetflix, Inc.
The game "Death's Door" is an exclusive RPG title available for Netflix members that puts you in the feathered skin of a crow responsible for reaping souls. However, when an unknown thief steals one of the souls under your care, it's up to you to embark on a journey that takes you through dungeons filled with dangerous creatures and bosses. As a soul-reaping crow, it's your job to ensure that the dying pass on smoothly, but things take a turn for the worse when the soul of a giant is stolen. Join the crow on a journey to retrieve it and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to destabilize life and death itself. Explore a variety of vibrant and fantastical realms, such as the Estate of the Urn Witch and the Frog King's swampy dungeon. Utilize an arsenal of weapons, including swords, hammers, bows, and magic spells, to defeat enemies and victory harder bosses as your journey to unravel the mystery unfolds. Thanks to the game's upgrade system, you can customize your crow and evolve its strength, dexterity, haste, and magical abilities to ensure it functions as the most efficient lil' soul reaper in the world. The game features an enthralling cast of characters, each with their problems that can only be solved by a tiny yet powerful soul-reaping crow. From these characters, you may learn more about the soul thief and other matters that influence your task. Developed by Acid Nerve and 22nd Century Toys, "Death's Door" is a fantastic game that combines stunning visuals, whimsical combat, and a riveting storyline that immerses players into a world full of wonder, danger, and intrigue.

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