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Last Fortress: Underground

After your community falls, lead a group of survivors to build and customize a shelter, explore the wilderness, gather resources, and fight zombies with friends.

Last Fortress: UndergroundLIFE IS A GAME LIMITED
Castle, the most significant community of survivors, has crumbled. Before, it provided hope in the post-apocalyptic world, but it now faces the same fate as others. In this chaos, a small group of survivors managed to escape to the barren wilderness. As the Commander of this group, you lead them out of the zombie horde that destructed your last shelter. While on the run, you discover a peculiar building protruding from the ground. With limited supplies and no other option, you and your team decide to take refuge there. This is where your journey of survival versus zombies begins. 【BUILD & CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHELTER】 With numerous facilities such as the Satellite Nexus, Power Generators, the Mission Control and more, expand and design the layout of your shelter to your preference. 【HEROES AND SURVIVORS】 Each hero and survivor has unique life skills that have allowed them to survive the apocalypse. From chefs, doctors, and engineers, to scientists, miners, and soldiers, make effective use of their abilities. 【TEAM COMPOSITION AND SYNERGY】 Choose heroes with diverse personalities and abilities. Formulate a combination which helps you conquer demanding tasks. 【VENTURE INTO THE WILD】 Explore the wastelands outside the shelter and look for valuable resources. While you're at it, set up camps that act as resource points or forward bases. But, beware! Zombies might attack at any time. 【ESTABLISH ALLIANCES WITH FRIENDS】 Relying solely on yourself is taxing, so why not work with friends? Create or join an alliance for maximum efficiency in eliminating the zombies. Help one another by accelerating the construction and tech research. It's time! Go forth, Commander, and take control of your adventure!
SimCity BuildIt

Be a hero, design and build a bustling metropolis, battle monsters, compete with other mayors and join clubs in SimCity BuildIt.

SimCity BuildItElectronic Arts
Welcome to the virtual city-building game! Embark on a journey of becoming a respected Mayor as you create and design your very own bustling town. The power is in your hands to make crucial decisions that will keep your metropolis thriving while providing the best services to its citizens. Trade, communicate, and join forces with other game players and build your way to greatness! With this game's creative and easy-to-use interface, players can develop buildings ranging from skyscrapers to beautiful parks and bridges. Careful planning and strategic placement of structures will help to keep resources at optimum to ensure that your city prospers. Also, tackle on real-life problems that come with governing a city, such as traffic and pollution, while providing basic services, including power plants and police departments. On the other hand, develop your road systems, avenues, and underground railways to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Unleash your fabulous imagination and put your ideas into action by creating remarkable Tokyo, Paris, or London-themed neighborhoods. Unlock exclusive landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty that will give your city high prestige. Take advantage of the Future Cities technology while also engaging in various sports activities in magnificent sports stadiums. Add decorative features such as rivers, lakes, and forests to make your city more picturesque. Span out along the beach or mountainside and unlock new surroundings with their unique architectural designs; places like Sunny Isles or Frosty Fjords. Engage in heated battles with other players through Club Wars. Defend your city against fierce monsters and other cities' mayors, and unlock exclusive rewards at each contest season to beautify your city. Join or create a Mayor's Club and share resources and strategies with other players in the Club Headquarters. Team up and collaborate with other mayors from different regions to complete unique buildings and unlock achievements. Important consumer information includes having a reliable internet connection to the game, as network charges may apply. Accept EA's Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement for the best gaming experience. This game includes in-game advertising and contains direct links intended for an audience over 13 years old to help players connect with social networking sites. Additionally, the game utilizes Google Play Game Services; thus, if players do not wish to share their gameplay with friends, they should log out of Google Play Game Services before downloading the game. For inquiries and support, visit Finally, note that online features may be retired after 30 days notice posted on
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Beast Lord

Survive in a world of scarce resources and lurking dangers. Build territory, summon and mutate beasts, and form alliances in Beast Lord: The New Land.

Beast LordStarFortune
In Beast Lord: The New Land, the weather has undergone a sudden change, and numerous supplies are scarce. As a ruler, you realize that your only chance to flourish is to explore new territory. After facing countless hardships, you eventually discover a juicy patch of land, but danger is looming in the corners of this seemingly peaceful new environment. 【Establishing Territory】 Your fresh homeland and cubs need a safe environment to grow in since many lurking dangers exist throughout the territory. The proper configuration of constructions is critical to the expansion of your territory! 【Summon Beasts】 The quantity of powerful beasts is an essential factor in better defending and developing your territory. With their help, you'll be able to resist external enemies, compete for resources, and expand your territory! 【Mutate Beasts】 Apart from a mighty troops of beasts, you'll need Alphas to compete for resources and expand your territory. With these two powerful forces combined, your troops will be invincible! 【Form Alliance】 In this dangerous wilderness, finding reliable allies is critical to your safety and development. Allies will help you resist external enemies and increase your power! =======Contact Us======= We provide personalized service to provide the best possible gaming experience! Should you run into any game-related issues, you can contact us through the following channels: Official Line: @beastlordofficial Official Discord: Official Facebook: Official Email Address: Privacy Policy: User Agreement: Notice! Beast Lord: The New Land is a free strategic game, but there are still some in-game items that can be purchased for a fee. As per the terms of use and user privacy policy, you must be at least three years old to play this game. Additionally, accessibility to network resources is required.
Zombie Strike

Build and lead a team of zombie-fighting heroes with unique abilities and weapons. Survive waves of undead and challenge players worldwide on the Arena.

Zombie StrikeTOJOY GAME
Recruit a team of survivors who have made it through the aftermath of the Zombie outbreak. Fight against the hordes of the undead, numbering in the thousands. Enlist the help of heroes who possess unique skills and weaponry. Determine the perfect roster to balance your team's strengths, experiment with squad formations, and improve the capabilities of your heroes. Your available resources must be utilized carefully. Enter the Arena and fight against challengers from around the world to stave off humanity's extinction. The game features a wide variety of experiences: 【Auto-Battle】 Recruit survivors, transform zombies, and form a powerful team to protect your turf! An AI-controlled play system puts you on autopilot, freeing you from having to micromanage your character's actions. Earn rewards even after logging out. There are plenty of bonuses to look forward to! 【Line Up Strategy】 Muster a unique team of hundreds of potential allies and transformed zombies, each boasting special abilities! Employ class match and faction restraint tactics to break the mold of regular gameplay. Unleash diverse methods of cultivation to level up your hero and embark on your journey of survival! 【Tons of Gameplay】 Search the stages, resist zombies to gain supplies – it's the only way to stay alive when the end of the world arrives! The Tower of doomsday dares players to take on monsters at consecutively higher levels! In the Brave Raid, retreating is not an option. Failure means death! Discover mysterious crystals and transformation institutes that will leave you wanting more! 【Brotherhood】 A simple concept: mutual assistance. Send hearts to your friends, so no one is left wandering alone in the dark! Compete in the Arena, where only the strongest can lead their companions to victory in the face of fierce rivalry! 【Cooperative Guild】 Create a guild with your friends and lead it towards dominance! Join with other guild members to fight alongside one another, challenging guild bosses to earn rich rewards! By using advanced guild techs, you can distinguish yourself in battles! Fight in the thrilling guild war to challenge rival survivor camps and fight for aristocracy! =SUPPORT= Contact us via email at If you want to learn more about Zombie Strike: The Last War of Idle Battle, follow us on Facebook to keep up with news and updates: Facebook:
Match Hit - Puzzle Fighter

Match Hit - Match junk food to land punches on opponents in this unique, super-fun fighting game. Strategize and level up to beat bosses.

Match Hit - Puzzle FighterSayGames LTD
🥊 Match Fight – A Delicious Brawl! 🥊 Enter the world of street fighting with a twist in this extraordinary and highly amusing match 3 game. The more you match combos of one type of snack food, the harder you hit your opponent. Connect strings of hotdogs 🌭, burgers, donuts 🍩, and potato chips to deal heavy blows and defeat never-ending waves of challengers. Embrace the sumo lifestyle 🤼, and fuel up to knock down your adversary! 🔥 Get ready to break all the table manners! 🔥 👊 Why settle for a diverse diet? Match as many identical snacks as you can to deliver maximum damage and knock out your opponent 😎. Lengthy chains of snacks will provide you with multipliers for your following attack. However, you will face various adversaries, so you will need to plan and overcome match 3 barriers to create the ultimate combo attacks. Make sure you ration your snacks accordingly if you wish to make it to the end of every level. 👊 Don't spend all your pocket change 💵 on snacks! Earn coins by completing levels and executing creative combo attacks. Use those coins to upgrade your hero's abilities and cultivate the power and endurance necessary to take on even more robust enemies and bosses. You'll need to balance between health, damage, and coins wisely to achieve success in this street-fighting foodie game. 👊 Did junk food cause a skin problem? No worries, you will unlock tons of outfits while progressing through the game. So keep gobbling up those snacks and hit your enemies in style. 👊 Don't play with your food! Seek entertainment by slugging it out with a range of opponents, from street thugs to cops, transport staff to office workers - all of whom are surprisingly tough and violent. Get ready to match, eat and hit your way to the top. Get juiced up for some intense food fights! Get a slice of the pie with this exhilarating fighting game that will cater to your match 3 cravings. Make sure to match your food rapidly to land multiple punches on your ravenous foes. Save some snacks for the brawny bosses at the end. Do you have the guts for real street fighting action? Download Match Fight now! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Dead Lands: Survival City

Survive in a post-apocalyptic desert filled with zombies. Turn an abandoned oil rig into a thriving settlement while scavenging for resources and battling rival groups.

Dead Lands: Survival CityMeowpunk
Experience the unforgiving world of the post-apocalyptic desert, infested with zombies, in "Desert Drifters: Oil Oasis Survival". Test your strategic prowess and resilience in a world fraught with danger! Modern civilization has crumbled, and the harsh desert environment with sandstorms and sweltering heat has added to the challenge. Aside from the undead hordes, groups of marauders pose a significant threat to your survival. Your squad stumbles upon an abandoned oil rig that can provide shelter and resources. Lead your team and turn the structure into a thriving community while defending against the dangers lurking outside. Be resourceful and gather essential supplies such as water, fuel, and relics as you explore the vast desert. Beware of other scavengers and enemies vying for the same resources! The oil rig is critical to your success. Black gold can power your defenses, provide trade opportunities, and fuel your assaults against zombies. Forge alliances with other groups of drifters, recruit legendary warriors with exceptional skills to your side, and compete with rival communities using your strategy and might. Survival in the desert requires innovation and adaptation. Research forgotten technologies to stay ahead and maintain your settlement. The welfare of your people is in your hands. As a leader, you must make well-informed decisions to ensure continued growth and prosperity. Play "Desert Drifters: Oil Oasis Survival" as a free-to-play mobile strategy game. In-game items are optional and purchasable with real money. Connect with us on our Facebook page for the latest updates and stay informed about the game.
Monster Tales: Match 3 Puzzle

Match 3 RPG Puzzle game with over 180 unique monsters to collect and battle. PVP multiplayer battles and free loot chests every hour.

Monster Tales: Match 3 PuzzleTangelo Games Corp
Welcome to Monster Tales, the ultimate addictive RPG puzzle game that features monsters and dragons with exciting PVP multiplayer battles. Immerse yourself in an incredible RPG adventure game that combines match 3 puzzle games with captivating battles and over 180 unique monsters to collect and raise. Play this game for free and embrace a new form of puzzle games with RPG elements. This is a match 3 puzzle game with RPG elements. Build the strongest battle squad, consisting of over 180 unique monsters, heroes and villains. Discover monsters, hatch and collect eggs, and add legendary creatures to your team. Complete quests and challenges to earn epic and legendary rewards. You can collect food, gems and eggs from free loot chests every hour, or get epic loot from free daily diamond chests to upgrade your monsters. By playing these puzzles, you can unlock the most powerful creatures to create the perfect monster squad for PVP battles. To level up and improve your monster’s powers, you need to feed them. You will explore a world of 180 unique creatures, create legends, and form the perfect PVP monster squad. Use each monster’s elemental powers in battle and become the ultimate champion of Battle Lands Arena. In this game, you must plan your RPG match 3 strategy carefully and choose the best approach for your monster or dragon. You can play up to 150 levels in Classic RPG PVP mode to sharpen your match 3 skills. Level up your monsters and dragons for the battles to come, raise their power and potential, create different tactics, and improve your RPG strategy with attack combinations. Monster Tales offers a unique gameplay experience with match 3 puzzles and battles with monsters and dragons. Play matches against other players in PVP Battle Lands Arena, compete all over the world and invite your friends to battle. Are you ready for the ultimate mobile Puzzle PVP & RPG game? Look no further than Monster Tales! Download it now and start the ultimate match 3 battles. Feed your monsters and dragons and earn your place in the online multiplayer PVP game of monsters, dragons, and other creatures, developed and published by Tangelo Games.
Battle Night

In Cyberpunk Detective, gather a team to uncover a hidden scheme in a futuristic city, featuring an idle system and unique hero customization.

Battle NightFT Games
In the year 2077, the world is on the brink of collapse as global powers engage in a bitter cold war. The city- a lawless place, glares with bright neon lights amidst the thick fog while its inhabitants remain oblivious to the looming danger. The disparity between technological advancements and decaying civilizations has created an irreversible conflict- and Cyberpunk has now been unveiled. In a dingy detective agency, a sharp-witted detective senses a change in the air and embarks on a mission to uncover the hidden scheme. He seeks a team that will assist him in this risky undertaking. ☆FEATURES OF THE GAME☆ 👍Idle System An immersive idle gameplay system where you can train your heroes while you are away, creating a laid-back experience. 👍Cyber Sensation The game features well-designed maps, futuristic streets, and dazzling night scenes, creating the perfect science-fiction vibe. 👍Elite Boss The game includes creatively developed bosses to add an unrivaled gaming experience and decline repetitive robot battles. 👍Hero Skills Tree The game's hero skills tree is a feature that sets it apart by allowing players to innovate and customize the formation, making each hero unique. 👍Ample Challenge Mode The core game modes such as Main Maps, Arena PK, Hero Expedition, Core Adventure have been innovated, providing more opportunities for players to stay excited. Connect with us: FB Discord
Little Tanks - Merge Game

Merge tanks to grow your army, earn more money & unlock new tanks. Test your reflexes & planning skills in this fun tycoon game!

Little Tanks - Merge GameFun Monkey Ltd
Little Tanks – Merge Game is an exciting merger game that will have you at the edge of your seat in no time! Rated Everyone, this game can easily be downloaded and installed on your android device with at least 19 APIs and above. Get ready to be the commander of your army and take control of a brigade of tanks. In this engaging game, you'll need to merge your tanks, grow your army, and make more money to buy more tanks. Watch your brigade expand as you unlock new tanks and plan your progress wisely. Looking for even more excitement? Test your reflexes in the explosive Fire Mode! You'll need to merge as many tanks as possible, all while creating the ultimate battle machine. It's a challenge that's sure to have you scrambling! Do you have planning skills? You'll need them in this fun tycoon game that keeps working for you, even when you're not actively playing. Let your brigade grow and prosper while you focus on other things. Are you ready to rumble? Install Little Tanks – Merge Game now to roll out the greatest tank brigade ever! With tons of tanks to unlock and merge, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end!
Blooming Flowers Merge Game

Merge flowers, increase profits and relax while unlocking new amazing blossom flowers in this addictive idle merge game.

Blooming Flowers Merge GameUrmobi
Are you fond of merge games? Combine various flowers to proceed and get additional coins! Blooming Flowers is an intriguing amalgamation game that is highly addictive! This game encompasses classic mechanics and core aspects of merge games, and integrates traits and features characteristic of idle and amalgamation games into gameplay. You can spend countless hours collecting flowers and exploring new avenues with this game! An outstanding gaming experience guaranteed 🌸 Merge and amalgamate flowers by matching the ones with corresponding levels to unlock new ones and boost your profits! 🌸 Earn coins while your garden blossoms even when you're not online! Spend coins on purchasing extra flowers! 🌸 Explore and unravel new exquisite blossom flowers with each progressive level! 🌸 Take a deep breath and calm down; this game offers more than others with its user-friendly, simple, and soothing gameplay! Other features worth mentioning: 🌸 You can access hundreds of different blossom flowers! 🌸 It has amazing magic boons ranging from coin multipliers to time rewinds! 🌸 Double your offline earnings with every gameplay! A proper amalgamation game. Enjoy captivating gameplay that relaxes you while you earn coins by amalgamating similar flowers and unlocking new ones. Unite, explore, make coins and show off your floristry skills to your friends!
Anipang Match

Anipang Match: A cute match-3 puzzle game with unique combos, challenging levels, live competition, and dress-up feature. Pre-register now for exclusive rewards.

Anipang MatchWemade Play Co.,Ltd.
Get ready for a thrilling gaming experience with Anipang Match, the lovely match-3 puzzle game that will keep you on your toes - Pre-register now and receive a full set of ‘Duck Raincoat’ as a bonus. Join our official community channel on Discord to stay up-to-date on all the latest game information and social media events going on. Don't miss out on the chance to earn fantastic rewards! Join the millions of players who have already downloaded Anipang IP game and experience the excitement of Anipang Match, the new and improved version of the game. Enjoy blasting puzzles with special blocks, including cute animal blocks that offer unique special combo effects and great puzzle graphics that will get your heart racing. With constantly updated puzzle levels featuring various themes and obstacles, you'll never have a dull moment as you test your puzzle-solving skills. Take your skills to the next level with our live match-3 competition game full of thrills – show off your fast touch and high-level puzzle strategy to win and earn tons of gifts. Make your Anipang Friends stronger by dressing them up in your unique style using various accessories and clothes and strategically skill up your puzzles to become an unstoppable force. Stay engaged with our special episode feature and unlock new feeds with Anipang Friends' exciting stories - and earn free rewards every time you open a new episode. Don't miss out on the fun and excitement of Anipang Match – play now!
Cats vs Aliens PVP

Cats vs Aliens PVP: Join the epic multiplayer battle of cats vs aliens! Unique auto-combat and boss hunt with tons of rewards.

Cats vs Aliens PVPSIA BFA
Immerse yourself in the ultimate battle of Cats versus Aliens PVP! Experience the adrenaline rush of a high-energy, action-packed RPG game (1vs1) that offers a distinctive auto-battle system. Be prepared for an epic multiplayer arena battle online that will keep you engaged for hours on end! Unlock a world of possibilities in this RPG game and experience: - An unparalleled auto-combat system that offers a great gaming experience! - An exclusive campaign featuring over 100 different adversaries! - An addictive gameplay experience with outstanding graphics and music! - Continuous hero leveling and endless gear upgrades! - Exciting PVP arenas and leagues with an abundance of exciting rewards! - A workshop where you can craft and enhance alien-related items! - A Boss hunt feature that lets you defeat bosses for great rewards!
What The Hen!

Collect over 70 wacky heroes, defeat crazy bosses, and battle in Arena duels in the colorful world of WHAT THE HEN! - Enter the Dragons!

What The Hen!BoomBit Games
Are you a fan of vibrant and quirky heroes? Does the idea of competing with clans, facing off against ferocious bosses, collecting humorous character cards, and engaging in thrilling Arena battles give you a rush? If so, then you are about to embark on the wildest adventure with “WHAT THE HEN! - Enter the Dragons!” The latest release is a HENormous upgrade in every possible way, providing a visually captivating game with absurdity and humor at its core. As a summoner, you will explore levels with various bosses and hundreds of heroes, all while enjoying thousands of 1on1 battles in the Arena. Take your pick from over 70 hilarious heroes, build your team, create or join clans, and participate in time-based special events. As a player, you will enjoy the following HENSOME game features: 🐔 COLLECT: Gather over 70 wacky heroes from different categories, each ready for battle! 💢 DEFEAT BOSSES: Embark on an adventurous campaign against the craziest bosses ever seen! 🔧 UPGRADE YOUR HEROES: Enhance your heroes' powers, making them more capable of causing mayhem! 🏆 DO BATTLE: Engage in 1on1 battles in the Arena against millions of other players! 🎩 CUSTOMIZE: Create your unique avatar and add impressive gadgets to make it look funky! 💗 CREATE AND JOIN CLANS: Work together with your friends to beat others in all-new clans! ⭐️ TIME EVENTS: Don’t miss out on the eggciting seasonal updates, featuring special events and heroes! The game story revolves around a legendary wizard who was transformed into a chicken, granting this bird immense magical powers. As a summoner, your ultimate goal is to capture the chicken and obtain its powers while navigating through countless 1-on-1 battles. Open up numerous character categories with over 70 heroic characters like the "Ice Queen," "Polly," "Ogg," and "Red Rosie." Create a legendary lineup of your own and compete against your rivals. For customer support, please feel free to contact us at for any issues or queries. We'll be pleased to help. You can also find us on Facebook! Please note: a network connection is necessary to play, and while the game is free to download and play, some in-game items and cards may be purchased for real money. So what are you waiting for? Download this HENtastic game now and jump into the action! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Idle Magic Tower: Heroes

Idle Magic Tower - the ultimate idle game where you become a mage, summon heroes, and build your tower to conquer the world.

Idle Magic Tower: HeroesGearage
Enter the magical world of Idle Magic Tower, the ultimate idle game for all the dreamers who desire to become a powerful mage and build their enchanted tower. This game allows you to step into the shoes of a mage who summons heroes of various races and classes for accomplishing tasks in the tower. As a master of the tower, you assign missions to your heroes for collecting rewards and utilize your magic powers to upgrade your tower and unlock new heroes. As your heroes progress, they also level up and augment their power. The game offers the most comfortable idle gaming experience where your tower flourishes even when you're not playing. Witness your heroes training, dutifully working, and planning for their next mission. Besides regular events and rewards that keep the game fresh, you get to create a team of the ultimate heroes who will help you reign supreme in the world. Features: - Summon and elevate heroes of various races and classes - Assign missions to your heroes for collecting rewards - Upgrade your tower and unlock new heroes with your magical abilities - Watch your heroes progress and grow stronger - Keep earning rewards even when you aren't playing the game - Exciting regular events and rewards to keep the game interesting - Progress through the game and become the ultimate mage! Join the club of mighty mages and experience the idle magic of Idle Magic Tower. Become the ultimate mage and create your team of heroes to dominate the world. Don't wait any longer to step into the magical world of Idle Magic Tower. Play now and unveil the best gaming adventure of your life!
Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense

Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense: a cartonish mobile game where you act as a villain defending your tower against humans, complete with CCG elements and city-building.

Evil Rush - Idle Tower DefenseCrazy Panda FZCO
Are you in search of a tower defense game with a twist? Look no further than "Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense"! This addictive, cartoonish game draws on elements of both idle and rogue-like gameplay, providing hours of steady entertainment. In this game, you play as a lovable villain with a strategic mind, determined to take down the human kingdom. From your tower, you will combat incoming waves of pesky enemies, safeguarding your evil interests. One of the most enjoyable aspects of "Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense" is the collectible card game (CCG) element. Strategize and use your unique deck of combat perks to optimize your defense. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to build and upgrade your very own city, further increasing your strength and paving the way for chaos and destruction. The fantasy world of "Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense" is incredibly immersive. Enjoy the perfect combination of cute villainy and exciting natural elements, such as Ice Hail, Inferno, or Tsunami. Progress through the game in various ways, ensuring that the entertainment never lulls. Experience the rush of being a cute yet feisty villain, flowing through your veins. In "Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense", you can finally become the one true master of your evil empire. So let those Fireballs fly, let those Beams pierce, and let that Hail rain down on your enemies' heads. After all, your survival depends on their demise!
Rumble Heroes

Rescue the kidnapped princess by recruiting legendary heroes, rebuilding your village, battling monsters, and collecting treasure in this fast-paced hack-and-slash RPG.

Rumble HeroesPlayHard.Lab
Embark on an adventure to save the only princess of the kingdom who has been taken captive by the dark knights. The fate of the princess lies in your hands! Begin by reconstructing the village from scratch. Gather wood, mine ore, and construct buildings to make the village better. You have the opportunity to enlist new heroes from the pub. Hire and train legendary heroes who have a variety of fighting skills, and prepare for the task ahead. In vast open areas, uncover treasure, resources and different monsters. The dungeon is home to numerous monsters, but with the help of your trained heroes, you can wipe them out. Say goodbye to RPGs that are time-consuming and complicated to navigate. You can easily move several heroes at once with just one hand. Join in on the fun, quick-paced hack-and-slash battles with simple controls! - Perform all actions with just one hand! - Discover various resources such as wood, ore, and meat out in the open field. - Raise adorable and uncommon characters. - Attempt to complete the dungeon and earn legendary equipment. - Set up camp anywhere you please and start your adventure!
Idle Breaker - Loot & Survive

Scavenge for resources, smash through buildings, and gear up with crafty weapons as you battle hordes of zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.

Idle Breaker - Loot & SurviveEstoty Vilnius UAB
Enter a world of dystopian ruins where the walking dead are the only inhabitants. Get ready to feel the exhilarating rush of smashing through obstacles, whether it be breaking windows or destroying buildings, all while searching for essential supplies to survive. Prepare yourself for the endless waves of zombies as you unleash your inner will to survive. Stock up on ingenious improvised weapons, maximize their effectiveness and make the undead cower in fear.
Heroes Tale: Raid and Loot

Collect resources, recruit heroes, craft legendary gear, battle monsters, raid dungeons, and enjoy simple one-hand control in this adventure-packed game.

Heroes Tale: Raid and LootMeowpunk
Get ready to take on the challenge of building your own settlement by finding and gathering various resources. Enlist and develop your own unique heroes with special skills and abilities to help you in your journey. Explore the vast world and obtain legendary armor and weapon loot through crafting. Pit your skills against over 100 different types of monsters in battles of epic proportions. Embark on thrilling raids and journey into perilous dungeons to obtain valuable resources and unlock new horizons. Emphasizing on the process, the easy-to-use and instinctive one-hand control system is also at your disposal, allowing you to lose yourself in this game effortlessly.
Trailer Park Boys:Greasy Money

Idle game based on Trailer Park Boys TV show. Tap and build businesses to make money, get rich, and become a trailer park tycoon while facing challenges. #TPBGame

Trailer Park Boys:Greasy MoneyEast Side Games Studio
Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money is the ultimate idle game experience based on the famous TV show. Join Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian on an unforgettable adventure to build your business in the Sunnyvale trailer park. Every weekend, you can participate in free live events and roll in more cash, hash, and liquor in this top-rated idle game. The game mechanics are simple – tap to build businesses and make money. Upgrade your business and become a trailer park tycoon in no time. You can collect new characters, level up by gathering liquor, hash, and cash, and unlock rewards by completing challenges. But beware of the cops - they're constantly on the lookout. The game offers a unique storyline that fans of Trailer Park Boys can appreciate. Experience an unparalleled narrative as you progress through the game. And if you're feeling a bit lazy, the idle tycoon fun allows you to earn money even when you're away. The game's multiplayer feature lets you compete with your friends and players from around the world. You can also participate in exciting time-limited events, like Zombie Trailer Park or Redneck Police Academy. Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money is available to play offline, but certain features require an internet connection. The game is free to play, but some items can only be accessed by purchasing them with real money. Check out the game's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details. Don't miss the chance to join the boys on their hilarious escapades and become a high-rolling trailer park tycoon. Download Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money and start earning money, money, money, bud!
It's Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile

Tap through the hilarious, dysfunctional adventures of The Gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to build businesses and launder Frank's money in this idle clicker game.

It's Always Sunny: The Gang Goes MobileEast Side Games Studio
Join the hilarious and dysfunctional characters of The Gang from the Emmy® nominated TV show, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," as you tap your way through the worst bar in the city! Embark on comical adventures with Frank, Charlie, Dee, Dennis, and Mac, as they attempt to transform Paddy's Pub into the best bar in town, while secretly laundering Frank's money. Relive some of the classic storylines of the TV show, like scamming foolish customers, collecting cards and cash, and building idle businesses that hide lucrative schemes. Upgrade your favorite characters to increase cash flow that Charlie will inevitably stash in his "safe places," including the infamous back-alley dumpster that always seems to catch fire. Collect characters from the show, including the couch potato Frank, wildcard Charlie, erotic memoirs Dennis, fight milk loving Mac, and Pink Eye Dee, and help them turn their terrible ideas into profitable ventures. Build an army of supporting characters, including The Waitress, Rickety Cricket, and The McPoyles, and more, to help expedite your money-making schemes. Transform all of The Gang's knuckle-headed businesses into idle cash machines, and become a true idle tycoon. Addictively fun and engaging, this idle clicker game is perfect to play at your leisure. Let characters generate money for you, even when you're not logged in. Upgrade businesses by collecting cards that help boost your income stream and turn the worst bar in Philadelphia into a profitable venture. Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile TM & © 2018 Fox and its related entities. All rights reserved. Download and play this free game now, but be aware that some in-game items require real money. A network connection is also necessary to play. Contact us at for user support. By downloading the app, you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy. Get ready for hours of idle fun as you join The Gang in their crazy adventures!
Metropolis Tycoon: Mining Game

Metropolis Tycoon is an idle game where players manage a mining empire, collect resources, upgrade buildings and become the richest tycoon.

Metropolis Tycoon: Mining GameGame Veterans
Step into the world of Metropolis Tycoon, a unique 1920's noir idle game and mining simulator that blends aliens and tentacles. With this idle empire and mining simulator, you'll never be bored again. Manage your own factories and mines while testing your management and moneymaking skills. You can become a tycoon and the ruling magnate of the economy by controlling every aspect of your mining inc and digging activities. Build mining stations and upgrade them to produce more resources, building a profitable idle empire. If you are seeking a mining game or a tycoon simulator, Metropolis Tycoon is the perfect offline idle game for you. You will have the opportunity to develop your city to its full potential, collect resources for your factory, and rule with ease. The gameplay of Metropolis Tycoon allows you to create a city abundant in gold and resources. Strategically place your mine, manage buildings and resources, and gain profits from selling your mined goods at the right time. This classic idle mining game enables you to mine 15 different resources, including coal, copper, gold, and much more. The easy yet challenging gameplay of Metropolis Tycoon makes it an exciting game. It's even easier as the mine collection is automated, so you can put your feet up and watch the game generate revenue. Keep your smelting and crafting buildings going to ensure you have enough resources. The graphics and design used in Metropolis Tycoon are outstanding and addictive, making it difficult to put down. Become a pro manager and keep a constant flow of idle revenue by multitasking and prioritizing workflow. Craft recipes, smelt raw resources into bars, and make your way to the top of the leaderboard. This miner and offline tycoon simulator is free and does not require an internet connection. This game is suitable for adults and teens alike, and it's undoubtedly an excellent way to spend your leisure time. Play Metropolis Tycoon to mine valuable goods, manage everything seamlessly, and become the top magnate in the metro!
Idle Humans: Robotopia

Idle Humans: manage and upgrade your mining operation, teach lazy humans how to work, and become the wealthiest miner in town. Free and offline.

Idle Humans: RobotopiaGame Veterans
Idle Humans is an enchanting tycoon simulator game that places the responsibility of managing a thriving mining city on your shoulders. Embark on an adventure as a wealthy capitalist billionaire and live a life that most can only dream of. With a unique idle clicker mechanic, this game allows you to earn idle money and keep your business running even when you're not playing. A true money mining simulator, Idle Humans provides a continuous balancing act between expenses and investments to maximize your profits. Welcome to the pilot project in Brainjolt, an effort to rehabilitate humanity! You will meet friendly but irritable robots who will help humans become productive members of society once again. This idle miner tycoon game requires you to craft resources and manage them effectively to build and improve your factory. Grow your business to increase production and revenue, and become the richest magnate in town. If you love idle clicker tycoon games and earning money simulators, this game is for you. In Idle Humans, the robots are responsible for teaching idle citizens how to work hard, and the game incorporates a variety of exciting mechanics. You will be able to hire more robots and upgrade your machines as you progress through the mining simulator game to increase your mining output. Idle Humans provides a unique blend of gaming genres, including idle games, online clicker simulators, mining games, and resource management games that will keep you entertained for hours. As a mining tycoon, you must build an empire by extracting valuable resources such as coal, copper, and gold. The goal of the game is to expand your mining operation and become the wealthiest miner in the city. Upgrade your mines, buildings, and technology to increase efficiency and productivity in this classic idle mining game. Use the warehouse to store resources and sell them at the right time to increase profits. Idle Humans offers a simple yet challenging experience with an automated mine collection system that makes extracting resources easy. This game also features stunning graphics and environmental design that keeps you engaged for hours. Multitasking and prioritizing workflow are crucial to succeeding in the game and maintaining a constant flow of idle revenue. The crafting and smelting features allow you to transform raw resources into valuable bars. The best part about Idle Humans is that it's a free game that can be played offline, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy tycoon and idle games. Download the simulator game now and start building your mining empire from scratch to become the ultimate magnate!
Bouncing Cats: Cute Cat Music

Swipe left and right to guide round and furry cats on a unique musical journey featuring popular songs infused with playful cat sounds.

Bouncing Cats: Cute Cat MusicAMANOTES PTE LTD
Experience a unique musical journey with our fluffy feline pals unlike any other! 🎤🐱 Take charge of the swinging cats as they jump from one tile to another while matching beats and dodging the obstacles with your swift reflexes. With lively cat sounds remixing catchy tunes, this game offers the perfect blend of adorability and catchy melodies that you won't find anywhere else. Instructions: 👋Swipe left or right to change the cats' direction and make them land on the tiles. Match the rhythm of the funky tunes while keeping yourself up to the pace. Can you handle bouncing like a pro? Remixes and Cat Sounds: Prepare yourself for a unique musical twist that will leave you clapping to the beat. Bouncing Cats takes popular songs and blends them with playful cat sounds, creating bouncy, toe-tapping rhythms that will make your day. Lose yourself in the enchanting meows and the catchy melodies as they take over your headphones. Art Style and Theme: Immerse yourself in the visually appealing world of Bouncing Cats. The game features some stunning 3D models with a touch of charming 2D shader that will take your breath away. With every detail, from the fluffy furs to the expressive eyes, we have brought the feline characters to life. Key Features: 🌈Cute and Hilarious Environment: Step into a world where adorable, round cats cover popular tunes with their playful cat sounds, always keeping a smile on your face. 🔥Popular Tunes with Cat Sounds: Experience the magic of popular songs with an infectious twist of bouncy beats and playful cat sounds that will keep you glued to your device for hours. ⚡Addictive Gameplay: Swipe, bounce and groove your way through thrilling levels that puts your landing and rhythmic skills to test. Can you handle the challenge? 🐱🐰🐶 Stunning Visuals: Customize your gaming experience with a delightful palette of 3D models and 2D shader graphics that will captivate your senses in an enchanting world. 🔓Unique Cats to Unlock: Keep discovering new charming feline characters with distinctive traits and styles that add tons of personality to your gameplay. Join the feline revolution that awaits; set forth on a musical journey with Bouncing Cats: A Cute Cat Music Game. Meow along, bounce on the rhythm and let the game take over your senses. Download now and witness the cuteness and fun for yourself!

Defend your town against hordes of Orcs and goblins across 8000 waves of enemies in Towerlands - a fantasy, medieval strategy, Tower Defence & RPG game.

TowerlandsBlack Bears Publishing
Prepare for a journey to the wondrous world of Towerlands, a medieval strategy idle game packed with role-playing elements. Your quiet town is in peril from hordes of orcs, goblins, and other dangerous foes. You must act fast and expand your tiny tower into an impressive stronghold to defend your home. Defense and clash are the name of the game. Use your tactical and striking skills to triumph over every battle, prepare for over 8000 waves of enemy attacks. It's essential to hire and train new warriors, creating a robust army to prevent the destruction of your castle. Unique heroes and modules placed on the tower will help protect your land, merge and combine them in any order for the best battle outcome. Improve your stronghold by building military structures in the city to train your army and provide top-notch weapons. Boost the gold mine and upgrade the Tower and units to keep enemies at bay. With thirty different types of towers, forty combat modules, and fifty characters at your disposal, develop your efficiency by crafting artifacts and special perks. Explore and conquer the vast world map with various points of interest, capturing cities, castles, and caravans of enemies to overflow with wealth. Join forces with friends by creating or joining a clan to fight other clans globally. Every week, participate in the TD Battle of Clans and fight for valuable treasure and glory. Teamwork is essential to succeed! Download Towerlands, and enter into a world of strategy, role-playing, and tower defense. In case of game-related problems, reach out to Play now and let us know your thoughts!
iSurvivor: Epic Shoot ‘Em Up

Fight hordes of monsters to rebuild a peaceful world. Survive, rescue allies, and use every skill to increase your chances of survival.

iSurvivor: Epic Shoot ‘Em UpGCenter
In a world ravaged by monsters under the control of a demon boss, everything has been destroyed. A once peaceful jungle is now also under attack by these monsters, turning lives into zombies. As one of the few remaining survivors, your task is to fight and eliminate hordes of monsters in order to rebuild a peaceful world. Start your adventure by attempting to escape whilst also rescuing any remaining survivors. Monsters roam the world and relentlessly chase after any living creature. The previously beautiful world has now become an apocalyptic wasteland. Some survivors evade the monsters' attacks and try to stay alive, coming together in armies to fight back against the monsters. This game combines various genres such as survival, adventure, action, snake, and prey games. ▶FEATURES - Survive in a world filled with monsters and zombies. - Utilize your skills to prolong your life. - Choose the necessary items to increase your chances of survival. - Allocate your skills according to each hero's strengths. - Be flexible with your strategies by combining life skills. - Eliminate monsters and zombies to become the last survivor. - Experience multiple games in one level. ▶HOW TO PLAY - Touch, hold and move your hero to fight against monsters and zombies. - Find and rescue allies to create a powerful army, and adjust your formation based on the snake and prey game. - Choose support items that fit your actual situation to increase your chances of survival. - Collect equipment during your adventures and improve your combat skills.
Stone Age Survival

Stone Age Survival is an addictive clicker and strategy game that tests your survival instincts and strategic thinking in a world filled with danger and uncertainty.

Stone Age SurvivalMamboo Entertainment
Get ready to embark on an immersive journey full of challenges and excitement with Stone Age Survival, the ultimate clicker and strategy game. Every decision you make counts, so prepare to unleash your survival instincts to endure the hardships this game has in store for you. In this simulation of the stone age, your goal is to create a thriving tribe by mining, crafting, extracting food, and building structures. With each action, you take a significant step towards your tribe’s survival. Right from the start, you must choose your strategic path, focusing on crafting tools, mining for resources, building shelters, or teaming up with fellow survivors. Your choices will shape the destiny of your tribe. Formulate a plan to conquer the stone age challenges and explore new territories in this survival strategy game. Unlock hidden areas, gather resources, and construct vital structures for your tribe’s survival. As the stone age progresses, adapt and evolve by upgrading your mining, crafting, and building skills. Learn new tools, create more complex resources, and build advanced objects that will strengthen your tribe’s resilience and ensure its survival in this hostile world. Venture into unexplored areas, uncover valuable resources, and fortify your defenses to expand your base. The stone age is full of surprises and hazards, but with strategic choices, your tribe will thrive. Keep yourself engaged and motivated with addictive clicker gameplay, tap, gather, and progress as you watch your tribe grow and flourish. Experience the satisfaction that comes from seeing your efforts yield results. Are you ready to lead your tribe to thrive in a world filled with danger and uncertainty? Only the most resilient and resourceful will prevail. Embrace the stone age challenge and embark on an unforgettable journey of survival and progress with Stone Age Survival.
Icy Village: Tycoon Survival

Lead and build the first village on earth in Icy Village: Tycoon Survival and guide it through challenges while managing resources and community.

Icy Village: Tycoon SurvivalUnimob Global
Enter a fascinating city-building experience during the ice age with Icy Village: Tycoon Survival. Take on the responsibility of constructing the first village on Earth, while facing the tremendous challenge of collecting resources and creating a society. As the overseer, your guidance will steer this budding village through difficult obstacles, ensuring it not only survives but thrives in the midst of the brutal cold. In Icy Village: Tycoon Survival, you act as the pulse of the community by managing resources, survivors, and village life. This is a momentous test that requires clever navigation through inclement circumstances while uncovering exciting finds scattered in the wilderness. Group your workers, assign them roles, and overcome daunting challenges to guarantee your village prospers in this frozen world. Your main objective is to achieve the right balance between surviving, manufacturing goods, and maintaining your people's happiness. Features of Icy Village: Tycoon Survival include: Survival Simulation: Your village's resilience rests on the strength of its residents. These survivors are integral to the functionality of your village. Task them with collecting resources, attending to daily necessities, and completing story quests to unlock progress and rewards. Management System: Provide mechanisms for people to automatically work, eat, or sleep in accordance with various time periods. Gain knowledge on how to distribute workers, manage basic needs, and regulate production rate to enhance your village's performance. Town Expansion: Help your survivors expand and discover new sections of the village. As word spreads about your village, new people will desire to join, resulting in further growth. Recruit Heroes: Establish a team of skilled heroes, who serve as the champions of your village and assist in battles, limited-time events, and ensuring survival under any condition. Interested in trying it out? Get Icy Village: Tycoon Survival today and test your skills in shaping a thriving village in the ice age! Need aid surmounting the frosty challenges? Contact us at, and together, we will brave the storm.
Almost a Hero

Assemble a team of Almost Heroes and send them on epic adventures in this AFK Clicker Heroes RPG. Unlock characters, rings, and pets to make your team stronger in nonstop battles.

Almost a HeroDeca_Games
If you're searching for the most competent, intelligent, and lethal heroes for an incredible idle journey, then look away! The Almost a Hero game offers you a team of feeble-minded heroes that needs your guidance to turn into true Heroes. This game is an AFK Clicker Heroes RPG where you assemble a troop of champions and send them on adventures, into dangerous dungeons, and seasonal challenges. Unlock more Hero Characters, new powerful Rings, fantastic Pets, and permanent Artifact upgrades to make your journey a little less fatal. Create the right tactics and enjoy nonstop thrills in your action-packed idle adventure. The game introduces 17 absolute zeroes that require your aid to become slightly good heroes. You can pick between different idle heroes like a cannon fodder knight, a blacksmith dwarf, a pyromaniac, a blind wizard, a paper bagged bard, a thieving goblin, a cuddly granny, and an angry tree to assemble your team of idle heroes. If things don't work out, you can restart your adventure by prestiging and begin anew. Your idle heroes will keep fighting, dying, reviving, and fighting again nonstop even when you are away. The game provides nonstop fun as your champions continue to battle, and you tap to collect their rewards while playing the strategy. You can unlock new game modes to test your strategic abilities while your heroes battle it out with epic bosses in the Adventure mode. There are timed trials, battles, and weekly Seasons with tough challenges suitable for the foolhardy. Additionally, the game presents pets such as a sheep, an armadillo, and a spectacularly dumb pigeon that you can take into battle. To make your Almost Heroes even more powerful, you can customize their outfits and upgrade their equipment to more epic versions. You can also give them trinkets that will assist them in battle. Are you up for the challenge? Embrace the excitement of your next idle clicker adventure in Almost a Hero game!
Merge Bakery - Idle Dessert T

Merge and serve cakes to customers, unlock new recipes, and design your Dream Bakery in this addictive idle tycoon game.

Merge Bakery - Idle Dessert TFull Fat

🧁 Relax and Get Rich by Merging and Serving Cakes! 🧁

Indulge in your love for sweets by buying mouth-watering cakes, merge them to create new recipes and serve them to satisfy your customers' cravings! With more than 40+ to unlock, this addictive idle tycoon game offers hours of gameplay to keep you hooked! Join forces with head baker Amy Cupcakes, who will guide you through setting up your very own Bakery shop, equipping you with all the necessary tools to create the best bakery business in town! Can you collect the most coins and become super rich? Customize your Dream Bakery shop, upgrade counters, booths, windows and more, adding your own personal flair to create the most beautiful and stylish cake shop around! Start small with a waffle house and gradually expand your menu by offering more than 40+ scrumptious treats, including luxurious cookies, indulgent triple chocolate cakes and delightful apple pies!

Game Features

🍪 Enjoy an addictive merge game where you can merge pancakes, waffles, gingerbread men, cookies, sponge cakes, ice cream, and much more! What will be your go-to bakery treat? 🍪 Satisfy your customers' sweet-tooths by serving them their favorite cakes on demand! And don't be surprised if they ask for more! 🍪 Customize and design your very own bakery to your taste, adding new windows, clocks, and even a jukebox! Earn coins and bring out your inner interior decorator! 🍪 The better you're doing and the more cakes you're serving, the more likes and positive reviews you will receive from your customers. 🍪 Work hard, level up and build up your reputation to become the most popular bakery cake shop in town. 🍪 With daily missions, you will always be returning to work, complete all the missions to become the top chef and baker! 🍪 Enjoy a totally addicting experience with so many cakes to upgrade and missions to complete! 🍪 Spoil yourself with a FREE TRIAL for 3 days! The VIP Pass, which is charged at $2.99 / £2.99 / €3,49 per week, will give you access to 120% offline earnings, +10 daily gems, +2 extra merge slots, +50% customer eating speed, and will remove all pop-up ads. So what are you waiting for? Start merging and serving cakes today and relax in your virtual sweet heaven!
Hero Wars: Fantasy Battles

Become the invincible player and establish your legacy in this epic RPG battle adventure. Fight enemies, collect heroes and battle in PvP arena battles.

Hero Wars: Fantasy BattlesNexters Global LTD
Enter the world of Hero Wars, the ultimate roleplaying online fantasy game, where you'll unleash your heroes' potential and confront Archdemon's evil army in heart-pumping PvP arena battles. Throughout your journey in the Dominion, you'll amass a collection of powerful heroes and take on other players to test their skills and tactics. With so much fun-packed, AFK battle adventure to be had, there's never been a better time to start playing! Powering up your heroes and unlocking their skills is just the beginning of your epic fantasy adventure once you join the online RPG community. Train your army and form guilds with other players to fight alongside your heroes in massive multiplayer wars. You'll eventually become a warrior legend, writing your story as the peaceful guardian of Dominion. Here are the top 5 reasons you should download Hero Wars Fantasy RPG Battle Adventure: 1 - Dozens of heroes at your disposal, each with unique skills to master! 2 - Jump into the thrill of fighting multiplayer PvP arena battles in an online fantasy game! 3 - Unlock new skills and crush your enemies, both in single player battles and PvP arenas! 4 - Train and share your skills with guilds built around your heroes fantasy RPG! 5 - Take on tough foes and powerful bosses in battles where rewards and rare items are abundant! Join other titans, heroes, and characters battling for control over Dominion in this epic fantasy RPG. A saga is unfolding before you, and your own legend is waiting to be written. Are you among the bravest warriors? Fight in epic battles and engage in epic wars set across Dominion's lands in this high-fantasy adventure and battle game. By collecting heroes, unlocking skills, and fighting powerful enemies, you'll gain the experience necessary to win through to Hero Wars fantasy PvP arena battles. Defeat the Goblin in epic puzzle games, and dominate Archdemon and all his evil characters in massive RPG wars. Unleash your power, skill, and strategy to write an everlasting legacy as the Hero Wars invincible player. Are you ready to unleash your hero's potential? Then, come forth into the world of Hero Wars and start your adventure! Explore more Hero Wars content on: Facebook - Discord - Youtube - Instagram - @herowarsapp At Hero Wars, we value our passionate group of fans and reward them. Please check out our Fan Content Policy here: Good luck in your battles, brave Hero, and remember we're always there to assist you at May your quest be successful! Hero Wars Team.
Bermuda Farm

Crash-landed on Bermuda Island, rebuild and help the lost family members in this adventure-packed farming game with intriguing secrets.

If you are searching for an exciting family adventure, look no further than Bermuda Adventures' free farming games, which portray life in a paradise cove. The game opens on the imagination of a large family that has organized a celebration in honor of Grandma's birthday on a tropical paradise island. Suddenly, however, their plane experiences a malfunction and makes an emergency landing on Bermuda Island, causing family members to be scattered in different directions. In these free farming games, players must help family members learn to cultivate a farm on this lost tropical island and reunite with their lost loved ones. Bermuda Adventures offers a variety of features that make it a standout experience. Players will encounter many exciting characters, each with their own backstory and behaviors, as well as fellow travelers from the past and neighbors in the forest island game. The game world is vast, covering a large territory with beautiful paradise coves to explore. As players cultivate, cook, and trade foods in their island farm, they can unlock unique township farm animals, plants, and buildings. The game also includes dozens of expeditions on both islands of adventure and farm, regular quests and events, customizable character appearances, and humorous moments that will keep you entertained for hours on end! Outside of fun adventures, the game also focuses on practical tasks such as helping family members arrange their everyday farm village life, teaching them how to build farms, grow plants and cook food. Additionally, the game features a cozy villa and a family town to offer a place of relaxation for players, while extracting resources and trading with other inhabitants of the Bermuda Triangle. You can raise animals, harvest crops, find coral island quests, trade with neighbors, and experience new and exciting adventures in this trade island game. Set up your own family farm and experience peace with your family. Live the life of an island survivor and enjoy the castaway paradise cove experience in this fantastic simulation game. Break free from mundane daily routines by immersing yourself in this game, participate in farming adventures, and discover the explorer in you while living on a farm island. Welcome to Bermuda Adventures island games! Before diving into the game, players should check out the terms of service and privacy policy available on the developer's website.
Me is King

Control your Stone Age empire in Life of King! Make decisions, manage resources, and watch your cavemen evolve. Download now!

Me is KingPIXIO
Become the ruler of your own Stone Age kingdom in the top-rated idle clicker game - Life of King. This unique tycoon game gives you complete control over every aspect of your empire, from making crucial decisions to revelling in the evolution of your cavemen. Experience the colorful world of Life of King, where daily breeding, resource management, and quirky kings are the norm. Enjoy watching your village grow, as villagers work hard to gather resources and offer tributes to you. With decision-making at the forefront, you must choose wisely to grow your empire and ensure its success. Raise and feed pets like dinos, manage your resources by assigning tasks for cavemen, and enjoy the straightforward controls as you set tasks and see the results. Life of King boasts adorable pets and villagers were created in cute art designs, making this game a delightful visual experience. Build and influence your empire as you progress through time, with each passing day providing new opportunities to evolve and expand your kingdom. Download Life of King and embark on a thrilling Stone Age adventure. With daily breeding, resource management, and decision-making at your fingertips, there's no limit to the possibilities you can achieve. For help or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact as we value player feedback greatly!
Hospital Empire Tycoon

Manage a hospital and save lives while improving your business profitability. Upgrade your facilities, adapt your strategy, and deal with emergencies!

Hospital Empire TycoonCodigames
Do you have what it takes to run a hospital and save countless lives in your city? Assume the responsibility of managing all the different departments and ensuring the health and well-being of your patients, all while keeping your business afloat! Gain valuable experience and establish yourself as one of the world's most esteemed hospital managers by upgrading various hospital areas, addressing your patients' needs, and delivering top-quality medical care! EXPLORE NEW AREAS: Every top-notch hospital must have various departments such as radiology, traumatology, an infirmary, a fully-equipped emergency room, and a comfortable waiting room, not to mention the best operating rooms available! Reinvest your profits in a smart and efficient manner to constantly improve all areas of your hospital and make critical decisions that will enable you to serve more patients effectively. CUSTOMIZE YOUR STRATEGY: Discover the new upgrade system that allows you to choose how to use your boosters, tailoring them to meet your specific requirements. Enhance your patient numbers, shorten wait times, or maximize the profitability of your surgery. Weigh all of your options carefully and become the ultimate boss! MANAGE CRISIS SITUATIONS: You'll receive lucrative rewards for treating your emergency patients! Be ready to handle high-pressure situations when the ambulance arrives with a growing number of critically ill patients. Keep your hospital and emergency room fully equipped and ready for action to emerge victorious! Heal and serve as many patients as possible. The more the better! SUPERVISE YOUR WORKFORCE: Be a fair and just leader and foster a positive work atmosphere in all of your departments. To operate a successful medical center, you need competent teams in every area, not just experienced doctors, specialized physicians, and nurses, but also ambulance drivers, stretcher handlers, receptionists, janitors, and security guards! Rise to the challenge and make it work! If you enjoy management and idle games, Hospital Empire Tycoon is for you! A casual and easy-to-play game, where strategic decisions and quick thinking will help you manage your hospital effectively and achieve profitable outcomes. Initiate your empire from a modest medical clinic and unlock a plethora of visible progress features in your establishment. Turn your small enterprise into the best hospital and become the world's most renowned health manager! Main Features: - Offers a combination of strategic and casual gameplay for all players. - Utilizes an innovative reward system for patients treated in the emergency room. - Incorporates a detailed management system. - Includes dozens of objects that can be unlocked and upgraded. - Features various characters and interactions. - Boasts hilarious 3D graphics and fantastic animations. - Lets you manage a successful enterprise. - Boasts a vibrant and colorful miniature world.
Pocket Farm

Swipe to harvest crops, tap to complete orders, and upgrade your farm in this addictive endless game. Discover new crops and become a farming master!

Get ready for an exhilarating farming experience with Pocket Farm! This newly released game promises endless hours of fun with its addictive harvesting gameplay. Harvesting your crops is a breeze with a simple swipe and completing orders is as easy as tapping. With your crops growing over time, you can harvest them once they are ripe to complete orders and earn coins. As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade and expand your farmland to increase production and expand your farm. Master the game and unlock new crops to discover and add to your farm. If you need assistance or have any questions, our team is always ready to assist you. Send us a message at and we'll be happy to help. Experience the satisfaction of farming and create your very own prosperous farm with Pocket Farm!
DC Heroes & Villains

Pre-register now for DC Heroes & Villains, the ultimate Puzzle RPG game. Assemble your squad of legendary DC characters and save the universe.

DC Heroes & VillainsLudia Inc.
Don't miss out on exclusive rewards at launch by pre-registering today for DC Heroes & Villains, the ultimate Puzzle RPG super hero game set in the DC universe. In this game, you'll need to gather and train iconic DC characters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luther, and Harley Quinn to face off against enemies in a battle to survive extinction. A strange force has stripped away all superhero powers, so you must assemble your ultimate team of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains to defeat this galactic threat and become the master of this all-new puzzle RPG game. You'll explore famous locations such as Gotham City and Atlantis while preparing for the epic battles that lie ahead. Whether you prefer Super Heroes, Super-Villains, or a combination of both, you can build your team with over 35 of your favorite DC characters to fight against your enemies and become the master in RPG Puzzle games. To succeed, you need to upgrade your team's abilities to unlock their full potential and help them regain their powers. With 152 missions to complete, you'll have challenging Puzzle RPG gameplay to master. Matching tiles and creating powerful combos is the key to success, activating fantastic Synergy, Melee and Ranged Power moves from your team. Connect with other players across the universe to strengthen your team and work together to defeat challenging foes and bosses for amazing rewards in limited time events. Join the battles between good and evil in DC Heroes & Villains today and tap into your inner Super! Please note that this game is TM & (c) DC. (s21) and ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s21). To view the privacy policy and terms of service, please visit and By downloading and using this application, you agree to the terms of the licensed agreements.
Merge Zoo

Merge candies to raise and merge adorable animals from collectible eggs in this free, addictive idle game, Merge Zoo!

Merge ZooGame Circus Studios, LLC
Merge Zoo is the latest mobile game brought to you by the makers of the popular idle game Taps to Riches. This free mobile game invites players to hatch rare, adorable creatures from collectible eggs by matching and merging candies to feed them and raise their levels. The game includes an exciting selection of exotic fantasy and hybrid animals to farm and hatch and fill your zoo with. Merge Zoo offers dozens of lovable creatures to collect, including zoo favorites, such as monkeys and lions, and even more fantastical creatures like unicorns and dragons, each with charming and cute animations to enjoy. The zoo gameplay allows players to evolve their zoos by earning cash and money even when they are offline. Players have to become a zoo tycoon by discovering all the animals and raising them in the action-packed fantasy world of Merge Zoo. Let your love for your animals grow, and they will love you back. Merge Zoo offers an addictive matching gameplay mechanism that allows players to merge candies to feed their unique animals. The game is free to play, but players can purchase some in-game items for real money. Merge Zoo is supported by ads displayed by the game developers and other online advertising partners to offer you ads that match your interests. If you prefer not to share your data, then please do not install or launch the game, as further explanation of this use and sharing of data is available in the Privacy Policy. Get set to take care of and collect all the cute animals, from horses, pandas, wolves, birds, and elephants to yetis, unicorns, dragons, lions, and tigers. Play Merge Zoo now and experience the joy of raising rare and lovable animals!
Daddy Was A Thief

Rob banks as a cunning thief in Daddy Was A Thief. Smash obstacles, gain destruction, grab power-ups, and unlock new characters.

Daddy Was A ThiefRebel Twins
Get ready to experience a heist gone wrong in "Daddy Was A Thief" game. The bank staff is known for being courteous and genial, but this time things took a turn for the worse. Your aim is to accumulate as much money as you can before getting caught. Luckily for you, you possess the intellect to outwit your pursuers. Look out for speed boosts, shortcuts, and power-ups to gain an advantage and stay alive. This game's art style has a cartoonish touch to it, making it adorable and perfect for all ages. "Daddy Was A Thief" is an easy-going and straightforward game. Every play-through is distinct from the last, providing a fresh experience every time you start the game. The single-finger control system makes it a cinch to get started, and quick to play. You must navigate through the bank and destroy everything on your way to gain as much money as possible. The obstacles in your path, including walls and furniture, can be smashed through, leaving debris scattered all over. Play as many characters and unlock unique power-ups to help you on your quest. Note that this game is free to download and play. You have the option to purchase game currency or items with real money, but this is not required to progress. You can disable in-app purchases if you prefer not to use them. Remember to view the game's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before beginning your heist. Let's go!
Egg, Inc.

Build the most advanced egg farm ever in Egg, Inc. with beautiful graphics and playable for both casual and experienced players.

Egg, Inc.Auxbrain Inc
Enter the realm of a futuristic world where unlocking the secrets of the universe could be found in a chicken egg. In this enterprising game called Egg, Inc., players are given the golden opportunity to join the lucrative gold rush and sell as many eggs as possible. Hatch chickens, erect hen houses, adorn your egg factory with shipping vehicles and birds, and launch space expeditions to build the most advanced and high-tech egg farm in the world. The game is an incremental clicker-style game fused with simulation elements that afford it a unique and one-of-a-kind feel and play style. Instead of perusing through boring menus, expect to be treated to delightful crisp and colorful 3D graphics that simulate a bustling swarm of chirping chickens. You will not only need to spend your investments wisely but also balance your resources to ensure smooth running and efficiency of your egg empire. Egg, Inc. is a game that has something for every player! Its mellow and laid-back vibe, along with its eye-catching user interface is perfect for casual players. You can take your time to create an impressive egg farm and explore all the available content. For the more techy and seasoned incremental players who crave a more challenging and engaging experience, prepare for unlimited hours of emergent and enthralling gameplay. The game's depth and scope afford different play styles needed to reach the ultimate goal of having an egg farm with an astronomical value. Successfully reaching this ultimate goal necessitates an excellent strategy that will be refined and improved throughout many prestiges to make the best use of your time. Egg, Inc.'s features include simple, casual gameplay with opportunities to challenge yourself, an enthralling chicken swarm experience, dozens of research items, hundreds of challenges, various hen houses, and shipping vehicles. Nesting (pun intended) the Prestige system ensures the game always feels fresh and new. Finally, late game depth with cooperative play, deck building mechanics, and even space exploration adds to the appeal of the game. The game's wonderful 3D graphics, pixel-perfect UI, and shadows elevate the game to a whole new level, while Google Play Games Achievements and Leaderboards let you compete with friends and fellow players; Egg, Inc. is a game that takes you on an exciting egg-laying adventure that will keep you hooked for hours on end.
Ski Safari 2

Choose Sven or Evana, skis or snowboards, perform tricks, and collect coins to purchase gear and costumes in Ski Safari 2.

Ski Safari 2Sleepy Z Studios
Are you ready for a thrilling adventure in the snow-capped mountains? Take on the role of the daring Sven or his captivating sister, Evana, and discover a world of excitement. Choose your preferred mode of transport and hit the slopes in style. Will you glide down on skis or a snowboard? Or will you take on the mountain with a snowmobile, a motorbike, or something even more extravagant? Perform some awe-inspiring tricks as you head down the mountain, including 360 spins, handstands, snowboard nose-grabs, and unconventional poses. Show off your creativity and style as each animal has its own graceful moves. Join forces with friends and family for a head-to-head multiplayer experience. Who will reign as the king of the mountain? Will you collect power-ups to hurl snowballs at opponents, flip their screens upside-down, or pull out a penguin for a quick escape? With each victory comes the opportunity to collect coins that can be used to upgrade gear, unlock eccentric costumes, and acquire powerful vehicles from the shop. How about investing in that gold sled you've always wanted? Capture your adrenaline-charged moments and share them with the world. Spin the camera around and set up a stunning photo opportunity in glorious 3D. Ski Safari 2 uses specific permissions; click on the link to our website for more information. Get ready to explore the ultimate winter wonderland and carve your way down to the bottom of the mountain in style!

Orbia: a casual game with vibrant visuals, challenging levels, collectibles, and unique characters. Play alone or compete with friends.

OrbiaJOX Development LLC
◆ Winner of the Most Casual 2018 Google Play Awards ◆ Orbia is a game that challenges you and your buddies to conquer levels in a colorful and extraordinary world. To achieve your goals, you must overcome obstacles that are continually moving with precision. The gameplay is designed so that everyone can pick up and play with ease. You must improve your abilities as you progress through progressively complicated stages. By collecting rewards, you can maximize the benefits by chaining combinations. Orbia boasts high-quality, minimalistic and vibrant graphics, which provides an amazing visual experience that will leave you breathless. The sounds and soundtrack that accompany the game are well-polished, making it more enjoyable. With hundreds of levels in different worlds to enjoy, Orbia is jam-packed with content, so you'll never be bored. Each world features a distinct protagonist with unique abilities and style. Unlock a plethora of unique skins to create your own personalized character. Playing a game with friends is one of the most enjoyable experiences out there. With Orbia, you can compete with friends and share the fun.
Merge Town!

Merge buildings and develop towns to become the best with Merge Town! Merge houses to earn money and XP to unlock more space to develop.

Merge Town!Zynga
Do you ever dream of becoming a Mayor and running your own town? Are you interested in seeing a bustling metropolitan area grow before your eyes? If so, then Merge Town! is the game for you, the newest title brought to you by Gram Games. In Merge Town!, the aim is simple - take an empty plot of land and transform it into a thriving community. As you progress through the game, you will receive a collection of homes as gifts. You can merge identical homes together to create more prominent and luxurious residences, which in turn will earn you more money. The more houses you own, the more you can develop your land. As you expand your empire, your ultimate goal should be to create the most exceptional towns possible. You can track your progress on the bar at the top of the screen - as you merge buildings and increase their level, you will earn experience points. As you progress, additional space will unlock. This feature will give you the flexibility to develop your towns even further. As you explore new towns, be sure to keep track of all your land and tend to it with care. Merging and developing it to its full potential will benefit you in the long run. So, come and merge, build, and develop your towns with Merge Town! Please note that the utilization of this application is subject to Zynga's Terms of Service, which can be found at
Beat Racer

Race through a surreal world of beats, jump over obstacles, defeat enemies, and complete all music while enjoying stunning graphics and rhythmic electronic music.

Embark on a solitary expedition to the surreal world of rhythm in a post-apocalyptic society. Traverse through a stunning soundscape, immersing yourself in the world of bewitching beats. Journey through this auditory adventure, conquering obstacles and defeating foes to complete each musical pursuit. Unearth intricately crafted automobiles as you discover beautifully designed backdrops. Join the fast-paced odyssey, immersed in the visually-striking aesthetics of electronic melody. 1. ASTOUNDING VISUALS Experience the serene, streamlined aesthetics of the game’s 3D landscape. Delve into the spectacularly themed background scenery, traversing through the resplendent futurism of the game’s vehicle designs. 2. INTUITIVE CONTROLS Sidestep your way to success and avoid impending obstructions, jumping at the opportune moment to secure sonorous beats. This captivating game is specifically designed for ease of access, allowing audiences of all levels to immerse themselves in this world of rhythmic beats. 3. ELECTRIFYING MUSICAL SELECTION Delve into a world of various electronic and indie musical masterpieces, all while being visually engrossed with the game’s ambitious detailing. For optimal immersion, play with headphones on and the volume set to its maximum potential.
Shelter War

Protect your bunker from mutants, cyborgs and zombies in Shelter War: Zombie Games, an immersive survival strategy game with RPG elements.

Shelter WarRoyal Ark
Shelter War: Zombie Games is the ultimate survival strategy RPG game where you are appointed as an Overseer of a bunker dwelling in an apocalyptic Wasteland. The game has unique mechanics, impressive graphics, and good looks. You have to fend off raiders, cyborgs, zombies, mutants, evil knights, and killer robots to build the safest shelter possible for your residents. The game provides an immersive experience of never-ending wars for survival and resources. Manage resources, craft equipment, and claim rewards as you control and observe the borderland areas of your shelter. The game is a war simulator where strategy and planning are crucial in battles to ensure your victory over countless enemies. From a zero-start, you can turn your humble hideout into an impenetrable castle bunker or even an underground city using clever urban planning. You can explore your vault from a first or third-person perspective, train your shelter dwellers, and craft thousands of unique items while upgrading each of your soldiers. You can join or create a clan while facing the strongest enemies in a roleplay story mode or using strategy in Clan Wars co-op missions. Shelter War: Survival Games features outstanding bioprinter equipment to build your population from nothing to many. The game includes hilarious narrative and roleplay elements which make survival more entertaining than it has ever been. You can assemble your strongest warriors under the Doom Dome and enter the Collider for your first truly unforgettable time-travel experience. In Shelter War: Survival Games, you will become the greatest hero in the last days of the world or die trying. Face zombies and explore America in a way you have never seen before. The game has an elaborate story with many twists and turns to keep you entertained. So, get ready to fight like you have never fought before and enjoy the apocalyptic Wasteland!
Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat is a cross-platform war game with colorful graphics and unique heroes battling to claim jungle treasures. Join clans and participate in regular tournaments.

Jungle HeatADVGO42 LTD
Jungle Heat is a game of warfare that can be played on any device or social platform without any charge. The beautiful tropics full of oil and gold have been attacked by General Blood and you need to free these treasures from the hands of these bloodthirsty people. To protect these treasures you need to fortify the walls, hire troops and engage in powerful battles. You will enjoy the beautiful graphics and weapons in the game. You can also transfer your progress to other devices and platforms by going to the settings section of the game and selecting "OTHER DEVICE". Jungle Heat allows you to develop your military base, fight with other players and participate in regular tournaments. The game is playable on any Android smartphone or tablet. The battles are simple but unique, and each battle is different. You have the freedom to upgrade your base, buildings, and troops and set up an effective attack strategy. You can also assemble your army of heroes who possess different capabilities that can change the course of battle. The game features regular tournaments that allow you to compete with other players and clans. The game provides bright, colorful graphics and dynamic music that creates an endless tropical fun atmosphere. If you love Jungle Heat, rate it five stars and recommend it to others. The game requires a steady internet connection, and you need to grant READ_PHONE_STATE permission to save the game's progress. However, the device identifier is only used to save the game's progress, and nothing else. The game follows a strict privacy policy, which you can find here: Also, terms of use are applied to the game, and you can read the terms here: Join our communities on Facebook, Twitter and G+. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will help you. Check the FAQ to learn more about the game. Engage in Jungle Heat today and enjoy the ultimate battle for treasures in the jungle.
Pocket Land

Harvest crops, upgrade your character and discover new features on your island paradise in the relaxing farming game, Pocket Land.

Prepare to embark on an exciting journey of agricultural fun where you can gather and trade crops with just one touch mechanism, enhance your character, and become an expert in the art of harvesting. When you first start playing Pocket Land, you'll begin cultivating a humble piece of land, but as you advance, you'll be able to uncover fresh and thrilling features that will allow you to create your very own paradise island. You'll cater to the demands of your clients, who will be charmed by your perfectly ripe and tasty produce. It's essential to monitor your crops as they'll continue to grow, necessitating that you keep them healthy and prosperous. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter delightful pets who will assist you in gathering fruits and vegetables in a more efficient manner. Additionally, as you climb up the ranks, you'll come across novel structures that can make rare recipes and further expand your farm. You can even sharpen your character traits and uncover exclusive rewards as you make headway. Pocket Land's uncomplicated, engrossing, and calming top-down gameplay makes it the ideal escape from reality game. Unveil the pleasure of harvesting crops and create your dream haven of beautiful surroundings with a plethora of crops to harvest alongside your charming pet comrades. But that's not all - best of all, Pocket Land is completely free to play, granting you the ability to experience the joy of farming without laying a single penny. Download Pocket Land now and set forth on your agricultural adventure today! Require some assistance? Send us a note at Moreover, be sure to visit us at: Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: Discord:
Pocket Sea

Pocket Sea: swipe, collect fish, unlock new species, discover new oceans and uncover hidden treasures in an addictive, casual-fun adventure.

Pocket SeaHadi Games
Dive into a mystical aquatic world with Pocket Sea, the ultimate mobile game that lets you explore the depths of the ocean at your fingertips! Become the ruler of the sea and collect a wide range of stunning fish by swiping through a mesmerizing underwater world as you embark on an immersive journey. As you progress through Pocket Sea, swipe and collect a variety of fish from the depths of the ocean. Every successful catch unlocks new species, allowing you to expand your underwater menagerie with each step forward. Explore uncharted depths and new oceans by unlocking new fish species. Each ocean presents unique challenges, secrets to discover and hidden treasures to uncover. Pocket Sea is sure to offer an adventure that will keep even the most dedicated gamers engaged. Pocket Sea caters to both casual players and avid collectors alike. The game’s intuitive controls and immersive gameplay make it a fantastic option for players with varying skill levels. Prepare to be hooked on deep blue's mysteries with Pocket Sea – The game's addictive adventure takes you on a swiping sensation like no other, one that leaves you wanting more with each play. So, be ready to fall in love with the mesmerizing aquatic wonderland of Pocket Sea!
Pocket Bakery

Pocket Bakery: Endless baking game. Tap to collect and complete orders, upgrade bakery, and discover new products. Donuts, Pancakes, Waffles, Pies, Cookies, and more.

Pocket BakeryHadi Games
Prepare yourself for an exhilarating experience with Pocket Bakery! A freshly baked endless game filled with mouthwatering treats for your enjoyment. Just tap on the screen to collect a variety of tasty baked goods, fit for any sweet tooth. Satisfy your adorable customers' orders to reach new levels of deliciousness. As you venture through the game, discover new and exciting treats to add to your bakery's already scrumptious selection! Upgrade your bakery and improve baking speeds for even more indulgent fun. From the classic American donuts to the crispy Belgian waffles, this game has got you covered! Be sure to try the wide array of desserts such as pies, cookies, and many more to satisfy your cravings. If you require assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at
Battle Arena: RPG Adventure

Build an unstoppable hero team, battle hordes of enemies, and engage in realtime PvP mode in Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure. Download for free now!

Battle Arena: RPG AdventureRED BRIX WALL
Enter the world of Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure where you can merge elements of roleplaying games and multiplayer online battle arenas that creates a perfect blend of action. Unleash your combat prowess and strategic skills to create a powerful team of heroes that can eradicate hordes of enemies in thrilling missions. Additionally, you can join guildmasters in a real-time PvP mode and indulge in a war of guilds that will make you invincible! You can download this epic RPG adventure for free and dive into the game. Engulf in real-time PvP battles where you can challenge mobile gamers from across the globe. Rise to the top by crushing your enemies in the combat arena. Create defense and offense strategies unique to you to show your skills. Keep in mind that powerful heroes alone will not guarantee your victory in online PvP battles. In Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure, you have the opportunity to create your ultimate team. Select from over 50 diverse heroes with some of them resembling your favorites from the movies, books, or games. To achieve success in the brand new RPG, you must develop a well-balanced team and upgrade your heroes' skills and equipment. You can participate in thrilling quests with your friends, battle monsters or purchase cool upgrades to get that extra edge needed to succeed. Participate in the daily contests to win exciting rewards and improve your magic warriors. Get awestruck by the over 60 fantastic, awe-inspiring locations to explore, from the cryptic city of Atlantis to the frost-covered gnome cliffs. You get to choose from the large selection of heroes, each with distinct abilities and beautifully crafted attacks. In Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure, there is something for everybody. Participating in the game with your friends is not only easy, but it is free! Connect to the game server with only an internet connection. You also have the opportunity to invite other players to join your clan, trade heroes, and items with your friends. Use the chat feature to share your strategies, participate in battles, and have fun! Join the Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure community and stay updated with the latest news and announcements via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. Join the gaming world today!
Kitty Farm Harvest

Build a farm, harvest crops, and trade goods in Kitty Farm Harvest. Help restore Kitty City and upgrade your truck, crop, and factories to thrive!

Kitty Farm HarvestLeafy Games
Kitty Farm Harvest is a captivating farming game that allows players to establish their farm, construct a factory, and acquire a truck. With the game's multitude of features, players can plant different crops and harvest them for trading to expand their dream farm. Be the driving force behind the restoration of Kitty City to its former glory as you lend a hand to Kitty Farmer Franny and her Kittizens by harvesting crops and constructing shops to produce goods. This game boasts of a wide variety of features such as planting and harvesting more than a dozen different crops such as pumkin, carrot, tomato, berry, wheat, and brocoly. There are also various factories to select from, which includes the regular house, composting house, humus compostion house, bread oven, and regular oven. Additionally, there are six types of livestock and more available such as chiken, pig, cow, duck, sheep and buffalo. For gamers looking for a challenge, you can level up your plant and crops to ensure faster harvests. As you develop your farm, it becomes essential to upgrade your truck, crops, and factories to reach new heights. Additionally, the game features four different plots to play, which offer several months of exciting gameplay. Daily quests await with accompanying rewards to ensure an engaging experience, and a daily gift box and lucky wheel await your arrival. The best part of this game is that it is 100% free to play and can be played offline, meaning you can harvest your crops without interruptions while you're on the go. Start playing Kitty Farm Harvest today and build the farm of your dreams!
Idle light city

Produce light bulbs, build houses and grow your city in this addictive idle tap and click simulation game. Become an electricity tycoon.

Idle light cityAppQuantum
Welcome to Idle Light City, the newest tycoon clicker game! Expand your town by manufacturing light bulbs and constructing houses. With easy tapping and progressive upgrades, this production simulation game is both addictive and entertaining. Immerse yourself in the game and enjoy your offline idle experience! In this colorful game, you will run a light bulb factory to illuminate your city. The goal is to produce as many light bulbs as possible, unlock new buildings, and earn money. You will witness the growth of your town and become an electricity tycoon through a fun and interactive tapping experience. Your town will glow with rows and queues of adorable light bulbs, which will allow you to gain profit and expand your city by purchasing new houses with your earnings. This game simulates city life, where you can experience the excitement of progress and indulge yourself in this engaging simulation game. In addition, this idle town keeps progressing even while you are away, allowing you to return to your rewards in offline idle times. Collect gold and gems, invest in building and upgrading your premises, and enjoy the amusement park. You can upgrade many buildings, produce light bulbs faster, and expand your city in these idle tap-tap and clicker games. This outstanding simulation game will provide you with a sense of growth and positive emotion, and the light bulbs and houses are designed in a cute and colorful manner. Idle City Simulator is an entertaining time-killer game, and if you enjoy winning, upgrading, and playing tapping games with multiple levels, this game is your paradise. If you are a fan of entertaining simulated games, tycoon city simulations, or fun clickers, take the chance to try your hand at a different field of money-making. Download Idle Light City: Clicker Games right now and start building a new world in offline idle games.
Blitz: Rise of Heroes

Assemble your ultimate team of heroes and rise to the top of Blitz: Rise of Heroes, a captivating RPG with over 100 unique characters, epic battles, and endless possibilities.

Blitz: Rise of HeroesWhaleApp LTD
Blitz: Rise of Heroes is an Action RPG that immerses you in a world where heroes are legendary and darkness reigns. Choose your team wisely, as they will be your strongest weapon against countless hours of turn-based RPG action that await you. In the vast lands of Larnes, there exists five factions: the Alliance, Keepers, Awakened, Ashen, and Divine. With over 100 characters to unlock, from savage beasts to cunning wizards, your legends are endless and their tales unique. Elevate your champions to Level 450, and enjoy improved health, attack, and damage, coupled with powerful combat abilities. Each hero has unique skills that can further be improved as they level up. Discover duplicate heroes, merge, and progress through ranks until they transform from simple soldiers to legendary champions. An essential aspect of this game is leveling up your equipment, as the best warriors require the best gear. Upgrade helmets, armor, weapons, and boots and watch them unleash their might. Blitz: Rise of Heroes is not only about combat; your strategies and decisions play an integral role in its gameplay. Step into the arena and challenge other players in PvP battles, climb to the top of the leaderboard, and become the best. The Treasure Maze mode lets you traverse through a labyrinth of choices, face enemies, make allies, and unearth treasures. Meanwhile, the Flaming Fortress is a citadel that demands more from your squad on every floor. Engage in the Story Campaign's 80 territories, fight battles, forge alliances, and discover your heroes' destiny. Participate in time-bound challenges such as Tournaments, where unique hurdles and unmatched rewards await. The world of Larnes is ever-evolving, so anticipate the Temple of Trials and the Journey Sphere. Collaborate with others in guilds or establish your own. Join forces with comrades in boss raids like the Guild Patrol or Guild Hunt, formulate your strategies, and grow stronger together. The world of Blitz: Rise of Heroes is compelling, drawing players into an epic tale of power and strategy, where you create your legend. Stand tall, champion, the lands of Larnes await!``
Battle Lines: Puzzle Fighter

Match 3 RPG puzzle combat with epic boss fights & alien invasion campaign. Charge up your gloves and punch your way to victory!

Battle Lines: Puzzle FighterAzur Interactive Games Limited
Get ready to delve into the captivating world of Battle Lines, where puzzle solving and epic combat collide! In this thrilling puzzle combat RPG, you'll equip your hero with powerful gear, match lines to unleash devastating attacks, and take down bosses one by one. As if an alien invasion wasn't enough, you'll also be facing these intergalactic threats with just your fists... unless you equip the newly-invented punching gloves! Strategically match lines to power up your gloves and deal critical blows to your enemies. But that's just the beginning! With over 250 unique opponents to face, a world map to explore, and a colossal collection of over 100 gadgets and equipment sets, this game promises endless hours of entertainment. There are tons of achievements to unlock, numerous rewards to claim, and constant opportunities for hero leveling and gear upgrades. Battle Lines is the ultimate hybrid of match 3 puzzles, combat RPG, and fighting games, making it the perfect choice for discerning players who want a challenge. Summon your mightiest heroes, solve puzzles, and unleash your inner ninja with epic puzzle battles that will keep you engaged for hours!
My Egg Tycoon

Become a billionaire by managing your own egg farm! Unlock 100 chickens, upgrade them and earn millions even when offline.

My Egg TycoonSTORMX
Experience the ultimate idle game that will keep you entertained for hours on end! Get ready to take charge of your very own egg farm and achieve unimaginable riches! With over 100 entertaining chickens to unlock, your farm will never be the same! Enhance the performance of your chickens by constantly upgrading them, and watch the profits roll in even while you're offline. Increase your chickens' productivity with just a tap of your finger and witness them laying eggs at an unprecedented rate! With all this hard work and dedication, soon enough, you'll be a billionaire and the envy of all! With stunning graphics and captivating gameplay, this idle game is a must-have for gamers of all skill levels. Are you ready to become the richest man alive? The journey begins now!
Merge Chicken - Idle Tycoon

Merge cute chickens to evolve, earn money with eggs, and collect over 50 adorable chicken breeds in Merge Chicken!

Merge Chicken - Idle TycoonSTORMX
Welcome to Merge Chicken - the game that will keep you hooked for hours! Get ready to build and manage your very own farm filled with a variety of charming and loveable chickens. Your job is to merge chickens of the same type together, creating new and more intriguing breeds to add to your collection. You'll fall in love with all the different kinds of chickens this game has to offer! From the quirky and colorful to the mischievous and playful, there's a chicken for everyone to enjoy. Take advantage of the simple and user-friendly gameplay and begin your chicken adventure! Watch your earnings increase as you actively collect eggs and sell them for money. Utilize the idle system that allows you to earn money even when you're offline – making your chicken farm prosper with ease! With over 50 varieties of chickens available to collect, each with their own unique qualities and traits, Merge Chicken is sure to take you on an adventure that you won't forget. Don't wait any longer – dive into this charming world of chicken evolution and see how many different breeds you can discover and merge today!
Fluffy Fall

Run through endless levels dodging obstacles as a cuddly Fluffy. Collect gold to unlock 60+ characters. Perfect for kids and adults.

Fluffy FallKilosaurus
Embark on a thrilling adventure with Fluffy, the endearing character that will capture your heart with its cuteness. This 3D infinite-running game is immersive and addictive, where you'll need lightning-fast reflexes to dodge a barrage of obstacles. Flames, ice blocks, and laser beams are just some of the dangers that lie ahead. Will you be able to guide Fluffy to safety? This game is perfect for children and adults alike as it combines stunning 3D graphics with simple yet challenging gameplay. With over 60 unique Fluffies to choose from, you can unlock your favorite one as you gather Gold along your way. You can fly your way out of every danger by using just one finger. Fluffy's perilous journey is full of pitfalls that will put your skills to the test. This game is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good challenge and an adrenaline rush. Whether you're commuting, taking a break, or just looking for some wholesome fun, Fluffy Fall is the perfect game to roll out to everyone. To discover more about Fluffy Fall, visit our website at Please note that this app contains in-app purchases and third-party advertisements that may lead you outside the app. To learn about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, please refer to and
Super Starfish

Swim through space as a Starfish, dodge space debris, customize your aquarium, and discover new zones in this mesmerizing and intuitive game.

Super StarfishProtostar
Embark on an interstellar adventure as a Starfish and explore the vast cosmos. Despite the looming threats of incoming black holes, meteors, and quasars, your mission requires you to bring life to your space aquarium by skillfully dodging these obstacles. Super Starfish leverages advanced, state-of-the-art techniques to provide stunning and captivating visual effects. Be entranced by the magnificent and vibrant colors that form swirls as your Starfish drifts through the galaxy. Gather exotic flora to add to your personal space aquarium and give it a unique touch. Watch as your Starplants grow and flourish in the ideal home that you have created for your unique collection of Starfish. • For all players, the game offers effortless and understandable gameplay. Test it out now! • Explore the vast expanse of the universe and discover enthralling new zones! • Develop and score enormous combos with your specific swimming style! • Customize and cultivate your very own space aquarium! • Obtain over thirty stunning Starfish in different colors and shapes to be added to your aquarium. Do you have what it takes to find a Super Starfish? • Compete with your friends, and divulge spellbinding discoveries! Are you ready to reach new heights and become the next Fish Superstar?
Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump

Happy Hop - an addictive endless hopper game with cute characters and thousands of items to decorate your house. Can you beat your friends' high scores?

Happy Hop: Kawaii JumpPlatonic Games
🌈Happy Hop🌈 is a brilliantly crafted game which falls under the endless hopper genre. Although it is very easy to play, it poses a great challenge to all gamers out there! To play Happy Hop, all you need to do is tap the left or right button in order for your character to jump toward the next platform before it drifts away, falls or vanishes! During the course of your game, you will find eye-catching rare chests as well as piñatas that are filled up with countless chic costumes to dress up your character with and thousands of objects to decorate your house with! It may seem like a piece of cake, but be warned - this game has the potential to become extremely addictive :3 Take your chances and work hard to beat the high scores of your friends! "What are Miimos?" Miimos are narwhals that dress up like other animals ò_o That's right! These lovable creatures escaped from their original game Sweet Sins! Support them on their new adventure! --=≡Σ((( つ`•ω•´)つ -------- FEATURES -------- ⭐ Happy Hop is a fun and addictive arcade game with casual gameplay. ⭐ The game comes with a simple and user-friendly one tap interface ⭐ Happy Hop boasts over 100 charming characters that you can collect such as the Little Unicorn, Pink Alpacorn, Mermaid, Sailor Cat and many more! You've got to catch them all! <3 ⭐ As you doodle your way upwardly on your pastel rainbow collecting hearts, stars and piñatas along the way! ⭐ Miimoland! It's a secret wonderland where you can obtain cute toys simply by opening a surprise egg! ⭐ Explore and traverse over 20 diverse landscapes. ⭐ The Google Play Games platform allows you to brag about your accomplishments and compete with other gamers across leaderboards. ⭐ Get special monthly bonuses along with a plethora of virtual pets and gifts that are added during festive periods such as St. Patrick Day, Easter, Summer, New Year and other limited time offers! ⭐ The game has an adorable and enchanting aesthetic style <3 ❤️NEW!!❤️ Happy Hop now provides you with themed BIG ROOMS with more than 1000 decorative items to furnish them with! ^O^ -------- Concerning In-App Purchases: In essence, any IAPs made in the game are purely cosmetic. No additional purchases are required in order to bring the game to completion. ⭐ Last but not least, the best part about the game is that it can be enjoyed offline without needing an internet connection. #HINT: Unlock Treasure Dragon and Supporter Deer! They’re awesome! *wink*wink* -------- Since this game was crafted by a team of only two people, we would be thrilled to receive your feedback ^-^ Our primary desire is for you to savor our game! We can assure you that we had an absolute blast crafting it. However, we would also greatly appreciate your criticism and suggestions. Feel free to email us at Download this cute game and get ready for a fun-tastic adventure! Kawaii desu ne ~~ ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
Sweet Sins: Kawaii Run

Lead seven adorable characters in a challenging, endless runner adventure filled with quests, piñatas, and achievements, in Sweet Sins.

Sweet Sins: Kawaii RunPlatonic Games
Prepare to be mesmerized by the delightful art style of Sweet Sins, a never-before-seen endless runner game. It's a speedy, knotty, and adorable journey that provides a classic arcade challenge for gamers who are on the hunt for a new thrill. In Sweet Sins, you will take Luna, Sandy, Rica, Nana, Red, Ivy, and Moira on a unique infinite run experience. The game's user-friendly design makes it simple to comprehend, yet it can take a while to master. Here are the game features that will make you fall in love with it: - A charming and highly addictive casual game - Simple and straightforward controls; swipe to the right, left and up to kick ass! - Players can collect various adorable Miimo creatures. - The game includes fantastic levels, challenging quests, and of course, piñatas! - With the help of the Game Center, you can compete with your friends and top every leaderboard. - Sweet Sins has a distinctive, stunning, and adorably cute 'kawaii' graphic design. This game does not require internet connectivity, and all in-app purchases are for appearance purposes only. You don’t need to buy anything to complete the game. Sweet Sins was brought to life by a team of two, so we genuinely appreciate your input; feel free to contact us at with any comments or suggestions. Get ready to download the cutest game on the planet! Kawaii desu ne ~~
Adelamyth: Casual Idle RPG

Adelamyth - turn-based Idle RPG with over 60 heroes to choose from, strategic battles, and a variety of modes to play. Join in the fight to save Adela land from an evil force!

Adelamyth: Casual Idle RPGLoongcheer Game
Step into the mythical world of Adela where evil forces have taken over and heroes have fallen in battle. You are a warrior, the only hope to resurrect the souls of these fallen heroes and unite them to save their homeland. Are you ready to accept this daunting task? Adelamyth is a classic turn-based Idle RPG game with various exciting modes that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, online or offline. With over 60 heroes categorized into five factions - Water, Wind, Fire, Dark, and Light - collecting and leveling up the right heroes is crucial in building the ultimate team. The heroes will fight for you automatically and earn rewards that you can claim at a later time. Increase your heroes' stats by collecting soul energy to nourish the Soul tree, which will give them bonuses. Equip your heroes with the best gear and play strategically with unbeatable lineups to conquer your enemies. Each faction has its own advantages and buffs that you can utilize for your battles. With six