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Ark: Survival Evolved

Tame and ride 80+ unique dinosaurs in dynamic ecosystems online or solo. Build and defend your prehistoric colony in ARK: Survival Evolved for Android.

Ark: Survival EvolvedStudio Wildcard

Do you want to experience the adventure of a lifetime in the world of dinosaurs? ARK: Survival Evolved is the game for you! This exhilarating game boasts an impressive collection of over 80 unique and realistic dinosaurs and primeval creatures in a massive game world, perfect for a mind-blowing survival experience. This game invites players to join forces and build colonies of survivors in a world that takes you back to the Jurassic era. You begin unarmed and alone in the wilderness, gathering resources, crafting tools, and hunting. Tame dinosaurs to help you survive against man and mega-predators while making new friends online and forming tribes to protect your interests.


Unleash epic loot and conquer challenging bosses as a Warrior, Hunter or Mage. With no energy system, master skills and craft gear to rise up the leaderboard.

NordicandiaIterative Studios

Embark on an exciting journey to collect legendary loot, merge and craft items, and upgrade your character to take down the World Bosses in this Semi Idle Action RPG!

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Gladiators: Survival in Rome

Play as a fugitive in Gladiators: Survival in Rome - an action RPG with city building and survival mechanics. Craft gear, team up or fight in the arena.

Gladiators: Survival in RomeColossi Games

Gladiators: Survival in Rome is an immersive Action RPG that combines survival game mechanics with city-building opportunities. The game takes you on a journey through the wilderness of Ancient Europe as a fugitive from Caesar's army, where you will encounter challenges at every turn. Test your skills as an adventurer by saving slaves from cruel soldiers, uncovering mysterious myths in uncharted lands, and constructing a city of free, surviving men with the resources you obtain. The ultimate goal is to defeat the king's legions and conquer the Roman Empire. In this thrilling game, you're not alone. There are a vast number of legionnaires eager to earn recognition from the Roman emperor. You can form alliances with fellow survivors or fight against rivals in the arena for the title of the greatest Gladiator in front of the citizens of mighty Rome. Gladiators: Survival in Rome is packed with exciting feats, including free movement and hack-n-slash action combat, traversing the open world, deep crafting mechanics, city building, strategic weapon customization, alluring handcrafted stylized 3D models, and stunning animations that bring the historical fantasy journey to life. Unlike regular survival games that pit you against generic zombies, Gladiators: Survival in Rome steps it up a notch by taking you on a historical fantasy journey into Caesar's times. The game development team has worked hard to create a vibrant world in Ancient Rome with various puzzle pieces, starting from a single hand-drawn pebble to procedurally generated maps. As a player, you have the opportunity to conquer and give the game journey purpose. Also, the team welcomes feedback and suggestions to improve the game further. If you're intrigued by the idea of Gladiators: Survival in Rome, try it out and share your experience. Leave your honest review on the store, visit their social media page, or participate in their Discord community to share your thoughts. Start your journey into Ancient Rome today!


Embark on an epic multiplayer fantasy adventure in an open world of ancient relics, captivating puzzles, and dangerous foes. Survive, build, and explore as you shape your destiny in Dawnlands.


Dawnlands is a captivating MMORPG adventure where you can explore a vast open world that will leave you spellbound. Prepare to embark on a valiant journey to awaken a long-forgotten domain, where the destiny of this universe is in your hands. The game invites you to traverse through breathtaking landscapes, uncover ancient relics, and unravel intriguing puzzles that will enhance your gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the art of exploration, as there are countless diverse biomes, enigmatic relics, and captivating puzzles awaiting your attention in this ancient land. This realm was dormant for centuries, waiting to be awoken to new tales of legend and lore. You have the power to inscribe your own epic saga upon its storied canvas. Survival is crucial, as this unforgiving environment demands resourcefulness to withstand it. Though the past may be long forgotten, the vast richness of nature's bounty is yours for the taking. But beware, lurking in the darkness are dangers that pose a threat to the land. To survive, you will need to illuminate the shadows that threaten to consume the land and quell the encroaching darkness. Unleash your creative architectural skills as you explore over a hundred diverse crafting materials that empower you to construct your dream abode. Sculpt the very foundations of your home, shape the land, and let your imagination soar free. Engage in fierce battles to unlock invaluable recipes, enabling you to forge formidable weapons, fashionable attire, and indispensable tools. You have the power to build and craft with impunity, so let your creativity flow. Forge lasting bonds in the multiplayer realm of Dawnlands. Up to four valiant warriors can join forces within a shared game-world. You have the option to embark on solo odysseys or join your comrades on epic quests. You will experience the joy of visiting your friends' realms or welcoming them into your own domain through the friend system or world invitation codes. Alternatively, venture into uncharted territories and forge new alliances and meet other adventurers. Unite with your comrades and embark on unforgettable journeys together! Destiny has chosen you as the altar of this realm. Dawnlands is an awe-inspiring adventure set in a sprawling open world that will leave you enthralled. Get ready to unleash your inner warrior and begin your journey today. Visit our Facebook fanpage: or join our Discord server: to meet our lively community. For more information, visit our official website at

The Mourning Star

Restore the universe with the power of the final star in a perilous ritual. Explore constellations and learn about life, death, and your true nature. Beware the Leviathan.

The Mourning StarBen Russell

In an apocalyptic world, a spectral entity suffering from amnesia discovers an extraordinary ability to revive all that has been lost. Armed with the last remaining star in the universe, the entity embarks on a dangerous ritual to trigger a new Big Bang. Throughout multiple cycles, the protagonist, Deah, grapples with the nature of existence and mortality while unraveling their own identity.

Jurassic World: Primal Ops

Rescue and battle with dinosaurs to save them from extinction in Jurassic World Primal Ops, an action-adventure game with an expansive narrative and unique dinosaur collection mechanics.

Jurassic World: Primal OpsBehaviour Interactive

Get ready to experience a thrilling adventure in Jurassic World Primal Ops, an action-packed top-down game that challenges players to save dinosaurs from the brink of extinction. As a skilled dinosaur handler, you must travel across North America to save these creatures from rival factions like mercenaries, poachers, and scientists who seek to endanger their existence. Fortunately, you have an army of dinosaurs at your disposal to aid in your quest. Your Dinosaur Collection is made up of all the creatures you rescued on your journey, and they can fight by your side in battle. These creatures have unique abilities that can help you overcome any obstacles in your path, and by developing a bond with them, you can unlock even more powers. In Jurassic World Primal Ops, you'll explore a prehistoric world where dinosaurs have resurfaced and roam free. As you journey to save them, you'll encounter a massive cast of allies and foes, each with their own unique storylines to explore. Whether you're infiltrating enemy camps or discovering hidden secrets throughout the landscape, there's always something new to explore. Along the way, players can collect dinosaur eggs, DNA strands, and other items that can upgrade and strengthen their companions. With each new upgrade comes new abilities, further strengthening your bond with your dinosaur friends and improving your chances of success. It's going to take all of your skills to save these prehistoric creatures from extinction. From commanding fierce T.rexes to airborne Pteranodons, you'll need to use all your wits and battle strategies to triumph over your foes. Jurassic World Primal Ops is available in English and is free to play, although in-game purchases are available for players who want to speed up their progress.

Dungeons of Dreadrock

Explore the depths of Dreadrock Mountain through 100 handcrafted levels in this creatively designed puzzle game.

Dungeons of DreadrockChristoph Minnameier

Embark on an exciting puzzle adventure as you navigate through a hundred meticulously crafted levels that will lead you to the mysterious depths of Dreadrock Mountain. As described by IGN, this game is highly imaginative and unique, pushing the limits of your problem-solving skills. WATSON gives it the highest praise by calling it a true masterpiece that will leave players amazed. The game boasts a beautiful design that is simply breathtaking, as described by PURENINTENDO. Every level is thoughtfully designed, adding to the overall charm of the game. And according to MACWORLD, this game is more than just another puzzle adventure; it is something truly special. With visually stunning graphics and an engaging gameplay experience, this game is a must-play for puzzle game fanatics. So get ready to journey into the fascinating depths of Dreadrock Mountain!


Powerlust is a hardcore offline RPG game with skill-based combat, procedurally generated dungeons, and customizable characters. It's free to play without pay-to-win, made by one developer and has a Discord community for feedback.

PowerlustBartlomiej Mamzer

Embark on a thrilling journey with Powerlust, a challenging action RPG offline game that draws inspiration from classic PC RPG games. Its creator, a passionate gamer himself, has meticulously crafted the game over several years.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Recruit powerful Champions from 15 factions to assemble the ultimate raiding party and save Teleria, in this stunning, strategic RPG adventure with 1+ million possible builds.

Raid: Shadow LegendsPlarium Global Ltd

Get ready to embark on an adventurous journey through a stunningly portrayed fantasy RPG realm with an array of Champions from 15 different factions. In order to save Teleria, you must collect the most legendary warriors from both the forces of Light and Darkness and train them for battling the enemies. Create a formidable team and raid your way through the game with 1+ million possible Champion builds. RAID is a role-playing game that offers players a chance to explore various options and build their meaningful team to conquer any challenge that comes their way. A large player community has been established over three years of gameplay with players fighting more than 10 million battles a day. Join this epic fantasy game by downloading the game and show everyone that you are a worthy opponent. The game offers an array of deep RPG features, including collecting powerful Champions from 15 different factions through gacha collection. Assemble balanced teams consisting of Sorcerers, Knights, Elves, and more to defeat all the obstacles that come in your way. Take up the challenge to fight epic boss battles against Magma Dragon, Fire Knight, Eternal Dragon, and Ice Golem. Moreover, playing in classic RPG style and beating them again will give you more powerful gear. Experience the thrill of multiplayer PVP Arena by going head-to-head with other players, unlocking special gear, and climbing arena tiers. The game’s 3D artwork is breathtaking and offers stunning details down to the cracks in the armor making it a visually appealing game. Watch your friends and opponents battle through a vivid fantasy world with thousands of unique skills and attack animations. Develop and manage your Bastion, upgrade your own personal fortress to manage your Shards and get your Champions ready for dungeon runs, multiplayer arena combat, and story campaigns. The rewarding strategic RPG gameplay offers a chance to make tough decisions and equip your Champions with powerful artifacts to aid them in their quest. Rank them up and unleash their devastating special skills, AOE attacks, healing powers, and more. Clear the massive PVE Campaign map with the help of your Champion team. Experience epic dark fantasy with 12 breathtaking RPG locations spread over a sprawling, fully-voiced story campaign. Dragons, Orcs, and Undead Knights are just a few of the many beasts and beings that await you. With hassle-free autoplay, the game offers an easier way to play gacha role-playing games in which players can autoplay levels, spend less time grinding, and more time exploring. RAID is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. Please note that paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item. Take on the challenge of RAID, explore the deep RPG features, collect powerful Champions, fight epic boss battles, experience multiplayer PVP Arena, develop and manage your Bastion and clear the massive PVE Campaign map. Enjoy the game’s hassle-free autoplay and immerse yourself in its addictive gameplay. Join thousands of players worldwide in a battle to save Teleria and become a Champion!

Call of Duty: Mobile

CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE features familiar modes and maps, customizable controls, and monthly updates with new content for multiplayer and battle royale.

Call of Duty: MobileActivision Publishing, Inc.

Immerse yourself in the iconic world of CALL OF DUTY® like never before with the release of CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE. From the comfort of your mobile device, enjoy the console quality HD graphics while taking advantage of customizable and responsive controls to compete against other players in the gaming world. The game boasts both Multiplayer (MP) modes, which include Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill-Confirmed, on the iconic maps of Shipment, Raid, and Standoff, as well as a 100 player Battle Royale (BR) mode. Never worry about getting bored as CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE incorporates new content for every season, ensuring that there is always something new and exciting for players to experience. Unlock and earn dozens of iconic operators, weapons, outfits, scorestreaks, and new gear as you progress. Every season expands on the story of the CALL OF DUTY® universe, providing new unlockable content for fans of Call of Duty®: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® as well as unique elements from CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE. Whether you prefer to play competitively with friends or alone, this game has the perfect mode for you. Gather your friends and test your shooting skills in competitive ranked mode or sharpen your aim in social play. You can even join a clan to gain a sense of community and earn unique rewards for participating in Clan Wars. To make the game more accessible, CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE includes the option to download only necessary content, such as HD resources, maps, weapons, and operators. This reduces the initial download size to ensure players have enough storage space. Never miss any new exciting events or content updates as this mobile game provides push notifications to players. Stay connected with friends and give feedback to improve the game by using the in-game feedback feature. Players can subscribe to receive updates via CALL OF DUTY®, ACTIVISION, and all other related trade names are the properties of their respective owners. By downloading and using CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE, you agree to Activision’s privacy policy and terms of use, which can be found at and respectively. An internet connection is required to play this game.

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