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FelipenseFelipensefrom Skich app
Spider Fighter 3

Play as Peter, the iconic spider hero, battle city gangs & villains, unlock new suits, and swing through iconic locations. An immersive and action-packed spider hero experience.

Spider Fighter 3Starplay DMCC
Are you prepared to transform into the ultimate spider protagonist and safeguard the city from devastation in the long-awaited movie game? As Peter Parker, get ready to embody the role of the legendary spider hero and defy notorious city mafia and malicious villains. This game offers an exhilarating hero action experience that allows players to employ their spider abilities to swing through the city streets, evade obstacles, and confront enemies in epic battles. The game comprises magnificent graphics and an immersive plot that brings the spider hero world to life in an unprecedented manner. Fans can explore the iconic movie and comic locations like Times Square and Oscorp and battle different villains. As you advance through the game, you will unlock new suits and abilities that come with their exceptional powers and features ranging from the classic suit to the enhanced iron suit. These powers will give you the energy to face any challenge thrown at you by the city gangs. The game's open-world sandbox mode offers limitless exploration opportunities, where you can swing across the city, complete side missions, attempt various challenges, and discover hidden collectibles. This feature provides an ideal way to escape from the main storyline and experience the city's essence. This game offers the ultimate spider protagonist experience; it is more than a mere game. Fans of the comics, movies, and action-packed games can become involved, affiliated with the legend and fight like a genuine superhero. With fascinating gameplay, stunning graphics, and an epic storyline — this is the ultimate opportunity to save the city as the ultimate spider hero. Download now and witness the journey of the most iconic spider hero of all time!
Dead Station

As an astronaut, explore the space station, solve puzzles, bypass traps, and fight monsters to uncover the mystery in space.

Dead StationDanil Chernyaev
As a player, you will assume the role of an astronaut tasked with investigating the events that occurred on a space station. In this thrilling game, you will embark on a journey through the vast and mysterious environment of a space station, encountering obstacles and challenges along the way. Your mission is to explore every nook and cranny of the space station, piecing together clues and solving a variety of intricate puzzles. You must avoid dangerous traps and hone your skills in order to survive in this treacherous environment. Your character's skills can be upgraded as you progress through the game, allowing you to face even greater challenges and enemies. As monsters lurk around every corner, you must fight your way through the space station and defend yourself against these relentless adversaries. Through strategic maneuvering and combat techniques, you will be able to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious. Stay tuned for the highly-anticipated second part of the game, which promises to take players on an even more exciting journey through the depths of space. Keep up with the latest developments by following the game's creator, Danil Chernyaev, on YouTube.
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20 Minutes Till Dawn

Survive 20 minutes against endless Lovecraftian monsters in 20 Minutes Till Dawn using unique characters, weapons, upgrades, and runes.

20 Minutes Till DawnErabit Studios
Prepare to face waves of horrifying monsters for 20 minutes straight with the chills-inducing and gripping shoot-em-up game, 20 Minutes Till Dawn. Pick from a variety of characters and weapons to fight through hordes of enemies inspired by Lovecraftian myths. The Quickplay mode in this game promises a unique and adrenaline-pumping experience every time. Run and gun your way to victory, testing out special abilities of each character to gain an edge over the haunting creatures. The game features more than 10 unique characters, each gifted with special abilities that make the gameplay unpredictable and exciting. For instance, start off with Diamond if you need higher defense stats to survive longer or unlock Scarlett to roast your enemies with her fire waves causing significant damage over time. Strategize on picking upgrades that add more depth to the weapons you choose. Collect XP to level up and acquire upgrades such as Quick Hands that complement the Flame Cannon making it quicker and more lethal in combat. Similarly, with the Holy Shield upgrade, you get massive destruction powers with crossbows, making it easier to reload between fights. Check for effective synergies by clicking on the “II” button during the game. Unleash the full potential of combining upgrades to obtain bonus points, like the Mini Clip synergy that gets unlocked after collecting Fresh Clip and Fan Fire upgrades. This combo reduces reload time and increases impact damage. These formidable monsters won’t go down easy. So, take advantage of the Sword and Shield runes and select the right one as per your strategy to survive for longer periods in the game. Collect swords and enjoy critical damage against the monsters while the shield runes come in handy to protect you during dire times. Connect with us on Discord (@20 Minutes Till Dawn), Twitter (@erabit_studios) and Facebook (@Erabit Studios/@20 Minutes Till Dawn), or send us an email at to know more about this immersive game. Face the monsters and stay alive until the sun comes up with 20 Minutes Till Dawn.
Ronin: The Last Samurai

Venture down the Path of the Warrior in feudal Japan. Uphold your honor through visceral combat and battle bosses in Ronin: The Last Samurai.

Ronin: The Last SamuraiDreamotion Inc.
In a time where Japan was torn apart by wars, the land was filled with death and treachery. A disgraced warrior, a sole survivor, failed to save his lord. Determined to take revenge, he sets out with nothing to lose but his sword. # Parry and Slash Your Way to Victory! Console-Level Parry System Experience intense battles with the console-quality parry system on your mobile device. Master the precise controls of the attack and defend buttons to uncover the true excitement of awe-inspiring sword fighting! # The Basics of an Action Game: Frantic and Exhilarating Battles Become an accomplished hero by continually upgrading your skills and weapons. While the gameplay may seem simple at first, mastering it is a formidable challenge that requires dedication and practice. # Amplify Your Capabilities: Improve Your Characters, Pets, and Weapons Develop unique strategies by acquiring powerful weapons and various armors. Your skills and equipment choices can be the difference between life and death. # A Luxuriant Diversity of Ink Painting Depictions of Japan Marvel at the mesmerizing graphics influenced by ink wash-style art, with a distinct Eastern aesthetic that brings the game to life. # Breathless Battles Against Numerous Bosses! Think you have what it takes to withstand hordes of enemies? Even more formidable foes await you! Prepare for their powerful attacks, and study their fighting patterns. Master the art of the sword by surviving these tests of life and death, and emerge as the last samurai standing. Travel back in time through Japan's ink-painted history, and prepare for an unforgettable samurai experience with fast-paced combat in Ronin: The Last Samurai. Begin your journey, taking the path of the warrior today! PLEASE NOTE: Ronin: The Last Samurai is free to download and play, but be aware that certain in-game items can be purchased with real money. If you do not wish to use this feature, please adjust your device settings to disable in-app purchases. In accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, players must be at least 15 years old and have access to the internet to play. [Access Permission] During gameplay, we may request permission to access several services. If permission is not granted, the game cannot be played. ● Essential Access: – Photo/Media/Files: Required to save game files and data. We do not access your personal files or photos. ● To Revoke Access: – Android 6.0 or higher: Go to Settings > Apps > Permissions > Select a permission > Tap "Do Not Allow" – Android 6.0 or lower: Update the operating system to revoke access or delete the application entirely. [Customer Support] To contact us, go to Settings > Customer Support, or send an email to [Official Facebook Page] [Terms of Service] [Privacy Policy] ---- Developers: 4F, 10, Hwangsaeul-ro 335beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea.

Explore a post-apocalyptic world in HAAK, an action-platformer game with Metroidvania features. Unveil secrets, tackle puzzles, and save the land by playing over 30 hours of content!

Welcome to HAAK, a game world filled with machinery and hazard. Mutated beasts roam while malevolent entities lurk in the background. But fear not, for you will rise and become Haak, a fearless adventurer of the wastelands who will defy the darkness! Originally available on PC and consoles, HAAK is now available on mobile phones. The game unfolds in a post-apocalyptic setting. The once-mighty city now lies in ruins, and the survivors face a daily struggle for survival. In the south, a place named Sanho has managed to remain relatively unscathed by the disaster, becoming somewhat of a haven. Haak, the protagonist, arrives from a small town in the north, seeking refuge in the south. Haak is an exploratory game characterized by action-platforming gameplay and Metroidvania elements. You will traverse the land using your hook, dash, and charged slash, uncovering a plethora of hidden secrets and rooms along the way. To succeed, you must utilize every tool at your disposal, overcoming mechanics, and solving puzzles. The game's retro-futuristic pixelated settings provide an artistic feel. HAAK offers a unique choice of difficulty options ensuring that even novice players can beat the game's toughest bosses. The game features fully hand-drawn graphics and diverse characters, providing over 30 hours of gameplay via its ten side missions and areas for exploration. By selecting your path and determining the characters' fate, you can achieve several possible endings. The game also features Ben Dover, who will rate and evaluate you on various aspects once you complete the game. Do you have what it takes to earn the highest rating? Unlike the AD version, this version doesn't exhibit pop-up ads upon character death. It offers the first level of game content free for trial only. You may unlock all subsequent level content by paying. If you opt-out of paying to unlock levels, the AD version is a preferable choice. Enjoy playing HAAK, and if you encounter any issues, kindly reach out to us at Don't forget to rise and become Haak, a beacon of light in the darkness!
Brotato: Premium

Play as Brotato and wield up to 6 weapons to fight hordes of aliens. Customize runs with characters, items, and survival tactics.

Brotato: PremiumErabit Studios
In this top-down arena shooter roguelite game, you take on the role of Brotato, the last surviving potato who must fend off waves of alien attackers using up to six weapons at once. The game offers a variety of traits and items to choose from, which allows players to create unique builds and increase their chances of survival until they are rescued. Brotato's world is a perilous environment, and players must be alert and strategic to overcome the incoming threats. The game features a default auto-firing mode for weapons, but also has a manual aiming option for those looking for more precision. Runs are designed to be fast (under 30 minutes), and there are dozens of characters available to customize your gameplay experience, such as one-handed, crazy, lucky mage and more. Additionally, there are over hundreds of items and weapons to choose from, including flamethrowers, SMGs, rocket launchers, and even basic weapons like sticks and stones. To survive, players must defeat alien waves lasting between 20 to 90 seconds, and kill off as many enemies as possible within that limited timeframe. The game also incorporates a collecting system where players receive materials that offer experience points. These points can be used to buy items from the in-game shop between waves. Please note that although you can play offline, cloud storage is only available while playing online. Any progress made offline will not be uploaded to the cloud. Get in touch with the game's developers on their Discord channel @Erabit or via their Twitter @erabit_studios, Facebook @Brotato, or through email at
Super Bear Adventure

Super Bear Adventure is a 3D platformer where you explore open world levels, collect coins, and fight enemies. Free your friends and unlock hats!

Super Bear AdventureEarthkwak Games
Super Bear Adventure is an adventure-packed 3D platformer game that is designed to take you back to the nostalgic world of late 90s games. Featuring stunning graphics and captivating gameplay, this game is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. Get ready to embark on a journey across six expansive open world levels and uncover hidden secrets that are waiting to be discovered. With each level teeming with life, you will have the opportunity to converse with the kingdom's inhabitants, each with their unique perspective and personality, which adds a new layer of depth to the gameplay experience. The more coins you collect, the better equipped you will be to unlock special hats that can be used during gameplay. However, the game is not all exploratory. As you progress through each level, you will encounter some fierce enemies looking to impede your progress. Luckily, you are not alone in this fight as you will have your own set of skills to fight back and save your friends. This game promises to provide an immersive gaming experience that combines RPG and adventure elements in equal measure. Super Bear Adventure is available now for all lovers of platformer games and adventure alike.
Off the Road

Off The Road: an open-world off-road driving simulator where you explore beautiful landscapes, complete challenges, upgrade vehicles, and compete in online multiplayer races.

Off the RoadDogByte Games
Greetings Offroaders! Get ready to experience the ultimate open world off-road driving simulator – “Off The Road”! It's time to take your vehicle on an adventure where you can drive through hills, explore islands in a boat, fly in a helicopter to reach the highest mountains, or simply walk around if you want some peace. You need to beat challenges to earn money and upgrade your car to make it even more powerful, faster and stylish. Earn XP to level up and get amazing rewards. In this game, you can drive your vehicle anywhere using the winch equipped on your car. Scale the highest of mountains as nothing can stop you. The dynamics of cable ropes have been accurately implemented to ensure that players have an authentic experience. Driving a boat is yet another option to explore the sea or hop on a helicopter if you need to reach anywhere quickly. The game boasts of a realistic damage model for vehicles with the ability to simulate tyre pressure, tyres deformation based on load, simulated water ripples and buoyancy. You will feel like you're driving in real water—put your off-road skills to use to reach different checkpoints. Transport materials to their designated locations with the aid of trailers or attach objects in the world to different points using your winch and drag them around freely. Multiplayer mode allows you to compete with players from around the world in different game modes. Participate in weekly ranked races to win fantastic rewards. Enjoy a variety of challenges on offer. Try to be the fastest in Checkpoint Hunt challenges, or reach checkpoints with your off-roading skills in Pathfinder challenges. You can even transport required materials in Transport challenges. Get down to the nitty-gritty by constructing houses, bridges, roads, vehicles by transporting the necessary materials to the site. Drive different types of vehicles, including 4x4 cars, trucks, off-road behemoths, boats, and helicopters, to make the most of the terrain around you. The game has incorporated dynamic mud physics with a mud surface that continues to deform. Your car's chassis could get muddy or dirty, which you can wash by driving into water or repair it. Enjoy an endless array of features, such as exploring breathtaking landscapes, driving boats, helicopters, airplanes and trains, online multiplayer, weekly ranked race events, card packs to unlock new cars, tons of collectibles, dynamic day and night cycle, physically simulated water, and the option to switch in-game vehicles. As an OTR VIP CLUB member, you'll have access to an auto-renewing monthly subscription plan (unless auto-renew is turned off), which you will be charged every month through your account within 24 hours before the expiration of the existing subscription period. The game is the creation of Dogbyte Games, the brains behind Offroad Legends 2, Blocky Roads, Zombie Offroad Safari, Redline Rush, and Dead Venture. Download ‘Off The Road’ and experience the thrill of an open world off-road driving simulator. For further information on our privacy policy and terms and conditions, please visit our official website.
Banana Kong 2

Banana Kong is back with new levels, challenges, and animal friends. Run, jump and bounce through forests, caves, treetops, and more. Compete with friends and collect bananas for upgrades!

Banana Kong 2FDG Mobile Games
Join the celebration as Banana Kong makes its glorious return with an epic sequel that promises to delight both long-time fans and new players alike. Brace yourself for an unforgettable run through a vast array of landscapes, including *fresh* forests, caves, tree tops, lagoons and even the frigid north pole. Get ready to jump, run, swing and bounce on lianas like never before! Get inspired as your favorite animal friends make a grand comeback, each with its unique abilities and traits. And that’s not all, fancy a penguin ride on a snowy slope or perhaps, surf the waves on an ocean surfboard. Anything is possible in this wondrous new world filled with a host of surprises. Even better, Banana Kong 2 retains its easy-to-use controls, which fans all over have come to cherish. Banana Kong 2 raises the bar with exciting and fresh challenges. Embark on exhilarating, new missions, rack up bananas and earn golden Kong coins to redeem upgrades, hats, and items from the zany jungle shop. Rise up the ranks to become the King of the Jungle! Race against friends to see who will travel the furthest. Instantly access leaderboards and view the best scores directly in-game. Compare your own records and unlock achievements while perfecting your gameplay. The game engine is highly dynamic, providing endless fun throughout the never-ending run. The level is constructed randomly, making each session a unique challenge. Accumulate as many bananas as possible to fill your energy bar, and power-dash through obstacles with ease. Discover secrets and earn add-ons to maximize your gaming experience. Features: - Countless surprises with every run! - Hi-Resolution and Ultrawide Screen support - Original soundtrack from acclaimed composer Tee Lopes - Full Game Center Compatibility - A diverse array of six animal rides, and more! - Easy-to-use controls, one thumb is all you need - Cloud Save - Launch the game and play in 10 seconds flat.

Train your mind in Aquavias, a puzzle game with 100 increasingly difficult challenges. Connect water sources to cities and buildings. Fun for all ages!

AquaviasDreamy Dingo
Dive into the deep world of Aquavias, an intriguing puzzle game that will put your logic and problem-solving skills to the test, as you progress through challenging levels of increasing difficulty. Your ultimate mission in Aquavias is to strategically draw a route for the water to flow from its source to multiple cities and towering edifices, making the most of various tools and obstacles along the way. Offering a whopping 100 levels to keep you engaged and entertained, Aquavias is the perfect choice for players of all ages and backgrounds, being particularly favored among fans of block puzzles, jigsaws, as well as plumber and water pipes games - serving as an excellent brain training exercise for all. Aquavias is jam-packed with features, including 100 free puzzles to solve at your own pace, varying board sizes to cater for different skill levels, and a wide range of difficulty levels to test your wits and capacity to think critically. Ready to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Aquavias? Download it now and swipe your way to endless hours of fun and entertainment!
High Risers

High RisersKumobius
Mars: Mars

Fly through Mars on jetpacks to explore with MarsCorp, approved for human flights with exciting missions and surprises. Survive adventure in this view of the red planet.

Mars: MarsPomelo Games
Embark on a thrilling mission to uncover the enigma of Mars! Join MarsCorp as they lead the way to the red planet with their newfangled low-gravity endless indie game. Equipped with avant-garde jetpacks, explore the ancient terrain and unravel the secrets concealed within a unique endless adventure. The "Put A Human On Mars No Matter What" campaign strives to make human flights to Mars a possibility and MarsCorp is at the forefront of the program. With 100% Mars approved jetpacks, you can prove the 'professional' astronauts who claimed traveling on the pack is insane or the jetpack's fuel lasts for merely 30 seconds, wrong. Embrace the chance to pioneer a new chapter in history. It's worth mentioning, this exploration indie game is finite, but your task is to seek out the destination. Seize the opportunity to live out your dreams of soaring on a jetpack across the alien terrain of Mars. What's more, take selfies at the breathtaking landmarks of the planet. Remember to keep a keen eye on avoiding a Rapid Unscheduled Jetpack Disassembly and, above all else, survive! Ready for the experience of a lifetime? Explore Mars like never before! For more information on our games, visit Stay updated on all our latest news by following us on, or

Defend your home and defeat insane enemies with strategic skills, powerful disks, weapons, and gear. Show off your bravery and become the ultimate hero in this pulse-pounding game!

Prepare yourself to protect your territory from an insane wave of enemies in this thrilling adventure! An enigmatic girl has resurfaced and the responsibility to prevent the invasion lies on you. Flaunt your courage and establish yourself as the ultimate hero! Unleash Your Strengths: • Master the art of tactics with unplanned abilities that vary with every battle. • Acquire formidable discs to gain access to powerful ultimate abilities. • Equip yourself with an array of armaments and equipment, each possessing its exclusive traits. • Take on daunting bosses and overcome fresh challenges in each stage. • Exploit the power of science and reveal undiscovered mysteries to become even more invincible. Join the brawl and demonstrate your abilities in this exhilarating game! Discord:
The Walking Zombie 2

Survive the zombie apocalypse while completing story quests and leveling up skills in this offline FPS/RPG, with crafting, vehicles, and a karma system.

The Walking Zombie 2Alda Games
The world that you'll be entering in Walking Zombie 2 is a bleak one where a zombie apocalypse has occurred. Born into this post-apocalyptic world, survival will be your number one priority as you fight against different types of zombies, bandits, and boss monsters. Take on story and side quests, level up your abilities and strengths, buy and sell equipment, and interact with survivors in this mobile FPS/RPG game that can be played offline. Combining survival RPG and first person shooter elements, the game offers numerous quests and various weapons with different ammo as you battle against the zombies who rule the world. You can use melee weapons, grenades, and guns to take them out, all while healing yourself with food and medkits. Each completed quest will earn you better equipments, improved skills, and perks that make your character even stronger. You have the choice to increase the number of hit points, improve your lockpicking skills, or reduce fuel consumption and limit the influence of the undead on the planet. The game boasts features such as a single player post-apocalyptic FPS set in a polygonal graphics style, a karma system where your moral choices affect the gameplay, a variety of stories and side missions, and numerous weapons, protective gear, and other equipment to suit your survivalist needs. Enjoy optional crafts and building in the game's open-world part, weapon skins, traders in settlements, car and truck rides, and humorous mini-games. You play as the chosen one, blessed with the gift of immunity to the zombie virus, and destined to save the world. However, your story starts on a tragic note. Team up with allies and uncover the truth about your birth, while searching for a cure to end the zombie apocalypse. The game keeps expanding, with new content being added to introduce new mechanics of crafting tables and other tools to ensure your survival. Your actions in the game can also lead to hostility from certain survivors such as bandits, corrupt politicians, cultists, and gangs, on top of the zombie enemies. With these challenges, you'll need to keep on fighting and enduring. Are you ready to take on the challenge of survival against the zombie apocalypse? Play Walking Zombie 2 on your mobile device today!
The Way Home

Help Kevin and Cheese escape a strange island infested with unique monsters in this procedurally generated, skill-based roguelike with a party mode and resource collection.

The Way HomeConcode Corp.
Stranded on a peculiar island, Kevin and Cheese encounter numerous challenges to find their way back home. Along the way, they come across other stranded individuals and monstrous creatures that inhabit the island. Assist our hapless pair to discover "THE WAY HOME!" This pixel art roguelike game offers an exciting and unique experience with procedurally generated maps and new battle patterns to unravel. With over 80 different monsters, each with its own distinctive behaviors and patterns, this game keeps you on your toes. In Party Mode, you can form a group of four characters from a pool of 21 diverse characters, each with varied skills that can be strategically combined to fight the horde of monsters in the dungeons. Customizing the party with different combinations of characters adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience. Apart from the intense battles, players can also collect resources to construct buildings that can help with their escape from the island. With a plethora of options available, players can make varying structures to facilitate their journey back home. The game offers a cohesive story that leads players through the exploration of four islands, where they get to meet NPCs along the way. The warm palette of colors and artistic pixelation style truly creates an immersive environment full of light and shadows. Can Kevin and Cheese escape the island and finally find their way back home? Play this game to find out.
Chiki's Chase

Chiki's Chase is an action-packed platformer with 2-button play, unlockable characters, and endless randomized levels. Collect upgrades and hats to rank up.

Chiki's Chasedvdfu
Chiki's Chase is an exciting action platformer that promises fast-paced gameplay with challenging obstacles to tackle. Take control of Chiki and his buddies and immerse yourself in a world of mysterious creatures, explosive scenarios, and magical gateways. How far can you possibly go in this thrilling adventure? This mobile-first game features easy-to-learn 2-button control mechanics that put all the action in the palm of your hands. With over 25 impressive power-ups in your arsenal, you will sure have no problem surmounting the hurdles ahead. Unlock various characters with their unique fighting styles that infuse more variety and excitement to the game. Visit friendly shopkeepers along the way that will make your journey even more pleasurable. Chiki's Chase owns pixel art that adds a charming and nostalgic feel to the game, complimented with an awesome soundtrack that keeps you pumped for the next level. Get ready for endless levels full of surprises, traps, and dangerous enemies that will test your reflexes and skills. Get the paid version and access to over 25 trendy hats collection that you can flaunt as you rank up your characters to handle up to ten upgrades at once. Best of all, there are no ads interrupting your game experience, neither do you need any WiFi or your device's push notification to play. Get off the fence and join the league of Chiki's Chase players. Purchase now and thank us later.
Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse

Explore a vast open world RPG. Survive by gathering, crafting, and upgrading your special forces team with powerful weapons and support. Join Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse now.

Bad 2 Bad: ApocalypseDAWINSTONE
◆ Disclaimers The game developers will not be responsible for any data lost as a result of uninstallation or device switches. Kindly take extra precautions to safeguard your data before changing devices or reinstalling this game. ◆ Features + A Vast and Open World RPG awaits your exploration! + Enjoy exploration, gathering, fishing, and crafting as you strive to survive! + Discover an array of items and weapons, over three times greater than that in the previous game + More detailed character customization and appearances are available! + Discover over 60 maps and regions - an adventure unlike any other! + Engage in Worldwide Missions that spanning the globe + Create and upgrade your team of special force operatives + Access to Artillery Support, Air Support, and Powerful Drones! + Climb into and engage in combat with "Battle Armor" + Experience the game with advanced graphics and upgraded systems ■ About “Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse” “Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse” is the follow-up to both “Bad 2 Bad: Delta” and “Extinction,” featuring a more extensive world and richer content. In Apocalypse, the Delta Team, led by Major Pan, sets out to save and rebuild a world laid low by the Human Forces virus. Join Delta Team's journey from survival to rebuilding a new world. ■ Rebuild and Survive Survive by exploring, gathering, fishing, crafting, upgrading your base camp, and crafting equipment fit for defeating virus-infected Wilders and powerful enemy forces to rebuild the world. ■ Improved Customization Enjoy more detailed customization through weapon remodeling and character appearances. Accessory items have been added, including Night Vision to provide more customization options compared to previous games. ■ Your Own Special Forces Apocalypse boasts a more powerful customization and squad system, allowing for flexibility in changing tactics to suit any situation. Tactical changes and the importance of each squad member are pivotal to your success in Apocalypse. ■ Powerful Support Weapons In addition to the powerful tactical weapon, "Battle Armor", which you can climb into and use in battle, your squad can also enjoy Artillery support from self-propelled artilleries, air support from attack helicopters, and combat drones. ◆ Dawinstone E-Mail: ◆ Dawinstone Facebook:
Autogun Heroes: Run and Gun

Save the world from alien invasion and become a hero in this action-packed 3D platformer with 50+ levels, 7 unique heroes, and 10 worlds to unlock.

Autogun Heroes: Run and GunNitro Games Oyj
Get ready for an action-packed 3D platformer game where you will need to be at your best. The world has been taken over by aliens, and it's up to you to lead a team of heroes to take it back. Armed with overloaded guns and unstoppable skills, you will blast those aliens into oblivion! As you progress through the game and complete various levels, you will unlock new worlds and discover more powerful weapons and gear. With 50+ different levels and 10 unique worlds, you will always have a new challenge to face. You'll have a roster of seven heroes to choose from, each with their own unique set of skills and abilities. From selecting the best hero for the occasion to evolve your heroes with hundreds of perks, you will find endless ways to customize your gameplay and overcome any obstacle. In Autogun Heroes, you'll face off against tens of different enemies with different behaviours, keeping you challenged and engaged every step of the way. The visually stunning, immersive gameplay will make you feel like you are actually inside the game fighting against those nasty villains. To play the game, an internet connection is required, and there are optional in-app purchases available. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device. Check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information. Connect with us on Facebook and Discord to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates. Get ready to take control of the world and save humanity!
Mighty Doom

Top-down, single-touch shooter set in DOOM universe. Fight through mini demon hordes, upgrade weapons, defeat epic bosses, and become mighty.

Mighty DoomBethesda
Venture into the fiery depths of Hell and shoot your way through endless mini-demon foes in the intense shooter game, Mighty DOOM. This arcade-style, top-down shooter set in the DOOM universe is an epic adventure that puts you at the forefront of the fight against waves of minions. Descend into miniature versions of iconic DOOM worlds and blast your way through hundreds of thrilling levels to become the almighty mini-slayer. The game boasts of easy-to-use, one-touch controls that make it easy to maneuver and dodge ranged enemies, as well as fend off melee demons with Glory Kills. Keep your weapon blazing at all times as you put your slaying skills to the test in challenging gameplay that requires practice to fully master. Equip yourself with three unique weapons that you can swap on-the-fly to unleash devastating combos and legendary guns like the BFG and the Unmakyr. Choose from a vast arsenal of 13 weapons, including the Rocket Launcher, to obliterate hordes of demons with deadly precision. Experience fast arcade action in every level as you shoot your way through scaled-down iconic DOOM locations. Challenge your demon-slaying skills in an epic boss fight, and fall, only to rise again and push further through the enemy horde. As you fight, you can level up your mighty Mini-Slayer, craft legendary gear, and gain buffs tied to your weapon choices, thus enhancing your demon-slaying skills. Upgrade your weapons arsenal to include iconic weapons such as the Super Shotgun, the Plasma Rifle, and the Chain Gun. Each boss fight boosts the demon-slaying action into overdrive, presenting formidable bosses with their unique attacks and strategies. Take on mini versions of legendary DOOM bosses such as the Hell Priest or the Baron of Hell. Get ready to conquer hundreds of challenging levels as you rip and tear your enemies apart in Mighty DOOM. Become the almighty Mini-Slayer and take on the next epic boss fight!
My Friend Pedro

Help Pedro seek revenge for his kidnapped family by flipping and firing through 37 levels of action-packed chaos in this new mobile adventure.

My Friend PedroDevolverDigital
In My Friend Pedro, they attacked his family and nearly killed him. However, this banana will not let that divide their family. Accompany your buddy Pedro on his path of retribution by adding a pinch of bullets! Experience an all-new journey of bloodshed, gunfire, and bananas in My Friend Pedro's newest mobile adventure! Move and shoot through 37 thrilling levels -- whether by foot, motorcycle, or skateboard! Strategize your high-level soldierly plan to acquire the highest score. But if you think you're resilient enough, test your abilities in "Blood Rush" mode. No need to wait! This banana is "Ripe for Revenge." Are you?
Otherworld Legends

Fight through dungeons with distinctive heroes and countless builds, enjoying retro pixel art and multiplayer while revealing the long-buried secret of Otherworld Legends.

Otherworld LegendsChillyRoom
Welcome to Otherworld Legends, the incredible pixelated roguelike action RPG! In this game, you'll be enlisted as a warrior and you'll have the opportunity to explore stunning worlds such as peaceful bamboo forests, grandiose dungeons, and even mirage palaces, all filled with fierce battles and epic challenges. Choose among a variety of heroes, each one having their unique fighting style, whether it's melee, range, or magic. You'll encounter an immense variety of monsters and bosses, like towering knights and spooky zombies, as well as cute creatures that won't hesitate to attack you. To succeed in this game, you must collect bizarre and funny items and create the perfect item build that suits your playing style. But be aware, the randomly generated dungeons are booby-trapped, and you'll have to fight unknown bosses and hidden enemies that lay in wait. Otherworld Legends is very easy to play, and its intuitive controls are perfect for smooth punchy combat. This game is full of countless possibilities where you can mix and match items to create your perfect build, indulge in secret rooms and shops, and unlock abundant rewards to become the ultimate hero. With its unique mix of 2D and 3D retro pixel art styles and hand-drawn animations, Otherworld Legends offers an exquisite gaming experience. Moreover, if you're a multiplayer fan, you can team up with up to four friends and battle monsters shoulder-to-shoulder. Or, if you don't have Wi-Fi, no worries, you can enjoy offline battle anywhere and anytime. So, join the adventure in Otherworld Legends and become a powerful warrior by unlocking all the mysteries and secrets beyond this realm. Don't forget to connect with Chillyroom, the game's developers, via their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to stay tuned-in on the latest game updates and news.
Cat Snack Bar

Manage a cute cat cafe! Take orders, cook delicious food and expand your restaurant empire. An easy, stress-free idle game for cat lovers.

Indulge in your cravings at The Snack Bar, serving up every meal that your animal customers desire! What's on the menu for our cute patrons today? Get acquainted with our charming cat friends in this endearing animal restaurant. Welcome to our cozy snack bar! Step 1: Fulfill orders from your guests. Our feline staff can take orders, cook up a storm, and serve steaming hot food to your customers! Just sit back and unwind while you play this enjoyable idle game. Step 2: Cook up some scrumptious dishes. No food is too challenging for our fantastic restaurant. Whip up anything from soup, coffee, and lemonade, to hotdogs, hamburgers, and pizzas, and much more! Step 3: Bask in the joy of your animal guests appreciating your remarkable cuisine. After their appetites are satisfied, they may even leave you some generous tips! Step 4: Expand your restaurant. Start with a small cat cafe, and gradually work your way up to an animal restaurant! Let's see your business management expertise in action. Assume the role of a restaurant tycoon, recruiting chefs, selling food, and constructing the most extensive restaurant empire possible using this restaurant simulator. With this idle tycoon game, the stress is absent, and it's simple to play. Cats run the snack bar 24/7, even when you're AFK! Even when you're offline, our purring kitties will keep your business running. This game is perfect for those who love cat games, animal games, cute games, or those who like to cook food such as soup, coffee, lemonade, and more! Become a food tycoon or restaurant tycoon - all tycoon games are welcome! This game is also perfect for people who enjoy relaxing games, idle games, simulation games, and offline games! No wifi is needed to play this single-player, free game! So don't wait any longer - Come feel the relaxing vibe as you watch our congenial cat team busying themselves in the kitchen. Join our community now!
Pickle Pete: Survival RPG

Stack up, gear up and fight against waves of evil forces as a pickle. Find the antidote and save the world in this epic game with unique builds, boss fights, and game modes.

Pickle Pete: Survival RPGFrojo Apps
In this thrilling game, an enigmatic material has transformed Pete into a pickle! As a result, a sense of gloom and chaos has descended upon the earth, and our protagonist must discover a means to survive against the tide of wickedness that prevails. To outmatch your adversaries, equip yourself with a varied array of gear and devise a multitude of distinctive builds. Locate the antidote and rescue the world! Indulge in an abundance of epic confrontations with bosses, hone your abilities using a comprehensive progression system that generates distinctive configurations each time you play, and take advantage of user-friendly controls. Furthermore, there are diverse game modes that will keep you engaged.
Mini Soccer Star 2023

Play Mini Soccer Star, become the superstar player in dream league matches. Score goals, win cups, join famous teams, and become a football super star!

Mini Soccer Star 2023Viva Games Studios
Introducing the new soccer game Mini Soccer Star, be ready to immerse yourself in a realistic soccer game experience like no other and become a star player on the field. With Mini Soccer Star, you can establish yourself in the world of soccer by playing various football matches, gaining popularity along the way, and becoming the most recognized soccer superstar in the league. Play matches in your desired league, score goals, and win the cup to become the world champion of soccer. Our physics-based system simulates realistic movements and actions, making for an incredible gaming experience. Mini Soccer Star features a wide array of real teams and leagues/cups from mls, premier, bundes, la liga, and even national teams. You can also be part of the world league by joining the renowned European football teams and playing for the US country team. In no time, you will soon become an illustrious football superstar! The game incorporates a plethora of features to engage you such as offline soccer games, career mode, goalkeeper mode, advanced animation system, and AI, among others. The controls are incredibly simple, and all you need to do is just swipe and tap. Enjoy challenging soccer training missions that offer addictive gameplay, and use the various customization options to personalize your player. You can even save your significant goals for posterity, thanks to this game's unique feature. Mini Soccer Star boasts remarkable graphics, has a reasonably small game size to help you save storage space, and provides Google Play Services Achievements and Leaderboards to get you hooked. We would love to hear from you! Please contact us through for any queries, suggestions, or feedback.
Magic Rampage

Magic Rampage - an RPG platformer with customization, challenging dungeons and Boss fights. Compete globally or play with friends.

Magic RampageAsantee Games
Magic Rampage is an electrifying side-scrolling game that blends the action genre with RPG elements. It boasts of customizable characters and a vast collection of weapons to choose from, ranging from knives to enchanted staves. With each dungeon, you overcome unique challenges and pave the way for new enemy encounters and hidden treasures. From reward-based Bonus levels to exciting Survival mode and heart-pumping Boss fights, you're in for some unforgettable action-packed moments. Magic Rampage comes with a highly enthralling and competitive online mode where gamers from across the globe can compete against one another in randomly generated dungeons, each containing an exclusive assortment of interesting items and content. If you're a 90s kid who misses the look and feel of classic platformers, Magic Rampage's polished graphics, engaging storyline, and revamped gameplay mechanics have got you covered. This game supports various input options like joysticks, gamepads, and physical keyboards for an even more responsive experience. CAMPAIGN Embark on a journey filled with challenges, giant monsters, dragons, ghosts, and powerful bosses across castles, swamps, and forests! Choose from an array of diverse character classes like Druid, Paladin, Mage, Thief, Warlock, Warrior, Rogue, and more. Suit up your character with the best armor, weapons, and magical equipment - fire, light, darkness, water, air, and earth, to enjoy a personalized playing experience. Your ultimate aim is to solve the mystery surrounding the missing king and discover the fate of the kingdom. COMPETITIVE Get ready to challenge other players or your friends in randomly generated dungeons loaded with exciting new challenges, epic bosses, and sly enemies. Every competition you win moves you up on the ranks leading you one step closer to the Hall of Fame! WEEKLY DUNGEONS - Live ops! With weekly dungeons, players can gain rewards like no other, including the infamous Golden Chest. These dungeons feature a variety of time and star challenges that test your survival skills. For each dungeon, you complete, you gain extra rank points that lead you higher up the scoreboard. CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION Pick a character class that best aligns with your battle style and adapt your weapons and armor accordingly. Enhance your armor and weapons with the rare runes that you collect along the way. SURVIVOR MODE Are you ready to test your mettle? Head into the dungeon and battle against the deadliest monsters for as long as you can. The longer you stay alive, the more rewards and riches you'll accumulate. THE SHOP Meet the shopkeeper, the master of the rarest and the best gear in the entire kingdom! If you're serious about equipping your character with the best gear, be sure to pay him a visit. You'll also find numerous runes and other unique items that can upgrade all your equipment once you acquire them. LOCAL VERSUS MODE Are you and a friend in the mood for some good old-fashioned fighting? Worry not, Magic Rampage has local versus mode for you. Plug in two gamepads on your Android TV and invite your friends for a match. The game features the main game characters, and the battle arenas are based on Campaign mode's dungeons. Be fast, be determined, kill NPCs, grab weapons from crates on the arena - and keep your eyes on your opponents, for the keys to victory are blur and sudden.
Sword of Xolan

Sword of Xolan: action platformer game with 30 levels, 9 challenges, 3 bosses, 30 enemies, 10 skill cards, customizable controls, and an original soundtrack.

Sword of XolanAlper Sarıkaya
Sword of Xolan is a stimulating game that encompasses the pixel art style to create an action-packed platforming experience. Playing as Xolan, a young and intrepid man who dutifully fights for justice, you can aid him in his quest to combat the dark forces that have enveloped the once peaceful land. Embark on a quest of epic proportions as you indulge in 30 captivating hand-designed levels, set against spectacular backdrops. Test your agility in 9 challenging levels, and defeat the "End of Act" bosses that await you. Battle against over 30 different enemies, from zombie hordes to towering giants and hyperactive flying creatures. Boost your gaming experience with the aid of 10 unique game-cards that enable you to enhance Xolan's skillset. Exercise additional control over your gameplay pleasure with adjustable touch controls and the optional advantage of controller support. Collect a total of 19 Game Center achievements and authorize the original soundtrack, created by Burak Karakas, to transport you into the game's realm.

Defy gravity in a unique 2D platformer as Dandara fights oppression and discovers the mysteries of Salt. Trials of Fear edition adds new areas, story focus, and mechanics.

DandaraRaw Fury
Experience the immersive and enchanting world of Salt, teetering on the edge of collapse, leaving its once-free inhabitants suppressed and alone. Hope is not lost, as a hero emerges from the fear and darkness of the aether to shine a light on the miserable city - her name is Dandara. Embark on a one-of-a-kind 2D metroidvania platform game that will take you on a magical journey filled with mystical creatures and boundless exploration. Jump with ease between floors, walls, and ceilings, defying gravity itself. Explore the hidden terrains of Salt and its diverse denizens, uncovering secrets, and uncovering mystical powers to help Dandara win the fight for survival and liberation. In the Trials of Fear Edition of the game, you have the chance to explore three brand new areas, defeating an all-new giant boss, gaining new powers, and utilizing new tools, while enjoying a revamped soundtrack and many other quality of life upgrades and features. Uncover The Salt - Trials of Fear Edition, which adds an all-new layer to the story, filled with additional character descriptions, dialogues, and cutscenes that flesh out the lore of Salt and its inhabitants. With innovative controls designed for both gamepad and touch screens, movement and combat has never been so smooth or seamless. Enjoy unrestricted movement across Salt's fascinating world, jump off any surface, unhindered by gravity, in exquisitely designed environments. Test your combination of speed, skill, wits, and reflexes to solve puzzles, collect power-ups, unblock new areas, and make your way through the challenges. Enjoy the breathtaking world of Salt through stunning, hand-drawn pixel art, coupled with an original soundtrack that will merit a marvel of the musical world. As a bonus, the Trials of Fear Edition is available for free to all pre-existing owners of Dandara. Awaken Dandara, unite the forces of freedom and restore balance to a desolate city with aim, skill, and determination.

Huntdown: A retro-style, comedic 2D platformer where you play as one of three bounty hunters taking down four deadly gangs in a pixel-painted metropolis.

HuntdownCoffee Stain Publishing
Being a bounty hunter is the only way for you to earn big in Huntdown, the game that took the gaming community by storm when it was released on PC and consoles in 2020. And now, the cult favorite is all set to be the talk of the town on mobile. Get started with the free demo today and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience with no ads or microtransactions. Step into the shoes of one of the three ruthless bounty hunters and save the city from the clutches of violence and corruption. This pixelated metropolis is inspired by the 80s, featuring all the iconic action movies and arcade games from that era. Unleash your creative weaponry and bring the underworld to its knees. Huntdown is a fast-paced action-packed platformer game that offers strategic 2D combat against four distinct gangs and a plethora of criminals. Expect to be met with a barrage of missiles, explosions, and several unique one-liners, all packed into one fun-filled adventure brought to you by Easy Trigger and Coffee Stain Publishing. The game consists of 20 levels, each of which is packed with platforming pandemonium, ranging from towering rooftops to dingy alleyways and casinos as you wreak havoc through the bustling criminal underworld. Choose your bounty hunter from Anna Conda, the merciless ex-commando, cyborg John Sawyer, or modified droid Mow Man. Each of them comes loaded with their own unique weapons, such as machine guns and pistols, along with other choices like kunai, boomerangs, and tomahawks to grind down your enemies. The 16-bit handcrafted style of the game comes with beautifully rendered pixel art, furnished with sidescrolling settings and detailed backgrounds and animations, making it an even more enthralling experience. Welcome to the world of Huntdown, where chaos is rife, and only you can bring justice to the lawless land.
Apple Knight

Apple Knight offers precise touch controls, endless adventure mode, customization of skins, weapons, and abilities, hordes of enemies, and support for gamepads and keyboards.

Apple KnightLimitless, LLC
In Apple Knight, the latest action platformer, you will experience unparalleled touch controls, seamless movement, and fluid animation. The game features vast levels filled with hidden treasures, side quests, and loot. Get ready to take on challenging bosses and battle your way through hordes of evil knights, wizards, and monsters. Alternatively, use traps to deal with them from a safe distance. 🌞 Apple Knight comes packed with impressive features such as the new Endless Adventure game mode that features randomly generated levels where you can achieve high scores and make it on the leaderboard. Players can customize their character's skins, weapons, and abilities, and even choose different pets to accompany them on their journey. Additionally, each level contains two secret areas that you can explore. You can choose from six customizable touch screen control layouts or use gamepad support. If you're using Chromebooks, there is keyboard support, and it supports Samsung DeX. Finally, Apple Knight supports cloud saves for your progress, and you can compete for achievements and leaderboard positions. There are also many apples in the game! Get ready for an action-packed adventure made with love, care, and attention to detail! Join their Discord on

Escape an island after years of shelter, fight, explore, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters, puzzles, and secrets.

Dysmantle10tons Ltd
Emerging from your underground shelter that kept you alive for countless years, a new yet familiar world stands before you. This earth is now home to wicked and repugnant creatures, where all traces of humanity have vanished. The wilderness has taken over, and it's about to get even more inhospitable. The ultimate goal is to find your way off the wretched island, but for now, embrace the bittersweet apocalypse that surrounds you. Key Features: * Nothing is indestructible with the right equipment, as you can shatter more than 99% of objects for materials. There's no obstacle you can't overcome. * Confront, or flee from, unsightly and repulsive creatures that populate the post-apocalyptic era. * Survey the bespoke open world, and reveal its secrets. * Overcome challenges in order to secure territory that was once overrun by monstrous beings. * Set up outposts to establish a stronghold. * Manufacture long-lasting weapons, tools, attire, and oddities. * Develop captive wildlife that can also be the main attraction of a post-apocalyptic zoo ranch. * Harvest nutrient-dense plants, and enjoy the rewards when the crops ripen. * Solve aboveground and underground riddles in the Tombs of the Ancients. * Secure a catch of cunning and slimy fish below the water's surface. * Improve your stats and abilities permanently with flavorful recipes. * Unravel the numerous enigmas of this mysterious island.
Farlight 84

Farlight 84: Hero Battle Royale with up to 60 players. Quick battles, diverse heroes, armed vehicles, and innovative growth system. Cross-platform with free account.

Farlight 84Farlight Games
Welcome to Farlight 84, a thrilling hero-based battle royale game! Step into a futuristic world in the year 2084, where you'll join up to 60 players in intense matches on Isle City. Expect fast-paced battles, more compact mayhem, and endless thrills! In this game, you get to unleash your shooting passion and experience nonstop excitement! If you love rapid movement and want to dodge enemy attacks, then this game has got you covered. Thanks to the unique jetpacks, you can move freely around the battlefield, surprise your opponents, and escape enemy bullets. Glide over lakes, rivers, and mountains, show off your fancy footwork, and let your enemies eat your dust! Want to be a hero with special skills? Look no further than Farlight 84! Choose a hero from four types of roles: Assault, Defense, Scout, and Support. Each hero comes with a distinct skillset – stealth, interference, control, healing, reconnaissance, immunity, shields, quick movements, calling airdrops, setting up turrets, and more. Mix and match your team, strategize, and achieve victory in a blink of an eye. Marksmanship is no longer the only key – anyone can play a vital role in the squad and emerge as the winner! Are you ready to unleash massive firepower across the land and sky? Farlight 84 has got you covered with a range of combat vehicles. From the Mobile Turret and Hoverbike to the Flying Armor, Gunboat, and Flamethrower, each vehicle has a unique set of bombing and shooting skills. The battle always gets more intense with these monsters on the loose. No one is safe in the face of these vehicles of mayhem! Want to experience seamless gameplay across mobile and PC? Farlight 84 lets you use one account for both devices, so you can start the battle anytime, anywhere. You can team up with friends on both ends and make it easier to form squads. If you fall in battle within the first 8 minutes, don't worry – you can revive instantly on the spot. After that, your teammates can rescue you and bring you back to life. So get your revenge while it's still hot! Finally, embrace the innovative in-game growth system where you can shoot or collect supplies to get stronger. The more you shoot, the faster your weapon and attack power level up. The more supplies you find, the stronger your shield will be. Your starting point no longer matters – what matters is how you advance through the game and achieve exhilarating escalation as the battle progresses. Join us in Isle City and become the ultimate survivor in Farlight 84. Your highlight awaits!
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Help CJ save his family and take control of the streets in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with enhanced graphics and over 70 hours of gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasRockstar Games
In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Carl Johnson escaped to Los Santos five years ago to avoid the criminal activities, drugs, violence and corruption that plagued the city. The place was riddled with drug dealers and gangbangers who preyed upon film stars and millionaires. However, Carl's life is about to take a sharp turn in the early 90s when he receives news of his mother's murder, leading to his family falling apart and his friends’ lives spiraling out of control. Upon his return, he is framed for murder by corrupt cops, forcing him to cross the entire state to save his family and conquer the streets. This game is the largest release for mobile devices by Rockstar Games, with a colossal open-world featuring Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. It is equipped with over 70 hours of gameplay and enhanced visual imagery. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas includes features such as appealing and colorful high-resolution graphics that incorporate lighting improvements and improved character models, cloud save support for Social Club members, and dual analog stick controls with full camera and movement control. Additionally, the game offers customizable controls with contextual options for displaying buttons only when necessary, compatibility with MoGa Wireless Game Controllers, Bluetooth, and USB gamepads, and integration with Immersion tactile effects. It supports multiple languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese. To experience optimal performance, the game needs a fresh boot after downloading, and other apps must be closed when opening Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Compatible devices and supported systems can be viewed by consulting the San Andreas Mobile Support section of the Rockstar Games site. The game's mobile version was created by War Drum Studios, which can be found at Visit for more information, videos are available at and you can follow the game on Facebook at or Twitter at
Dead Cells

Return to Castlevania DLC adds new story, biomes, monsters, weapons, bosses, outfits and soundtracks to the favored game.

Dead CellsPlaydigious
Get ready to slay some vampires with the Return to Castlevania DLC. Play as Alucard and Richter Belmont as you embark on a new storyline to overthrow the Ruler of Darkness. This DLC features two new biomes with Dracula's Castle and its outskirts waiting to be explored. Face off against nine new monsters like werewolves, haunted armors, and medusas using 14 new weapons including the Vampire Killer and the Holy Water. Defeat three new bosses like Death and Dracula himself. Twenty new outfits are also available for you to wear such as Simon and Richter Belmont or Alucard. The soundtrack includes 51 original Castlevania tracks and 12 Dead Cells reimagined tunes. In the game Dead Cells, you play as a failed alchemic experiment. Explore the sprawling, ever-changing castle to uncover the mysteries of the gloomy island. However, you must fight your way past keepers to discover the secrets. This roguevania action platformer requires you to master combat with a wide variety of weapons and skills against merciless minions and bosses. Learn to kill, die, and repeat as this game features a progressive exploration of an interconnected world with the replayability of a rogue-lite, with the adrenaline-pumping threat of permadeath. Unlock new levels every time you die and opt for the path that suits your current build or playstyle. Play at your own pace, either exploring every nook and cranny or rushing to the end. The Bad Seed DLC brings new levels like the Dilapidated Arboretum and the noxious Morass of the Banished. Fight new monsters such as the Jerkshroom and the Yeeter with new weapons like the Scythe Claw or the Rhythm n' Bouzouki. Take on Mama Tick as a new boss. Ready for a leap of faith? Try the Fatal Falls DLC, which includes three new biomes like the Fractured Shrines and the Undying Shores. Fight eight new monsters, obtain new weapons like Lil' Serenade and Snake Fangs, and defeat the new boss, the Scarecrow. Take it to the sea with the Queen and the Sea DLC! Battle through a rotten shipwreck or scale a burning lighthouse and confront the Queen with two new biomes. Utilize nine new weapons, including a throwable shark, a trident, and a pirate hook hand. You will also face two new bosses. This game is carefully redesigned for mobile with a revamped interface that allows for two game modes, Original and Auto-Hit. It features custom controls and more touch options to fit your preferred style. With MFi external controller support, you can have the ultimate gameplay. This game does not have ads or F2P mechanics. This game requires a device with at least 2GB of RAM to run this content. If you encounter any issues, contact with as much information as possible.

Wreckfest is an exhilarating motorsport game with unique racing experiences, awesome cars, and meaningful customization options. Dominate in multiplayer and compete in challenge modes and career mode.

Get your engines roaring and tires burning in an adrenaline-pumping racing adventure with Wreckfest! Boasting of a vast array of customization and upgrade options that cater to your racing needs, this game packs a punch with its combative motorsport gameplay. Experience an unparalleled racing spectacle with Wreckfest's physics simulation that offers neck-to-neck fist pumping moments with high-speed circuits, insane destruction madness with crazy courses and oncoming traffic, and demolition dominance in derby arenas. Rev your engines with Wreckfest's diverse collection of old-fashioned cars from American heavy-hitters to agile Europeans and fun Asians, each with a unique style and character that sets it apart from other racing games. Take customization to the next level with meaningful options that include more than just changing the look of your cars, but also upgrading their body armor, whether it be reinforced with heavy iron to protect you from damage or add weight and affect handling. Configure your car to your liking and dominate the race track with your robust tank or lightning-fast rocket, or anything in between. Take your racing skills to the next level in multiplayer mode, and compete against friends and rivals while chasing for demolition dominance. For some hilarious fun, try challenge modes with crop harvesters, lawn mowers, school buses, three-wheelers, and much more! Embark on a thrilling journey with Career Mode, where you battle for championships, earn experience, unlock new upgrades and cars, and become the ultimate Wreckfest champion! Get your game on with Wreckfest and unleash the racer in you!
League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift brings the explosiveness of MOBA gameplay to mobile devices with a fast-paced, skill-based 5v5 multiplayer experience.

League of Legends: Wild RiftRiot Games
Experience the heart-pumping PvP MOBA gameplay of League of Legends on your mobile device with League of Legends: Wild Rift from developer Riot Games! Optimized for mobile gameplay, Wild Rift is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that will put your skills, strategy, and combat senses to the test. With plenty of fresh features, Wild Rift is packed with fantastic content for the ultimate PvP multiplayer experience. Test your abilities in fast-paced MOBA combat with real-time strategy, smooth controls, and diverse 5v5 gameplay. Gather your team, secure your champion, and battle to the end! Brave thrilling team battles where your combat prowess determines who will ultimately emerge victorious. League of Legends: Wild Rift offers a range of competitive 5v5 battles. Dive into exciting PvP battles with casual or ranked modes, level up your champions, and unlock powerful abilities! Enjoy a mobile adventure unlike any other, with multiplayer online gameplay and the epic MOBA experience that you've come to expect and love from League of Legends. Download League of Legends: Wild Rift now and lead your team all the way to victory! OUTPLAY, OUTSMART, AND OUTSKILL - Step up and prove your skills in a true MOBA game. - Engage in unranked and ranked modes, where every champion, item, and objective is the key to victory. - Enjoy real-time multiplayer games complete with skill shots, team fights, and spectacular plays. BATTLE WITH FRIENDS IN REAL-TIME - Team up with friends and put your skills to the test in MOBA combat! - Work together in 5v5 online multiplayer games, where teamwork makes all the difference, whether it's a shutdown or a shutout. - Join games as a duo, trio, or a full team of five and climb the ladder one enemy Nexus at a time. - Compete in the arena, join a guild, and play together with friends to earn exclusive rewards. UNIQUE CHAMPIONS AND ABILITIES - Mix it up and play as a different champion each game, or prove your mastery with your favorite champions. - Choose from a roster of melee, ranged, magic, or attack-damage champions. - Select your role, whether it's as a carry, support, jungler, or tank in intense 5v5 battles! PREMIUM MOBILE MOBA EXPERIENCE - Wild Rift is perfect for both casual and hardcore mobile gamers who love exciting online multiplayer games. - Experience vivid style, beautiful graphics, and unforgettable characters in real-time PvP arena battles. - Enjoy multiple game modes, champions, and cosmetics that are constantly updated. - Immerse yourself in the mobile-optimized 5v5 battle arena gameplay of League of Legends. - With ever-changing, high-quality content, there's never a moment of boredom! FREE TO PLAY, FAIR TO PLAY - Enjoy balanced MOBA gameplay prioritizing player skill in 5v5 combat. - A PvP action experience that's always free-to-play, with no way to pay for power or playtime. Ever. - Play to win every champion for free just by playing—you won't find any "purchase only" champions here! - Adapt and innovate team compositions and playstyle for tactical choices catering to your unique preference. Stay tuned for 200IQ gameplay clips, developer and feature updates, and more excitement in League of Legends: Wild Rift: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: -- Get support here: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:
Vampire Survivors: Chaos Update

Vampire Survivors is a roguelite RPG with gothic horror elements. Survive the night by mowing down waves of enemies and upgrading your skills and weapons.

Vampire Survivors: Chaos UpdatePoncle
Vampire Survivors is a survival RPG game with a minimalistic approach, offering a new way to explore the underworld. Enter an ultra-popular indie game that immerses you in a sea of monsters, and conquer it on your mobile device! The once-empty underworld is now filled with devils, and you are left with no choice but to fight back. Gather as much gold as possible during each run to give the next survivor a chance to make it. Keep your hopes up and hold on, and perhaps you'll survive until the break of dawn. Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror RPG game that offers both roguelite and roguelike gameplay. You will need to make your choices wisely in order to defeat the legions of monsters that stand in your way. Take up the challenge and put your touchscreen to the test against the hordes of creatures that swarm you. This survival wave game will test your limits! Fend off countless enemies, annihilate monsters and become the sole survivor of the game! Powerful

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