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abdullahabdullahfrom Skich app

Play as Shadeless Sheriff in this turn-based Western, hunting gang leaders, dueling enemies, and collecting legendary bounties with powerful powerups and unlockable skins.

WesturnJimjum Studios
Join the thrilling adventure across the action-packed wasteland and become the Shadeless Sheriff in this exciting turn-based Western game (also known as Westurn). Your aim is to block bullets, defeat outlaws, and collect legendary bounties while using your sharp mind and shooting skills to win. Test your strategies and outsmart your enemies in the turn-based duels, where you predict the next moves of your enemy and use it against them. You will face ruthless gangs of bandits, each with unique territory, weapons, and dueling styles, as you hunt gang leaders. Challenge your friends and foes alike to a PvP showdown, also known as the good ol' Sheriff Showdown, and find out who has the quickest wit once and for all. Use your Sheriff skills to tip the scales in your favor by utilizing powerful powerups, but be cautious as your enemies have a few tricks up their sleeves too. You can also become the most fashionable Sheriff in the wild wasteland by unlocking skins and collecting bounties with style. Additionally, every Sheriff needs a trusty steed, and you have a chance to become a proud owner of one. Save Tusik from being donkeynapped and earn a loyal companion, who will be your friend throughout your journey. Experience the immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, engaging storyline, and thrilling action, all in one game. Become the hero of the wild wasteland, fight like a true cowboy, and save the day in Westurn!
Ninja Arashi 2

Play as Arashi, the raging ninja, on a journey to rescue his son and defeat the evil Dosu in this simple yet addicting platformer with stunning visuals and challenging mechanics.

Ninja Arashi 2Black Panther
Experience the legend of the skilled ninja in Ninja Arashi 2. Episode 2 follows the story of Arashi, a fierce ninja who has finally escaped from a frozen prison created by the evil shadow demon, Dosu. Arashi embarks on a perilous pursuit of Dosu to save his son and uncover the sinister plans behind his actions. The obstacles are much more daunting this time around. Ninja Arashi 2 provides simple yet compelling gameplay that guarantees an exhilarating and unpredictable experience. The role-playing elements enable you to enhance your ninja abilities and explore the intricacies of the game mechanism. The game's features include: - A daunting platformer that will test your limits - A 4-act story mode comprising 80 stages - A melee weapon that's sure to make the game even more exciting - New, exciting mechanics and content - An innovative skill tree system - A new artifact system that enables you to unearth valuable treasures - Superior control over your character - Breathtaking graphics and scenery, with shadow silhouette art style - EPIC NINJA VS BOSS FIGHTS that make the game all the more fun and challenging!
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GunFire : City Hero

Destroy enemies in the future cities in this roguelike style FPS game, upgrade weapons and use boosts to become the city hero. Defend your base in Infinite Defense Mode.

GunFire : City HeroMediawork
Gunfire: City Hero is an exciting game that puts your aiming skills to the test. In this first-person shooter game with a roguelike twist, you will face off against enemy drones in futuristic cities. With simple and intuitive controls, you'll need to destroy as many enemies as you can and collect weapons and upgrades along the way. In the game's Roguelike mode, you'll need to pave your own way to the final boss, with 11 unique cities to navigate. As you progress, you'll receive different weapons, and it's up to you to decide how to use them to enhance your chances of success. Will you upgrade your weapons or rely on your innate skills and speed? Quick aim is crucial to survival in this game. You'll need to be agile and evade enemy attack while raining down shells on your foes, with offense serving as the best defense. If you target enemy drones' various weaknesses, you can make a critical hit. By identifying each drone's characteristics and using the proper weapon, you can destroy them with less ammo. With 26 different types of guns to choose from, including pistol, shotgun, rifle, sniper, RPG, and grenade, you have a wide range of weapons at your disposal. Continuously upgrading your weapons can help you eliminate weaknesses and enhance their strength. By using boosts, you can also access special abilities, such as invaliding enemy drones' armor or slowing down time. For an added challenge, try the game's Infinite Defense Mode. Here, you'll need to defend your base against endless waves of zombie-like enemies. Strengthen your striking power and building defense facilities while earning experience points to fight off the approaching foes. Don't forget to back up your game data with Google Cloud Save, so you can retrieve your data if you ever need to re-install the game. Keep in mind that deleting the app will also erase your game data.
Call of Duty: Mobile

PLAY CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE for free with new content every season. Customizable loadouts, 5v5 deathmatch, and competitive and social play with friends.

Call of Duty: MobileActivision Publishing, Inc.
Get ready for a new season of action-packed goodness in CALL OF DUTY®, the legendary FPS multiplayer game that takes the gaming world by storm once again! Explore and conquer iconic maps including Shipment, Raid, and Standoff while playing popular multiplayer modes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill-Confirmed in CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE, the fun first-person shooter game. Join forces with your comrades and immerse yourself in the addictive multiplayer experience that awaits you. Looking for fast 5v5 team deathmatches, thrilling sniper battles, or scary Zombies action? Activision’s free-to-play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE offers all these and more. With customizable and intuitive controls, voice and text chat with your friends, and immersive 3D graphics and sound, experience the thrill of the world’s most beloved shooter game on your phone. Play the FPS anywhere, anytime. Every season, CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE releases new content, including game modes, maps, themed events, and rewards so it never gets old. Filled with unique unlockable content and expanding upon the story of the CALL OF DUTY® universe, every season has something special to offer, ensuring that you never get bored. With dozens of iconic operators, weapons, outfits, score streaks, and new pieces of gear to unlock and earn, you can customize your loadouts and play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE your way. Gather your friends and compete in ranked mode or sharpen your aim in social play. Join a clan to not only get a sense of community but also earn unique rewards for participating in Clan Wars. With everything from competitive to social play, CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE has something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Download CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE now and compete with the best! To make the game even more accessible, initial app download size has been reduced, and players can choose what to download to experience the full game, such as HD resources, maps, weapons, and operators. An internet connection is required to play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE. As always, Activision welcomes any feedback to improve the game. To give feedback while playing, go to Settings > Feedback > Contact Us. Also, don't forget to subscribe to for updates. By downloading, installing, or using this app, you agree to Activision's privacy policy and terms of use, which may be updated from time to time. Please visit to view Activision's privacy policy and to view Activision's terms of use. ACTIVISION and CALL OF DUTY are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.
Punch Kick Duck

Imprisoned by Baron Tigrisso, fight through his hench-critters by timing your moves right. Remember, punch beats kick, kick beats duck and duck beats punch while avoiding the bear.

Punch Kick DuckShaun Coleman
Fighting relies heavily on timing, which even a duck can confirm. Success is achieved with the correct action executed at the right moment, resulting in a prompt victory. It's as easy as striking with your fist, kicking, and evading. However, Baron Tigrisso, the merciless ruler, has confined you inside his tower, the only way to overcome which is by battling swarms of creatures created and trained by him as you make your way up to face him. Punch Kick Duck has a straightforward interface that ensures swift action and exhilaration as you send opponents flying and seek vengeance on your captor. Remember, ducks have lived by three critical principles throughout ages that you must never forget: Punch overpowers Kick, Kick overcomes Duck, and Duck is superior to Punch. Besides, it is recommended that you keep moving, or else you might run into a BEAR. Do you believe you have what it demands to emerge victorious? Of course, you do! You are a resilient duck! Three difficulty tiers are accessible in the game, providing you with a way to test your expertise. A vibrant cast of characters awaits to accompany you on your mission. You may play the game in either portrait or landscape orientation, with responsive touch controls. Controller support is also available. Created by the maker of Shoot the Moon, Punch Kick Duck is a charming, compact game that will challenge your abilities without costing a lot. Begin playing immediately!

Explore a post-apocalyptic world in HAAK, an action-platformer game with Metroidvania features. Unveil secrets, tackle puzzles, and save the land by playing over 30 hours of content!

Welcome to HAAK, a game world filled with machinery and hazard. Mutated beasts roam while malevolent entities lurk in the background. But fear not, for you will rise and become Haak, a fearless adventurer of the wastelands who will defy the darkness! Originally available on PC and consoles, HAAK is now available on mobile phones. The game unfolds in a post-apocalyptic setting. The once-mighty city now lies in ruins, and the survivors face a daily struggle for survival. In the south, a place named Sanho has managed to remain relatively unscathed by the disaster, becoming somewhat of a haven. Haak, the protagonist, arrives from a small town in the north, seeking refuge in the south. Haak is an exploratory game characterized by action-platforming gameplay and Metroidvania elements. You will traverse the land using your hook, dash, and charged slash, uncovering a plethora of hidden secrets and rooms along the way. To succeed, you must utilize every tool at your disposal, overcoming mechanics, and solving puzzles. The game's retro-futuristic pixelated settings provide an artistic feel. HAAK offers a unique choice of difficulty options ensuring that even novice players can beat the game's toughest bosses. The game features fully hand-drawn graphics and diverse characters, providing over 30 hours of gameplay via its ten side missions and areas for exploration. By selecting your path and determining the characters' fate, you can achieve several possible endings. The game also features Ben Dover, who will rate and evaluate you on various aspects once you complete the game. Do you have what it takes to earn the highest rating? Unlike the AD version, this version doesn't exhibit pop-up ads upon character death. It offers the first level of game content free for trial only. You may unlock all subsequent level content by paying. If you opt-out of paying to unlock levels, the AD version is a preferable choice. Enjoy playing HAAK, and if you encounter any issues, kindly reach out to us at Don't forget to rise and become Haak, a beacon of light in the darkness!
Endless Nightmare 3: Shrine

Take on the role of Carlos in Endless Nightmare 3, battling Black Python to get the Heart of Pharaoh. Solve puzzles, upgrade weapons, fight monsters, and survive.

Endless Nightmare 3: Shrine707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Get ready to immerse yourself into the horror world with the newly released Endless Nightmare game! Endless Nightmare 3 features Carlos Gonzales as the main character and Jack's best friend. Carlos is an expert in transnational crimes and works for the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO). He is on a mission to stop the infamous international criminal organization - Black Python from acquiring the Heart of Pharaoh, before Jack's investigation of the weird hospital. Join Carlos in this dangerous journey full of mysteries, puzzles, and terror. Explore creepy rooms and search for clues to solve the puzzles. To overcome your enemies, you must obtain weapons and fight fiercely with scary monsters. With the help of your survival skills, you can upgrade your weapons to fight against even more powerful and unknown monsters. Unlock the chests and collect useful resources to enhance your abilities. Be careful, cracking mechanisms and obstacles can be dangerous, so proceed with caution. Get ready for the ultimate battle with the boss, where you need to fight for the Heart of Pharaoh. Exquisite 3D art style will make you feel like a part of the game and will give you a real horror experience. Get a first-person perspective view and collect key items to solve puzzles in scary horror rooms. Enrich your horror game experience with the thriller music and sound effects. Upgrade your gameplay with technology weapons like frangible grenades and guns. Endless Nightmare: Shrine is a free 3D horror game and stands distinguished from the previous games of this series. Scary shrine offers a bigger map, new survival skills, and more advanced technology. In this horror game, you can use long-range shooting to fight against unknown monsters or you can use close quarters combat. The ultimate battle with bosses enriches the fun of the horror shooting game. New survival skills have also been added to the game to improve your chances of survival. Experience the horror game you've been waiting for! Embark on a creepy adventure to find the Heart of Pharaoh and overcome all the difficulties and challenges. The well-designed puzzles, terrifying unknown monsters, creepy rooms, and fierce fighting will satisfy all your fantasy of creepy horror games. Join us on Facebook or Discord for more horror-filled discussions and updates. Join the horror world and explore it like never before!
Rush Legends PvP FPS

Experience high-action shooting and parkour mechanics in Rush Legends, a first-person hero shooter with 8 unique characters and 4 maps. No aim assist, easy to learn, hard to master.

Rush Legends PvP FPS1Car2Wills Games
Rush Legends" is the ultimate Hero Shooter game that will blow your mind. You get to play in First Person perspective and utilize parkour mechanics to outsmart your rivals. With each hero having two distinctive abilities to your disposal, wall running and vaulting, you can move around the map with excellent pace and agility to gain the upper hand in battles. There are eight unique heroic characters for you to choose from, each armed with distinct weapons, and exceptional abilities that you can learn and master. Rush Legends offers four maps where you need to use your expertise to overcome your opponents as you fight through rounds of high-action shooting. The gameplay of Rush Legends is straightforward to learn but difficult to master. There is no aim assist, and to come out on top, you must have quick reflexes and good shooting skills. You will have a great time with Rush legends, whether you play solo or with friends. Apart from offering excellent gameplay experience, Rush Legends keeps you connected with its amazing social features. Join their discord server to keep in touch with their friendly gaming community, or follow the game's development on their Youtube channel for exclusive updates. What are you waiting for? Step into the world of Rush Legends today and become the ultimate hero shooter champion!

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