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Protectors: Shooter Legends is an action-packed, third-person multiplayer shooting game with unique heroes, epic battles, and a variety of game modes.

ProtectorsPlaykot LTD

Are you a fan of third-person shooter games with dynamic shooting battles, various arenas, and fearless protagonists? Look no further than Protectors: Shooter Legends! This game is packed with action and features unique heroes, an array of firearms, and different game modes. Whether you prefer PvP or PvE games, Protectors has you covered!

MiniLife: Tournament

Build your village, collect resources and defend against enemy sieges. Use combat llamas and mega mechs to destroy enemy fortifications. Victory requires teamwork!<br><br><b>Summary:</b> MiniLife: Tournament is a strategic 5v5 game where you must protect your village, collect resources, and deploy a variety of weapons to defeat enemy teams. Develop your village and deploy combat llamas and mechs to destroy enemy fortifications. The game demands teamwork, tactical thinking, and resource management.

MiniLife: TournamentKEFIR

Prepare for war in MiniLife: Tournament, where you will need to fight off enemy sieges and destroy enemy fortifications using unconventional forces. In this cooperative game, teamwork is the key to victory as you collect resources and strengthen your towers against gunpowder barrels and bombs raining down on your village. Join the 5v5 battles with other players and use daring tactics to defeat your enemies. Take your pick from a variety of heroes and upgrade them to suit your playstyle. Build and expand your village, select from different structures, and mine stones and lumber for resources. Combat robots and siege llamas will be at your disposal, lay traps, and launch offensive maneuvers to demolish your enemy’s village. Adapt to the situation at hand and work together as a team to gain the upper hand. Switch from defender to attacker with the flexibility to switch your selected hero in the barracks mid-game. Execute your strategy with the structures you’ve built like barracks, explosives factories, siege machines, and more. When all else fails, use your tricks to outsmart your opponent. Use combat llamas to shock your enemies, bomb your opponent’s towers to create a breach, or awaken the ultimate weapon, the mega mech. Use your acquired resources to craft equipment and fortifications. Embrace the challenge and win the game in MiniLife: Tournament!

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Black Bell Multiplayer

BlackBell is now a third-person multiplayer battle arena game featuring destructible walls, jetpacks, and fast-paced action! Early development state, seeking feedback and support.

Black Bell MultiplayerNorth Wind Studios

Welcome to the latest addition to the BlackBell series - BlackBell: Multiplayer! This thrilling third-person shooter game is an absolute treat for all the action and combat lovers out there. The game offers an intense Multiplayer Battle Arena that lets you engage in close-quarter combat, and brings you destructible walls and Badass jetpacks to take your gaming experience to the next level. With 3v3 and 2v2v2 team deathmatch modes, the game promises you a fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled fun ride. BlackBell: Multiplayer features high-quality assets and graphics, making it a delight for the eyes. The game uses the latest Unreal Engine 5 technology to render the game's graphics and keep up with computer game's quality, on your mobile devices. To bring the best possible online experience, BlackBell: Multiplayer uses Epic Online Services. So, get ready to experience smooth and uninterrupted online gameplay. It should be noted that this game is in its early development phase, and is prone to have bugs and performance issues. As game developers, we value your feedback, as we strive to make the game better with your support and suggestions. Help us make BlackBell: Multiplayer the best game possible!

Hina-chan Breaker: 2nd Break

Knock Hinata-chan off the field by using spells, boxes and balls in this 1v1 online game with cross-play. Gain points, upgrade and customize characters.

Hina-chan Breaker: 2nd BreakISY

Enter the arena of 1-on-1 online battles! Hinachu Breaker is back and stronger than ever before. Frustrated with the treatment of luxury sweets and the original storyline, Hinachu barricaded herself in a run-down building. Now she's gotten carried away in a world where no one was able to drive her out, strengthening her defenses and inciting humans and youkai alike, with the goal of streaming her actions all over Gensokyo to increase her reputation! Throw balls and drop boxes, use your character's special abilities, and blow Hinachu and anything else in her way out of the field! This time, you have an extra spell card to expand your strategic options. Let's knock Hinachu out on various fields and claim victory! Win battles and accumulate ranking points to advance your level! Use in-game currency to change the appearance of your balls, boxes, and characters, and intimidate your opponents! Please note that this game is "online-exclusive." Cross-play battles between Android and PC platforms are possible. This game is a fan-made creation of the Touhou Project. Some sound effects were provided by Otologic. Previous title, "Get Out! Hinachu Breaker," will be removed from the store with the release of this game.

Torchlight: Infinite

Craft your heroes and embark on an epic ARPG quest to fight darkness; grind for loot, and build unlimited playstyles in a tradeable, free-to-play Torchlight adventure.

Torchlight: InfiniteXD Entertainment Pte Ltd

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating action role-playing game experience like no other! In this adventure, you have complete control over crafting your own heroic character with an endless supply of build options. Explore the vast expanse of this breathtaking world filled with a massive variety of loot to discover and boss battles that will leave you awe-stricken! Witness the epic tale of "The Journey to Restore Light and Brilliance," where the Ember Tech submerged every corner of a land called Leptis two centuries after Torchlight II. The inhabitants of Leptis prospered, enjoying the countless benefits the Ember power offered. However, the constant threat of darkness continued to plague the land, corrupting lives at every turn. It is up to a team of brave heroes with elite powers to confront the evil threatening their existence and embark on an epic quest to defeat the corrupted Aemberons. Get ready to experience endless loot drops at your disposal! Upgrade your character's build style and establish a legendary catalogue filled with sparkling treasures. With unfathomable gear drops from each battle, your selection of items holds true value that can enhance your hero's build and elevate your gameplay to new heights. Build unlimited playstyles with the help of five unique heroes, each containing 24 talent tabs, 200+ legendary gears, and 230+ powerful skills. The infinite possibilities provide the flexibility needed to create hero builds that compliment any playstyle. Whether you prefer to blast foes with fields of fire and ice or hack and slash through waves of Aemberons, the choice is yours! Become part of a booming economy offering the Trade house to unleash your true potential. Utilize the unique loot to help other Torchlight Hunters accomplish their build goals. One man's trash could be another man's treasure, making it essential to determine the true value of your loot. Enjoy fast and furious battles with no stamina or cooldowns that restrict your power. Grind anytime and anywhere to smash through incoming waves with melee attacks, blast off magical explosions and draining pools, or snipe down ranged enemies. You have complete control over your playstyle. Experience the seamless "pick up & play" gameplay for free with all essential loot based on drops. Discover unique gear, affixes, crafting material, and attribute upgrades that will help accomplish your build style. Microtransactions are available to further customize your personal vision of your character's appearance. Unleash your inner heroic spirit and discover the faded light that awaits in Torchlight Frontiers!

Summoners War: Chronicles

Challenge the new raid boss and summon powerful creatures in Summoners War: Chronicle's latest update.

Summoners War: ChroniclesCom2uS

▣ Summoners War: Chronicle ▣ Rise of the Lava Incarnate update


Panzerdogs: online PVP tank brawler with customizable tanks and dog avatars. Play solo/team, earn trade-able items, and battle in various game modes.

PanzerdogsLucky Kat Studios

Panzerdogs is an action-packed mobile game that lets you engage in online PVP tank fights. Whether you choose to play alone or with a team of players, you'll get to experience an array of game modes, including Team Death Match and Escort. With new modes coming in future updates, the game offers an exceptional gaming experience. Plus, every battle you fight enables you to earn and trade items, making the game even more thrilling.


Explore mythical worlds, tame beasts, and create your own identity in ChimeraLand - an open-world survival game with endless possibilities.

ChimeralandLevel Infinite

Enter the world of ChimeraLand, an atmospheric open-world survival game with strong RPG elements in a prehistoric, mythical universe. Prepare to gather resources, discover new lands, craft items and research technologies. You will begin by building a small shelter for safety, but soon you will have the opportunity to create a behemoth megabase that stretches beyond the clouds! Explore seamless landscapes and discover hundreds of unusual mythical creatures. Want a loyal pet? Capture and tame the wild beasts you encounter! Perhaps you'd like to give your loyal steed wings? Allow your pets to devour them, and see what kind of Chimera you can create! The possibilities are endless, and you can let your creativity run wild. Choose your own path, and create your unique fighting style. Want to be a close-range warrior with blades at your side? Or perhaps you prefer to be a sharpshooter with a crossbow? Maybe you want to transform into a mythical creature such as a werewolf, dragonborn, or even a jellyfish girl! The options are infinite, and you'll have no limits to restrict what you can and cannot be. Join the bustling community, where thousands of creative travelers with unique tastes and styles live and thrive together. Stay connected with the community and receive timely updates on the game's development by visiting the official Facebook, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram pages. Enter this mythical world and create your legend today!

FurryFury: Smash & Roll

FurryFury: a fast-paced, physics-based arena puzzle brawler featuring cute, deadly beasts, various pickups, and multiplayer matchups.

FurryFury: Smash & RollCosmic Publishing

FurryFury is a game that relies on your skills in controlling the movements of cute little beasts as they compete against each other in fierce battles within deadly arenas. Think of a game of pool, but instead of balls, there are these adorable furry creatures, and instead of a table, they play in dangerous arenas. Additionally, there are unique abilities, various pickups, and a battle-royale twist. Participate in either 1v1 duels or 2v2 multiplayer matches, both of which are fast-paced and based on physics. Alternatively, play through story mode where you will encounter challenging bosses and explore a peculiar world. You can even invite a friend to join you on your adventures. Select your favorite monster from a wide range of choices, and make use of their unique abilities while adapting your strategies to suit ever-changing conditions. Utilize power-ups and gradually evolve to unleash your beast's full potential and launch devastating combo moves. Indulge in the character customization mode by gathering beasts and unlocking all the skins available. Express yourself by finding your favorite sets of skins, trails, and dialogues, and showcase your choices to your friends. In addition to the aforementioned features, FurryFury also includes ranking, adventure mode, daily quests, achievements, and a season pass that promises non-duplicate rewards. With this fair and free-to-play game, your playing skills are the only thing that counts. Although FurryFury is easy to learn, it is difficult to master - ultimately making it the best original arena puzzle brawler game of its kind.

Donut Punks

Fight zombies, collect donuts, customize characters, and battle with friends in Donut Punks, the MOBA action shooter game for PvP and PvE mastery.

Donut PunksDonut Lab

Are you tired of being surrounded by boring zombies? In Donut Punks, you play as a survivor and it's time to shove away those monsters while clawing your way to collect their donuts. The fierce fight doesn’t allow any rules or restrictions, only tons of thrill, fun and donuts as you engage in hardcore battles.

Spark Era

Join the universe as one of four factions and conquer space with AI battle companions. eSports tournaments and PvP available.

Spark EraFirework Games Entertainment Limited

Venture into uncharted territory with Spark Era, the ultimate gaming experience where advanced AI meets multiplayer space combat.

Towaga: Among Shadows

Mastery of light against enraged creatures in an enchanted world of spells and mysterious past - Towaga: Among Shadows.

Towaga: Among ShadowsNoodlecake

Towaga: Among Shadows presents a thrilling challenge as you face various hostile creatures eager to attack and tear you down. To fend off these dangerous foes, you must hone your light-mastery skills, whether battling on foot in dense jungles or soaring high above temple peaks.

Rage Effect: Mobile

Rage Effect: Mobile is a thrilling FPS game with stunning graphics and intense gameplay. Play solo or multiplayer with new maps & weapons.

Rage Effect: MobileGoldon Studios

Rage Effect: Mobile is an adrenaline-fueled FPS game crafted by Goldon Studios - a flourishing Indie Game-Dev studio based in India. The game boasts of a gripping gameplay experience, breathtaking graphics, and an extensive weapon collection and map library to select from. Enthusiasts can savor the thrills of single-player campaigns, or join forces with players worldwide in multiplayer mode. Set in 3 distinct areas, gun-slingers can take on their opponents in a plethora of challenges to reap the game's rewards. With regular additions and enhancements to characters, weapons and maps, players can enjoy endless hours of unparalleled entertainment that only Rage Effect: Mobile can provide.

Wild Lands XL

Team up with friends, fight and compete in a fast-paced third person shooter. Unlock heroes, conquer levels and challenges. A multiplayer game for gamers.

Wild Lands XLWild Games AB

Looking for a multiplayer game that’s packed with fast-paced action and teamwork? Look no further than this ultimate third-person shooter. With a unique blend of strategy and collaboration, it’s the perfect choice for gamers who love a good challenge. Take on new levels and areas as you fight your way to the top, competing for glory and awards along the way. And with the ability to team up with friends, you’ll never be alone as you face off against some of the toughest challenges in the game. With a variety of heroes to choose from, each with their own unique play style, there’s something for everyone in this mobile shooter. And with regular updates and additions, there’s always something new to discover. Join the community today and be part of making this the best mobile shooter in the world. However, please note that this game is an early release version, so a reliable network connection is required to play.

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