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Only Up! Ragdoll Edition

Challenge yourself to reach the highest spot and avoid falling in this 3D Parkour game with awesome ragdoll physics and colorful graphics.

Only Up! Ragdoll EditionGreenGO
Experience a thrilling 3D Parkour game with impeccable Ragdoll Physics, designed for mobile platforms. Your objective in this game is to continuously ascend up without losing your balance and tumbling to the ground. The game boasts stunning visuals and a mesmerizing map to keep you engaged throughout. Are you skilled enough to reach the highest point in the game? Why not try it out and put your abilities to the test? Don't miss out on the chance to experience this amazing game!
Soccer Empire: The Dream Begins

Build a Soccer Academy, enroll youth trainees, hire coaches, develop skills and produce talent, and participate in tournaments to build your empire.

Soccer Empire: The Dream BeginsCyberJoy Game
Are you seeking a top-class soccer academy that provides all-round training specifically tailored for aspiring young footballers? Look no further than Your Soccer Academy! Our custom-designed soccer training programs will help youths to not only follow their hearts and excel in soccer but also become champions of their destinies. If you want to run a soccer academy efficiently, then here's what you need to do: -Recruit fresh and promising youth trainees -Establish and regularly update your training grounds -Recruit top-tier coaches and managers -Initiate targeted training exercises to enhance skill levels -Engage in competitions to actively practice -Train and produce exceptional players fit for various worldwide clubs. With our specialized approach, your soccer savvy charges will be one step closer to achieving their ultimate football dreams. Let's collaborate to produce the next generation of soccer talents who can conquer the soccer world. Take charge of Your Soccer Academy and turn your dream into reality. Join us today and start building your very own Soccer Empire!
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Graveyard Miner

Become a graveyard tycoon in the exciting mobile game Graveyard Miner. Merge ghouls and explore graves to discover treasures, artifacts, and more!

Graveyard MinerStanGoroz
Step into the enchanting world of Graveyard Miner - a thrilling mobile game that seamlessly blends the best of tycoon merge games with mining clicker games. As an adept graveyard miner, venture deep into graves to unearth valuable treasures, rare artifacts and precious bones. As you progress, the game rewards you with newer graveyards, upgraded ghouls while also enabling you to enhance your deck with novel cards and exceptional abilities to catapult yourself into the echelons of a successful graveyard tycoon. Graveyard Miner's gameplay mechanics are impressive - players merge ghouls to amass a formidable corps of idle forces, construct newer graveyards and astutely lay down ghoul traps to accrue bones even during offline gameplay sessions. The game boasts of breathtaking 3D environments, that enhances an immersive gameplay experience across more than thirty distinct graveyards. Additionally, players can partake in special events that provide limited-time rewards!
Word Search - Word Trip

Word Trip Search: Free to play, offline word search game with themes, challenging puzzles, and educational benefits. Boost your vocab now.

Word Search - Word TripPlaySimple Games
Discover a world of hidden words with Word Trip Search, the ultimate game that caters to both your entertainment and vocabulary needs. Indulge in a calming yet playful adventure as you connect the letters to progress through a plethora of word search puzzles and enrich your vocabulary while having fun! The game's mindfully curated themes are crafted to stimulate your imagination and help you visualize the answers before delving into the puzzle. The scenic backgrounds and challenging puzzles make for an absorbing experience that lets you unwind and sharpen your intellect simultaneously. This FREE game is perfect for anyone looking for a mental challenge or distraction from dull routines. Cultivate your skills and join the vibrant community of language enthusiasts and download Word Trip Search NOW! WHAT MAKES THIS GAME SPECIAL? FREE AND ACCESSIBLE: Enjoy the game's thrilling puzzles and expand your vocabulary all for free. UNLIMITED PLAYTIME: Play anytime, anywhere – while chilling at the café, waiting in line for the bus, or relaxing on a beach holiday. INCREASES YOUR VOCABULARY: Enhance your daily language with the varieties of words and expertly curated themes that the game offers. OPTIMAL CHALLENGE LEVELS: From easy warm-ups to challenging brain teasers, Word Trip Search provides an exciting set of puzzles suitable for players of all levels. Get hooked on its thrilling gameplay and endless possibilities.
Rage Effect: Mobile

Rage Effect: Mobile is a thrilling FPS game with stunning graphics and intense gameplay. Play solo or multiplayer with new maps & weapons.

Rage Effect: MobileGoldon Studios
Rage Effect: Mobile is an adrenaline-fueled FPS game crafted by Goldon Studios - a flourishing Indie Game-Dev studio based in India. The game boasts of a gripping gameplay experience, breathtaking graphics, and an extensive weapon collection and map library to select from. Enthusiasts can savor the thrills of single-player campaigns, or join forces with players worldwide in multiplayer mode. Set in 3 distinct areas, gun-slingers can take on their opponents in a plethora of challenges to reap the game's rewards. With regular additions and enhancements to characters, weapons and maps, players can enjoy endless hours of unparalleled entertainment that only Rage Effect: Mobile can provide. Don’t miss out on the latest game update by following us on Instagram @_rageeffect and Twitter @rageeffect_.
Idle Survivors: Last Stand

A deadly plague ravages Earth, but it's actually an alien invasion! Collect powerful heroes, unite with players, and kick alien invaders out of Earth!

Idle Survivors: Last StandMAX GAME PTE.LTD.
📍Congratulations! You have a chance to receive a free 1200-draw box after downloading this game! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure? In this game, the world is experiencing a fatal pandemic and your task is to prevent the virus from spreading as a commander. However, your investigation uncovers that the outbreak is an act of alien invasion! This is where you step in with your powerful heroes, unite with other players, and take back the Earth in an ultimate battle. >RELAXING RPG GAMEPLAY FOR ALL AGES This is the perfect game for busy individuals on the go! You can collect rewards anytime, anywhere without spending too much time and effort. >UNIQUE & AWESOME VEHICLES Experience an array of fancy vehicles that appear as your allies to assist you in defeating the alien invaders! You can unlock and customize the vehicles with unique skins. Moreover, equip the vehicles with powerful skills to take down the epic alien boss! >EASY UPGADE Build an immortal team with heroes from 5 different factions by summoning them. Enjoy a zero-cost reset and resonance level-sharing to have a smooth and free cultivation experience. >VARIETY OF GAME MODES Dive into different mini-games such as Sniper, 1V1 Gunshot, Memory Game, and more. Explore hero team strategies with various PVE modes including Endless Trials, Rogue-like Expedition, Heroes Story, and many more! >WORLDWIDE COMPETITION ARENA Compete in thrilling PVP battles against global players with your strategic hero deployment in 1V1 and 3V3 Star Arena. Climb to the top of the leaderboard and represent your honor in Cross-Server Arena. >BUILD YOUR GUILD Join a guild and fight against the alien bosses with your guildmates! Occupy all bases and dominate the Guild War together by sending strategic and organized troops! 🌟Get the latest news and meet other players by following our social media channels! Facebook: Discord: Email: Privacy Policy:
Immortal Chaos

Join Legendary Heroes to choose a side, discover divine weapons, and fight against primitive beasts in this otherworldly adventure with romance and pet companionship.

Immortal ChaosYUEYOO GAMES
The war between deities and demons erupted long ago, leading to the splitting of the Jadeon Tome - a sacred book. The pages were dispersed all over the land, granting humans access to the secrets it held. Centuries have passed, and a skilled sword wielder has finally mastered the art of Jadeon Tome, only to uncover a treacherous reality. The gods and demons purposefully scattered the book to manipulate humans as their puppets. Upon discovering the truth, the sword fighter was on the brink of madness until a benevolent lady intervened. What will come next? Legendary Heroes presents an epic encounter between valiant warriors. Choose your protagonist and embark on an interdimensional adventure. Will you ally with the Immortals, who strive for law and order? Or do you side with the Demons, seeking chaos and destruction? The emergence of every divine weapon triggers a bloodbath. Only the strongest can claim these mystical artifacts! The Classic of Mountains and Seas is home to bizarre creatures that can unleash apocalyptic havoc. Join forces with your comrades to eliminate these primitive beasts and earn great rewards along the way. In this world of pandemonium, love awaits you. Soulmates are destined to unite, and you are no exception. On this daunting journey, your pet can provide a loyal companion during trying times. After all, you and your furry friend are in this together.
Kards: The WWII Card Game

KARDS is a free-to-play WWII trading card game featuring innovative strategies and real-time tactics, with nations like USA, UK, and Germany at your command.

Kards: The WWII Card Game1939 Games
KARDS, The WW2 Card Game, is a unique blend of traditional card game mechanics with innovative gameplay inspired by classic strategy games and real-world battlefield tactics. Players take on the role of commanders and engage in grand-scale warfare on the ground, sea, and air, challenging other players in exciting battles. KARDS is a free-to-play game with all features available from the start, and players can earn all cards through regular gameplay, daily missions, and an extensive achievement system. Familiar trading card gameplay is combined with groundbreaking frontline mechanics to create a game that is easy to learn but packed with strategic depth and tactical diversity. Protect your support assets and take the battle to your enemy with innovative gameplay mechanics, such as Blitzkrieg tactics, air superiority, and bitter defensive warfare. Outproduce and outgun your enemies to emerge victorious on the battlefield. KARDS features several WW2 nations, each with its unique strengths and abilities. The British forces, known as Lords of the Skies and the Oceans, were quick to adapt to new types of warfare during WW2, utilizing their formidable fleet, advanced aircraft, and incredible determination. The Soviet Union, also known as the Mighty Red Army, was initially poorly equipped and organized but quickly rose to become the mightiest war machine in the world through its experiences during the Great Patriotic War. The USA, Outproduce, Outgun and Bring Hell from the Skies, joined the war later than other major powers but had already been preparing their production lines and supporting their allies for years. More than capable of outproducing their Axis enemies, the Americans launched offensive operations of epic proportion in all theaters. Japan, Sunrise in the East, initially underestimated by the Allies during WW2, had complete air superiority in the area and a formidable navy that included the heaviest battleships ever constructed. Germany, known as Pioneers of Blitzkrieg, dominated the battlefield with their Blitzkrieg tactics, hard-pressing armored units, and mechanized formations. Battle of annihilation was their favored doctrine, and while they had fewer ships than the Allies, fearsome packs of wolves roamed the depths of the oceans, ready to strike their prey. France, The Flame of the French Resistance, was defeated during the WW2 German Blitzkrieg advance but did not give up the fight, continuing resistance efforts on foreign soil and disrupting and demoralizing German occupation forces at home. Finally, Italy, with ambitions to restore the Roman Empire, concentrated on major offensives in Africa and the Middle East during WW2, while Poland Fight from Exile!, contributed significantly to cracking the famous Enigma code before and during the war and fought fiercely alongside their allies during the Battle of Britain and other campaigns in WW2-Europe. With each unique nation, players can experience different strategies, strengths, and abilities, making every game a new and exhilarating experience.
Motorsport Rivals

Join a global racing community, customize your team, and compete with your national team in tactical team races. Support and energy key in free-to-play Motorsport Rivals.

Motorsport RivalsPlaysport Games
Looking for an unparalleled Motorsport Game racing experience? Look no further than the Motorsport Rivals racing game! This multiplayer motorsport racing game provides a brilliant way for you to connect with other fans and rivals of racing from all around the world. Work together with your friends to lead your team to victory against your fierce competitors. By joining a racing team you instantly become part of a large community of millions of supportive players all around the globe. At Motorsport Rivals, teamwork is everything! Play racing cards to attack your ultimate competitors and compete in thrilling races that test your team spirit and tactful abilities. Every race is an opportunity to improve your strategy and bring glory to your team. Get acquainted with your local motorsport community and team up with other racing fans to support your national team and defeat rival countries. Who knows, you may even make some lifelong friends. The Motorsport Rivals racing game offers a variety of features to keep you engaged and interested, including customization of your team, team chat, emojis to communicate with competitors, energy to race, motorsport competitions, pitstop minigames, and season pass. You must aim to win speed and battle for a better season position. To achieve this goal, you must be proactive and support your teammates. With Motorsport Rivals, you can be part of a dream team and race in your dream season. Stay connected with ease by linking your social media account to effortlessly connect with your friends, and make new ones. The best part is, Motorsport Rivals is completely free to play! Although some items can be purchased for real money, the game only requires a network connection. Are you ready to become a motorsport champion by taking on the best of the competition? Download Motorsport Rivals today and rev your engines! If you need any assistance or recommendations, contact us at
World of Goo Remastered

Build with curious and squirmy Goo Balls in this physics-based puzzle game, praised for its genius-level design and updated art for Netflix edition.

World of Goo RemasteredNetflix, Inc.
This unique and addictive physics-based puzzle game is available exclusively for Netflix members. Explore the beautiful and dangerous World of Goo, home to millions of curious and squirmy Goo Balls. Connect them and build jiggly and diverse architectural wonders such as bridges, zeppelins, and even cannonballs to help these creatures navigate and explore their surroundings. The World of Goo is filled with mysterious levels, each introducing new puzzles, and unknown creatures to encounter. Along the way, you will discover new species of Goo Balls with unique abilities to help you overcome increasingly challenging obstacles. You'll encounter tales of discovery, love, surveillance, beauty, electric power, and the third dimension. But beware; someone is watching your every move! The Sign Painter is keeping an eye on you as you progress through the game. This award-winning game was created entirely by two people and praised for its "ingenious-level design" by IGN. TouchArcade and Metacritic have named it "Game of the Year," proving that the World of Goo's weird and wonderful charm has had a lasting impact on gamers. The Netflix edition features updated HD art and double the original resolution, making it perfect for modern screens. You can also save your progress on cloud saves, ensuring your advancement is never lost. Each Netflix profile will track progress separately. World of Goo has won numerous awards and recognition over the years, including the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ best design award, the Spike TV Video Game Awards' best indie game, and the Game Developers Choice Awards' best downloadable title. It was also awarded Rock Paper Shotgun and GameTunnel's game of the year and received many accolades from IGN for Wii Game of the Year, Best PC Puzzle Game, Best Wii Puzzle Game, Best Artistic Design Wii, Best New IP Wii, and Most Innovative Design Wii, as well as Puzzler of the Year by Golden Joystick Awards. Get ready to be charmed by the captivating and entertaining World of Goo, created by 2D BOY.
The Art of War: Card Game

Enter the fantasy-medieval battlefield as a faction leader in The Art of War: Card Game, using strategic card duels to defeat opponents from around the world.

The Art of War: Card GameBrightdawn Entertainment
Step into a world of fantasy and medieval conflict with The Art of War: Card Game. This thrilling card battler game pits four kingdoms against one another, each with their own interests at heart in a never-ending continental war. Assume the role of a faction leader and take your place on the battlefield against fellow players worldwide. The game mechanics rely on card duels, and only a cunning, tactical approach will ensure your success. Make use of the random cards available to you and rally your troops to victory. The fate of your faction lies in your hands! One notable aspect of The Art of War: Card Game is its emphasis on pure strategic gameplay rather than card collecting mechanics. While there are plenty of cards to choose from, they are limited, making every card count and available from the get-go. Don’t miss out on the chance to put your tactical abilities to the test with The Art of War: Card Game.
Merge Survival: Wasteland

Merge Survival: Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic survival and merge game where players create survival materials and build a safe shelter while exploring hidden locations.

Merge Survival: WastelandSticky Hands Inc.
Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world where you need to survive! Are you ready for the challenge? As one of the survivors, I have been wandering to find a shelter in this world full of chaos and despair. But I cannot do it alone. Will you help me in my quest for survival? In "Merge Survival," you can experience living in a world destroyed by pollution and disasters. Merge abandoned resources to create various survival items and tools. Complete quests and merge other items to help build a cozy shelter for Eden. Learn the importance of resource recycling and complete your item collection. Experience the story of encountering other survivors, conflicts, and the struggle to live together. Explore the post-apocalypse world and find hidden locations to build your eco-friendly camp. Recycle your resources and acquire special materials in your production facility. Strategically collect survival essentials such as water and oxygen to increase your chances of survival. Are you a fan of survival and merge games? If so, then start playing "Merge Survival: Wasteland" today! Build your safe and cozy shelter and merge your way to survival. For stable game progress, we request permission to access memory. If you need assistance or support, please contact us through our customer support settings or join our official Facebook page. Let's survive together in this post-apocalyptic world!
NFL Rivals: Football Game

Draft and build your dream NFL team in NFL Rivals - the officially licensed mobile game. Test your skills and compete against rivals in arcade-style gameplay.

NFL Rivals: Football GameMythical Games
Do you have what it takes to manage a professional NFL football team? Prove your skills as a sports manager in NFL Rivals – an officially licensed mobile football game that offers digital player cards. This game is one of the NFL’s biggest moves, and during Offseason, you can play now and help shape the future of this popular NFL mobile game. Plus, as an added bonus to join during Offseason, you'll receive special 2023 NFL Draft Player Packs and themed in-game events. Unlock digital player cards and create your ultimate NFL team of superstars. Compete against other rivals, climb the leaderboards, and take your team to the Super Bowl for an exciting and thrilling football experience. In NFL Rivals, you’ll play the role of Coach, General Manager, and Owner to set up your lineup, call the plays, run the offense, and collect digital player cards to upgrade your roster for an all-new twist on NFL mobile games. Arcade-style football meets intense rivalries in this all-time biggest football game. As you collect digital player cards, you can upgrade your team’s potential to dominate the competition in each position on the field. Play against other GMs to earn in-game rewards and compete in exciting PVP tournaments. Join other players in a tight-knit Squad and climb the leaderboards to build your collection of exclusive digital player cards and show off your team pride! KEY FEATURES: Become a General Manager! - Guide your dream team of NFL players to the endzone as a top football general manager. - Choose from a variety of NFL teams and tackle fierce rivalries in fast-paced card-collecting action. - Use adrenaline-filled card game with the collection of digital player cards of your favorite pro football players to win. - Elevate your lineup as you collect NFL cards and improve your team Enjoy Arcade-Style Gameplay! - Claim victory over your rivals through electrifying football action and nonstop fun. - Experience incredible catches, hilarious touchdown celebrations, fun visual effects, and big moments! Build Your Dream Team! - Unlock football superstars as you play, and collect and upgrade digital collectibles of your favorite players to take your team to the Super Bowl. - Maximize your dream team’s potential by upgrading players you’ve earned. - Build your All-Pro NFL lineup in each position to defeat any rival! Multiplayer Action! - Build an NFL dynasty and take on real NFL team rosters with your dream team. - Make it to the playoffs, play seasons, and win the Super Bowl before running it back the next season. - Compete online against other players and their dream teams in asynchronous mode during weekly events. - Join forces with other GMs and own a Squad to climb to the top of the leaderboards and obtain in-game rewards. Download NFL Rivals for unmatched football action in an all-new arcade-style sports game. Take to the field and dominate the competition today! Stay up to date with NFL Rivals on social media: Twitter - Discord - Instagram - Facebook: Need assistance? Contact support: Check out the NFL Rivals Terms of Use: Check out the NFL Rivals Privacy Policy:
City Demolish

Demolish famous structures across the world with missiles, meteors, and UFOs. Enjoy casual gameplay and offline mode. Fun for all ages.

City DemolishHello Games Team
Embark on a thrilling adventure to demolish some of the most iconic buildings in the world that awaits you in the City Demolish gaming app. With just a tap on your mobile screen, you can experience the ultimate excitement of demolishing structures, all while conquering a bustling metropolis. The game entails unparalleled fun that promises to keep you engaged for hours on end, irrespective of your age. City Demolish boasts its unique real-physics and gravity-based gameplay that requires precision and accuracy while aiming and launching missiles or using your skills to bring down various structures like skyscrapers, power plants, lighthouses, industrial structures, and ships. You can even demolish famous landmarks worldwide with the game's impressive collection of structure demolishing features. A word of caution, however, the landmarks are only copies of their real-life counterparts. With various multilayered structures to crush, unleash your inner demolishing expert and enjoy one-of-a-kind gameplay that leaves no structure safe from your wrath. Also, City Demolish offers rewards for each structure you demolish, ranging from meteors to UFOs and lightning, which you can use to unlock numerous game skills. City Demolish is a casual, rewarding, and addictively fun game suitable for all ages, making it an ideal choice for family and friends' parties. You can easily download the game for free, and as an offline game, it requires no internet connection, providing a great brain exercise as you eagerly strive to demolish structures. Get immersed in a thrilling experience of chaos and destruction and download City Demolish today! Happy Gaming!
My Pizza Story

Build your own pizza empire as a Komo Chef in Komo Cafe - an idle RPG game where you upgrade your cafe, discover secret recipes, and hire talented komos.

My Pizza StoryEthlas
Get ready for a mouth-watering adventure with Komo Cafe - pizza empire, the ultimate management idle RPG game that lets you embrace your inner Komo Chef and create your very own pizza paradise! Elevate your cafe to the next level by collecting rare kitchen and furniture elements that can enhance your cooking pace, serving time and other statistics. Unleash your creativity and prepare delectable secret recipes that will keep your patrons coming back for more! Recruit skilled and exceptional Komo workers to be part of your supreme kitchen squad, who will assist you in establishing yourself as a Cafe Master! Combine ingenuity with good fortune, and you'll soon be the proud owner of a pizza empire!
Valkyrie Idle

Experience Norse Mythology in an idle RPG. Farming and dungeon exploration to find materials while nurturing over 70 unique companions.

Valkyrie Idlemobirix
Embark on a journey of self-discovery where you must protect the mystical world of Valkyrie and search for the gods. Explore various stages and dungeons, and grow your character and companions through farming. This Norse mythology-based Idle RPG boasts about 70 companions, each equipped with unique skills to aid you in your quest. Equip your valkyrie with various gear to enhance their abilities with the help of buff effects. Venture through 10 dungeons, each with a distinct concept to acquire growth materials. Upgrade your valkyrie through the promotion system, making them even more powerful and splendid. Experience stunning skill effects that will leave your enemies dazzled and defeated. Choose from numerous costumes that enhance your character's ability, making them stand out from the rest. Check out our homepage for more information on this exciting game and be sure to follow us on Facebook and YouTube!
Baseball: Home Run Sport Game

Build your dream team, play live 1v1 baseball games around the world and become the grand champion in Home Run 2k23!

Baseball: Home Run Sport
Get ready to take on baseball players from all over the world and build your own custom team in this exhilarating multiplayer experience! In this fast-paced 1v1 game, you'll be able to perfect your batting and pitching skills while also honing your team building abilities. Baseball Home Run is the perfect game for anyone looking to establish themselves as the ultimate grand champion of the sport in 2023! ★ Game Features ⚾ Jump into 5-minute live ball games! ⚾ Send home runs flying out of the ballpark with ease ⚾ Compete in two 6-pitch innings to determine the winner ⚾ Choose from a comprehensive roster of over 20 players ⚾ Develop a winning strategy by selecting your ideal batters and pitchers ⚾ Play across the globe with iconic locations like San Francisco, Tokyo, and Seoul! ★ Build your Team! ⚾ Piece together your dream team using a variety of 4 different batters and 3 pitchers! ⚾ Choose from pitchers who specialize in Fast Balls, Breaking Balls, or other impressive pitches ⚾ Acquire and unlock COMMON, RARE, and EPIC players by opening packs! ⚾ Advance your player stats and unlock additional pitches to gain an edge! ★ Rise to the Top and Claim the Title of Grand Champion! ⚾ Climb up the ranks from Rookie to Semi Pro up to the highly-coveted Grand Champion League ⚾ Fight and compete among the top 100 most prestigious players in the game! ⚾ Show off your team to the entire world by commanding the top position in this baseball game Are you ready to take on the ultimate baseball challenge and become the next grand champion? Start your career in Baseball Home Run today!
Worms W.M.D Mobilize

Prepare for explosive, tactical warfare in Worms W.M.D Evolve. Experience stunning 2D visuals, utilize an assortment of weapons and vehicles, and engage in local and online multiplayer battles.

Worms W.M.D MobilizeTeam 17 Digital Limited
Get ready for the return of the playful worms in their latest explosive outing. Worms W.M.D Evolve presents a fantastic world of hand-drawn 2D graphics that are both intriguing and creative. It's an epic adventure complete with new weapons, vehicles, and structures, as well as classic armaments and gameplay mechanics, resulting in an ultimate worms experience. Set off on a difficult journey through a series of ten training missions and twenty campaign missions that become progressively more challenging. In thrilling multiplayer showdowns, either locally or online, engage in hilarious strategic warfare against adversaries. Use powerful weapons to flatten your enemies, like the mighty Concrete Donkey that'll reduce them to fragments and the Holy Hand Grenade that can obliterate them into smithereens. You can rain down a fiery onslaught from the sky with helicopters or completely decimate them with unstoppable tanks. This is Worms in its purest and craziest form, with an extraordinary collection of 50 weapons and utilities at your fingertips. The visuals of Worms W.M.D Evolve are stunning, with brand-new worm designs and gorgeous digitally-crafted 2D artwork that will leave you awestruck. One groundbreaking addition to the series is the introduction of vehicles, including tanks that are optimized for warfare to dominate the skies with helicopters and more. In addition, you can take cover and hide your worms within buildings for a tactical advantage during battles. The essence of the beloved series has been faithfully reimagined in our revolutionary new engine which has recaptured the cherished mechanics that fans hold dear. Prepare for the triumphant return of the iconic Classic Ninja Rope as well. From the fan-favorite classics to a bunch of thrilling new additions like the Devious Cell Phone Battery, the Unexpected Gift, and the earth-shattering OMG strike, you'll have a vast arsenal of 50 weapons and utilities available to you. If you think the selection of 50 weapons and utilities is not enough, strategically positioned guns are scattered throughout the terrain, allowing your warmongering worms to wreak even more havoc. Worms W.M.D Evolve truly offers a rollercoaster of laughter and excitement with a robust single-player experience. Unleash your skills in a variety of training and campaign missions, and then venture into the online multiplayer arena to create mayhem with other gamers. The matches can have up to two players, each commanding four worms on an expansive and dynamic battlefield.
Pickle Pete: Survival RPG

Stack up, gear up and fight against waves of evil forces as a pickle. Find the antidote and save the world in this epic game with unique builds, boss fights, and game modes.

Pickle Pete: Survival RPGFrojo Apps
In this thrilling game, an enigmatic material has transformed Pete into a pickle! As a result, a sense of gloom and chaos has descended upon the earth, and our protagonist must discover a means to survive against the tide of wickedness that prevails. To outmatch your adversaries, equip yourself with a varied array of gear and devise a multitude of distinctive builds. Locate the antidote and rescue the world! Indulge in an abundance of epic confrontations with bosses, hone your abilities using a comprehensive progression system that generates distinctive configurations each time you play, and take advantage of user-friendly controls. Furthermore, there are diverse game modes that will keep you engaged.
Trip To Nonogram: Bali Ubud

Solve nonograms and explore Bali's beauty on a journey through Ubud. Addictive, challenging, and immersive. Perfect for travel and adventure enthusiasts.

Trip To Nonogram: Bali UbudOaah Studio
Embark on an exciting journey to Ubud and break free from the monotonous routine of daily life. As you solve the nonogram puzzle, you will be rewarded with stunning and awe-inspiring landscapes that are unique to the region. Experience the thrill of traveling to exotic destinations without leaving your house! Bali Nonogram is the ultimate pixel puzzle adventure that takes you on a virtual tour of Bali's cultural landmarks and tropical beauty. Exercise your logic and creativity while solving challenging nonogram puzzles that unlock beautiful pixel art images. Immerse yourself in addictive, brain stimulating gameplay that provides a relaxing and engaging experience. The game's beautiful graphics and exotic themes are perfect for travel and adventure enthusiasts who seek a fun and challenging brain training game. Bali Nonogram requires certain permissions to function properly, including read and write access to the device's storage space for saving puzzle completion images. With Bali Nonogram, you'll enjoy a unique and immersive puzzle game experience that is perfect for stimulating your brain and unwinding at the same time.

Explore Shaklas Continent, fight 1000+ monsters, use skills and upgrade equipment to uncover the mysteries of this magical world.

Survivor Warrior-Vampire.ioSEABIRD
Enter the enchanting world of the Shaklas Continent where magical wonders await you! Cursed by magic, embark on a challenging journey to explore this fascinating universe. Equip yourself with powerful weapons, unleash spells and team up with other survivors to defeat daunting enemies! Upgrade your equipment and develop your talents to gain an edge over your foes, and create your winning strategy for success. Survive through the trials of exploration, and unravel the mysteries of each tale! Immerse yourself in thrilling battles and combat 1000+ monsters head-on! Navigate your way through the map with ease, thanks to the user-friendly controls. Experience an all-new roguelite skill, offering a virtually infinite number of combinations to enhance the gameplay. The various stages are designed with varying difficulty levels, adding to the excitement of the gameplay. Play fearlessly, as you take on the role of the Brave Survivor Warrior in Shaklas Continent!
Burger Please!

Run your own burger chain, hire and upgrade staff, and expand across the country to become a thriving franchise in Burger Please!

Burger Please!Supercent
Enter the world of burger shop simulation and take charge of your own burger chain with this amazing game! In Burger Please, you have the opportunity to manage the entire business of your burger chain--from recruiting staff to expanding your shop size--with the ultimate goal of turning it into a prosperous and thriving franchise chain that spreads across the entire country! As you progress through the game, you will have loads of opportunities to enhance your capabilities while making your store management highly effective. You will also be able to establish chains of burger shops to promote your brand. To make all this possible, you will need to put in extra effort to keep your customers happy and ensure that your burger cafe runs flawlessly. ⭐️The best features of the game include⭐️ • Simple gameplay. Start playing conveniently! • Two sales window! Take orders from the counter or the DRIVE-THRU! • Elevate your HR skills by HIRING new staff and UPGRADING their skills. • Endless Expansion! Expand your chain stores in every state across the country! This game provides a speedy and straightforward gameplay experience along with easy-to-use controls and a plethora of options for the growth of your franchise, making it an ideal application for anybody who relishes simulation games and wants to experience the excitement of running a flourishing company. Regardless of whether you are an established entrepreneur or a novice entrepreneur, this app is certain to challenge and captivate you! So, if you're ready to take on the world of business, download Burger Please! now and embark on your journey to becoming the ultimate burger shop tycoon!
Car Parking Multiplayer 2

Car Parking Multiplayer 2 is a realistic driving & parking game with a variety of vehicles, environments, and advanced features such as weather and traffic AI.

Car Parking Multiplayer 2Fiasco
Car Parking Multiplayer 2 is a true-to-life driving and parking game that immerses players into the challenges of operating and parking different types of vehicles across various environments. Pick from a collection of cars, buses, and trucks that possess distinct handling characteristics. The game's physics and controls are convincingly realistic, and the array of camera angles amplifies the game's immersive quality. As a player, you will undertake various challenges in the form of levels and missions navigating city streets, cramped car parks, and narrow lanes while avoiding obstacles and other cars. The game is not limited to specific missions as players can enjoy free-roaming exploration of the game's mechanics at their own pace. In essence, Car Parking Multiplayer 2 is a must-have for both novice and expert driving and parking game lovers. The game incorporates advanced features that heighten the gaming experience. For example, the dynamic weather system, traffic AI, and day and night cycles add realism, complexity while elevating the gaming challenge. With such a comprehensive feature set, the game poses significant challenges, such as contending with differing traffic patterns brought upon by varying road conditions and weather. The game designers understand that new gamers to the genre and there is a comprehensive tutorial mode that caters to these players. The tutorial effectively teaches the fundamentals of driving and parking as well as more advanced techniques in the game. Thus players can learn and improve their skills which is paramount when venturing into the game. Just like the real world, a car's visual customization is a vital aspect in Car Parking Multiplayer 2. The game gives you the freedom to personalize your cars by picking different paint colors, rim designs, and decals. Thus, your car stands out and presents in whatever way you like, enhancing the overall gaming experience. In conclusion, If you are looking for an immersive driving and parking game with realistic graphics, a wide range of customization options, and advanced features such as dynamic weather systems, traffic AI, and day and night cycles, then Car Parking Multiplayer 2 is the ultimate game to take you through it all whether you are a seasoned player or newcomer.
Ice Scream United: Multiplayer

Ice Scream United: Multiplayer is a cooperative game where players solve puzzles to escape Rod's factory and face off against a fifth player controlling the villain.

Ice Scream United: MultiplayerKeplerians Horror Games
Unveil the latest addition to the Ice Scream franchise by Keplerians - Ice Scream United - a thrilling online collaboration game set in Rod's factory. A lightning strike has reset the security system, freeing J. and his comrades from their confinement. Work together with three other players to navigate through enthralling puzzles and escape from the factory, while a fifth player, controlling Rod, is hot on your heels to capture you. Get ready to experience: ★ Multiplayer cooperation: Real-time teamwork is the key to conquer challenges and escape the factory. ★ Villainous role-play: Step into the shoes of the antagonist - Rod, to chase and capture players. ★ Private play: Host games and invite your friends to join the fun. ★ Defend yourself: Find or create weapons to stave off Rod's pursuit. ★ Quick Reflexes: When caught, utilize precision mini-games to escape from Rod. ★ Spectator's Choice: Transform into a ghost when recaptured twice and watch the game unfold from any vantage point. ★ Ranking System: Play strategically and earn a final score, compete with other players to become the M.V.P. ★ New Take on the Storyline: Escape the factory in a novel perspective, building bonds through adversity. Team up with players worldwide to immerse yourself in the horror and excitement off the chilling Ice Scream United: Multiplayer. An engaging gaming experience guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat. For optimal gaming experience, don your headphones and set yourself to be captivated. We'd love to hear your thoughts - leave a comment below.

The classic MONOPOLY game is back with a modern twist! Play with family and friends, and explore themed boards while building, buying, and collecting properties.

Are you ready to experience the all-time classic game of MONOPOLY in a whole new way? Then hit GO and dive into MONOPOLY GO!, the revamped edition of the game that doesn't require you to flip a board. What makes this game unique is that it is designed to help you break away from reality and immerse yourself completely in the game's expanding universe. The game boasts a variety of new boards inspired by famous cities, imaginative locales, and fantastical lands. As you embark on this exciting journey, Mr. MONOPOLY, everyone's favorite zillionaire, will be your guide. Get ready to experience the traditional gameplay and visuals of MONOPOLY on your phone. Purchase different property tile sets, build homes and hotels, draw Chance Cards, and most importantly, earn the MONOPOLY cash! Choose your favorite game token such as the Racecar, Top Hat, Battleship, and more, and unlock more characters as you progress through the game. In MONOPOLY GO!, you can play with your friends and family, and your actions can either help you earn easy money through Community Chest and co-op events or hinder others from doing the same. You can also collect and trade unique Stickers with your loved ones and friends. Moreover, the game introduces new mini-games such as the Prize Drop, the Cash Grab, and a set of new events that are updated every hour, offering you endless opportunities to win big rewards. MONOPOLY GO! is free to play. Although some in-game items can be purchased for real money, the excitement and engagement are not dependent on them. To play the game, an internet connection is required. By installing this game, you agree to the terms of the license agreements. Join millions of players from around the world in this ultimate game! Enjoy that classic MONOPOLY atmosphere and let your family and friends have an unforgettable gaming experience! The MONOPOLY name and logo, the game board's distinctive design, and all the game's distinctive elements are the trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 1935, 2023 Hasbro. For more information, refer to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service. Extra information, rights, and choices are available to California Players.
Ace Racer

Ace Racer: a mobile racing game with unique ultimate skills for every car, customizable vehicles, and fast-paced 1 minute competitions.

Ace RacerNetEase Games
Introducing Ace Racer, the ultimate racing mobile game that offers a unique and innovative twist on vehicles with exceptional capabilities. Get ready to experience an array of authentic cars from well-known manufacturers such as Porsche and Nissan, as well as our own custom creations. Each vehicle is equipped with their own unique ultimate skill that will surely blow your mind. Cruise through stunning racetracks and race with ultimate skills for the ultimate thrill ride. Ace Racer boasts of several features that will keep you engaged, including unique ultimate skills for each vehicle. Flash across walls, transform while driving, and drift at high speeds – this game offers endless possibilities and allows you to make your own rules. You can also drag to your heart's content on multiple fascinating tracks from all over the world, including Shanghai, Tokyo, Nevada, California, and Los Angeles. You get to speed along beautiful scenery in famous tourist attractions whenever you want! The game also has countless collections that you can add to your garage, featuring iconic and luxurious rides such as the Porsche 911 and Nissan GT-R, along with some of our own creations. Drive over 100 authorized vehicles from well-known manufacturers worldwide and make each ride your own. Customize your vehicles with paint, decals, rims, and lights – you can even get your own license plate. Time to ride your way! Are you new to the game? No problem, Ace Racer offers fast-paced and easy-to-ride gameplay that will get you revved up in no time. Enthusiasm is all you need to drive each competition, which lasts for just one minute per round! Dig, drift, drag, and drive your way across the finish line – you own the track! But wait, there's more! You can also team up with friends and choose different positions such as Speedster. Let the unique 3v3 match system add even more thrills to your high-speed experience. Follow us on our official site or Twitter for more information about the game, and don't hesitate to contact our customer service if you have any questions. Ace Racer – racing with ultimate skills for ultimate thrills!
Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden

Explore a world of cards and dice in Voice of Cards, a touching tale by YOKO TARO, Keiichi Okabe, and Kimihiko Fujisaka, creators of NieR and Drakengard.

Voice of Cards: The Forsaken MaidenSQUARE ENIX
Explore a world of melancholic beauty like never before with Voice of Cards, a mobile game series that takes inspiration from tabletop RPGs and gamebooks. This game is brought to you by the masterminds behind the NieR and Drakengard series, YOKO TARO, Keiichi Okabe, and Kimihiko Fujisaka. The story is told entirely through a medium of cards, adding a unique and unforgettable experience to your mobile gaming journey. You'll follow the guidance of the game master as you venture through the fields, towns, and dungeons, all illustrated as cards, and make choices that could determine the outcome of events and battles. Roll the dice to overcome challenges, just like on a tabletop RPG, and let your luck guide you. Spirits inhabit the archipelago surrounded by sparkling seas. The island maidens, accompanied by their attendants, take on a vital ritual that has kept the spirits' help since time immemorial, and it is your job to help them protect the islands. Unfortunately, one of the isles has lost its maiden and cannot resist its inevitable doom. But with your help, a young seafarer can save his home and save the island from its destruction. Along the way, you'll encounter a mysterious maiden who has lost her powers and voice. With the help of a self-proclaimed spirit, you'll journey across the isles to uncover their stories and secrets. You can enjoy different standalone adventures like Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars Chapter 0, Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden, and Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden. This app is a one-time purchase, giving you complete access to the game after downloading. No additional content is required. Cosmetic in-game purchases like changes to the card's aesthetic, pieces, or BGM are available, providing customization options for a more immersive experience. Voice of Cards is supported on AndroidOS 7.0 or higher, with a minimum of 3GB RAM and Snapdragon 835 or higher CPU. Some models may not be compatible, and some terminals may not function even with the specified versions or higher. You may even find the gamemaster occasionally stumbles or requires clearing their throat, adding to the authenticity of your Tabletop RPG experience. Take your mobile gaming journey to the next level and embark on a beautiful adventure with Voice of Cards!
Slime Legion

Merge monsters, protect the forest, and defeat invading heroes in this addictive tower defense game with roguelike elements.

Slime LegionPerfeggs
Embark on a heroic journey to defend the peaceful paradise of monster forest from the wrath of evil conquerors! Transform into an invincible devil and become the sole protector of the forest's tranquility. Merge your monsters to level up their powers and create the strongest lineup to defend your castle. Annihilate the invaders and save the forest from imminent danger! Get hooked to the addictive gameplay of our merger game, which lets you merge your monsters and evolve them into the most dominant soldiers! Protect your castle with the most potent tower defense game that will keep your senses on alert. Your choices matter as you navigate through the game with roguelike skill selection. Our casual game boasts of being super fun with easy and captivating strategy gameplay that even beginners can get their hands on. Don't forget to strengthen your monsters and make them virtually invincible! With every level up and merge, your monsters will transform into soldiers of immense strength. Protect your forest from the invaders and secure your place as the ultimate devil protector!
Rumble Heroes

Rescue the kidnapped princess by recruiting legendary heroes, rebuilding your village, battling monsters, and collecting treasure in this fast-paced hack-and-slash RPG.

Rumble HeroesPlayHard.Lab
Embark on an adventure to save the only princess of the kingdom who has been taken captive by the dark knights. The fate of the princess lies in your hands! Begin by reconstructing the village from scratch. Gather wood, mine ore, and construct buildings to make the village better. You have the opportunity to enlist new heroes from the pub. Hire and train legendary heroes who have a variety of fighting skills, and prepare for the task ahead. In vast open areas, uncover treasure, resources and different monsters. The dungeon is home to numerous monsters, but with the help of your trained heroes, you can wipe them out. Say goodbye to RPGs that are time-consuming and complicated to navigate. You can easily move several heroes at once with just one hand. Join in on the fun, quick-paced hack-and-slash battles with simple controls! - Perform all actions with just one hand! - Discover various resources such as wood, ore, and meat out in the open field. - Raise adorable and uncommon characters. - Attempt to complete the dungeon and earn legendary equipment. - Set up camp anywhere you please and start your adventure!
Whiteout Survival

Guide the last city through a glacial apocalypse in Whiteout Survival. Upgrade the furnace, assign jobs, and conquer the ice field.

Whiteout SurvivalCentury Games Pte. Ltd.
Get ready to face thrilling and challenging gameplay in Whiteout Survival, a mobile strategy game that revolves around a glacial apocalypse. After a catastrophic drop in temperature, humanity is struggling to survive the icy conditions and the new threats that come with it, such as blizzards, wild beasts, and hostile bandits. As the leader of the last city, it's your job to ensure that your survivors adapt to the new environment and rebuild civilization before it's too late. Upgrade your furnace to keep the cold at bay and ensure the survival of your people. Assign specialized roles to your survivors - such as hunter, cook, and woodcutter - and monitor their wellbeing to prevent any illness from spreading. Use edicts to rebuild civilization and expand your territory in this hostile environment. Use strategy to win in Whiteout Survival. You must fight for each and every resource you encounter and come out victorious against predators and other opposing leaders. Fight for supremacy against millions of players from around the world, stake your claim to the throne, and dominate the frozen wasteland with your alliance at your side. Recruit heroes for their unique traits and abilities, which are crucial in battling against the frost. Compete with other chiefs to win rare items and gain infinite glory. And rebuild a technology system from scratch, to become the ruler of the world. Whiteout Survival is a free-to-play game that you can enjoy without spending a dime. But, if you want to speed up your progress, you can purchase in-game items with real money. Learn more about the game by visiting our Facebook page at the link below. Brace yourself and learn to survive in this world of ice.
MLB Tap Baseball 2023

Build your MLB dynasty with the latest addition to the Tap Sports Baseball franchise. Play with current and all-time greats, travel to authentic ballparks, and dominate in Club Events.

MLB Tap Baseball 2023Electronic Arts
Experience the thrill of America's favorite pastime with MLB Tap Baseball 2023 from EA SPORTS™, the latest addition to the well-known Tap Sports™ Baseball franchise. Step up to the plate and create a dynasty with the hottest baseball players of today and some of the all-time greats! EA SPORTS brings you an immersive MLB experience with Tap Baseball, now available on your mobile device. Manage your dream team of authentic MLB players from the most updated rosters and play on real ballparks. Immerse yourself in nine innings of captivating baseball action and power up your team to climb up the leaderboard! Keep an eye on the ball and swing away with stress-free controls - keep in mind though, three strikes and you're out! Discover what's new in TSB23 with exciting additions: • New JOURNEYS: Play legendary games with the best of MLB! • PLAYOFFS are BACK – prove your skills and level up! • More MOMENTS – new slots equal more strategic gameplay! • Improved GRAPHICS – realistic stadiums and crowds enhance the experience! • CONNECT your TSB account to import your favorite TSB22 players! Over 60 MILLION franchise downloads and counting! With EA SPORTS, you get the complete MLB experience: • AUTHENTIC MLB in every way – 2022 MLB Teams, MLBPA Players, and MLB Ballparks. • COLLECT MLB players – From current superstars to the all-time legends. • TEAM UP with baseball enthusiasts to dominate Club Events and reap the rewards. • PLAY ALL DAY with numerous gameplay modes: master batting and pitching to rule the diamond! • ALWAYS FRESH with content and challenges based on the unfolding events of the MLB season. Live-op events based on what’s happening in real-time! BUILD YOUR TEAM and draft your lineup: • CREATE your custom player and add them to your team. Will they be the X-Factor? • TEAM UP with fellow baseball fans to take on Club Events and reap the rewards. • COLLECT classic MOMENTS from baseball history to elevate your gameplay to the next level. Start building your all-star team and creating an MLB dynasty in EA SPORTS MLB TAP SPORTS BASEBALL 2023. By downloading this app, you agree to EA's Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. An internet connection is required, and network fees may apply. The app includes in-game advertising and collects data through third-party ad-serving and analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). It includes direct links to the internet and social networking sites designed for those aged 13 and over. Players can communicate and the game includes optional in-game purchases and subscriptions. Subscriptions automatically renew, but can be canceled within the Google Play subscription center, at least 24 hours before the current subscription period ends. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions any time. The app uses Google Play Game Services, allowing you to log out of Game Services before installation if you do not want to share your gameplay with friends. For assistance or inquiries, visit View our privacy policy and terms of use on, and EA may retire online features after 30 days' notice posted on Finally, please don't sell your personal information:
Brotato: Premium

Play as Brotato and wield up to 6 weapons to fight hordes of aliens. Customize runs with characters, items, and survival tactics.

Brotato: PremiumErabit Studios
In this top-down arena shooter roguelite game, you take on the role of Brotato, the last surviving potato who must fend off waves of alien attackers using up to six weapons at once. The game offers a variety of traits and items to choose from, which allows players to create unique builds and increase their chances of survival until they are rescued. Brotato's world is a perilous environment, and players must be alert and strategic to overcome the incoming threats. The game features a default auto-firing mode for weapons, but also has a manual aiming option for those looking for more precision. Runs are designed to be fast (under 30 minutes), and there are dozens of characters available to customize your gameplay experience, such as one-handed, crazy, lucky mage and more. Additionally, there are over hundreds of items and weapons to choose from, including flamethrowers, SMGs, rocket launchers, and even basic weapons like sticks and stones. To survive, players must defeat alien waves lasting between 20 to 90 seconds, and kill off as many enemies as possible within that limited timeframe. The game also incorporates a collecting system where players receive materials that offer experience points. These points can be used to buy items from the in-game shop between waves. Please note that although you can play offline, cloud storage is only available while playing online. Any progress made offline will not be uploaded to the cloud. Get in touch with the game's developers on their Discord channel @Erabit or via their Twitter @erabit_studios, Facebook @Brotato, or through email at
Elemental World

Fascinating action RPG with randomized worlds, rogue-like gameplay, and pixel art graphics. Master the elements, improve skills, and defeat hordes of monsters.

Elemental WorldJuly Hot
Experience the ultimate adventure with this captivating pixelated RPG, enriched with rogue elements, and stunning graphics. Traverse through a variety of randomized worlds, combining different elements and casting powerful spells that will assist you in fighting against the hordes of monstrous creatures. Explore the environment and hone your skills in the quest to uncover the secrets of the Elemental World. Choose to play as the ingenious Mage, the adept Hunter, or the skillful Ronin and fight against an endless horde of foes. In this exciting game, each experience is unique with its randomized worlds and challenging rogue-like elements that will push your abilities to the edge. Master the elements and create up to three different combinations of elements from a total of six, resulting in devastating and explosive spells that will leave your enemies in awe. Scroll through spell books to learn new abilities and unleash them with ease using the smooth dual joystick controls. Utilize your quick reflexes in combination with your intelligence to take advantage of the environment. Burn grass, freeze puddles, and blow barrels using high-level strategies. Discover hidden passages, uncharted territories, and obscure treasures. Unveil the weaknesses of endless monsters and tough bosses and solve the mysteries of these intricate worlds. Experience a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the great pixel art graphics and be enchanted by the immersive music that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Challenge your friends to an epic brawl or team up in thrilling co-op games. Embark on an unforgettable journey, filled with mystery and magic. Join the fight against dark enemies and conquer the Elemental World in this fantastic action-adventure RPG.
Golden Tee Golf

Classic arcade golf game, Golden Tee, can now be played on your phone. Customize golf gear, compete in daily challenges and multiplayer battles, and upgrade equipment.

Golden Tee GolfIncredible Technologies, Inc.
Experience the golfing phenomenon that has attracted over 20 million players worldwide for three decades, now on your mobile device – Golden Tee Golf. With challenging snowy mountain peaks and diverse game modes, including multiplayer golf battles and daily challenges, Golden Tee Golf offers an authentic and immersive golfing experience. From contests for amazing prizes to customizable golf equipment, including specialized golf balls and a wide range of clothing styles, Golden Tee Golf has it all. With intricate, nerve-wracking golf courses and trademark arcade gameplay that puts you in total control, you can make quick and smooth shots as if they were buttered lightning. Golden Tee Golf offers detailed golfing game experiences by letting you choose your golf club, customize your golfer, select tees, and monitor weather and field conditions. You are in control of your golfing experience with a swipe of your finger. Challenge yourself with Campaign mode, Daily 9 mode, and Challenge mode tournaments, or enjoy multiplayer contests with friends through the Contest mode. Use the Premium Golf Balls and Tees to give yourself an edge and upgrade your golfing equipment for better scores and higher standings. Take control of your Golden Tee Box and immerse yourself in the world of Golden Tee Golf tournaments, competitions, and contests. Download Golden Tee Golf now, and enjoy the authentic arcade golfing experience on your mobile device.
Five Nights at Old Toy Factory

Survive a night shift guarding an old toy factory, fight off LIVE toys using four weapons. Features classic looks and easy controls.

Five Nights at Old Toy FactoryPoison Games
Are you brave enough to handle working as a night guard at the old toy factory with the strange nocturnal occurrences? Your mission is to explore the building and find clues to unravel the mystery. The shift starts at midnight and it goes on until 6 am. Your ultimate goal is to stay alive! Seems like a simple task? Think again. This game features four nightmarish live toys that will terrify even the bravest soul. The game also offers various weapons such as a bottle, lead pipe, hammer, and a Glock 17 for ranged attacks. The Classic graphics and gameplay by Posion Games give it a nostalgic and eerie atmosphere. Do you have what it takes to survive until morning? The controls are easy, but the gameplay is challenging. Can you take the fear and survive the night?
American Marksman

Experience the ultimate outdoor adventure in American Marksman; hunt gamers, explore landscapes, and buy land for a unique gameplay. Intense and realistic graphics.

American MarksmanBattle Creek Games
Get ready to embark on a thrilling outdoor adventure game with American Marksman - a game that promises to take you on a journey of a lifetime! With vast and open landscapes at your disposal, you can now modify the terrain and personalize your hunting experience according to your preferences. Join hands with other players and hunt together in the multiplayer mode or take a break and engage in roleplay with your friends. Venture out into the wilderness, set up camp and go off-roading to explore the destination. The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor adventures! With American Marksman, you can purchase your own land in different regions across the nation and invite your friends to join you on your escapades. The graphics are alluring, realistic and the gameplay is truly intense, making you feel like you are actually experiencing the outdoor life in front of you. So, what are you waiting for? Get exploring with American Marksman to experience a gaming adventure like no other!
Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse

Explore a vast open world RPG. Survive by gathering, crafting, and upgrading your special forces team with powerful weapons and support. Join Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse now.

Bad 2 Bad: ApocalypseDAWINSTONE
◆ Disclaimers The game developers will not be responsible for any data lost as a result of uninstallation or device switches. Kindly take extra precautions to safeguard your data before changing devices or reinstalling this game. ◆ Features + A Vast and Open World RPG awaits your exploration! + Enjoy exploration, gathering, fishing, and crafting as you strive to survive! + Discover an array of items and weapons, over three times greater than that in the previous game + More detailed character customization and appearances are available! + Discover over 60 maps and regions - an adventure unlike any other! + Engage in Worldwide Missions that spanning the globe + Create and upgrade your team of special force operatives + Access to Artillery Support, Air Support, and Powerful Drones! + Climb into and engage in combat with "Battle Armor" + Experience the game with advanced graphics and upgraded systems ■ About “Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse” “Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse” is the follow-up to both “Bad 2 Bad: Delta” and “Extinction,” featuring a more extensive world and richer content. In Apocalypse, the Delta Team, led by Major Pan, sets out to save and rebuild a world laid low by the Human Forces virus. Join Delta Team's journey from survival to rebuilding a new world. ■ Rebuild and Survive Survive by exploring, gathering, fishing, crafting, upgrading your base camp, and crafting equipment fit for defeating virus-infected Wilders and powerful enemy forces to rebuild the world. ■ Improved Customization Enjoy more detailed customization through weapon remodeling and character appearances. Accessory items have been added, including Night Vision to provide more customization options compared to previous games. ■ Your Own Special Forces Apocalypse boasts a more powerful customization and squad system, allowing for flexibility in changing tactics to suit any situation. Tactical changes and the importance of each squad member are pivotal to your success in Apocalypse. ■ Powerful Support Weapons In addition to the powerful tactical weapon, "Battle Armor", which you can climb into and use in battle, your squad can also enjoy Artillery support from self-propelled artilleries, air support from attack helicopters, and combat drones. ◆ Dawinstone E-Mail: ◆ Dawinstone Facebook:

Explore an open world full of supernatural horror in Mistfall, battling epic bosses, solving puzzles and uncovering a variety of stories.

Immerse yourself in a fascinating and mysterious adventure with an intricate plotline as you tackle challenging tasks and unravel eldritch puzzles while engaging in thrilling gunfire combat and bullet hell. Prepare for the unexpected as you navigate through a dark and supernatural open world filled with horror. Access the Beta Version and Uncover Riddles Explore a vast and varied range of locations, dimensions, and worlds, such as misty forests, ancient vampire castles, haunted graveyards, remote mines, a plague village, impressive manors, and a lighthouse by the shore. Discover the truth behind strange happenings, but beware of losing your sanity along the way. Follow the clues carefully and don't get trapped in your own mind. Ambush, Snipe & Free Fire - Explore All Battle Modes Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown against ancient creatures. Track down epic bosses, conquer different monsters, ghosts, and other terrifying creatures, and use your weapons and attack strategies wisely. With an infinite variety of combat options and levels, you will experience intense crossfire warfare. How long can you survive on your own? A Deep RPG Experience You're not alone in this fight. Gather a team of agents to accompany you on your expedition. Boost their powers and combat levels by equipping them with gear and using them in battles. Simple & Beginner-Friendly Controls Take advantage of free movement on a vast open map, and enjoy smooth firing and aiming controls that provide the easiest and quickest way to eliminate your opponents. Supported by stunning virtual graphics, you'll become fully immersed in the ultimate realistic universe. Your team is ready, your weapons are loaded, your warframes are on, so what's keeping you? Answer the call to action, because this is only the beginning, and your mission won't end until all containment breaches are restored! PLEASE NOTE You must be connected to the network to play. Mistfall is available on a free-to-play basis. However, some in-app items may be bought for real money. These purchases can be disabled in your device's settings. By downloading this app, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use. Privacy Policy: Terms Of Use: For updates, reward events, and more, follow us on Facebook! Twitter: Discord: Contact:
Pucca Puzzle Adventure

Join Pucca and her friends in a puzzle RPG adventure to save the Earth from evil cosmic villain Dong King.

Pucca Puzzle AdventureTakeOne Company
Embark on an epic Puzzle RPG Adventure with the charming Pucca in this unique gaming experience! Three years ago, Earth was invaded by the infamous cosmic villain, Dong King, who spread his mind-controlling, low-quality food to gain control over the people. However, with the help of the Giant Dragon Express chefs, Pucca and her friends were able to drive away Dong King's army from Suga Island, Pucca's home. But, after barely surviving the defeat, Dong King found particle stones and particle elements which allowed him to regain control and clone lifeforms. With his new-found power, Dong King returns to Earth and captures all Pucca's friends. It's now up to you to join Pucca's journey and save the Earth and her friends! Get ready to explore different dimensions, stop Dong King's evil plans and enjoy the core main mode - Adventure Mode with Pucca! Plus, indulge in over 100 stages of classic match 3 puzzles starring the captain of the flying pirate ship in the "Match and Solve Puzzle Quest." Moreover, participate in the Breakthrough Mode to raid against vicious bosses, or test your limits in Challenge Mode. Don't forget to develop and decorate your village by collecting Village Coins and earning rewards after clearing Adventure Mode. Experience the lovable and quirky characters of Pucca Puzzle Adventure, including Pucca, Garu, Dong King, and his army of minions. Build the perfect team by enhancing characters and balancing their elements! However, please note that this game offers in-app purchases. The terms and conditions related to the use of this game can be found in the Takeone Mobile Game Service Terms and Conditions. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey alongside Pucca and friends!
Sunshine Island

Build, explore and adventure on a tropical island paradise, meet characters, care for animals, play with friends, and create the vacation of your dreams in Sunshine Island.

Sunshine IslandGoodgame Studios
Experience the thrill of building your tropical paradise in Sunshine Island, the ultimate island-building tycoon game. With its vast expanse of lush greenery and clear water, you can turn this island into a utopia that you've always dreamt of. Cultivate your own thriving tropical village from scratch, while receiving your favorite exotic fruits and vegetables in harvest. Venturing out to the unexplored areas, you can discover and collect rare resources on your expeditions to other islands. In Sunshine Island, you can make friends and play with your fellow islanders. By joining a guild, you can compete against other guilds and players with your team. You can also meet and have conversations with the quirky characters residing in the region, learn about their stories, and bond with them. If you're an animal lover, why not raise friendly farm animals like cows, pigs, goats, chickens, horses, and other furry companions to decorate your village and give them the love and attention they deserve. This game allows you to build, explore, and have fun without any charges! You can choose to disable in-app purchases using your device settings. However, an Internet connection will be required to play. Check out the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and imprint of the game developer at the given link:
Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, a graphic novel-style adventure, follows unsung heroes in World War I's Western Front. Available only on Netflix.

Valiant Hearts: Coming HomeNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively available for Netflix members, emerge yourself in the world of World War I and become a hero who solves puzzles, flies above chaos, and heals the wounded in Valiant Hearts: Coming Home. This game is the second part of the BAFTA Award-winning game Valiant Hearts: The Great War. The game tells the story of two brothers' fight for survival during the war, with their journey intertwined with other new heroes. With an animated graphic novel-style adventure, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home gives you a truly unique and emotionally touching experience. The game lets you play as four unsung heroes, each with their own destiny, all trying to survive the horrors of the trenches. They all have a faithful canine companion to help them on their journey. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home offers a mix of exploration, action, and puzzle-solving as you progress through the story. From sneaking through enemy lines to playing music and flying above the chaos, each character has their own unique abilities to help you survive the Great War. Relive the historical events of World War I as you visit historical locations and battles. Emerge from the sea into the middle of the Jutland naval battle, relive the Meuse-Argonne offensive and experience the long-awaited relief of the Armistice. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home provides a fictional story that is mixed with facts and authentic pictures, providing players with information about key events during these tumultuous times. Special attention is paid to the Harlem Hellfighters. Developed by Ubisoft and Old Skull Games, this interactive game resonates with those who enjoy emotionally driven storytelling. By investing your time in Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, you will be transported back in time and learn about the realities of life during World War I in an entertaining and impressive way.
Static Shift Racing

Customize your car with an endless supply of upgrades and race against real rivals in a vast open world. Will you become the King of underground racing?

Static Shift RacingTimbo Jimbo
Are you ready to show your racing skills on the streets? Static Shift Racing is the perfect game for you. Get your dream car and customize it with endless options to stand out from the rest CUSTOMIZE YOUR CAR Static Shift Racing offers in-depth customization options, from unique modifications like bumpers, hoods, and spoilers to a personalized paint job. Make your car your own by adjusting suspension and camber for better performance and a killer look. OPEN WORLD RACING Static Nation is a vast and open world for you to explore. With multiple thriving districts, you will enjoy a unique racing experience. Immerse yourself in the game and choose your preferred racing landscape, including urban highways, dirty industrial zones, and forested mountain passes. With news on additional districts in the pipeline, stay tuned for more fun. COMPETE AGAINST REAL DRIVERS Put your skills to the test and win against real drivers in a series of electrifying races. You have a range of race types to choose from, including Circuit Races, Sprint Races, Drift Sprints, Drift Attack, and Marker Hunt. Are you ready to compete and win against other players? VARIOUS GAME CHALLENGES Static Shift Racing offers fun game challenges across the world, allowing you to showcase your driving abilities. Take on drift-based challenges or time trials and earn amazing rewards. With a unique blend of activities, you are sure to stay entertained. GROWING CAR LIST With a constantly expanding car list, Static Shift Racing unlocks legendary cars from the 80s and 90s. Each car has several customization options, allowing you to build an exceptional vehicle. Stay tuned for more cars to be added to the game and take your racing adventure to the next level. GORGEOUS GRAPHICS Static Shift Racing delivers stunning graphics that bring an unrivaled mobile gaming experience. Drift, drive, and race through a meticulous world and enjoy true-to-life car visuals on your mobile device. CONTROLLER SUPPORT Static Shift Racing supports controllers. Use your controller to dominate your rivals- connect it and get your game on. Note that the controller won't operate in the menu screen, only driving. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate underground street racing champion? Find out by downloading Static Shift Racing for free today. Follow Static Shift Racing on all social media platforms, including Tiktok (@staticshiftracing), Instagram (@staticshiftracing), YouTube (@staticshiftracing), Twitter (@PlayStaticShift), and Facebook (@staticshiftracing) for the latest news and updates.
Pacifix War Iwo Jima

Pacifix War": Modern tactical FPS with up to 40 players in team-based multiplayer, including tanks, artillery, and drones. Realistic combat in stunning, immersive environments.

Pacifix War Iwo JimaTornado Studio
Welcome to "Pacifix War" - the ultimate tactical first-person shooter game that promises to immerse you in the breathtaking Pacific War! As you enter the game, prepare yourself for intense multiplayer battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Equip yourself with a vast arsenal of weapons, deploy vehicles, and use tanks, artillery, and other resources to gain an advantage against your enemy. Your battlefield awaits! Join forces with up to 40 players in two core game modes and engage in team-based multiplayer online battles. Tactical Ops (20 vs. 20) mode takes you on fast-paced skirmishes where every shot and kill counts towards winning. Your team's quick strategizing and firepower will take you to victory. Are you ready to fight with every weapon at your disposal? As a down-to-earth infantryman, you'll drive tanks and vehicles, use artillery, and fight the enemy to the fullest. Choose from an extensive arsenal of vehicles, tools, drones, artillery, and air strike support to pave your way to success. Our game offers you unmatched customizability options. Select the perfect gear that suits your battle style, and customize your build with hundreds of weapon components and skins. Your vehicles, tactical gear, and uniforms can be personalized to create your unique identity on the battlefield. The real-world geography and incredible in-game detailing will amaze you and make you feel like you are fighting a real war. Our advanced ballistics, full body awareness, and vehicle physics features add an extra layer of realism, making every shot feel gripping and authentic. Get ready to experience the Pacific War like never before. Play as a soldier, lead your team to victory, and become a hero. Join "Pacifix War" now, and get ready for the ultimate combat experience!
Game of Empires: Warring Realms

Choose a civilization, establish your empire, recruit historical legends, engage in real-time battles, and expand your territory in Game of Empires.

Game of Empires: Warring RealmsEraTraveler Studio
Do you enjoy spending your nights strategizing your next moves and researching historical events? Have you ever envisioned yourself building an empire that lasts through the ages? If so, Game of Empires is the perfect game for you! In this game, you get to choose a civilization and explore a vast world full of ancient civilizations. Your goal is to establish an empire and embark on a quest to discover the mythical city of Atlantis, all while experiencing thrilling, multi-layered stories. Game of Empires offers a wide range of gameplay options. You can choose to create alliances with other civilizations to achieve diplomatic success, or you can expand your empire ruthlessly through military conquest. However you play the game, you will have the chance to change the course of history forever. At the beginning of your journey in Game of Empires, you can select the civilization you want to lead. Each civilization comes with its own unique buildings, soldier types, and bonuses. To succeed, you will need to establish your empire by recruiting villagers, farming, conducting research, and defending your territory from barbarians. As you progress in the game, you have the chance to recruit famous historical figures such as Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Joan of Arc, each of whom has their own unique abilities and strengths. You will be able to engage in epic campaigns that take you back in time, allowing you to relive the stories of legendary figures and learn from their tactical decisions. Game of Empires also features real-time battles that will put your tactical skills to the test. You'll need to make the right decisions and take advantage of the terrain and weaknesses of your enemies if you hope to emerge victorious. If you have what it takes to conquer the world's wonders, dominate the seas, and achieve ultimate power, Game of Empires is the perfect game for you. You'll enjoy endless hours of gameplay, expanding your territory into plains, mountains, and high seas. With the ability to form alliances with other civilizations, you can build a powerful, unstoppable empire that will stand the test of time. Join the official Game of Empires community on Facebook and Discord to connect with other players, share strategies, and discover new tips and tricks. Don't wait, start building your empire today!
A Good Snowman is Hard to Build

Play as a monster and create snowmen in puzzles filled with award-winning graphics and puzzles.

A Good Snowman is Hard to BuildDraknek
In A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build, players embody a fictional creature who is challenged to create endearing snowmen while overcoming difficulties. This puzzle game boasts of captivating graphics designed by Benjamin Davis, the creative force behind Cosmic Express and Sushi Snake. Meanwhile, the original and charming soundtrack is brought to life by Priscilla Snow, known for her works in Voyageur and The Silence Under Your Bed. Tackling the puzzles won't be a bore as they came from the skilled craftsmanship of Alan Hazelden, who is responsible for the compelling puzzles in Cosmic Express and Sokobond. Unlike many other mobile games today, A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build won't interrupt the gameplay with in-app purchases or advertisements. The game has received several accolades including being listed as one of the top 10 apps of 2016 by TIME Magazine and receiving the Best Character Design award during Intel Level Up 2014. It was also selected as an official entry in various gaming events such as Develop Indie Showcase 2014, Screenshake 2015, BAFTA Inside Games Arcade 2015, Different Games Arcade 2015, and Fantastic Arcade 2015.

Spy on tenants in oppressive, dystopian society. Make morally challenging decisions that shape story with multiple endings. Available on mobile.

BeholderCreative Mobile
Step into a dystopian future where the government is a totalitarian State with complete control over its citizen's lives. The laws are stringent, citizens are under constant surveillance and privacy is non-existent. You are the manager of an apartment building, entrusted with the task of ensuring that tenants have a comfortable living space. However, that's only a facade, your real mission is to spy on your tenants for the State. In Beholder, players must strike a balance between moral responsibility and serving the State. You need to bug your tenant's apartments while they're away and observe their conversations to uncover any threats to the State's authority. You are required to notify your superiors of any tenants who violate laws or plot against the State. This game is all about making choices, and every decision you make has a profound impact on the story's direction. Should you report a father for his subversive activities and orphan his children? Or should you use the information to blackmail him and improve your family's financial situation? Not only must you make difficult decisions, but in Beholder, people aren't just objects. Each character you encounter is well-developed, with a unique past and present. Beholder is a game of multiple endings, and each choice you make determines your outcome. The Blissful Sleep additional story is also available for players to purchase, which introduces new characters with compelling backstories to uncover. Beholder features 3D Touch, allowing players to interact with characters using force touch. Additionally, players can sync their game across their devices using Cloud technology. Join the Beholder community on social media and meet other fans of the game. Please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before you start playing.
Pocket Arcade Story

Create your ultimate arcade in this simulation game, complete with fighting game tournaments and customizable machines for hours of fun.

Pocket Arcade StoryKairosoft
Introducing a new contestant - the arcade simulation game you've been anticipating! Create your very own gaming paradise overflowing with a myriad of game machines and much more! If some of your clients turn into regulars, you can put their abilities to the test in fighting game tournaments. Overwhelm the competition with eccentric combinations and knock out your adversaries with a barrage of strikes! Emerging victorious from the competition will attract more and more clients to swarm into your arcade. You can adjust and modify your arcade extensively, featuring everything from racing games and photo booths to dance games and food stands. Even your crane games' claws' strength and coin earning rates are within your reach. Exploit all of these features and personalize to your heart's desire! Can you design a top-notch arcade that meets all the right criteria and possesses all the correct features? -- All game progression is saved on your device. Save data is incapable of being transferred from one device to another or recovered after uninstalling or deleting the app. If the screen goes black and freezes, attempt to turn off your device and restart the game. Look up "Kairosoft" to explore all of our games or visit us at Remember to investigate both our free-to-play and our paid games!
Subway Surfers

Escape the grumpy Inspector and his dog! Run, dodge trains, grind trains, and surf on a hoverboard while performing lightning-fast swipe acrobatics.

Subway SurfersSYBO Games
Experience an adrenaline-packed adventure in this game by putting your speed and reflexes to the test. Race against time as you DASH forward as quickly as possible, while avoiding the oncoming trains. Assist Jake, Tricky, and Fresh in their escape attempt from the grouchy Inspector and his furry companion. Grind trains with your gang of cool characters and enjoy the vibrant and vivid High Definition graphics. Take advantage of the Hoverboard feature, and surf through the levels in style. Equip yourself with the Paint-powered jetpack and be prepared for an action-packed experience. Swiftly perform swipe acrobatics and challenge your friends in this exciting game. It's time to be daring, join the chase and escape the clutches of the Inspector. This Universal App offers HDR optimized graphics to enhance your gaming experience. Originally co-developed by SYBO and Kiloo, this game is sure to provide electrifying entertainment.
Super Arcade Football

Play fast-paced football with dynamic modifiers, local and online multiplayer, and a story mode where you manage Balarm F.C. in Super Arcade Football.

Super Arcade FootballOutOfTheBit Ltd
Super Arcade Football is an exhilarating soccer game that will leave you breathless. Its user-friendly controls make it easy for anyone to play, with the added benefit of both online and local multiplayer options, wild modifiers, and more. Each match is sure to captivate you from start to finish. Join Martin on his journey to rescue his favourite team, Balarm F.C., from bankruptcy in Story Mode. Along the way, you will encounter a cast of intriguing characters. With the broad array of modifiers available in Super Arcade Football, you can make the goals taller, muddy the field, or even experience meteors falling from the sky! Almost anything is possible! Play against your friends or random opponents over the internet with the Online Multiplayer feature. Barry Leitch, the, creator of soundtracks for Top Gear SNES, Horizon Chase Turbo, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, has produced an incredible soundtrack tailored exclusively to Super Arcade Football! Configure your tactics to be more attack-oriented or defence-oriented based on the game's progression. If one of your players is injured or underperforming, you can also make substitutions.
Lovecraft's Untold Stories

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an action-packed RPG, featuring a randomly generated gameplay experience, based on H.P. Lovecraft’s supernatural realm. Choose from 5 unique characters and enjoy immersive gameplay that entails investigating secret locations, solving puzzles, and fighting hundreds of otherworldly monsters. Watch out for madness!

Lovecraft's Untold StoriesLLC Blini Games
Lovecraft's Untold Stories is an engrossing action-packed RPG game with roguelike elements. You are immersed in an eerie world where you dive deep into randomly generated levels based on H.P. Lovecraft's books. Here, you face sinister looking cultists, and monstrous creatures from the Mythos, while constantly upgrading your equipment and weaponry, solving tricky puzzles and challenges, and exploring the world to collect clues and knowledge to defeat the almighty Great Old Ones and Outer Gods. Discover the thrilling cosmic horror twisted from Lovecraft's masterpieces in breathtaking detail with every character. Each character embarks on an intricate investigation that carries them through a myriad of creepy locations like the Victorian mansion, the hospital filled with illicit experimentation passages, the jungle where forgotten rituals take place, and many others. As the levels are randomly generated, no two gaming experiences are ever the same. Moreover, these levels also alter according to the character you are playing; hence, the story alters significantly with each character, keeping you on your toes throughout the game. You get to choose from five characters to play, each with their unique fighting style and storylines - a private detective, a witch, a thief, a professor, and even a ghoul each possessing distinctive weapons, stats, and styles of combat - making each playthrough refreshing and exciting. The Detective takes a balanced approach with average health and stamina. The Professor specializes in ranged combat and has a much lower health bar, but compensates for it with a special shield provided by his weapon, the Tillinghast. The Witch inflicts massive damage and comes with teleport abilities, elemental shields of fire and ice, but has a significantly lower health bar. The Thief excels in melee combat and maximizes her damage while using stealth to her advantage. The ghoul is a melee specialist who can regenerate its health quickly and inflict heavy damage, but cannot use medkits. With hundreds of different monsters from the Cthulhu Mythos to fight, you must explore every inch of the Lovecraftian world's mysteries to progress. You encounter Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Dagon, Shub-Niggurath, and Azathoth in special levels - facing them head-on or encountering them passively through the story. Explore spooky locations to uncover secret levels and vital knowledge about the Great Old Ones to have any chance at stopping them. The concept of the game is based on understanding the Mythos to comprehend them quickly and engage them in fights. The more you know, the better your combat chances. You must also keep your mental health in check since the game includes some decision-making by the player in the story. If you make wrong choices, your sanity will reduce, leading to the character's demise eventually. With over 1000 different items like weapons, artifacts, and gadgets, collecting and upgrading these items is a crucial feature of the game, adding more depth to Lovecraft's Untold Stories.
Old Man's Journey

An emotional adventure with stunning hand-drawn landscapes, pressure-free puzzles, and an original soundtrack. Winner of 17 International Awards.

Old Man's JourneyBroken Rules Interactive Media GmbH
Embark on a profound journey through life's precious moments, failed dreams, and altered plans in this captivating adventure. The title has garnered a multitude of accolades, including recognition from the Google Play and Emotional Game Award in the United States and France, respectively. The game has also received honors such as the Innovation Award in Brazil and the Best Art Award in Japan. The story's evocative tale is conveyed solely through awe-inspiring imagery. Its striking hand-drawn art and animations create stunningly mystical landscapes that will transport players to another realm. This wonderland is further enhanced by custom-made, stress-free challenges that are designed to fit perfectly within the whimsical world. The gameplay offers a distinctive mechanic that results in terrain generation and adds yet another layer of immersion to this enchanting escapade. This carefully crafted experience is the ideal elixir for those seeking a journey that evokes the freedom of travel and discovery. The SCNTFC sound design for the game is an original piece and emotionally charged, adding another notch of magic to the game experience. It seamlessly melds in with the game's narrative. TouchArcade describes the experience as "a stunning adventure," while The Guardian notes that the game "is a pure delight to play and observe." Polygon hailed it as "a fantastical poem immersed in dreamy landscapes." Get lost in this dazzling adventure and experience an unforgettable journey of the soul.
Egypt: Old Kingdom

Lead Ancient Egypt to prosperity in Egypt: Old Kingdom. Build Memphis, conquer enemies, construct pyramids, and please the mighty gods.

Egypt: Old Kingdomclarusvictoria
Embark on a journey to ancient Egypt and uncover its historical past in all its glory with Egypt: Old Kingdom, now available on GooglePlay. You can play the first 53 turns for free or upgrade to the full version and experience the robust gameplay that this game has to offer. Manage and develop the ancient capital of Egypt, Memphis, as you navigate through this ancient society simulator. Keep your city replenished with resources while interacting with both friendly and hostile neighboring factions, expanding your state and even sending expeditions to faraway lands. The mighty Gods of Egypt are watching over the kingdom and guiding your every step as you pave the way to prosperity for your Old Kingdom. Show them gratitude and respect, and they will lead you towards success in this epic journey across one of the oldest civilizations. The game is not tied to an online connection, so you're free to immerse yourself fully in the sweeping landscapes of ancient Egypt, without any hiccups in the way. Experience the full glory of the PC version as this mobile version packs all the campaigns and modes, including construction of pyramids, choosing the design, and materials wisely. This process requires monumental investments, but it's also the only way to keep peace and order in the country. You'll lead the construction of these great pyramids as you make important political decisions that will define the future of the kingdom. Take charge of one of the incarnations of the great Horus, side by side with the pharaohs, as Seth unleashes disasters upon the lands of Ancient Egypt. The game is based on real history, set in Memphis during the time of the first six dynasties of pharaohs, 3500-2140 years B.C. The knowledge you gain will be the key to unify the country and make it a prosperous kingdom, which later will have to face the havoc of the First Intermediate Period. Explore the ancient maps and build a stable economy to erect the Great Pyramids. As you progress through the game and overcome different crises, discover new technologies and worship the gods. The game is designed to imitate the intricacies of ancient society, and in doing so, will provide a challenging yet immersive experience. Will you be able to play your part in unifying Lower and Upper Egypt, expanding the borders and uplifting the society to its full potential?
Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness - Episode Three

Solve the supernatural mystery and stop evil Doctor's plan with Tycho and Jonathan in this optimized mobile version including DLC, fanfiction, and intuitive touch controls.

Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness - Episode ThreeTinkerHouse Games
Embark on a thrilling adventure with Tycho Ephemerous Brahe, an expert in Apocalyptic Studies turned sleuth, and his human partner Jonathan Gabriel to unravel the mystery of a cunning and malevolent Doctor, inexplicable thefts, a powerful and enigmatic supernatural manuscript, and other sinister forces that threaten to push them to the brink of chaos and destruction. New Arcadia, as well as the very fabric of reality as we know it, hangs in the balance. With this new mobile-optimized version of the game, enjoy the same captivating storyline and gameplay that made it a hit on Steam and Xbox, plus a number of exciting new features: the Seamstress DLC and Fanfiction packs come with the game, touch-enabled menus and enemy selection make it a breeze to play, and the UI has been tweaked to make the most of your screen space. Choose between a Fixed D-Pad and a Floating Swipe D-Pad based on your preference. And there's more to come! Stay tuned for additional free content updates that will enhance your gaming experience and keep you coming back for more. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of intrigue, action, and adventure unlike any other in Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness!
Idle Arcade Tycoon

Build and manage your own arcade empire, upgrade facilities, and add classic mini-games in Idle Arcade Tycoon.

Idle Arcade TycoonTripoly Games
Start your journey to become the ultimate arcade game tycoon in the simulation game, Idle Arcade Tycoon. As you take on the role of the boss of your own arcade game house, you have the opportunity to transform a poorly managed arcade city into a luxurious one through gradual upgrades. Experience classic mini-games within the arcade house while making important decisions to build the best gaming city possible. Utilize thousands of options to upgrade and enhance your facilities. Take important steps to expand your operations and become the most successful tycoon in the game. The gameplay is simple, fun, and lighthearted, delivering video game entertainment through real simulation. With an easy-to-use interface and seamless operation, players can enjoy moments of relaxation and decompression during fragment times. Step into the world of Idle Arcade Tycoon, where you can turn your love for arcade games into a lucrative business venture.
EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Soccer

Build your ultimate team with real-world soccer legends, play in PvP modes and compete in UCL tournaments with EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE 24.

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile SoccerElectronic Arts
Introducing EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE 24, the ultimate soccer gaming experience. Join millions of soccer fans from across the world in building your dream Ultimate Team™, featuring world-class talent like Vini Jr., Erling Haaland, Virgil van Dijk, Son Heung-min and many more. Play as your favourite team from top leagues around the world, including LALIGA EA SPORTS, Premier League, and more, and score goals with some of the best players from the current season. Get ready to face the toughest opponents in immersive PvP modes, such as Head-to-Head, VS Attack, and Manager Mode and showcase your skills on the pitch. With true player personality reflecting the authentic characteristics of real soccer stars, this game boasts dynamic game speed, allowing for more player attributes and impact. Players get to experience an elite shooting system and impact controls like Power Shot, Hard Tackle, and Knock On, which make defending and scoring easier and more exciting. EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24 offers realistic sports game thrills with real-time 11v11 gameplay, authentic soccer game action and immersive features such as dynamic cameras and impactful replays. Football fans can experience realistic stadium SFX and enjoy live on-field audio commentary. Unlock stadiums and weather modes to add to the realism of the game, and customize everything from kit to boots, including Club Crest, Ball, Jersey, Kit style, and Number. Featuring over 15,000 fully licensed players, 650+ teams, and 30+ leagues from around the world, players can experience the biggest competitions, leagues, and players in football history. Play with football legends such as Ronaldinho, Steven Gerrard, and Wayne Rooney and join the biggest football competitions and leagues including the Premier League, LALIGA EA SPORTS, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, CONMEBOL Libertadores, and many more. In the UCL TOURNAMENT MODE, players can unlock all 32 qualified teams and play from group stage to final to become a Champion. Experience the authentic UCL broadcasting package, UCL stadium art, official UCL ball and the iconic trophy ceremony with localized UCL commentary to bring the most immersive match atmosphere. This must-play soccer game requires an Internet connection, and includes in-game advertising. The app uses Google Play Game Services and allows players above the minimum age of digital consent to communicate via League chat. It includes optional in-game purchases of virtual currency that can be used to acquire virtual in-game items, including a random selection of virtual in-game items. FC Points are not available in Belgium. Get ready to join the club and build your dream team with EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24.
Insecure: The Come Up Game

Join Issa and friends for the ultimate LA adventure in Insecure: The Come Up Game. Battle friends and foes with rhythm and rhyme in this dynamic story-driven game.

Insecure: The Come Up GameGlow Up Games Inc.
Start your new life in LA with the guidance of Issa, Molly, Kelli, Tiffany, Lawrence, Chad and their friends in Insecure: The Come Up Game. Based on the popular HBO series Insecure, this game lets you witness all the drama of Issa's new apartment complex. You are initiated into the game by Issa, who introduces you to the power of your mirror, where you can craft poetic rhymes that will impact your decisions and interactions with other characters. Insecure: The Come Up Game reminds you to prioritize self-care, build friendships and provide support to your loved ones. Similar to Issa's world, your social connections need nurturing just like your romantic relationships. You are free to create your own story and make choices that influence its direction. Design your character to reflect your personality. Choose from a variety of unique skin tones, hairstyles and hair colors that mirror the diversity of life. Expect dynamic storylines that will keep you hooked. Pay attention to your spoken words- they determine your relationship with other characters and the options available to you in your story. The game includes a unique card-like feature that demands a poetic flair. At open mic nights, mature your rap skills with Issa and Daniel, and watch your social media clout soar. Hangout with your favorite Insecure characters and create new storylines. Issa, Molly, Kelli, Tiffany, Lawrence, Daniel, Chad, Ahmal, and Andrew will guide you towards a triumphant season six where you shine as the main character. Hype up your rapper side. Mirror talk to rev yourself up for important events and unlock new words that will assist you in outdoing your opponents. This game also includes a variety of rap battles for you to dominate the stage. Solve in-world problems with your lyrical wit and rhythm, unlock better cards, and face tough rivals. Insecure: The Come Up Game is free to play, though you may spend money for in-app items. Be mindful of in-app purchases and disable them if necessary. This game is not intended for children. Advertising also appears in the game. Follow the game on Twitter @glowupgames and Instagram Like the Facebook page at

Collect stars, complete challenges, unlock worlds with 100+ mini-games. Outrank others in the arcade or create your own games with Fancade's easy-to-use kit.

FancadeMartin Magni
Embark on an exciting journey to gather shining stars and unveil a plethora of game worlds loaded with various mini-games! With a multitude of fresh games in each alternative dimension, exceed in over 100 mini-games and complete thousands of challenges along the way. Then, don't hesitate to proceed to the arcade and face off against other players' scores. Rise above the rest by obtaining more coins and upgrades and discover a new set of entertaining games every single day. Or set out to show off your own impressive level and game-creating skills. Use the available kits to make levels effortlessly or build your games from scratch and accumulate plays, likes, and gems while immersing yourself in a community of fellow creators. Plus, it's worth noting that all Fancade games are built using the app itself, which means anyone can transform into a creator, and that is exactly why countless games continue to pour in on a regular basis.
Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight™ update invites players to experience the thrill of being both killer and survivor. Customize your strategy and play with iconic horror characters. Fits in your pocket.

Dead by Daylight MobileBehaviour Interactive
Experience the thrill of the hunt in the intense multiplayer horror and action game, Dead by Daylight™, now enhanced with a massive update. Immerse yourself in The Fog and prepare for a game of deadly cat and mouse. Are you ready to take on the roles of both Killer and Survivor in this pulse-pounding game of hide and seek? Form your friends into a crack team of Survivors and see who can outlast the others. Alternatively, step into the role of a Killer and sacrifice Survivors to The Entity. With five players in the Killing Grounds, expect the unexpected and brace yourself for some unforgettable jump scares. Dead by Daylight Mobile delivers you iconic characters from your favorite horror franchises and offers you the chance to play as legends of horror. The Realms and Trials offered are dynamic and unpredictable, providing you with the perfect opportunity to experience the game through the eyes of the killer. The Killers and Survivors each come with their own perks and abilities, providing you with plenty of unlockables that can be customized to fit your personal game strategy. Understand your surroundings, adopt the right approach, and leverage the might of your experience and skills to either hunt your prey or escape the Killer's clutches. The fully optimized mobile version of Dead by Daylight is designed to provide you with pocket-sized access to the survival horror game you love on your console or PC, and the eerie ambiance, music, and chilling environments combine into an unforgettable experience. Are you brimming with curiosity to know more about this game? Check out our official site or follow us on Twitter at DbDMobile today. If you have any queries, contact our customer service desk at Dead by Daylight Mobile requires an Android version of 7.0 (Nougat OS) or higher and a Samsung Galaxy S6 or an equivalent.
PortalOne Arcade

PortalOne Arcade offers free games & prizes daily, with weekly live shows and leaderboard rankings against other players. No payment required.

PortalOne ArcadePortalOne Inc.
Exploring the universe of PortalOne Arcade, the game graciously offers amazing opportunities to win all sorts of prizes every day without any charge! The portal opens up with an array of exhilarating Arcade games that challenge the player with exciting brain teasers. With precision timing and intelligent gameplay, players can earn themselves prizes that are up for grabs daily. Additionally, there are the thrice-a-week Arcade Show matches that invite a worthy challenger and promises even greater prizes to the victor. PortalOne Arcade is a no-cost gaming experience with a skill-for-reward system. It ensures fair competition for everyone to participate in without spending any penny. The game boasts of remarkable features such as simple gameplay mechanics complimented with unprecedented standards of mobile gaming. The social aspect of the game is the cherry on top, with real-time leaderboard updates and the opportunity to challenge fellow players. Every day, the PortalOne Arcade offers new levels in the selected games which the player can play with for 24 hours with no restriction on attempts. Furthermore, every day at 9 PM, the 24-hour tournament starts, and at precisely the same time the next day, the tournament comes to a close with cash prizes and awards. The highlight of the game's events is the three times a week Arcade show, which features a special guest who challenges the players. After the showdown, the winners are announced, their earnings are guaranteed, and a new 24-hour tournament commences. The show is shown every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 9 PM (US Eastern Time / Central European Time). The prize pool boasts of multiple opportunities to claim rewards, such as the season prize, the tournament champion, lucky winners, co-lucky winner, top 10 winners, and beat-the-guest, to name a few. The season prize multiplies the chances of winning by collecting multiple tickets. Achieving the most exceptional combined top-five scores on every 24-hour tournament secures a win in the Tournament champion category. For the Lucky winner section, even participating in the tournament with a single round gives everyone a fair chance. In the case of the Co-lucky winner, if the person you referred joins and wins a prize, then you win the same prize, provided you are also on the leaderboard that day. Top 10 winners are those who rank second to tenth on the leaderboard by the end of the 24-hour tournament. Finally, the lucky few who manage to beat the guest's score during the Arcade Show are selected from the Beat-the-guest group. The game supports android devices from 2016 with a minimum of 3 GB RAM that include Google Pixel / Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, OnePlus 3, HTC 10, Huawei P9, Sony Xperia XZ, LG V20/G5. PortalOne Arcade values the privacy of all players and offers a User Agreement that consists of the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Contest Rules before installation or use of the application. The User Agreement is available on the PortalOne Arcade website. Players acknowledge that they have read and accepted the User Agreement upon installation/use of the application.
Solo King: Single Player - Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold'em simulator with card input, equity calculators, AI opponents, and a standard play advisor for beginners.

Solo King: Single Player - Texas Hold'em Pokersun xiaodong
Are you looking to improve your poker skills or seeking an edge over the competition? Look no further than our advanced poker tool. With a multitude of features designed for both novice and professional players alike, you'll soon be dominating the table in no time. Our intuitive interface allows you to set up the community and hole cards with the click of a button and adjust player ranges to fine-tune your strategy. With it, you'll be able to use an equity calculator, draw equity calculator, and EV calculator, all updated in real-time as you play. This is especially useful for online players, as it simplifies the often-time-consuming process of calculations, allowing for quicker, more precise decisions. The advisor feature analyzes various factors such as your hole cards, your opponent's range or hole cards, your current chip depth, and even your table position to provide you with a standard play that minimizes losses. It also implements a standardized pre-flop strategy and post-flop strategy recommended by professionals. In battle mode, you can test and practice your strategy against AI players developed from the ranges of 24 professional players, allowing you to train for targeted range confrontation. The program displays complete data in real-time, including equity data for each street, current street pure equity, and the number of draws available to players on each street. Turn on observer mode to gain access to this information when playing against AI. With the graphical equity calculator, you can effortlessly determine the equity of each hand, taking the guesswork out of calculating your odds and allowing you to make more informed decisions. So what are you waiting for? Level up your poker game and gain an edge over the competition with our advanced poker tool.
Terra Nil

Revive barren landscapes in this tranquil eco-city builder game exclusive to Netflix. Purify soil, build habitats and create a thriving ecosystem.

Terra NilNetflix, Inc.
An exclusive game for those with Netflix membership Embark on a journey to revitalize desolate lands. Watch as you plant extensive forests, purify the soil and clean the polluted oceans to morph the wastelands into a green paradise. Transform lifeless expanses into thriving environments while creating the perfect habitats for animals to thrive in. Rejuvenate barren soil into fertile grasslands and watch it flourish under your care. Once finished, recycle the buildings and leave no trace of your presence. Features: • Reverse City-Builder: Using advanced ecological technology, purify the soil to create plains, wetlands, beaches, rainforests, wildflowers and much more. When done, deconstruct the structures and leave the environment untouched for its new inhabitants. • Explore New Maps Every Time: Experience varied procedurally generated landscapes that pose interesting and unpredictable challenges such as snakes rivers, mountains, lowlands and oceans. Plan your build around the terrain provided. • Tranquil Gaming: Find peace in quiet e