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Red Hood

Join Red Hood in an unforgettable adventure through a dark forest filled with puzzles, boss fights, and an intriguing storyline to save her grandma.

Red HoodTien Lee
As the protagonist, Red Hood, get ready to traverse through meticulously crafted surroundings on an epic expedition. Explore concealed paths, uncover intriguing secrets and unravel the murky tale that gradually unfolds with each step you take. Make your way through tangled thickets, spine-chilling caverns, and hauntingly splendid landscapes as you come across various hurdles and challenges along the way. Prepare to put your wit to the test with captivating puzzles scattered all over the forest. Solve complex riddles, discover ancient mechanisms and manipulate the environment to overcome obstacles. Each puzzle you solve, brings you closer to your only goal - saving your beloved granny and putting an end to the evil wolf’s torture. The game features an interesting map that guides you through the forest’s maze-like twists and turns. Find hidden locations, unlock shortcuts, and reveal uncharted areas filled with exciting surprises. Discover powerful artifacts and valuable collectibles that aid you in your adventurous tale offering insights and strength against the forces of darkness. Red Hood’s fleet-footedness and quick-wittedness will be put to the test with a unique and amusing movement mechanic. Leap between platforms, swing from vines, and dash through the lush foliage with acrobatic flair. Master these abilities to cross difficult terrains and maneuver through the forest’s dangers with ease. However, the ultimate challenge awaits you in exciting boss battles. Face the evil wolf in epic showdowns that require quick reflexes and clever strategies. Pick up on your adversary’s patterns, exploit their weaknesses and unleash powerful combinations to emerge victorious and free your granny from her perilous fate. Immerse yourself in a captivating storyline as ‘Red Hood’ weaves a tale of grit, determination, and the unbreakable bond between family. With breathtaking visuals, immersive sound design and addictive gameplay, this mobile game delivers an unforgettable experience. Are you up to the task of joining Red Hood on her brave quest to save her grandmother from the clutches of the evil wolf? The dark forest beckons you in ‘Red Hood’s Adventure’. Put yourself in the shoes of the legendary heroine and let your bravery shine as you embark on a truly unforgettable expedition!
Dead Station

As an astronaut, explore the space station, solve puzzles, bypass traps, and fight monsters to uncover the mystery in space.

Dead StationDanil Chernyaev
As a player, you will assume the role of an astronaut tasked with investigating the events that occurred on a space station. In this thrilling game, you will embark on a journey through the vast and mysterious environment of a space station, encountering obstacles and challenges along the way. Your mission is to explore every nook and cranny of the space station, piecing together clues and solving a variety of intricate puzzles. You must avoid dangerous traps and hone your skills in order to survive in this treacherous environment. Your character's skills can be upgraded as you progress through the game, allowing you to face even greater challenges and enemies. As monsters lurk around every corner, you must fight your way through the space station and defend yourself against these relentless adversaries. Through strategic maneuvering and combat techniques, you will be able to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious. Stay tuned for the highly-anticipated second part of the game, which promises to take players on an even more exciting journey through the depths of space. Keep up with the latest developments by following the game's creator, Danil Chernyaev, on YouTube.
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Dead Station 2

Stranded astronaut on unknown planet needs to escape abandoned space station and reach evacuation point.

Dead Station 2Danil Chernyaev
Meet the protagonist of this game - a space explorer who embarks on a journey across the galaxies. Unfortunately, an untoward event takes place as a meteorite hits his spaceship, forcing him to abandon it and escape in a rescue pod. He lands on a strange planet with a derelict space station, devoid of any signs of life. In a desperate attempt to seek assistance, he contacts his headquarters, only to be informed that the rescue team will arrive at a different location, a few kilometers away. With little time left and a lacking understanding of his current whereabouts, the protagonist must traverse through the perilous terrain, full of unknown creatures and treacherous traps, all while looking for a way to reach the evacuation spot. Keep your wits sharp and utilize your survival skills as our hero must overcome various obstacles, solve puzzles, and find crucial resources to escape from the planet, with the constant fear of running out of oxygen and dying a lonely death in the vast emptiness of space. Explore the desolate space station, uncover its hidden secrets, and learn about the fate of its previous inhabitants. Test your mettle against both the environment and its lethal inhabitants as you encounter a host of extraterrestrial creatures, from towering beasts to fast-moving reptiles. With no one but yourself to rely on, how far can you go in this gripping adventure of space exploration, survival and discovery?
Reed 2

Reed is a challenging pixel art platformer featuring various traps, beautiful landscapes, and addictive gameplay, where the player controls a tiny creature in search of secrets.

Reed 2Crescent Moon Games
Relive the adventure of Reed, but this time it's different. He may be small, but he's no ordinary creature; he's the latest invention of an old supercomputer. In this pixelated platformer, set foot on breathtaking landscapes and face challenging obstacles. Do you have what it takes to uncover all the secrets and make it to your final destination? The journey is in your hands. This game boasts captivating pixel art, backed up by ambient music to immerse you in its world. With easy controls and difficult levels, prepare to be hooked by its addictive gameplay. Beware of the various traps scattered throughout your adventure. Can you unlock all the achievements? Follow us on Twitter @cm_games or join our Discord community by clicking the link
The Bounty Huntress

Join Rhea in a Metroidvania-style game to save kidnapped people and defeat monster infestations. Crispy pixel art & accurate controls with secrets and rewards hidden throughout Aresdale Castle's seven areas.

The Bounty HuntressIC Studio
Join Rhea, a huntress with a mission to rescue the people abducted in the City of Vaunard and taken to the enigmatic Aresdale castle. This Metroidvania genre game offers a challenging adventure for players. Rhea has an impressive set of skills to overcome the obstacles she encounters. With numerous monsters terrorizing the castle corridors, gamers must be vigilant to succeed in their quest. However, the castle also contains hidden rewards amid several deadly dangers. This game demands a combination of agility, patience, and attention to detail to progress. The people of Vaunard are counting on you to save them. The game boasts several enticing features such as metroidvania-style gameplay in detailed pixel art. As Rhea, players get to wield a vast selection of weapons and skills while experiencing precise and intuitive controls. The game features several areas of the Castle to explore and unravel its mysteries. Additionally, the game provides a save system with three slots to keep track of progress. The game is available in 14 languages- English, Spanish, Portuguese-BR, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Polish, and Russian. Created by Antonio Romair Júnior and Rafael Barioni, this game is a must-play that offers an immersive and challenging experience from start to finish.

Explore the sinister shadows of an abandoned laboratory, using strategic skills to solve puzzles and navigate an alien-infested world in MO: Astray.

MO:AstrayRayark International Limited
A highly praised game on Steam, this side-scrolling adventure is a mix of action and puzzle-solving. The upcoming mobile version promises to immerses players in its sinister atmosphere. You will follow MO, who wakes up in a creepy and abandoned laboratory, with unexplainable phenomena taking place. The environment is hostile, and the humans here seem to have lost their mind and transformed into alien parasites. It is your job to guide MO through this environment, unraveling the mystery in this adventure. To complete your quest, this game requires strategic thinking and battle skills to solve complex puzzles. The gameplay is unique, allowing 360-degree movement, with MO's ability to cling to surfaces used to overcome tricky traps and monsters. You can also read the minds of your enemies and control them like a parasite, flying through the air, and dashing past danger. The pixel art of this game is exquisite, with highly detailed and captivating environment design, merging sci-fi fantasy with dark themes. The game's appealing visuals are a constant feast for the eyes, and the player is sure to remain immersed in the story. The soundtrack of this game reflects the emotion and the mood of the game flawlessly. The carefully crafted theme song narrates the story of MO's adventure, and the background music and sound effects complement each environment. Archpray Inc. and Rayark Inc. come together to create a masterpiece of a game that promises to offer a unique and enthralling gaming experience to players worldwide.
JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword

In JackQuest, rescue your kidnapped love and explore Korg's lair full of puzzles and subterranean foes. Upgrade weapons and abilities to defeat new bosses.

JackQuest: The Tale of the SwordCrescent Moon Games
In JackQuest, you'll join Jack on an adventure to rescue his love Nara who was taken by the evil orc, Korg. As Jack ventures into Korg's underground base, he comes across an unusual blade that becomes his ally in rescuing Nara. The game is set in a dark, slime-filled labyrinth, and you'll have to solve various environmental puzzles, collect weapons, and defeat subterranean enemies, including bosses. Throughout the game, players can purchase upgrades from merchants strategically placed within the base, utilizing their coins wisely to acquire powerful weapons like swords, bows, and jumping boots. You can also learn special abilities such as wall jumping, lightning speed boosts, and using magic crystal power to perform daunting attacks like winding windmill attack. Recently updated, JackQuest brings new content that takes you to a mysterious castle as you fight against terrible creatures such as ghosts, zombies, and new bosses. With unique artifacts and new weapons at your disposal, you'll delve deeper into Dracula's castle, which can be a real maze. Your ultimate goal is to confront the ancient villain and put an end to their evil plans. Jack can only succeed with the help of his trusted sword, and it's up to you to guide him through his journey.

Defy gravity in a unique 2D platformer as Dandara fights oppression and discovers the mysteries of Salt. Trials of Fear edition adds new areas, story focus, and mechanics.

DandaraRaw Fury
Experience the immersive and enchanting world of Salt, teetering on the edge of collapse, leaving its once-free inhabitants suppressed and alone. Hope is not lost, as a hero emerges from the fear and darkness of the aether to shine a light on the miserable city - her name is Dandara. Embark on a one-of-a-kind 2D metroidvania platform game that will take you on a magical journey filled with mystical creatures and boundless exploration. Jump with ease between floors, walls, and ceilings, defying gravity itself. Explore the hidden terrains of Salt and its diverse denizens, uncovering secrets, and uncovering mystical powers to help Dandara win the fight for survival and liberation. In the Trials of Fear Edition of the game, you have the chance to explore three brand new areas, defeating an all-new giant boss, gaining new powers, and utilizing new tools, while enjoying a revamped soundtrack and many other quality of life upgrades and features. Uncover The Salt - Trials of Fear Edition, which adds an all-new layer to the story, filled with additional character descriptions, dialogues, and cutscenes that flesh out the lore of Salt and its inhabitants. With innovative controls designed for both gamepad and touch screens, movement and combat has never been so smooth or seamless. Enjoy unrestricted movement across Salt's fascinating world, jump off any surface, unhindered by gravity, in exquisitely designed environments. Test your combination of speed, skill, wits, and reflexes to solve puzzles, collect power-ups, unblock new areas, and make your way through the challenges. Enjoy the breathtaking world of Salt through stunning, hand-drawn pixel art, coupled with an original soundtrack that will merit a marvel of the musical world. As a bonus, the Trials of Fear Edition is available for free to all pre-existing owners of Dandara. Awaken Dandara, unite the forces of freedom and restore balance to a desolate city with aim, skill, and determination.

Explore a post-apocalyptic world in HAAK, an action-platformer game with Metroidvania features. Unveil secrets, tackle puzzles, and save the land by playing over 30 hours of content!

Welcome to HAAK, a game world filled with machinery and hazard. Mutated beasts roam while malevolent entities lurk in the background. But fear not, for you will rise and become Haak, a fearless adventurer of the wastelands who will defy the darkness! Originally available on PC and consoles, HAAK is now available on mobile phones. The game unfolds in a post-apocalyptic setting. The once-mighty city now lies in ruins, and the survivors face a daily struggle for survival. In the south, a place named Sanho has managed to remain relatively unscathed by the disaster, becoming somewhat of a haven. Haak, the protagonist, arrives from a small town in the north, seeking refuge in the south. Haak is an exploratory game characterized by action-platforming gameplay and Metroidvania elements. You will traverse the land using your hook, dash, and charged slash, uncovering a plethora of hidden secrets and rooms along the way. To succeed, you must utilize every tool at your disposal, overcoming mechanics, and solving puzzles. The game's retro-futuristic pixelated settings provide an artistic feel. HAAK offers a unique choice of difficulty options ensuring that even novice players can beat the game's toughest bosses. The game features fully hand-drawn graphics and diverse characters, providing over 30 hours of gameplay via its ten side missions and areas for exploration. By selecting your path and determining the characters' fate, you can achieve several possible endings. The game also features Ben Dover, who will rate and evaluate you on various aspects once you complete the game. Do you have what it takes to earn the highest rating? Unlike the AD version, this version doesn't exhibit pop-up ads upon character death. It offers the first level of game content free for trial only. You may unlock all subsequent level content by paying. If you opt-out of paying to unlock levels, the AD version is a preferable choice. Enjoy playing HAAK, and if you encounter any issues, kindly reach out to us at Don't forget to rise and become Haak, a beacon of light in the darkness!
This War of Mine

This War of Mine: a survival game where you control a group of civilians in a besieged city, now with The Little Ones DLC. Protect children and make tough decisions for long-term survival.

This War of Mine11 bit studios
The expansion pack named The Little Ones, which is available as an in-app purchase, adds an extra layer to the heart-wrenching game This War of Mine. Pocket Gamer UK gives the game a 9 out of 10 rating and describes it as a must-play, albeit emotionally difficult. The game has a unique perspective as players do not take control of an elite soldier, but rather a group of civilians fighting each day to survive in a city under siege. Due to a lack of food, medicine and hostile scavengers, danger lurks around every corner. This game offers a new experience of war and the challenges it brings. The gameplay is dictated by a day and night cycle with snipers preventing you from leaving your hideout during the day, making it important to focus on crafting, trading and attending to the survivors' needs. At night, one of the civilians can be chosen to scavenge parts of the city for items that will help the group survive for another day. To survive, you will have to make some tough decisions and decide whether to protect everyone or sacrifice some for the greater good. The Little Ones expansion pack offers a new challenge by introducing children into the mix and puts players in charge of a group of adults. Struggling to cope with the realities of surviving the war, in addition to thinking about survival, you must ensure that the little ones, who still have their childlike innocence and perspective, remain safe. Supported in multiple languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and more. System requirements are minimal, with devices with Adreno 320 and higher, Tegra 3 and higher, PowerVR SGX 544 and higher GPU and at least 1 GB RAM required to run the game.

Slash your way through ancient machines as Kyhra in ScourgeBringer's fast-paced roguelite platformer in a post-apocalyptic world.

ScourgeBringerPID Games
Embark on a thrilling adventure with ScourgeBringer, a high-speed roguelite platformer that lets you move freely. Set in a distant future after an unknown entity caused destruction to humanity, the game follows Kyhra, the deadliest warrior of her tribe, as she braves the unknown and battles her way through ancient machines guarding her past, and possibly the salvation of humanity. ScourgeBringer offers exciting gameplay with rapid rogue-platforming action that seamlessly combines the gameplay of "Dead Cells" and "Celeste." You'll experience super smooth platforming controls as you slash and shoot your way through challenges. Master your skills with a hectic combat system that emphasizes attacks only. Enjoy the otherworldly adaptive sounds composed by Joonas Turner, whose work includes "Nuclear Throne," "Downwell," and "Broforce." Defy waves of unspeakable enemies and enormous bosses holding the frightful secrets of the Scourge. Explore an infinite dungeon that constantly evolves, uncovering the mysteries and uncovering the lost relics of previous explorers to uncover secrets that could change the fate of humanity.
Dwarf Journey

In Dwarf Journey, journey through randomly generated levels while facing bosses and collecting minerals to forge better equipment on your quest for immortality.

Dwarf JourneyOrube Game Studio
In Dwarf Journey, you'll embark on an unforgettable adventure in a randomly generated, action-packed, rogue-lite platform game. As the valiant warrior Gallar, you seek immortality after a close encounter with death. Discover the mystical cave in the Valley of Eternity where the relic of eternal life is said to be hidden. Gallar sets out on his journey armed with his trusted ax and pickaxe but is well aware that his quest may cost him his life. At Dwarf Journey, defeat enemies to gain experience points and level-up your character. With each fight, you will unlock new routes, bosses, and customize your character's appearance and strengths to better your odds of success. You'll also have the opportunity to collect ores and weapon blueprints hidden in the depths of the cave, which you can use to forge a wide variety of equipment to defeat even stronger monsters. Discover runes and items around the cave to personalize your journey. Assemble up to three runes and maximise their abilities to better your gameplay experience according to your chosen style. Face epic bosses that will challenge your tactics and strengths. Prepare for such encounters by noting down the right time to face them or strategize the best plan of action. Your ultimate goal? To achieve immortality and have Gallar continue his journey into forever. Dwarf Journey boasts endless replayability each time you play, as it offers a unique experience with its randomly generated levels. The game is controller compatible and is free of ads and in-app purchases- pay once and have the full experience. Embark on an epic journey of endless challenge and enjoyment with Dwarf Journey.

Save the world with Reed, the last creation of a dying supercomputer. Collect all 50 cubes in hard levels full of different traps.

ReedCrescent Moon Games
Are you ready to take on the challenge and save the world with Reed? Reed is the last creation of an ancient supercomputer that is slowly dying without its Cubes. As a result, the world is about to come to an end. Get ready to embark on an adventure with Reed through 50 levels, each with its own unique puzzles and different traps to overcome. Reed's world is beautifully designed with pixel art graphics that will leave you mesmerized. The ambient music adds to the game's overall experience and complements the level design perfectly. Be warned; the game's difficulty level increases as you progress through different stages, but don't worry. The controls are easy to master, and the gameplay is addictive, making it difficult to put down. In addition to the 50 levels, there are also secret levels to explore, adding to the excitement and thrill of the game. Reed is compatible with Game Center Achievements, enabling you to connect with other players and compete with them to earn bragging rights. Join the Reed community today and stay up to date with the latest news, updates, and events by following @cm_games and @PXLink on Twitter, Crescentmoongames and @PXLink on Facebook,, and Get your copy today and start your journey to save the world!
Moon Raider

As Ava, raid the moon's catacombs, avoid traps, defeat soldiers and epic bosses to save your mother and the moon.

Moon RaiderCriss Cross Games
Join Ava, the daughter of the accomplished yet aging scientist Dr. Cavor and Selene, the previous queen of the moon, in an action-filled adventure! Selene, who belongs to the selenite race, relies on the extraordinary energy that only moon gems can provide, but the gems are exhausted, and time is not in their favor. Dr. Cavor convinces his daughter to embark on a mission to the moon and collect as many gems as possible. Experience an adrenaline-filled journey as Ava battles against deceitful aliens, who have taken over the moon with brutal force. These aliens are not as simple as they appear; they possess advanced technology and weaponry, lethal traps, and well-trained soldiers. Ava must survive and navigate the perilous catacombs lurking deep beneath the moon's surface. As Ava maneuvers and triumphs over the moon's treacherous inhabitants, she realizes that the only way to save her mother is by liberating the moon from itself. Travel through ten beautifully handcrafted environments that offer varying experiences and challenges, and keep you engaged from start to finish. Find hidden upgrades and secret areas to sharpen your skills and increase your chances of survival. Each environment presents new and unique challenges, culminating in epic boss battles that require strategy and skill to defeat. Get ready to join Ava on an adventure of a lifetime, exploring the mysteries of the moon and fighting to save her mother's life. Can you lead Ava to victory and successfully save the moon from itself?

Join Chef Chefy on a delicious adventure to collect ingredients for Pineapple-Radish salad; complete 60 levels, unlock unique tools and collect secret burgers to upgrade the chef's outfits!

Chefy-ChefCrescent Moon Games
The famous Chef Chefy adores the Pineapple-radish salad but needs ingredients for it. In this game, you can join him on a mouth-watering journey to collect the components. The game is filled with exciting levels set in three different magical worlds, including thick forests, snow-covered mountains, and a muddy swamp. Be ready to face thrilling adventures and have fun while you prepare the dish with Chefy. In the game, you will be able to collect ingredients while exploring each level, making use of your cooking prowess and resourcefulness to navigate obstacles along the way. With 60 levels packed with hidden gems and challenges, the gameplay is sure to keep you captivated. You can also unlock new and unique cooking tools as you progress through the game. These tools hold incredible superpowers to assist you in your quest, like climbing walls with a sharp knife, teleporting with a frying pan, and jumping higher with a cooking hammer. You can even collect secret burger rewards scattered throughout the game levels to unlock new clothing items in Chefy's wardrobe. Additionally, you can explore engaging levels designed to feel like mini-metroidvania levels. Be ready to face various challenges in each location, from battling enemies to solving puzzles. Pineapple-radish salad has never tasted better with the exciting and adventurous plot of this game.

Save the mice in Micetopia from dark minions as a brave mouse hero. Overcome enemies, explore the world, and gain new powers in this Metroidvania-style game.

MicetopiaCrescent Moon Games
Welcome to an enchanted world - Micetopia, a medieval kingdom where cozy and idyllic country life filled with mice as its occupants. Alas! A crisis has struck the country leaving only the Elder mouse behind. Dark forces have taken away all the mice leaving the Elder as the only surviving mouse. Can you become the only hope of Micetopia and regain the freedom of your fellow villagers from the clutches of their oppressors? Your journey in Micetopia will put you in the shoes of a fearless mouse who must navigate through a secretly enthralling world filled with mysteries and adventures. Overcome challenging hurdles, fight, jump, and more importantly, explore to gain new powers and ultimately rescue your fellow mice from the oppressive regime. Do you have the courage, wits, and a winning attitude to be the hero worthy enough to be conferred by the Elder himself with the title, “Hero of Micetopia?” Features: * Micetopia features a detailed Metroidvania style exploration. * The controls are simple and intuitive with elements of platforming and combat. * The game boasts mesmerizing classic pixel art graphics accompanied by an enchanting chiptune sound that will immerse you into its world.
Lucky Luna

Guide Luna through Japanese-inspired levels in this Netflix-exclusive platformer. Swipe left and right through evolving, one-touch gameplay to uncover her destiny.

Lucky LunaNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively for members of Netflix, embark on a thrilling adventure with Luna, as she journeys through concealed dungeons and mythical temples to uncover the untold secrets of her past in this captivating platformer game, inspired by the tales of Japanese folklore. In each level, Luna confronts new challenges and features that broaden her exploration of the environments. However, there's an oddity to note – there's no jumping button! Instead, you must swipe to control Luna's movements, dodging obstacles and descending deeper into the dangerous terrain as she follows her path to discovery. You'll need acute awareness of your surroundings and wit to unearth the treasures that lie below. The game features: • A captivating story mode that requires you to use merely a single touch to traverse the dungeon-like environments, claim Luna's fate and uncover her incredible destiny. • Unlimited gameplay in endless mode, where the dungeons become even more unpredictable and treacherous, with each run offering a unique experience. • The game's storyline unveils itself as you progress through hidden temples, secret passages and special challenge rooms, revealing more about Luna's journey and past through cryptic tablets. • Gather as many pearls and gems as you can carry to store in your treasure room and track your progress. • Daily, monthly and all-time leaderboards allow you to compete against other players as you aim for the top spot in each temple and dungeon. • Collect all 100 achievements within the game to display your in-game trophies in your trophy room and establish yourself as one of the most daring treasure seekers in the game.

Grimvalor is a premium hack & slash platformer RPG with epic boss fights, dark fantasy world exploration, and skill-based combat.

Embark on a thrilling RPG adventure and annihilate the darkness that threatens the kingdom of Vallaris by defeating King Valor's ferocious guardians in Grimvalor. You can play the first act for free, but unlocking the full game will give you access to all five acts of the premium game, where you can continue the quest and explore the dark fantasy world at length. According to PocketGamer, unleashing a series of attacks, dodges, and jumps consecutively provides an immensely satisfying gaming experience. Your mission is to find and restore the corrupt kingdom's lost king, but your exploration takes a ghastly turn into infinite darkness. With more enemies than you can count, you must draw your sword, compose yourself, and carve your way through a hostile land. However, the friendly merchant who assists you welcomes your presence. Grimvalor is a challenging hack and slash platformer with fast-paced combat, set in a world of dark fantasy. You control a solitary warrior with unmatched skills as he journeys through vast dungeons and haunting landscapes on a story-driven quest to revive the ruined realm. But you must master skill-based combat, anticipate your foes' movements, and learn their patterns to defeat them. To level up your character, you will need to explore Vallaris, search for and improve your gear, and then face the legacy of King Valor's insanity. In addition, Grimvalor features stunning 3D visuals optimized for various Android devices, allows you to play offline, and supports Android Game Controllers. Your saved games will be synced across devices using Play Saved Games, allowing you to keep playing from where you left off even when you switch between devices.

Join Yuhiko on his ninja adventure in Mangavania. Explore dungeons, defeat bosses, and discover new abilities in this retro pixel art platformer.

MangavaniaGarden of Dreams Games
Embark on a thrilling expedition as Yuhiko, an adolescent ninja on a quest to cure his brother by venturing into the underworld in Mangavania, a pixelated platformer game. Encounter a variety of creatures and make new acquaintances in one of the finest games in the genre. Explore dark domains and uncover the game's secrets. Each level in this metroidvania game is crafted to entertain players. Use new talents such as swords, bows, double jumps, wall climbing, dashes, and ledge hanging to advance in your quest. You must also fight numerous hazardous creatures. Bosses must be defeated! Cleanse the lost souls! In concealed spots, look for spirits that will provide you with advice or tell you a story. The game's features comprise old-school pixel art and 8-bit music, as well as controls that are sensitive and adjustable to suit your preferences. Attempt to complete the game as soon as possible and rank up with the time challenges. New levels, mechanics, enemies, and bosses are available for download. Gamepad and keyboard support are available, and this offline game can be played anywhere. PocketGamer stated, "The aesthetics of the game are unquestionably its most appealing feature, with funky 8-bit music that is reminiscent of old-fashioned games like Metroid's original version or Castlevania.
Shadow Blade Zero

Guide Kuro on his journey to become a Shadow Blade in this fast-paced action platformer game with 60 challenging levels.

Shadow Blade ZeroCrescent Moon Games
Shadow Blade - the ultimate action-packed adventure game that will take you on a thrilling journey through 60 exciting levels! Whether you're an Android user or not, you don't want to miss out on this game. And the best part? You can play the first 7 levels for free! In this game, you'll meet Kuro - a young, ambitious man who has taken upon himself to become the great Shadow Blade. He embarks on a journey of a lifetime to search for the last ninja master and learn the ninja ways. Do you have what it takes to help Kuro become a ninja and master the art of stealth? Throughout the game, you'll be tasked with navigating Kuro through a variety of challenging levels jam-packed with dangerous traps, cunning enemies, and unpredictable obstacles. Your goal is to get Kuro through each level safely and undetected. As a ninja, you must think on your toes, stay alert of your surroundings, and be swift in your movements. Shadow Blade is equipped with intuitive touch controls that seamlessly mimic Kuro's movements, weapons, and skills, allowing you to showcase your inner ninja abilities. You'll have access to an array of weapons in your arsenal, and as you progress through the game, you'll unlock even more. What's more, Shadow Blade is MOGA enhanced, making it possible for you to play the game with the MOGA controller. The game also includes tablet support, so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues. Don't wait any longer, become a ninja today! Stay up to date with the latest info and game news by following us on our social media pages - and, and check out our other games at
Legend of the Moon

Experience classic dungeon exploring RPG action with no in-app purchases, low data usage, and nostalgic gameplay elements. Use 'Stab' to run smoother.

Legend of the MoonGOZIPGAMES
Introducing a timeless action RPG game that offers a classic dungeon exploration experience. If you've grown weary of the monotonous and never-ending leveling up process, this game will take you on a trip down memory lane. It will bring back fond memories of holding a controller in your hand and playing until you reached the end goal, just like the old days. Unlike other games that frequently prompt you for in-app purchases, there is no such system in this game. You won't be bothered with in-app payment requests at any point during your gameplay. What's more, playing this game won't consume your data, so you can enjoy it to the fullest without worrying about your data limit. Your saved game data is stored directly on your phone. Once you delete the game, it gets removed, along with all saved data. Indie game enthusiasts are guaranteed to love this game. It appeals to fans of both classics and contemporary games. And the best part – it has a unique game tip, which urges you to perfect the 'Stab' attack. Not only does this make the gameplay smoother, but it also enhances the overall experience of the game.
Shadow Blade

Become a ninja in the fast-paced mobile game Shadow Blade. Guide Kuro through 40 challenging levels with intuitive touch controls and deep combat.

Shadow BladeCrescent Moon Games
Meet Kuro, an aspiring ninja on a quest to become the Shadow Blade. He's determined to seek guidance from the last living ninja master. You'll be his guide as he navigates and conquers dozens of challenging levels, evading dangerous traps and enemies - some of which can be dispatched with his impressive martial arts skills and a range of deadly weapons. Stealth and speed are paramount; you must always stay alert to everything around you to succeed. This fast-paced action platformer game is designed for iOS, and the interface is seamless and intuitive. As you progress through levels, you'll work your way up to becoming a full-fledged ninja. Shadow Blade received excellent reviews from highly regarded online magazines and gamers. Pocket Gamer, for example, awarded the game a Gold Award with a score of 9 out of 10, and Touch Arcade called it a great action platformer with smooth controls. 148 Apps also gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars, calling it "a stylish trial platformer that's hard to put down." The stunning 3D environment is home to 40 unforgettable levels, each with its unique challenges. The ninja combat with weapons is spectacular, and stealthily traversing the levels is thrilling. Hidden objects will prove elusive but rewarding to discover. Shadow Blade is a game that is as challenging as it is beautiful. 3D animations are stunningly smooth, and the ninja's movements are as precise as they are graceful. To add to the excitement, the game provides rewards for clever and stealthy gameplay. Don't miss out on this exciting game that testers at APPDAILY.RU have declared "probably the most colorful and exciting platformer on iOS." It's fast, it's challenging, it's rewarding, and it's available now. Keep up with the latest updates and news by following Crescent Moon Games on Facebook and Twitter, and visit for more exciting titles.
Space Expedition

Explore distant space station as astronaut, fight monsters, pilot spaceships, and complete quests in pixel-art atmosphere. Are you ready, hero?

Space ExpeditionMobirate
Embark on a thrilling adventure with Space Expedition, a classic platformer game that blends various gameplay genres. Join the fearless astronaut as he embarks on a mission to uncover the mysteries of a far-off space station. Explore uncharted terrains, crack enigmatic puzzles, elude deadly traps, engage in epic battles against fearsome beasts, and operate cutting-edge machines and spaceships amidst a captivating pixel-art environment! Your intellect, resourcefulness, vigilance and courage will all be put to the test as you tackle quests, outsmart danger, overcome obstacles and combat rival forces head-on. Brace yourself for a challenging journey that only a true hero can undertake. Prepare for an epic space adventure by donning your spacesuit, packing your jetpack and getting ready to start your quest! Space Expedition is an exciting new game created by the masterminds behind Parking Mania and Dead Ahead.

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