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Crashy Cats

Knock over as many objects as possible in Crashy Cats, an endless cat rampage runner with optional in-app purchases and links to social media for ages 13+.

Crashy CatsElectric Turtle
Are you ready to go on a wild and crazy adventure with Crashy Cats? This cat rampage runner game will have you sprinting, leaping, ricocheting, and soaring through infinite levels while destroying everything in sight! Before you start playing, parents need to know that this game may include the option to buy additional content with real money. However, you can easily turn off in-app purchases in the menu settings of your device to prevent accidental purchases. In Crashy Cats, you take control of a group of adorable and wacky cats, each with its unique personality and special talents. They can jump, slide, and soar through the air to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible while running endlessly through the city. Knock over trash cans, boxes, and break down walls in your path. Collect coins along the way to unlock new cats or buy power-ups. With bright and cartoonish graphics, Crashy Cats is a fun and exciting game for all ages. However, the game does contain links to external social media sites. These sites are intended for users over the age of 13. So, parents, make sure to supervise your child's usage of this game and its links to external sites. So, will you be the ultimate crasher in Crashy Cats? Download the game now and find out!
Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank

Join Chook & Sosig on a hilarious swashbuckling adventure filled with puzzles, treasure, and zany characters in this classic point-and-click game.

Chook & Sosig: Walk the PlankGameClub
Chook & Sosig may not be genuine pirates, yet they are fascinated by them. The duo and their companions opt to partake in a role-playing experience brimming with eccentric individuals, ghastly circumstances, intricate enigmas, and an abundance of riches. There isn't anything that a level-headed fowl and an unstable cat won't do! Go on a journey through stunning tropical destinations, engage in lively small talk with the natives, and solve vexing enigmas while sporting trendy hats. It has all of the pirate-like elements that you would expect in a movie. Bear in mind though, when imaginations are let loose, who knows what frightful things might manifest? Chook & Sosig offers classic point-and-click adventure gameplay, a delightful array of peculiar creatures, and pleasing hand-drawn artwork that will take you on a captivating escapade that you won't soon forget. Find out various endings by cautiously exploring the surroundings and experimenting with various choices, and chill out to the groovy music by Nathan Cleary. Be careful of your actions, or you may be walking the plank! Embark on an incredible odyssey, sail the high seas, visit islets, and solve age-old secrets. Help Chook & Sosig become the top-notch pirates on the high seas! This game features classic gameplay similar to the legends of this genre, making Chook & Sosig as comfortable to play as your favorite footwear. And it smells infinitely better! Expect some wacky characters from friends to foes as you embark on your swashbuckling escapade, some of which are downright peculiar. But, then again, Chook & Sosig aren't precisely normal pirates, are they? Expect fantastic hand-drawn art that brings the background to life, imaginative characters, and charming animations, all of which make the game world come alive right before your eyes. Multiple conclusions are achievable in this story by following different actions. Will you discover shameful riches? Take down the deity of the locale? Or will you ultimately be walking the plank and meeting your watery fate? ***** GameClub is a mobile gaming subscription service. Experience the entirety of our games without any limits, ads, hidden fees, or other in-app purchases. Try our auto-renewing monthly subscription free for 30 days if you appreciate our games. When you decide to purchase GameClub's optional subscription, payment will be charged to your Google Play account when the purchase is confirmed. No fee is imposed during the free trial period. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you turn off the auto-renew feature at least 24 hours before the current period ends. Your account will be charged renewal fees within 24 hours before the current period ends, according to the cost specified. After purchasing, manage your subscriptions and disable auto-renewal in your Google Play account settings. When the user purchases a subscription to that publication, any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeit. For further information, please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at and, respectively. ***** Feel free to contact us at with any queries. Thank you!
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Legends of Catopia

Battle friends in PvP mode or fight through 100+ levels. Level up and customize champions with talents, skins, items. Play with party of 4 in Torrid and Catopia.

Legends of CatopiaMoving Dimensions
Get ready for an ultimate battle with your buddies in an all-new player versus player mode, or team up with them and face waves of foes in more than a hundred fascinating levels! You'll have a chance to enhance your champions by unlocking numerous heroes, customizing their talents, skins, chromas, and items! Form a group of four and embark on an epic journey from the vibrant city of Torrid to the mysterious floating islands of Catopia. Take control of your unlocked heroes and engage in a thrilling 4v4 match. Whether you want to test your skills by fighting against human players or refine them by challenging the AI, the decision is yours. With a diverse range of collectible items, create a strong fighting force and select a playstyle that suits you best!
Super Cat Idle

Reclaim your godly status as the outcast cat in a journey filled with weapons, skills, costume changes, and exciting in-game content.

Super Cat Idlemobirix
In the ancient Chinese zodiac, jealousy deprived a certain cat of its godhood. However, now it has the chance to redeem itself and regain its divine status in an exciting action-packed RPG. Traverse the journey with the cat, leading it to its rightful place among the celestial beings. With the weapon-switching system, the player can switch between three different types of weapons. Easily obtainable skills with remarkable effects further enhance the gameplay. Additionally, the skill enhancement system offers even more upgrades by combining Runes. Create your character with a wide range of costumes and weapons. Each outfit and weapon change matches the character's appearance. Moreover, there are numerous in-game activities like Promotion Battle, Cat Tower, Giant Boss Battle, and Lucky Pig, all of which offer exciting content for players to earn in-game currencies. Visit the game's homepage or follow them on Facebook and YouTube for a closer look into the gameplay and upcoming updates. Homepage: Facebook: YouTube:
Super Cat Tales: PAWS

Join the PAWS team on a secret mission in Super Cat Tales: PAWS. Fun platformer with cats, mini-games, daily quests, and customization.

Embark on a thrilling journey with the Super Cat Tales series, where you will discover a world full of feline wonders and adventures. Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of Neko Land as a member of the PAWS team and take on a top-secret mission. Super Cat Tales: PAWS is an exciting and engaging platform game that features an array of adorable cats and will provide countless hours of entertainment. Take on challenging levels filled with surprising obstacles, complete daily quests, indulge in thrilling mini-games, and personalize your cats with magnificent headwear. Discover the features that set this game apart from others, such as fun and engaging platform gameplay, entertaining daily quests, captivating mini-games, cat customization options, and classic old-school pixel art and music that will transport you back to a world full of nostalgic charm, and so much more. Unleash your inner cat fancier and join in on exciting and adorable adventures in the Super Cat Tales: PAWS universe.
Campfire Cat Cafe

Manage a relaxing cat cafe with cute animal guests, delicious food, and adorable cat staff, while designing and decorating a dream animal restaurant.

Campfire Cat CafeHyperBeard
Create, manage and design a charming cafe and snack bar surrounded by a serene forest, where you'll welcome lovely animal guests and cook mouth-watering worldwide dishes in your own animal restaurant. Relish observing your kitty staff work hard and receiving tips as you idle in this adorable restaurant game. Decorate your Dream Restaurant by opening a gourmet food truck and gradually upgrading to a fancy three-Michelin-star cat cafe in an animal forest. Build and furnish your animal cafe, establish a seaside bakery, and explore a snow mountain paradise! Satisfy your desire for a diverse restaurant game by traveling worldwide in your pocket! Would you rather have your cats grilling burgers in an 80s-themed diner or serving beef tartar in a high-end restaurant? Perhaps your kitties will be making sandwiches in a charming French bistro? Enhance your dream restaurant's look and take it to the next level by unlocking furniture sets, cooking stations, colorful decorations, and comfy tables to cater to your clients. Become a foodie tycoon and transform your animal restaurant into an ideal culinary paradise! Cook Delicious Meals! Prepare food with recipes from around the world, and they will look fantastic and taste even better! (To our animal customers). Bake kawaii bread, cakes, and desserts to serve your adorable cat staff. Snacks such as salads, tacos, burgers, pizzas, steaks, and french fries are always on the menu at camp. Animal foodies that pass by will be attracted to the new recipes you learn to cook! Get tips to cook new dishes and get inspired with recipe ideas you could try in real life with a growing roster of daily specials, varying from Peking duck, sushi, and many pasta dishes. Adorable Cat and Animal Helpers are waiting for you! Manage a diverse crew of cute and cool cats & kittens that work at your café. From a white Persian cat chef, to a spotted Bengal kitten manager, and even a ragdoll serving as your waiter, the feline world is ready to impress you! As you idle, you'll earn tips! Discover and unlock accessories to dress up your adorable pet staff in stylish, adorable outfits. Bed and Breakfast Hotel with a Snowy Mountain View. Manage a beautiful resort and spa to attract more unique animal tourists to your location! After a delicious meal, send your cute animal customers to relax in a hot spring onsen bath. Check them into a peaceful camp on a snow mountaintop next to your cozy restaurant! Playing this cat game is similar to taking a relaxing dream vacation in a home away from home with your adorable clients! Live a Fantasy Story! Unravel the mystery of the original cafe owner and experience the narrative at your own pace, enjoying the game however you like! Dream, laugh, love, and cry at the hilarious, cute, and intriguing personal struggles of your lovable furry friends! Relaxing Simulation Game. Feel yourself unwind as you listen to our upbeat cafe music. Get into a rhythm as you attract customers and cook up a feast. If you fancy animal restaurant games, cute cats, or are seeking an easy, cozy fun game, this is the purrfect game for you! Welcome to the grand opening of your Campfire Cat Cafe!
Monster Hunter Now

Hunt iconic monsters from the Monster Hunter universe in the real world using simplified tap-based controls and AR camera features. Master the hunt in 75 seconds or less.

Monster Hunter NowNiantic, Inc.
Are you ready for the ultimate hunting experience? The outdoors are calling! Embark on a global quest to track down and hunt some of the most fearsome monsters from the Monster Hunter universe that materialize in our world. Together with a group of hunters, craft powerful weapons and take these larger-than-life monsters head-on. Explore different habitats such as Forest, Desert, or Swamp and face thrilling hunts solo or band with fellow hunters. With simplified tap-based controls and high-quality graphics, enjoy immersive hunting action on the go. Tracking monsters has never been easier with the AR Camera feature, which allows you to experience how these iconic monsters appear in the real world. Experience the rush of the chase and enhance your skills to complete the hunt within 75 seconds. Use a variety of weapons, craft armor sets and exploit monster weaknesses to master the hunt. Don't miss a chance to track monsters while you're out and about, Adventure Sync allows you to use a Paintball to keep tabs on the hunt. Even if you're not playing actively, your Palico can mark passing monsters with Palico Paintballs, which you can return to later. This ensures that the action never stops, and you never miss a chance to explore new hunting grounds. So gear up, sharpen your senses and embark on a wild hunting adventure that you won't forget!
Cat Quest II

CAT QUEST II is a 2D open-world action-RPG where cats and dogs come together to stop a war and reclaim their thrones. Play solo or co-op, explore kingdoms and embark on a furry adventure!

Cat Quest IIThe Gentlebros
Step into a fantasy world full of cats and dogs with CAT QUEST II - a 2D open-world action-RPG where you embark on a thrilling journey of discovery to reclaim the thrones of two kings. The furry realm of Felingard is in danger due to the ongoing war between the feline denizens and the dogs of Lupus Empire, and it’s up to you to help save the day. Explore the kingdoms either solo or with a friend and face a plethora of magical challenges as you embark on the ultimutt catventure. Create your own cat and dog to fight for their rightful place as ruler and team up using the new character switch mechanic and local co-op gameplay. There are new weapon types to choose from, such as master swords, staves, and more to become the ultimate fur-midable fighter. More spells and passive abilities have been added to the sequel, giving you even more paw-sibilities to take down your foes with furry judgement. Exciting, varied dungeons filled with fresh traps and obstacles ensure that each pounce into the unknown is a new experience. By completing exciting side quests, you can expand the lore and universe of CAT QUEST. Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure and explore every nook and cranny of the magical world of Felingard? Download CAT QUEST II today and start your journey towards becoming the ultimate cat hero!
Secret Cat Forest

Befriend adorable cats by crafting items they love and witness their special behaviors in a relaxing game with gorgeous backgrounds.

Secret Cat ForestIDEASAM
Are you tired of playing stressful games? Do you want to kick back and enjoy befriending some cute cats? If the answer is yes, then this game is perfect for you! Craft furniture and items that cats love to attract them to your forest. Keep crafting and watch as the most adorable kitties start showing up, one by one. Once you befriend the cats, you can witness their unique behaviors. Your goal is to befriend as many cats as possible and complete your very own album. You can even download the album images and use them as wall art on your PC or mobile. The game features easy and intuitive controls, with a day and night cycle that runs in real-time. You'll encounter dozens of adorable kitties with the cutest animations and gorgeous moving backgrounds. The game is linked to Google Play game service with cloud saving, so you don't have to worry about losing your progress. To play this game, start by crafting furniture and fishing to fill your fish inventory. Every time the cats visit, they'll gobble up your fish. You can upgrade items using the things you acquire through fishing or from the cat's gifts. You can swipe from the right corner of the screen like flipping pages in a book to go to your "Archive." You must complete your archives to acquire a special album. When you're out of woods, use Furniture Collection to continue crafting. Craft secret furniture made of gold to discover new places! Cloud Save works by saving data to cloud, so link your data to Google Play Games to keep your progress safe and sound. You give the game permission to access your files and camera, which is used to save the Special Album images to your device album. If you encounter any issues, go to the settings and type "safemode0" in the "Enter Code" section to get rewards for ads that wouldn't show. If ads don't appear for an extended period, check the "CS-FAQ" in settings at the top right. If you've completed the Profile Archive but still keep getting Shards, then you have extra Shards in the game (around 20). You can use shards to craft secret furniture (Gold?!) and discover new areas. In case the game unexpectedly crashes, clear cache in Settings → Apps → Secret Cat Forest → Storage. Whatever you do, do not tap on "Delete Data" or it'll get erased forever! Don't forget to check that your device time is set automatically, or game data may get lost. Lastly, there are experimental features that can be accessed by going to settings and typing "cricket" in the "Enter Code" section. It only works at night, so have some fun and see what happens! This game was made possible with the support of the Seoul Business Agency (SBA).
Kitty Death Room

Navigate traps and enemies as a daring kitten in Towers of Everland. Solve puzzles, face bosses, and uncover secrets.

Kitty Death RoomRaiyumi
In this thrilling game, a fearless feline ventures into a perilous tower fraught with perilous snares and foes. Get acquainted with the tired denizens of the tower and aspire to ascend to the summit of this gut-wrenching odyssey. Confront intimidating bosses that will ignite your fury! Do you possess the cunning to unravel the puzzles and unravel its enigmas? Highlights: - A mind-boggling 54 levels brimming with a plethora of sub-levels. - Three boss arenas that will test your skills. - An abundance of secrets to uncover and explore. - A phenomenal soundtrack to thrill your senses. - Numerous covert techniques to resolve riddles and accelerate progress.
Sailor Cats 2: Space Odyssey

Sailor Cats 2: Lost In Space - Dress up your kitties, upgrade your spaceship, and explore an entire galaxy while searching for your lost feline friends.

Sailor Cats 2: Space OdysseyPlatonic Games
Set sail with your feline crew on an exciting SPACE mission! Unleash your inner astronaut as you search the cosmos for your lost cats! After your cat-rocket explodes, it's up to you to recover your furry friends. Luckily, you'll make some new acquaintances - and discover some incredible celestial beings - in the process. - MAIN FEATURES - ⭐ A delightful click-and-collect game ⭐ Simple and easy to play - just tap to fish! ⭐ Choose from over 100 darling outfits and costumes to dress your kitties in. ⭐ Earn metals, coins, and stars to upgrade your spaceship while fishing! ⭐ A vast and awe-inspiring galaxy full of planets, nebulas, robots, and extraterrestrials to explore ⭐ Fun for all ages and interests, whether you're a mom, grandparent, animal lover, or just a casual gamer. Enjoy Sailor Cats 2 with the whole family! ❤️ Stunning, sweet, and cuddly graphics that celebrate all things kawaii -- You won't need to make any in-app purchases to complete the game. An offline game: no Wi-Fi necessary. #PROTIP: Discover all of the relics to unlock special skins *nudge nudge* -- ⭐ Our talented, youth-driven team created this game, and we'd love to hear from you! We eagerly welcome your opinions and feedback ^-^ Whether or not you're satisfied, please contact us at Ready to take a leisurely journey through outer space? 🚀
Cat Museum

Unravel the truth about a mysterious museum as you solve puzzles alongside your cat in the surreal world of Cat Museum.

Cat Museum751Games Co., Ltd.
Step inside the surreal world of Cat Museum, a 2D side-scrolling adventure game that features a unique art style and a curious storyline filled with puzzles. Join the protagonist and his mischievous feline as they navigate strange clues and unravel the truth behind the eerie museum and the protagonist's childhood. Cat Museum's visually stunning reimagined classical artwork encapsulates players in the world of fine art and provides them with an immersive gaming experience. As you explore this bizarre museum, interact with your playful cat and use its cunning nature to solve the puzzles that lay ahead. Enter a fascinating world full of mysteries, curious oddities and quirky characters. The full game unlocks the hidden secrets that the prologue only touches on, so purchase it to reveal the bone-chilling truth behind the museum and the monstrous entity that lies within it. Take on the role of a manager for a peculiar museum that is situated in the middle of nowhere. Uncover clues and hints that lead to your own personal truths. Can you make the connection from childhood memories to the present and to what lurks within? Challenge yourself in this surreal adventure and see if you can solve the puzzles and uncover the sinister truths that cat Museum holds.
Cat Bird

Experience the stylish and challenging adventure of the Meow Quest with over 40 levels, 4 bosses, Leaderboards, and Time Trial mode. Play now.

Cat BirdRaiyumi
Embark on a thrilling adventure and unleash your feline side! Get ready for a paw-some experience with these exciting features: * Over 40 levels that will put your abilities to the test. * Four formidable bosses that will surely give you a challenge. * Compete with others with the game's achievements and leaderboards. * The game's pixel art graphics are not only stylish but also visually stunning. * Test your skills further with the Time Trial mode. * Enjoy the game's beautifully crafted soundtrack. * With ReplayKit (Android 5.0+) you can showcase your gaming prowess. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other and discover your inner meow! With over 40 challenging levels to conquer and four epic bosses to defeat, this game promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Compete with other players with the achievements and leaderboards feature. The game's pixel art graphics are stylish and stunning that will surely mesmerize you. Test your gaming skills further with the time trial mode and enjoy the game's beautiful soundtrack while playing. With ReplayKit (Android 5.0+), you can easily share your gameplay moments and show off your abilities to the world. Get ready to have a delightful gaming experience that will leave you wanting more!
Dear My Cat

Dear My Cat is a soothing virtual pet sim with relaxing music, easy clicker gameplay, and island decoration. Join your endearing cats on a dreamlike journey.

Dear My CatLike It Games
Embark on a journey with your virtual pet in Dear My Cat and explore the serene Sky Island. This is an ideal game for relaxation and aiding in calm sleep with its cute characters and dreamy backdrops. By playing with adorable virtual cats, this game can help uplift your mood, ease anxiety and stress. Additionally, this game is perfect for people with busy schedules who require a little relaxation. You can expand and decorate your peaceful Sky Island by unlocking new destinations and creating new animals such as dogs, whales, and raccoons. Every destination has its own unique theme including thermal springs, ramen shops, and campsites. The calming and stress-relieving background music with high-quality soothing sounds can be changed according to the different seasons. This is an easy, simple, and low-pressure clicker game that eliminates stress. Loads of mini-games and puzzle games are added every month where you can watch the adorable pets while they take part in various activities such as fishing, campfire, and napping. Apart from relaxation, you can relieve your anxiety and stress while decorating your Sky Island. This is a free island decoration and improvement game where you can use different decorative items to beautify the island and change its theme. You can also visit your friend's island and show off your own island to them. Moreover, players can craft accessories for their virtual furry friends and expand their environment for a larger living space. This game is ideal for cat lovers, animal lovers, cat moms, cat dads, students, and workers who require relaxation. It is also best for people who love cute animal games or cat games, and relaxing, idle, or role-play games. For those who love pocket camp games like Animal Crossing, this also suits their tastes. The Dear My Cat background music can help one fall asleep quickly and improve sleep quality. Therefore, playing the game before bed can also help increase sleep efficiency. If you want to stay connected, Dear My Cat has its official Instagram and Facebook accounts in English. The game's Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Operational Policy are all available in English language, as well. For more queries, contact them at Lastly, this app requires minimal permissions as it does not require any special access. Turn off app permissions anytime in your Settings app on your device.
Kitty Q

Help Kitty Q, a half-dead cat in a quantum box, escape using puzzle skills and quantum physics knowledge in this free, ad-free, and unique game adventure!

Kitty QPhilipp Stollenmayer
Prepare to embark on a mind-boggling journey as you open the box and discover the half-conscious Kitty Q. Your objective is to assist Kitty Q in escaping from her peculiar quantum superposition by applying smart puzzle-solving skills and innovative thinking. Introducing Anna, the great-granddaughter of the renowned physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, Erwin Schrödinger, available to guide and accompany you through the bizarre quantum environment. Within the box, everything operates under its own curious laws, as Anna pointed out. Nonetheless, with the assistance of Anna, you will explore the specialized subject of quantum physics that Erwin Schrödinger is renowned for. Each conundrum in the game builds on one of those remarkable observations, experiments, or occurrences within the realm of physics, defying commonly established principles. In Kitty Q, brace yourself to discover intriguing scientific facts about quantum physics, with over 20 scientific facts included in the game. Marvel at the behavior of tiny particles that occasionally violate every known rule, test your math skills with a challenging letter and capture a selfie with the self-styled, half-alive cat amidst the uniqueness of the quantum world! Kitty Q, the quantum adventure, has been developed collaboratively with the Cluster of Excellence* ct.qmat, and is available free of charge, with no advertisements nor in-app purchases. The development of this project was made possible by the funding provided by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, as part of the initiative ‘Research in Germany'. *A Cluster of Excellence is a team of outstanding scientists that delve into unsolved puzzles and new challenges. Their discoveries could have a crucial impact on our lives in the future. Quantum physics takes center stage for ct.qmat.
CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Design, craft, upgrade, and fight with your battle bot in a fast-paced PvP action game. Conquer the city and battle your way up the World Championship.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo StarsZeptoLab
Unleash the power of your self-designed battle bot in this remarkable PvP game! Created by the makers of Cut the Rope and King of Thieves, this game lets you become the talk of the town in a unique and stylish way. Join millions of players across the world to craft, enhance, and engineer the Ultimate battle bot, and then lead it to glory through freakishly fast and comical PvP battles! Get your hands on scores of insane weapons, gadgets, and robot bodies, including the Ultimate Machines, and boost your battle bot to outsmart your adversaries! Team up with like-minded gamers to form a powerful gang that can win unique parts, make new friends, and share knowledge through the community's chat feature. Put your skills to the real test through City Kings mode, competing against gangs from all over the world to be the ultimate champion! Bet on other bots and share replays of your most thrilling fights to show off your gaming prowess to fellow players in an MVP fashion! Saddle up and download the game right now for free to become the star of the Crash Arena! If you need more tips or would like to join the game community, check out the official Discord server at
Ninja Meow Cat

Summon mystical dragons, travel to various places, and conquer 6 levels with enemies and giant bosses while collecting gold for new abilities in this adventurous game.

Ninja Meow CatAngel Dorantes
Embark on an enchanting adventure as you summon mythical Dragons and explore breathtaking destinations, ranging from ethereal Floating Mountains to futuristic Cyber Cities. Prepare to face a multitude of challenges as you cut through six spellbinding levels, each brimming with formidable enemies and treacherous obstacles. Defeat massive bosses to emerge victorious at every turn. Accumulate Gold to purchase coveted abilities that enhance your gameplay and augment your power. Delve into a world of unparalleled magic and wonder, where peril and triumph go hand in hand. With Summon Mystic Dragons, the possibilities are limitless!
The Secret of Cat Island

Help Nana and Muna survive a shipwreck on Cat Island. Enjoy farmtastic graphics, explore new islands, and unlock regularly updated content.

The Secret of Cat IslandLike It Games
Embark on an exciting adventure on Cat Island - a new idle farming game from the creators of My Dear Cat. This time, you will join two adorable cats, Nana and Muna, who found themselves stranded on an unknown island after being swept away by a massive tsunami. Can you help Nana and Muna survive the CAT-astrophe and start a new life on the island? The island is vast, but empty, and the cats need all the help they can get to survive. Join them on their farming adventure and build a new home for the cat family. Starting with a small farm, you need to expand it, customize the town, and grow crops to feed the cats. You can also decorate the cat family's house with exclusive skins and upgrade beautiful buildings like a bonfire, cafe, vegan restaurant, harbor, and more. Apart from farming, there are plenty of mini-games to keep you entertained. Play a casual block puzzle game and get energy to help the cats complete quests to explore new islands with a wide range of storylines. Discover many types of unique islands, each with its own theme, regularly updated, and waiting for you to unlock. You can collect woods, stones, bushes, and other items to craft produce goods. Invite new, cute, and adorable cat families and recruit them to your farm. Raise animals like sheep to produce milk, plant trees on the farm and fields to produce berries, and trade harvested crops and other crafted goods at Fufu's Merchant Ship. The Secret of Cat Island is a free-to-play casual farming simulator game that is highly recommended to those who love cats and all kinds of animals and value amazing graphics and perfect looking cat characters. You can now design and decorate your own room with various furniture, brag, and show off your pretty room to your friends, and compete in the weekly ranking. Are you ready to start a new adventure and discover the truth behind the cat kingdom? Join The Secret of Cat Island now and experience a unique gaming adventure that will keep you coming back for more. Follow the official channels on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about the game and stay up to date.
Cats & Soup

Raise and interact with adorable cats in a peaceful forest, cooking delicious soup and dressing them up in costumes, perfect for relaxation and idle gameplay.

Cats & SoupHIDEA
🐾 Welcome to the world of adorable felines! 🐾 🎮 This game has been selected as one of the TOP3 games at the 2021 Google Play Indie Games Festival! 🥉 Looking for a cat-themed game? Say hello to our cute cat squad who reside in a serene forest, brewing delicious soups! 🌳🐱 This idle game is perfect for cat parents seeking a relaxing adventure, filled with fluffy meow-tastics! 🐾 🐾 Cartoon Illustration with Unique Cat Personalities 🐾 Our feline friends have never been cuter! From Ragdoll to Siberian and even British Shorthair, each cat has its unique personality and looks that are brought to life through beautiful cartoon illustrations. Stroll in a forest straight out of a fairytale, and fall in love with their fluffy charms. 🌟 🐾 Interactive Cats with Customizable Outfits 🐾 Deck your cats in all the latest fashion trends, including hats, accessories, and clothes. Take pictures of your cute companions and receive hearts by feeding them with fish caught during a mini-game. Plus, now you can customize them with cute names too! 🌸 🐾 Relaxing ASMR Sound Effects and BGM 🐾 Immerse yourself in the calming sounds of cat cooking and preparing ingredients while you enjoy a peaceful experience. Add a touch of your preferred background music and let the purring sounds take your mind off things. 😌 🐾 Easy and Fast Animal Tycoon-style Gameplay 🐾 The cats carry out their tasks while you're not playing, making it easy to start where you left off! Collect resources, discover new recipes, and construct new facilities to impress your cat friends while using your tycoon and animal restaurant skills to gain an edge. It's an ideal cat game for tycoon game and animal restaurant game enthusiasts! 🐾 Who should play this game? 🐾 🐱 Anyone who loves cats and wishes to raise virtual felines. 🐱 Cat moms and dads looking for a bigger family of fur babies. 🐱 Busy students or working individuals who want to take a relaxing break. 🕰️ 🐱 Cat-lovers searching for cute animal-themed games or cat-themed games. 🐱 ASMR fans looking for soothing games, idle games, or roleplay games. 🎧 🐱 People who can't get enough of saying "Cats are adorable!" ❤️ 🐱 Individuals who can't resist pets and always stop to pet cats on the street. 🐾 🐱 Fans who enjoy pocket camp games such as Animal Crossing. 🏕️ 🐱 Tycoon game aficionados with super-fast clicking abilities in restaurant games or food games. 🎯 Don't be the only person without a cat! Join us today and meet your purrfect feline friends! 🐾🐾🐾

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