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Meh , ill probably play it

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The Silent Age

Travel through time to a dystopian future with The Silent Age, an atmospheric point-and-click adventure game with mind-bending puzzles and an eerie soundtrack.

The Silent AgeHouse on Fire
Dive into a tale of adventure and excitement in The Silent Age, where you'll discover a somber future where mankind has disappeared. Travel through time and experience two starkly different eras: the iconic 70's and a desolate present day gripped by eerie silence. Brace yourself for an atmospheric point-and-click adventure game, featuring stylized visuals and a haunting soundtrack that will leave you breathless as you uncover the mysteries within. The Silent Age is perfect for touch devices and designed with an interface optimized for smooth gameplay without any hiccups or frustrations. So sit back, don your headphones and get ready for an immersive journey that will leave you on the edge of your seat. In the backdrop of the 70's, where liberty, love and carefree spirits were the norm, a Cold War was looming in the background. Movements for change were afoot- from feminists, environmentalists to new music taking over nightclub dance-floors. Amidst this volatile social climate, we find Joe working in a monotonous government job two years in a row. Every day is a dull repetition of the last, with Joe moving aimlessly through the experience. Despite his unremarkable persona - average height, weight, and IQ - life has plans in store for Joe that will change his destiny forever. Get ready to embark on an enthralling adventure that will shatter the monotony of Joe's life and lead him on a path to discovering the truth.
Twisted Lovestruck

Explore a forbidden forest filled with steamy romance and secrets in Twisted Lovestruck, a thrilling fantasy otome game. Your choices determine your love endings.

Come and explore the forbidden forest where mortal beings are not allowed to set foot, as the thrilling interactive romance game Twisted Lovestruck: fantasy romance takes you on a journey of secrets, twists and turns! With captivating characters and intriguing plotlines, you decide how the story plays out! Discover captivating storylines that change based on the decisions you make in the game, allowing you to live out multiple romance endings! As with every Storytaco romantic otome game, Twisted Lovestruck: fantasy romance, is a game designed to melt your heart with its charming characters. The game is set in a forbidden forest where the moon rises up high making it all the more challenging to leave before it gets dark. As you apply for the position of a teacher in a supposedly new school, you begin to see that something sinister is afoot. Getting warned by someone about the mysterious school only adds to your curiosity of what lies ahead. After entering the school, you realise too late that it's a creepy institution that's anything but normal! The game promises a steamy and thrilling romance for mature audiences and multiple character costumes that lead you to the love ending you desire. As you build intimacy with the characters, collect high-quality romantic illustrations that will melt your heart and leave you wanting more! Players will be captivated by the anime-style illustrations and imaginative scenarios that allow for interactive roleplay otome with your own choices. Watch as your choices decide the fate of the characters! Play Twisted Lovestruck if you want to experience an interactive otome game with a touch of romance, fantasy, and danger. With secret endings and special episodes to explore, there is never a dull moment in Twisted Lovestruck: fantasy romance! Are you interested in love stories with a thriller twist? Twisted Lovestruck: fantasy romance is the perfect game for you! Join our charming and sometimes dangerous characters, experience all that Twisted Lovestruck has to offer, and let your romantic dreams come true! So why wait? Come join the adventure and immerse yourself in the world of Twisted Lovestruck today!
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Team Fortaleza 2 Mobile

Fight in battle arenas, capture the flag, or destroy robots with friends. Strategize and wield your unique weapons for victory.

Team Fortaleza 2 MobileDoaiTran
Experience the thrill of combat by joining a league of extraordinary heroes with their exclusive arsenal of weapons and distinct set of abilities. Engage in intense warfare across various game modes including competitive battlegrounds, enthralling flag captures, and relentless battles against aggressive robots. Form your gaming room and challenge other players, even your friends to compete against you. Employ strategies and hone your skills to achieve the ultimate victory, but remember, teamwork is crucial to success. Enter into the arena with nothing but your determination and fight like a true warrior.
Dust & Neon

Dust & Neon: a top-down, twin-stick sci-fi shooter, as the Gunslinger, fight an army of killer robots in a futuristic Wild West.

Dust & NeonNetflix, Inc.
This thrilling shooter game is exclusively available for Netflix members. As the Gunslinger, you must find loot and take down the boss in a futuristic Wild West filled with killer robots. These machines that were once intended to assist humans have now taken over the planet and threaten the existence of the human race. The Gunslinger, a legendary figure in the Old West, has been resurrected by a crazed human scientist to fight against the robot rebellion. Dust & Neon is a top-down twin-stick shooter game that features RPG progression and takes inspiration from both roguelites and looter shooters genres. Players will start at the home base, where they must collect gear and upgrade their weapons before selecting a mission and fighting off waves of robots. In this game, players need to shoot, kill, reload, and repeat to survive. In Dust & Neon, death is just the beginning. Players will get the chance to power up their character across endless runs and deaths. With each run, players will level up and gain more power. There are various mission types to choose from, such as Kill All, Train Heist, and Sabotage Objective. As players progress through the game, they must keep an eye out for cash and better weapons to upgrade their equipment to increase their chances of success. One unique aspect of the game is the boss fights. These adrenaline-fueled battles will push players to their limits and test their skills. As players rank up and upgrade their character, they will draw closer to the ultimate showdown with the next boss in line! The game has been developed by David Marquardt Studios and Rogue Games. Play Dust & Neon today and become the Gunslinger, the savior of humanity in a world overrun by robots!
GPRO: Classic Racing Manager

Build cars, hire the best and strategize to find victory as you compete in the Grand Prix, but stay within budget!

GPRO: Classic Racing ManagerGPRO OOD
Take on the challenge of leading your grand prix team to victory by constructing exceptional cars, devising effective race plans, recruiting the perfect drivers and personnel, and carefully plotting your next moves. However, in this cutthroat environment, you must accomplish all of this while working within your financial and time limitations and navigating through a highly competitive field. Experience the thrill of managing and owning your own racing team as you design, construct, and test your cars. Choose from an array of talented drivers and assemble a skilled crew to excel on the track and strategize for success off of it. Advance your team and your career by balancing your budget, allocating funds wisely, and investing in the future of your racing organization. Compete with fierce opponents and vie for glory as you rise to the top of the league. But, be mindful of your rivals relentlessly pursuing success, constantly working to outsmart you. Make crucial decisions on and off the track to prove yourself and your team's worth. Are you ready to take on the challenge of leading your grand prix team to victory? The success of your organization is in your hands, and the competition is unrelenting. Get ready to prove yourself in the world of high-speed motorsports!
Another Shadow

Interact between two characters to free Bastian from the shadow of an ancient curse in this spooky point-and-click adventure.

Another ShadowDark Dome
In Another Shadow, the latest installment of the Hidden Town escape game series, Bastian and Carissa have moved into a new house and are experiencing supernatural occurrences. However, these disturbances aren't due to any malevolent presence in the property itself - rather, they are caused by the shadow of an ancient curse that has returned to enslave Bastian in eternal darkness. Trapped in the inescapable void, Bastian must be brought back to the human world by Carissa. The game presents a mysterious and captivating suspense story that unfolds over the course of a point-and-click adventure in which the player interacts with two separate characters. The decisions the player makes in one world have an impact on the other, making the need for wise choices all the more crucial. Puzzles and riddles abound in both of the game worlds and in the characters' memories. The Dark Dome series does not need to be played in any specific order; each chapter offers a unique perspective on Hidden Town and how the enigmatic plot unfolds. In this chapter, clues and connections are revealed that link to previous chapters The Ghost Case and Haunted Laia. Another Shadow includes a great number of complex puzzles and riddles for players to solve, accompanied by beautiful artwork and a haunting soundtrack that makes the game all the more immersive. As an added challenge, players also have the opportunity to find all nine hidden shadows throughout the game. In the premium version of Another Shadow, players gain access to a secret scene with even more puzzles and riddles related to Hidden Town, without any pesky ads interrupting play or obscuring hints. Playing the game involves interacting with a range of objects and characters by touching them, and using inventory items to either solve puzzles directly or to create new tools to help progress through the story. The game is a fantastic way to immerse oneself in the shadowy world of Dark Dome, where enigma reigns supreme and a vast tapestry of mysteries awaits the unraveling. Visit to learn more about this fascinating game series, and remember: Hidden Town is full of secrets waiting to be unveiled.
Vampire Survivors: Chaos Update

Vampire Survivors is a roguelite RPG with gothic horror elements. Survive the night by mowing down waves of enemies and upgrading your skills and weapons.

Vampire Survivors: Chaos UpdatePoncle
Vampire Survivors is a survival RPG game with a minimalistic approach, offering a new way to explore the underworld. Enter an ultra-popular indie game that immerses you in a sea of monsters, and conquer it on your mobile device! The once-empty underworld is now filled with devils, and you are left with no choice but to fight back. Gather as much gold as possible during each run to give the next survivor a chance to make it. Keep your hopes up and hold on, and perhaps you'll survive until the break of dawn. Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror RPG game that offers both roguelite and roguelike gameplay. You will need to make your choices wisely in order to defeat the legions of monsters that stand in your way. Take up the challenge and put your touchscreen to the test against the hordes of creatures that swarm you. This survival wave game will test your limits! Fend off countless enemies, annihilate monsters and become the sole survivor of the game! Powerful
Astra's Garden

Grow plants to make medicine for customers in an hour, but play forever. Astra's Garden contains themes of chronic illness and death.

Astra's GardenNomnomNami
ASTRA'S GARDEN is an idle game that revolves around nurturing and cultivating plants, to prepare medicine for your clientele. The game promises a fulfilling ending in under an hour, but you can continue your gardening tale as long as you desire. Please be advised that the storyline of this game contains profound themes such as chronic illness and death. We request you to approach this game with sensitivity. Kudos to NomnomNami for their creative efforts in story, art, and music. Additionally, we are grateful to our translation team - Jose Jil Tudela for Spanish, Yuri Akuto for French, Toni Nerdson for German, Rypher for Italian, Nika Klag for Polish, Fah Braccini for Portuguese, Zweelee for Russian, and Ebru Nilay Vural for Turkish - for assisting us in communicating the game's essence to players in diverse regions. The game involves planting, cultivating, and ultimately blending your plants to create healing potions for your customers. As you progress, you will discover new varieties of plants capable of producing unique medicines. The game's primary objective is to concoct a specific remedy for your clients, but you can expand your garden to accommodate additional plant species and increase their yield capacity. The game's graphics and imagery are picturesque and vibrant. The game world is whimsical and color-coded to differentiate the plants, making the gaming experience pleasing to the eye. The background score is serene and composed, complementing the tranquil garden atmosphere. ASTRA'S GARDEN offers a relaxed, stress-free gaming experience where you can immerse yourself in a calm world of plants. Download the game today and witness the simplicity of nature and its potential healing power.
Tegra: Post Apocalypse Survival

Tegra: Zombie Survival is an addictive post-apocalyptic open-world game with combat, survival, crafting, house building, quests, leveling, and exploration mechanics.

Tegra: Post Apocalypse SurvivalAvega Games
Tegra: Zombie Survival is a captivating game that immerses players into a dystopian universe that's filled with endless hordes of the undead. The game's mechanics are intertwined to include activities such as collecting resources, creating weapons, combatting zombies, and building your settlements. The fight for survival is the core aspect of this game. Fending off zombies, treasure hunts, boss fights, scavenging for food, and collecting resources keep the game exciting and engaging. Every quest in Tegra: Zombie Survival has a unique story, alongside daily quests and mystical weather phenomena that affect the environment. Creating a homestead is a fun and creative side of the game that has different challenges and rewards. Players design and enrich their settlements by adding furniture, constructing buildings, and ensuring sustenance. There are a plethora of resources littered throughout the game world. Players search for and collect crystals, loot crates, chop trees, and mine stone, coal, and iron to create both weapons and food. Leveling up the character, discovering hidden artefacts, achieving accolades, and acquiring weapons provide players with a strong sense of gratification. Tegra: Zombie Survival's vast open world provides an immersive adventure that's packed with secrets, NPCs, various scenic locations, and trophies to explore. Fishing is also a fun activity to engage in and further enhances the exploration aspect of the game. If you are a fan of highly captivating and action-packed games, Tegra: Zombie Survival is the ideal choice for you. With its highly addictive gameplay, extensive open world, and riveting storyline, this game ranks as one of the best games of its category. Download Tegra: Zombie Survival now and experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement of the post-apocalyptic life!
Cat Snack Bar

Manage a cute cat cafe! Take orders, cook delicious food and expand your restaurant empire. An easy, stress-free idle game for cat lovers.

Indulge in your cravings at The Snack Bar, serving up every meal that your animal customers desire! What's on the menu for our cute patrons today? Get acquainted with our charming cat friends in this endearing animal restaurant. Welcome to our cozy snack bar! Step 1: Fulfill orders from your guests. Our feline staff can take orders, cook up a storm, and serve steaming hot food to your customers! Just sit back and unwind while you play this enjoyable idle game. Step 2: Cook up some scrumptious dishes. No food is too challenging for our fantastic restaurant. Whip up anything from soup, coffee, and lemonade, to hotdogs, hamburgers, and pizzas, and much more! Step 3: Bask in the joy of your animal guests appreciating your remarkable cuisine. After their appetites are satisfied, they may even leave you some generous tips! Step 4: Expand your restaurant. Start with a small cat cafe, and gradually work your way up to an animal restaurant! Let's see your business management expertise in action. Assume the role of a restaurant tycoon, recruiting chefs, selling food, and constructing the most extensive restaurant empire possible using this restaurant simulator. With this idle tycoon game, the stress is absent, and it's simple to play. Cats run the snack bar 24/7, even when you're AFK! Even when you're offline, our purring kitties will keep your business running. This game is perfect for those who love cat games, animal games, cute games, or those who like to cook food such as soup, coffee, lemonade, and more! Become a food tycoon or restaurant tycoon - all tycoon games are welcome! This game is also perfect for people who enjoy relaxing games, idle games, simulation games, and offline games! No wifi is needed to play this single-player, free game! So don't wait any longer - Come feel the relaxing vibe as you watch our congenial cat team busying themselves in the kitchen. Join our community now!
Your Chronicle

Action-packed idle RPG with 2,500+ unique story actions, automated battles, and a monster summoning system. Upgrade, automate, and reincarnate for multiple endings.

Your ChronicleSamurai Box LLC
Embark on your own tale" with this text-based idle RPG game, which already boasts an impressive amount of "more than 2,500 unique story actions" that continues to grow. With "action buttons" to determine your next move and "enhance abilities", you'll have the ability to engage in "automated battles" in the dungeon. You can take advantage of the game's "system to summon monsters and strengthen them" and build up the "skill and equipment" of your summoned creatures. Plus, with the upgrade system, called "Routine", you can earn offline bonuses. The game also offers players an option to "automate Action and Dungeon" and explore "multiple endings" through the process of reincarnation. "You'll begin this grand adventure in a humble village", on a quest to "Be strong, and save your mother," as your father puts it. Tackle numerous missions and "battle against monsters" to grow both your strength and alliances. Your journey is just beginning. With easy-to-use "tap buttons," you can select any desired action in the game. Refer to the in-game help section for more detailed instructions.
Despot's Game: Dystopian Army Builder

Roguelite game where you strategize to guide humans through a labyrinth and give them mutations. One payment unlocks full game. Multiplayer mode available.

Despot's Game: Dystopian Army BuildertinyBuild
Come and play a captivating game in which your task is to help the puny humans survive my maze, comprising of four distinct yet free levels and if you wish to continue beyond these levels, you can purchase the full version with a single payment. Unlike other games that are all about battles and tapping buttons, this game is an amalgamation of strategy and the divine intervention of RNGesus. Although you won't be using your fingers to fight on the behalf of the humans, you can buy them helpful items like swords, crossbows, coffins, and even stale pretzels to give them a fighting chance. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to endow them with cool mutations such as Topochlorians in the blood and Crocodile Skin. However, if you fail and perish in battle, you will have to start all over again, and the world will be generated anew from scratch. This game falls under the roguelike genre and is a must-play for nerds who fancy categorizing their creators into specific categories. Additionally, it also has a multiplayer mode that continues to stay under wraps. Only the players who manage to complete the game will unravel the secret of King of the Hill multiplayer mode.

Surviving in a zombie world with romance in Havenless, an interactive otome game with choices that unveil unique episodes.
Looking for a mysterious and dangerous interactive dating simulation game that transports you to a world filled with zombies? Look no further than Havenless! With each choice you make, the game reveals a different episode and storyline for you to explore, allowing you to date every charming character in the game. Are you particularly interested in pursuing a romance with the captivating Samantha? Discover how to gradually increase your character's affection for her and unlock the special ending, all while exploring the odd world they inhabit. Havenless has everything you've been searching for in an interactive otome game with a twist of danger and a splash of romance. You'll marvel at the stunning graphics, beautifully crafted sound effects, and cleverly structured storylines as you follow the protagonist through a zombie landscape filled with danger and humanity. You'll be bound to find the perfect match for you, whether it's Shane, a childhood friend seeking to keep a promise; Lance, who wants to return to the safety of the zone; Noah, who's shrouded in mystery and intrigue; or Samantha, a girl on a quest who won't settle for anything less than achieving her goals. Havenless is an excellent game that caters to everyone's interests, with its full package of zombies, romance, and interactive choices. Whether you're an otome fan looking for a new kind of experience, or simply someone who loves checking out anime and novels with love stories, you're covered. Note: The game may request additional permissions, such as storage to save illustrations on your device. You can adjust these permissions as needed in the settings. So why wait? Download Havenless now and discover a world of mystery and romance within a dangerous zombie world!
Kingdom Draw

Kingdom Draw: turn-based strategy meets card collection in this medieval fantasy universe. Play solo campaigns, dominate the online ladder, and build your decks.

Kingdom DrawEternal Technics
Step into the captivating medieval fantasy universe of Kingdom Draw, a thrillingly unique blend of turn-based strategy and customizable card collection gameplay. Lead your armies, summon your spells and explore the single player campaign for each of Humans, Undead, Orcs, and Elves. Each mission you complete, earns you additional cards and an immersive insight into the kingdom. With seasonal releases of new chapters, experience the epic story arc behind the Kingdom Draw universe. Challenge players worldwide with the cross-platform ladder play mode. The higher you ascend the ladder, the bigger your rewards. Earn bonus rewards each season, and if you make it to the top and become a member of the Titan league, see your name enshrined in the Hall of Fame. With deck building, build your own collection of synergizing cards and redeem victory tokens to get specific cards of your choice. There are 185 exclusive cards to collect and with newer cards released every season, you can always broaden your collection. Rule the battlefields and become a Titan of Kingdom Draw with your custom-designed card decks. In Kingdom Draw, you must master turn-based strategy by playing army, support, and beast cards on the hexagonal grid map. Control locations for additional resources and use terrains to your advantage. Defeat your enemy by destroying their castle and using power cards to obliterate their card decks. You can opt for a more casual gaming experience with the Friendly Matches mode, and these matches would not change your ranking or rewards. Add friends to your roster and challenge them to battles with your customized decks. Experience the thrill of victory in Kingdom Draw and create a legend for yourself in the timeless realm of medieval fantasy strategy gaming.
Later Daters

Later DatersBloom Digital
Kuma Sushi Bar

Help bear chef Kumaki run his sushi bar with the help of animal assistants. Decorate, level up, and perfect your sushi-making skills!

Kuma Sushi BarHyperBeard
Get ready to sharpen your culinary skills and enter a delightful new world of adventure! As Kumaki, the charming bear chef, takes up the challenge of maintaining his family's legacy, you must assist him in creating a sumptuous and appealing sushi menu that will leave your customers begging for more. Whether you are new to restaurant management or an expert in the field, we've got you covered! A team of enthusiastic and eccentric animal assistants is at your disposal to help you run the restaurant smoothly. You can choose from a diverse pool of candidates to find the perfect hires who share your vision and are always eager to lend a helping paw. Make your sushi café stand out with unique décor that reflects your style or your customer's preferences. Every aspect of the restaurant can be customized to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere that customers won't stop talking about. Practice makes perfect, so come back often to check on the progress of your restaurant. Level up your sushi-making skills and learn more about the fascinating lives of your staff members as you help Kumaki become a top sushi chef and preserve his family's culinary heritage. Are you ready to become part of this exciting and tasty new world? If so, join Kumaki now and discover what it takes to become a top sushi chef!
Maybe: Interactive Stories - Triangle of Kisses

Customize characters and choose between themes like adventure, love, and mystery in Maybe Interactive Stories. Decide your own fate and become the author of your own love story.

Maybe: Interactive Stories - Triangle of KissesCINAMON
Immerse yourself in a captivating love story where you are the protagonist. Personalize your characters from your preferred episodes and books, and select between tales of love, adventure, mystery, or passion. With Maybe Interactive Stories, you won't miss the chance to influence whether the outcome of the story ends in heartbreak or falling in love. Indulge yourself in our prominent romance collection that encompasses different genres such as friendship, love, fantasy, mystery, and drama. Select your beloved sections, and determine how the story unfolds by making profound decisions, forming a unique adventure in each chapter. Maybe Interactive Stories are packed with surprises, fantastic twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat as you relish in the possibility of finding your soulmate. Writing your own love story based on personal choices that stir passion and heartache is now a reality. Experience exciting plotlines that feature secrets, legends, mysterious relationships, and interactive narratives. With wide range of love stories, your heart is in for a romantic treat as you make vital decisions that affect the outcome of the story whether positive or negative. Intriguing romance and passion-filled chapters are waiting for you as you travel through time creating new adventures and surprises. Be the author of your narrative as you decide the path to take in the interactive story. Customize each episode as you wish and immerse yourself in fantasy encounters that evoke love and happiness. Maybe Interactive Stories Official Community is available to connect you with other enthusiasts. Join us and stay ahead of what's happening next. Please note that the online interactive game requires an internet connection to play, but it is free. You can buy game items with real money, so please check the privacy policy and terms of service before making in-app purchases by creating a PIN in the Settings menu within the Google Play Store.
Chronicle of Infinity

Answer: Astral Alliance summons a Guardian to stop the Obsidian Army. Apex Guerilla mode, Random Dungeons, and Open World decisions. Wings and pets aid in combat.

Chronicle of InfinityNeocraft Limited
Join the quest and reap the rewards by following us on our website and Facebook page at and, respectively. As an Astral Alliance Guardian, you have answered the call to defend your world against the never-ending violence from the Obsidian Army. Welcome to Astrapolis, where your skills will be put to the test. Get ready for a truly unique and thrilling ARPG experience that sets a new industry standard. With its revolutionary graphics and combat system, you will be awed by the spectacular special effects that will assault your screen. The Ultimate skills, complete with fancy animations, will take your breath away. And that's just the beginning! Suit up and transform into the Armor Status to be stronger than ever. Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Enter Apex Guerrilla, the intense 150-player PVP Battle Royale where the rule is simple: win or die. The wealth, fame, and exclusive title await the winner. Dungeons are not just for farming - they are for finding Legendary Equipments! The dungeons are entirely random, with the structures, monsters, chests, NPCs, entrances, and everything else being different for each dungeon. The rewards are great, but watch out for well-designed traps. Your decisions will ultimately influence the fate of an Open World that relies on your courage and wisdom. Immersive yourself in the MMORPG experience, where random events in the dynamic Sandbox world shape the game. And best of all, keep an eye out for numerous Easter Eggs hidden in different corners over the world. The wings and pets are your trusty guardians in Chronicle of Infinity. The adorable pet may look innocent, but they deal the most brutal damage. The avians will swoop in to transform into a pair of wings when you are in danger. Join the fray and adventure awaits!
Siege of Treboulain

Lead your magical city to victory against a ruthless army through strategy and arborturgy. Manage resources and navigate deadly conspiracies in this epic fantasy game.

Siege of TreboulainChoice of Games LLC
Join the battle to save your enchanted city from a ruthless army! Utilize swords, spells, and strategies to defend your kingdom, lead your people to victory, and create a legacy that will be remembered for generations. "The Siege of Treboulain" is a captivating interactive fantasy novel that is 280,000 words long, developed by Jed Herne. The game is completely text-based, with no graphics or sound effects, but it is powered by your boundless imagination. Treboulain is a city that thrives on arborturgy, the magic that governs plants and all things that grow. Following the recent death of your mother, the queen, you now sit on the Throne of Thorns, a nightmarish chair of royalty that extracts blood from those who dare to sit upon it. As a merciless army of horse-riding warriors lay siege to the towering walls of your beloved city, what will you do? Will you lead the defense from atop the walls, inspiring your soldiers with your great martial strength and eloquent speeches? Will you direct the defense from afar, utilizing your sharp strategic mind? Or will you harness the boundless power of nature itself, throttling your enemies with barbed vines? Will you choose to fill the moat with pitfalls, train elite magicians, or recruit mercenaries for an unexpected strike? How would you handle the deteriorating state of your resources? And when lethal conspiracies come to light, threatening to disrupt your reign and that of your kingdom, what will you do? • Play the game as a male, female, or non-binary character, and explore different sexual orientations. • Pick between three distinctive backgrounds - become a magician, warrior, or scholar - and offer your talents to your city's salvation. • Take charge of soldiers and devise tactics, fighting in even the greatest, world-altering battles, including one-on-one duels. • Wield the enchanting power of plants through arborturgy. • Manage the city's politics, juggling the clashing priorities of clergymen, merchants, and commoners against the military's desires. • Learn about the past's secrets through flashbacks to discover more about your city and your enemy. • Encounter love or friendship with a valiant warrior, an intelligent priestess, a cunning merchant, or a skilled artist. Be a part of one of Treboulain's most courageous moments, and make the legends and tales of old come to life!

Influent: A fun language learning game with interactive 3D environment, audio pronunciation, and vocabulary acquisition. Available in 20 languages.

InfluentThree Flip Studios
Try out French, Italian, or Korean for free, and unlock 20 additional languages through in-app purchase with Influent - a captivating language learning game that primarily focuses on expanding vocabulary and improving pronunciation skills. The game stems from the University of Tsukuba's Entertainment Computing Laboratory in Japan, with support from the government Monbukagakusho Research Scholarship. Reminiscent of classic Dreamcast games like Shenmue and Toy Commander, Influent delivers a fully immersive 3D environment, where players can discover the names of every object in the game with just one tap and delve deeper with a double-tap. Every door, cabinet, and drawer can be opened with a tap-and-hold, revealing even more opportunities for learning. With hundreds of native audio pronunciations recorded exclusively for this game, Influent provides players of all ages with a unique language learning experience tailored to their preferred language.
DokiDoki LoveUnholyc Class

Combine balls in a dating sim world influenced by dark thoughts. Collect quests and dolls, and customize your own school campus.

DokiDoki LoveUnholyc ClassPrettybusy
Have you ever felt overwhelmed and despondent after a tough day? In "Merge Magic: Love Ball," those negative emotions take a surprising turn when they invade the dating simulation world. But fear not, as the protagonist of the game, you are determined to bring joy and brightness back to this beloved universe and protect your loved ones. The gameplay in "Merge Magic: Love Ball" is simple yet addictive. You merge two balls together to create an even bigger and cuter ball. As you progress through increasingly challenging levels, you'll encounter an array of adorable characters with their own unique stories and quests. Collecting these stories and completing the quests will unlock special dolls that are sure to melt your heart. But "Merge Magic: Love Ball" offers more than just cute characters. The game also allows you to create your own school campus with various decoration elements. What's more, the game is updated monthly with new event stories, ensuring that the fun never ends. So come, immerse yourself in the world of "Merge Magic: Love Ball" and experience the joy of merging, collecting, and creating like never before.
Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Embark on endless adventures in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, where reality and fantasy collide in a breathtaking world with customizable characters, Familiars, farm decoration, and kingdom building.

Ni no Kuni: Cross WorldsNetmarble
Get ready for an exciting new adventure as you step into the virtual reality game called Soul Divers and enter another world in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, the latest addition to the popular Ni no Kuni game series. Level-5 directs and produces the game, featuring animation from Studio Ghibli and musical compositions by Joe Hisaishi. The game introduces a story that melds fantasy and reality with endless adventure options. The Unreal 4 engine creates an open world that looks straight out of an animated film. Every element from the environment to character expressions has been carefully crafted to bring the world to life. Players can choose from five customizable player characters, the mysterious fencer Swordsman, magic spear-wielding Witch, genius gunner Engineer, mischievous archer Rogue, and brawny hammer-swinging Destroyer. The game introduces some exciting additions in the form of Familiars, mysterious creatures unique to Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. You can collect Familiars, making them stronger by working together. Build your own farm in the Familiars' Forest and enjoy the harvest and cook a tasty meal. Team up with friends and rebuild the fallen Nameless Kingdom. Develop your kingdom by decorating it with interactive Social Objects and get involved in various challenges to become the greatest on the server. You need a minimum of a Galaxy S7 or later with 4GB of RAM to play this game smoothly. The game is available on the official website (, but it comes with in-app purchases. Please check your device's settings to disable this feature. Download Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds today and immerse yourself in this exciting fantasy adventure while agreeing to the game's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone

A tabletop RPG adventure game with board game levels that change as you play. Battle RPG gameplay, summon heroes, and join the multiplayer mode for endless possibilities.

RPG Dice: Heroes of WhitestoneWIMO Games
RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone is the perfect blend of a strategic board game and an epic battle RPG adventure game. This is an action-packed adventure where you can summon and level up your guild of heroes and collect gear to roll the dice to progress through the story-filled tabletop. In this turn-based RPG game, strategy is key to your success! Conquer dungeon raids, battle RPG gameplay, and summon legendary heroes for epic boss battles in the style of board-game levels. Paladin, wizard, and rogue — you can level up any of these fantasy hero classes, all thanks to the strategic RPG game mechanics. As per Season 2, RPG gamers and enthusiasts can join the multiplayer RPG mode Arena Championship to participate in new player icons, dice visuals, and more. If you participate in the Arena Championship, the trophy amounts are doubled! Additionally, you'll experience a new and exciting strategy RPG game in season 2—an RPG adventure with new levels and ways to play. This tactical RPG story, embedded in which exists a unique twist on strategy board games, is set in a fantasy world. You can roll the dice to battle orcs, elves, and goblins to complete quests for rewards. This unique RPG adventure game is known for its board game levels that change as you play. With adventure and mysteries around every corner, the game is full of action RPG gameplay that will leave you wanting more. A spin on strategy board games, this RPG adventure game offers endless possibilities to players. You can build powerful gear and roll forged battle dice to embark on your unique RPG adventure. This RPG game is called “RPG Dice” for a reason. The game is presented to you in a story-filled combat adventure, where you can roll the dice to progress and encounter enemies. If you are into RPG games, you will find the reimagined battle RPG story captivating. RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone offers several exciting features, including Arena Championship SEASON 2, NEW PvP Tournaments, Hunting Parties, Tabletop RPG & Board Game Mechanics, Collect & Level Up Heroes, and Guilds, Leaderboards & More. In addition, the game now has a powerful team of up to 15 players per team. You can choose up to three listed opponents to battle with 4 for Gems. Faction advantages are based on heroes used in battle. It’s a multiplayer RPG with time-gated battles; use your power range to your advantage! You'll find that your guild's battle strategy is key in the non-linear adventure RPG experience. The game allows up to four guilds, and you can battle the immortals as you band together and strategize to achieve the perfect play. Each hunting party is set in three stages: Minions, Harbingers & the Immortal. Conquer the ancient powers that have taken over Andra and earn gear! Tabletop RPG & Board Game Mechanics are some of the game's features that offer you endless adventure. You can collect and upgrade your battle dice to craft powerful attacks. The tactical RPG element of the game makes it unique and encourages game strategy. In RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone, you will fight magic foes, complete quests to gain rewards, and recruit allies. Paladin, Wizard, and Rogue are fantasy heroes that you can summon using Summoning Scrolls- you can level them up. You must use your RPG action and tactics cleverly to save Whitestone and the world. The game has additional features such as Dungeon Boss Battle, Dungeon Raid Quests, and Faction Strongholds, and entering PvP Arena Leaderboards & guild events. In Faction Strongholds, you can choose from seven power factions, play dice with friends, and team up to fight the Blighted Champion! This game is free to install and play; however, some game items can be purchased for real money. Suppose you need help with the game, such as installation or any other queries. In that case, you can connect with the support team by emailing them at Stay connected with the game’s community and get sneak peeks of new features by joining the Discord channel If you're looking for regular updates of the game, follow the Facebook page and Twitter account You can read the Privacy Policy at and the Terms of Service at
Deer Hunting 2: Hunting Season

Deer Hunting 2: Hunting Season offers a new hunting style with challenge levels, bonus and boss levels, and top gear weapons. Download for free and hunt like crazy!

Deer Hunting 2: Hunting
Get ready for the ultimate hunting experience with the highly-anticipated release of Brand New Deer Hunting 2! This hunting season adventure takes you through some of the most challenging and exciting terrains in West America, Northern Europe, and Central Africa. With countless elusive animals hidden in various forests, deserts, plateaus, grasslands, snow fields, rainforests, and swamps, your hunting skills will be put to the test. Brand New Deer Hunting 2 introduces a new hunting style, with bounty and challenge levels that provide an extra layer of excitement. Rampage in the bonus level by joining for free every few minutes and killing as many targets as possible within a limited time frame, including treasure chests, animals, and more. You can earn points based on your kills to receive lucrative rewards. In the challenge mode, you can experience a new shooting adventure, which gives you a sense of thrill and wildness. You can use the rifle bursting or combo shooting to take down multiple animals running in a fixed line. To pass the challenge, you must kill a specific number of targets within the given time limit. The game features not only conventional animals such as deer, sika deer, pronghorn, moose, antelope, argali, brown bear, black bear, lion, buffalo, wild boar, wolf, elephant, snow wolf, fox, tapir, tortoise, crocodile, and hippo. It also includes legendary boss creatures that require advanced skills to hunt. The boss level involves staged combat, where hitting multiple key targets is necessary to take them down. Explore the wildlife and hunt these creatures to collect amazing treasures. Brand New Deer Hunting 2 provides a wide range of professional hunting weapons that you can choose from. You can purchase more powerful guns as you face tougher prey. Whether you prefer classic rifles or shotguns, the game has it all. Zoom in on your target through the weapon scope and activate the IR precision feature to hit major organs and take accurate shots. Are you ready to step up your hunting game? Download Brand New Deer Hunting 2 for free and prove that you are the best animal hunter in the world. Fans of FPS games, hunting simulators, and the Deer Hunter series will enjoy this thrilling hunting experience. Play with your friends and have fun!
Haunted Laia

Help Laia solve the mystery of her disappeared family and the strange presences in their Hidden Town home in Haunted Laia. Solve puzzles and find clues.

Haunted LaiaDark Dome
In the Hidden Town escape game series, you will embark on a journey to uncover a mystery. Haunted Laia is the fifth installment in the series, featuring a point and click gameplay style. Here you will help Laia, the protagonist, to solve the mystery of the missing family that moved into Hidden Town. Their home has been taken over by supernatural powers, and you must uncover the secrets behind their disappearance. The game is a brain teaser puzzle, which you will find spread across three different settings, including the house, cave, and the room concealed behind the red door. As you progress, you'll encounter various challenges, but the captivating story will keep you engaged. The game has a unique graphical style complemented by a deep soundtrack to immerse you entirely in this adventure. In this game, you can also choose to search for ten hidden lizards, which can be very elusive, making the search challenging but worth it. If you need help, use the hints system to get unstuck and continue with the story. However, if you purchase the Premium Version, you can experience an additional side story with clues and puzzles to enhance the mystery. The Premium Version also removes all advertisements, allowing you a seamless gaming experience. To solve the mystery, you need to interact with the objects and characters in the environment using touch screen controls. You will have to combine inventory items to create a new item to progress. The puzzles and riddles will test your wits, providing an engaging and exciting experience. The Dark Dome games do not need to be played in sequence, but they all connect, revealing the mysteries of Hidden Town piece by piece. The Haunted Laia episode has connections to The Ghost Case and Another Shadow, making the gaming experience richer. Immerse yourself in the enigmatic stories of the Dark Dome escape games and reveal all of Hidden Town's secrets. There are still many mysteries to unravel, so join us on this thrilling journey today. Follow us on social media and visit to learn more.
Tales of Grumville: A Legendary Pie and A Nameless Statue

Follow Audrey's journey in Tales of Grumville as she adventures through the dull town, uncovers a mysterious statue, and experiences new found excitement (CW: death & grief).

Tales of Grumville: A Legendary Pie and A Nameless StatueNSAID Visual Novel
Tales of Grumville: The Legend of a Pie and the Statue with No Name Plot The quaint town of Grumville holds different meanings to different people. Some view it as a wondrous and enigmatic hub, while others see it as the place where dreams go to die. For young Audrey, it's "the ugliest, most dreary town in the world." Join Audrey in her mission to break free from the tedium of her new, small town as she encounters an unidentified statue and embarks on the greatest adventure of her life (so far). About Tales of Grumville is a kinetic visual novel produced by Mushroomallow Studio in collaboration with Wenderly Games. The visual novel was created for the Nanoreno 2022 event. CONTENT WARNING: The game tackles themes of death and mourning. Discretion is advised for individuals who may be sensitive to these topics. Format: Visual Novel Genre: Slice of life, Adventure Length: 7000 words Language: English Team Lead Artist: Mushroomallow Writer: Jerry Becerril Composer of BGM and SFX: Cassie Mann UI implementation and scripter: Mad Scientist Voice Actor Mixing and Mastering: Eliana Audrey's VA: Vera Tan Montgomery's VA: Branden Floyd Rocky's VA: Grant Corvin
Infinite Magicraid

Join the global community and embark on an immersive journey with 200 heroes. Collect, cultivate, and master unique skills for unstoppable battles.

Infinite MagicraidDHGAMES
★Adventurers Worldwide Can't Get Enough: Over a Million Downloads!★ Participate in unlimited events, earn endless rewards and try out fresh gameplays whenever you please! Start your quest in Sword Harbor with your team of heroes and thwart Lihem, the wicked god's plan to destroy Lowes Continent! Features: ★Offline Rewards and Auto-fighting★ Passive gameplay will get you various upgrade materials and rare heroes without any effort. Auto-fighting mode can continue up to 150 times in the background. Play hands-free and reap unlimited rewards! Sink into a real strategy game with full immersion! ★Personalized Hero Growth★ Uncover a hero's potential to obtain exclusive weaponry with unique skill effects! Forge equipment and artifacts through dungeon challenges and raise your overall prowess! The Emblem and Aura Systems help you keep a tight grip on the cultivation and ensure a well-balanced set of attributes! Regress heroes for free and get back all the invested resources! ★Collect Over 200 Heroes From 10 Factions★ Summon the souls who serve the evil god's will and bring forth the power of gods, elves, dwarfs, and wizards. Each of the 10 factions has its own strong suit, and more are on the way! With unique skills, each hero can be a valuable asset on both the PVP and PVE battlefields. Acquire heroes with exceptional abilities and lead them to victory! ★Exciting Strategic Battles with Diverse Content★ Experience over 1,000 various hero skills, creating endless possibilities on the battlefield. With over 10,000 hero combinations, you can flexibly adapt to any environment! Switch effortlessly between auto-battle and manual control to dictate the pace of combat! ★Non-Stop Game Events with Rich Rewards★ New weekly events will provide rich rewards! Mini-games provide the comforting atmosphere of leisure. Monthly festivals and special dungeons offer refreshing gameplay! ★Beautiful 3D Stages and Thematic Dungeons★ 12 hand-drawn Campaign stages transport you through immersive scenes: Sword Harbor, desert, forest, snowfield... Conquer different themed dungeons for bountiful rewards, and triumph over stages to earn mighty heroes! Lead your team to glory on the battlefield and explore the vast world of Lowes Continent! ★Connect with a Global Community of Adventurers★ Connect with other adventurers worldwide. Add friends, establish a guild, and exchange gaming experiences to receive extra rewards! Compete with other adventurers to achieve victory and gain the spotlight! Join us: Email: Facebook: Discord:
Seraph's Last Stand

Upgrade your shooter, break the game and survive in Seraph's Last Stand - a rogue-like, shoot 'em up based on "Heli Attack".

Seraph's Last StandOdd Giant
Seraph's Final Stand is an exciting rogue-like shooter game that takes inspiration from the classic flash game "Heli Attack". In this game, you will face waves of enemies and choose a new upgrade with every wave. With each upgrade you select, you can build an arsenal of devastating weapons and become unstoppable in your quest to dominate the game. The game features an intense, action-packed gameplay that requires both skill and strategy to succeed. You will face a variety of enemies with different strengths and weaknesses and will need to adapt your playstyle accordingly. The upgrades you select will hugely impact your weapon capabilities and playstyle, allowing you to create a unique build that's tailored to your preferences. You will face a wide array of adrenaline-pumping challenges in Seraph's Final Stand. The game features stunning, detailed visuals and engaging, dynamic sound effects that will keep you hooked for hours on end. You can expect to encounter challenging bosses, hectic bullet-hell gameplay, and a variety of different environments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Overall, Seraph's Final Stand is a must-play game for anyone who loves shooter games. With its challenging gameplay, endless replayability, and unique upgrade system, it offers a fresh and exciting take on the classic shooter genre. So, get ready to experience an epic journey and start your quest to become the ultimate survivor in Seraph's Final Stand.
Zombie Attack Girls

Survive a high school zombie outbreak with a childhood friend, a survival specialist and a dual-natured fighter while avoiding romantic distractions in this visual novel.

Zombie Attack GirlsGenius Studio Japan Inc.
An ordinary day at your high school quickly turns into a nightmare when you stumble upon a gory scene in the nurse's office. Your classmate is covered in blood and the sound of slurping alerts you to the fact that a deadly zombie virus is spreading. As everyone scrambles to flee, one of your classmates, a survival enthusiast, takes charge. Together, with a childhood friend who has become quite popular and a shy loner hiding a dark side, you navigate through danger. But will you be able to resist the charms of your teammates while avoiding the zombies? Natsumi is your childhood friend who has now become a social butterfly. Despite her many friends, she remains thoughtful and quiet when disaster strikes. Is Natsumi back in your life after years apart worth the risk? Asuka is the fiery and assertive one of the group, an expert in survival. Her go-getter attitude may seem overwhelming initially, but it might be just what you need to survive the apocalypse. Will you fall for her? Or will she remain just another teammate? At first glance, Hijiri appears to be another ordinary high school girl, with quiet manners and no leadership qualities. But when the zombie virus spreads, she surprises everyone by leading the charge against the undead. Hijiri is a fighter both on and off the battlefield. Do you have what it takes to handle her?
Rainy single room

Experience the sound of rain and navigate a new friendship in Rainy Attic Room. Collect rainwater and heart to decorate your shared space.

Rainy single roomBORAme
Introducing the sequel to the popular Rainy Single Room game - Rainy Attic Room. Originally released in Korea in 2016, there was initially no intention to release it globally. But due to popular demand, it is now available worldwide. Please note that this version contains less content than its predecessor. Step into a room where it rains constantly and immerse yourself in the sound of the rain. You'll be sharing this space with a friend who lives alone. The goal is to collect rainwater and hearts to decorate the room, but becoming friends won't be easy. It's going to take some effort and patience to break the ice. However, with regular visits and a relaxed approach, their hearts might open up, and you may create a meaningful bond with them. To become friends, you need to talk with them and improve the room by upgrading it while also clearing up any creepy crawlies that might be lurking around. There's also other exciting content in the game waiting to be you explored. Keep in mind that this is a work of fiction, so don't try to recreate any unrealistic or bizarre situations from the game in real life. Additionally, we recommend not changing your phone's time during gameplay, as this could cause problems. You can watch ads once every five minutes, but the total number per day is limited and resets after 24 hours. If you can't access the ads, try again later or check your phone's time. Lastly, we value and respect your privacy. To read our privacy policy, please refer to the provided link. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us via phone or email. Enjoy your stay in the Rainy Attic Room!
My Dear Farm

Grow crops, customize your character, and build your farming empire in this sim farming-adventure game filled with playful vegetable decoration.

My Dear FarmHyperBeard
Experience an exciting and engaging farm-simulation adventure like never before by indulging in the world of vegetable decoration! Cultivate your crops with utmost care and love, as this is your chance to showcase your best farmer skills! Personalize your avatar by customizing its appearance with striking hairstyles and outfits. Additionally, opt for a charming companion that fits your character best! Grow your crops with passion and nurture them with utmost sincerity, as the fruits of your labor will help you establish your farming empire in the marketplace. There, you can sell your products and achieve unprecedented success! - Embellish your farm with alluring furniture pieces and decoration sets that are waiting to be unlocked. With My Dear Farm, you have infinite options to style your farm with creativity and develop an unparalleled farm design sense.
Dream Hopper

Hop from shape to shape to reveal a dazzling dreamscape of memories in Dream Hopper - a zen-like experience of flow and discovery.

Dream HopperProtostar
Relax your thoughts and step into a realm of reverie. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beats and uncover a surrealistic panorama of kaleidoscopic illusions. Experience the genuine significance of fanciful figures as you explore an enchanting landscape of reminiscences. Dream Hopper delivers a tranquil and explorative encounter. With a simple tap, you can jump from one shape to another, allowing your mind to perceive a tranquil ambiance that exudes peace. The game enables you to embrace a Zen-like sense of flow and revelation as you unveil the wonder and mystery of a hypnotic realm.
Secret Crossing

Interactive otome game Secret Crossing offers thrilling fantasy choices with four partners and hidden episodes for players looking to win their love goal.


Unleash epic loot and conquer challenging bosses as a Warrior, Hunter or Mage. With no energy system, master skills and craft gear to rise up the leaderboard.

NordicandiaIterative Studios
Embark on an exciting journey to collect legendary loot, merge and craft items, and upgrade your character to take down the World Bosses in this Semi Idle Action RPG! ★ Select your own class Choose to play as a mighty Warrior, agile Hunter, or powerful Mage. Customize your Character's Attributes, and unlock exclusive Active and Passive Skills as you journey through the game. ★ Auto Attack and Move Your character is capable of automatically targeting and attacking monsters, but you can always tap-to-move and use your skills and potions to turn the tide of battle in your favor. ★ User-friendly gameplay Engage in the game as often as you’d like (there are no restricting Energy systems) or let your Character gain valuable Experience and Loot even when you're not online! ★ Profound crafting system Combine various stats from one item to another using Essences at the Blacksmith, break down items, and utilize relics to boost your equipment's power to its fullest potential! ★ Skills tailored for you Invest points to increase your skill masteries to personalize your gameplay. Would you prefer an active gameplay style, or would you opt for a more passive approach to enhance your character's idle strength? The choice is yours to make! ★ Take down challenging bosses Fight against vicious Beasts, Demons, Dragons, Orcs, and more, and conquer the toughest bosses to earn epic rewards! Explore side areas and come across unique challenges on your journey. ★ Playable offline After getting the essential game data, you have the ability to slay monsters even when you don't have access to an internet connection! ★ Rise up the Leaderboard Earn epic rewards by competing against other players on the Leaderboard, and there are no level restrictions! Join our Discord community: Follow us on Twitter:
Guns Up! Mobile

Lead your army in GUNS UP! Mobile, an online PvP strategy game with tower defense battles, single player challenges, army growth, and alliance wars.

Guns Up! MobileNHN Corp.
Attention all Commanders, The world is currently engulfed by the flames of war, and we are seeking an individual to lead us to triumphant victory. Will you take up the mantle and rise to the challenge? GUNS UP! ™ Mobile is an online multiplayer strategy game featuring a unique approach to tower defense battles. Build an impressive army, and with the fate of the world resting on your shoulders, send your troops into battle and offer them your unwavering support. Give them orders and utilize a diverse range of deployments to maximize your tactical advantage, from tanks to airstrikes and much more. This cutting-edge reinterpretation of a PlayStation® classic is brimming with content for you to enjoy. FIGHT TO THE BITTER END Participate in asynchronous multiplayer battles where attackers are pitted against other player's defenses. Assemble a crack team of elite soldiers, create unique battle strategies, dominate the virtual battlefield. Great rewards await those who are victorious! ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE If PvP battles aren't for you, no problem! Indulge yourself in a plethora of exciting single-player challenges. Fight developer-created puzzle bases, defend against hordes of the undead, escape from military prisons, and much more. BUILD YOUR BASE Tactfully plan out the layout, expansion, and upgrades of your base to create the ultimate fortification for your valuable resources. Study replays of your opponent's attack and tweak your defense strategy to turn your base into an impenetrable fortress. EXPAND YOUR ARMY Consistently recruit new classes of soldiers and expand your roster. Upgrade and customize your army, collect loot, and exercise superior strategy to keep your soldiers alive. Watch as they become grizzled veterans, preparing you for future attacks and defenses. FORM POWERFUL ALLIANCES Join forces with your friends and partake in Alliance Wars. Fight together and glory awaits you on the leaderboards. Assist each other by coordinating strategies, exchanging resources, unlocking new boons, and sharing the spoils of war. With each Alliance season, fresh and exciting challenges arise for you and your allies to tackle. Time is of the essence, Commander! Download GUNS UP! ™ Mobile and join the ranks of the many Commanders already seeking victory! #Persistent connectivity is mandatory to play. #While GUNS UP! ™ Mobile is available to download and play for free, certain in-game components may be acquired through real money purchasing. You must possess at least 13 years of age to download and play this game. Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for additional information. [Voluntary Access Permissions] Storage: Required to attach documents for customer service assistance.
Immortal Rising

Grow your immortal, farm goods, strategize skill system, and compete in PvP. Play Mobirix's idle RPG and defend against true evil.

Immortal Risingmobirix
Unleash the full power of your immortal and conquer the forces of true darkness in this exciting game! Enjoy an array of growth content and stunning controls as you level up your character to unimaginable heights. - Experience a seamless and easy growth process in this entertaining idle RPG. - Cultivate a variety of goods and resources to enhance your character's abilities. - Combine your strategy, skills, and equipment to create the ultimate fighter. - Witness mesmerizing skill animations and effects for every weapon class. - Band together with other players in a guild to grow and learn together. - Participate in competitive PvP content, and see if you can be the best among thousands of other players. ---------------------------------------------------------- [How to Access] No separate access rights are required to play this game. [How to Revoke Access] * Android 6.0 and above: - Go to Device Settings > Apps > More (Settings and Controls) > App Settings > App Permissions > Select the access you want to revoke > Allow or Revoke Access - Go to Device Settings > Apps > Selected app > Permissions > Allow or Revoke Access * Android 6.0 or below: Due to the limitations of the operating system, access rights cannot be revoked. You can only revoke access by deleting the app. We recommend upgrading to Android 6.0 or higher for better control over app permissions. ---------------------------------------------------------- Stay up-to-date with news, events and more on our: Homepage : Facebook : YouTube :
Chiki's Chase

Chiki's Chase is an action-packed platformer with 2-button play, unlockable characters, and endless randomized levels. Collect upgrades and hats to rank up.

Chiki's Chasedvdfu
Chiki's Chase is an exciting action platformer that promises fast-paced gameplay with challenging obstacles to tackle. Take control of Chiki and his buddies and immerse yourself in a world of mysterious creatures, explosive scenarios, and magical gateways. How far can you possibly go in this thrilling adventure? This mobile-first game features easy-to-learn 2-button control mechanics that put all the action in the palm of your hands. With over 25 impressive power-ups in your arsenal, you will sure have no problem surmounting the hurdles ahead. Unlock various characters with their unique fighting styles that infuse more variety and excitement to the game. Visit friendly shopkeepers along the way that will make your journey even more pleasurable. Chiki's Chase owns pixel art that adds a charming and nostalgic feel to the game, complimented with an awesome soundtrack that keeps you pumped for the next level. Get ready for endless levels full of surprises, traps, and dangerous enemies that will test your reflexes and skills. Get the paid version and access to over 25 trendy hats collection that you can flaunt as you rank up your characters to handle up to ten upgrades at once. Best of all, there are no ads interrupting your game experience, neither do you need any WiFi or your device's push notification to play. Get off the fence and join the league of Chiki's Chase players. Purchase now and thank us later.

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