GamelistsMay 20 - 26, 2024 New games

May 20 - 26, 2024 New games

10 games
SkichSkichfrom Skich app
Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is an action RPG where you awaken as Rover and explore an open world to regain lost memories and overcome enemies with Resonators.

Wuthering Waves is an incredible open-world action RPG that provides players with extensive freedom and an enthralling storyline. You will awaken as Rover, accompanied by a lively group of Resonators on a quest to reclaim lost memories and surmount the Lament. ✦Introduction✦ Join the adventure-thirsty voyager Rover, as you arrive on the shores of an annihilated world during the Ebb Tide, where everything lies barren. The earth is left to mourn in silence after the Lament, but the creatures strike back vehemently, showing their might. Despite everything, humanity has resurged from the apocalypse's ashes, and you are all set to embark on an Awakening adventure. The game world is vast, exciting, and teeming with endless possibilities, where you'll meet new people, overcome foes, uncover hidden truths, and bear witness to unmatched spectacles. The decision rests on you. Be the answer, leader, and follow the echoes to the path of a new beginning. As the thundering waves of Wuthering clatter endlessly, a new era of humanity unfolds. Rise and start your odyssey as Rover. ✦Features✦ Following the Lament, the civilization has been reborn/Plunge into a vast world where freedom is the norm. Enjoy total freedom of movement in the immersive overworld explorations as you dive into Solaris-3's expansive environment. Use the grapple and wall dash to travel long distances and get over hindrances with minimal strain on your stamina. As you proceed with your ceaseless quest, the world of Solaris-3 will guide you in recovering your lost memories. Defend and mount an assault on your foes with finesse/Take part in sleek and fast-paced combat. Combat against enemies is responsive, smooth, and delivered at breakneck speeds. Utilize easy mechanisms like Extreme Evasion, Dodge Counter, Echo Skill, and unique QTE for an unparalleled battle experience. Alongside your companions with your newfound powers/Meet the Resonators. Build a harmonious ensemble with the Resonators, each donning unique abilities and attires. Their Fortes spell out their distinct personalities, which will be essential assets on your journey ahead. Command the power of your enemies/Collect Echoes to boost you on the battleground. Unleash your own Echoes by capturing remnants of Tacet Discords' ghosts that roam the mystical land, resonating everlasting sounds. Earn an array of Echo Skills to wage powerful attacks on your foes. ✦Official Social Media✦ Official Website: X (Twitter): Facebook: YouTube: Discord: Reddit: Instagram: Tik Tok:
Idle Strikers 1945

Create your own formation of fighters. Collect loot and defeat legendary bosses to reach the top in ranking battles. Fast-paced gameplay with diverse content.

Idle Strikers 1945Com2uS
■ Ready to Launch with Unique Fighters Take control of the Imperial Navy's best fighter pilots and engage in intense aerial battles! With a wide variety of unique fighter planes to choose from, you are the commander of your own elite squadron. ■ Customize Your Formation Collect a diverse array of fighters, fuse them together, and create an impenetrable defense formation! Use strategic positioning to outmaneuver your enemies and reign supreme on the battlefield. ■ Intense Gameplay with Rewards Experience fast-paced and high-stakes action as you progress through each level and defeat legendary bosses. Collect powerful loot along the way to upgrade your fighters and dominate in ranking battles against other players. ■ Diverse Content for Hours of Fun Embark on thrilling new missions in various dungeons offering unique challenges and rewards. Compete against other fighter formations in pulse-pounding battles for ultimate supremacy. ▶ Permissions Notice To provide you with the best gaming experience possible, we require certain permissions when using this app. [Required] None [Optional] - Push Notification: Receive push messages for the game. - Advertising Identifier: Use ID for Advertisers for promotion targeting and tracking analysis. ※ You can still enjoy the game without granting optional permissions. ▶ Managing Access Permissions Once you grant access permissions, you can still modify or revoke them as desired. [For 7.0 OS or later] Settings > Privacy > Select the corresponding app > Enable or disable access. [For earlier versions of OS] Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or delete the app. *** • Idle Strikers 1945 is available in four languages: English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文繁體. • Items can be purchased within the game. Refundable items vary by type. • For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, please visit: - Terms of Service: - Privacy Policy: For any inquiries or customer support, please contact us by visiting
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A samurai assassin in a dystopian city faces breakneck action and instant-death combat in this retro adventure with stylish pixel art neo-noir visuals.

Katana ZERO NETFLIXNetflix, Inc.
Unlock the secrets of a dystopian city by becoming a samurai assassin in this retro adventure game. Time is your ally as you achieve neo-noir greatness in this pixel art platformer. Quick reflexes are a must to overcome instant-death combat and breakneck action. Your sword skills will be put to the test as you slash through enemies or improvise with whatever else is at your disposal to progress. Engage in conversations between levels to progress the story further and determine your path. Combat is brutal, and the stakes are high. Approach each situation uniquely, manipulate environments, and use traps and explosives to defeat enemies. Leave no survivors. The game is artfully designed to provide multiple methods of completion, and creative approaches are welcome. Each level immerses you in a carefully crafted sequence that is sure to provide an exciting and unpredictable journey. The game's storytelling is fresh and cinematic, with sequences woven into the gameplay to present surprising player-driven choices that twist and build to an unexpected conclusion. - Developed by Askiisoft, this game can be accessed through Netflix Membership.
Ant Colony: Wild Forest

Be the ant queen, build a colony, upgrade and raid. Destroy all enemy bases, protect the queen. Survive.

Ant Colony: Wild ForestHYPERCELL
Immerse yourself in the world of ants in this strategy game where you are responsible for growing and leading an ant colony as the queen. While you’re unable to directly control your colony of ants, you have the ability to spawn various types of ants, level them up, conduct raids and most importantly, dig and build a dungeon. Your primary objective in this game is to eradicate all enemy bases at every location. Beware, as if the queen perishes, the game comes to an end. With the ability to dig and build, you can construct tunnels and establish a robust underground empire. Utilizing powerful troops and well-planned strategies, you'll be well on your way to success in the game. Adventurous gameplay is just a step away as you explore the miraculous world of ants. The possibilities are endless, and each level presents a new challenge to overcome. You’ll be able to demonstrate strategic thinking skills, inventiveness and leadership as you lead your army of ants to victory and distinguish yourself as an ant queen. Are you up for the challenge?
Nerd Survivors

Survive waves of wacky monsters using bizarre weapons and crazy spells in the fantasy realm of Nerd Survivors. Customize your weaponry for ultimate destruction.

Nerd SurvivorsHeartbit Interactive Srl
Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience with Nerd Survivors! Join four friends in an unforgettable adventure where chaos ensues and they find themselves transported to a fantastical world filled with an insane amount of crazy monsters. Arm yourself with weapons like pizza frag-grenades, enchanted fidget spinners, and preposterous magic spells to take down hordes of relentless monsters determined to eliminate you. For an extra edge, fling your friends into the fight to help you survive the madness. But that's not all – scavenge resources and blueprints to customize your weapons or craft one-of-a-kind gear to become the ultimate nerd survivor. Can you withstand the non-stop action for 20 minutes and make your way back to reality? Nerd Survivors is a bullet-heaven action rogue-lite survivor adventure, set in the incredible Doom & Destiny Worlds universe. This version includes all the characters and weapon customization options from the Forge that are not available in the free Nerd Survivors Lite version. Don’t miss out on this thrilling journey and get ready to become the ultimate nerd survivor!
Zombie Crisis

Fight zombies and search for his wife. Multiple firearms, vehicles, and exploration. Only you can uncover the truth.

Zombie CrisisPara-Pix Game Studio
Get ready for a thrilling adventure in this game, set in a world plagued by zombies. You'll be riveted by the intriguing storyline that follows Jack's search for his missing wife. Simultaneously, the city is under attack - hoards of zombies have invaded and infected millions. Jack partners up with other survivors to take shelter in a survivor building and slowly unravel the mysteries of this apocalypse. Arm yourself with an arsenal of over a dozen guns such as pistols, shotguns, MP5, AK47, grenades, landmines, flamethrowers, Gatling, rocket launchers and even vehicles and helicopters to go on a zombie-slaying spree. With no restrictions on exploration, discover the vast map and uncover the secrets hidden within. As Jack's destiny intertwines with the fate of the city, only you can uncover the ultimate truth. Get ready to face the most fearsome enemy and show your survival skills.

Enter a futuristic arena of strategy and action in CyberTitans. Combine unique titans for tactical advantage in 8-player battles.

CyberTitansElixir Games XYZ
Step into an entirely new world with CyberTitans - a strategy game packed with action and tactics. The 64 square arena is a battleground for players, where only the most skilled will rise to the top. Use your wits and combine unique titans to form the most ingenious synergies, as each game presents a new challenge and demands constant adaptation. The gameplay of CyberTitans is classified as an auto battler/auto chess strategy game, offering players an 8-player online game experience. Players can form teams of titans and decide their strategies accordingly to become the last one standing. The battlefield is structured into eight rows and eight columns, with thirty-two squares designated to each player. CyberTitans offers two main game modes: Quick Games and Tournaments. The Quick Game mode is a 20 minute online game with 8 players. Players who are within the top three positions will receive a prize based on their ranking. Meanwhile, the Tournament game mode consists of a simple bracket structure, with games of 8 players each. The top four players of every match will advance to the next round, with the process being repeated until the final round is reached.
Wizard's Survival

Master magic, battle bosses, and unleash your potential in this Roguelike wizard world. Defeat endless hordes of monsters and become a mighty wizard.

Wizard's SurvivalAPRO ONE LIMITED
Enter a world of wizardry where you are a skilled mage with the noble task of ridding the towns of the endless hordes of monsters. Are you prepared to take on this challenge? **EXCITING FEATURES** MASTER THE ART OF MAGIC, COMBAT BOSSES Become an epic wizard and create a legend of your own in this fascinating world of magic. Employ your magic and intelligence to face off against the villainous monster bosses. ROGUELIKE SKILL SET COMBINATIONS Experience an unpredictable roguish gameplay where every challenge is an adventure. The game has an extensive range of unique skills that you can collect and combine to give you the ultimate combat combination. ASCEND TO THE HEIGHTS OF POWER Harness your wizardly powers and demolish your opponents with swift magical strokes as new challenges keep coming your way. Face your fears as you take on the daunting bosses one by one. ELEVATE YOUR LEGENDARY SKILLS Unleash your full potential by exploring the mystical skills available and crafting unparalleled tactical combinations to defeat your enemies. Forge your skills and leave your mark on this magical world. **Join us now on an exciting and enthralling journey into the world of tower defense, and command the forces of the wizard to claim your victory!** TIP: For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to contact our support team.
Legions of Rome 2

Forge your empire and lead your legion to glory in Legions of Rome 2: a historically accurate, strategic and immersive experience.

Legions of Rome 2DNS studio
Enter the shoes of a Roman military leader and forge your path in "Legions of Rome 2", an epic strategic game situated in the heart of the ancient Roman Empire. This game provides a spellbinding expedition through time, putting you in charge of leading your army to victory, expanding your territory, and outmaneuvering your foes in intense, tactical battles. Seize Rome's Might In "Legions of Rome 2", you hold the power to shape the destiny of the world's greatest civilization. Commence your journey as an eager officer and rise through the ranks to become a heroic commander. Your expedition will take you across verdant landscapes, arduous mountains, and vast cities, each brought to life by exceptionally realistic graphical representations. Historical Accuracy Meets Tactical Finesse Completely immerse yourself in a game world that flawlessly replicates the historical milestones. "Legions of Rome 2" painstakingly simulates the Roman army's units, weapons, and tactics, allowing you to experience warfare as if you were present during those times. Deploy your legions of infantry and archers, each possessing their own strengths and weaknesses. Sandbox Mode: Construct and Handle Your Empire Create your custom maps and save them. Edit the terrain, place buildings, trees and units. Modify the weather, alter the time of day, and create your levels with rain, fog, and more! Epic Campaigns and Battles Immerse yourself in a wide range of gripping campaigns that cover the entire Roman period. Whether you're defending Rome from invasions of barbarians or leading a campaign to conquer faraway lands, each mission presents you with a range of unique challenges and objectives. Participate in massive battles with hundreds of troops on the screen, each one striving for dominance. The dynamic terrain, as well as weather conditions, will test your strategic flexibility, compelling you to adjust your tactics on the fly. Personalize Your Legion In "Legions of Rome 2", no two armies are identical. Customize your army with a broad selection of units, each featuring customizable equipment and capabilities. Tailor your army to fit your playstyle and adapt to different environmental circumstances. Astonishing Visuals and Audio Our game presents stunning graphics that breathe life into the ancient world. Every battlefield, city, and unit is expertly rendered to create a thoroughly engaging experience that immerses you in the world of ancient Rome. Furthermore, the epic soundtrack and realistic audio effects enhance the mood. Highlight Features: Strategic Depth: Develop and implement multifaceted strategies both on and off the battlefield. RTS mode: Supervise your armies and lead them from a bird's-eye point of view. FPS mode: Tap to embody any of your units and play as them. Sandbox mode: Generate your highly custom-made levels. Epic Campaigns: Engage in a plethora of missions that test your strategizing skills and adapt to dynamic environments while playing as the Roman Empire or Barbarians. Customization: Personalize your troops with unique units to develop an army that suits your strategic vision. Breathtaking Visuals: Enjoy top-quality graphics and sound that bring the ancient world to life. Join the Legion, Conquer Ancient Rome! Are you prepared to author your own chapter in history? Join the ranks of "Legions of Rome 2" and embark on a momentous journey of strategy, conquest, and glory. The destiny of the Roman Empire rests in your hands. Will you accept the challenge and become Rome's greatest general? Download "Legions of Rome 2" today and commence creating your legacy!
Paper Trail NETFLIX

Solve puzzles and explore a foldable paper world as Paige, uncovering secrets and meeting memorable characters in this cozy top-down adventure.

Paper Trail NETFLIXNetflix, Inc.
Netflix subscription required to play this wonderful game that takes you on an adventure in a foldable paper world where you solve puzzles and explore cozy locations. Embark on a journey as Paige, an aspiring academic leaving home for the first time, to unravel long-forgotten secrets and discover other intriguing wonders. This cozy, top-down puzzle adventure is packed with memorable characters that have intriguing stories waiting to be uncovered. As you navigate through the foldable paper world, you merge the two sides of the environment to solve puzzles. Initially, it feels easy until you start contorting, rotating, and twisting to progress through the puzzle of Paper Trail. Discover the secrets of Paper Trail by solving engaging puzzles that challenge your brain as you progress through this enchanting adventure. The unique cast of characters you meet through the folds are vital to navigating the wider world. Enjoy the stunning handcrafted environments that range from deep, unexplored caves to the tip of the tallest treetops that are buffeted by rain. Take in the sights and absorb the wonders of each location as you progress further into the adventure. The art style of Paper Trail is enchanting, drawing inspiration from flat aesthetic styles such as printmaking and watercolors. These styles come together to create an immersive and unique-looking game that complements the world of Paper Trail. Newfangled Games created this game, and it's sure to keep players entertained for hours on end. Get lost in the foldable paper world and unravel its mysteries.

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